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Hollywood Breaks

By RevThink
Hollywood Breaks is an insiders’ view of what’s shaping the content-making world. Development partners Tim Thompson and Keith Rauch host this weekly show discussing current events with an eye towards seizing opportunity in the changing landscape.
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070 The King is Dead
This week we question the leadership in the Hollywood space. What can studio execs do better in order to allow stories to be told... and an evolution to take place?
January 25, 2022
069 New Year, New Breakables
We're kicking off 2022 with predictions of what this industry is gonna bring forward and what's gonna break. Spoiler alert: Keith has not seen Spiderman. Find out why, in the first episode of the year.
January 17, 2022
068 The True Story: Spielberg Doesn't Sell
This is the last episode of 2021 and we're wrapping up with an interesting collection of topics ranging from Spielberg's West Side Story box office bomb, Ryan Reynolds' approach to film marketing, as well as a heated conversation about The Oscars.
December 21, 2021
067 Our Easy Rider Moment with Damon Wolf
This week we're joined by Marketing and Distribution Advisor Damon Wolf, also former CMO and Head Of Global Distribution at Lionsgate. Damon expresses his wonderful ideas about art and commerce, fear and honesty - inherent parts of Hollywood. There are a lot of things which don't allow innovation and change to happen and the bottom line is: we need some really good leaders. Damon's viewpoints encouraged us to put things into a new perspective. And of course, we do talk upcoming movies, with West Side Story being everyone's favorite anticipation.
December 21, 2021
066 Blockbusted
The truth is...Hollywood is breaking down. There's no way it can keep up with the amount of content that's needed and the innovations that are taking place. In this episode we discuss the need and desire for new ways to approach Hollywood and studios.
December 21, 2021
065 To the Ends of the Universe with Tomas Jegeus
We're thrilled to welcome back Tomas Jegeus, who shares his insights about the future of filmmaking, the current platform war and content commoditization, as well as some strong opinions on Peacock.
November 29, 2021
064 Not so Marvel-ous
This week we discuss the not so marvel-ous trends happening at Disney. Disney+ aren't getting the numbers they're used to, investors are asking some questions and quite honestly, people aren't going to the theatres the way Disney wants us to. Is Marketing not doing the job they're supposed to be doing? These and many other great questions - in Episode 64 of Hollywood Breaks.
November 19, 2021
063 The Most Feared Podcast in Hollywood with Richard Rushfield
This week we're interviewing the Editor-in-Chief of the most feared newsletter in Hollywood, Richard Rushfield from The Ankler. We discuss what happens in the distribution game, but also what the implications are in terms of how we're making money in this industry.
November 19, 2021
062 Duned to Fail
This week we're discussing how lackluster marketing left Dune in the desert.We're also looking into opportunities for different platforms , something like NFTs maybe? We also explore a tweet from Derek Thompson and discuss the impacts of what has evolved since 1990s.
November 04, 2021
061 Popcorn with M&Ms | Special Guest Kyle Davies
This week we're joined by Film Distribution Expert Kyle Davies! Kyle shares what's happening in the exhibition space and the transition that theatres are going through right now. We explore whether studios are holding back or not, what's their long term play (if there is one) and why aren't studios playing so nice when it comes to exhibitors.
October 25, 2021
060 Cancelling the Culture with Marketing Expert Robin Geisen
Please welcome back one of our favorite guests, Marketing Expert Robin Geisen! We dive into the realities of today's Hollywood motivated by the conversations around Dave Chapelle's latest discourse, as well as the overall understanding of what creative expression might look like in the near future.
October 25, 2021
059 Has Peacock Lost its Feathers?
We're happy you can join us on Tim Thompson's birthday, no less, wohoo! This week, Tim Thompson and Keith Rauch tackle the changes that are happening over at Peacock and whether or not that bird is starting to lose its feathers. They also talked a little bit about Bond and its upcoming challenges as well as what's going on with Halloween Kills and all the fun and excitement that comes along with that.   So sit back and enjoy the ride with this week's episode of Hollywood Breaks!
October 14, 2021
058 Primed for the Future with Cameron Dillavou of Amazon Prime Video
We welcome back Cameron Dillavou of Amazon Prime Video - a really smart marketing expert with a great understanding of what's going on on the marketplace. As a marketer, she gives us an insight of what streamers are actually doing with their content and why sometimes you cannot influence your chance of discovering new things. It's a great conversation!
October 06, 2021
057 Will Hollywood Evolve or Die? Special Guest: Jeremy Gershman
This week we have a lot of fun with Creative Marketing Exec Jeremy Gershman, who we challenge to answer the question: is Hollywood making any progress at all? We talk about leadership changes that continue at Paramount, but also about the entertainment of the past versus the entertainment of the future (aka NFTs).
September 27, 2021
056 The Last Song and Dance
Dick Clark‘s partner leaves him on the dance floor. And Spielberg may be singing his swan song.
September 21, 2021
055 ‘90s Nostalgia Hangover
With all these '90s actors and films coming into the theatres, we're asking one big question: are we going back the right way, or is there actually a way forward?
September 15, 2021
054 Right into the Danger Zone
Tim Thompson and Keith Rauch  discuss the amazing revolution taking place where NFTs are getting better numbers over the weekend than the film releases from Hollywood. Clearly another sign that the blockbuster era has finished and something new is coming.  We see this played over and over again, week after week. Specifically, this week we noticed that Top Gun is pushing their release date, again, for six more months, and Riot Games are onto something with Netflix executives.
September 07, 2021
053 Cinema is a Con
This episode, Keith Rauch really dives into what's going on with the theatrical experience. CinemaCon was this week, there were a lot of folks that didn't show up, so we were wondering what's going on or... are the politics really playing themselves out? Daily Wire is coming out with a film soon, so there are new players in this business that are doing something different! That makes us  ask what that scorecard looks like, and can it be changed? Can we get outside of the Hollywood scene and go into sub-markets? We try to answer these questions and more in the newest episode of Hollywood Breaks.
September 03, 2021
052 “Free Guy” is a Hit?! Bull Sh*t!
It's been a year since Keith and Tim kicked this thing off and we're still going strong!  Some of the story hasn't changed. We're still asking questions of what the theatrical release looks like, how success should really be counted, what the studios are thinking and how they're releasing these upcoming films.  "Free Guy" apparently was a big "hit",  but Keith doesn't agree with that, and everywhere, he says, with the way that the numbers look, it can't really make its money back on the theatrical side.  So we ask those questions, but also question the evolution of film in the theater, what it really takes to be successful and what does "PAW Patrol" really accomplish in a week like this that Hugh Jackman could not do with "Reminiscence".
August 27, 2021
051 Connecting the Dots with Special Guest Andrew Rosen
If you don't know Andrew Rosen from PARQOR, you're missing out on one of our generation's greatest minds, thinking through the marketing needs, and how that strategy plays out from one big corporation to the other. He asked the same questions we asked: What's going on here? What's really missing? and what are they actually telling us? So this week on Hollywood Breaks we invite Andrew into this conversation and we're asking some of the big questions about Disney's Q3 earnings, how this talent economy is really working, and really, what do these numbers mean for our current deals and future deals?
August 16, 2021
050 Hello Sunshine, Hello Beaucoup Bucks...
This week we talk about what's happening with this Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson lawsuit with Disney and really wondering "Is this an actress-only situation that's happening?" — Dwayne Johnson gave us something to think about. Hello Sunshine though, Reese Witherspoon's company, sold for some beaucoup bucks last week — and that's a really interesting move and opportunity for new influencers to play in the field as well as looking at actors and actresses' careers and how they played themselves out. And lastly, this throwback move with Universal and their Boss Baby release!  If you're in the film, entertainment, even just curious space, we're happy to have you join us!
August 13, 2021
049 Disney Gets Caught in Scarlett's Web
Is Disney just bullying Scarlett Johansson by using Covid as an excuse? What are the major shifts happening in the world of streaming platforms? What "revolutions" are we looking forward to with regards to the future generation of Hollywood leaders? We've discussed this and many more in Episode 49 of our weekly Hollywood Breaks show.
August 02, 2021
048 The King is Dead. Long Live the King.
This week we speak about those inside politics of Netflix—is their culture really changing or is Big Brother watching over their internal people? We also make note that Netflix hopefully makes progress in improving some of those quality movies by creating new leadership in the movies. We also talk about films that have the potential to revive theatres, as well as the next big franchise on the film marketplace.
July 26, 2021
047 The Humanity of Storytelling with Special Guest Robin Geisen
This week we welcome back one of our favorite Hollywood Breakers, Marketing Executive Robin Geisen!  We're diving into subjects such as the recent firings at Netflix over a Slack chat, the future of movie-going business from a talent perspective, and also Space Jam coming to a theater or streamer near you.
July 19, 2021
046 Black Widow Leaves the Competition Mourning
This week we discuss the blockbuster hit Black Widow, but also the shifts in filmmaking and what's really happening in our industry. Is the Sun Valley Conference going to solve the problems of the industry, or are we seeing a possible evolution of filmmakers and artists that are rebelling?
July 14, 2021
045 Big Screen is Back-ish
Is F9 really the new mark for success in Theatrical? Filmmakers may need to change their scorecard for success and not depend on opening box office as a benchmark for career and investment. But the lack of independence will take its toll. Will the storyteller survive, or will they just be a commodity for the future OTT consumption game?
July 04, 2021
044 Raiders of the Lost Silver Screen
Spielberg is going for a remake called Saving Private Equity by inking a deal with Netflix for Amblin. A sign of the times when the strongest advocate for the theatrical experience changes course and gets in bed with Netflix business model of Quantity over Quality. Netflix has to leveraging against the WJS coverage that their films do not stand test of time. Of all the major players, Netflix scores a BIG 0 when it comes to films that are talked about 5 months after release. 
June 30, 2021
043 Let's Be Honest
The Boomer Elite of the Hollywood Studios are no longer being honest about the industry. The delusional press release that “everything is OK” is covering up the reality that the creative process is in a tailspin. The only big moves of any studio is to merge or release 1000+ pieces of content over a weekend. When the real creative process is being throttled by a cold cultural revolution of censorship and silencing the true dialogue in our world.
June 20, 2021
042 The Box Office is Screaming from a Quiet Place
Keith Rauch and Tim Thompson discuss the Insider's view on the box office and why The Quiet Place is dominating even after the big marketing push for Into the Heights. The Netflix failure of Jupiter Legacy has already made a list of scapegoats from inside but will also create pressure from the outside with investors. The pressure continues with Disney to determine the deal for actors and directors could this lead to a future strike?
June 16, 2021
041 The Humanity of Marketing with Special Guest Tim Heindl
Tim Heindl of Lionsgate has seen the evolution of marketing into what is now a David vs Goliath mound of data. But the human experience can’t be captured in a data driven industry so micro giants like Lionsgate separate themselves from the crowd by finding an audience and inspire them to connect with the content.
June 06, 2021
040 You Say You Want A Revolution | Special Guest Michelle Marks
This week we welcome our guest Michelle Marks from Disney and Fox. We discuss the genesis of the Disney Channel and the rise of experiential theatrical marketing. Today’s media conglomerates need to recognize that influencers have the power to sway consumers’ purchasing power.  “We need to begin a revolution that empowers the talent to bring the consumers into the experience while the content is being made versus after the fact.” Keith Rauch
May 29, 2021
Once again the Boomer Elite try to make themselves look good for Wall Street as AT&T calls it quit and hands over their interest to content house Discovery+. “Not only are we losing one more employer, we have one less opportunity for real creativity and filmmakers to be discovered” - Keith Rauch We expect to see more consolidation as Amazon most likely inks a deal with MGM and possibly Apple finding a library with Sony or even Comcast.
May 23, 2021
038 End of Celebrity, Birth of Influence
The attraction of celebrity was the thought that a larger community was sharing an experience by following a person, knowing some personal details and then wanting to watch or listen to their next creation. The mystique of the person was part of the genius and the studios supported this arrangement in order to get engagement from the audience. Today is just about influencers, but they are just being commoditized. This trend was literally started by the guy who built a website called “Hot or Not” and the person of the moment does not hold an audience's attention like a celebrity. But the big tech gatekeepers like this arrangement because they get the content for free, the makers are disposable and they only need to achieve distraction.
May 16, 2021
037 The end of the Boomer Elite with Special Guest Richard Rushfield
Our guest this week is The Ankler Editor-in-Chief Richard Rushfield where we discuss the stronghold of the Baby Boomer class has over the industry and the need for them to pass the torch. But there is a scarcity of leadership who would carry the torch outside of tech overlords who convert entertainment into “content”.
May 08, 2021
036 Death of the Salesmen | with Special Guest Jeremy Gershman
Are marketing campaigns forever changed post-pandemic? What is it like to live through a merger of two very different film studios? Will Jeremy Gershman stay positive no matter what? Be sure to watch to find out all the answers and subscribe so you don’t miss out on our upcoming guests!
May 01, 2021
035 Hollywood Breaks Goes Global with Former Studio Executive Tomas Jegeus
This week, we welcome producer and former 20th Century Fox studio exec, Tomas Jegeus to discuss the expanding opportunities in the international market as well as the distinct differences between international and domestic marketing strategies. We also tackle the importance of breaking down the barriers to up and coming filmmakers. VisionCraft Brew Founder, Keith Rauch makes the case that “the pandemic is breaking down walls and we’ll start seeing content produced outside of the gated system of Hollywood.” Tomas Jegeus also talks about his new production company, MAD SCIENCE, and how he hopes to bring even more compelling stories to the marketplace.
April 25, 2021
034 Amid Much Fanfare with Special Guest Dallas Taylor
We welcome Dallas Taylor from Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast to discuss the transition of the traditional theatrical fanfare at the opening of a film, into the new desires of consumers and new sonic branding. We discuss the changes on the #20thcenturyfox​, Netflix, HBO and the work they are doing to get consumers to register the sound and picture experience.
April 17, 2021
033 NETFLIX + SONY= New Hollywood Couple
The industry’s major players are taking sides as Netflix and Sony strike a partnership for content and distribution. The Yin and Yang of content and audience will meet up to give both entities the market strength they need in the ever competitive show business. Godzilla vs Kong continues to give Hollywood brokers some positive feedback on the market and audience willingness to get back to the theater. But Vision Craft Brew Founder Keith Rauch declares “This is not a blockbuster!!” and industry futurists need to find new alliances to market the return to cinema as stay at home orders are released. Scott Rudin is having a rude awakening as The Hollywood Reporter covers years of abuse and a major need for change of the guards. “No one needs to put up with abuse” (Tim Thompson) and Hollywood needs to no longer promote it.
April 09, 2021
032 Are Godzilla and Kong really Box Office Monsters?
Movies are the fighting back in the theaters. Godzilla vs Kong is the first sign that film goers are willing to get back in the seat. Even though HBOMax released at the same time, the monster film reached $40MM Domestically. This may be a sign of success or flop as the summer gives us more post-pandemic numbers.    Keith Rauch makes a great point that other industries have prepared messages to welcome customers back, #Hollywood​ is falling short. “The Hollywood egos that need to get all the credit stop the industry from surviving organically.”    Disney+ discovers their original content is not always a guarantee. The original series, The Right Stuff, is cancelled after one season. This puts to questions: does Disney streaming audience have different expectations than cable network programming?   Zack Snyder pushes some buttons with his 4 ½ hour Justice League director’s cut. Warner proves that they are willing to pander to the online pressure to release the film, but the skew of the DC Character is still disappointing. “They are supposed to be heroes” (Tim Thompson) but Warner Bros doesn’t want goodness to prevail.
April 03, 2021
031 Ticket Buyers and Monthly Subscribers | Special Guest Cami Sargent
This week we welcome guest Cami Sargent (Fox, Netflix, AppleTV+) about the work of Creative Marketing from a studio to streamer. We recap some of the large campaigns she created at the Studios and how they make a difference in the overall entertainment experience.        Will Apple merge with Sony? Does Netflix work to solve the what to watch issue? How do we create new pop culture moments in the new Hollywood culture?
March 27, 2021
030 Insights into Amazon Prime Video’s success with Cameron Dillavou
This week we bring back guest Cameron Dillavou, Head of Prime Video Global Strategy, to share insights into Prime Video’s success in Oscar nominations, NFL Contracts and what it takes to make a worldwide brand like Prime relevant for every viewing experience.
March 20, 2021
029 Disney continues its content dominance
With Disney+ as 100M+ Subscriber base, the Mouse House doesn’t give in to Cinemark and walks away from Raya movie fans. Theaters open up and are filling up, but the capacity holds back healthy returns for distributors, so studios are finding pre-pandemic deals may fall short. Disney also dominates in SVOD space. Netting half the number of Netflix subs in 12 months and crashing the server with Wandavision Finale. “Disney’s vision complements the distribution formats with the content.” - Tim Thompson Universal takes two, with FF9 by pushing the release date after July 4th. And Peacock TV, Comcast/Universal NBC’s AVOD platform, shows a big (but “projected”) loss with $914M loss in launching the platform brings on only $118M in ad revenue.
March 13, 2021
028 Why the theatre experience won't suck | Special Guest Kyle Davies
Our special guest Kyle Davies brings some huge enthusiasm for the return to theaters. From his experience in exhibition and distribution at Dreamworks, Relativity and most recent Head of Domestic Distribution at Paramount, Kyle shares the inside scoop on the changes and challenges due to the Pandemic. “The pandemic has accelerated a friction and the distribution windows are at the core”.
March 05, 2021
027 The Future of Theatrical: Art not Form
Sony Pictures Chair Tom Rothmam pulls from his inner Beyonce and encourages that we will get back into the theaters “if we Make Dope Shit”. The sentiment seems to be rising that the theater experience will fulfill a different purpose than just paying the bills for studios blockbuster strategy. The exhibition of a cinematic experience will need to focus on the execution of the art more than the form in order to get viewers back in the seats.   This week was the roll out of Paramount+ and investors are lukewarm on welcoming it into the clubhouse. The platform's strategy to release films 45 days after theatrical may be a bold move to keep the films relevant but will be a deal changer for the back end deals for films like Maverick.   Golden Globes week is upon us without the glitter of the parties, FYC pushes and even the Films. How will the stay at home culture hold back the recognition and reward of the creative career? As a rollout begins for the list of films from the Academy, we may see the lowest numbers ever for the broadcast and a huge separation from the Hollywood of yesterday and today.  NBC concludes the practice of overnight ratings, dropping the number from their investor and advertising reference to push the focus on the true KPIs of the TV Industry. NBC’s Stuart Levine, writes in Variety “Long gone are the days when a vast majority of viewers watched their favorite shows in the exact time slot in which they were scheduled.”  Further proof that the new metrics of the Hollywood screens are protected on each OTT platform. Influencer culture, branded content, sponsorship deals and subscribers are so entrenched that networks may no longer need Upfront season to make ends meet.
February 27, 2021
026 The rise of “content” kills the cinematic experience
Martin Scorsese Harper’s article (​) laments how Film and TV has shifted to “content” which only describes the commodity and has desensitized the experience into minutes consumed. Backlash from Kyle Smith claims the “misplaced nostalgia” doesn’t recognize the opportunity to shift the field.   Industry professionals are feeling more pessimistic about the recovery of the industry and their jobs. The dissolution of Blue Sky and consolidation of Marketing has left many losing confidence, recognizing that layoffs and shifts will leave many looking to change careers because being out of the film industry for one year is like being out for 10 years in other industries. Keith Rauch encourages Hollywood​ to follow Adam Grant’s view to Think Again (, by processing changes like a scientist instead of a politician. This helps us ask the right question and discover new opportunities.
February 19, 2021
025 The Blue Sky is falling
Disney hits the breaks on Blue Sky Studios and drops 90% of employees. This may be a reflection of our times, but realistically Disney was predictable. This move can create a new wave of animation as the Stamford Conn talent can differentiate from the Disney Homogenization machine and take advantage of the flat and wide distribution channels of a post pandemic industry.   The newest players make big moves as Daily Wire scoops up Gina Carano the day after her breakup with the Mandalorian creatives. A clear move to make a name for themselves, which also gives a view at the strategic opportunity of New Hollywood and micro distribution. This may play out well for small studios who don’t need blockbuster numbers to break even on their content and can get into theaters earlier than the behemoth competition.   Will #BlackWidow make its debut in the silver screen or be forced to follow the fate of WW84? Disney Plus nears 100M subs, but “Marvel movies were built to be seen in a theatre!” (Keith Rauch)  Kevin Feige needs to determine how tight to hold onto #Theatrical presentation over content dominance for his viewers and filmmakers and pass the burden to Universal for Fast and Furious 9 to break the stay at home bubble.
February 14, 2021
024 It's a Netflix world, do the studios really wanna live in it?
The VOD platforms have shown their dominance once again with the Golden Globes and Netflix gain of 4 time more nominations than others, with HULU and Amazon rounding out the pack, while traditional studios remain in the shadows. The studios are basically saying:  "Netflix, you know what? You go ahead and run Hollywood now.” Following the Big Tech influence is Apple’s purchase of CODA at Sundance for a record breaking $25 Million after a bidding war with Amazon.    This trend changes many elements as Tech companies don’t function in the same models, but content makers can be quickly turned into luddites if they don’t keep up with the new demands and deals.   Evidence of change is also coming to the OTT space. Apple brings on Warner Bros veteran JP Richards to become head of film marketing strategy at Apple TV+. He joins the team to influence of Apple’s growing ambitions in original content.     And watch out for the Gaming companies that their ability to increase the gross engagement time over content makers. The platforms desired metrics of Total Viewed Hours won’t be able to compete with gaming time. Following our discussion with Sean Haran at Gearbox, we see the trend continue with Riot Games hiring of Ryan Crosby from Hulu and Netflix.  This is clearly the indication that new studios are in the works.
February 06, 2021
023 Asad Ayaz's Theatrical Group Makes Big Moves
Disney’s theatrical marketing group is tapped for the roll out of the Disney+ big name content like Wandavision and The Mandalorian.  Leaning on the creative channels from the successful theatrical team boosts the presentation of Disney+ content, but also changes the utilization of the marketing group, which can have bigger long term implications.  How will they prioritize future release elements, what would the upsell be (if any) for a traditional release schedule?   HBO Max is also feeling the pressure. With subscribers at 25% of what Disney brings in, and no real growth after the WW84 release leaves Warner Bros with the challenge of keeping filmmakers happy, cash flow coming in, and the daunting effort of keeping up with the competition.   Shout out to @Midnight Oil for the work on the Terminator Salvation poster.
January 30, 2021
022 How Gaming is Changing our Future
Are we just playing games? “More and more markets are opening up for game IP as more gamers seek premium entertainment.” - Sean Haran Sean Haran, Chief Business Officer at Gearbox Software, joins us today to share his experience from studio executive to video game pioneer. The game industry has legitimized entertainment as a growth segment for over two decades and in the last year has grown in influence. Sean’s eye towards opportunity sheds light on the future game IP, games as distribution for content makers, and a venue for connection and competition even in a pandemic. 
January 23, 2021
021 It’s Not Movies, It’s Netflix
Netflix’s 2021 Sizzle with all star cast sharing “What they love about movies”, trying to strengthen the definition of a movie without the need for theatrical release (and sometimes quality).  They also promises a movie a week, but will they be able to deliver on the promise of quality or will this be Netflix Churn?    Quibi is gone but not dead. Roku acquisition of Quibi content is a possible play for a “Netflix Light“ platform. Will Roku expand the Quibi shows into full length or does this make Roku a place to view a long tail of existing content?   Disney does a Friday evening news dump to announceme Tony Chambers’ new position as Head of Disney Theatrical Distribution. Reporting now into Kareem Daniel’s division instead of studio chief Alan Bergman which marks a major shift toward a general platform distribution. Is a more general platform marketing far behind?
January 15, 2021
020 Blunder Woman | Turns out Superheroes can’t save everyone
With the disappointing storyline of Wonder Woman 1984,  HBOMax still needs to find the tipping point. “A blockbuster movie isn’t just recognized with box office numbers. You know it’s a blockbuster when you want to see it over and over.” (Keith Rauch).The long tail model for OTT platforms need the evergreen content or they will always struggle.   Warner Bros brings in experienced marketer of Josh Goldstine to helm as President of Worldwide Marketing, taking over the post once occupied by Blair Rich. This is another move by studios in the attempt to accomplish a unified offering for marketing on to the ever expanding platform. At the same time, Ricky Strauss from Disney is departing after a genius tenure for the studio. Strauss leaves a legacy of Disney+, Marvel and Star Wars success. “If you’re a fan of Marvel films, you’re a fan of Ricky Strauss’ Marketing. “ (Tim Thompson)  Politics and Hollywood entertainment have become insparatable bedfellows over the last few decades, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing should want be players. Following the premise that Politics is downstream of the culture, Real Daily Wire is starting an entertainment division dedicated to broadening the conversation to include conservative values. “As I’ve said for years, Hollywood works behind gates and lives behind gates and it would be good to have a larger presentation of values without the heavy-handed power of the media monopoly. ” (Keith Rauch)  The first film scheduled for release will be #runhidefightmovie on January 14th.
January 08, 2021
019 Breaking Back: 2020 REVIEW with Special Guest Robin Geisen
We welcome back Robin Geisen this week to review the past year and the big impact on the Industry.  The shift into streaming has had the biggest impact from Disney+ 80M Subs to the Warner’s debacle with distribution on HBOMax. Keith Rauch and Robin Geisen debate the overall impact on all the players from studios, talent, exhibitors and award shows. Despite the uncertainty and major changes, theatres and streaming can co-exist but the viewing audience may not agree. The theatrical experience may be different but it can’t be replaced.  Does AT&T see the talent as a simple commodity and not recognize the importance of relationship and trust when it comes to stockpiling quality entertainment? And moving their theatrical release to the Direct to TV Brand down grades their reputation from a film studio to a network. And stay tuned to the end for everyone’s favorite Christmas movie
December 18, 2020
018 Disney gives content creators a big break
The Mouse Rocks The House: Wall Street Hearts Disney’s Investor Day Disney Investor Day announces some big strategy for upcoming season. Investing $8-9 Billion in content creation for Disney+ and $16B on all streaming. This new growth market will have its heyday soon enough with SVOD and OTT platforms booming over traditional broadcast and distribution. Keith Rauch believes “The gold rush in the new era is “spend spend spend make make make”” Warner Media is paying a big price too, but theirs is in relationship capital with top deal makers angry about the HBOMax distribution strategy for 2021. Vocal filmmakers like Chris Nolan and Denis Villeneuve speaking openly (Variety article) about what they feel is a poor decision by the studio that cuts the returns for their top talent. Richard Rushfield of The Ankler ( expresses strong position that only two studios, Disney and Universal, remain in the movie game while others back down their strategy. Possibly a sign of the weak cash position, studios like Paramount and Sony are selling off their films. This may be the chance Apple is waiting for. They are positioned to buy into the marketplace and establish a strong pipeline for their current weakness on AppleTV+ and overall content contributions. ** Episode Notes: The Ankler is a newsletter about and for the entertainment industry, edited and written by Richard Rushfield, with the help of some special friends. You can subscribe at
December 12, 2020
017 WarnerMedia goes all in with HBOMax
Warner Media breaks the slow pace of Hollywood decision-making and makes a bold move to distribute 2021 films slate directly to HBO Max. This may be an indicator that studios are not confident that exhibitors can get the turnout needed for studios to take a risk on them.  Discovery+ (really? That’s the name?) is coming on strong with original content on their OTT platform. Taking a page from the past success they can show others how to churn out needed new releases on a low budget.  Disney shake-ups can be a big hit for former FOX players as contracts are coming to an end and Disney is looking for additional cuts. Not a position we want to see our friends dealing with in the upcoming weeks.  And finally…. Bye Bye Quibi (and maybe Katzenberg?)
December 05, 2020
016 The Universal in a Nutshell: The Shell game continues
This episode was recorded on November 21st, 2020. No one is really talking about the cinema experience, except Universal. Bold moves in distribution and possibly setting a foothold in the future of Theatrical Distribution, Universal makes a deal with Cinemark Theaters, similar to their deal with AMC, and defines terms for studio/theater collaboration.  Entertainment Marketing Agencies need to prepare for the studios’ concentration of strategy and distribution beyond the proven techniques of yesterday. Hollywood Breaks is an insiders’ view of what’s shaping the content-making world. Development partners Tim Thompson and Keith Rauch host this weekly show discussing current events with an eye towards seizing opportunity in the changing landscape.
November 20, 2020
015 The Wonderful World of Dis-organization
We discuss the latest changes to Disney’s org and ask the question about studio loyalty over the pursuit of subscribers.  And Netflix still struggles with its original content. Many content creators know that their talent is becoming the commodity of exchange and the burn rate will be the next big movement Hollywood will be discussing.
November 13, 2020
014 Making the Sausage with Amazon Prime Video
We welcome Cameron Dillavou, Head of Global Brand Marketing, to discuss Prime Video’s focus on the platform, content creation, and meeting the consumer with their needs.
November 06, 2020
013 Sony makes moves. Disney, are you watching this?
Sony announces the realignment of their TV and Motion Pictures marketing/distribution into a single hub. Even though Disney isn’t saying that directly, it is clearly an outcome of their recent shake-up with a centralized distribution strategy. Marketing executives and vendors will be part of the shuffle in the next few months.
October 30, 2020
012 If a Quibi falls in the woods will anyone hear it?
Quibi is gone and Netflix has missed its numbers during a pandemic shut down when all people are at home consuming content. Where are the viewers focusing their attention?  New platforms are building a better distraction model with the ability to make a constant stream of content. With the INVERTED CONTENT CURVE, large players can’t expect the keep up with the demand of viewers' attention without a better strategy than just spending Billions.
October 23, 2020
011 Paramount, Amazon and the Disney Re-Org
Hollywood Breaks is an insiders’ view of what’s shaping the content-making world. Development partners Tim Thompson and Keith Rauch host this weekly show discussing current events with an eye towards seizing opportunity in the changing landscape.
October 16, 2020
010 The Film Industry Deconstruction
Layoffs, Layoffs, Layoffs. Deconstruction is a reality.  The ROI on film distribution and marketing is tanking, which shifts the need for marketers to find an audience and vendors who can keep up with the new demands.  Peacock and HBOMax are not stepping up like Warner and Comcast need.
October 09, 2020
009 Marketing and Distribution with Special Guest Robin Geisen
Robin Geisen is a marketing executive and gives our viewers insights on the new deal-making happening in the marketplace. Marketing consultant for the players, she is an influencer to synchronize the needs of the film food chain.
October 02, 2020
008 Red carpets and "à la carte" viewing experiences
Who cares about the award shows if the Red Carpet doesn't exist? The show must go on is replaced with the Show Must Show Off.  And there are new players following the success of Disney+ hoping to capture the stay at home viewers.
September 25, 2020
006 Resetting the Hollywood Matrix
How do we keep score now that box office numbers don't exist and OTT/SVOD platforms don't share their data?
September 18, 2020
005 What's new with award shows and theatrical experiences?
Oscar season is disrupted by the pandemic. What is going to happen with the recognition of the great films and will the end of the year bring the films we were expecting. 
September 11, 2020
003 The End of the Paramount Decree
The decisive Paramount Decree broke up the Studio Monolopy in the 1940's and removed the right for studios to own the exhibition of films, which also blocked independent films from distribution. The reversal is a response to changes in the current economy of Netflix and Amazon and plays to the strength of Disney and Universal consumer experience. Hollywood Breaks is an insiders’ view of what’s shaping the content-making world. Development partners Tim Thompson and Keith Rauch host this weekly show discussing current events with an eye towards seizing opportunity in the changing landscape.
August 13, 2020
002 The Distribution Dilemma
Hollywood Breaks is an insiders’ view of what’s shaping the content-making world. Development partners Tim Thompson and Keith Rauch host this weekly show discussing current events with an eye towards seizing opportunity in the changing landscape.
August 11, 2020
001 The Pivot is the Opportunity
Hollywood Breaks is an insiders’ view of what’s shaping the content-making world. Development partners Tim Thompson and Keith Rauch host this weekly show discussing current events with an eye towards seizing opportunity in the changing landscape.
August 07, 2020