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Honest Property Investment with Natasha Collins

Honest Property Investment with Natasha Collins

By Natasha Collins
For investors who aren’t taking shortcuts!

Smart investment strategies for commercial property and mixed used property investors.

This is property investing in the UK and covers Commercial Property Investment and Residential Property Investment

Podcasts are released every Tuesday morning at 7am UK time!
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Wales are making homes safe, don’t get caught granting a 2,000 year commercial lease and a book I couldn’t put down
Before I get into today’s podcast info, I wanted to remind you that on Thursday the 19th of May @8pm BST you have a single-use guest pass to the Members' Club LIVE Deal Analysis Masterclass. *As a non-member, you will be able to attend this event once. It's going to be 90 minutes of deal analysis magic where my whole Team will be looking at the pros and cons of 2 deals; a Commercial and a Mixed-Use. To register for this event, click here. Right, now onto today’s podcast. It's a mix of different points, which are relevant to you as a property investor. I’ll be discussing: Renting Homes in Wales (Fitness for Human Habitation) Regulations 2022 Another NB caution to landlords is to use professionals when drafting leases...... & A quick book review of The Unexpected Joy of The Ordinary by Catherine Gray.
May 17, 2022
Follow Along Commercial Deal Analysis
This week I thought I’d bring you with me for the Deal Analysis journey and do a follow-along Commercial Deal Analysis on the podcast. ***This is a two-storey building in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Rent income per annum of £26,400pax, which is on the market for offers in excess of £295,000***. My due diligence: Sales comparables to see comparable yields Lease comparables to see market rent and lease term comparables Space for let comparables, just to see what’s on the market Looking at the current tenants' accounts to see whether they can afford the rent Reading the leases to see what the agreement is between landlord and tenant From this, I estimate what price I’d purchase at and what I think the potential value of the property could be if I implemented a regearing strategy. So, what do you think? Would you go ahead and buy this property?  Now, if you found the podcast valuable (it would be hard not to!), then I would like to invite you to a LIVE Deal Analysis Masterclass on the 19th May @8pm BST. Click here to register >>>
May 10, 2022
99% Occupancy on my SA, Compulsory Retail Rental Auctions, Quadruple Council Tax, 100% BTL Mortgage and why NOT hiring an expert cost a tenant £825,000
This week’s podcast is jam-packed with A LOT of NB info. First up, I want to celebrate a little (actually a HUGE) win, and that’s that in the last 3 months, I’ve had 99% occupancy on Air BnB… Hell yes!! In the podcast, I’m also going to go through the Levelling up and Regeneration Bill - this is going to be unveiled in the Queen’s Speech next month on Tuesday the 10th May. The aim is to revamp high streets and provide accommodation to those that need it and stop high streets from becoming ghost towns- but this also has effects landlords. I chat about HOW… Something else that has come up recently is around HMO’s - are the Tax Bills really Quadrupuling? I’ve been doing a lot of research around this which you will hear in my podcast, but go and check out the Governments website that explains how HMOs are banded on a page called ‘How domestic properties are assessed for Council Tax Bands’. (Essentially- it makes Commercial Property Investment seem way better!) I’m also going to go through a shocking case of a tenant having to take on the rent for 10 years- the crux is- don’t cut corners in the professionals you hire! I hope you get a lot of great info from this podcast- it’s up to date and current information that could literally be “life-changing”.
April 26, 2022
Changes to Commercial Property April 2022
In today's podcast, I'm going to be going through some very important Updates in Commercial Property from April 2022.  This is information you need to know as a property investor, and I've laid it out so that you know where you stand and what you need to be doing.  If you have any questions around the topics I've chatted about, you can email Enjoy today's podcast, and I hope I've been able to clarify some NB & current updates that are happening in Commercial Property right now.  ALSO... .... in the spirit of showing off our good work and the excellent team we have over at NC Real Estate, I'm inviting you to a Deal Analysis Masterclass on Thursday the 21st April @8pm BST.  It's going to be a 90 - minute session, where the whole Team over at the Members' Club are going over current deals- we'll be discussing the pros and cons and some healthy debate will be happening between our team as to whether this is a deal(s) worth pursuing.  Getting GREAT at Deal Analysis is a cornerstone of becoming a proficient property investor, so come on over and join us on the 21st April >>> Click this link to access to the Deal Analysis Masterclass
April 12, 2022
Using your SSAS to Invest in Commercial Property
Using your SSAS to Invest in Commercial Property. My inbox has been buzzing with this topic and so I thought I’d start addressing it. I’m a surveyor, I get involved at the point a client already has a SSAS and then wants to invest in commercial property. My job is putting together the property investment strategy and executing it. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t yet have a SSAS and wants one please make sure to speak to your financial advisor. Getting started: you need to make the decision to either hold the properties in your SSAS or in a Ltd Company. This informs the strategy. > In your SSAS we need to consider what lending is available. > In a Ltd company we have to consider how much your SSAS can lend, the interest rate at which it's lending, ensuring the SSAS always has the first charge, and then repaying the SSAS at a minimum of 20% of the loan per year, or repaying it all so the investor has enough cash to go again. I’m breaking this down into sections as it's a huge topic to cover. So once you’ve listened to this podcast I want you to ask me any question that comes up as a result and send it to (This also helps me to know what content to keep producing).
March 29, 2022
25 Sources of Investment Finance, and where to find it.
Today I want to talk about finding investment finance. This is a throwback episode to when I invited Daniel Woods from Momentum Property to chat with me about 25 ways to find money for a deposit. This was such a succinct and successful podcast that I thought I would bring it out again so that you can go through it. It's certainly worth every minute of your time! We chat about creative ways of finding finance too and not just from bridging loans and your regular mortgages. It’s about thinking out of the box when it comes to finding investor finance. Cryptocurrency included! I’m really excited to share this with you all today. P.S. Have you accessed my "Crossing over to Commercial" mini-course? You're going to love it! It's an hour-long and covers all the basics, PLUS I included a Commercial Deal Analysis (you'll receive that in an email once you sign up). Sign up here:
March 22, 2022
Why you need to rest with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Today's podcast is a throwback on the topic of Rest with one of my favorite authors, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.  I’ve been using the wisdom from the podcast over the last few weeks while taking some "off the camera" time off (maternity leave). This doesn't mean I haven't been working! The full story is in my weekly newsletter. If you'd like to sign up for that, you can email Lorenza ( and she'll get you signed up.  The content of this podcast helped me to come up with new ideas (watch this space) and just feel good in myself. So I wanted to re-release it for you today, have a listen, see how you too can incorporate a little more rest into your life.
March 15, 2022
How to search and successfully buy your next investment property
On the 27th of July 2021, I did an awesome webinar on how to search and buy your next investment property. I’m not sure if you were able to attend it, but even if you were there is some *really life-changing* info in it. So what I’ve done is recorded an abridged version of the webinar because I think you need the goodness that is included in these slides. Essentially, these are your key takeaways...Don't skip out on this. I've put in the work, can I expect the same standard from you? I'm pretty sure you have 25 minutes to invest in yourself. I purposely made it short enough for you to be able to listen to...and importantly digest the info. So, notebooks at the ready... Natasha
March 08, 2022
Finding the right property AND how to avoid disasters in commercial and residential property investment
I guarantee that if you are struggling to find the right property the reason will be one or all of the following: You haven’t set goals and conditions for the right property You aren’t being targeted enough in your search area You’ve not spoken to enough agents You haven’t been to enough viewings You haven’t made enough offers and negotiated hard enough If any of the above is true, then you must circle back and do the work. Today on the podcast I’ve invited Danielle Bell to come and talk to me about how to find the right property… it’s far simpler than you think! We also go through other myths in the industry and why the simplest strategies are the best strategies! This is a throwback pod originally aired in 2020- but I feel that it’s as relevant as ever. I’d love to hear what you think- send me a line or two after you’ve listened to it. Remember, keeping it simple and staying consistent is how you will create the most success. Natasha
March 01, 2022
How to find JV’s and Investors with Adam Vickers
In this week’s podcast, I do a throwback to an incredibly popular interview with Adam Vickers. We chat about how he’s built his property portfolio in Reading and his property business across the rest of the UK through using JV’s and investors. This is jam-packed full of tips and tricks, it’s one not to miss! Have you watched my "Crossing over to Commercial" mini-course? You're going to love it! It's an hour-long and covers all the basics, PLUS I included a Commercial Deal Analysis (you'll receive that in an email once you sign up). Sign up here:  If you want to continue the conversation, head over to the Property Investment Mastery Facebook Group: Read my blog at: don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter whilst you’re there! If you want to find out more about Adam:
February 22, 2022
How I prepared (ish) my business for Maternity Leave
GET ACCESS TO CROSSING OVER TO COMMERCIAL BY CLICKING HERE If you’re not here for Pregnancy content, you can skip this weeks newsletter/pod.But let me tell you it’s been my most requested podcast and so here it is, warts and all. Currently I’m on Maternity leave. Team NCRE have me covered and are still running the ship because I have the best team of Surveyors and  Property experts so service was never going to slip. But I may have got ahead of myself. I originally recorded this pod on the 28th Jan, thinking that I had a planned C Section a few weeks later so was feeling pretty together after just handing everything over to my interim MD and then planning for a 2 week crossover period… well I ended up having a real living baby in my arms 4.5 hours after I finished recording.  One of my good friends and mentors once said to me ‘there’s a reason pregnancy is 9 months… its so you can get everything ready and in your case that means your business too!’ And so I had two choices, stop NCRE during maternity and pick up any pieces after (because I just didn’t have the capacity to keep it running) or spend time putting in place the right team and make it better than its ever been… knowing full well that it would be hard (and it was, I have never been so unwell in my life). But the decisions I’ve made over the last 8 months have allowed me to have some sort of Mat Leave (yes I know whats going on in my business I haven’t disappeared completely, we have targets and deadlines!) which means I get to be Mum to Harry and Get to know him AND I’m not trying to give my best advice whilst my new Mum brain is swirling around because no one wants that (and seriously my team are just as good if not better!) With that, I’ll leave you to listen to this Pod!  Natasha
February 15, 2022
Finding BMV Commercial Property
Have you started my free mini-course Crossing Over to Commercial?  It’s prompting a lot of questions, which I’m more than happy to answer… here’s a biggie: ‘You say only search in one location, but I can’t find any BMV deals there, so can I expand my search?’ No 👏 no 👏 no Mainly because… BMV (below market value)  just isn’t a thing in commercial property (I don’t believe it is in resi, but we just don’t have time to go through that right now). Commercial properties are priced based on risk and its investment value… as well as what the seller wants to sell for. SPOILER ALERT a commercial property that can immediately be increased in value isn’t going to jump out and punch you in the face whilst you’re scrolling RightMove. You have to delve deeper into the deal than that. To increase the value of a commercial property, you either have to decrease the risk of the deal by making sure the rent is secured and will be coming in for a long period of time OR you have to increase the rent. Therefore, you have to analyse a deal and see where you can do that. It can take hours… when we do that for clients it can take days to get a deal right and to see where the value add comes from. It’s not about expanding your location, it’s about looking at every single deal that is going on in that area and exploring the possibilities. Yes it takes time, but yes that’s where you find your deal! In todays podcast I’m going to go through exactly how to do this, find a commercial property that you can add value to.
February 09, 2022
Asset Management 101 and Beating a Down Valuation
I’m going to start by celebrating the fact that after 3 valuations I finally got a valuation for my remortgage that is what I wanted it to be… the RIGHT VALUE! I had to get to that figure mainly because I had my second charge mortgage relying on it and quite frankly, anything less and I was going to be out of pocket, which I’m not doing. To keep you in suspense, I’ll give you the names of the lenders and valuers in my pod ;) All I can say is, if you know the Comps state your property should be higher, keep pushing for it! Next Topic… Asset Management 101. When was the last time you ACTUALLY looked at the stats for your property portfolio? I mean really and truly compared them to see what’s working and what’s not. As an Asset Manager that’s the very first thing I do, I look at the figures, as they don’t lie. They give a true picture of how the portfolio is performing. From there I can make changes. If you want details on how to use it and what to measure, you are going to need to follow along with this weeks podcast. I challenge you to get this done! Let me know is there anything that surprised you about your portfolio? Will you be making changes as a result? Also don’t forget you can still pick up my Crossing Over to Commercial mini-course just CLICK HERE
February 01, 2022
Catfishing in Property and What’s the Deal with ITZA
You can sign up to Crossing Over to Commercial HERE First things first, I need to get a public announcement out there to ask… please, commercial agents, stop with the Catfishing! I just can’t… What do I mean?! Pricing property deals way too low so that you get eyeballs or bids and then being shocked when I call up and give you an offer at the market price and you saying ‘No that’s way too low!’. Errm yass… so why bother listing at that price… grrrr! The problem being that I have to look into it because I couldn’t possibly tell my clients I overlooked it, in case it’s actually correct and I’ve found myself a unicorn. **Rant over** Second point I want to cover today is ITZA’s. I’m noticing a lot of commercial property investors ignoring this because they just don’t understand. NOTE: You cannot ignore this if you want to be successful here!! This is about valuing retail rents! I'll explain in the podcast...
January 25, 2022
The decisions you MUST make to buy commercial property
It may sound obvious that you MUST be good at decision making in order to be a property investor… But it truly shocks me the number of investors who say to me ‘is this a good deal, would you buy it?’ Because that’s not the question you should be asking. That’s asking me to judge a deal based on decisions I’d make for my own portfolio… that’s not your portfolio and your goals. I know for a fact that clients of mine and friends definitely wouldn’t buy the same things that I buy and that’s brilliant because I’m not led by what they do. Instead the question you should be asking is: ‘I've found this deal, my goals are X, Y and Z, does it hit those goals?’ But before asking that, you have to make an important decision. What is it you’d actually like to achieve?! Yield / Purchase Price… any other stat you’re measuring by. That way, when it comes to purchasing property the next decisions become easier: Choosing the right location Identifying if a deal really works for you, or deciding to let it go Knowing what finance option works best Want to a dig a little deeper into how to think about these decisions and a step by step guide into how to buy your next commercial property; Listen to this weeks podcast. And now I have something even more special for you a freebie unlike any other freebie before it… Crossing Over To Commercial, my mini-course on everything you need to know before delving into the world fo commercial property. It will take you 60 mins to complete, but once you have, you’ll be more clued up as to how to make these decisions!!
January 20, 2022
Where you need to concentrate on being resilient in Property Investment in 2022
Now it's time to focus and I want you to listen closely because there are some tripping hazards in 2022, that if you don’t concentrate on, will slow your property investment success this year. The biggest tripping hazard… F👏I👏N👏A👏N👏C👏E (Finance) Firstly, if you need an affirmation, use ‘There will always be finance for my property’... I firmly believe that. However, it’s taking longer than ever to find a product that suits that you’re aiming for. This is across the board for both residential and commercial. The reason being is that lenders want to do due diligence, but also don’t want to get sucked into the hype bubble from last year, where there was a lot of overpaying for properties. So, you are going to have to stay resilient when it comes to finding finance. You are going to get a lot of NOs and you are going to come across a lot of products where you think WT eff is this?! Ultimately you will get the finance you need but it could take 3-6 months (or sometimes longer). The investors that will succeed this year will build relationships with lenders and be able to present why a deal works to a lender so that they can get the best rates and loan to value. Those who will fall flat in the mud, won’t prepare and won’t spend the valuable time needed to get this right. I delve into this in more detail on my Podcast and share some things I’ve learnt recently in regards to refinancing property (Oh and some super exciting news!)
January 11, 2022
The Risks I’ve taken to become the End of 2021 Version of Natasha Collins
After last weeks podcast about the 10 business mistakes I’ve made, it also got me thinking about the biggest risks I’ve taken to get to where I am right now. Success doesn’t happen through luck or coincidence, it happens because you keep putting yourself out there again and again and again until something sticks… here’s a summary of the risks I have taken which have made me laugh and cry, I go into the learnings in detail on this week's podcast. And just like that… it’s the end of 2021. Thank you so much for being part of my community this year and supporting me. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’ll see you in 2022.
December 22, 2021
The 10 worst mistakes I’ve made in business (In no particular order)
It’s getting to the end of the year and firstly I’m getting reflective… for the second year in a row we’re about to double NC Real Estate’s income… in fact it’s doubled today and we’ve still got 4 months until the end of the year. It’s crazy, certainly something that when I sit down and reflect with Lorenza and the rest of my team, I wouldn’t have even imagined being able to do back in 2016-17 when I really started to push forward on this. In the spirit of transparency and to help those of you out there who are running a business and feel like its both heaven and hell all at once I thought I’d share with you the 10 worst mistakes I’ve made in business… I’ve hashed out the details in my podcast.
December 14, 2021
Moving House, Serviced Accommodation Sometimes Sucks and Resident Meetings
I didn’t know how to sum up this email and subsequent podcast in anymore of a succinct way then simply: Moving House, Serviced Accommodation Sometimes Sucks and Resident Meetings because that has been the last two weeks of my life. Maybe… now I’m reflecting on the podcast I just recorded, all of the chaos happened with my US portfolio and I’m just not used to dealing with Amercians and I’m a fish out of water. What I can confirm is that: Hosting an Air BnB in the US seems to come with more demands from ‘local’ guests who want 5* hotel standard or their money back.... But not before blowing your whole electricity board and blaming you because they didn’t read the instructions Apparently when storing furniture, its usual for it to leave storage looking like someone just beat it with a baseball bat. And yes, Parks and Recreation is actually based on real life stories of what goes on at residents meetings… there is armed police in attendance and yes residents do shout at each other as well as the local area leaders. Although I could not gather why both of these things happened because we were discussing a 100ft x 100ft patch of grass (I’ve learnt in my property journey to not sweat the small stuff! So gawd knows why this was such a contentious issue, I only went to try and get to know my neighbours, now I know who to stay well clear of) If you want to hear about this, you seriously are going to have to listen to the podcast, I’ll explain in detail! I would also love for you to reply to this email and tell me about your resident meetings and also what your Serviced Accommodation cancellation policy is (especially with Omicron doing the rounds and guests cancelling last minute!) Back to something I am in control of and have ALOT of experience in… Commercial Property in the UK. This week I’m opening the doors to my Members Club for ONE FINAL TIME THIS YEAR! The reason being is that we’re offering a pretty hefty bonus: Buy your next Commercial or Mixed Use Property 3 month Accelerator Included within this is 3 x 60 Minute accountability sessions with our Asset Management Team who will be there to support you in finding and buyingyour next property 3 x 30 minutes LIVE deal analysis training 1 x 30 minute 1:1 with EITHER our Commercial Surveyor or Residential Surveyor to discuss the properties that you've found Plus a support group where you can chat with my team and I! In order to get access, you MUST sign up to our 3 month starter package for £297 HERE before Friday 10th December as we are going to get started next week!! This is the cheapest the Members Club will ever be and seriously less than the price of your daily coffee (Side note: you should be billing this as professional fees through your property portfolio). We’re getting started now because we need to be prepared to hit the ground running in January AND yes we will be giving you time off for Christmas. So if you are ready to buy your next Commercial or Mixed Use Property and want to work with a team of surveyors to do that YOU NEED TO JOIN NOW!! 
December 07, 2021
The deets on my newest commercial property purchase
Click Here to join my Webinar on Monday 6th December The 5 Step Process to nailing down and executing your Property Investment Strategy...over the next 12 months - It took 6 months to go through but finally the commercial property in Barnstaple completed!! There are a lot of lessons that I’ve learnt here: If you buy a commercial property (that’s wholly commercial not mixed use) lending is harder to get which makes it more expensive… eurgh 7.3%. The reason being, lenders think its risky because its low value which MUST mean your tenant isn’t that great If you simultaneously exchange and complete on the same day the lender is going to want you to get insurance on the building before you own it… to resolve the problem make sure you agree a quote with the insurer first and get them to start it on the day you want to complete Second charge loans are expensive and the legal fees may mean its better to go through a private investor… I’ll let you make that decision when you listen to the podcast! However, there are still reasons why I pressed on regardless and that’s the beauty of it: It’s a net 4.69% yield / £644.89 net income pcm on a purchase price of £165,000 The lease runs until December 2024 It’s a full repairing and insuring lease so I don’t have to do anything to it at all… if I don’t want The rental values in the area have gone up since this lease was agreed so it should be around £21,500pa for the whole building which if I agree that at lease renewal the value of the property will jump to £253k, which means I’ll get all of my money back out The local council is desperate to develop the High Street and make it better and there is a lot of money being spent to do this… so I’m excited to see what happens The finance has been expensive. Yes it’s taken a long time to go through… but all of it SHOULD be worth it due to my due diligence suggesting increase in values. In this weeks podcast I’ll go through my learning from this deal in detail and ALL OF THE NUMBERS associated with it! So you are going to want to listen here.
November 30, 2021
Residential Investors perhaps we need to stop getting so creative?
SIGN UP For the December webinar HERE I float this question because there is always so much buzz around the next creative strategy… HMO’s, which are a product of the private investment market and have been picked up and ran with by small time investors thinking they are about to make a quick buck… when over the years legislation and increased health and safety (which is necessary) have decreased net yields. SA’s whereby investors, excited to get nightly prices rather than monthly prices, oversaturate the market without thinking about offering a quality product, give up after a few months because they aren’t seeing the ‘nice’ income streams they want. Rent 2 rent… glorified property management The list goes on. Instead sometimes it really is easier to think about property investment simply. You buy a property and offer good quality long term lets. Now, I’ll warn you, that doesn’t mean you get to sit on your laurels and just count the cash. No, instead you need to be proactive, focus on bringing your property along with the times, maintain it well, look to the future with sustainability… this is where you will see an asset that works for you throughout the test of time. So this week, I’ve invited Sam Coleman, NCRE’s residential surveyor onto the podcast! He believes whole heartedly in regular BTL’s and the power that they bring to your portfolio. Sam is an expert in sustainability as well so has some top tips for how he is managing his property portfolio in this market PLUS where he is buying and will be buying in the future to keep continued growth. Want to find out more, listen to this weeks podcast.
November 23, 2021
What’s all the fuss about sheds?
Sign up for the Webinar on the 6th December HERE If you’ve seen where the hype is in the commercial property market, you’ll know it’s great big massive sheds somewhere around the midlands where all the big online retailers are gathering on good supply routes. We’ve seen cap rates (yields) down as low as 3.5%, the reason being, they are seen as ‘safe bet investments’ for large pension pots and big investors. Caroline Saxon, our in house commercial surveyor believes that, for now, these larger investments should be left to the big players with deeper pockets because for the most part they are around the top of the market (why? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out). Instead there’s still money to be made for smaller investors in other commercial asset classes that are still bubbling away… especially in secondary and tertiary locations. Retail and office is still exciting. Mix it with a little bit of resi and you’re moving towards a recipe for success. But of course with all these shiny pennies, there are do’s and dont’s and you’ve certainly got to be prepared to sift through the sand to find the gold! You want to know how to do that? You’re going to have to listen to this weeks podcast with me and Caroline Saxon from Team NCRE where we discuss what’s all the fuss about sheds and actually where small investors should be investing right now to see growth over the next 5-10 years!!
November 16, 2021
The next hot commercial deal is...
I’ve invited the next Team NCRE member onto the Pod, Doug Parker, our asset management surveyor. We talk about how the mundane actually can be the most lucrative. Why you need to be patient and the secondary / tertiary locations we’d be investing in for good commercial property deals RIGHT NOW… but you’re going to need to listen to the podcast to find that out! Fill out this questionnaire for what you want to see coming up on the podcast WEBINAR Sign up here - Monday 6th December @ 6:30pm The 5 Step Process to nailing down and executing your Property Investment Strategy...over the next 12 months 
November 09, 2021
We all need small wins in Property Investment
This week I've invited Lorenza Allan who is the community manager for the Members Club onto the podcast to discuss how small wins add up to big things in property investment! Remember to come and follow this podcast @honestpropertyinvestment
November 02, 2021
How and why commercial property is so tasty right now!
JOIN THE MEMBERS CLUB AT £97/MONTH FOR THE LAST TIME HERE Last night I hosted a webinar, which covered exactly how and why commercial property is so tasty right now. Whilst it’s still turbulent times in the commercial sector… some tenants are still struggling. Some property is still lying empty. But, that seems to be the exception, not the rule (well in my experience). The trick is that rather than sitting back and letting the market work around you, you have to be proactive in speaking to your tenant. Asking them what they want to do moving forward. Negotiate where necessary. And if you loose the tenant… well you have to also be proactive in finding the next tenant. To help you nail this, I’ve taken a clip of the webinar and made it into todays podcast, I cover Why invest in commercial property Commercial property we avoid right now Commercial property that you should be looking at right now, How the commercial valuation triangle works and what you can do to improve your assets value in the short term!
October 26, 2021
Have a little patience Property Investor!
Before I get started, make sure to register for my webinar on Monday 25th October at 6:30pm UK time: How to Supercharge Your Portfolio through buying Commercial property, Without jumping on the Commercial to Residential bandwagon. Have you been feeling like you’re rushing your property investment journey recently? Maybe you feel like things aren’t happening quickly enough? If you’ve answered YES to either one of those questions its a sure sign that you have given up on patience… which is one of the most important skills you need as an investor. P.S Sorry this is late! I had some technical problems this week :D
October 22, 2021
The Truth About Residential Property Finance Coming Out of Covid
Before I get started this week, I’m putting this up top… come join me LIVE on Monday 25th October at 6:30pm for my webinar: How to Supercharge Your Portfolio through buying Commercial Property without jumping on the commercial to residential bandwagon. Just click the link ⬆️ and pop in your name and email and I’ll send you the details. I’m always curious about the changing nature of the mortgage industry… the reason being it seems to change on a month by month basis. You think you’re getting lending one month, they pull the plug on you the next, you have to go elsewhere. Are you finding that too? It’s just changing appetites of lenders. To get to the bottom of it I thought I’d ask someone in the know onto my podcast to find out what’s going on… so this week Gareth Ward, Head of Underwriting at FutureBricks is my guest.
October 12, 2021
Let’s get off the commercial to residential gravy train for a minute
It’s been a hot minute since I last released a podcast, here we are on season 4! I see the trends come and go in the property industry. Flavour of the month is commercial to residential conversion… I’m skeptical that we should all be doing it. Here’s what I’m finding works instead (if you’re looking to buy commercial): Find something that’s got an alright value because it’s either vacant or part vacant. Get an estimated rental figure for the building Look at the demand for tenants in this area could you get 2-3 tenants interested in the building at your estimated rental figure? Yes you will have to do research here and phoning around!! Will the tenants you’ve approached take an agreement for lease so that you know you’ve got a tenant in your vacant space day one? Yes? great … work out the increase in value with the tenants in situ All being well and STRONG lease terms agreed, chances are you’ve made yourself some ££’s overnight! No resi development needed. You want more detail? You’re going to have to listen to this weeks podcast! SIGN UP TO THE WEBINAR HERE
October 05, 2021
Buying property in the UK v the US which works better?
This week I’m late in sending this out because I’ve been in Austin, TX, searching for another house! I’ve had so many requests for details on what it’s like to buy in the US that I thought I would share. Now full disclaimer, I’m not a US investment expert we buy where we need a base… that’s completely possible because the money needed on completion is low. For example on what I’m about to tell you, the purchase price is $595k, we’ll need $50k/£36k to complete. If you’ve been listening to the pod, we’ve needed a base over there for a while as it’s closer to Chris’s office. So this week I tell you what we're doing. Remember to come and follow me @honestpropertyinvestment  Don’t forget to subscribe and rate and review! If you have a story to tell me please email
September 15, 2021
Being a property investor isn’t for the faint hearted
I’m not going to sugar coat it, being a property investor is hard. Especially when you’re building a portfolio and you want to keep buying. I’ve been doing this for 12 years and this week I was met with a curveball… a lender ignored the valuation report and allowed their underwriter to choose the value instead. Remember to come and follow me @honestpropertyinvestment  Don’t forget to subscribe and rate and review! If you have a story to tell me please email Here’s the link to the details from the NRLA about housing Afghan Refugees
September 07, 2021
The property rule book has been torn up… you’re in control.
There’s nothing like speaking to a fellow surveyor to get you excited about what’s coming in the industry. This week I invited Jen Lemen onto the podcast because she always knows what’s going on with the RICS and changes to the profession… I have to be honest and say I’m sometimes behind here as I dread reading long guidance notes and practice statements!! My favourite part of this conversation was imagining what the property industry is going to look like in 5 years time. Remember to come and follow me @honestpropertyinvestment  Don’t forget to subscribe and rate and review! If you have a story to tell me please email Jen Lemen is a co-founder of Property Elite, Chartered Surveyor and RICS APC assessor. She is the author of 'How to Become a Chartered Surveyor', published by Routledge. She is also an experienced property consultant (co-Director of Projekt) with FRICS status, a RICS Registered Valuer and a RICS Accredited Mediator, with nearly 15 years' experience working in the commercial property sector.
August 31, 2021
Nobody has the time to invest in Property….
On this weeks Podcast I discuss how my US property portfolio is changing up, why we’re renting this place and where we’re off to next PLUS exactly how to make the time to invest in property. Remember to come and follow me @honestpropertyinvestment  Don’t forget to subscribe and rate and review! If you have a story to tell me please email
August 24, 2021
Dilly Dallying in the Wild West of Property Investment
This week I NEEDED to share that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows over here. Sometimes I too, even though I have tried my hardest to stay away from this, have to deal with the wild west of property The lesson to be learnt here is that if you don’t hire a fully trained professional, you’ll end up costing yourself money. Remember to come and follow me @honestpropertyinvestment  Don’t forget to subscribe and rate and review! If you have a story to tell me please email
August 17, 2021
Things that property investors SHOULD ACTUALLY be talking to each other about
Usually when you talk to other property investors it’s all about how good they’ve done it and all the successes they’ve had (mainly because they probably want to forget the terrible moments) but that can make other property investors feel inadequate. Let’s be more honest: Everyone runs out of money in a project and feels despair It’s terrifying the pull the trigger and buy another property Not every investor will want to invest in the same property deals, don’t be put off if it’s not someone elses cuppa’ tea Finding good contractors is a messy business Sometimes doing nothing is the best possible advice Don’t put up with anyone else being cheap - it doesn’t matter how much cheaper someone else has got something, you’re not a bad property investor for paying more… every project is different It’s OK if a deal isn’t profitable just be honest about it - what did you learn? I delve into these points in more detail in this weeks pod and share my own experiences because it’s important we talk about these things! Remember to follow the pod on instagram @honestpropertyinvestment Come and find out more about NC Real Estate HERE
August 10, 2021
Why success isn't always linear (a success story)
This week I let you in on my week of offering on commercial property PLUS why I'm feeling out of sorts. Sharon Griffiths, my lovely Members Club Member, gives you an update on a day in a life of a property investor, including why she invests in her area and her top 3 tips for property investment. Then, for my interview of the week, I'm chatting to my colleague and friend Andy Dodson. Andy has had such an interesting property career and shows us that success is not always linear. From working in his family business thatching roofs to going into construction during his time in the army to doing his property degrees and embarking on his PhD... I know his journey is going to inspire you! As always please leave a review as I'd love to hear from you and come and follow the podcast @honestpropertyinvestment
August 03, 2021
How to search and successfully buy your next investment property
I get it, it's a tough market! But you should still be able to buy property. Last night I did an epic webinar and I thought today I'd share the key points with you. In this pod I go through exactly how to search and successfully buy your next investment property without throwing in the towel! Then go join the Members Club HERE if you want to work with me to do this.
July 26, 2021
It's WORK to buy commercial property right now...
Part of my work (and Team NCRE’s) is acquisition strategy, which means when a client finds a property they like the look of… or we find something that would suit their strategy, the deal analysis has to begin in quickly. That’s how we’re getting deals across the line right now. Perseverance, and doing this time and time again. If you want to know more about this process, definitely come to my webinar on the 26th July (click the link to sign up). You want to delve deeper into the buying process, listen to the podcast, I explain what’s going on with my commercial deal… updates on a head leasehold purchase which is making me want to claw my eyes out and being let down by a property manager!! Plus Simon Grant is the Day in the Life of a Property Investor this week!
July 20, 2021
Property Investment Mailbag Episode, what keeps me up at night and more!!
This weeks podcast is a Mail Bag episode, I answer your questions, including what keeps me up at night and: What is your advice for first time buyers and do you have any tips for doing your APC? How to source and finance mixed use property? Have you come across any property investment scams? Why would an agent pass to you without putting it on this market and getting the best price for their vendor? Why don’t you negotiate on your fees? How would you buy a property in America if you are living in the UK? How do you buy a property in the UK if you are nowhere near it? This is the last in this series BUT don’t fear I’ll be back in a few weeks time with Series Three AND I’d love your input what would you like to hear more of FILL THIS FORM IN HERE If you need to reach out to LIONHEART you can do so HERE.
June 29, 2021
Legal Packs plus the start of a new Commercial Portfolio
This week my solicitor Nishita Gudka of LBMW is back to discuss all things legal packs. PLUS I'll tell you about a new commercial portfolio that I'm starting. Jack Veaney is #ditlos - If his job sounds interesting to you, you can apply for a similar position HERE. LionHeart is our partner, you can contact them here Finally, if you want to reach out you can find us @honestpropertyinvestment
June 22, 2021
Common Property Scams
Register for the WEBINAR HERE This week I've invited Adam Vickers back onto the podcast and we discuss the property investment scams we're seeing in the market! Remember check in with Lionheart if you need them HERE #ditlos is Tim Kenny a residential surveyor! You can follow the Podcast on Instagram @honestpropertyinvestment or me personally @natashaccollins
June 17, 2021
25 Ways to Find Money for a Deposit
This week I've invited Daniel Wood from Momentum Property onto the podcast to discuss the 25 ways of raising money for a deposit! Remember if you need to reach out to LionHeart you can HERE #DITLOS is Avneet Virdee a valuation surveyor Finally come and follow me @honestpropertyinvestment
June 07, 2021
Being the President of the RICS with Kath Fontana PLUS how to create a property investment strategy backwards
This interview is one not to miss! Come and join Kath Fontana and I to discuss what it's like being the president of the RICS. I also discuss how you can work out a strategy for property investment by working backwards. Remember if you need help reach out to LionHeart  #ditlos is Andy Dodson! Come and follow the @honestpropertyinvestment Podcast on Instagram
June 01, 2021
Planning for retirement through property investment
Part 1 - I talk through why it's important that you have a strategy AND give you some homework! Part 2 - Take a break with LionHeart  Part 3 - #ditlos is Dr Samantha Organ  Part 4 - Planning for retirement through property investment with Felicia Flinders  Come follow me on Instagram @honestpropertyinvestment P.S This episode is for guidance purposes only and does not constitute professional advice!
May 17, 2021
How to avoid disasters in Commercial Property & Residential Property Investment
This is a Jam Packed Show (P.S There is some swearing in here so be warned if you don't like the F-word)! 1. I start off by talking about Mental Health Awareness Week and how perfectionism can ruin property investors 2. Break with LionHeart --> 3. #ditlos is James Greenway, Director of Estates, Facilities and Business Services at Highways England 4. Finally my good friend Danielle Bell joins me to talk about How to avoid disasters in Commercial Property & Residential Property Investment PLUS the forecast for what to look out for post-pandemic Please come and follow this pod on IG @honestpropertyinvestment
May 10, 2021
I'm Back!! Off the record conversations in property investment
After a few weeks of downtime to recreate the podcast, it’s back AND rebranded. I present to you… Honest Property Investment with Natasha Collins, for investors who aren’t taking shortcuts. (If you’re already subscribed to the NC Podcast, this will automatically update!) So here’s how I’m going to run this, each week I’ll start with a 10 minute catch up on the things I’ve been working on, industry trends I’m seeing and things to watch out for. This season I’ve partnered with LionHeart, who will get the break (I’m one of their mental health ambassadors, I take no £’s for this… just go use them if you need them PLEASE!!). Next up is a new feature, A day in the life of a Surveyor or #DITLOS, where colleagues and friends of mine leave me a voice note explaining who they are and what they do and why it’s so important to the property industry. Buckle up, Pasq a Project Management Surveyor is up first! Finally, you’ll get an interview with an industry expert or advice from yours truly… I listened to what topics you wanted this season so watch this space, I’ve got most of them covered. This week I have to tell you about why it’s so important to start picking up the phone more! Yes we can listen to the naysayers about the market being problematic right now and yes it’s trickier than pre-covid times, but seriously where there is a will there’s a way. I’ll tell you about how I use off the record conversations and why they should be a staple of your communication. It’s a good one!! Last request, go follow @honestpropertyinvestment on IG. That’s the community for this podcast. It’s where you can leave feedback or requests for future topics PLUS ask questions for my mailbag episodes. Woop! I’m so excited about this Natasha P.S If you don’t use IG you can always email with your suggestions!
May 04, 2021
I need some help please :)
Sometimes in life you’ve gotta change things up to improve them... Right now I’m focusing on my podcast Simply put, we’re taking a 2 week break to make it better!! That’s why I need your help. I want to know how I can improve it and make it the best Property Investment Podcast. Please could you fill out these QUICK 6 QUESTIONS and let me know what’s working and what’s not! Your feedback means the world, because it’s the way I can improve my content so that you see the biggest success. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of my community. Natasha P.S Usual service will resume on the 4th May.
April 19, 2021
What you ACTUALLY need to know about finding investor finance with Steve Wallis
I’ve been worried for a long time about the amount of cowboy action I’m seeing on social media when it comes to investor finance. Posts which say something along the lines of ‘Guaranteed 10% returns, we’re looking for investors’ without any disclaimers or even knowing if you’re pitching it to retail, sophisticated or high networth investors… Which could get you in hot water with the FCA, especially if you mess with a retail investors money, never repay them and they get a good solicitor on your case (think bye bye investment career, credibility and status) Running a regulated firm, I know how important it is to do things by the book… but I’m not FCA regulated (We’re RICS regulated) and so I KNEW that I had to find someone to come and train my clients on exactly how to raise finance compliantly. Inside the Members club we’ve been talking about this stuff all month and there’s plenty of trainings and templates on how to raise finance compliantly. However, I wanted to carry this conversation over to the podcast to make sure that there is enough information out there to help everyone get it right! This week, I’ve invited my good friend, FCA regulated and resident coach in the Members Club, Steve Wallis onto the podcast to discuss, what you ACTUALLY need to know about investment finance. How are you going to act when you next go out to raise finance? Natasha You can find out more about Steve --> 
April 05, 2021
Retail is Changing - Landlords you need to know this!
THE MEMBERS CLUB IS OPEN. To join click here: Have you heard this too? ‘The move to online retail is damaging the high street’ The stats say it all, in 2020, 16,000 stores were shut across the UK and 183,000 retail jobs were lost. The RICS are forecasting that values for standard retail and shopping centers will drop by 10.9% and 13.11%. There doesn’t seem like there’s much to get excited for in the retail sector right?! Wrong… I strongly believe it’s more of an exciting time then ever. Commercial trends change every 5-10 years. If you don’t keep up as a Landlord and make sure your unit is ‘new trend accommodating’, every time it becomes vacant, you’ll have an obsolete building before you know it. Which is why when you see values falling you know there’s a new trend coming and this time, it’s OMNICHANNEL RETAILING… we have to be providing units that fit this spec. This week on the podcast I delve into what omnichannel retailed is and how you can get involved in this as a Landlord. Does retailing seem more appealing to you? Natasha P.S If you have made it this far down the email, you’ll want to know about a special bonus I’ve nestled into the podcast. Make sure you listen to take advantage of it!
March 29, 2021
How to hire a team member / contractor / VA with Rach Cass
There is so much talk about ‘outsourcing’... Outsource your social media Outsource your property search Outsource your call handling The list goes on and on and on. When I first started out in business I had no idea how to lead and especially no idea how to lead a team. I had no idea how to hire correctly and so I got it wrong and wrong and wrong again. Which meant it took longer to get to anywhere near where I wanted to be. Then when I wanted to hire, I was too snowed under to even consider putting time aside to do it… until Rach stepped in and said ‘Tash let me show you how to do it’. So this week I thought I’d get Rach back onto the podcast to discuss how she helped me hire my team and how you can hire a team too, whether it’s just a couple of hours a week or full time, this podcast will make sure you get the help you need! Which team member are you going to hire next? Natasha P.S You need to come to my webinar on the 29th March @ 6:30pm - How to Supercharge your Portfolio via buying Commercial Property REGISTER HERE 
March 22, 2021
How to make the RIGHT decision in Property Investment
Property investment decisions. I would like to tell you that they are all made strategically. If you’ve not heard it before, I firmly believe that deciding on what property investment decision to make comes in ‘6 Buckets’: Growth potential - How you’re going to increase the value Demand - Is there appetite for the property and where is the right area Yield - Your net rental income Type - BTL / SA / HMO / Commercial / Mixed Use ect. Characteristics - What do you NEED the property to have Search - Ideas for finding the property - Of course you’re always going to look at this with finance in mind, how much money you want to spend, whether you need a mortgage… But I notice that investors can get all of this right in a property AND still not pull the trigger to go ahead. Why? Because they struggle to know if they are making the RIGHT decision. This week I decided to investigate this further, by bringing back onto the podcast, my Mum. Who notoriously used to get stuck with these types of decisions and has worked hard to get more decisive over the last couple of years. Plus she’s a fountain of knowledge and any chance I have to get motherly wisdom, I’m going to take her up on it! I’m asking you, what’s stopping you from making the RIGHT decision in your property portfolio? Natasha P.S My you need to come to my webinar on the 29th March @ 6:30pm - How to Supercharge your Portfolio via buying Commercial Property REGISTER HERE 
March 15, 2021
Could we please stop 10 X’ing Everything AND the Budget
I see it, there seems to be some sort of imaginary competition in the investment world of who can ‘hustle’ hardest. Or who’s 10 X’ing things to make sure they achieve 10 X the success. If you’re a fan of that stuff and it motivates you, please be my guest, continue with it. However, if you’re like me, it completely makes me cringe. I’ve seen first hand how much working myself to the bone is detrimental for my health. Instead I see success as having gaps in my day. Time to go to the doctor if I need help. Time to take the dog for a walk if I need a break. Time to settle into a project. I HATE the thought of falling back into the trap of having to do more to be more successful… when I’m not even sure what success looks like anymore. In todays podcast I talk about this hype over 10 X’ing your goals and your life and instead looking at it a little differently… I also go through my first take ont he budget. Seriously, I recorded myself looking at it for the first time and what my thoughts were! I would like your takes on the budget please. What were your highs and lows? Natasha P.S My you need to come to my webinar on the 29th March @ 6:30pm - How to Supercharge your Portfolio via buying Commercial Property REGISTER HERE 
March 09, 2021
Lockdown is Ending: Here’s how to handle it as a property investor...
Optimism is in the air. The world is seeing signs of reopening and everyone is posting to social media about the holidays they dream of booking. I mean, this is of course, subject to BJ’s plans going well… What this also means is that behaviours are changing within the market place, both for commercial and residential. Residential sales are being postponed until there is room to breath. Commercial landlords are now dropping low yielding, expensive portfolios in an effort to raise cash so they can ride the next wave. However, the economy is still in the doldrums. Businesses still have 4 months of lock down provisions to contend with and the furlough scheme and other various grants aren’t going to hold the damage back much longer. Job cuts and businesses folding are the inevitable. So how do we deal with that? In todays podcast I’m going to go through it and what you can do to make sure you’re also looking after yourself! Think payment plan, payment plan, payment plan, empathy, compassion... Natasha P.S Looking forward to the budget tomorrow? P.P.S The March webinar is live on the 29th March at 6:30pm. We are doing an introduction to Commercial property. To register CLICK HERE
March 02, 2021
Creating a Property Investment Business Plan in 18 Minutes
I assume seeing as you are reading my emails you’re a property investor. Yes, OK, next question… do you have a Business Plan? Ooh harder question to answer right.... Do you know exactly what you need to do month on moneth to hit your goals? Do you know what property you need to buy next? Do you know how much money you’ll have in your bank on a monthly basis? When you should find investors? When you can repay your investors? If you’ve answered no to ANY of the above questions then you need to listen to todays podcast. In 18 minutes and 43 seconds I walk you through how to build a Property Investment Business Plan. ...One that will give you a step by step guide of how to get from where you are right now to your goals. … One that your lenders will thank you for. … One that will stop you from getting shiny object syndrome as you see a new strategy and bounce to there (which will not get you anywhere) Now for the NEXT ANNOUNCEMENT I’ve decided to open the doors to the Members Club again. Why now I hear you ask?! Firstly because I need you to put together your property investment Business Plan so that you know what property to buy next AND most importantly when you need to find investors and how much money you need to raise. Secondly because March is Investor Finance Compliance month in the Members Club. We have an FCA regulated member of our team who will be going through all things investor finance compliance so that you can always raise money when you need to. The only way you can come to these sessions is through being in the Members Club. And as a BONUS so that you can see what it’s all about I’m offering a 7 day free Trial if you sign up before 7pm tonight The Members’ Club is a perfect fit for you if you’ve been thinking about diversifying into mixed use and commercial property investment and want to use more innovative ways to expand your property portfolio without necessarily buying more and more properties. Here are a couple of bonus features you might not be aware of, that we now offer. We can list your commercial space on the open market and have access to 1000’s of lease and sale comps- think best deal analysis ever. As a firm of surveyors we can also advise whether a deal is right or wrong for you. If you’ve been on the fence previously, now is the time to join. We’re stepping things up and you need to come along before doors close again! CLICK HERE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE 7 DAY FREE TRIAL NOW!
February 23, 2021
Systemising your business in 10 Steps
I’m going to be honest and say, when I first started out as a property manager I had no idea what I was doing. When I first set up my business, I had no idea what I was doing. Every morning I’d get up, put 101 things on my to do list. Try complete them all and be everywhere and then end the day at midnight successfully having ticked off about a quarter of what I needed to do. Sound familiar? The only way I have been able to grow, and grow quickly over the last 12 months, is by systemising my business. I now have a team of 7 people who work at NC Real Estate. Team doesn’t happen if no one knows what they are doing. I’ve had to step into a leadership role in a big way and make sure I slap my own wrist when I try to do the small stuff instead of look at the big picture. Everyday my business is a work in progress. I’m now OK with that. However, if I hadn’t taken bold steps to outsource and hire, I just couldn’t keep up at the pace I was going and the way I wanted to grow. In this weeks podcast I go through the 10 steps to systeming your business. Some of which might sound familiar, because its the same system I use to build property portfolios. Over to you, time to build a scalable busines!! P.S Remember to register for Mondays Webinar, build a property investment business plan in 60 minutes a day. HINT: This forms part of my systemising business strategy so I’ll actually teach you how to do it in the webinar.
February 17, 2021
How I got a £14,855.60 refund in service charge
Come to my webinar on how to create a Property Investment Business plan on the 22nd February @ 6:30pm by REGISTERING HERE If I could put anything in Room 101 this week, it would be Property Managers who aren’t transparent. Honesty and clarity are values which make my world go round. Who’s got time for game playing… or for people who pretend they know something but actually don’t?! (I see this far too much in the property industry) This week, I’m high fiving myself 🙌 because I successfully got £14,855.60 refunded back into my buildings service charge account. Caveat… this didn’t happen overnight. Oh no, it first started on the 6th October 2020 when we got served our end of year service charge accounts, which demanded that everyone pay an extra £1,499 for the year. My initial reaction ‘Why?’ Then after an investigation it changed to ‘Hell👏effing👏no, not on my watch!’ The property managers had: Duplicated invoices Demanded for works that had been carried out more than 18 months ago that they definitely hadn’t told us about Made mistakes and tried to charge us for it Oh… and we’d just been through 12 months of leasehold tribunal and so I was in no mood to roll over and leave this be, because: I hate my time being wasted I was fed up of them thinking I was stupid enough not to investigate. I do like a good service charge investigation 🧐 especially because I do have the memory of an elephant for these types of things Want to hear how to resolve this if this happens to you? Go listen to the podcast.
February 09, 2021
The Lands Chamber and Leasehold Tribunal - Everything you need to know
Leasehold Tribunal puts the fear of god in a lot of leaseholders… and then if it gets referred up a level to Lands Tribunal it seems scarier, especially because you end up in the Royal Courts of Justice trying to settle a dispute that can be really heated. If you’ve been a with me a while, you’ll know in 2020 I ended up in Leasehold Tribunal myself. It was a pain more than anything. I got a lot of people reaching out to me to tell me how scary they thought it all sounded. So I thought I’d get to the bottom of what the Leasehold Tribunal and then the Lands Chamber actually does, the process and why it’s vital we understand it AND alternative dispute resolution. Today I’ve invited Peter McCrea onto the podcast. Peter is a Chartered Surveyor, Arbitrator, former chair of the Conduct and Appeals Committee for the RICS and was appointed the youngest ever member of the "Lands Tribunal" at the age of 44. The Tribunal has equivalent status to the High Court in England and Wales. Peter is also Chair of the Board for LionHeart. We go through, litigation, ADR and the best way of resolving a dispute and why the Lands Chamber and Leasehold Tribunal isn’t as scary as everyone makes out! Lionheart -->
February 02, 2021
Why I'm not a fan of the consultation on E class to C3 - What we should do instead
I’m excited, this week the Members Club is open!! Woohoo… only until Midnight on Thursday 28th January. This year the Members Club has stepped up. You not only have access to masterclasses in a quick easy sequence that will build out a strategy and then make sure you purchase the perfect property in the right location. But you have access to a wealth of industry databases that surveying firms have access to, for both residential and commercial properties. Each week you will be invited to come to a commercial Q&A and residential Q&A as well as a Masterclass with either me or our resident coaches where we cover industry updates and asset management strategies. There are also co-working sessions if you want time to focus on property investment and my team and I are always at the end of an email or in our community to answer any of your questions. You’re invited to as many sessions as you want to attend, we recommend taking time to come to at least one session a month (if we don’t hear from you we will be checking in as accountability is our thing). It’s £97/month and you can stay for as long or as little as you want. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OK right, let’s get into this week’s podcast! I’m sure you’ve heard about the Governments consultation to grant PDR (permitted development rights) from E class to C3 as of August 2021. In practice seems phenomenal. Woohoo lets build resi because it’s in demand, but in reality I can see it ending up in an unregulated mess and investors loosing money, here’s why: Poses risks with messing up town centers and high streets Causing poor tenant mix Investors think this is an easy strategy without providing good quality accommodation Lack of commercial will push rents up for commercial units elsewhere More residential will bring residential prices down Commercial tenants and residential tenants are picky about where they are located Potential for loosing amenities needed by tenants - such as loading for commercial or parking or gardens So I propose a solution to this and how you can still make good money, want the answer? Listen to this weeks podcast!
January 26, 2021
Updates on Leasehold Reform
Back on the 7th January the Ministry for Housing announced their radical leasehold reform proposals. Serious focus on Commonhold and the set up of the Commonhold Council Leases could be extended by 990 years rather than 90 and ground rent go to £0 An online calculator which will tell you what the cost of a lease extension will be This is on top of their current proposals for £0 ground rents on Help to Buy and Retirement Housing. Sounds great, right? Well, there’s always got to be a catch, which is why I invited Katie Kendrick from the National Leasehold Campaign to discuss what this announcement actually means. You can find Katie on Twitter @NLC_2019 / Also remember, my webinar on Monday 25th January @ 6:30pm, the Traps you MUST avoid in property investment in 2021. CLICK HERE to register.
January 19, 2021
How to Use Social Media to find Investor Finance
Before I start, remember on Monday 25th January at 6:30pm I’m hosting a free Masterclass: The Traps You MUST Avoid in Property Investment in 2021 make sure you register! The top two things that hold a property investor up: Finding deals Raising finance I talk about finding deals a lot… I always start there because I know in my heart of hearts that I’d be able to find finance on any property I cared deeply enough about. Whether I have the deposit in my bank or I have to raise a little bit of cash. I talk less about raising finance. Raising finance is all about having a strong network that trusts what you are doing. This doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to buikes time to build that relationship. Think about how long you’ve known your BFF’s? A long time right? It’s similar for investors. They need to have that connection with you. That connection needs to be consistent. That connection needs to be authentic. I know a lady who does this well, Ellie Mcky. This week I’ve invited her on the podcast to explain how she raises investor finance through social media. Pens and paper at the ready!
January 12, 2021
Property Market Predictions 2021
Remember to register for my webinar on the 25th January - The Traps to Avoid in Property Investment This Year! Happy New Year! Did you manage to take some time off over the break? I did… two whole weeks mostly away from my computer. OK, I’m terrible at putting my feet up, but I loved getting creative with DIY and adding a design twist to our lake house. I’m excited to live here for a few months before it goes on Air BnB! If you want to see progress, come follow me on Instagram @natashaccollins (In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much, I think I’ll make this house renovation an end of year tradition. Buy something new, do it up, move on in two weeks over Christmas!) These two weeks also gave me time to think, what will 2021 bring? I’m not a New Year Resolution kinda gal. I take this time to set business goals, so that my team and I have something to aim for. This year it’s to double the number of Members in the Members Club and double my Surveyor team as I’m going to need more hands on deck to support all of these portfolios. Personally, I’m open to what happens. In terms of the property market… I’ll give it to you like the weather forecast. Residential; a stable market. More tax hikes for second home owners and investors (see the precedent set in Wales and Rushi’s need to raise income). No SDLT STILL for first time buyers and single home owners. Even harder hoops to jump through for lending for both. All of this will keep market values stagnant. Oh… I also think rents will stagnate to and probably be capped at universal credit levels. Invest in moving assets which will grow over a 10 year period, don’t look for the unicorn BRR in 6 months as lenders might not play ball. Commercial; A bloody mess. For big commercial tenants who’ve failed to communicate or paid rent (even whilst declaring profits) expect forfeiture on 1st April as Landlords have had enough. The potential changes to PDR will signal the demise of the high street as we know it regardless of Robert Jenrick and his £830 Million #futurehighstreetfund (OK mate, you’re going to save every high street with that are ya?!). Give it until 2025 and we’ll see if this is a good year… commercial market trends typically change every 5 years. However the PDR will keep commercial values stable. Commercial landlords there’s still money to be made, just pick good tenants and think about tenant mix, please, I’m begging you as that’s the only way to keep your tenant trading. That’s my 60 second pitch… you want all of my predictions AND what you should be focusing on right now, go listen to my podcast
January 06, 2021
Merry Christmas! The 2020 10 Questions Game with Rach Cass
Here's the link to the January webinar: I want to thank you for being a part of the NC Real Estate community, it’s an absolute pleasure having you here and I hope you continue to enjoy being here long into 2021 and beyond. OK, so this week, the podcast is looking a little bit different as it’s definitely time to have a little bit of fun and lay down our property investment hats just for a few days (so I hope you’ve got some good property managers overseeing things for this holiday season)! I invited my friend Rach back onto the podcast to round up the year. We talk highs and lows and play the 10 Questions Game… Ok we just made up the questions specially for this pod, but it’s a good way to reflect. If you want to get involved and go through the questions, here they are: What’s the best thing you managed to do in 2020 that you’d never dreamt you’d do? What’s the podcast that kept you going throughout the year? Best book you read this year? The one thing you hope doesn’t change when the world opens up? Your favourite TV series you binged this year? The Instagram (or social media) account that keeps you motivated? The thing you’ve been most anxious about this year? The one thing that has helped you cope with 2020? The thing you gave up doing because ‘meh’ 2020? The thing you’re most proud of in 2020? Why not post the answers to social media and tag me in it @natashaccollins so I can see… the quiz graphic is HERE to make it easy for you to download and post! Right, it’s been an absolute pleasure. If I don’t speak to you over the holidays, I’ll catch up in 2021.
December 24, 2020
Blind Spots in Property Investment you NEED to be aware of RIGHT NOW!
The property market is getting tricky. There are so many blind spots in the industry wrapped up like Christmas Presents, that investors/buyers just simply don’t notice. And that is where it will cost you long term. It may look really nice that some new build apartment block developers have decided to hand out £0 ground rents and 999 year leases (how kind). But you read through the lease and realise they charge you £200 in admin fees every time you put in place a new AST… To be a competent investor you MUST 👏 READ 👏 EVERYTHING. That includes any lease. Any title deeds. Any special conditions in the auction catalogue. Yes, you pay a solicitor to do this… but everyones human and may miss something thats vitally important to you. You also owe a duty of care to yourself to make sure you are as informed as possible. So in this weeks podcast I’m going through all of the blind spots I’m seeing in the property industry right now and how to avoid them.
December 15, 2020
What are we going to do with these empty Debenhams units?!
There are currently 124 Debenhams units employing 12,000 members of staff across the UK. When the stores close down, that’s an awful lot of empty space clogging up the high street. ‘Clogging’ funny word to use, right? But, in all honesty that’s what will happen. There will be a period of time where the liquidation process happens and none of the units can be used. That will mean retail units being shuttered or boarded up. Leading to security issues… which inevitably leaves the surrounding retailers nervous, if they survive at all. Traditionally Anchor units, Debenahms would bring footfall to an area, which is why retailers pay to be next door to these units in the first place. Footfall dwindles = reduced profits = more store closures. Not pretty. Which is why in this weeks podcast I’m discussing options for these Debenhams units. HINT: Think innovation Even if you don’t dream of owning a property the size of a Debenhams unit this is still for you. You need to be thinking about how you can change up the industry… this gives you a chance to daydream. That’s where all the best ideas come from!
December 08, 2020
Help My tenants Not Paid Rent
The Members Club is open this week !  Remember, once you've signed up to the Members Club, if you email me between now and the 3rd December 2020 you get a complimentary 1:1 with me!    It’s the 1st December... rents due.  But was it paid?  I’m getting more and more questions about what to do when either your commercial tenant or residential tenant doesn’t pay and continues not to pay.  So in this weeks pod, I’ve got you covered... oh and I wrote down all the answers on my whiteboard because, ya know, I’m an academic too 🎓
December 02, 2020
Anyone managing property MUST BE REGULATED.
MAKE SURE YOU JOIN MONDAYS WEBINAR BY REGISTERING HERE: Anyone managing property MUST BE REGULATED. Including: housing associations, landlords, SAs, R2R, social housing providers, commercial investors, rogue traders, rule avoiders, head-in-the-sanders...I’m changing the industry.Incompetence is not an excuse,IT’s CRIMINAL I discuss it in this podcast
November 24, 2020
What’s wrong with my strategy?
BOOK ONTO THE WEBINAR HERE -->  Let me be straight, because I can be nothing else, I’m pretty sure the real reason your strategy is off is because you’re listening to too many other people telling you what your strategy shouldn’t be and pretending like that’s a strategy. For example, If I were to ask you: ‘What’s your property investment strategy’ and you were to reply ‘Serviced accommodation’ I’d sigh and shake my head because that’s 👏 not 👏 a 👏 strategy. A strategy is a plan over a number of years that shows growth, pinpoints when you’re next buying a property, how much income it’s going to generate, how you’re going to fund it, so that you’ve got a step by step guide. Intrigued? Let me tell you more in this podcast
November 17, 2020
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly In Property Investment Right Now
Whilst I can’t solve political leaders throwing their toys out the pram, I can give you some encouragement for how to handle the property market. The Ugly: Don’t trust developers who phone you out of the blue looking for investment **COUGH** money to prop up their failing developments. Always do your due diligence The Bad (for movers): Time is running out to buy a property and take advantage of the stamp duty relief for homeowners. Mortgage lending and searches is soooo slllloooowww right now 😴, so it’s taking 3-4 months to complete on property. Which means… The Good (for property investors): Bide your time. Put in the ground work now, you’ll have sellers biting your hands off for low ball offers come the end of the year The exceptionally good: No money down deals are a possibility if you work for it… I’ll tell you about it, plus a case study, in my pod! Want to dive into this in detail. Go listen to my podcast right now! Head to
November 10, 2020
The Leasehold Scandal with Katie Kendrick
Leasehold. Sparks fear in many. This week I welcome Katie Kendrick onto the podcast. Katie is the force behind the National Leasehold Campaign, she sits on the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership as a Board Trustee and is also a practising pediatric Nurse. We discuss the highs and lows of leasehold and what she’s seeing out in the market right now! Side note… you will know I do invest in leasehold. You must have your wits about you to do it successfully! Want to ask a question on the podcast? You can do that HERE P.S want to find out more about the National Leasehold Campaign, use these links: Website: Facebook: Twitter handle : @NLC_2019
November 03, 2020
The Decision Making Clinic (LIVE REPLAY)
We don’t normally do this, but as we had such fun last night we have decided to replay the webinar as today’s podcast... The Decision Making Clinic Replay is RIGHT HERE The key take away I wanted to share with you is that every single person's property portfolio is different and we all have different decisions to make at different times… but, decision making follows a set of rules we create for ourselves in our goals. Being in a community where we can hash out the facts from the “what ifs” and come to the next best step moving forward. I have created a space to do exactly that. THE MEMBERS’ CLUB. It's open RIGHT NOW. Click this link to join:
October 26, 2020
What I learnt from Leasehold Tribunal + The State of the Market
The NC Podcast is back! I’ve been talking about Decision Making this month. If you haven’t already seen it then you are definitely invited to my FREE, live decision making clinic: In my 2 week podcasting break the leasehold tribunal concluded. I tell you what happened. I also cover market trends I’m starting to see appear PLUS how to use these trends tactically. Want to ask a question on the podcast? You can do that HERE
October 19, 2020
So long NYC AND How to create your own Podcast!
I start by reflecting on our time in New York… then at 15:05 I bring my producer Josh onto the show to talk about how to create your own podcast, as I’m constantly asked about it on social media. We go through the cold hard truths of what having a podcast actually means… and trust me, it doesn’t mean millions automatically fall into your bank account (much to some peoples disbelief!) Remember to come and check out my website: The podcast is taking a two week break so that I can find a new peaceful spot in which to record! The next new episode will be on the 20th October :D
September 28, 2020
The Basis of Valuation and the Irish Property Market with Tony Wallace
This week, I speak to Tony Wallace about The Basis of Valuation and the Irish Property Market! We also have a good Covid and Brexit talk and put common sense back into the commercial property market!
September 21, 2020
Can you buy a property investment DEAL right now in todays market?
There is so much talk about the UK property market being over inflated right now! We are fast approaching Q4 of 2020 and you probably have some lofty property investment goals. So I go through how to achieve them in this podcast. LINK TO JOIN THE WEBINAR ON MONDAY 21ST SEPTEMBER @ 7PM UK TIME --> 
September 14, 2020
How to Practice Self Care During Uncertainty and Covid
I know it's been a tough 6 months! In this episode I get candid about how I'm feeling when I take off the business hat and what I'm doing about it! It's a bit of a jumbled episode as it's still pretty fresh, but I wanted to share what's been going on so hopefully it gives you some confidence that you too are also doing just fine!  Don't forget to check out my website
September 07, 2020
The books I’ve moved around the world with (Plus development update)
I’m always asked what books I have found useful over the years. Today on the podcast I share my top 5 which have got me to where I am now: Life Loves You - Louise Hay and Robert Holden Do Less, Get More - Shaa Wasmund You are a Badass at Making Money - Jen Sincero She Means Business - Carrie Green Smart Women Finish Rich - David Bach Don't forget to head over to my website: P.S If you want to listen to the REST pod with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang it's here
August 31, 2020
Free Content v Paid Content
I’ve seen a lot going around social media about free content v paid content. I develop my business growth on Free v Paid and there is a difference in what is offered and how each type of content operates. I also don't class my ‘paid’ services as ‘content’. At the point that you pay my firm of surveyors for a service we are on hand to help, support and advise and that for me is the difference.... A professional service. This is also what you should be asking for with any service you pay for. In this podcast I go through the strategy and reasoning for both types of content and services. It may also help you understanding the back end of running a business through social media, as it’s definitely different from the traditional way for growing a firm of surveyors!!
August 24, 2020
We can’t do it all alone (My path to HERE)
This is my origin story!! The Members Club is open until Thursday 20th August @ Midnight UK time. Click here ---> to join now!
August 17, 2020
UK Property Market Predictions with Laura Muse, Faith Locken and Jackie Tomes
I brought together 3 other powerhouses in the property industry this week, Laura Muse, Faith Locken and Jackie Tomes to discuss our property market predictions for the coming 18 months! 
August 10, 2020
Finding the Right Property with Danielle Bell
Today I am very excited to welcome Danielle Bell- Hungry Mummy onto the podcast. Danielle is a professional property investor, property sourcing specialist, entrepreneur , co-host of Progressive Property Network Belfast and Founder of Property Sourcing Made Simple. We discuss how to find the right property… it’s far simpler than you think! We also go through other myths in the industry and why the simplest strategies are the best strategies! FACEBOOK - DANIELLE BELL INSTAGRAM - @IAMHUNGRYMUMMY WEBSITE - WWW.PROPERTYSOURCINGMADESIMPLE.CO.UK
August 03, 2020
Valuation Standards with the Global Director of Valuations from the RICS
Today, I have decided to get to the bottom of what actually goes on with valuations, from the man who sets the standards, Ben Elder. We discuss what Market Value actually means. How Valuers come to a value. The difference in valuations AND we dispel myths. PLEASE put this podcast on and take a good listen to what Ben has to say. Ben is in charge of setting the standard your property will be valued on. Yes, he does it on a UK basis for the RICS but also chairs the International Valuation Standards Committee so will be part of setting the standard for valuations internationally too. Please note that all views are Ben's own.  You can find Ben Elder on LinkedIn Twitter @belder10
July 27, 2020
The Legal Issues Around commercial investment
Today I am very excited to welcome back to the podcast Nishita Gudka. Nishita is a Partner at Lee Bolton Monier-Williams, and she acts for companies, entrepreneurs, charities and high net worth individuals in relation to all aspects of property transactions. Her experience includes dealing with sales and purchases of commercial property, acting for both landlords and tenants as well as providing advice in managing property portfolios. Not only that, but she acts for me in my portfolio and we have worked together for a long time!  In this conversation we discuss all things commercial property and how the commercial property market is changing.  Nothing in this podcast shall be taken to mean that Lee Bolton Monier-Williams LLP or any of its members or employees are providing legal advice. The content is intended to be a general discussion only and Lee Bolton Monier-Williams LLP, its members and employee accept no liability incurred as a result of any reliance placed on the matters contained in this podcast.
July 20, 2020
Bridge to Let and other Finance Truths
this week, I sit down and talk to Shaz Ahmed. We go through property finance and FINANCE TRUTHS… Including bridge to let, bridge to refinance, commercial, social housing, short term accommodation, overseas investors, and of course using bounce back loans as a source of deposit. It’s an interesting chat AND Shaz is open about the lenders he uses for each different type of property and the interest rates you can expect to achieve. You can follow Shaz on Facebook , LinkedIn and Instagram
July 14, 2020
Raising Deposits
Ultimately there are 6 main ways you can raise your next deposit: Savings Remortgage of current property Additional borrowing on current property Second charge over a current property Sell an underperforming property Private finance whether through JV’s or Investors There’s a decision to be made behind why you would use each one I go through that on the podcast! Visit -->
July 07, 2020
Back to Basics: Your Goals
In this, shorter than normal, pod. I ask you to get back to basics and remind yourself of what your goals are. I start with asking questions about where you are today. I then ask you to look at what you want to achieve. I then get you to think about what you want your property portfolio to look like. This will help you to focus in on what you want to achieve, rather than getting overwhelmed with everything that comes your way. I encourage you to listen with a pen and paper handy!  Explore -->
June 29, 2020
Is commercial and mixed use property investment really worth it?
I’m optimistic that after a few slow years there will be opportunities for innovation and changing the shape of high streets and offices, into more dynamic spaces that can be opened up or closed down depending on what’s needed at the time. However, I also know that in order to get a mortgage on a commercial or mixed use property you definitely need to have tenants in situ, which is why I’m looking to scoop up properties from Landlords who can’t wait to get out of this sector. Therefore, as it’s high on my agenda, I have dedicated this weeks podcast to Commercial and Mixed Use Property Investment. I answer the question, is it really worth it? Remember to come and visit
June 22, 2020
Why Do Developments Fail with Jake Knotman
This week I’ve invited Jake Knotman onto the podcast to investigate development schemes further. We discuss Why Developments Fail. Jake is a property investor, developer, owner of Assets We Build which includes its global acquisitions consultancy and Jake is the host of the Best in Property Podcast. You can find him on Instagram @jakeknotman 
June 16, 2020
Commercial. Residential. Risk
Today, I’m excited to invite Faith Locken to the podcast where we discuss commercial, residential, risk and more. If there’s one big takeaway you should be getting from Covid 19, is that going forward we need to diversify our portfolios to risk proof them. That’s having a mix of residential property, plus if it’s your jam a sprinkling of commercial. Markets are ALWAYS going to change, that’s inevitable. Yes, there will be demand for homes and so standard BTL’s will always be a popular investment (providing we buy in the right area). However, we always need to be thinking about live, work and play… the three overarching categories of property, and how we can maximise that in our portfolio. You’ve also got to remember, that what works for you, may not work for someone else and vice versa. Therefore you’ve got to build a portfolio that both excites you, but will also hit your goals in a changing market. To find out more about Faith: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn: MY WEBSITE
June 09, 2020
The Struggle with Construction Supply Chains and Listed Buildings with Chris Moore
Today, I’m very excited, I’ve got Chris Moore with me. Chris is a Heritage Specialist, Chartered Surveyor, Project Manager, Owner of REDEC Refurbishment, Researcher AND property investor. Chris and I chat about some pertinent questions, such as:  I get so many questions about buying Grade II listed properties as an investment, I have two flats in a Grade II listed property myself. What are the pro’s and con’s? What is the state of the construction industry in the UK right now? Has this changed significantly since Covid? Do you think the changes to the construction industry will impact the development pipeline for years to come? Enjoy this podcast!
June 01, 2020
Lockdown Life with Chris Cairns
In this podcast, I'm going to let you into my and my husband Chris' bubble that we have going on here in our apartment. We have been working from home together since the 10th March, lockdown really came into force on the 16th March and we’ve been figuring out the new dynamic within our family. Spoiler alert… we’ve handled this much better than I thought we would! Come and join us as we talk through what we’ve been doing over the past couple of months, how we’ve handled the highs and the lows and what we’ve learnt so far. It’s a little bit of fun AND my usually private husband wanted to come and have a chat. How have you been handling lockdown? 
May 25, 2020
Trying to become 1% better everyday with Aren Deu
Today, I’m very excited, I’ve got Aren Deu on the podcast with me today. Aren is a property investor and health and fitness expert and mental health advocate. He has some incredible outlooks on life in terms of mindset, overcoming mental health challenges and is the host of the Find Your Voice Podcast. Here are a couple of questions that Aren and I go through in this podcast:  Mainstream advice is "focus on something and get good at it before you do anything else". You combine health and fitness and property. How do you combine both successfully? You coach people on how to elevate their personal brands. Can you define a personal brand and why is it so important for property investors? What is the first step you should take to developing your personal brand and then what is the one consistent step you should be doing daily? Aren's BIO:  Aren Deu has spent his life trying to make those around him do and feel better. From helping people with their physical and mental health to becoming a social worker to try to change the world, most of his work has been done to give back. Recognising that bureaucracy and his own mental health battles with high functioning anxiety would hinder that he began to go on a journey of understanding himself. So Aren blindly jumped into the property space, spending £1000s on courses to change his families lives and his own. Recognising it wasn’t all fun and games, he became what he calls “the king of failure”. However, learning from every opportunity and taking that adversity and resilient mindset forward he began to make a success of it. Raising over £1,000,000 and funding projects with investors over the years Arens long term future looks to be secure. Although never a priority, Aren has used this as an excuse to spend even more time doing more time in the mental health space. No monetization, no source of income, these are just pure passion projects that for the past 2 years Aren has spent over 20+ hours a week on. This also birthed the Find Your Voice podcast which has a been huge success across 50+ countries and ranking in the top charts for mental health. I live by many mantras in life. Two of which are: “Help as many people as you can.” & “Always help without expectations” 2020 sees Aren wanting to speak more in the fields he works in about Mental Health and raising awareness to the darker sides of peoples thoughts, and poorly brains not just in their own personal lives, but also in the property space. What happens when partners steal from you? What happens when deals fall from under your feet? Or projects overrun, on time and budget? What happens when tenants refuse to pay? All these things are rarely spoken of and in turn can have detrimental effects on your life, so hopefully with the right tools and guidance Aren will at least try to get peoples health prioritised and looked after along the way. Find Aren online here:
May 18, 2020
The State of the Construction Industry with Dr. Danielle Lester
Today, back by popular demand, I’m very excited to have Dr Danielle Lester back with me! Danielle Lester is a senior teaching fellow of construction management and quantity surveying at Bond University, Australia. We discuss all things construction and have a detailed discussion about the current state and future of the construction industry. *** Claim your spot at my FREE online webinar, "Challenging Uncertainty in Property Investment", happening on Sunday the 17th May @7.15pm here: For other great Freebies I'm offering, click on the following links: / Find Danielle Lester online at the following links:
May 11, 2020
Investing in Property via Social Media with Laura Muse
Today, I’m very excited, I’ve got Laura Muse from I Squared Property with me. Laura Muse has an extensive Sales and Marketing background and is the face of the company. Investor relationships, Funding, Property Acquisition, Property Management are her key areas in I Squared Property. Laura also is a co-host at a PPN Leamington Spa, Public Speaker as well as Host of the Podcast “The Social Propertyprenuer Podcast”. We discuss questions such as:  What’s your favourite social media platform to connect with potential investors? How do you attract investors to want to invest in your deals? ....and more!  You can find Lara online at the following links:  Facebook:  @isquaredproperty @Laura Muse Linked In: @I Squared Property Instagram: @Lauramuseofficial Podcast: The Social Propertyprenuer with Laura Muse
May 04, 2020
Why you NEED a bullet proof property management strategy with Dr. Jan Wilcox
Today, I’m very excited, I’ve got Dr Jan Wilcox with me. She’s a Fellow of the RICS and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, has 20 years experience working in asset management, is the co-author of property asset management, is a property investor, is a lecturer for Suffolk Business School, an examiner for the Institute of Residential Property Management and sits on the Regulatory Board of the Association for Residential Managing Agents. We are also colleagues at UCEM. In this podcast, we talk about property management strategies, adding value, the difference between yield and return and why it’s so important to track (and more). Enjoy this informative podcast. Find out more about Dr Jan Wilcox here: To access my Covid-19 Working Paper click here -
April 27, 2020
The Power of Setting Goals You Can Control with Mel Savage
You NEED my freebies: 1. My Master Spreadsheet, the only spreadsheet you need to run your property portfolio from anywhere: 2. Covid-19 and Property Investment in the UK: I have the most wonderful guest on Todays podcast!  Mel Savage is a great friend of mine PLUS my fabulous Coach! She teaches that the main thing people don’t spend a lot of time on is managing their mindset. MINDSET IS AT LEAST 80% OF SUCCESS You will be able to grow faster, achieve your goals easier, be more successful and manage your time more effectively when you learn to get really aware of managing what’s going on in your head. In todays podcast, we dive into this conversation to look at powerful goal setting techniques and how we can focus on achieving our goals. If you want to find out more about Mel here's some links: BIO Mel Savage is the founder of THE CAREER RESET, a career coaching and management organization designed to help people turn the career they have into the career they want. She 20+ years in senior management at Fortune 500 company, is a certified career and leadership coach, Keynote and T