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The Honest Creative

The Honest Creative

By Sergey Faldin
As a writer, producer, and a full-time content creator, I've always been amazed by this new world we all live in – the Passion Economy.

It's a world where people can make money by being who they are, tapping into their unique passions, talents, and knowledge.

In this podcast, I will be interviewing creators from all walks of life to show you how they've done it. So you can do it too.

Episodes will be 1-1.5 hour long conversations and will come out weekly.

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Introducing The Honest Creative

The Honest Creative

Michel Strukov on LinkedIn Content, the Passion Economy, and Mastering Self-Talk
Michel Strukov is an entrepreneur and online coach from Switzerland, with a mission to transform independent consultants and coaches into winners. He helps them create a strong personal brand around their business in order to regularly attract clients through social media without doing cold outreach nor waiting for months for the content to convert.  Mentioned in this episode: Matthew Walker on sleep (JRE) Brene Brown TED talk. “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” book “Love Yourself As If Your Life Depends On It” Derek Sivers x Tim Ferriss Connect with Michel: *** This podcast is an addition to my daily newsletter about content creation as a career. If you want to receive short emails about content creation from me, as well as stay tuned about this podcast, please subscribe to my newsletter here: Sergey's Medium blog: Sergey's books on Amazon:
September 3, 2020
Introducing The Honest Creative
Join the author, top Medium writer, content producer, and blogger Sergey Faldin as he meets with content creators across the globe to dissect the principles of turning content creation into a career.  This podcast was created as part of the daily newsletter/blog Sergey runs on Substack. The best way to stay tuned on this podcast – and receive daily tips, advice, lifehacks on content creation – is to subscribe. It's free.  Learn more at *** Sergey's Medium blog: Sergey's books:
September 2, 2020