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Luz & Nat talk FOOD, ART, MUSIC, and more with fellow Houstonians to get their unique perspectives on growing up in Hustle Town. Stay up on the new "ISH" around town 👉www.appealingcontent.com/houstonish👈
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More places to listen

Ep 54 Be a Work of Art w/ Audly Creative
Auddie of @audly.creative stops by to talk vintage fashion and upselling your style💁‍♀️ She's got PRO TIPS on everything from thrift-shopping to camera poses📷 We get astrological about the 50th "Mooniversary"🌜 & we SAIL AWAY to the island of self-love & creative expression🏝️
July 17, 2019
Keanu, Colada, Santana
This week, we are celebrating 713 day🤘 Find out why it's a thing and what you can do to celebrate🎉 Plus, Nat shares her favorite spot for pina coladas in town🍍 and Luz gets a strangely-timed reality check! 🤯 "Woah!" <=in Keanu Reeves voice 
July 10, 2019
Ep 52 - Dat Boi T
The ☝️1 and only "Screwed Up Essay" takes us on a trip to Tokyo, Mexico this week as we talk Music, Mix Tapes, & Million Dollar Studios. Nat becomes inspired💡 Luz makes her rap debut🎙️ And we find out why "Everybody was Surfin" on 4th of July at Buffalo Bayou Park in the year 2000. Your Weekly Dose of Houston HISTORY, NEWS & EVENTS @ minute 59:00 #houston #texas #podcast 
July 4, 2019
Texas, Salsa, & Ruby
"Salsa Ruby" is in the studio this week💃🏽 and she talks to us about how salsa LITERALLY changes lives👐🙏 She drops a MAJOR EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT right here on the Houstonish Podcast👇, and she lets us know where we can learn & dance salsa under the stars for ABSOLUTELY FREE🕺💃🏽 "If you can walk, you can dance." -Ruby💖 Find your Weekly Dose (Houston news/history/events) @ 53:00🤘 #houston #texas #podcast Shoutouts🗣️ @alamotamales @bgirlbabygirl @romeonavarro @bboycityworldwide @nolarubiagarcia @texassalsacongresstx @htownfilmspro @hobbycenterhouston @hobhouston @edisonandpatton @kemahboardwalk @hiphopvintagefleamarket @aquariumhouston @paulocoelho 👈author of The Alchemist
June 26, 2019
Episode 50
This week we flex our linguistic skills💪 with topics like Anime Matsuri💫 Chichen Itza🗺️ Los Espookys👀 and Schlitterbahn🌊 We pose the question...Did Whataburger sell out🤔🤔 Y/N 👇 Nat shares a page from her 4th grade diary & of course, we've got your WEEKLY DOSE of Houston History, News, and Events @ minute-26 🎧 #houston #podcast #htown 🤘
June 19, 2019
From One Jem to Another
 Today we sit down with Tasha @teamjemini617 of Team Jemini Designs to reminisce about Prince and Y2K, late 90's R&B🎶 & all KINDS of nerdy junk🤓 So, kick back, light some Nag Champa, and take a break with your favorite Houston-loving, monacle-wearing podcasters🧐🥳 Your Weekly Dose of H-Town HISTORY, NEWS & EVENTS @ the 51-minute mark🤘 
June 12, 2019
 It's all about Houston Summer Lovin' this week as Luz & Nat reminisce about their very different childhood summer experiences🌞 Luz talks about the time she took her dad out of his comfort zone💃 Natalie drinks too much coffee and throws some elbows💪  AND check out the *ALL NEW* weekly dose of Houston History, News, and Events at the 17-minute mark🤘 #houston #texas #podcast 
June 5, 2019
State Your Takeover - Part 2
We continue with Part 2 of the  State Your Takeover 🤜💥🤛 w/ Ed & Aaron of the State Your Take Podcast🎧 (Listen to Pt 1 👉 @stateyourtake ) We pose the questions 1) Who was the worst Batman ever, 2) Why was Ed afraid of the Snapchat gender-switch filter, 3) Are there degrees to the Texas twang, and 4) Which is the better financial investment, Tampax or Bitcoin?🤔 Of course, there's also #gameofthrones , #myspace , #topochico , #jarjarbinks , and #gotham 🦇 Get to know your #houston #podcasters ✌️ 
May 22, 2019
This week Luz & Nat nerd tf out!🤓 We whip out our favorite comics, mention everything from Lord of the Rings to NASA, and Luz tells a tale about a mosh pit😂 #houston #podcast 
May 15, 2019
Laser Lights
 In this episode we share the location of the unofficial Michelada park in Houston😛 We reminisce about the H-Town laser light show from '94🎆 & We talk a little bit about Mother's Day "Presence"📵🎁 
May 10, 2019
Next-Level Vintage
This week we sit down with Ericka "BabyGirl" Martinez and Jesse "Bad Listener" Rodriguez from the @hiphopvintagefleamarket  👕They school us on the elements of hip hop, the importance of community, and the meaning of next level hustlin'🤘
May 2, 2019
The Whatever Episode
 This week we touch on the topic of living in A hood vs living in THE hood🏠 We talk GENTEfication, city birds with street cred🐦, 420, and we lay out the best way to sneak snacks into the movie theater📽️...you know, for #endgame "Grapes in my bag...SWAG" -Luz😎 
April 24, 2019
Stress-less in Houston
April is Stress Awareness Month and we've got a whole episode devoted to laughs and stress therapy😂 We talk smashing up a room with a baseball bat, finding your chill-zen, and sleeping through a tornado...wait, what??? There are stories about spiders and airplanes...and even one about a rat on the MetroRail. It's random, but hey, so are we🤷
April 11, 2019
April Fools-ish
Join us this week as we podcast from Luz's panic room😱 sip chardonnay🥂 and get all April Fools FANCY in this all-over-the-place episode of @houstonish 🤘 We laugh at sad pranks and Space Force🚀 Luz considers diapers for the Art Car Parade🤷 And we also ask the questions🤔 1) Do animals feel pain 2) Do you put ice in your wine 3) would you rather be burned alive or drowned? COMMENT BELOW! 👇 #artcarparade #avengers #bentaub #openingday #aprilfools2019 
April 3, 2019
 This week on @houstonishpodcast 😊we get a little 'Boasty' as we discuss things like 1)the new driverless grocery delivery 2)Texas bluebonnt laws, and 3)random wild ISH that happens in our city...from naked people on cars or playing downstairs dj in the middle of the street...to the man chasing a tire down the freeway🤦 Luz also shares her Luz Watches list and her top 5 wing places in the H. We also ask the question: Is buying food out of someone's trunk a Southern thing?🤔 #trunktamales #bbq    
March 20, 2019
Break for Selena
 We continue our fun little chat (link in bio) with our good friends Claudia & Lucy 👭 , beginning with a call from Claudia's mom📱 ending in pickle juice🥒 and containing a healthy dash of Selena breaks sprinkled throughout🎶 We laugh, we cry, we karaoke, but we also get into some important discussions, like: Is denying your own roots considered racist🤔 Join us on this emotional roller coaster ride as we ONLY brake for Selena, 'cause, you know...Anything for Selenas🙌 #podcast #htown #girlpower 🤜💥🤛 Shoutouts: @the_batman_56 @hasta_quemarnos & Taqueria Elena on Wayside...check out their Facebook✌️ 
March 14, 2019
Paws for Aaliyah
Our friends Claudia and Lucy stopped by, and instead of being shown to the couch🛋️, we showed them to a microphone and invited them to chat with us on-air🎧 They will officially be our 20th and 21st guests of the podcast🏆 AND our VERY FIRST repeat guests🤗 We jam some Aaliyah, talk animal yoga in Houston, "Diamondique" on the main stage, and finally, Lucy takes us somewhere very dark...so dark that Claudia was, in fact, left clutching her pearls📿 Here is Part One of another Two-Part episode of @houstonish 🤘 
March 7, 2019
From White Collar to White Beard
 He's a Texas man with Louisiana roots...He's got the Tips📝 We've got the Tangents🤷...Darren Lafferty of @TEXASFOODREVIEW brought the beard AND the barbeque to the Houstonish studio, and we couldn't be happier he did 😋 Shoutout to Beaver's for the delicious meal🙌 We talk with Darren about Food, Fatherhood, Photography, & Facial Hair 🧔 He gives us the low-down on cooking steak as well as a pro-tip for chicken fried steak😮👌 #houstonpodcast 
February 27, 2019
Happy Ducking Valentine's
What's YOUR perfect Valentine's Day song🤔?? 👇Comment below👇 It's the humpday🐪 before Valentine's day episode of @houstonishpodcast💕 This week we discuss the practicality of waterbeds🛏️ Nat shares a disturbing story about ducks🦆👀 And we share our V-Day-and-chill Netflix recommendations📺 #houston #texas #podcast #valentinesday2019
February 14, 2019
D & D and Dogs
Electrician and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast 🎉Sam Martinez🎉 is our guest this week as we go everywhere from larping leppers to thuggish nuggets🤷 Ankles were sprained😥 a #tinyviolin was played🎻 and children were quite possibly traumatized in an herb shop🤡 BUT☝️ we learned a lot about #DandD and had a great time reminiscing about the Greased Lightning ⚡ #astroworld #houston #podcast 
February 6, 2019
The Haggle is Real
 Join Luz as she says "GTFO my lawn" to some insanely brazen hagglers in our very first GARAGE SALE edition of @HoustonishPodcast 🎧 We share a few tips on hosting a successful yard sale and, of course, in our usual fashion, we go DARK with a little bit of talk about wearing human skin and drinking some dark AF Middle Eastern coffee☕ Are you TeamLuz...accept nothing less than what it's worth or... TeamNat....sell everything for a quarter!!! 🤷 Let us know in the comments below 👇 
January 30, 2019
No Hype, Just Hustle
 In this week's @houstonishspodcast we get HUNGRY😋 with the tenatious twins, the 5th ward barbeque boys🍖, Robby & Bobby del Toro, owners of @TexasTorosBarbeque 🎧They talk to us about growing up Mexican in the bloody nickel, Robby getting shot-at in Afghanistan, and Bobby finding his peace in solitude🧘 If you're looking for someplace new to eat, this episode has byfar THE MOST FOOD RECOMMENDATIONS of any other episode! They're all in our shoutouts below! 👇 #houston #podcast #texas #bbq This week's shoutouts 🗣️ @texastorosbarbeque @bbq_disciple @txtoyz @pitmaker1 @bluefieldmarket @ortegas_kitchen @dojo_hibachi @namthairestaurant @southern_taste_ @moontowersudworks @willowstexasbbq 
January 23, 2019
Hot Cheetos & Hulu
 Join us this week as we discuss Hot Cheetos🔥, Hulu Originals😀, and television reboots📺. We share our stories about some recent miscommunication, and we also peek ahead to the Houston rodeo concert lineup🎤 
January 16, 2019
Live from Porras
 We recorded our first LIVE episode🎧and had so much fun! It was a COMPLETELY different experience from our usual staring at each other in a padded room😂 Big Ups to the @diversehoustonartists for the invite 🙌 And thanks to @samfarts for acting as our producer🙏 #houston #podcast #mural #artshow  
January 9, 2019
Heart & Hustle
Yvonne Mendoza stops by this week to talk FAIR TRADE & HANDMADE🤲 We discuss work-life balance ⚖️ She schools us a little👌 on PAN DULCE😋 And we shout out🗣️ a couple of our favorite Texas DJ's🎧 Ride this emotional rollercoaster🎢 with Luz & Nat 😄in our DIRTY THIRTY'th edition of Houston-ish Podcast!🤘
December 20, 2018
Pancho Claus is Coming to Town
This week we've got the legendary Santa in a zoot suit...🎅🏽Mr. Lowrider himself🚗 Pancho Claus!🎄 He talks to us about the jams he bumps in the Christmas Cadillac🎵 the best place in Houston to get tamales😋 and all the locations you can drop off gifts for Pancho to give out this year!🎁 Give back if you can and if you can't, share the GoFundMe page and SHARE this post with your people!✌️ #houston #podcast
December 12, 2018
Classy? Wait, What?
We go from Mo City to east L.A.✈️ and back to 5th ward🖐️ in this episode of Houstonish🎧 Nat throws hate sprinkles on mumble rap🙅‍♀️, Luz channels La Sad Girl while practicing her hood speak😎, and we both reminisce about our favorite cancelled TV shows... and pogs....can't forget the pogs👌 #houstonpodcast
December 5, 2018
It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Reggie Haynes of @reggiehaynestv sits down with us to talk about blocking out the haters🙅‍♂️ He gives some advice to his younger self👦🏾 And we all reminisce about the rides at Astroworld😍 Oh yeah, and Whataburger makes yet another appearance on @Houstonish because well..Whataburger🤷
November 29, 2018
Turkey Talk with Chef Chelsea
We kick back with Chelsea Sargent, the bright-haired, bubbly contestant from Master Chef Season 9 on Fox. She answers some CRUCIAL kitchen questions like 1) What kind of potatoes should you mash, 2) Which salt is the best salt to keep in your pantry, and 3) How does Gordon Ramsey smell?😂 Disclaimer: You might not want to listen to this episode on an empty stomach....ijs🤷
November 21, 2018
Crawling Through the Holidays
In this episode👉 Daylight savings makes Luz sleepy😴 Turkey talk makes Nat hungry🦃 And we discuss if it's too early to be in the Christmas spirit...because we're not entirely sure at this point🤷 Follow @houstonishpodcast for more Houston Ish! 🎧 #houstonpodcast . This week's shoutouts🗣️ @lacalletacos @conservatoryhtx @alleytheatre @karbachbrewing ✌️
November 7, 2018
Elect-o-Ween (pt. 2)
Part 2 of our chat with Claudia & Lucy! We try to figure out our Disney characters and discuss grown kids trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween!
October 31, 2018
Voting is officially going down!👇 And we have Claudia Valenzuela and Lucy Yañez, a couple of Houstonians with us this week to talk about using YOUR VOICE and also, dressing up as sweet treats for Halloween!🍭 This is PART ONE☝️ of our VERY FIRST ✌️2-part interview, so check out this week and next week for the rest of this ridiculously radical rendition of @HOUSTONISHpodcast😂
October 24, 2018
It's Fall, Y'all
The leaves are #Astros orange🤘!! #Renfest is in full effect!🍗 It FINALLY feels like fall, y'all!🍂 Just like this H-Town weather, we're ALL OVER THE PLACE! 🤯We start this episode off with foot cheese and wrap it up with Big Moe🤷😂 Get in on the fun WEDNESDAYS with 👉 @houstonishpodcast 👈
October 17, 2018
I Know That's Right!
This week, Houstonish is swangin' and bangin' through the stress of holiday shopping. Luz gets SHOOK by her horoscope. & Nat learns her astrological body part...whatever the heck that means. Don't forget about the EXTRA ISH on the website (https://www.appealingcontent.com/houstonishextras). We've got some fun stuff in there this week!
October 10, 2018
Hot-Fire Validation
Our guest, Jose, schools us on resourceful graffiti. Nat puts a whole new twist on the 'bean bag.' And Luz goes off on a SPORTS tangent! #GoSports ! :D It's a brand new, HOT-FIRE-episode of Houstonish Podcast with your favorite H-Town fanatics Luz & Nat.
October 4, 2018
Know Your Limit
Luz and Nat discuss recognizing your limits... physically, financially, and emotionally. Also, find out what's going on in downtown for Oktoberfest 2018!
September 26, 2018
The Stew
This week we sit down with Musician, Singer, Producer, Father, Teacher, and Husband...all wrapped in one bearded package...the ever-so-talented Amaru the Musical Nomad. We chat about The Afroknotts music collective, share stories about our childhood pets, and we get some recommendations on vegan eats here in H-Town from a guy who says he's roughly 80% vegan.👌 Check out the man's music and follow Amaru here👉 @amarutmn 👈 This week's shoutouts🗣️: @sunshineshealthfood @theafroknotts @houstonsauceco @avant_garden_houston @karbachbrewing
September 19, 2018
Hustle Harder
Megan Jackson joins us this week as we talk about fitness, eating right, and more!
September 4, 2018
Harvey Strong
Join us this week as we reminisce about the wildest storm in Houston history🌀. We look at how the city has changed in a year, who's helped along the way, and how we became known across the globe as Houston Strong💪.
August 30, 2018
Go Nuts for Donuts
Robert Torres, the owner of Bocca Donuts & Kolaches, stops by to share his story as well as his donuts🍩! We chat about getting out of your comfort zone, enjoying donuts before school, and, of course, the daily lunch specials over at Bocca Donuts & Kolaches! Get in on this extra SWEET episode of your favorite podcast, Houstonish!🤘 www.appealingcontent.com/houstonish
August 22, 2018
"Luz & Nat Un-MF-plugged"
Sometimes the pre-episode warm-up is so LIT, you just have to run with it🤷. Get to know your LAST HOSTS STANDING😂 as we talk about ugly-crying for Selena, disappointing our fathers, and getting TF out of town JUST for some good jams. If you're not a fan of F*CKS, I'd probably sit this one out. 👌
August 16, 2018
Art, Faith, & Pizza
This week we're catching up with local artist Faith Pruneda as she prepares to show some of her artwork at the pizza show Friday at @InsomniaGallery. We discuss having confidence in your art, internet thieves, and Faith teaches us a little something about cicadas.
August 8, 2018
Cruisin' the Island
Houstonish was on vacay last week!🤘 We all need a break from time to time, AMIRITE!🙌 Coincidentally, we both ended up visiting G-Town, and for very different adventures!🤣 Check out our little ode to Galveston.✌ It's this week's episode: "Cruisin the Island."🏝 🛳 Also this week, Nat wrote an article! Explore some alternatively newish stuff to do in G-Town in her latest article "To G-Town, With Love" (www.appealingcontent.com/vaycray). ... 🕶This week's Small Business Sponsor🕶 👉 Texas Feed Stop in Mt Belvieu!👈 #familyowned #smallbusiness #justoutsideofhouston #baytownish
August 1, 2018
The Chill Zone
Aint nobody got time for this heat! Chillax with us this week as we talk about some cool places in town with free AC! We also talk about what's on our Netflix playlist. And of course we JAM...like only Luz can!
July 18, 2018
That 713
This week we chop it up with the CEO of Houston Films and Productions, Mario, a true Houstonian who goes back in the gap with us to talk about all things Houston. From Gulfgate Mall to Whataburger, screw tapes to the Mayan Mindbender! Jam out with us in our special 10th episode of HOUSTONISH: "THAT 713."
July 11, 2018
That Old Charm
This week we talk everything GROWING UP, from beepers to Duck Hunt, domestic life to parenting. We cover all those things we had to figure out for ourselves. How do you define "ADULTING?" Jam this week's #LuzListens "Older, None the Wiser" playlist while you sit back and reminisce about the good old days.
July 4, 2018
The H is for History
Houston is a diverse city that is full of history. This week’s guest, Mika, talks about how she does her best to put together some of Houston’s history. We talk about WWII vets in Houston, Latinos in sports, and some of the work behind Houston’s oral history.
June 27, 2018
At #Houstonish, we're serious about our pride for H-town🤘...and every summer Houston gets serious about ITS pride for...well...PRIDE! 🏳️‍🌈 #Thisweek we discuss dancing in heels👠, judgment-freezones🙅‍♀️, and minding ya damn business🙌. Stick around for #luzlistens to hear this week's Not-Your-Typical Pride Playlist.🎧
June 19, 2018
Lights, Camera, Action!
What happens when you have a childhood dream and a few lessons? You become an actor, that's what! Join us this week as we talk to local actor Justin Garcia-Pruneda about staying 'litty' and moonlighting as a video vixen.
June 13, 2018
Dad Jokes
Father's Day is a week away, and we've got a rollercoaster of an episode filled with a lot of dad jokes, a little ghost-swatting, and of course, HoustonISH suggestions of stuff to do with your pops.
June 6, 2018
My Kind of Workout
We're taking you straight to summer MO-tivation from your NO-tivation! Jams for jogging. Where to dance & burn calories this summer in Houston!
May 25, 2018
Before, it Sucked
Local artist MOE joins the HOUSTONish hosts as they talk ART, MUSIC, and not being afraid to SUCK. Check him out on Instagram: @MoesArtHouston
May 16, 2018
Lesbian Bar?
Dip a toe into the H-Town nightlife, and re-discover some brutal Texas history. What ISH are YOU getting into this week?
May 9, 2018
Good Vibes
Getting to know the hosts of Houstonish: Gracie D, Natie Fresh, & (just) Luz!
May 4, 2018
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