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Thank You For Being a Friend

Thank You For Being a Friend

By Rev. Rob Lee

Friendship can be difficult, taxing, and often it doesn't make sense. But when the right people click together they become an unstoppable force of good and love in the world. This podcast explores the latter in spite of the former. The pod was conceived by the Rev. Robert W. Lee, a doctoral student at Pacific School of Religion, and the podcast was used in partial completion of his program.
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Megan Berry
Megan Berry
Hey there dear listener, Have you ever met someone that is way too cool to be your friend? I have, and not unlike Captain Ahab I didn't give up on chasing after my now dear friend. Perhaps that's what it takes some times. Megan Berry is a gift, and even when I was hesitant to be friends with her, the kindness she exuded overwhelmed and overpowered me. I am better off for it. Let me introduce you to Megan. I trust you will find this meaningful. Faithfully, Rev. Rob
November 14, 2022
Molly Smith
Molly Smith
Dear Listener, Today we hear from someone I consider to be one of my closest and best friends in the whole world: Molly Smith. That said it hasn't always been easy to foster friendship between us. Together we explore the complexity and complications friendships can have as we strive to be better friends to one another and to those around us. I hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed recording it. In hope, Rob
November 07, 2022
"Thank You For Being a Friend" by Mipso
"Thank You For Being a Friend" by Mipso
Dear Listener, I'm sharing this today in the hopes you'll love our intro cover as much as I do. If you really did enjoy it, please check out the band Mipso--they really are the best band of all time. In hope, Rob
November 03, 2022
Caroline Current
Caroline Current
Hello Dear Listener, On today's premiere episode we meet Caroline. I first met Caroline when I was in college and served as a youth minister at her church. Years later we would become close friends and find common bonds over the progressive faith we both espoused. Today, Caroline serves as a reminder that you are a product of yourself, not of your surroundings. She is wise beyond her years and a gift to me as I'm sure she will be to you. In hope, Rob
October 31, 2022
Trailer: Thank You For Being a Friend
Trailer: Thank You For Being a Friend
The Rev. Robert W. Lee, MTS is a doctoral student at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. These podcasts are recorded in partial fulfillment of his doctoral portfolio. In this limited-run series, Rev. Lee explores his friends and what makes their friendship so necessary to his survival. Check out Rev. Lee's other work and get in touch with him by visiting his website.
September 19, 2022