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Hoof And Horn - A Witch's Podcast

Hoof And Horn - A Witch's Podcast

By Trex
A Pagan podcast where we talk about Paganism, witchcraft, music, the occult...and anything else we want.
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Sorita d'Este and the Hekate Symposium 2021
In this episode, T and Braxis interview Sorita d'Este, an author, publisher, teacher, priestess, mother and so much more. A long talk about the Goddess Hekate ensued, followed by a discussion about the upcoming virtual Hekate Symposium. **** Music by MetalHorse and Black Market Vinyl ***  The Hekate Symposium ***** The Covenant of Hekate  ***** MetalHorse ***** MetalHorse on Spotify ***** Black Market Vinyl ***** Black Market Vinyl on Spotify ***** All music used with permission. **** Drop us a line with comments and episode requests at
May 10, 2021
Pagan Leadership - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Join TRex and Braxis for Entemann's Double Chocolate Cake, Private Selection Chocolates and a discussion on Pagan Leadership - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. From abuse signs, ego maniacs and the Biggest, Baddest Witch on the Block syndrome, to what makes for good leadership and ways to cut the drama online. *** Music by Wendy Rule and Daemonia Nymphe *** 
April 8, 2021
Journey Through the Tarot: HPS and The Empress/Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Review
In this episode, T and Braxis talk about the symbolism in the High Priestess and Empress tarot cards, and then review the Nightmare Before Christmas tarot deck *** Images can be found on our TikTok, IG and Facebook accounts (all of which you should follow and like and love!) *** Music by MetalHorse and Black Market Vinyl!*** 
March 13, 2021
Journey through the Tarot - The Fool, The Magician/Golden Girls tarot review
In this episode, T and Braxis talk about the Full Moon in Virgo, our new tarot project, discuss the first two Major Arcana, taste test key lime M&Ms, and review the Golden Girls Tarot deck! *** Music by Daemonia Nymphe, used with permission. Tracks "Daemonos" from the album "Krataia Asterope" and "Nemesis Rhamnousia" from Psychostasia. **** Hoof and Horn is now on Tiktok! Follow us! @hoof.horn.podcast *** Drop us a line at for requests, topic ideas and questions
February 28, 2021
The Goddess Hekate
In this episode, T and Braxis chat about the Goddess Hekate! From her known beginnings as a Titan to the Goddess so popular today, they cover Her history, symbolism, ways to make offerings and more. *** Music by Sharon Knight and Winter, and Wendy Rule, used with permission. *** Do you work with this Goddess? Send us a message through Facebook or Insta, or email us at
September 8, 2020
Snacks, Mead and Music: The Music Episode
In this episode, while munching snacks and consuming two horns of mead, T Rex and Braxis completely nerd out over music! ** Perfect for any Gen X'ers out there! ** They name and discuss their 'Upper Echelon' (bands that can't really be ranked), their top 10 faves and a few 'honorable mentions' at the end. **  Music in this episode by Black Market Vinyl, MetalHorse and Pvrenchymv, used with permission. ** See the show notes at Hoof and Horn website for ll the band links, and T and Brax's favorite songs ** Remember to share, link and follow us on Instagram and Facebook
August 8, 2020
Looking at Tarot Differently with Hilary Parry Haggerty of "Tarot by Hilary"
In this episode, T and Braxis discuss getting involved with and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. *** Additional resources in the show notes on the Hood & Horn website. *** For our Witches in the Trenches (WITT) segment, we chat with Hilary Parry Haggerty, professional tarot reader! Our conversation touches on forming proper questions for the tarot, enchanting cards, tarot in spellwork, crafting with the tarot, using decks where the people look like you, the new Nightmare Before Christmas deck (which T thinks is really just stolen from her 20 year old notebook) and what the Devil and Death cards really mean. *** Live music by The 13th Way (Silent Stone) and Sharon Knight (The Conjuring)*** 
June 14, 2020
Witches in the Trenches - Jasmyne Ambrosia, and Trance work in Ritual
In this episode of the Hoof & Horn Podcast, we add to our Witches in the Trenches series by speaking with Jasmyne Ambrosia of 3rd Eye Fortunes. We discussed the classes she teaches through 3rd Eye and we get a Witch Tip on the 3 C's... Keeping in Clean, keeping it Cleansed and keeping it Consecrated! *** Later T and Braxis discuss Trance work, Seidth and Drawing Down the Moon. *** Music in this episode by Damh the Bard and then MetalHorse, live from Indy Pagan Pride Day 2019. *** Please follow and share! *** Find Jasmyne on Facebook at 3rd Eye Fortunes and on YouTube at Jasmyne Ambrosia.
May 26, 2020
Leaning in to your Spirituality in times of crisis with guest Elizabeth LaBarca
In this episode, T and Braxis talk with Elizabeth LaBarca, High Priestess of Novices of the Old Ways Connecticut and Priestess of Brigid about leaning into spirituality during times of crisis. Topics the trio cover range from self-care and community service to ancestor work and the wisdom of not pissing off southern Italian witches. ;) ****Music by Sharon Knight, used with permission *** Tracks Hail Brigid off the album "Songs for the Strengthening Sun" and Serpent Wine (A Hecate chant) from the album Witch Moon. *** Purchase her music at *** Full show notes at ***
April 12, 2020
Keep Calm and Meditate with Medicines and Magics!
Pushing the Trance topic aside for now, in this episode T and Braxis focus on Meditation, Medicine and Magic! **** First, settle back with some ZooSoul DrumCircle (that's T singing Prepare Yourself by Abbi Spinner McBride way in the background!) and then the Minnows Meditation led by Braxis. He's got a super calming and soothing voice... snuggle up and meditate! *** Then T will give you her recipe for her Love Your Lungs Tea, a Fire Cider Receipe and will wrap up with a Spellworking that people ca customize as needed.  *** Pvrenchymv takes us to a close with their track 'Waylaid' off their album Magna Ars Infra, available on *** Full recipes verses and links available on
March 16, 2020
Witches and Pagans in the Trenches - Morgan Jones
In this episode, we start our series on Witches and Pagans in the Trenches: witches and Pagans who are getting the work done within their communities. In this first installment we chat with Morgan Jones.  Morgan has been called by the Horned One in many forms since childhood. First called to Wankatanka, then to Herne, then Cernunnos and, since 2002, has served as a Child of and Priest of Pan. Initiate of two Wiccan Traditions and Creator/High Priest of three Neo-Pagan Traditions, he sees his path as a Shamanic Neo-Pagan Evangelist. He currently works to educate and share ecstatic worship through Tribus Solvo and the educational efforts of Tribus Satyroi. Working constantly to serve the Pagan community, he has been a speaker on multiple occasions and is a public figure and occasional media contact in Indianapolis. He started Horn & Honey in 2010, has been the Local Coordinator for 18 Indy Pagan Pride Days since 2000, as well as the Chairman of Indianapolis Pagan Pride, Inc, since 2004. ***For volunteer information on Indy Pagan Pride Day visit *** ***For Horn and Honey info visit *** *** Music for this episode with permission by ZooSoul DrumCircle *** Black Market Vinyl *** Pvrenchymv ***
March 2, 2020
Witchy/Pagan/Weird Movies Final! The #1s!
T and Braxis talk about their #1 picks, Donnie Darko and The Wicker Man (1973)! ***** Music by Black Market Vinyl, used with permission  - 'Love is a Dog From Hell', 'Monster', and 'Preacher's Son' **** *** Most Iconic Scenes of the Wicker Man - *** Donnie Darko full movie - Next episode on Trance work in Ritual and our first Witches in the Trenches interview!
February 18, 2020
Our favorite Witchy/Pagan/Weird movies (part 2)
In this episode (which we lost part of due to technical issues) T and Brax discuss their second favorite movies... ** Chocolat** and **Brazil**! ** Music by permission from MetalHorse. ** *** Please smash that subscribe bitton! **
February 14, 2020
Our favorite witchy and weird movies (pt 1)
In our second episode, T and Braxis talk about their favorite movies that fall under the "witchy/pagan/weird" categories. From #5-#3 in this episode.  Music in this episode provided with permission from MetalHorse. Check out their video for their self-titled track MetalHorse Get the first 4 chapters of the audiobook The Hooves of IsleBane for free here. Thanks for listening! And should you want to support this podcast, check out our options. It's as little as .99 cents a month! T's movies -  #5 -The VVitch - a New England Folktale - a 15th century family is banished from the plantation in the New World and faces not only the beautiful brutality of Nature but witchcraft, paranoia, religious fervor and the abandonment of their god in the deep forest. Black Phillip speaks #4- Practical Magic - a story of betrayal and the healing power of love wrapped in magic and a family of witches (I also can't believe how lame this trailer is) #3 - Disney's Hercules - The Muses set up the story in this link!  Brax's Movies #5 - The Dark Crystal -Master Muppeteers Jim Henson and Frank Oz co-direct this classic fantasy film that tells the mythical tale of Jen, the last of the Gelfling race, who is charged with healing the Crystal of Truth after its mutilation ushered in an era of terror at the hands of the wicked Skeksis. Jen must find a missing shard in the observatory of an ancient astronomer before the Skesis are given the power to rule for all eternity. #4- The Evil Dead - the cult classic and original! Directed by Sam Raimi. Bruce Campbell and his college friends camp out in a remote cabin... Things that scared baby Braxis! Moving through the woods... The creepy recording.. #3 - Midsommar - Swedes who are way too welcoming, too much mushroom taking, no one paying attention to the signs all around them and shit goes crazy. 
February 11, 2020
Getting to Know You...or Us
Our pilot podcast where T and Braxis talk about the journey to now! Grab your favorite bevvie or brew and get to know the people who are kicking off Hoof and Horn - A Pagan Podcast.  **** T discusses life as a Catholic in an Italian household, finding her way to becoming a Priestess of Hekate and High Priestess of their coven. Brax talks about growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, getting disfellowshiped, being reinstated and then walking his own unique path to where he currently serves as a Sage in their coven.  ***** Music by Pvrenchymv: "Ideologue" and "Witch's Milk" off the album Shaping The Invisible. Used with artist permission.  ***** Next episode... T and Brax's favorite magical movies!  **** Coming Segments... "Witches in the Trenches" A Witch in a trench (or a Pagan in the pits?) is a witch out there in their communities doing the work...and they haven't written books about it (yet?).  Like our Facebook page to stay tuned and informed! ** Pvrenchymv on Spotify
January 22, 2020