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HoriZone Roundtable

HoriZone Roundtable

By Bob McDonald and Matt Dudek
A weekly recap of the latest news and views from around the Horizon League.
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The First Round's Done...But the Transfers Aren't
First the first round of the Horizon League tournament over, Bob and Matt discuss the winners and losers, including Purdue Fort Wayne advancing against Green Bay. Also, with the Phoenix's season through, they also talk about a swath of Green Bay players entering the transfer portal, including its star, Amari Davis.
February 28, 2021
Let the (Conference Tournament) Games Begin!
The Horizon League regular season has come to an end, and Dan Gliot from the Horizon League joins Bob, Matt and John to explain the ins and outs of the formula, seeding and the tourney format. Bob, Matt and John also talk about the last weekend of the regular season, including how any HL team has a shot at the tournament.
February 21, 2021
A Conversation with Bill Wampler (And Much More!)
Wright State has pulled back into a first-place tie with Cleveland State, and Bob and Matt welcome ex-Raider Bill Wampler (@BillyWampler2) on the podcast to talk about his old team and their ongoing success. Bob and Matt also tackle the rest of the week in the Horizon League, which feature the exit of AJ Bramah from Robert Morris, Marcus Burk's offensive tear, and a rare stumble for Cleveland State.
February 14, 2021
Hit 'Em High
With the season winding down, Bob and Matt take a look at how the Horizon League is shaping up, with the top two teams (Cleveland State and Wright State), well-positioned for the highest seeds, while teams like Norther Kentucky and Detroit Mercy are getting hot at the right time to stake their claim on the first-round conference tournament byes. Plus, they also talk about the bizarre ending to CSU-Oakland on Saturday, Robert Morris' overtime whoas, and the return of Darius Quisenberry and how that changes the team dynamic at Youngstown State.
February 7, 2021
The Formula
John Parker fills in for Matt, and talks with Bob about the Horizon League's tournament format and the formula the conference will use for seeding. They also discussed what happened over the weekend, which will likely not make the HL's seeding calculations that much easier.
January 31, 2021
Who Are You?
As the second half of the conference schedule kicks off, Bob and Matt are still trying to make heads or tails of the identities of the teams within the Horizon League, as inconsistency has been a predominant theme from top to bottom. They also delve into what the format for the conference tournament may look like, specifically the reported incentive top four teams will receive, 
January 24, 2021
Halfway Through...And Still Questions
It's the halfway point of the Horizon League schedule, and Bob and Matt talk about some of the surprises and disappointments throughout the conference. This includes Wright State's odd pattern of dominating one game and losing another for three weeks in a row, Youngstown State's continuing struggles, and the almost clockwork emergence of a logjam in the middle of the HL standings.
January 17, 2021
A View From the Top
Bob and Matt talk about Cleveland State's perfect start to the Horizon League schedule and what to look forward to from the Vikings moving forward. They also discuss Wright State's recent stumbles, which includes Youngstown State's upset of the Raiders on national television, as well as Oakland's woes against Green Bay and Milwaukee's strong showing against IUPUI.
January 10, 2021
Jordan Bernfield's Back!
Bob and Matt welcome back the Horizon League's play-by-play announcer, Jordan Bernfield (@jordanbernfield), to talk about the conference to this point and what to look forward to on the broadcasts. They also talk about the dynamic of calling games during the pandemic, along with the ever-shifting schedule.
January 4, 2021
The More Things Change...
While the Horizon League schedule remains in flux, thanks to COVID protocols, Bob and Matt have no shortage of things to talk about, including Detroit Mercy and Youngstown State's struggles, Cleveland State's strong early showing, and the first-ever conference wins for Robert Morris and Purdue Fort Wayne. Also, Bob details the changes coming to the 2021 Jimmy Lemke Fan Battle Royale.  
December 28, 2020
Happy Holidays (And the Start of the Conference Schedule)!
John Parker joins Bob and Matt to sort through the first weekend of conference games in the Horizon League, which includes last-minute schedule changes and the recent announcement from the NCAA allowing transfer waivers (with one big exception).
December 21, 2020
Cramming for Finals
With all but a couple of non-conference games left to play, Bob and Matt review the crush of contests played by Horizon League teams over the past week, They also discuss the upcoming conference slate and the potential roadblocks COVID presents. Finally, they announce the return of HoriZone Gamenight, the recap show taking place after every night of competition (not to be confused with the Horizon League's game night, which is not live and features student athletes playing actual games).
December 14, 2020
Whac-A-Mole Scheduling
With the Horizon League non-conference schedule still sorting itself out, Bob and Matt recap what did and did not happen this last week. Included is the debuts of Cleveland State and Wright State, the early-season success of UIC and Northern Kentucky, Detroit Mercy's strong showing against Michigan State, and the seemingly never-ending power-school buzzsaw Oakland is going through.
December 6, 2020
Starting the Season With Tony Paul
Tony Paul, the long-time writer with the Detroit News, joins Bob and Matt to kick off the first episode of the regular season. They talk about Oakland's early struggles and how the three-week layoff due to positive COVID tests have had an impact. Also, while Detroit Mercy had to cancel its opening set of games against Kentucky and Richmond, they talk about the advantage of more prep time, coupled with Noah Waterman's transfer waiver approval, will affect the Titans. 
November 29, 2020
The 2020 Student Media Forum
As it's become tradition in run-up to basketball season, Bob and Matt welcome members of the student media to discuss their teams and, given the unusual circumstances that the pandemic has created, how they've adjusted. This year, student media from across the Horizon League include Anton Krieger from the Cauldron at Cleveland State, Matthew Dietz from Northern Kentucky's Northerner, and Austin Bechtold from the Colonial Sports Network at Robert Morris. 
November 22, 2020
Horizon Boy Returns!
Bob and Matt welcome back the ubiquitous Horizon League handicapper Horizon Boy to the podcast. During this episode, they discuss the odds of potential game cancellations, due to COVID-19, as well as how he shapes up the conference standings in general.
November 15, 2020
Preseason Madness
While Tony Paul from the Detroit News will still be on a future episode, in this particular episode, Bob and Matt discuss the recent news that Oakland's Greg Kampe tested positive for COVID and what we expect to see in that area from schools around the league. They also talk about the Horizon League schedule format and how the conference's preseason polls match up with the HoriZone Roundtable's.
November 8, 2020
Post-Preview Week Recap, Part 2
With Preview Week on in the books, Bob and Matt welcome John Parker (@jjparker084) to talk about how everyone's pre-season predictions shook out. Naturally, because of how many teams are now involved, this is the second of a two-part recap. And this episode also presents a challenge related to Bob's hair. Here's a hint: It involved Loudon Love and the National Kidney Foundation.
November 2, 2020
Post-Preview Week Recap, Part 1
With Preview Week on in the books, Bob and Matt welcome John Parker (@jjparker084) to talk about how everyone's pre-season predictions shook out. Naturally, because of how many teams are now involved, this is the first of a two-part recap
November 1, 2020
On the D1 Docket
Charles Pipkins, who runs the popular Twitter account @TheD1Docket, joins Bob and Matt to talk about scheduling for the 2020-21 basketball season, which is fraught with uncertainties because of the pandemic. They discuss the impact the NCAA rulings have had on buy games and MTEs, as well as the conference schedules, particularly mid-majors like the Horizon League
October 25, 2020
Bonus: The End of an Era
Horizon League Commissioner Jon LeCrone will be stepping down and replaced by deputy commissioner Julie Roe Lach at the beginning of 2021, and Bob and Matt, with guest John Parker, discuss LeCrone's tenure in the conference and what to expect in Roe Lach's term. Plus, Bob reads what can only be described as LeCrone's smiting of an incorrigible young man (read: Bob in 2001).
October 19, 2020
A Blue Ribbon Discussion
Bob and Matt are joined by Blake Lovell (@theblakelovell), the associate editor for Blue Ribbon and the contributing editor the the Horizon League part of the annual college basketball yearbook. They talk about how Blue Ribbon ranked the conference from top to bottom, along with some discussion on players who could make an impact.
October 18, 2020
The Scheduling Conundrum
As the season approaches, Bob and Matt discuss what's already known about non-conference schedules for schools around the conference. They also talk about the uncertainty of how many Horizon League games will be played and in what format. Plus, they recognize a pair of Oakland alumni making a splash in the pros (not just basketball), along with other former league players.
October 11, 2020
2020 Fall Fan Forum, Part 2
In the second part of the annual Fall Fan Forum, fans from around the Horizon League discuss their team's prospects for the upcoming season. Participants: Cleveland State - Craig Jones (@CraigBonesJones) Detroit Mercy - Rick Neaton (@rickneaton) Green Bay - Kevin Pytleski (@kevinpyt) IUPUI - Jacob Clamme (@jagpound) Milwaukee - Brandon Eckel (@b_eckel4) Oakland - Ken Williams (@iamlegendkw) Purdue Fort Wayne - Travis Olinske (@TravisOlinske) Robert Morris - Chris Cappella (@C_Cappella) UIC - Joe Scott (@joescott) Youngstown State - Niko Pappas (@pap_attack95)
September 27, 2020
2020 Fall Fan Forum, Part 1
The largest group of fans ever to take part in a HoriZone Roundtable event joined Bob and Matt for the first part of the annual Fall Fan Forum. In this episode, they discuss the NCAA's greenlight of the 2020-21 season, as well as the impact on scheduling, now that the start date and maximum number of games have changed. Participants: Cleveland State - Craig Jones (@CraigBonesJones) Detroit Mercy - Rick Neaton (@rickneaton) Green Bay - Kevin Pytleski (@kevinpyt) IUPUI - Jacob Clamme (@jagpound) Milwaukee - Brandon Eckel (@b_eckel4) Oakland - Ken Williams (@iamlegendkw) Purdue Fort Wayne - Travis Olinske (@TravisOlinske) Robert Morris - Chris Cappella (@C_Cappella) UIC - Joe Scott (@joescott) Youngstown State - Niko Pappas (@pap_attack95)
September 20, 2020
Finally, A Conversation with Dikembe Dixson
More than two years after Bob and Jimmy wondering aloud about this, former UIC player Dikembe Dixson is finally joining the podcast to talk about his time with the Flames, as well as his career in the pros and interaction with fans.
September 17, 2020
Dudek vs. Sarow
Jim Sarow (@JimSarow) returns to the podcast to continue the debate he and Matt have been having via Twitter about Horizon League teams and buy games. And they also talk (with Bob, of course) about the Will Ryan hire, the ongoing situation with Wright State and the possibility that a bubble not unlike the NBA will happen at the start of college basketball season.
September 1, 2020
A (Jordan) Blount Conversation
Bob and Matt catch up with former UIC player Jordan Blount, who has recently joined Basket Navarra's squad to start his pro career. They discuss his time in the U.S., both at the Spire Institute and with the Flames, the firing of Steve McClain, and Blount's well-documented interactions with Loudon Love and Wright State.
August 16, 2020
The 2020 Writer's Panel
Bob and Matt are joined by writers from, including John Parker (@jjparker084), Alec Kwait (@alec_kwait) and Nick Lorensen (@nlorensensports) to talk about the off-season. Topics include Marcus Burk's return to IUPUI (and the Jags' rising hopes for next season), Oakland's power conference scheduling and the uneventful off-season Wright State has had where the Raiders are still favored to take to conference.
August 9, 2020
Trying to Keep Up With the Changes
Kyle Craven from Norse Report (@NorseReport) and Karic Jones (@Karic_Jones) talk with Bob and Matt about two rosters that have seen quite a few changes during the off-season: Northern Kentucky and Detroit Mercy. They also discuss the recent postponement of the Horizon League's fall sports and the potential impact on the start of basketball season.
July 26, 2020
Heat Check!
College basketball scribe and analyst Eli Boettger joins Bob and Matt to talk about his new venture, Heat Check, which includes a college basketball sim that has proven very useful during the lull in real basketball. They also discuss how the Horizon League is shaping up next season, and, of course, the looming spectre of COVID-19 on next year.
July 12, 2020
Fandom Dos and Don'ts
Bob and Matt welcome Oakland's director of compliance, Mari Tilashalski, to discuss all the ins and outs of the compliance office. More importantly, they talk about some pitfalls fans fall into in their interactions with college sports and, specifically, players and recruits.
June 28, 2020
Welcome to the Horizon League, Robert Morris
With the announcement of Robert Morris joining the Horizon League official, Bob and Matt welcome Colonials head coach Andy Toole to the podcast. They talk about the process leading up to RMU's arrival to the conference, as well as what HL fans can expect from Robert Morris during the 2020-21 campaign.
June 21, 2020
A Conversation with Brian Kuklinski (And More!)
Bob and Matt welcome the play-by-play voice of Green Bay, Brian Klukinski (@Brian_Kuklinski) to discuss the recent hiring of Will Ryan and the overall impact it will make on the program. Also, IUPUI has opted to retain Byron Rimm as head coach, so naturally Bob and Matt have some thoughts. Plus, the Robert Morris-to-the-Horizon League move will become official, so there's a little something about how that changes the landscape of the conference.
June 14, 2020
Ryan's Hope
John Parker fills in for Bob (sort of) to talk with Matt about Green Bay's newly-hired head coach, Will Ryan, who is the son of Bo Ryan and spent the past season at Division II Wheeling. Also, they discuss rumors of the addition of Robert Morris to the conference, as well as Wright State's decision to drop three sports and, as a consequence, must apply for an NCAA waiver to stay in Division I.
June 8, 2020
A Conversation With Dennis Gates
Bob and Matt welcome Cleveland State head coach Dennis Gates on the podcast to talk about this past season, as well as what to look forward to the future. They also talk about Gates' academic background, which is unique in coaching circles, and his overall approach to building the CSU program.
May 22, 2020
Bonus: Darner's Demise
Green Bay has decided to part ways with head coach Linc Darner, and Bob, with John Parker filling in for Matt, have a look at what went down. They talk about the time, the players' next steps and who will possibly take the helm.
May 19, 2020
A Conversation With Jerrod Calhoun
Bob and Matt welcome Youngstown State coach Jerrod Calhoun to the podcast. During this episode, they talk about the progress the Penguins have made during his tenure and the work left to do. They also discuss the upcoming schedule, including stops at West Virginia and VCU, as well as the impact the team's returning players and the homecourt advantage of the Beeghly Center.
May 17, 2020
The 2020 Jimmy Lemke Fan Battle Royale, Part 2
In the second part of the 2020 Jimmy Lemke Fan Battle Royale, Bob and Matt continue the discussion about the Horizon League and its teams with fans from across the conference. The list of participants: Cleveland State:  Tim Bundy (@duds14) Detroit Mercy: Shawn O'Neil (@UD_Shawn) Green Bay: Kevin Pytleski (@KevinPyt) IUPUI: Erin Dunn (@Mystic_Flute1) Oakland: Landon Melling (@landoncmelling) Purdue Fort Wayne: Travis Olinske (@TravisOlinske) UIC: Olyer Anderson (@Flamesmania) Wright State: Mathis Amidon (@bonesamidon)
May 10, 2020
The 2020 Jimmy Lemke Fan Battle Royale, Part 1
This is the first part of the 2020 Jimmy Lemke Fan Battle Royale. Fans from every school not named Milwaukee, Northern Kentucky and Youngstown State weighed in on a variety of topics related to last season and prospects for the year ahead. The list of participants: Cleveland State:  Tim Bundy (@duds14) Detroit Mercy: Shawn O'Neil (@UD_Shawn) Green Bay: Kevin Pytleski (@KevinPyt) IUPUI: Erin Dunn (@Mystic_Flute1) Oakland: Landon Melling (@landoncmelling) Purdue Fort Wayne: Travis Olinske (@TravisOlinske) UIC: Olyer Anderson (@Flamesmania) Wright State: Mathis Amidon (@bonesamidon)
May 3, 2020
Jeremy Otto Is Present In the Absence of Sports
Bob and Matt welcome Jeremy Otto, who is the television play-by-play voice for Detroit Mercy. They talk about the Titans' season and look towards what to expect for next year. They also have a conversation about Jeremy's podcast, In The Absence of Sports, which features interviews from figures throughout the sports world discussing the impact of the coronavirus on the current sports landscape.
April 26, 2020
A Purdue Fort Wayne Primer With John Nolan
With Purdue Fort Wayne entering the Horizon League, Bob and Matt welcomed John Nolan, the voice of the Mastodons' television home games, to the podcast. During their conversation, they talked about what fans can expect with the arrival of Fort Wayne, from Mastodons coach, Jon Coffman, to their 2020-21 roster.
April 19, 2020
Our 100th Episode!
Bob and Matt celebrate the 100th episode (not counting the pilot and bonus episodes) of the HoriZone Roundtable. They also discuss some of the takeaways from their conversation with Grant Weatherford related to IUPUI. And with the transfer portal wide open and the spring signing period ready to start, they talk about some the recent landing spots for ex-Horizon League players, along with some recent verbal commits.
April 12, 2020
Bonus: Grant Weatherford Is Leaving IUPUI
In this bonus episode, Bob and Matt have a candid conversation with Grant Weatherford, who recently announced that he would be leaving IUPUI and entering the transfer portal. They discuss the past season playing under interim coach Byron Rimm, what ultimately led to his decision to enter the portal and his plans for the future.
April 11, 2020
A Conversation With Luke Yaklich
Bob and Matt welcome new UIC head coach Luke Yaklich, currently in Austin due to the coronavirus pandemic, to the podcast. They talk about his coaching roots (primarily at his high school and college alma maters), as well as his experience with John Beilein at Michigan and Shaka Smart at Texas. Also, Coach Yaklich talks about his approach to recruiting and communicating with his current players remotely.
April 6, 2020
A Conversation with Kay Felder
Bob and Matt welcome former Oakland superstar and pro basketball player Kay Felder to the podcast. Among the topics they discuss are Kay's collegiate career with the Golden Grizzlies and the draft experience. They also talk about playing with the defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers and Kay's hometown team, the Detroit Pistons, as well as his most recent time playing in China.
April 5, 2020
Matt's Back! But Who Else Is?
Matt returns from his abbreviated tour, and he and Bob catch up how the off-season has shaped up in the early going. They discuss the possibilities for the new UIC coach (including the brother of a current Horizon League coach), along with some the the transfers that have taken place so far.
March 22, 2020
Everything Is Canceled...Except Us!
Kyle Craven and John Parker join Bob to talk about everything that has gone down since the Horizon League Tournament, specifically the cancellation of all sporting events due to the coronavirus outbreak. There was still plenty of other topics to discuss, including Steve McClain's ouster at UIC and the pending coaching change at IUPUI.
March 16, 2020
Horizon League Tournament Recap From Kyle Craven
In this bonus episode, Kyle Craven from the Norse Report delivers a recap of the semi-finals and finals of the Horizon League Tournament at Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis. This includes his perspective on the atmosphere while he was in Indy, a review of all three games, and his overall take on the tournament in general.
March 15, 2020
And Then There Were Four...
John Parker fills in for Matt to talk recap the first round and the quarterfinals of the Horizon League Tournament with Bob. They also discuss the decision facing IUPUI in the off-season, the potential for chaos in Indianapolis and the post-season prospects of Youngstown State.
March 9, 2020
One-on-One With Justin Kinner
Bob welcomes Justin Kinner, the long-time staple at WING-AM 1420 in Dayton and host of the Horizon League's Reach the Horizon podcast. They discuss the recent All-Horizon League selections, the origins of the Reach the Horizon podcast and the upcoming Horizon League tournament that culminates in the semifinals and finals at Indiana Farmers Arena in Indianapolis. 
March 3, 2020
The Regular Season Recap With Jimmy Lemke
Jimmy re-joins Bob after some time away from the podcast to talk about the end of the regular season in the Horizon League. They also, between talking about food and Jimmy's view of the conference, their picks for the All-Horizon League teams.
March 1, 2020
Bonus: Detroit Mercy Is Officially, Officially Ineligible
Bob and Matt, in his last episode for about a month, welcome John Parker on this bonus episode to discuss the recent news that Detroit Mercy has officially been declared ineligible to participate in the Horizon League Tournament. They discuss the ramifications for the conference, specifically how the No. 3 seed now gets a bye, and what to make of Detroit Mercy's situation as a whole.
February 27, 2020
Horizon Boy Is Here!
Bob (without Matt, unfortunately), welcomes Horizon Boy (@HorizonBoy_HB) to the podcast to talk about handicapping the Horizon League, as well as the past week. That includes Youngstown State's upset of Wright State, along with the Northern Kentucky's solidifying their place in heading to Indy, Detroit Mercy's never-ending APR ban and UIC's predicament going into next season.
February 23, 2020
Bonus Episode: Of Course Dennis Felton Is Suing Cleveland State
Bob discovered the lawsuit filed by Dennis Felton against Cleveland State for breach of contract, and naturally he's talking about it. That includes narrating the entire termination letter Athletics sent Felton.
February 18, 2020
Ranking the Horizon League Fan Bases
Todd Buckingham (@major_mid) returns to talk about the week's games with Bob and Matt. They also discuss Todd's fan engagement rankings, where he looked the fan bases at all Horizon League teams (including incoming Purdue Fort Wayne) and assessed which fandom is rated highest.
February 16, 2020
The Still-Flickering Flames
Matt Fordon (@NDLOfficial) from the new Chicago blog Numbers Don't Lie ( Bob and Matt to talk about the seemingly perpetual up-and-down struggles of UIC, as well as the continual logjam in the middle of the conference standing. Bob also throws out a wild conspiracy theory that involves Cleveland State and a Ukranian oligarch, and they discuss the neverending woes at IUPUI.
February 9, 2020
Super Logjam Sunday
Bob and Matt (with the new Twitter handle @horizoneMatt) discuss not only Matt's new handle change but also the point before the weekend when five Horizon League teams were all tied at 5-5 in the conference standings. They also talk about yet another Oakland win against Detroit Mercy and what the future holds for IUPUI, specifically who will be coaching next season.
February 2, 2020
Today Sucks
Bob and Matt welcome Kyle Craven, Karic Jones and John Parker, the co-hosts of the upcoming HoriZone Gamenight live show. However, before getting into the week's games, the group discusses the impact and influence of the late Kobe Bryant. After that, they get into the new jumble in the middle of the Horizon League pack, as well as Wright State's dominance of Northern Kentucky.
January 26, 2020
More Roller Coasters Than Cedar Point
Bob and Matt discuss the latest Horizon League results, including yet another a disappointing showing by Oakland, the unpredictability of Milwaukee and Green Bay, and comparing teams to rides at Cedar Point. They also talk about the possibility of Northern Kentucky's Tyler Sharpe making his argument to be named conference Player of the Year. Plus, there's an announcement of some new HoriZone Roundtable programming.
January 19, 2020
On the Road With Jordan Bernfield (And More!)
Bob and Matt talk with the Horizon League's play-by-play voice on ESPN, Jordan Bernfield, to talk about the unbelievable 30-point run Northern Kentucky put together against UIC, plus the questionable future of Flames coach Steve McClain. Bob and Matt also talk about how Matt is relieved he didn't have to do a standalone Cleveland State episode (thanks to a foul-ridden loss to Oakland). Plus, they discuss Youngstown State's surge and the emergence of Milwaukee.
January 12, 2020
Too Long; Didn't Listen
The second weekend of the Horizon League slate is in the books, and Bob and Matt recap what has been a pretty bad time for a lot of teams, with the exception of Wright State and, surprisingly, Cleveland State. Among other topics is how hot the seat UIC's Steve McClain is on now, Detroit Mercy's upset of Northern Kentucky, and what to make of Milwaukee.
January 6, 2020
New Year's 2020 Live!
Bob and Matt recorded the latest episode live via YouTube (although apparently without Matt's audio), taking questions from fans after the first weekend of the Horizon League schedule. Among the topics were the emergence of Youngstown State, Green Bay's win over Northern Kentucky and the futures of UIC's Steve McClain and Milwaukee's Pat Baldwin.
January 1, 2020
The Non-Conference Slate Ends
Karic Jones fills in for Matt as the non-conference part of the schedule comes to an end. And Detroit Mercy, finally off of its APR ban, is still in turmoil. Plus, Wright State and Northern Kentucky appear to own the top of the standings. But will the Norse's recent injuries be a factor?
December 22, 2019
People Come and Go So Quickly Here
Matt and Kyle Craven, who's filling in for Bob, talk about a pretty busy week in the Horizon League, personnel-wise. That includes the denial of Rashad Williams' transfer waiver, the exit of Wright State's Skyelar Potter and the pending returns of Loudon Love and Jordan Blount, along with Tank Hemphill shutting it down for the season. They also talk about yet another dismal week for the Horizon League, aside from the good showing by Northern Kentucky.
December 16, 2019
And It Was All Going So Well
The Horizon League has itself another bad day on Saturday, and Karic Jones joins Bob and Matt to talk about Detroit Mercy's struggles in particular. They also walk though IUPUI getting absolutely destroyed by Ball State and yet further proof that the conference has a long way to go to make progress.
December 8, 2019
Holiday Disasters and Surprises
The non-conference schedule, specifically holiday tournament games, have not been kind to the Horizon League this past week. Bob and Matt break down the struggles of Detroit Mercy and UIC. Also, they get into another impressive win by Cleveland State, along with the emergence of Grant Basile stepping in for the injured Loudon Love for Wright State.
December 1, 2019
Such a Strange Week
Bob and Matt sift through the swath of games this week, in which Northern Kentucky lost to Texas Southern and Cleveland State swept their weekend in Washington, DC. Also, because of the inordinate amount of games featuring Horizon League teams on FloSports, Bob has some opinions on that platform.
November 25, 2019
Alien Abductions, IUPUI's Upset and Other Unexplained Phenomena
Bob and Matt welcome prolific writer John Parker to the podcast to discuss IUPUI's upset over South Florida and the possibility of reassessing the Jags' prospects in the Horizon League. John also talks about his visit to The Pit, where he saw Green Bay take on New Mexico. And of course, there is this discussion about some of the missing starters around the conference to start the season.
November 17, 2019
At Last! Dan Hasty's on!
After many delays, Bob and Matt finally have the voice of Detroit Mercy men's basketball, Dan Hasty, on the podcast. And it's just in time, as the Titans are gearing up for the regular season. They talk about the off-season pick-ups, the APR ban and, of course, Antoine Davis
November 10, 2019
Bonus Episode - Say Something!
Rashad Williams has had his transfer waiver denied by the NCAA, meaning he'll have to sit out a year for Oakland. Naturally, Matt has some things to say about that and his new disdain for Cleveland State and athletic director. Bob also has an opinion on the matter, mostly about the silence.
November 3, 2019
The 2019 Student Media Forum
Bob and Matt welcome members of the student media from across the Horizon League to talk about the run-up to the upcoming season. Included in this discussion are off-season changes, a recap of exhibition games and the first week of the regular season. Student Media Representatives: Jorge Reyna, Jr. (@reynaja05) - Varsity News (Detroit Mercy) Sierra Newton (@SoFlossieWrites) - The Northerner (Northern Kentucky) Brian Yauger (@_brianyauger) - The Jambar (Youngstown State
November 3, 2019
Student Sections Unite!
Bob and Matt welcome Michael Prestininzi (@MPrestininzi44) from Oakland's Grizz Gang (@OUGrizzGang) to talk about his organization and the evolution (or lack thereof) of student sections across the Horizon League. They also talk about the results from some of the early conference exhibitions and scrimmages, along with the ongoing transfer waiver saga.
October 27, 2019
The Hinky Vote and Other Conference Predictions
The official Horizon League preseason poll and all-conference team picks are out. And Bob and Matt welcome Todd Buckingham (@major_mid) to discuss where each school is situation compared with some of the other predictions. That includes the first-place vote for Cleveland State, even though the Vikings were picked to finish last.
October 20, 2019
Post-Preview Week Discussion
Bob, Jimmy and Matt go over the preseason predictions made on These include Wright State picked to finish first, and the surprise of UIC picked second. They also talk about potential bulletin board material for IUPUI (picked 9th), as well as the situation at Oakland (picked 4th). And the podcast has a special announcement to close out, so keep listening until the end!
October 13, 2019
On the Youngstown State Beat with John Vargo
John Vargo (@jvargoTrib), Youngstown State basketball writer for the Tribune-Chronicle in Warren, Ohio, joins Bob and Jimmy to talk about the Penguins and how they will fare this year in the Horizon League. Also, Bob and Jimmy discuss Detroit Mercy's Antoine Davis and his possible NBA prospects after the season.
October 6, 2019
The 2019 Fall Fan Forum, Part 2
In the second part of the 2019 Fall Fan Forum, fans from around the Horizon League talk about the ongoing APR ban at Detroit Mercy. Plus, they discuss both conference and non-conference scheduling. And yes, the HL's official podcast came up. Participants: Cleveland State: Phil Daniels (@HLGA2020) Detroit Mercy: Rick Neaton (@rickneaton) Green Bay: Jim Sarow (@JimSarow) Milwaukee: Chad Knodl (@ChadKnodl) NKU: Chris Boggs (@BigBadBoggs) Oakland: Chris Cousineau (@Cousi7) Wright State: Ricky Redinger (@R_Redinger4)
September 29, 2019
The 2019 Fall Fan Forum, Part 1
Bob and Jimmy welcome fans from across the Horizon League (except IUPUI, UIC and Youngstown State, apparently) to the annual fall fan forum. Among the topics discussed include preseason publications, Wright State's position at the top, and potential contenders to the conference crown. Participants: Cleveland State: Phil Daniels (@HLGA2020) Detroit Mercy: Rick Neaton (@rickneaton) Green Bay: Jim Sarow (@JimSarow) Milwaukee: Chad Knodl (@ChadKnodl) NKU: Chris Boggs (@BigBadBoggs) Oakland: Chris Cousineau (@Cousi7) Wright State: Ricky Redinger (@R_Redinger4)
September 22, 2019
Bob, with guest host Matt Dudek, discuss Jason Gardner's arrest and his subsequent dismissal as head coach at IUPUI, along with the subsequent fallout. They also talk about how the Horizon League's turbulent off-season wrought havoc on preseason publications. Plus, Matt wonders how the current APR ban on Detroit Mercy isn't a bigger story. Finally, with the Horizon League launching its Reach the Horizon podcast, where does it fit into the podcast landscape?
September 8, 2019
Two Episodes for the Price of One!
In this extended episode, Bob and Jimmy discuss the recent attendances and ticket sales figures posted in an article by Stadium. Also, Jimmy gets into the recent decision to expand the Klotsche Center and the long, sorted history behind the move.
August 26, 2019
Welcome, New Writers (And Purdue-Fort Wayne)!
Bob and Jimmy introduce the new writers to the, including guests Karic Jones (@Karic_Jones), Marc Weems (@bigweems) and Kyle Craven (@KyleCraven_NR). Since Purdue-Fort Wayne announced its move to the Horizon League in 2020, this is discussed, as is any potential 12th member. Also discussed were the new tournament format and venue, Detroit Mercy's APR issues and the latest in the Cleveland State rebuild.
August 11, 2019
And Just Like That, Cleveland State Has a New Coach
It only took two weeks from the announcement that Dennis Felton was fired as head coach at Cleveland State to the hiring of Florida State assistant Dennis Gates as the new head coach. Bob and Matt Dudek, filling in for Jimmy, break down the new hire and how this will impact the Vikings. Also, Bob and Matt finally get to talk about the new Horizon League Tournament format, which includes some old incentives for the top teams.
July 29, 2019
Extinction Level Event, Part 2
Dennis Felton is out at Cleveland State, as is his entire staff. Bob and Jimmy discuss the events leading up to the firing, including the seemingly never-ending exodus of players. They also talk about who is in the mix for the job and what CSU could be looking for as the ideal candidate for the coaching role.
July 14, 2019
Extinction Level Event
Cleveland State's basketball program as imploded, as four of its five top scorers have entered the transfer portal, including All-Horizon League player Tyree Appleby. Bob, with Matt Dudek (@GrizzTalkOU) filling in for Jimmy, discuss the impact this will have on CSU. Also, there may be some implications for other Horizon League schools, specifically Oakland.
July 1, 2019
A Conversation with Greg Kampe
Oakland's head coach Greg Kampe joins Bob and Jimmy to talk about a variety of subjects, from the surprise success of his team last season to the challenges of the upcoming year. He also lays out his assessment of the transfer portal and possible recommendations to makes some changes to that process in the future. Finally, they talk about Kampe's work in the fight against cancer. Topics A Recap of Oakland's season The transfer portal and its effects Detroit Mercy's APR issues Coaches vs. Cancer and upcoming events
May 21, 2019
A Conversation with Scott Garrett
In this episode, Bob talks with Scott Garrett, the new athletic director at Cleveland State. They discuss Garrett's Horizon League roots. as well as his plan for Cleveland State moving forward. Topics Garrett starting at UIC and working his way up The current and potential future of the media landscape at Cleveland State Getting students involved The plan for the Wolstein Center Lacrosse's upward trajectory
May 20, 2019
The Second Take on the Spring Signing Period (Because Bob Lost the First)
Since technical difficulties wiped out Bob and Jimmy's original discussion about the ongoing spring signing period, Bob has had to come up with an episode by himself (Sorry, Jimmy). Oakland's got a scholarship left to give, and Northern Kentucky and Wright State are finalists in the Marcus Domask sweepstakes. Plus, does anyone know what Detroit Mercy is going to do with its six open scholarships. Finally, Bob had to say something about the Christian Dawkins trial. Topics: Oakland's remaining scholarship The competition for Marcus Domask Wright State's addition of Jordan Ash The mystery behind Detroit Mercy's open scholarships Cleveland State comes up in the Christian Dawkins trial
May 6, 2019
The Horn Sounds on a New Era at Northern Kentucky
Sam Rosenstiel (@SamRosenstiel), the editor-in-chief of Northern Kentucky's student newspaper, The Northerner (@northernermedia), joins Bob to discuss the recent hire of Darrien Horn as the NKU's new head coach, replacing John Brannen. They talk about the overall search process, what impact it will have on the current players, as well as spring recruiting. Bob and Sam also discuss the recent controversy surrounding women's basketball coach Camryn Whitaker. Topics: The brief history of the NKU coaching search Key points from Darrin Horn's initial press conference The impact on recruiting and current Norse players An update the on the situation surrounding women's coach Camryn Whitaker
April 29, 2019
The Season of Leaving
Kyle Craven (@KyleCraven_NR) joins Bob (minus Jimmy, due to technical difficulties Bob caused) to talk about the aftermath of John Brannen leaving Northern Kentucky to coach Cincinnati. They also talk about the impact of recent transfers by Jaevin Cumberland and Braden Norris from Oakland, Malachi Smith from Wright State and Camron Justice from IUPUI. Topics: The HoriZone Roundtable’s move announcement John Brannen’s departure from Cincinnati Who takes over at Northern Kentucky? Transfer news from Wright State, Oakland and IUPUI
April 15, 2019
The Second Annual Fan Battle Royale, Part 2
In the second part of the Second Annual Fan Battle Royale, Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) discuss the recent end to the Horizon League’s tournament presence in Detroit and look towards the future in Indianapolis. Participants: Green Bay – Jim Sarow (@JimSarow) Milwaukee – Chad Knodl (@ChadKnodl) Oakland – Anthony Gallina (@anthony_ougrizz) Wright State – Ricky Redinger (@R_Redinger4)
April 8, 2019
The Second Annual Fan Battle Royale, Part I
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) welcome fans from around the Horizon League for the Second Annual Fan Battle Royale. In this episode, they discuss the online fan experience, including the recent demise of Cleveland State’s message board. Participants: Green Bay – Jim Sarow (@JimSarow) Milwaukee – Chad Knodl (@ChadKnodl) Oakland – Anthony Gallina (@anthony_ougrizz) Wright State – Ricky Redinger (@R_Redinger4)
April 2, 2019
Dancing Towards the Future
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) take a look at Horizon League teams in post-season play, including Northern Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament, Wright State in the NIT, and Green Bay and IUPUI in the CIT. Also, they discuss what the future will hold for the conference. Topics: Green Bay advances in the CIT Northern Kentucky’s poor shooting vs. Texas Tech Wright State coming up short vs. Clemson Will the coaching carousel affect the conference?
March 25, 2019
The Norse Go Dancing!
Bob (@BobMcDonald) goes solo on Selection Sunday with audio from Matt Dudek (@GrizzTalkOU) and Karic Jones (@Karic_Jones) from the semifinals and finals of Motor City Madness. Bob also breaks down the NCAA Tournament game between Northern Kentucky, a 14 seed, and third-seeded Texas Tech. He also discusses the NIT game between Wright State and Clemson, featuring a reunion with former Raiders coach Brad Brownell, and the CIT match-up between IUPUI and Marshall Topics: Motor City Madness Semifinals recap Motor City Madness Finals recap NCAA Tournament Preview: Northern Kentucky vs. Texas Tech NIT Preview: Wright State vs. Clemson CIT Preview: IUPUI vs. Marshall
March 18, 2019
Horizon Finally Gets Top 4 Seeds to Advance
 Have a listen as the HoriZone Roundtable recaps the quarterfinal action of the Horizon League Tournament with Matt Dudek (@GrizztalkOU) and Karic Jones. (@Karic_Jones) They then look ahead to the semifinals match-ups being hosted in Detroit at Little Caesars Arena and what to expect setting up the finals on Tuesday.
March 11, 2019
#HLMBB Tourney Time Is Here (Except for Bob and Jimmy)!
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) break down the end of the regular season, including the fact that their teams, Cleveland State and Milwaukee, won’t be going to the Horizon League Tournament. They also make their picks for Player of the Year, Freshman of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year, as well as all-conference first and second teams. Plus, as an extra-added bonus, since the league doesn’t have a third team, Bob and Jimmy make one up! Topics Bob and Jimmy lamenting their respective teams’ futility Predictions for all-conference accolades The HoriZone Roundtable Presents…The Third Team! Looking at the first-round tournament games
March 4, 2019
Peaking at the (W)right Time
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) are back on the podcast together, and they’re talking about Wright State’s dominance this weekend. That, coupled with Northern Kentucky’s upset loss to Cleveland State, puts the Raiders at the top of the conference standings. They’re also still discussing their issues with the new Horizon League Tournament format, and what it will eventually cost the conference. Topics Wright State takes the top spot The Cleveland State Bob expected finally shows up to beat Northern Kentucky. Assessing the impact of both Dennis Felton and Ken Bothof’s comments regarding the Horizon League Tournament. The weekly call for Jon LeCrone’s retirement (and yes, this will be a thing for a while!) Youngstown State is on a tear.
February 25, 2019
Constant Revolution
Jimmy (@PantherU) goes it alone but he’s not lost for words as rumor breaks the Horizon League is considering a massive shift in their postseason tournament format. Wright State also evens it up with Northern Kentucky atop the standings with the home stretch around the bend. 
February 19, 2019
A Norse Statement Made
Troy Cornes from the Valhalla Vanguard (@NKUValhalla) joins Bob to talk about Northern Kentucky and the statement wins against Oakland and Detroit Mercy. They also talk about Tyree Appleby scoring the first-ever triple-double for Cleveland State and Youngstown State’s surge into the top eight of the standings. Topics Northern Kentucky’s wins against Oakland and Detroit Mercy Interesting statements on the Horizon League tourney from NKU’s athletic director The much-needed banter between student sections Tyree Appleby’s historic triple-double and Cleveland State’s avoidance of mathematic elimination. Youngstown State is on a tear.
February 11, 2019
Of Shoes and Megaphones
Matt Dudek (@GrizzTalkOU) fills in for Jimmy amid a crazy week in conference play, including the inexplicable sweep of Northern Kentucky and the breakout of Oakland’s Brad Brechting. There was also a shoe thrown by a Detroit Mercy assistant, and a member of the UIC pep band was ejected by refs. Topics Brad Brechting’s breakout week Youngstown State is back in the conference tourney hunt The Detroit Mercy shoe incident Northern Kentucky’s bad week Cleveland State is in even bigger trouble The UIC pep band member ejection
February 5, 2019
The Halfway Episode (Including the Least Surprising Announcement Ever)
With Jimmy under the weather, Jim Sarow (@JimSarow) fills in and joins Bob to talk about how everything had shaken out in the first half of the Horizon League. That includes the strength of Northern Kentucky’s performance the recent slide Green Bay has experienced. First, though, they talk about the recent announcement that the Horizon League basketball tournament will be held in Indianapolis starting in 2020. Topics Indianapolis, the future host of the Horizon League basketball tournament Green Bay’s recent struggles Northern Kentucky is ahead of the pack, as expected.
January 28, 2019
Logjam in the Middle
With another week in the books, Bob and Jimmy talk about the current standings, at the top (Northern Kentucky), the bottom (Cleveland State) and the middle (many teams). Plus, they discuss the importance of having a second scoring option, the key to all of the previous conference champs. And, of course, there’s a recap of the Oakland-Detroit Mercy game. Topics: Northern Kentucky re-takes the top spot Cleveland State’s struggles continue The key for winning teams: A second scoring option An interesting angle on where to look for conference expansion Recap of Oakland-Detroit Mercy
January 21, 2019
Northern Kentucky in the Driver’s Seat, but Watch Out for the Metro Series
Matt Dudek (@GrizzTalkOU) fills in for Jimmy this week talking with Bob about the third week of conference play. They talk about Northern Kentucky’s key win against Wright State and the favorable games the Norse have to look forward to next week. Also, Detroit Mercy sits at the top of the Horizon League, while Oakland looked impressive against Green Bay, setting up a very exciting Metro Series game at Calihan Hall. Topics: Northern Kentucky’s win against Wright State and the favorable week ahead. Oakland’s team dynamic paying dividends Detroit Mercy, led by Antoine Davis, continues to surprise Previewing the Oakland-Detroit Mercy Metro Series match-up The race for Horizon League Player of the Year
January 14, 2019
The Scramble at the Top (And Bottom)
The second week of the Horizon League slate is completed, and while Green Bay sits as the only undefeated team, Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) open with trying to figure out what’s going on at their schools, Cleveland State and Milwaukee. This leads the inevitable reference by Jimmy to Applebee’s (because of CSU’s Tyree Appleby, of course). Also discussed are Oakland’s upset win against Northern Kentucky, and the upcoming match-up with the Phoenix. Topics: Cleveland State’s recent slide (and how Dennis Felton is going nowhere) Assessing Milwaukee’s struggles The impact of Oakland’s win over Northern Kentucky Green Bay’s first real test this week in Michigan.
January 7, 2019
Ringing in the New Year with the First Week of the Conference Slate
Bob and Jimmy ring in the New Year by recording the first episode of 2019 live on YouTube. They get into the first games of the Horizon League schedule, including 2-0 showing by both Oakland and Detroit. They also take fan questions, including about expansion and the conference tournament post-Motor City Madness. Topics: Detroit Mercy and Oakland notch early wins What’s the problem with the Wisconsin trip? Northern Kentucky looks to be the team to beat. The ongoing conference expansion discussion Comparing the Horizon League name to…the DC Universe?
January 2, 2019
Non-Conference Schedule Surprises and Disappointments
Karic Jones (@Karic_Jones) fills in for Jimmy, as he and Bob discuss the wrapping up of the non-conference schedule. Includes is the surprising performance of IUPUI, which is poised to start the HL schedule as one of the top two teams, and Wright State, who has struggled since the win against Toledo. Also, with Karic on board this episode, they’ll talk in-depth about Mike Davis and Detroit Mercy’s better-than-expected start and prospects for the conference slate. Topics: IUPUI keeps winning, setting up a top-two matchup with Northern Kentucky Can Wright State bounce back from its non-conference woes? Mike Davis’ initial showing at Detroit Mercy
December 17, 2018
Bob Apologizes for Cursing Green Bay
Amid another dismal week for the Horizon League in non-conference play, Bob apologizes for unwittingly jinxing Green Bay last episode, taking full blame for the Phoenix losing by nearly 30 to Bowling Green. Bob and Jimmy also look into what’s happening at Wright State, where the Raiders are under .500 and lost the last six straight games against D1 teams. Topics: Another disastrous week for the Horizon League Bob’s apology to Green Bay fans Wright State’s recent struggles After last season, is the Horizon League really better?
December 10, 2018
Wanted: Athletic Director at Cleveland State
With the sudden departure of Mike Thomas as athletic director at Cleveland State, Bob (minus Jimmy) discusses the move with Matthew Johns of the Reserve News (@TheReserveMedia) and what CSU is looking for in a successor. Also, Bob and Matthew discuss Green Bay’s win over Belmont and the potential for the Phoenix to compete for the conference crown. Plus, how does IUPUI’s Camron Justice stack up against the top Horizon League players? Finally, Mike Davis may be putting together a better season at Detroit Mercy than most has expected. Topics: The Mike Thomas departure from Cleveland State Green Bay’s win against Belmont Camron Justice’s impact on IUPUI. Mike Davis and surprise of Detroit Mercy.
December 3, 2018
More Division I Wins!
As the non-conference schedule continues, more Horizon League teams are notching wins against Division I opponents. Among the other victories Bob and Jimmy discuss are IUPUI’s win against ACC opponent Boston College and Wright State’s convincing win against Toledo. They also talk about if the roster blueprint that Oakland has used over the years will net the same results as Wright State and Northern Kentucky. Topics: IUPUI’s win against Boston College Wright State’s win against Toledo Will Milwaukee win games in the non-conference schedule? Oakland’s early-season struggles
November 19, 2018
Student Media Forum
This episode, Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) speak with student media representatives from across the Horizon League. Among the topics are a recap of the first week of the regular season, as well as a way-too-early assessment of the conference as a whole. Plus, they discuss the new conference tournament format, as well as the impact the new NET rankings will have in terms of future scheduling. Topics: How everyone got their start Assessing the first week of the non-conference schedule Is it too early to panic about the conference? Making sense of the NET and how the Horizon League should approach scheduling in the future The new conference tournament format Guests: Ryan Gregory, The Campus Citizen (IUPUI) – @Ryan_Gregory_ Tim Daniel, 48 Minutes Network (Northern Kentucky) – @TimDaniel518 Marc Weems, The Jambar (Youngstown State) – @bigweems Dakota Brecht, WXOU 88.3 FM (Oakland) – @BrechtDakota
November 12, 2018
The Voice of Oakland Basketball Speaks!
Neal Ruhl (@nealruhl), the voice of Oakland basketball, joins Bob for a conversation about the upcoming season. Included in this episode is a discussion of an uncertain season the Golden Grizzlies look forward to, as well as an assessment of the rest of the Horizon League. Plus, Neal talks about turning his hatred for candy corn into a donation drive for a worthy cause in Life Remodeled. Topics: The Candy Corn challenge on GoFundMe Oakland’s potential purchase of The Palace at Auburn Hills Assessing the exhibition season Where does the Horizon League stand? Oakland’s potential for the upcoming season The impact of the Mike Davis hire to the Oakland-Detroit Mercy rivalry
November 5, 2018
Fall Fan Episode, Part 2
This is the second part of a discussion Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) have with fans from various Horizon League schools. They discuss what it takes for rivalries to happen within the conference. Also, with the formation of the fan council a Green Bay, how could something like this benefit some of the other conference schools? Topics: In-conference school rivalries Calling all IUPUI fans Attracting new fans at all conference schools. Participants: Jon Durda (@pronkville08) Jim Sarow (@JimSarow) Chris Schutte (@ChrisSchutte3) Matt Dudek (@GrizzTalkOU) Ricky Redinger (@R_Redinger4)
October 19, 2018
Fall Fan Episode, Part 1
Bob and much later on, Jimmy, welcome fans from various Horizon League schools to about a number of topics in the run-up to the upcoming basketball season. In this first part of this episode, they discuss the future of the Horizon League Tournament after it leaves Detroit in 2019 and will teams within the conference will improve upon last season. Topics: What’s next for the Horizon League Tournament? Was last season the low point for the conference? Team-by-team breakdown Participants: Jon Durda (@pronkville08) Jim Sarow (@JimSarow) Chris Schutte (@ChrisSchutte3) Matt Dudek (@GrizzTalkOU) Ricky Redinger (@R_Redinger4)
October 15, 2018
The Conference Schedule Is Out. But…
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) talk about the recently-released Horizon League basketball schedule, and, of course, they long for the days when the opening games of the conference slate started at the beginning of December. They also discuss the potential benefits of the Horizon League partnering with other mid-major conferences to fill their schedules. Plus, Jimmy wants to bring the alumni of all conference schools together. Topics: Looking at the Horizon League Conference schedule The mid-major conferences should band together for scheduling. Alumni are important, both for academics and athletics.
September 24, 2018
The (Motor City) Madness Is Ending
Motor City Madness will be over after 2019, and Bob and Jimmy are trying to wrap their heads around it. Of course, they knew the days of the Horizon League Tournament’s days were numbered in Detroit. They’re just trying to figure out the new format, which is a far cry from the format that resulted in NCAA tournament wins by conference teams from 2003 to 2011. Topics: The Horizon League’s Announcement of the Final Motor City Madness Why the tourney format worked prior to Motor City Madness The new tournament format: The conference’s best Plan B? Where does the tournament go from here?
September 17, 2018
The Wait for the Schedule Continues…
Bob and Jimmy are back at it, and with more of the non-conference schedules out, they openly wonder when the full Horizon League slate will be released. Also, Bob isn’t happy with the conference’s move towards ESPN+. And what was with the flap between Valhalla Vanguard (@NKUValhalla) and Northern Kentucky’s Barstool Twitter account? Finally, Bob and Jimmy get into an ages-long question: How can conference schools grow their fanbase? The long, drawn-out process of putting together the Horizon League schedule The Horizon League/ESPN relationship A recap of the Valhalla Vanguard/Barstool dust-up Getting new fans at conference schools
August 19, 2018
Jerseys for Hope
Bryan Black (@353jerseysforhope) joins Bob and Jimmy to talk about his journey to collect jerseys from every Division I school to promote positivity and raise awareness about epilepsy. Naturally, they make a request to get Bryan the jerseys from the Horizon League schools he’s missing, Wright State and IUPUI. They also get into discussing, among other things, the worst Halloween treats to give out, life in Oregon (where Bryan lives) and…Peoria, Illinois? The origins of Jerseys for Hope Horizon League school left on the list The journey post-jerseys Basketball scheduling and potential west coast Horizon League trips The worst treats to give out at Halloween.
July 24, 2018
Talking With Rashad Phillips
With the NBA Draft done and the Summer League in full swing, who better to talk about former Horizon League players on Summer League rosters than Detroit Mercy legend and founder of, Rashad Phillips (@RP3natural), Bob and Jimmy also talked to Phillips about the current state of the conference and which current players will stand out. Topics The origins of and the Yoda nickname Kendrick Nunn’s performance with the Warriors so far during the Summer League Dikembe Dixson’s future as a pro The current state of the Horizon League and its players.
July 10, 2018
At Last!
Detroit Mercy has finally hired a new head coach in Mike Davis. So, naturally, Bob and Jimmy are talking about it with Karic Jones (@Karic_Jones). They discuss what Davis brings to the table for the Titans. Plus, they talk about who may or may not be on the roster when the season kicks off. Topics: Mike Davis has been hired. Where does he start? The timetable for Detroit Mercy to progress under Davis The status of Texas Southern guard Demontrae Jefferson (Does he join David at UDM?) A rekindling of the Detroit Mercy-Oakland rivalry?
June 18, 2018
The Rest of the Story
In this episode, Bob and Jimmy recap Bob’s interview with Cleveland State head coach Dennis Felton. Also, with the spring signing period over, they discuss how the league currently shakes out. And has it’s been since Bacari Alexander was fired, Detroit Mercy is still looking for a head coach. And the latest name is former Indiana and UAB coach and current Texas Southern coach Mike Davis. Topics: Recap of the Dennis Felton interview Assessing the Horizon League after the end of the spring signing period. Is Mike Davis the answer for Detroit Mercy?
May 26, 2018
A Conversation With Dennis Felton (Really!)
In this episode, Bob has a conversation with Cleveland State men’s basketball coach Dennis Felton (@CoachDFelton). They discuss a number of topics related to CSU, including the incoming recruiting class, as well as the nucleus of Kash Thomas, Tyree Appleby, Stefan Kenic and DePaul transfer Algevon Eichelberger. There is also a conversation about the surprising Viking run at Motor City Madness and how it will impact next season. Plus, no talk with Coach Felton can be complete without touching on George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. Topics: Cleveland State’s incoming class. The leadership role of Kash Thomas, Tyree Appleby and Stefan Kenic on this young CSU roster. The planned summer trip to Europe. Fan interest in Cleveland State post-Motor City Madness. The origins of Coach Felton’s love of Parliament Funkadelic.
May 21, 2018
The Search is Mercifully Over (Maybe)
Bob (@BobMcDonald) is hosting the podcast by himself this week, but that’s not to say that there isn’t plenty to talk about. Detroit Mercy may finally be hiring a head coach, and Bob breaks down the potential candidates. Also, with departing seniors and now Isaiah Brock transferring, where does that leave Oakland? Finally, with the spring signing period closing out, what does Dennis Felton, who has four scholarships left at Cleveland State, have up his sleeve?  Topics: Who does Detroit Mercy choose as the head coach? Isaiah Brock transfers to Grand Valley State Cleveland State with four scholarships still.
May 8, 2018
The More Things Change…
Chris Schutte (@ChrisSchutte3) from Mid-Major Madness (@mid_madness) joined Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) for this episode to talk about the current state of the Horizon League and how, in spite of a lot of early concerns, IUPUI has fit in quite nicely. Also in the episode, Jimmy talks about the recent spate of transfers from Milwaukee. And, as it’s been the case for about a month, there’s been no movement on the Detroit Mercy coaching front. Topics: Milwaukee has three starters transfer. What’s going on? IUPUI has made the transition from the Summit League to the Horizon League Detroit Mercy still doesn’t have a coach. The inevitable coaching changes that will happen in the conference.
April 30, 2018
Taking a New Path
Bob and Jimmy (and, briefly, Bob’s dog Harry) welcome Matthew Johns (@M_Johns12) and Sean McDonnell (@bigmacsnackwrap) from The Reserve News (@TheReserveMedia) and Jesse Kramer, the founder of the Catch and Shoot (@Catch_N_Shoot). The discussion focused first on the origins of the two sites, where The Reserve has grown into the premier venue for Cleveland State coverage, while the Catch and Shoot have focused on Chicago hoops, including UIC. Also in this episode, there was a talk about the evolution of who we look at transfers, as well as the emergence of the G-League and Lavar Ball’s Junior Basketball Association as pro options. Topics: The Origins of The Reserve and The Catch and Shoot What the future holds for both sites The impact that the swell of transfers in recent years has had on the Horizon League New options to play professionally, and if mid-majors, particularly the HL, will be affected.
April 23, 2018
The Vanguard Has Arrived!
Bob McDonald (@bobmcdonald) and Jimmy Lemke (@PantherU) welcome Jack Talley (@jack_talley21), one of the co-founders of the Valhalla Vanguard Twitter account (@NKUValhalla). The discussion includes how the Vanguard was started and how it has grown to include a new podcast. This leads to a bigger talk about the benefits of students building the fan base on their own. And Bob and Jimmy announce the creation of the HoriZone Roundtable – @HoriZoneRT. Topics: Announcing the new HoriZone Roundtable Twitter account. Origins of Valhalla Vanguard and the new podcast. The state of building an organic student fanbase (and some of the interesting interactions). Gauging Northern Kentucky’s future. More expansion (or more to the point, on-expansion) talk
April 16, 2018
Fan Battle Royale, Part 2
For the first time on the HoriZone Roundtable, fans from each Horizon League school (expect IUPUI, though not for lack of trying) are on hand to discuss the state of the conference. Also, there’s a pretty good chance there will be a bit of trash-talking going on. And since Jimmy is out, it’s all up to Bob (@bobmcdonald) to hold court. How well that’s gone is anyone’s guess. The fans participating include: Karic Jones, Detroit Mercy (@Karic_Jones) Brian Dickmann, Green Bay (@BrianDickmann) Chad Knodl, Milwaukee (@MKE_Agitator) Chris Hart, Northern Kentucky (@chrishart1992) Matt Dudek, Oakland (@GrizzTalkOU) Olyer Anderson, UIC (@Flamesmania) Ricky Redinger, Wright State (@R_Redinger4) Topics, Part 2: What to make of IUPUI Expansion (or lack thereof), and its effects beyond basketball. Potential expansion targets (if any) Will the Horizon League be better next year?
April 9, 2018
Fan Battle Royale, Part 1
For the first time on the HoriZone Roundtable, fans from each Horizon League school (expect IUPUI, though not for lack of trying) are on hand to discuss the state of the conference. Also, there’s a pretty good chance there will be a bit of trash-talking going on. And since Jimmy is out, it’s all up to Bob (@bobmcdonald) to hold court. How well that’s gone is anyone’s guess. The fans participating include: Jon Durda, Cleveland State (@pronkville08) Karic Jones, Detroit Mercy (@Karic_Jones) Brian Dickmann, Green Bay (@BrianDickmann) Chad Knodl, Milwaukee (@MKE_Agitator) Chris Hart, Northern Kentucky (@chrishart1992) Matt Dudek, Oakland (@GrizzTalkOU) Olyer Anderson, UIC (@Flamesmania) Ricky Redinger, Wright State (@R_Redinger4) Topics, Part 1: Where does Detroit Mercy go post-Bacari Alexander? Motor City Madness – Dead or alive? John Brannen and Scott Nagy – Head coaching targets? UIC’s future without Dikembe Dixson Fan interaction with players on social media?
April 1, 2018
We’re Back!
Bob McDonald (@bobmcdonald) and Jimmy Lemke (@PantherU) have returned after a long absence to bring back the Roundtable. And they’re picking up where they left off, discussing Horizon League basketball. Well, it’s almost all Horizon League basketball, with a little of former conference member Loyola-Chicago making the Final Four mixed in. Topics: Loyola-Chicago’s Final Four run and how the Horizon League, its former conference, stacks up. Dikembe Dixson leaves UIC, and what that means for the Flames. Jimmy talking about the transitive property theory, as it relates to Loyola and Milwaukee Detroit Mercy is a wreck. IUPUI has arrived, and the bottom half of the HL made fans look like fools. Youngstown State cleans house. Where does the Horizon League go from here?
March 26, 2018
A Week of Setbacks
Jimmy is out, so Bob (@BobMcDonald) has brought along Phil Daniels (@HLGA2019) and Jon Durda (@pronkville08) on board. And they’re talking about the down week the Horizon League experienced. That includes a near-disaster for Cleveland State against UT-Martin and a three-game slide by Youngstown State. Also, they discuss the rise of Isaiah Brock, the Oakland freshman and Army vet who will be making his way to the starting roster against Nevada. Topics: Youngstown State goes from a win against Akron to losing three straight Cleveland State is a tale of two teams Isaiah Brock’s ascent to the starting roster
November 22, 2016
It Has Begun!
College basketball has officially returned, and all of the Horizon League teams are back in action. Bob and Jimmy talk about a few of the notable games, including a surprise win by Youngstown State over Akron. They also discuss Scott Nagy’s debut win with Wright State. Plus, with several non-Division I games on the schedule, what is the basis of their appeal? Topics: The NEO Coaches vs. Cancer Classic Games Scott Nagy’s Debut Win vs. Southern Illinois Non-Division I Schools and Scheduling
November 14, 2016
Warming Up
Bob and Jimmy welcome Karic Jones from Campus Pressbox this week. And they have to talk about Detroit Mercy’s preseason loss to non-Division I for Wayne State. Also, Dikembe Dixson is good, and UIC is a threat this season. Finally, they tackle the importance of being well in the non-conference slate, as well as the potential departure of Green Bay athletic director Mary Ellen Gillespie. Topics: Detroit Mercy Loses to Wayne State Dikembe Dixson’s Preseason Performance The Horizon League and the Non-Conference Schedule Mary Ellen Gillespe’s Potential Departure from Green Bay
November 7, 2016
No Media Day? No Problem!
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) welcome Paul Oren (@NWIOren) from the Times of Northwest Indiana to the show. First, there’s the discussion about the Horizon League’s decision to cancel Media. Plus, Valpo is the favorite to win the conference, but how much pressure is on Alec Peters. Finally, with all the coaching changes, who will excel and who will struggle? Topics: Horizon League Media Day Alec Peters, Valparaiso and High Expectations Remembering Joel Cornette Coaching Changes Around the Horizon League Who is on the Coaching Hot Seat?
October 17, 2016
The Summertime Episode
Just a little something to break up the monotony of the off-season, Bob and Jimmy come back for this special summer episode. Alec Peters is staying at Valpo, and we’ll talk about how that affects the conference race. Plus, there’s more on the ongoing Milwaukee dramas playing out. And, of course, there’s the emergence of…Evil Gary Waters??? Topics: Alec Peters Stays at Valparaiso Milwaukee AD Amanda Braun Blocked Jimmy on Twitter (Among other things) Evil Gary Waters???
June 13, 2016
This Is the End (Not Really)
It’s the final episode of the season, and yet, there’s still plenty to talk about. Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) discuss Wright State’s hiring of Scott Nagy and Milwaukee’s choice of LaVall Jordan. And, of course, there’s the departure of Bryce Drew at Valpo. And Bob and Jimmy can’t leave without saying goodbye to the season. Topics: Scott Nagy takes over at Wright State Milwaukee chooses LaVall Jordan Bryce Drew leave Valpo, and the Crusaders hire from within A farewell to the season from Bob and Jimmy
April 8, 2016
And Then There Were Two…
Valpo is heading to Madison Square Garden, and Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) talk about the prospects of a Crusader NIT crown. Also, Oakland is taking part in the inaugural Vegas 16. Plus there’s an update on the Wright State vacancy. And, of course, Jimmy brings everyone up to speed on the ongoing Milwaukee saga. Topics: Valparaiso Makes the NIT Semifinals Oakland’s Back in Action at the Vegas 16 Wright State’s Coaching Search Continues The Ongoing Drama at Milwaukee
March 28, 2016
The Mean Season
As the NCAA Tournament goes on, the Horizon League is having an eventful post-season of its own. And it goes beyond Valparaiso’s NCAA snub and Green Bay’s first-round exit. Wright State and Milwaukee have fired their coaches. This has left Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) left to wonder what two 20-game winning coaches did to deserve that. Topics: Billy Donlon is out at Wright State, and AD Bob Grant is blocking people on Twitter Milwaukee fires Rob Jeter The sorted history of Milwaukee ADs since 2008 The uncertain state of the Horizon League post-firings
March 20, 2016
The Post-Season (Or Not) For Everybody Else
While Green Bay gets ready for the NCAA tournament, other Horizon League schools will be headed to other tournaments. Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) talk about Valparaiso, one of final cuts from the NCAAs, who have clinched a top seed in the NIT. Also, Jimmy goes into the situation with Milwaukee opting out of the post-season. And should the NCAA Tournament expand? Topics: Valpo’s Draw in the NIT Milwaukee’s out of the post-season, to many people’s dismay
March 15, 2016
To The Victors
While Green Bay gets ready for the NCAA tournament, other Horizon League schools will be headed to other tournaments. Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) talk about Valparaiso, one of final cuts from the NCAAs, who have clinched a top seed in the NIT. Also, Jimmy goes into the situation with Milwaukee opting out of the post-season. And should the NCAA Tournament expand? Topics: Valpo’s Draw in the NIT Milwaukee’s out of the post-season, to many people’s dismay
March 14, 2016
Welcome to #MotorCityMadness
 The first two rounds of the Horizon League Tournament are in the books, and Karic Jones (@karic_jones) is on hand for the recap. And Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) have something in common: Green Bay eliminated both of their teams. Also, Wright State advances, but their coach, Billy Donlon, isn’t happy with the format. Plus, sad news from Oakland regarding Max Hooper’s dad, Chip. 
March 7, 2016
Jimmy Goes Nuts
Jimmy (@PantherU) breaks the bad news that about the proposed Black and Gold hospitality area for the Horizon League Tournament. And then Jimmy goes off about Motor City Madness, as Bob (@BobMcDonald) chips in a comment or two. Among other issues is the venue and the tournament format. Needless to say, Jimmy is very, very unhappy with the conference on a lot of different levels. Topics: Bad news about the hospitality area Jimmy kills the tournament The bad television deal with ESPN
March 2, 2016
On to the Motor City
The regular season is over in the Horizon League, and all the seeds have been decided. Bob and Jimmy break down some of the first-round match-ups. Bob also has an announcement to make about a change in venue for his Cleveland State column. And Jimmy laments the down year for the Horizon League. Topics: Bob announces the new home for his Cleveland State column UIC is a dangerous 10 seed Nearing the end of Cleveland State’s bad year Milwaukee faces off against Northern Kentucky Valpo survives the grueling Wisconsin trip
February 29, 2016
Flame On!
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) are joined by Jesse Kramer (@Catch_n_Shoot) from The Catch and Shoot, a site dedicated to college basketball in Chicago. They start off talking about UIC’s emergence from the bottom of the Horizon League standings. Also, Wright State beat Valparaiso at the ARC. Scheduling is also discussed, as well as who should be Freshman of the Year. Topics: UIC’s wins over Wright State and Northern Kentucky The conference schedule – what can improve? Wright State sweeps Valpo Who should be Horizon League Freshman of the Year? Jimmy’s case for a All-Horizon League third team
February 15, 2016
Who’s Separating Themselves?
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@pantheru) kick things off with a clip from the song Norris Cole from hip-hop artist Graddy Co. They also talk about Oakland’s recent six-game winning streak, along with Milwaukee’s two-game slide. Bob also gets into comments made by Cleveland State coach Gary Waters after the loss to Detroit. Finally, where does Valpo sit as an at-large NCAA bid, and how many teams will make the post-season? Topic: Norris Cole’s jersey retirement (and song) Oakland’s six-game winning streak Milwaukee’s two losses against Wright State and Northern Kentucky Is Cleveland State really going to blow up the roster? Valpo’s NCAA at-large chances, and how many HL teams make it to the post-season?
February 8, 2016
The Halfway Episode
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) welcome guest James Squire (@StlVUFan) from the On the Horizon blog. Illinois-Chicago won its first Division I game, at the expense of Cleveland State, much to Bob’s dismay. Also, Wright State got swept in Michigan and Valparaiso rolled, leaving the Crusaders back in sole possession of first place. They discuss the ongoing dissatisfaction of Horizon League coaches by fans, and what can really be done to elevate the conference? Topics: Illinois-Chicago Wins in Division I (Finally)! Wright State gets swept by Oakland and Detroit Valparaiso wins big to take sole possession of first place Why are fans now satisfied with their coaches? What can really be done to make the Horizon League better?
February 1, 2016
And Then Came Wright State…
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) start off the show talking about the upset of Valparaiso at the hands of Wright State. As it turns out, the Raiders’ strong showing has been more of a resurgence of a healthy lineup more than anything. Also, Northern Kentucky is on the radar, as the Norse went to Oakland and surprised the Golden Grizzlies. The history of Horizon League expansion comes up once more, as does Cleveland State’s Wolstein Center. Topics: Wright State pulls the upset against Valparaiso Northern Kentucky’s shocker against Oakland How NKU stacks up as an expansion school What does Cleveland State do with the Wolstein Center?
January 25, 2016
Getting to Cleveland State’s Problems a Little Early, Aren’t You?
Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) get into a discussion about Cleveland State’s sporadic attendance and fan issues. Also, in the only time he’ll ever talk about it, Bob gets into the much-discussed CSU transfer issue. To start off, though, they remember former Butler player Andrew Smith, who passed away last week. Plus, there’s a discussion about Northern Kentucky getting its first win. Topics: Remembering Andrew Smith Northern Kenucky Gets Its First Win UIC’s Struggles Continue What Would Have Happened If Cleveland State’s Transfers Didn’t? Cleveland State’s Fan Base Woes What Marketing Approach Should Horizon League Schools Use?
January 18, 2016
Metro Series Preview
Bob McDonald (@BobMcDonald), Jimmy Lemke (@PantherU) and guests Karic Jones (@Karic_Jones) and Matt Dudek (@GrizzTalkOU) discuss the upcoming Metro Series opening game between Detroit and Oakland. Jimmy and Bob wanted to get to e-mails, but there wasn’t any time. Topics: Karic Jones (Detroit) and Matt Dudek (Oakland) on the Metro Series The Horizon League Tournament’s new home in Detroit
January 14, 2016
There’s Valpo and Everybody Else
Bob McDonald (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy Lemke (@PantherU) open the show with a discussion about Valparaiso’s dominance early in the conference schedule and how they’ve built the program. Also, they tackle the surprise wins Youngstown State notched against both Oakland and Green Bay. Topics: Valparaiso’s hot start and deep-rooted program Youngstown State, to everybody’s surprise, beat Oakland and Green Bay The Horizon League Tournament’s new home in Detroit
January 11, 2016
The Tip-Off
Jimmy Lemke (@PantherU)  of PantherU and Bob McDonald (@bobmcdonald) of More Than a Fan: Cleveland kick off the Horizone Roundtable. In this sneak preview, Jimmy and Bob talk about Oakland’s Kay Felder and how he is making his argument already to become Horizon League Player of the Year. Jimmy also talks about the strange relationship between Milwaukee and the other Wisconsin schools. Bob is talking about Cleveland State wrestling and lacrosse again. Topics: Khalil Felder’s 38-point performance against Washington Cleveland State’s surprise win against Belmont Bob’s story about CSU’s wrestling/lacrosse saga Difficulty in scheduling in-state non-conference games Jimmy talks about how Youngstown State is in the Horizon League
December 21, 2015