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The Bridegroom Speaks...Living Water for your desert heart.

The Bridegroom Speaks...Living Water for your desert heart.

By Hope's Garden
The Bridegroom Speaks podcast from Hope’s Garden is your source for heart to heart conversations about Christ the Bridegroom and His Divine Love Song, The Song of Songs. Listen and fall in love with Jesus, the Bridegroom of your soul and Healer of your heart.
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Desires of our Hearts, Episode 5
In this episode, Laura talks with Deborah, a member of the Sisterhood of Mary, Mystical Rose of God at Hope's Garden. They share their experiences of learning to speak to Jesus about the desires of our hearts. Our deepest desires are safe with Him. In fact, the desires of our hearts, were placed there by God, precisely because He longs to fulfill them Himself. The book referenced in this episode is The Cantata of Love, a Verse by Verse Reading of The Song of Songs by Father Blaise Arminjon and published by Ignatius Press. Learn more about Hope's Garden and our Brides of Christ groups at our website:
October 27, 2020
Redeeming October, Episode 4
Laura tells the story of how our Lord brought healing and redemption to a whole lot of traumatic memories involving the month of October.  She recalls her very first encounter with Christ the Bridegroom, though at the time of the encounter, she did not know that Name. Listen now! [note from editor: I couldn't get through editing this episode without needing to grab my tissues].
October 20, 2020
Seeing the Gift You Are, Episode 3
Laura guides us in imagining that we always relate with one another in ways that honor our dignity and our true identity as beloved ones of God; imagining ourselves as gift to one another; imagining the mutual and complementary relationships that men and women were designed by God to co-create with one another. It's not too late.
October 13, 2020
Miracle Healing on Valentine's Day
In episode 2 of the Bridegroom Speaks podcast, Laura shares how her long journey out of an abusive marriage and through the subsequent PTSD and emotional pain, was healed by the touch of our Lord on February 14, 2019. Christ the Bridegroom, Lover of our Souls, comes with hope and healing for all the wounded places in our desert hearts.   For more resources including our heart-led studies of The Song of Songs and our Consecration to Christ the Bridegroom, visit us at Purchase Christ the Bridegroom prints, prayer cards and stickers in our Shop:
October 6, 2020
First Encounter with the Bridegroom, Episode 1
Listen as Laura describes the beginnings of how she came to know Christ the Bridegroom and to understand the mission He has given to her.   After escaping an abusive marriage and receiving a miraculous healing on Valentine's Day 2019, Laura founded Hope's Garden,  the sanctuary where the spousal love of Christ the Bridegroom heals hearts, marriages and families. The Bridegroom Speaks podcast is an audio journal of Laura's mystical experiences and conversations with Jesus. 
September 30, 2020