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Hoop Threads

Hoop Threads

By Aaron Proia
Interviewing successful figures in the basketball space in the DMV and around the country: media members, trainers, coaches, scouts, and entrepreneurs.

You see where they're at now, tap in to learn about their journey to the top.
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Episode 10: Coleman Ayers of By Any Means

Hoop Threads

Episode 66: Nike Peach Jam (Aneesh Namburi+PD Web)
1:00 Our dudes 6:15 Names that popped 10:00 U15 Standouts 15:30 U16s Standouts 27:00 Cross-brands matchup 30:00 Best narrative
July 29, 2022
Episode 65: Chad Graham of Cerebrosports
1:00 Introduction to the scene 5:30 New kids that popped 9:30 Stock boosters 18:30 Impressive HS cultures 22:30 Underrated D1 names 31:30 Names to keep an eye on 40:30 Boosting the recruitment of 2023s 43:15 Message to prospects
July 01, 2022
Episode 64: Nike EYBL Recap with PD Web, Alex Brown, Aneesh Namburi
Had three national scouts on the podcast to recap standouts, fun matchups, and names to monitor at Nike EYBL   1:00 New names that popped  5:30 DMV prospects  10:45 22’s  12:30 ’23s  25:30 ’24s  42:00 ’25s  55:00 Peterson/Flagg/Boozer  1:13:00 Names to track   Podcast: @hoopthreadspod  Host: @pr0ia  Guests: @abovethebreak3 @ahbanalytics @AneeshNamburi
April 26, 2022
Episode 63: Lamar Butler of Paul VI HS
We spoke with Lamar about his prep experience, playing on the 06 Final Four team at George Mason, coaching HS/AAU, and so much more 0:30 Growing up in a great culture at Oxon Hill 3:00 Recruitment process 6:00 Arriving at George Mason 8:00 Rehab process 9:30 Mentality entering tournament 14:30 Facing Florida 16:30 Continuing relationships with George Mason 17:45 Overseas story 19:30 Introduction to coaching 25:30 Distributing mins 27:30 Preparation 29:00 Getting players out of slumps 30:30 Buy-in 31:30 TTO 33:00 Coach English at Mason 36:30 Quick hitters Host: @pr0ia Guest: @Butler2two Podcast: @HoopThreadsPod
March 18, 2022
Episode 62: Speakeasy for Sports Founder, Sam
We spoke with Sam about his journey from HS basketball to the NBA to college, working in player development and as a video coordinator, networking in the basketball space, and Speakeasy for Sports.   1:00 Journey  15:00 SpeakEasy for Sports  22:00 Learning from Dave Adkins  25:00 Video projects for NBA FO/coaches  30:00 NBA playbooks  33:00 DeMatha takeaways  37:00 Learning from Coach Musselman  47:00 Networking without a playing career  49:30 Quick hitters  1:04:00 Legacy   Host: @pr0ia  Podcast: @hoopthreadspod  Guest: @Speakeasyfor , @SamKrosnick
March 16, 2022
Episode 61: Tyler McKittrick of Point Guard Eyes
We spoke with Tyler about his playing career and transition into evaluating high school prospects. We also spoke about DMV HS tournament results, discussed prospects in all 4 HS classes, spoke about culture, and so much more 1:00 Playing journey 7:00 Transition to Point Guard Eyes 11:00 Evaluations 14:00 WCAC parity 18:00 Players to watch 24:30 Top storylines in the WCAC next season 29:00 MIAA/IAC 32:00 MAC 34:00 BCLs 43:30 Feel 44:30 Betting on certain coaches/cultures 45:30 What makes the DMV special 46:30 Quick hitters Podcast: @HoopThreadsPod Host: @pr0ia Guest: @pointguardeyes
March 04, 2022
Episode 60: Ryan Girardot of Cerebro Sports
We spoke with Ryan about his basketball journey, thoughts on advanced analytics, vision for Cerebro sports, and so much more :30 Journey 2:00 Mavs ball boy 4:00 Beginning of Cerebrosports 6:00 Background of his team 9:00 Cerebro Advanced Metrics 13:00 Value for every audience 16:00 Applications for the athlete 19:30 C-Ram and Recruiting 22:00 Building out vs building slowly 24:30 Breaking through noise in stats 28:30 Top row series 31:00 HS Czar 35:00 NBA Czar 39:00 Basketball hotbeds 45:00 Quick hitters 56:00 What’s coming next? Podcast: @hoopthreadspod Host: @pr0ia Guest:@rmgbuilds
February 19, 2022
Episode 59: Marcus Helton of DMVElite
We spoke with Marcus about his journey as a writer and scout, the evolution of DMVElite, creating opportunities for HS prospects, and much more   :30 beginning  2:00 Building region-wide coverage 3:00 Being an OG  4:15 Transitioning from video to writing   5:00 Scout vs writer   6:30 Navigating the politics  8:00 Events during covid  10:00 DMVElite80  12:00 New events  14:30 DMV Basketball Czar  18:30  Advice to players/parents  21:00 Misconceptions about the transfer portal  24:30 Teaming up vs establishing a foundation  26:00 Underrated names in the DMV Class  29:00 Fit vs level  32:00 What makes DMV basketball great/unique?  37:30 Advice to young journalists  39:00 Legacy   Podcast: @hoopthreadspod  Host: @pr0ia  Guest: @marcushelton
February 05, 2022
Episode 58: Don Showalter of Team USA JNT
We spoke with Coach Show about his high school coaching experience, advice to young coaches, USA JNT, leadership skills, building great practices, his favorite Team USA players, best steak spots in the country, and so much more!  :30 Journey  5:00 Advice to young coaches  7:00 Wooden mentorship  10:00 Implementing what you've learned  14:00 Snow Valley  19:30 Practice   25:00 Building a competitive practice  28:00 Building leadership skills  31:00 Communicating with players  34:30 Team USA  40:00 Culture  43:30 You never know who's in the gym  45:00 Learning from Coach K and Pop  48:00 Separators at every level  49:00 Mentoring Coach Jones  52:30 Favorite Team USA players  53:45 What do you hope your players have taken away from you?  Host: @pr0ia  Guest: @dshow23  Podcast: @hoopthreadspod
January 21, 2022
Episode 57: Derek Murray of Babcock Hoops/Basketball News
Spoke with Derek about his journey as a scout, basketball philosophy, prospects, and so much more!  0:30 Basketball journey  6:30 Believing in certain coaches or cultures?  8:30 Box score stats  9:30 PD “Feel is teachable”  11:00 Evaluating mental makeup  14:00 Factoring age and situation into evaluating intangibles  17:00 A hit or miss that made you re-evaluate your process  21:00 Studying misses to evaluate shooting  21:30 Landry Shamet story  24:30 Workout warrior lessons  26:30 Consistency vs isolated performances  29:30 Background info scouts ask for  32:00 Longitudinal scouting  34:00 Learning the intricacies of the game from Matt Babcock  36:45 Fundamentals needed to start Day 1 in the NBA  38:30 The trait that is easiest to correct or improve in the league?  39:15 NBA teams manipulating narratives  40:30 Add or subtract 3 inches to an NBA prospects’ height that would most dramatically change their stock  41:00 Thoughts on regional HS hotbeds  43:00 Local OK names  45:00 Quick hitters  Host: @pr0ia Guest: @DMurrayHoops Podcast: @hoopthreadspod
January 14, 2022
Episode 56: Miles Masercola of Hoop State Network
We spoke with Miles about the Hoop State Network, his journey, building relationships, standouts from the John Wall Invitational, and so much more! :30 Beginnings 3:00 Big break 5:00 Biggest playcall 6:00 NC Rivalries 8:00 NC Public School Hoops 10:00 What sets the Hoop State apart? 13:00 Developing scouting philosophy 16:00 Attitude notes 20:00 Building relationships 23:00 Hoop State Brand 29:00 John Wall Invitational big name standouts 32:00 John Wall Invitational young standouts 35:00 John Wall Invitational Small college standouts 37:00 John Wall Invitational new names that popped 39:00 John Wall Invitational programs that boosted their stock 41:00 John Wall Invitational standout team cultures 44:00 Important relationships with players Host: @pr0ia Guest: @masercolamiles
January 07, 2022
Episode 55: Josh Pratt of Archbishop Spalding BB
Spoke with Coach Pratt about his playing career, his history of rebuilding programs, coaching at a public/private HS, basketball philosophy, and so much more 5:42 College career 9:37 Getting into coaching 13:25 Building under Glick at Palotti 20:00 Palotti peak 22:20 Being an assistant coach 25:45 Balancing respect and being a player’s coach 33:00 Building programs 38:00 JV head coaching experience leading to success 41:20 Taking over at Towson Catholic 43:30 Coaching high major recruits 48:00 Coaching public school basketball  59:50 Returning to Spalding as the head coach 1:01:30 Hiring assistants and retaining incumbent players 1:09:30 Quick hitters HT Pod: @hoopthreadspod on Twitter and Instagram Host: @pr0ia Guest: @ashscoach on Twitter, @coachprattspalding (personal) @ashshoops (team)
December 11, 2021
Episode 54: Mark Schindler
We spoke with Mark about some of his favorite all-time players, his writing and scouting processes, big boards, big 3s, and so much more. Podcast Twitter: @hoopthreadspod Host: @pr0ia Guest: @mschindlerNBA
November 12, 2021
Episode 53: CBB Fantasy Draft with Sean Paul, Tristan Freeman, PD Web, and Terrence Oglesby
Idea stolen from the Goodman and Hummel Podcast, 12-player fantasy draft of college basketball players to preview the upcoming College Hoops season. Drafting as a college basketball coach looking to win a championship this year, while still having talent left over to build in the future    Need 1: Mid-major Player Raw toolsy player Deep cut NBA Prospect Max 2 players from: Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Gonzaga, Nova   Podcast: @hoopthreadspod Host: @pr0ia  Guests: Sean Paul (@SeanPaulCBB), Tristan Freeman (@hoopsnut351), PD Web (@abovethebreak3), and Terrence Oglesby (@CoachTO22)
November 05, 2021
Episode 52: Recruiting Roundtable: Stan Jones (FSU), Leonard Fairley (NSU), and Maurice Kearney (SUNY Cortland)
We spoke with a great roundtable of college basketball coaches on recruiting, visits, offers, best stories, and so much more! 0:56 College Choice 3:00 Identifying decision maker in recruiting 10:30 NIL 15:00 Visits 19:00 More emphasis needs to be placed on  33:00 Balancing transfers/freshmen with returning team 44:30 Day to day interactions with recruits 50:00 Deciding between prospects at same position 56:00 Timing of offers 1:03:30 Recruiting misses 1:09:30 Best recruiting story Podcast: @HoopThreadsPod Host: @pr0ia Guests: @CoachStanJones @CoachLenNSU @Mkearney92
October 28, 2021
Episode 51: NBA Roundtable 2021 Over/Under Podcast
Tyler Sollenne (@tsollenne) and Jordan Lyndaker (bilo_lc) joined the pod to discuss the over/under's and share our individual picks for the upcoming NBA season Host: @pr0ia Podcast: @hoopthreadspod
October 20, 2021
Episode 50: Adam Spinella of Boys Latin
Spoke with Adam about his collegiate coaching career, video work, coaching philosophy, draft thoughts, and so much more.
August 13, 2021
Episode 49: HS Parent Panel
Our panel discussed how parents should approach their child's selection and recruitment process, the importance of fit over name recognition, the effects that a parent can have on their child's recruitment, things that can get their child crossed off or put on a list, educational requirements, what they should ask on college visits, and so much more. Panelists: Doug Martin(@DougE14), Duane Simpkins(@CoachDSimpkins), Pat O'Connor (@oconnor_pat), Lawrence Brown (@Balloutsports01), and Van Johnson (@johnsonvj05)
August 06, 2021
Episode 48: Joe Esquivel-Murphy of Prep Hoops NJ
We spoke with Joe about his playing career, his transition to scouting, and some of the players that stood out at Jersey Shore Jam Fest
August 02, 2021
Episode 47: NBA Roundtable Draft Preview
Brought 2/3 of the roundtable on to discuss our 5 "guys" from this year's class, guys that we would be nervous drafting, a guy who will succeed wherever he goes, a guy whose fit will be crucial to his career arc, our hottest draft take, and our draft sleepers. Host: @pr0ia. Guests: @tsollenne, @bilo_lc
July 28, 2021
Episode 46: Duane Simpkins
We spoke with Coach Simpkins about his playing career, his coaching journey, recruiting, NLI, and so much more
July 16, 2021
Episode 45: Butch West
We spoke with Butch about his playing career, coaching journey, working at the juco level, NBA basketball, and much more
July 02, 2021
Episode 44: Etan Thomas
We spoke with Etan about his playing career, athlete empowerment, his book, civil rights, athletes working in media, and so much more. Host: @pr0ia Guest: @EtanThomas36 
June 18, 2021
Episode 43: Steve Turner of Gonzaga College High School
1:00 beginnings 12:00 trial and error 16:30 Gonzaga program staples 23:00 changes to hs calendar 30:00 Coaching his son and two-sport athletes 33:30 substance over sexy 35:30 Preparing For the next level versus winning games 42:10 Social media + today’s athlete 46:00 Undersized players 50:30 Nonconference scheduling 53:30 Vying with MJ to die with the most timeouts 57:00 Competing with Coach Jones 1:01:00 DeMatha vs Gonzaga memories 01:02:45 Britt vs Jenkins 1:05:00 Advocating for his players 1:09:00 High school—> college moves 1:13:00 Team USA 1:17:30 Players that made him lose the most sleep 1:21:30 Positive feedback from college coaches 1:24:30 Quick hitters
June 11, 2021
Episode 42: Cardell Dudley Jr of Finest Magazine
Cardell shares his basketball journey, transition to media, covering professional basketball, his magazine, and so much more. 0:40 Basketball beginnings 6:17 Media journey 13:30 Scouting 19:00 NBA Media Credential 22:30 Meeting Obama 27:30 HBCU basketball 32:30 Advice for young players 39:30 NBA Fans 43:00 HS coaches moving up 45:00 Quick hitters Host: @pr0ia, Guest: @finestmagazine
June 04, 2021
Episode 41: NBA Roundtable Playoff Preview
We put together our round-by-round predictions, talked about intriguing matchups, X factors, potential breakout players, and much more.  Host: @pr0ia, Guests: @tsollenne, @Bilo_LC
May 24, 2021
Episode 40: Pat Stasiak of Colgate MBB
We spoke with Pat about his experience at SUNY Cortland, his transition to Colgate, recruiting at a high academic, and even get his best Tom Spanbauer impression.
May 23, 2021
Episode 39: Roundtable NBA Season Wrap-up
We checked in on the NBA regular season awards, title contenders, prospects, and a play-in team that could raise some hell come playoff time. Host: @pr0ia. Guests: @tylersollenne, @bilo_lc
May 08, 2021
Episode 38: Sean Paul and Jordan Lyndaker
First we talk about Sean, his journey, his writing/evaluation process, and what went into his Oral Roberts prediction. Then we bring Jordan on to discuss our favorite teams, matchups, and things to watch in the remaining rounds of the NCAA tournament.
March 27, 2021
Episode 37: Mychal Hunter of ACC BR Part 2 MARCH MADNESS
In this episode we give some of our March Madness predictions: everything from our coach on the hot seat, biggest seeding issue, Cinderella teams, Final Four picks, upsets, and so much more. Host: @pr0ia, Guest: @accbr1
March 18, 2021
Episode 37: Mychal Hunter of ACC BR Part 1
Mychal discusses his journey, how the podcast came to fruition, some of his favorite ACC memories, ACC What-if's, preseason takes, NBA prospects, and he even picks his college basketball drinking team. 5:00 Most rewatchable ACC game 8:00 Best tournament game 10:00 Coach on the hot seat that looks the most ridiculous in retrospect 14:00 UNC upperclassmen struggles 20:00 Biggest ACC What-if 27:00 Preseason takes NBA Prospects 42:00 Disappointing/surprising teams 54:00 NCAAB drinking team Host: @pr0ia, Guest: @accbr1
March 18, 2021
Episode 36: Marc Stern, Marcus Helton, and Anthony Haynie
Spoke to our DMV roundtable about their journeys, high school basketball during covid, G League 2021 recommendations, the Fab 5, and much more.  1:30 Talk about your journey 8:00 Talk about the experience of sports during CoVid 17:30 The transfer portal 20:00 How would the Fab 5 experience have been if it happened today? 25:45 The next G League Ignite team 31:30 Overtime League 36:30 Next wave of DMV talent Host: @pr0ia, @anthonyhaynie3, @marcushelton, @capitolhoops 
March 10, 2021
Episode 35: Jim Eichenhofer of the New Orleans Pelicans
We spoke to Jim about his journalism background, covering the Pelicans, and shared some insight on working within the NBA. 0:30 Career background 3:30 Sources say 7:00 Narrative 12:15 Media's expectations for players 20:30 Objectivity 23:00 relationship with the front office and team 26:00 Josh Hart 28:45 Comparing #1 pick buzz 31:00 Boogie Cousins 32:45 Trade block  40:00 Vetoed trades 49:00 Rebuilding 50:00 TV games 53:00 The Draymond factor 56:00 OG hate 1:02:00 JJ Redick Host: @pr0ia, @tsollenne. Guest: @Jim_Eichenhofer
March 03, 2021
Episode 33: Daryl Greene of Greenelight Shooting/DeMatha/Team Takeover
We spoke with DG about his DeMatha career, Niagara, playing overseas, working for an NBA franchise, training, coaching youth sports, and his thoughts on DeMatha culture. :30 beginnings 4:00 Playing with Joe forte and Keith bogans 5:00 Championship his senior year 34-1 7:00 Toughness questions 8:00 Playing for Morgan Wootten 10:00 What is this era missing most  15:00 Niagara 17:00 Dominant sophomore campaign 22:00 Overseas story 24:00 Scouting job with Hawks 29:15 Hardest aspect of shooting to unlearn 30:30 Mental toughness 37:00 Coaching at DeMatha and for TTO 43:00 Confidence 44:45 Little things that kill rotation minutes 47:30 Motivating players 53:30 DeMatha culture 56:00 Shooters 57:00 HOF conversation Host: @pr0ia, guest @dgfranchise2000 on IG @dgreene11
February 17, 2021
Episode 32: Austin Freeman and Chris Wright of the Dawg Talk Podcast
We spoke with Free and Chris about their high school careers, their time together at Georgetown, Coach Thompson, playing in the G league and overseas, and much more. 1:00 Basketball beginnings and journey 5:30 WCAC Comp 11:30 Georgetown 19:00 Big John stories 26:30 Translation of their games in modern day hoops 28:00 Favorite matchup 31:30 Current Hoya program 38:00 What if- DMV players 43:00 G League experiences 49:00 Overseas stories 56:00 PG details 59:40 Reaction to Shaq-Donovan Mitchell 1:06:00 Dawg Talk Podcast Host: @pr0ia. Guests: @_sugarfree5, @mrwrightsr.  Podcast: @DawgTalk101
January 27, 2021
Episode 31: Mark Edwards Part II
In part 2 of our conversation with Mark Edwards we discuss skill development, training methods, social justice, and the next wave of athletes :10 Mount Rushmore of skill development guys 5:00 Vertical training 10:45 Motivating athletes and training mindsets 18:00 College student athletes taking advantage of access  27:00 Social conscience, maturity of next wave of athletes 46:00 Relationships 53:30 Georgia basketball Host: @pr0ia, guest: @medwardsbball
January 14, 2021
Episode 31: Mark Edwards Part I
In part 1 we speak with Mark about his playing career, NYC basketball, Run n Shoot, and player development insights. 0:50 Playing career and NYC Basketball culture 9:40 Training start 14:00 And1 29:15 Run n Shoot's impact on Atlanta basketball 31:15 #1 Skill that needs to be taught at a higher level 40:00 Shooting slump help 49:15 Skill development state of the union 57:35 Gilbert Arenas quote
January 14, 2021
Episode 30: Jay Bilas of ESPN
We spoke with Jay about his playing and coaching careers, Coach K, his camp, NCAA decision-making, and his work with ESPN. 1:30 Young Jeezy 3:00 Lessons from his father 4:30 College recruiting process 6:30 “Is your brother home?”? Johnny Dawkins story 9:00 Coach K: then and now 11:30 Hurley/Laettner/Coach K practice environments 13:30 Team USA Experience with Coach K 16:00 Duke basketball staples 17:35 Critiques 21:15 Jay Bilas Camp Culture 26:40 What problems are you trying to address at camp? 30:30 Pete Belle’s and Tom Izzo’s 34:15 NCAA Decision input 37:20 Czar of basketball for a day 40:30 NCAA concessions for HS players 45:15 I may not actually hate that Duke player 48:40 Analyst game preparation 52:15 NBA Draft process 55:30 Overseas basketball story Host: @pr0ia, Guest: @JayBilas
December 30, 2020
Episode 29: NBA Roundtable Awards Predictions and Over-Unders
The RoundTable got together to talk awards predictions, over-unders, preseason reactions, and added in some hot takes   1:00 MVP  1:44 MIP  5:31 6MOY   12:32 ROY   17:00 COY   20:25 EOY (Executive)   26:16 DPOY   29:53 Preseason reaction/mulligan on one of your takes on the last pod  37:00 Favorite over-unders Host: @pr0ia. Roundtable: @tsollenne, @bilo_lc, @thelegitceo
December 22, 2020
Episode 28: Jeremy Pope of Compass Prep
We spoke with Coach Pope about growing up in Compton, his playing career, being a GA at UW, Orangeville Prep, Compass Prep, his faith, and coaching philosophy.  0:50 Beginnings 2:00 LA Basketball culture 5:30 Competiting at different levels of college basketball 9:20 Working under Coach Hop 14:00 Being a graduate assistant 20:30 Keys to establishing programs 23:45 Big program wins 29:00 Orangeville Prep 36:45 AZ Compass Prep 39:40 Culture and cohesion 44:00 Career planning 45:50 Mentors 48:30 Serving as a role model 51:30 Offseason studying 53:15 Must-read books for coaches 55:15 Underrated Twitter follows 57:30 Faith Host: @pr0ia, Guest: @CoachJPope
December 16, 2020
Episode 27: NBA Roundtable Part 2: Western Conference Preview
0:40 Championship contender tiers 7:33 GM’s that had best offseason 18:00 Playoff teams 23:45 Destined for the lottery 30:00 Headscratcher offseason Host: @pr0ia  Guests: @LegitCEO, @Bilo_LC, @TylerSollenne
December 09, 2020
Episode 27: NBA Roundtable Part 1: Eastern Conference
0:40 Championship contender tiers 4:00 Playoff teams 7:33 GM’s that had best offseason 14:00 Lottery bound 19:40 Headscratcher offseason Host: @pr0ia, @LegitCEO, @bilo_lc, @tylersollenne 
December 09, 2020
Episode 26: PD Web
We spoke with PD about his Player Development Web, basketball philosophies, scouting methodologies and techniques, writing style, some underrated names, and even had him play mock GM.   0:30 Basketball roots  1:20 Audience  2:40 Writing style  4:30 Favorite basketball minds  5:40 Box score stats pros and cons  12:35 The Player Development Web  14:45 Instagram handle vs effective handle  18:45 Feel is teachable  21:45 Larry Bird front office theory  23:35-24:53 Empirical evidence vs eye test  28:15 The 3rd Dunk Rule  30:10 Evaluating shooting misses  32:40 Shot doctor chatter  39:10 Recruiting home can be a bad thing  41:15 Levels to this 44:40 Thoughts on UNC Offense  48:35 Favorite college+player fit  51:30 The minutiae of shooting  55:00 The minutiae of defending  57:30 The minutiae of PnR  1:01:50 NBA GMs picking scared  1:06:50 Favorite 2020 Draft fit  1:08:00 2020 Draft Day Slide Retribution Tour Candidate  1:09:50 The jury is still out on ________  1:11:15 Running the Motor City  1:21:30 Rockets talk  1:23:20 NBA basketball trends  1:26:10 Underrated high school names: Aaron  1:29:00 Underrated high school names: PD   Host: @pr0ia. Guest @abovethebreak3
December 02, 2020
Episode 25: Stan Jones of Florida State Men's Basketball
0:55 Basketball Journey 13:02 Competing in the Big East, SEC, and ACC 14:02 Steps to building a program 19:45 "Recruit attitude, develop skill" 29:15 Guiding student-athletes through distractions 34:00 Communicating with players and their families 39:00 Program-building through practice 42:20 Load management and injury prevention 47:10 Defensive principles 49:35 Keys to relationship-building 54:20 Learning from Coach Hamilton 58:50 Do what you do best, and do what you do the most 1:04:50 Projecting 2020-2021 team 1:10:20 2020 Draft Process 1:12:15 Vassell's fit in SA, Trent in Utah 1:17:20 Closed mouths don't get fed 1:24:30 Future stars in the coaching profession 1:26:10 Advice for young coaches and legacy
November 27, 2020
Episode 24: NBA Draft Reaction
Roundtable reacts to the NBA Draft   0:55 NBA Draft winners  5:20 Draft losers  10:05 GM that played it too conservatively  15:05 Surprising storylines  21:05 Favorite player+team fits  26:25 Favorite UDFA fits  30:35 Best value picks  35:05 Near misses  39:25 Undervalued moves  46:45 FA quick reactions   Host: @pr0ia, @tsollenne, @bilo_LC
November 20, 2020
Episode 23: NBA Roundtable discusses the NBA Draft
 0:50 Ripple effects from CP3 trade on the draft 2:30 Hottest draft takes 10:20 Sleeper Picks: 2nd rd/ UDFA that you believe in 17:15 Draft day sliders or riders 21:30 Draft or pass: Lamelo/jahmius/wiseman/pokushevski 36:30 Who are your guys?  48:50 Thoughts on the Duke trio of Stanley/Carey/Jones  Rate, review, and share your feedback! Twitter: @HoopThreadsPod|@pr0ia|@tsollenne| @bilo_lc|@thelegitCEO
November 17, 2020
Episode 22: Coach Mike Jones of DeMatha Catholic Basketball
We spoke with Coach Jones about his journey as a player to now the coach at DeMatha, leadership principles, USAB Youth development, relationship-building, and much more. 0:40 Chicken sandwich review  2:00 Basketball Journey 7:00 Importance of having DM Alumni on staff 7:55 Potential 9:10 Expectations for first-year Stags 11:25 Leadership roles 13:10 Channeling competitive energy as a leader 15:15 Relationship-building within the community 17:20 Protecting family time 19:00 Events at DeMatha 21:25 Team-building and coaching the Capital Classic 23:20 What makes the DMV different 25:15 In the Water Documentary 29:25 Gameplan adjustments off opponent scouting 32:10 Who are the critics that matter? 36:10 Outlook for the 2020-2021 season You can find Coach Jones on Twitter @DeMathaHoops and on Instagram @DeMathaBasketball
November 11, 2020
Episode 21: Colby Giacubeno and Houston Wilson of Prep Hoops
We spoke with two scouts about their journey, the offer process, recruiting, rankings, events, and asked them to give us some of the most underrated players in the DMV.   0:25 Basketball journey   7:06 What is one thing you’ve learned about in scouting that you wish you knew at the beginning?  10:45 Advice you often give to HS players?   13:00 Offers and the politics within  19:00 Czar of high school hoops  21:00 Rankings  26:00 Adjustments to rankings  29:09 Fit at the college level  32:30 Biggest rankings hits  33:30 What sets the DMV apart?  36:20 Important ingredients for a successful basketball event  38:30 Commonwealth Basketball Grass Routes Fall Series  40:15 Top 3 kids that don't hold an offer in the DMV  43:10 Young players with HM potential  46:00 Top 3 talent evaluators  49:00 DMV Underrated Dream Team   Rate/review/follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google,Twitter, Instagram, and more @HoopThreadsPod Follow Houston @houston_wilson1 and Colby @ColbyGHoops on Twitter
November 04, 2020
Episode 20: NBA Roundtable Playoff Recap
We brought on the boys to discuss the playoffs, offseason storylines, and trade ideas. Jordan Lyndaker: @bilo_LC Tyler Sollenne: @tsollenne Marcellus Bowie: @thelegitCEO 0:30 Postseason hits and misses 10:30 Trade ideas for discontent players 14:30 Clippers’ issues 18:20 Comparing LAC to ’11 Miami 24:10 Offseason Storylines 25:30 Jordan small market teams 32:00 Middle to Portland trade idea 38:40 Players looking to make a big jump 46:45 Tsolls made it through 45 mins without mentioning Luka 47:00 NBA commentator/talking head replacements
October 21, 2020
Episode 19: Kyle Williams of A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth
Kyle joined us to talk about his basketball roots, going from AAU dad to grassroots coordinator, details how A Long Talk got started, and talks candidly about what we can do on macro and micro levels to address the racial injustices happening every day. Please take the time to connect  @ALongTalk2020 Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, as well as Kyle's personal page @kylewilliamsD2i 1:20 Basketball roots  4:15 Growing up on the sidelines  9:45 AAU dad to grassroots coordinator  13:00 Sidwell Basketball  15:30 DC Protest leading to A Long Talk  18:45 Components of ALT  21:50 Misinformation 25:00 Disengaging for unproductive conversations  26:25 Ideologies broken down in ALT  28:42 Takeaway I want them to be on the right side of history clip  30:30 College campus outreach  36:30 Call to action for "allies"  39:20 Upcoming calls and Social Media  (@ALongTalk2020 Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
September 30, 2020
Episode 18: Osman Bangura of Team Durant
We spoke with Osman about his basketball playing journey, getting into the coaching profession, mentoring players, running events, PG county legends, and working for/coaching EYBL Team Durant. 1:47 2019 Made Hoops+ Durant content creators Jordan+Mac 3:02 Coaching/leadership style 5:07 Basketball Journey 9:07 Cleaning the bus 11:37 Injury adversity/end of playing career 18:27 Libyan National Team 20:27 Early coaching advice from John Lucas 21:47 Move as One: Beginnings of Team Durant 25:57 Not a checkbook, highlight KD’s involvement 30:02 Partnership with St James 32:07 St James Facilities/programs 33:52 MLK Tournament 38:02 I95 Coalition 41:37 AAU misnomers and relationships with area coaches 43:43 PG County legends 46:47 Legacy 49:07 Underrated Durant coach 49:47 Underrated Durant player 50:47 Sideline demeanor 51:27 Fall League
September 09, 2020
Episode 17: Maurice Kearney of SUNY Cortland MBB: Part 2
In Part 2 we discussed his early coaching years, working for the university's admissions department, recruiting insights, and creating lasting relationships as a Red Dragon.  1:05 What are you looking for in a Red Dragon? 3:20 SUNY Cortland 7:40 Red Dragon Athletics 13:00 Fieldhouse battles 16:40 Keeping it in the family 20:30 Wearing many hats as a DIII Coach 23:10 Area in coaching that has improved the most 26:45 Creating connections as an assistant 30:00 Honesty in recruiting 31:30 Advice 32:30 Big Haiti's growth 36:00 Blue Mountain and CMB trips 38:40 Current team 41:00 Learning the Cortland offensive+defensive principles 45:50 Cortland's Love and Basketball story 51:30 EDL and lasting relationships
September 02, 2020
Episode 17: Maurice Kearney of SUNY Cortland MBB: Part 1
In Part 1 of our conversation with Coach Mo we discussed his path to becoming a student-athlete at Cortland, his playing career, knowing and filling a role, playing and coaching under Cortland legend Tom Spanbauer, and deciding to turn down an out of state job upon graduation to finish up a degree and begin a career at SUNY Cortland. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1:09 2014 NBA Draft non-entry 1:34 Mo's love for the game 30:30 Choosing SUNY Cortland  11:38 His "Welcome to Cortland" moment 15:18 His game as a college student-athlete 18:58 Red Dragon family 22:09 Knowing and playing your role 24:35 2013 SUNYAC Championship team 30:49 Playing for Coach Spanbauer 35:00 Decision to stay at Cortland
September 02, 2020
Episode 16: Katie Kolinski of Lafayette WBB
We spoke with Katie about her basketball playing career, her time with Syracuse Men's Basketball, the impact Kobe Bryant made on her life, coaching full time through a pregnancy, player advocacy, and more.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:58 Basketball beginnings  04:27 Takeaways from SU MBB coaching staff  6:24 Roles as a manager and GA  9:48 Different types of gym rats  12:44 What makes the Cuse zone different  14:14 Julie and the Boeheim family  16:32 What is Coach Boeheim like  19:03 Coaching players that don’t play like you  24:50 UB Director of Ops  26:30 Assistant Coach at Lafayette  28:17 Covid cancelling the season  30:00 Recruiting  33:21 Learning about the history of the program  34:33 Being pregnant during the pandemic  37:16 Speaking out on social justice  39:15 WNBA players sitting out season for change  41:38 Mentoring while being mentored  43:12 Support of Cuse nation  44:27 Do you feel like you have made it
August 19, 2020
Episode 15: NBA Playoff Preview Roundtable with Jordan Lyndaker, Tyler Sollenne, and Marcellus Bowie
We brought on the boys to discuss their team's chances in the playoffs, sleeper picks, Finals predictions Jordan Lyndaker: @bilo_LC Tyler Sollenne: @tsollenne Marcellus Bowie: @thelegitCEO 00:47 Opening arguments for their team to win a championship 4:22 Underrated x-factor on one of the top 3 teams in either conference 7:56 Playoff hot take or prediction 19:45 Finals predictions 29:01 Celtics talk 33:01 Marcellus talks Blazers individual matchups 34:41 Jordan’s Finals picks
August 15, 2020
Episode 14: James Williams of Between the Lines Sports Part II
In Part two of our conversation with James Williams of Between the Lines Sports, we learned more on his early days in scouting, grassroots basketball, and the future of BTL Sports 1:00:52 0:10 G League work influencing grassroots scouting 2:38 Early scouting days 10:28 Open-minded scouting 22:31 Mindset of today’s elite athletes being different 26:05 Underrated figure in the grassroots basketball space 27:13 If I owned an NBA franchise 29:57 TJ Warren+ Phoenix Suns love 30:54 Future of BTL 34:37 Georgia talent 37:05 Nothing like mama’s cooking Follow James at @BTLHoops on Twitter and Instagram,
August 12, 2020
Episode 14: James Williams of Between the Lines Sports Part I
In Part One we speak with James about his experiences with the Canton Charge (G-League)  and Atlanta Krunk (ABA). He also shares his experiences to lend insight to aspiring basketball minds looking to break through in the industry. 6:02 Atlanta Krunk  13:00 Athletes in Action- China  16:12 Pursuing a career in basketball  25:50 Working for the Canton Charge  45:04 Players being prepared for opportunity  47:35 Importance of resiliency  Follow James at @BTLHoops on Twitter and Instagram,
August 12, 2020
Episode 13: Graham Bousley of George Washington University
We spoke with Graham about his high school playing days at Campbell Hall High school with the Holidays brothers, working under Bo Ryan at Wisconsin, stops at VCU and Rice before landing full-time assistant jobs working for Jamion Christian at Mount St. Mary's, Siena, and now George Washington.  We also got his thoughts on mentorship, accountability, recruiting, and much more. 0:39 Campbell Hall 3:21 The Holiday's: upbringing, competitiveness, breaking backboards 8:43 Picking Wisconsin 12:03 Learning from Coach Ryan 13:53 Wisconsin to VCU 16:00 Working on a star-studded VCU staff 18:02 Recruiting, evaluating, being mentored 20:55 DOBO at Rice 24:00 Scheduling 25:11 Building success at Mount St. Mary's and Siena 28:00 Transitioning to GW, coaching staff roles 30:29 Leadership Program at GW 32:01 Love is accountability, accountability is love 35:15 Grading possessions 37:02 Recruiting and current roster 41:34 Embracing competition in a team setting 43:12 Standards vs goals 44:37 GW 360  46:22 Importance of mentorship in your career path 48:07 There is no template for evaluation 50:30 Indigo love 51:16 GW elevator pitch
August 05, 2020
Episode 12: Joseph Gill of Mercenary Analytics Part I
Joe discusses his basketball career, early interest in statistics, his process, and intrinsic values 00:53 Basketball 3:27 High school matchups 5:09 Scouting leading to working in analytics 10:17 Protecting your intellectual property 11:53 Optimizing his process 16:57 Process of working with clients and creating individualized plans 22:10 Gap between analytics community and basketball purists 31:04 Working with someone who likes the game of basketball but plays for money vs player who loves the game of basketball, and plays for the love of the game 41:40 What makes Steph Curry successful  50:08 Most efficient offensive team in history
July 29, 2020
Episode 12: Joseph Gill of Mercenary Analytics Part II
00:05 Basketball is a game of markets 11:35 "What killed him was the laughter" efficiency story 22:40 Player who is called overpaid that isn't 27:15 The NBA Twitter community 28:52 Owning cold takes, followed by blasphemous Luka take 31:40 Jon Tauer: background, success, program staples 40:10 George Floyd and civil unrest in Joseph's hometown of Minneapolis 47:50 Toeing the line between blunt honesty on Twitter and sabotaging potential client relationships 53:15 Future of Merc Analytic 57:40 Turnaround for reports
July 29, 2020
Episode 11: Johnnie Izquierdo
We spoke with Johnnie about his beginnings in photography, mental health, collective vs individual work, and some of his favorite work 00:00:47 Beginnings in photography  00:10:28 Mental health  00:12:57 Support and inspiration  00:11:53 Mindset  00:15:48 Navigating the business  00:17:44 Relationships with photography subjects  00:20:36 Favorite moments  00:23:31 NYC Covid Video  00:28:01 The Unreleased Collection  00:30:34 Lessons learned from athletes  00:33:56 Collective vs Individual work  00:35:13 Peach Jam atmosphere  00:36:44 Shooting in different areas of the country  00:38:25 The moment he felt like he made it  00:41:22 Parting shots
July 22, 2020
Episode 10: Coleman Ayers of By Any Means
We spoke with Coleman about his time at St. John's, visual recaps, his documentary, training, running a business, and more 00:00:26 Basketball beginnings, early days of BAM  00:05:44 Visual recaps, By Any Means media  00:09:58 Running the City Documentary  00:15:20 Breakdown Video concepts  00:17:01 Coleman's favorite IG follows  00:18:45 Calculated Chaos  00:20:51 The comeback of basketball-specific athletes  00:23:50 Relationship with trainees   00:26:14 Discussing injustice with athletes  00:29:40 The business side of BAM  00:33:04 BAM gym  00:35:25 Time Management  00:37:34 SJC dream team  00:38:28 Avoiding the evaluation side of the basketball business  00:39:43 What makes the DMV different  00:42:24 BAM accounts  00:43:17 Underrated food spot
July 15, 2020
Episode 9: Mark Bialkoski of Maryland Men's Basketball
00:00:38 Basketball beginnings  00:03:59 Setting up the military appreciation game at Charlotte  00:05:36 Fatherhood and its impact on coaching  00:07:34 Transition from Charlotte to UMD  00:09:35 Adding value as a video coordinator  00:12:37 The many hats of a college DOBO  00:14:15 Quote about comm with players clip  00:15:37 Figuring out HC needs with a limited prior relationship  00:17:40 Effects of Covid-19 on college basketball  00:24:38 Final 5s  00:27:52 Criticism on Maryland's recruitment of DMV players  00:31:28 The importance of regional connections for assistant coaches  00:34:17 Following a legend  00:36:41 Developmental history of Terps under Coach Turgeon  00:40:37 NBA Draft prep  00:44:36 Anthony Cowan  00:46:32 Quarantine hobbies  00:48:10 What makes the DMV different
July 02, 2020
Episode 8: Johnny Carpenter of Virginia Men's Basketball
We spoke with Johnny about growing up in the DMV, his basketball philosophy, working for an NBA team, and learning under one of the brightest minds in basketball.  00:01:04 Professional beginnings  00:07:36 Coach Bennett's communication with players  00:09:24 Learning from Rick Carlisle  00:12:26 Approaches to help players that struggle with remembering plays  00:16:35 The 5 Pillars of UVA MBB  00:19:54 UVA's recruiting style  00:25:49 The offer process  00:30:50 Development keys  00:32:38 Money John Wooden quote  00:34:18 Practice time allotment  00:37:04 Casey Morsell projection  00:38:25 Kyle Guy's mental health triumph  00:39:37 Redemption from UMBC loss  00:43:33 2014-2015 Hoos running out of luck  00:48:24 Playing styles that give the pack line trouble  00:50:46 Fighting the "UVA is boring" narrative  00:53:56 Response to Charlottesville unrest and the current climate  00:56:40 Staples of the future Coach Carpenter program  00:58:59 What sets Coach Bennett apart  01:01:05 Book recommendations  01:03:31 What sets the DMV apart  01:04:39 Advice to listeners
June 27, 2020
Episode 7: Kyle Jakobe of Sweat Performance/Poly/East Coast Bump
We spoke with Kyle about his basketball career, training high school to professional athletes, working for Poly Hoops, and organizing East Coast Bump 00:00:46 Basketball beginnings  00:10:32 College career  00:15:03 Genesis of training career  00:18:48 Developing relationships/trust with athletes  00:21:44 Indicators for successful athletes  00:30:16 Fundamental Drill-stealing  00:33:20 Criticism he's grown from  00:36:02 Motivating athletes  00:40:05 Importance of supporting your athletes: Ray Rice  00:45:09 East Coast Bump  00:49:19 Baltimore+ the DMV  00:53:04 The importance of competition and learning from failure  00:58:13 Discipline  01:01:17 Poly  01:04:33 Avoiding claiming ownership of athletes' success  01:06:40 KJ Evans  01:09:57 Underrated players in the Baltimore area  01:13:30 Advice to parents and kids  01:14:37 The importance of examining your circle
June 23, 2020
Episode 6: Alec Kinsky of The Season Ticket
Alec came on to discuss his beginnings in the industry, roles with TSP/SportsEngine, the creation of The Season Ticket, Grassroots basketball, and more. 00:00:27 Beginnings  02:07 TSP/SportsEngine  06:22 Player's Health  11:17 Marketing   14:46 Relationships with coaches/players/audience  18:37 Developing staff  21:44 Initial difficulties  00:26:30 Interviews- Hoop Diamonds  29:10 Rankings  31:25 Closers  33:04 The Season Ticket  34:30 Misconsceptions  37:27 Grassroots basketball changes  38:23 Athletes and their platform  40:03 Following legends  42:02 AAU and HS coaches  45:20 Best grassroots team that didn't win a title  46:30 Alonzo Trier Island  47:18 What makes the DMV different  48:21 Biggest AAU What-If  49:24 Underrated players  52:12 Underrated coaches  53:42 Favorite moments  55:20 Peach Jam reflections
June 10, 2020
Episode 5: Ray Brewer and Ibn Muhammad
Ray and Ibn came on to discuss their basketball journeys, the early days of SDC training, their involvement with Team Takeover, and issues that grassroots/high school basketball face. Technical difficulties towards the end, but they gave some phenomenal answers all the way through to the end.  0:30 Ray and Ty Lawson  2:40 Ibn on his high school hoops  3:25 Ray's high school and prep career  6:50 Beginnings of Stay the Course Training  15:30 The mentorship of trainees, starting with Ibn in juco  18:45 Player experiences informing coaching  21:18 What makes the DMV different  30:01 TTO: It's just different  36:01 Scrimmages  39:00 TTO Alumni reinvesting in youth  41:50 Roster selection/recruiting  43:46 The importance of great role players  49:10 Misconceptions about AAU guys  54:03 HS basketball fixes  57:41 AAU's benefits for showcasing talent for college coaches  59:20 AAU bump  1:02:30 Hype music  01:04:00 Not-quick quick hitters 01:13:20 In the Water thoughts
May 29, 2020
Episode 4: Adam Ayalew of Prep Hoops
Adam speaks on high school hoops, scouting, recruiting, AAU, his career with Prep Hoops, future ambitions, and even some local eats!    :40 Coming up at Lake Braddock, Roanoke College, with Prep Hoops 2:40 Best advice he's gotten 5:00 Advice to high school players 6:14 Scouting, writing, photography, video 8:24 Ethics in the scoop business 9:30 Local media members 11:27 Unique approach to covering events 12:06 Talking about Prep Hoops Local Rankings 13:30 Czar of HS hoops 15:35 Transfer culture at HS and college level 17:00 HS live period impact, pros and cons 19:00 The timing of college scholarship offers 21:25 Importance of presentability 22:55 Talent scout role models and observations 24:05 What goes into covering a game 25:20 Favorite events 27:10 What sets the DMV apart 28:00 First hidden gem he saw in the DMV 29:27 Most fun player to cover 30:43 Underrated local college assistant 31:38 Top 3 Twitter follows 34:00 10 Underrated players in the area 37:41 DMV eats 39:05 Long-term goals and ambitions 40:00 Legacy and impact, Adam's "why"
May 28, 2020
Episode 3: Jake in the Paint
We spoke with Jake about being born in NYC, coming up in the DMV, covering all star games and high school basketball, and the NBA Draft.Guest appearance from both of his parents to discuss his growth as a media member and draft guy 00:00:40 Growing up in NYC    00:03:29 Covering the McDonald's All American Game    00:08:00 Balancing his classwork and hoops    00:09:00 AAU and youth basketball memories    00:14:10 What makes the DMV different    00:17:21 Commitment announcements    00:19:41 Switching from high school hoops to draft coverage    00:23:30 Staying out of the scoop business    00:26:27 Papa Rosen roasts the Bills and Jake's bracket predictions     00:32:00 Janine Rosen speaks on MCDAAG and his development as a media member    00:38:23 Jake wants all the smoke with    00:39:36 Jake's Kira Lewis moment, we knew it was coming    00:41:40 Jake responds to some of my favorite NBA prospects     00:44:06 Jake sells Deni Avdija and Aleksej Pokusevski    00:49:50 Prospect hits and misses    00:53:15 Jake on nonphysical traits that make players successful    00:55:17 Jake on the importance of not comparing     00:58:35 Predicting new trends in the NBA    00:59:30 Drafting a 10-man roster with players drafted outside of the top 15 in the past 3 drafts    01:02:00 Landing spots for Mac McClung    01:03:30 Jahmius Ramsey takes    01:08:00 Jake's most underrated player in the DMV
May 20, 2020
Episode 2: Marcellus Bowie of Legit Stats
Interview #2 was with the CEO of the area's largest statistics company, Legit Stat's Marcellus Bowie. We spoke about DMV Hoops, his own basketball career, his business' journey, and the issues that the high school landscape faces
May 20, 2020
Episode 1: Marc Stern of Capitol Hoops
Marc speaks on Capitol Hoops' roots in the basketball community, some of the favorite players that he's covered, the process of covering a game and cutting up footage to create a highlight, running Summer League, and his new line of Capitol Hoops face masks   7:50 The Capitol Hoops process: event coverage and media production   17:30 Running the Summer League at DeMatha   25:30 An underrated coach in the area   27:33 What sets the DMV apart   29:40 A player whose legacy isn't well-recognized   33:00 Memorable Highlight Plays   36:28 Highlight factories' impact on the game   38:20 Image and Likeness   41:20 High school hoops scene   45:07 The development of the Capitol Hoops team   48:30 Speaking on docuseries and documentaries
May 19, 2020