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24 - Going Local: Learning, networking and leading from ArizOTA state conference (LIVE)

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By Monika L
A lifestyle podcast for the home health occupational therapist and those interested in exploring it further. Tackling the ridiculousness of home health and healthcare as an OT, and swapping stories, strategies and insights. With simplicity, humor and inspiration, this podcast is here to support and inspire practical solutions for the home health OT. Hosted by fellow home health OT, Monika Lukasiewicz, whose passion for life and home health is sure to be contagious and entertaining. Sign up for emails at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com
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A lifestyle podcast for the home health occupational therapist and those interested in exploring it further. Tackling the ridiculousness of home health and healthcare as an OT, and swapping stories, strategies and insights. With simplicity, humor and inspiration, this podcast is here to support and inspire practical solutions for the home health OT. Hosted by fellow home health OT, Monika Lukasiewicz, whose passion for life and home health is sure to be contagious and entertaining. Sign up for emails at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com

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26 - Unedited update.
Catching up isn't always convenient, whether it be on sleep, podcast episodes or documentation. In this episode, we just keep it real and keep you updated. Enjoy. Stay tuned for more at www.tillandwater.com or sign up for emails at www.homehealthotexplorer.com
November 19, 2019
25 - Pop up sidewalks? Kelly Twichel paves the way.
How often do we take for granted a walk path? Or an accessible path? And how often is this a barrier for your patients? Not anymore with this new invention by a fellow OT named Kelly (and her team). Hear her story and learn how this product can serve surfers and the changed abilities of individuals of all ages as well. Another practical and mind blowing episode. Plus cast your vote at www.ambergrantsforwomen.com/voting/ to help her company win a grant to further the momentum! Sign up for emails to stay in the loop at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com. Get more info on the home health OT job in Eugene by emailing humanresources@cascadehealth.org.
October 30, 2019
24 - Going Local: Learning, networking and leading from ArizOTA state conference (LIVE)
Going local isn’t just for holiday shopping, it can be for how we support our practice areas and ourselves. Due to extreme fortune, I was invited to do a live podcast from the AZ state conference for OTs. And we dig in. Enjoy! Get the juicy links and updates by signing up at www.homehealthotexplorer.com.
October 1, 2019
23 - Self-care? Paying attention with Dan Eisner
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard it before. “Self care.” It’s the new buzzword. But not for this episode. OT and life coach, Dan Eisner, cracks this nut in a brand new way and how it relates to US as home health providers. You can even experiment with it before the episode ends. Enjoy. Get all the follow-up deets by signing up at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com.
September 19, 2019
22 - Tiny Car Concert with Jake Martini + tips on transitioning
When life (or podcast episode topics) get heavy, it’s time for art. And in this case it’s music. Bringing you a trial run of a mini concert aka tiny car concert just for you in your car. Plus, we dig in to what’s helped this Nashville musician with his own transitions. Meet Jake Martini! Stay in the loop at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com.
September 13, 2019
21 - From Arizona to ArizOTa to her own experience with home health OT (feat. Heidi Carpenter)
A bright light. That’s how I’d describe this episode’s guest, Heidi Carpenter. She’s a local (and native) Arizona OT who has found (at least one of her) niches in home health OT. Plus she’s a passionate leader and lover of community and embodying OT. Another potent episode. Plus come join us at the ArizOTa conference Sep 20-21 in Phoenix. Get deeper show notes and funny stories at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com.
September 9, 2019
21 - Karen Vance: Mindset, documentation, evals and a CEU for home health OTs
You know how you can meet someone or study their work and it changes your world in an enriching way for the long term? Yeah, me too. That’s what happened when I came upon Karen Vance and her work (Ah hem, game changing CEU/book written with Carol Siebert). She is a long time AOTA member and advocate of home health OT. And now she’s here with us on the podcast to stir the pot of support and inspiration. Let’s. Dig. In! Mark your calendar for Feb 29 2020. We are in process to bring you a live CEU workshop. Get more details in the newsletter. Sign up at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com.
August 28, 2019
20 - Planting a PDGM seed with Clarice Miller
You’ve likely heard it mentioned—PDGM. But what is it and how will it (or will it even) affect your home health practice? Join me for one of the first (but not the last) conversations on this important topic. OT Clarice Miller (AOTA Advocacy and Policy Coordinator for the Home and Community Health Section) joins us to share her passion and advocacy plus tips for transitioning. Sign up for email blips with links mentioned in the podcast: www.homehealthOTexplorer.com.
August 18, 2019
19 - Picking a company and position
Now that you’ve cracked the nut and have admitted to yourself that you really want to try home health (HH) OT, a next step to consider is looking at companies and types of positions. Start here to get some fuel for clarity. Enjoy! If you dig this this, sign up for the matching email at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com.
August 12, 2019
18 - Transitioning: Where to begin?!
You are not alone in debating or making a transition into home health occupational therapy. Tune in for stories with nuggets to inspire and support your own path. Give yourself a potent start (or reboot) in your career. Welcome to season 2! Want emails with links mentioned? Sign up at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com
August 4, 2019
3 Simple Things
Simple things can create epic results. Hear about three simple things that create epic-ish results in my home health practice PLUS ponder a question as we enter into a 3-week summer break from this podcast. Stay tuned for new interviews and topics when we return in August! Sign up for updates and giveaways at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com. Thank you for listening!
July 8, 2019
Beyond Hiding Keys: Do-It-Today strategies for dealing with driving issues as a HH OT + another CEU option!
The road to driving for many of our clients is complicated AND important.  Driving rehab specialist and OT, Susie Touchinsky with Adaptive Mobility Services, helps me address the overlap of driving issues in clients AND strategies for the home health OT. Find out her do-it-today strategies with the "Three R's" to help with driving retirement and how to use your OT skills to help client's or their family develop new routines where everybody can WIN (even if the keys are hidden and the client is NOT driving anymore). Plus hear about CEU options she offers! Use the code "Monika25." Want to know the new release topics and the links mentioned in these podcasts? Sign up for emails and giveaways at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com. (It's a work in-progress! Thank you for your patience.)
July 1, 2019
A Genius Invention To Know About
35 years it took to bring this Edison Award Winning product to market and it’s ready! This is a genius idea (Of Tom McMullen’s) and is now a reality that can help clients with fine motor and visual impairments (just to name a few). Get this—this invention helps them clip their own finger nails! Listen as Tom and TJ share about the product and the journey of its arrival. Enjoy! Get updates on future podcast releases by signing up at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com. Thanks for listening!!
June 24, 2019
What the Health?!
Ever joked about the theme among health care workers being how little they care about their own health? I’ll admit it, I have. And today we crack this nut. Enjoy!
June 16, 2019
Meet Mary & A Cognition Paradigm Shift for Home Health
There was a time when I DESPISED addressing cognition in home health. Dead end is how I viewed it. And then everything changed and today’s guest, Mary Platt, had a huge impact on my current fondness for this area in home health. In this episode we bite into cognition (think of it like eating an elephant). Learn how to start serving up OT to address cognition in some game changing ways. Perhaps even learn to start savoring this virtually magical niche for the immense sacredness it holds. Enjoy! Sign up for more info at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com or email episode ideas to Monika@homehealthOTexplorer.com
June 10, 2019
Engaged and Strengths-based? Ponder It.
Time to ponder being engaged and strengths-based. Dig it. (And no, we are not talking about putting a ring on it.) However, we are digging in to the meat (pick your protein for the vegans) of meaningful and healthy living. Here are the questions: How often do you...use your...strengths? And how engaged are you with your... life? How would YOU answer this. I dare you to email a response. Monika@homehealthOTexplorer.com. Thanks for listening!
June 3, 2019
Home Health CEU Option: Is the CLIPP training one of the home health CEUs you’ve been waiting for?
Home Health (HH) CEUs that call you to practice to the top of your license can be tricky to come by... until now. Today’s episode explores one option well fit for the home health OT. Meet Erik Listou, co-founder of Living In Place Institute and CLIPP training, as he shares about the background, details, vision and value of this training. This may be the training you’ve been waiting for!
May 27, 2019
My Mom's Tips for Healthcare After Being a Patient
You think of it as work or a session. But to the patient, the experience with healthcare is intimate and impactful for moving forward through unthinkable happenings. How are we setting up ourselves and our patients for a journey of healing, participation, health and TRUE care? My Mom, now @PaintingMother on instagram, opens up about her recent experiences and insights on being a patient in the hopes of inspiring a transformation in how we deliver healthcare to those in need.
May 13, 2019
Thank you, (Nebraska).
It can be easy to take for granted the things that have been most influential. Today’s episode is a shout out, a chance to take count of a blessing, or to be grateful for what’s positively inspired or influenced YOU and your practice. Dig in.
May 6, 2019
Good Grief.
Grief doesn’t always feel good but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Lean in for a snapshot of an experience (and options) for if and when you find yourself riding on or under its wave. Let’s be clinically AND emotionally intelligent.
April 29, 2019
Meet Chris + 30 Years of Experience
Meet Chris Veloon, a (incredible) woman with 30 years of home health OT experience. We met at my first home health gig. She was my first and most influential mentor. Gain invaluable insights and hear her new list of rules that she teaches to the OTs/COTAs she trains in home health plus real life examples of grading home health OT for a patient with a strong mental health issue. Enjoy!
April 22, 2019
Mystery Series: Pros + Cons of Being a Home Health OT
What’s good about it? What’s not so super great about being a home health OT? Get a glimpse of one OTs view on the pros and cons of being a home health OT. Start getting a bit more clarity. Plus a fun bonus round.
April 17, 2019
After-Party: AOTA 2019 Conference Recap
Get the low down on some of the most eye- and ear-catching happenings at the AOTA 2019 for the OT exploring home health. This is sure to stir the pot of inspiration in at least ONE way.  Resources mentioned include Karen Vance’s Guide to Occupational Therapy Practice, Living In Place Institute, Zappos Adaptive, OT Toolkit, Saebo, Clip Different, CommunOT and more. Enjoy!
April 12, 2019
Pre-AOTA Conference 2019: A Path Forward?
An impromptu podcast with pre-AOTA conference reflections for 2019. Live from the Phoenix airport while in transit to New Orleans, LA for the annual American Occupational Therapy Association conference! This will make for interesting post-conference follow up (and surprises).
April 7, 2019
The Mystery Series: A Day in the Life of a Home Health Occupational Therapist
Ever wonder what a day in the life of a home health OT is like? Find answers in today’s episode! Plus learn some random tips for when or if YOU make the switch. Bonus: Check out the new Spotify playlist made just for home health OTs titled Home Health Occupational Therapy Explorer. Drive safe and keep exploring!
April 2, 2019
The Mystery of Home Health Occupational Therapy: A Series
Mystery can be amazing but not if it’s stopping you from making a career change into a rewarding area of practice. Begin to demystify what’s involved in a home health occupational therapy practice. (Song mentioned: Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Ray Dalton.)
March 30, 2019
Pity or Power?
A welcome to all home health OTs (and those debating the career makeover into home health) AND a shot of inspiration for elevating our practice as OTs (and humans) in a challenging healthcare system.
March 28, 2019
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