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Horn OT Please

Horn OT Please

By HornOTPlease
Horn OT Please- a 100% shudh desi Occupational Therapy (OT) podcast brought to you by 3 Indian Occupational Therapists living in 3 different parts of the world bringing you spicy cultural insights about our OT experiences and journey so far. Join us as we discuss, review, share, and bring interesting people and perspectives on this platform to unpack nuances in Occupational Therapy and Occupational Sciences and take you on the fastest route to resources despite the usual traffic.

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Episode Nine: Advocacy for Resources: Undergrad Edition
You have heard about our journeys of adversity and inspiration, but we realized we never truly discussed how we got by on this journey. In this episode, we try to curate a potential Occupational Therapy resource guide for current and future OTs enrolled in Indian universities. We also invited two other Indian OTs (currently based in the USA), Iana and Nandita, to share their experiences and suggestions for making this a *truly* valuable resource for all. Music credits: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Cover by Kris Bowers for Bridgerton Season 2  Resources | Website | Instagram
May 16, 2022
Episode Eight: Living with Eating Disorder
In this episode, we try to shed some light on what Eating Disorders are and what living with this disorder looks like, as Varada interviews Prutha and Sakshi, both of whom who live with completely different yet shared experiences of the disorder. Through this episode, we also discuss why occupational therapists need to be involved in the healthcare team and how can their contributions be valuable in helping people not just cope with this disorder, but also help them live. Disclaimer: This episode will comprise personal narratives and challenges faced with Eating Disorders that may seem challenging or triggering for few listeners. Hence, listener discretion is advised. Through the course of this episode, if you think you or someone close to you might be struggling with their mental health or is showing symptoms of eating disorder, please reach out to healthcare professionals near you or via helpline numbers mentioned in our show notes. Resources | Website | Instagram
April 25, 2022
Episode Seven: Understanding Dementia Through Cinema
In this episode, we take an unconventional route reviewing the critically acclaimed movie: The Father, featuring Anthony Hopkins, to understand dementia and Alzheimer's through cinema. We discuss the occupational nuances depicted in the movie and try connecting those moments to our clinical practice. We also connect different cinematic works that are impactful and help us understand the purpose of occupations and the human need to "do." Resources | Website | Instagram
April 04, 2022
Episode Six: Decoding Occupations, Gender and Identities
In this episode, Varada, Prutha and Sakshi deconstruct occupations and explore how occupations create and influence social order. To expand these conversations in the context of Occupational Therapy and Sciences we review an article and a documentary, along with our personal and professional narratives to highlight how conditioned we are towards gendered occupations and occupational roles in our learning and practice which facilitate social differences and occupational injustice. From biology to neuroplasticity, together we raise the questions and discuss ways in which each of us have tried to deconstruct occupations and promote gender neutrality in our teachings/practice.    Explore resources mentioned in this episode: You can also follow our journey here:
December 04, 2021
Episode Five: Non-Immigrant Alien
So far, we have covered our experiences of studying and practice in India and how to make the next move internationally. But what next? While Prutha and Varada share their experiences of being a non-immigrant alien, Sakshi tries to understand where she fits into the world. In this episode, we collectively explore our experiences of finding our communitas and the liminality we have all been through in the occupation called life. [Note: The title for this episode is been taken from the USA Immigration glossary where a foreign national who is admitted to the United States temporarily for a specific purpose is defined as Nonimmigrant Alien.] All the resources mentioned in the episode are linked to our website: You can also follow our journey here: 
October 03, 2021
Bonus Episode: The Accidental OTs Making The Move
In this episode, we bring along with us two new undergrads, Himani (she/her) and Simran (she/her), from India who made the move to the UK to pursue their Masters in Occupational Therapy. UK isn't one of the primary choices for South Asian students when leaving their home countries and Himani and Simran bust the myths and enlighten us about why they chose UK, what is the education there like, how have things changed in the last few years for immigrant students and what things to look for when you are trying to make the move! Find all the references mentioned in the episode with our featured guest details here: You can stay in the know by following us on Instagram (@hornotplease) and Facebook (Horn OT Please). You can connect with us at Horn OT Please or spam us with your love, feedbacks and knowledge in our DMs.   
August 09, 2021
Episode Four: The Accidental OTs Making The Move (Part 2)
Continuing our conversation from the previous episode in choosing a route after Bachelors in India, in this episode, we share our experiences of making the move to an international university (USA, Australia and Canada)- right from choosing a university, landing in one and navigating everything in between. Varada also shed some light on how to choose a clinical route post Masters while Prutha and our episode guest, Pooja Jethani, helped us in understanding their different journeys of continuing academia and taking an educator role. This episode was unusually longer than our other episodes so far and here's a breakdown in case you want to skip to the parts which seem most relevant to you- 0:36 - 4:53: Process of applying for Masters in Australia 5:35 - 8:27: How to choose a university in the USA 9:12 - 11:12: Three things to be mindful of when choosing an international University 11:35 - 13:28: Process of applying for Masters in the USA 14:40 - 27:28: VISA process and resources to learn from 27:33 - 31:43: The power of Google  31:44 - 39:31: Education and coursework in the USA in contrast to Indian universities 39:32 - 43:45: The NBCOT dread 43:47 - 45:52: OT Registration in Australia 47:53 - 55:10: Things to remember when applying for jobs in the USA 55:11 - 1:04:33: Transitioning from Masters to OTD vs PhD 1:05:21 - 1:12:45: Pursuing further education in the USA ft. Pooja Jethani 1:12:56: How to ditch the cliché route(s) Find all the references mentioned in the episode with our featured guest details here:
August 05, 2021
Episode Three: The Accidental OTs- How It All Started (Part 1)
In this episode, we (over)share about our journeys in Occupational Therapy- right from landing in this profession, our experiences and takeaways of this journey, and how Bachelors of Occupational Therapy looks like in India. We also discuss "The Next Move" by bringing in our friend, Tanvi Kamble, currently a MOT student, to share her experiences of pursuing MOT in India while Sakshi sheds some light on what choosing clinical practice after Bachelors can be like. Find all the resources mentioned along with our episode guest details here:  
July 19, 2021
Episode Two: Moving Beyond Practice Areas
It's not uncommon that we often talk about Occupational Therapy in terms of practice areas. In this episode, we challenge and bust the myths of conventional v/s non-conventional practices and exploring Occupational Therapy in the context of settings. Find links to all the resources mentioned in the episode here:
June 22, 2021
Episode One: Reviewing Doing, Being and Becoming
In this episode we review two articles that explore the framework of Doing, Being and Becoming in the context of human occupation! You can find links to all the resources mentioned in the episode here:
June 07, 2021