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How I Got Backstage

How I Got Backstage

By Jade Driver & Cassie Petrey
The co-founders of Crowd Surf, a marketing, publicity & artist management company, based out of LA, Nashville & NYC, have teamed up to answer the question: “How do I get a job in the music industry?” Packed with over a decade of on the job stories, comedic anecdotes, valuable information and a ton of inspiration, Jade Driver and Cassie Petrey aim to guide listeners on creating their dream jobs in the music industry. Each week the podcast will host guests from all facets of the industry ranging from publicists, producers, photographers and even music artists to tell their own stories.
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Persistence Pays Off - How Stacey Cato of CMT Got Backstage
This week we sit down with the Manager of Music Strategy at CMT, Stacey Cato. After getting his start in Silicon Valley, Stacey followed his heart to Nashville in the late 90s and found himself working at - an early version of CMT - as a web developer. After 20 years of working at CMT through the digital revolution he’s seen it all and worked closely with the biggest stars in country music along the way. This episode is chock full of advice and anecdotes and also guest stars our surprise co-host Benny Driver - Jade’s mom and Crowd Surf Billing Manager.
November 15, 2019
3 Loud People and a Pack of Pumpkin Ale - How Yacht Money Got Backstage
Production and artist team Solomon (Soli) Olds and Lauren Olds join us this week for some old time anecdotes from our time working together on rock band Family Force 5 to their current success as a production and writing team working with artists such as Hunter Hayes, Tessa Violet and Sam Tinnesz. We'd suggest turning your volume down, because this episode gets a little loud! ;)
October 18, 2019
From Nashville to Hollywood and Back Again - How Jet Jurgensmeyer Got Backstage
This week we sit down with 14 year old actor and musician Jet Jurgensmeyer to hear about his southern upbringing hanging out at his parents' honkey-tonk, The Nashville Palace, with legends like George Jones to his success in Hollywood working alongside Tim Allen on "Last Man Standing." Jet is now embracing his Nashville roots and has recently released his debut self-titled country album. Hear about his songwriting process, inspirations and enjoy a live performance!
October 12, 2019
Busy At Play- How Johnny Garcia and Sarah Ryder got Backstage
Johnny Garcia, band director for country artist Trisha Yearwood since 1991, joins us to talk about how the stars aligned to lead him to country music, the new generation of artists he’s working with and how an overheard anecdote from Loretta Lynn lead to the hook in the latest release from his artist Sarah Ryder who joins us to talk about the song and launch of her career.
October 4, 2019
Fanboy to Photographer - How Ford Fairchild Got Backstage
At age 16, Ford Fairchild, a street team member, was snuck into a club by Cassie and Jade because he was too young to get in and see his favorite artist Michelle Branch perform a showcase. As a fan, Ford was obsessed with artist imagery and photographs. He ran a successful Michelle Branch fansite, which he eventually sold and used the money to buy his first camera. Ford is now a full time music photographer and videographer and has  professionally photographed artists like Jason Aldean, Greta Van Fleet, Maggie Rose and Lady Gaga.
September 19, 2019
Mental Health in the Music Industry Pt 2 - With Courtney Allen from BMG
Continuing our convo with Courtney Allen from BMG on her path to a job she loves while facing many challenges including broken promises, unfulfilling positions and challenges with finding a balance with the music industry and mental health.
September 6, 2019
Mental Health in the Music Industry Pt 1 - With Courtney Allen from BMG
It used to be something nobody talked about openly, but we couldn't be happier that mental health is becoming an open subject that friends and colleagues are able to discuss together. This week we sit down with Courtney Allen from BMG to not only discuss how she got backstage, but some of the personal struggles she faced on her path and how she overcame them to create a healthy work / life balance that she has today!
August 30, 2019
What We Wish We Knew Before We Started a Business in the Music Industry
Recently Ones To Watch published an article written by Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver called: "INDUSTRY INFILTRATION: 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Music Business." In this Mini-cast, the two dig into the article and talk about "the bro deal," chasing checks and karma.
August 19, 2019
Seamstress for the Band - How Krystal Douglas Got Backstage
Dive into your dream rock and roll wardrobe with Krystal Douglas, owner of Music City Sewing! Krystal has created custom pieces for everyone from Lana Del Rey to Michelle Obama. WHAT!? We talk boy bands - obviously! - girl boss hustle and ripping the leather panels out of her friend’s dad’s vintage Mustang to make a jacket for Jon Bon Jovi. If that’s not rock and roll, we don’t know what is!
August 16, 2019
Recorded backstage at the 8 Letters Tour in Nashville, TN - July 28, 2019 - Jade catches up with Eben ON TOUR! So much as happened since we recorded our first episode with EBEN in Nov 2018 and we wanted to catch up on his progress and successes. We talk about life in Los Angeles, closing old chapters and starting new ones and of course, share stories from the road. 
August 9, 2019
EBEN FLOW PART 1 - How EBEN Got Backstage
This episode was recorded in Nov 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Eben has just finished up nearly 2 years of touring with Why Don’t We and is working towards releasing his next EP, Last Hundred Days. We talk about Eben’s early years in music, the boy band that didn’t work and the determination that made him drive his car from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, having everything he owned stolen along the way and knocking on his manager's door asking to learn everything he could about the entertainment industry What is the future of EBEN?. Find out in Part 2 coming Aug 8!
August 1, 2019
Who Run the World!? Fangirls! - How LISTENER Maya Kaspi Got Backstage
This week we invited one of our listeners, Maya Kaspi, to come in the studio and share her story about being a fangirl, loving Justin Bieber and Why Don't We and working towards evolving that passion into a budding career. Cassie shares many creepy stories about her young days as a Backstreet Boys fan including being thrown to the ground by a security guard! Glad she got back up and kept going. 
July 26, 2019
Lessons in Life, Love and The Lion King - How Abby Anderson Got Backstage
Country artist Abby Anderson (Black River Entertainment) joins us in Nashville this week, along with co-host Kaitlyn Gruber from Crowd Surf, to talk about her upbringing, living the dream and life lessons she learned from The Lion King. Remember who you are! 
July 18, 2019
I Fangirl Over My Artists! - How Lisa Ray Got Backstage
Time to kick off Season 2 straight from Music City USA! AKA - Nashville, TN! This week we welcome our first guest host, Elise Stawarz, and day to day manager of superstar country act Day + Shay, Lisa Ray of Sandbox Entertainment. For some of us, working in a record store was the ultimate dream and Lisa got to do just that. However, most of you probably never had the pleasure of skipping school and visiting a dirty old record store on a Tuesday morning to buy a new album. It was magic! We talk about that magic as well as the great distinction of being a true fangirl and turning that into a career this week on the How I Got Backstage podcast.
July 11, 2019
College Life - How Justin Kay and Bobby Banister Got Backstage
COLLEGE! The best time of your life...but don't party too hard because taking advantage of all of those extra curricular clubs, volunteer activities and internships could just jump start your career! MTSU alums Jade and Cassie and Belmont University alums Justin and Bobby talk about what's it's like to go to a music business school and how the hustle starts before you graduate. Wondering if a music business program is right for you? We tell you what to expect and how to get the best experience out of your time on campus.
October 16, 2018
How Max & Harvey Got Backstage - From Busking to BBC
This week we welcome our favorite duo from across the pond, Max & Harvey! Not only do these two lads have the musical talent -- and those cute mugs -- but they've got the business sense to back it up. The guys have put in the hard work, sacrifice and dedication to sign to RMI / Hollywood Records, win a Radio Disney Music Award and have their own special on BBC at age 15. Find out how they got there by listening now!
September 26, 2018
Stories from the Why Don't We "Momplex" - How Keri, Myta and Kristin Got Backstage
This week we have a powerhouse trio in the studio to talk mom life as a pop star parent! Keri Seavey, Kristin Stanford and Myta Herron (moms of pop group Why Don't We members Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron) share with us the journey of their sons’ careers from their early years of busking in the street - before they were even old enough to drive - to moving to Los Angeles and playing Madison Square Garden. Hear their story in a way you've never heard it before!
September 13, 2018
Adam's Got Talent - How Adam Davis Got Backstage
This week we welcome Adam Davis, Digital Producer for America's Got Talent! Adam grew up a kid in Kentucky inspired by his idol Garth Brooks. After performing as a child, Adam continued his career in front of an audience becoming a Nashville celebrity as "Intern Adam" at 107.5 The River. As social media and celebrity culture hit the internet in the early 2000s Davis shifted his career to the digital realm joining the team at The X Factor U.S. and has now been running the digital initiatives at AGT for over 6 years. Find out what Adam does on the daily and get some secret scoop on some Cassie and Jade's embarrassing moments straight from their friend of over a decade!
September 6, 2018
From Fangirl to Brand Girl - How Helen Showalter Got Backstage
This week we speak with Crowd Surf's Senior Branding Manager, Helen Showalter, who works with artists like Why Don't We, Backstreet Boys. Eben and Kim Petras. She talks about how her time spent working on artist street teams helped her hone her craft, mainly by stalking down Jade and Cassie and talking her way into a job at age 19. Oh, and she loves Harry Styles.
August 23, 2018
Every Day We Hustlin' - How Nina Kolb Got Backstage
This week we welcome Director of Publicity at Crowd Surf, Nina Kolb! Nina shares with listeners how she started hustlin' at an early age to get her first internship in radio, moved to Los Angles to pursue bigger opportunities and started a career in music publicity. Nina now works with artists like Why Don't We, Andy Grammer and the Backstreet Boys to name a few!
August 10, 2018
How We Got Backstage | Meet Jade & Cassie
Welcome to "How I Got Backstage," a podcast about how two girls from small towns, with no entertainment connections, grew up to create their dream jobs in the music industry. Each week Jade Driver and Cassie Petrey will share stories from their careers and give advice and real steps you can take to create your dream career too! This week they introduce themselves, their passion for music, life as a fan girl and dig into the early years and the start of their marketing, publicity and artist management company, Crowd Surf.
August 1, 2018