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UFO Pentagon Report: Science Facts or Fiction

UFO Pentagon Report: Science Facts or Fiction

By Howard Berenbon
This podcast covers the recent UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) activity, AKA Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Because of the pending and new reporting, leaked UFO videos and then verified as real by the Navy, here's my take on this historic and exciting UAP development. I'll start by covering recent encounters and offer my opinions on what the Pentagon has revealed to the public. Having worked as an electrical engineer at the Chrysler Defense division in Michigan, I know what classified means, and we will likely see watered down truths and facts. I hope to help unravel the mysteries.
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UFO UAP Pentagon Report Podcast 7. Fighter pilot's earthshaking eyewitness UAP description and noteworthy UAP theories.
UFO UAP Pentagon Report Podcast 7. Fighter pilot's earthshaking eyewitness UAP description and noteworthy UAP theories. Included some audio from the unclassified US Navy video: 3 GOFAST part of the Pentagon's investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena expected by June 25, 2021.
September 21, 2021
Chris Lehto F-16 Pilot UFO UAP Tic Tac Analysis, Episode 6
Crazy Tech thanks retired US Navy F-16 Pilot Chris Lehto for the permission to review and publish part of his first streaming Q&A on the UAP radar videos and the Pentagon UAP report.  He answered questions with retired air force flight engineer D.J. SanMarco and @Nathan of #UFOTwitter Task Force and their UFO podcast called Life MMA and NBA.  Chris, D.J. and Nathan are analyzing some of the UAP data, including the 2004 Tic Tac video that Commander Dave Fravor experienced, and observed with his 2 eyes.  The discussion includes questions from the chat.   #UAP #UFO #PentagonUAP #TicTac #DaveFravor #ChrisLehto Please subscribe to Chris Lehto's channel at: and subscribe to D.J. SanMarco & Nathan's Podcat Life MMA and NBA at  Soundcloud Podcast Twitter  D.J. - BLM + Love LE @LIFE_MMA_andNBA
August 19, 2021
UAP Report Analysis: Hiam Eshed Intergalactic Treaty, Hillary Clinton, Mick West, Avi Loeb, George Knapp
Part 2 of my UFO/UAP Pentagon Report Analysis, Podcast Episode 5. I continue my discussion of various UFO mainstream news articles after the June 25 UAP reveal. Talking points:  Hillary Clinton: would release classified alien reports Hiam Eshed: intergalactic treaty with ETs Navy UFO contact: bizarre encounters Mick West, UFO Skeptic: mirages and drones Avi Loeb, Harvard Astrophysicist: use latest instruments George Knapp, Journalist: won't get much Mark Whittington, The Hill: Star Trek cloaking devices
July 29, 2021
Pentagon Report Analysis: Seth Shostak, Mick West, Steve Gorman, Daniel Drezner
I reviewed some of the mainstream news articles published after the June 25 UAP Pentagon report release.  if the objects are not controlled by extraterrestrials, could they be from the lost civilization of Atlantis? You can see my report as a video on my Youtube channel, Crazy Tech Talking Points: The History Channel: Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Extraterrestrials or from Atlantis Seth Shostak, Seti astronomer: the report had potential New York Magazine: What did the report conclude? Mick West, UFO Skeptic: airborne clutter or atmospheric phenomena Steve Gorman, Reuters: Roswell Incident Daniel Drezner, Washington Post: What did we learn?
July 23, 2021
Navy Processed UFO Radio Transmissions, Eye Witness Sightings!
My analysis of the Pentagon's UAP report released June 25, 2021. One amazing fact: some F-18 fighter jet pilots processed radio frequency transmissions from the UAPs. Talking Points Solid Eye Witness Sightings 143 Unexplained Sightings Orson Welles, War of the Worlds Radio Drama Roswell New Mexico flying saucer crash Could they be from Russia or China? Pentagon processed radio frequency transmissions Physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking warning  
July 12, 2021
UFO Podcast: National Security Threat? Tim Burchett, Something is Going On
We're anticipating the Pentagon's UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) report by June 25th, in just a few days.  Some people in Congress, who have seen advanced information, fear a national security threat. Episode 2 is my take on what we may learn, or may not learn, from the report. Talking Points Unidentified Flying Objects to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena The Day the Earth Stood Still H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds Congressman Tim Burchett: Clearly something is going on Russians or Chinese
June 23, 2021
Aliens or Us? UFO/UAP Pentagon Report, J. Allen Hynek, Seti, Carl Sagan, Kepler Telescope
UAP (aka UFO) Report June 2021: Episode 1 Soon, the Pentagon will release an unclassified report of at least 120 UFO sightings in and around the US military on the east and west coast of the United States.  This first podcast is a short history of UFOs, now known as UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) with my impression of what may be revealed, and what many hope to find when the report is released by the Pentagon. Talking Points J Allen Hynek: Swamp Gas Carl Sagan, Seti search for extraterrestrial intelligence Kepler Telescope and the James Web Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite: the Goldilocks Zone Dave Fravor & Alex Dietrich: Eye witness to UFO Tic Tac objects Visual Contact with UAP Objects near the navy ships USS Nimitz and the USS Princeton
June 17, 2021