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Honey Badger Alliance

Honey Badger Alliance

By Honey Badger Alliance
A podcast about people from all walks of life. Giving real, human examples in overcoming some of life's biggest challenges.

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Trial and Triumph - Episode 03. Adam Kinakin

Honey Badger Alliance

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Trial and Triumph - Episode 13. TJ Kennedy.
What do two guys that are super passionate about martial arts and self defense with real life experience talk about?  Babies!  Well, more specifically the crazy hurdles and experiences with newborns.  All the scares, dealing with hospitals and getting bad news that turns out to be okay in the end.  That being said, TJ uses a problem solving method gained from training and  being in other high stress situations to get thru a very rough ordeal. TJ can be found here: On instagram at: combativecanuck To learn more about the Honey Badger Alliance project - Strength and resilience by leading example, it can be found here: 
July 2, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 12. Corey Hatt.
Corey Hatt is truly an amazing individual to listen to.  He was deployed overseas to Afghanistan on Op Medusa which was during the height of the conflict period over there.  Whether it's improving personal life, or leadership attributes, Corey has dropped quite a bit of useful, actionable suggestions here to help make life better.  These are all tools and tactics learned from baring down, staring adversity straight in the face and tackling it head on. Corey is the CEO of Mad Hatter Industries, and can be found here:  on instagram at madhatterindustries, and finally FaceBook at Mad Hatter Industries If you'd like to know more about the Honey Badger Alliance Project it can be found here:
June 3, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 11. Jay Baker.
"Do you think you'll like it?  I don't know I've never tried it before."  This is a fantastic episode from Jay, owner of Tactical 74.  When leaving service, is it identity loss or should we look at it as a new mission objective?  In this episode we discuss not only what happens, and how it feels to suddenly be taken from the thing you've given most of your life to.  We also discuss how to soldier on in a different capacity.  Jay has also picked up an interesting hobby because of this switch in lifestyle, one he never thought he'd enjoy.  Get out there and try stuff!  You never know what you may potentially find joy in. Jay and Tactical 74 can be found here: To find out more information about the Honey Badger Alliance project, it can be found here: We also spoke about Quilts of Valor, an amazing project that can be found here: Cultivating strength and resilience by leading example.
May 8, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 10. Chance Burles.
This episode Chance and I discuss literally the fundamental building blocks on how to take back your life if you are suffering from stress, PTSD, and in general transition from military to civilian life.  Chance has been to the brink and back as he talks about in this episode.  Some huge topics - influence from your environment, as well as looking inward and being brutally honest with yourself.   For first responders, all of this applies too.  When we are done work for the day, we simply can't "turn off the switch" as we think we do.  But we explain in this episode how. Chance can be found here: on social media: Instagram, facebook and twitter at: canwalk4vets If you'd like to know more about the Honey Badger Alliance project, it can be found here:
April 8, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 09. Joel Struthers.
A former member of the French Foreign Legion, published author, and all around great and humble guy to speak with.  A great chat with Joel about being younger, being lost, and what it means as a younger man to have a channel and direction for our energy.  Taking feelings of anger, uncertainty of identity and turning that into a humble warrior who simply makes constructive things happen.  Joel is also featured on the Jocko Podcast where he goes into more detail about his book Appel, which is available everywhere and highly recommended.  Joel also has an apparel line, Legion Engineered with the goal of raising money to help veterans in need. Joel can be found here: The book, Appel, can be found here: Joel is also on instagram here:  joelstruthers and legionengineered
March 27, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 08. Dave Morrow.
Brother, veteran, fitness coach, and all around good guy.  This was a great talk with Dave, and he addressed a couple of huge issues that the veteran community collectively has.  Listen as Dave describes what happens after leaving service, how his life takes a turn for the worst, and then ultimately what he does to make shit happen and succeed.   Dave can be found here: On FaceBook: Dave Morrow Personal Training Instagram : dave_morrow_pt
March 18, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 07. Janice White.
Workplace bullying is out there and bigger than we realize.  Janice has weathered the absolute worst of it and has a story that we can all benefit from.  From the horrible effects on the mind, and the shocking ways it manifests into our very physical being.  Janice pulls no punches with this one and offers a great solution to start taking your life back.   If you'd like to hear more from Janice, she can be found here: If you're interested about the Honey Badger Alliance project, it can be found here:
February 20, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 06. Randy King.
What happens when what you believe as reality gets destroyed?  Listen as Randy talks about how he turned to martial arts as a bully victim.  How martial arts failed when it mattered, and then what he did to become a renowned, credible instructor all around the world.  Wanna know even more about Randy?  It can be found here: To find out more about the Honey Badger Alliance project, it can be found at
February 6, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 05. Karl Macphee.
This episode is chock full of great wisdom from hard lessons learned.  Loss of identity.  How that can ruin your life, more importantly to get it back.  The benefits of fitness and mindfulness for a better, stronger, you.  Karl hosts a rucksack march to bring the veteran, first responder, and civilian community together.  Information on that can be found here: www.ruck4remember,ca Instagram: ruck4remember Facebook: 22km rucksack march for remembrance If you'd like to find out more about the Honey Badger Alliance project, it can be found here:
January 28, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 04. Freddy with Function VS Fiction
Fear has, is, and always will be our greatest motivator or debilitator.  Some of the best discoveries have been made due to curiosity and wanting to overcome our own fears.  Freddy demonstrates just that in this episode with a couple of wild stories from his early years.  If you're into self defense (and you should be to some extent), then this is the episode for you.   Freddy runs his own podcast show that is chock full of great information in short episodes and I highly recommend it.  It can be found here: If you'd like to know more about the Honey Badger Alliance project, it can be found here: Did you enjoy this episode?  Let me know!  The feedback is always appreciated.  Or, if you have your own story you'd like to share, contact me!
January 14, 2020
Trial and Triumph - Episode 03. Adam Kinakin
Friend, Fellow infantryman, all around great guy.  Adam shows by example of what it means to "remember what we are" when it comes to being a veteran.   In our darkest times of life...remember, we don't give up, we never give in.  No matter how many times we get beat into the dirt, we get back up and keep fighting.  This is an amazing example of those attributes applied to every day life where the stakes are just as high.  Adam thank you for sharing this with us all.  Adam is also a podcast host for law enforcement and veterans.  It can be found here:   It's an amazing show and features the best in the world on their own subjects with a wide variety of topics. If you'd like to find out more about the Honey Badger Alliance project, if can be found here: Thanks for listening!
January 7, 2020
Trial and Truimph - Episode 02. Karter Hackett
This episode we bring awareness to a huge issue becoming more prevalent in today's society.  Social anxiety.  As we we become more connected electronically, we lose our empathetic ability to connect with other humans.  This causes many issues.  Today, Karter gives us some solutions.  Listen as he dives down into a dark rabbit hole, the horrible feelings of being down there, and finding the path back up under crushing circumstances. If you'd like to know more about Karter, he can be found here: If you'd like to find more information about the Honey Badger Alliance project - A warrior mindset.  Leading, by using forward moving examples of action to improve your life on your terms it can be found at: If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about this episode, we'd love to hear from you!
December 26, 2019
Trial and Triumph - Episode 01. Derek Vanden Beukle
In this episode, Derek discusses not one, but TWO major life hurdles that people struggle with and how he beat them.  He demonstrates that sometimes to get out of your head, you need to get into your body.   A great outlook on how to tackle other issues as well!   There is a tried and true tested fundamental here, which will be a common theme in just about every show.  Listen, and see if you can identify it!   If you'd like to follow Derek on his own journey he can be found @derekthedutchman on instagram.   For blogs, and themed apparel, check out the main website at:  A warrior mindset for the modern era. Comments and suggestions are welcomed!
December 21, 2019