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Homestead Atlantica

Homestead Atlantica

By Jechanovia
Living a simple, spiritual lifestyle, grounded in connection with history, tradition, and the Earth herself.
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Snow and ice and wind, oh my! | Winter Storms | Homestead Atlantica Podcast
An impromptu, unplanned episode chatting about preparedness and offering tips to be ready for (and push through) a winter storm. Instagram: @homesteadatlantica
February 2, 2021
Welcome to Homestead Atlantica - Let's get Acquainted!
Visit  my website Follow me on Instagram View the transcript for this episode. Links & References: The Tarot Coven Podcast Magicked by Life is a Spell The Kitchen Magick Cookbook Wikipedia's Definition of Homesteading Resource Rec: BBC's Victorian Farm
January 17, 2021
Homestead Atlantica Podcast - Trailer
Hello, and welcome to the Homestead Atlantica Podcast! I’m your host, Jechanovia: aspiring homesteader, history nerd, and sovereign pagan druid. I’m here to share traditional skills, hard-earned wisdom, and practical tips to help you lead a simpler, more mindful way of life - all while adding a little magick into the mundane. In the show, I’ll cover topics ranging from cooking and gardening to self-sufficiency and preparedness to spirituality and the Wheel of the Year… and everything in between. Don’t worry, no experience is necessary - newbies and curious dabblers are welcome! No matter what level your expertise, I invite you to join me in homesteading with mindfulness and magick. The Homestead Atlantica Podcast is coming to your favourite podcast platforms in January 2021. In the meantime visit for more information, and follow me on Instagram at @homesteadatlantica. Cheers!
December 10, 2020