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Recent messages from Hope Family Fellowship - Winnsboro Campus
Made Alive - Ephesians 2
Paul doesn't discriminate when he address the "Saints" in Ephesus.  He boldly reminds them, they were ALL dead.  Everyone of them, and everyone of us were spiritually dead (Eph 2:1).  Don't stop reading there though, HOPE will arise friends.  Ephesians 2:4-5 reminds us, 'But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ— by grace you have been saved' 
September 21, 2022
HOPE - Ephesians 1 (part 1)
A HOPE divided or misplaced, will let you down every time.  Paul writes to the church at Ephesus and applauds them for 2 things..  Their FAITH in Christ and their LOVE for others.   Wow!!! What if "The Church", Your church, or YOU had that reputation!?  What if the first thing people knew or said about you, was "he/she sure is Faithful to Christ, and you know what... she LOVES everyone around her!" But unfortunately that's now the overarching reputation for Christians today... is it?
September 09, 2022
From the Israelite-Experience to the Moses-Experience
Listen along as Brother Tim shares how all to often we live life in the "Israelite-Experience", in bondage to our own sin.  But God has a "Moses-Experience" waiting for us.  He has truly called each of us to stand tall and bold, free from that bondage just as he called Moses.
September 05, 2022
The Advice is Bad - How to DRIFT from God
Have you ever been 'closer' to God than you feel like you are today? Not in physical distance, but in your everyday habits, conversations, and spiritual disciplines..?   Either you would say YES and acknowledge, maybe you aren't at the peak you once felt you were. Or on the other hand you say NO, I've never been closer.  Which leaves us to look internally and ask if that's the truth, or maybe today you are at the pinnacle of your relationship and we applaud you! But if you are NOT as close as you once were... what happened?  Well, frankly... God did NOT move, which in turn means it was us that "drifted".  Hang in there, your victory is around the corner.. Don't give up, don't give in, keep seeking that "which you first loved"!
August 16, 2022
The Advice is Bad - How to be DISSATISFIED
Today we continue our series; The Advice is Bad
August 09, 2022
The Advice is Bad - How to be an ADDICT
You've received bad advice from good people, from friendly people, teachers, parents, friends, Christians... Well, if we allow so many good people to offer us BAD ADVICE, this is what it would sound like for your pastor to offer Bad Advice.   Hang in until the end, I promise Good Advice and the Good News is on the horizon!
August 03, 2022
Burnin' Plows
You've heard of "burning bridges", usually used in a negative reference.  You "burned that bridge" so you'll never restore that relationship, or go back to that employer..   But there was a man named Elisha who burned a plow.  Not only the blow, but the 12 oxen and the yokes.  SO WHAT?  What significance is this?   Listen in and find out.
July 28, 2022
What Good is it?
Study along with us as we see what James has to say about Faith without works.... I can't wait, spoiler coming.... He says "THAT faith" is dead.
July 19, 2022
Remedies - Anonymous
Have you ever felt unseen, unnoticed, or even anonymous in life?  Maybe even at a family reunion the popular and boisterous cousins draw all the attention... Maybe in the grocery store you feel like people don't even recognize you.  What about in church? Do you feel like "just another person" there in the seats?   I pray you don't, but often our emotions and feelings do lead us to those thoughts.  So how do we get out of that RUT!? Listen in today to find the REMEDY to feeling ANONYMOUS in life.
July 12, 2022
Remedies - Boredom
Bored with life, with a relationship, work.... shhhhh Bored in church?! Yup it happens... How do we REMEDY boredom in life?  Listen in to part 3 of our current series REMEDIES.
July 07, 2022
Millennial Reign
In this episode, Pastor Keith shares about the "1000 Years" we find in Revelation 20:1-6.
June 29, 2022
Remedies - Anxiety
Denise shares in part two of our series; Remedies.  Listen in to see how ANXIETY unchecked, will fight for your attention when God wants it all.  
June 29, 2022
Remedies - Busyness
As we kick off this series, we look to scripture to find the much needed REMEDIES to our everyday struggles.   This week, we look at a day in Jesus' life that seems beyond busy.  Join us in Mark 1.
June 19, 2022
Learning from Enoch: Bro Tim Ross
Brother Tim Ross teaches us how little is said about Enoch, but how much we can learn from such few words.
June 15, 2022
Waiting (Acts 1 & 2)
Do you enjoy waiting? Of course not!   Is everything worth waiting for or on?  NOPE..  Listen in today to see what some men and women found worth waiting on.
June 09, 2022