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Hope And Cody

Hope And Cody

By Hope & Cody
We created this podcast to share our passions, our experiences, our opinions, and most of all to have fun! We will be discussing everything about love, relationships, family, and whatever else we feel like!
Steak and Tiddies
On todays episode we discuss our adventures in strip clubs. We also talk about the room mate phase of a long term relationship, and how we keep things spicy. We hope you enjoy! 
September 19, 2022
Naughty! You Asked, We Answered!
In today's episode we are answering the questions you sent us. We address juicy topics such as sending nudes to friends, thirsty exes, and only fans! 
July 20, 2022
Are you changing them, or challenging them?
On todays episode we discuss the difference between trying to change your partner, versus challenging them to improve and how it can benefit or damage a relationship! 
July 07, 2022
Becoming Mom and Dad
In this episode we discuss our experiences with becoming parents, from conception, to pregnancy, all the way to Isabel's birth story. We talk about how the experience changed us, and mention some of the most fun and scary parts of all of it. 
June 06, 2022
Long Distance Relationships
In todays episode we discuss the details of our long distance relationship during our deployments and time in the military. We talk about how we dealt with being separated for over a year, and how we managed to use it to make our relationship stronger. 
May 23, 2022
Team Johnny or Team Amber?
In today's episode we discuss the ongoing defamation trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.  So who's team are you on? 
May 02, 2022
Clean Fights and Dirty Sex
In todays episode we discuss one of the golden rules that we always try to aspire to in our relationship.  Keeping the fights clean, and the sex dirty. 
April 26, 2022
How do you know they're the one?
In today's episode we talk about dating in the modern world, finding the one, and what to do if you think they just aren't that into you. 
April 11, 2022
Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy!!!
In todays episode we will be discussing jealousy in relationships. Specifically our experiences with it and how it can intertwine with social media.
March 29, 2022
Who we are and how we met!
In this episode we will be introducing ourselves, talking about our love story, and discussing what it is we are hoping to accomplish with this podcast. We hope you love it! 
March 18, 2022