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How are you Dad?

How are you Dad?

By Dan Rowe & Mark Williams
When it comes to being dad, some reports suggest that up to 38% of men are concerned about their mental health…. and 1 in 10 fathers suffer from postnatal depression.

How are you Dad? Podcast explores the challenges men face in becoming a father.

The podcast covers the science, evidence and research to help parents and Health professionals understand the importance of fathers mental health.
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Dr Anna Machin
The life of Dad! Dr Anna Machin, Evolutionary Anthropologist at Oxford University, joins us to discuss the role of being a Father. It is a really interesting chat where we find out about hormone changes in expectant dad's and also the importance of rough play! Check out for more information and also a link to The Life of Dad! book.
August 18, 2021
Elly Taylor
Are we working on our relationships? When we become a Dad, 100% of our attention often goes on our new arrival. This is inevitable, however, our relationship with the Mum will often suffer during the perinatal period. Elly Taylor joins us to discuss the importance that our relationships have when becoming a parent.  For more information on Elly, you can find her at
August 03, 2021
Dr Andy Mayers
Can fathers experience Birth Trauma? Dr Andy Mayers an academic psychologist, specialising in mental health, particularly in the perinatal period.  We discuss all aspects of birth trauma and look to challenge the theory that Birth Trauma only affects the Mum. Shining a light on how it can impact the entire family, and by focusing on the wider approach, the benefits will be seen by the entire unit.  You can see more from Andy form the following places: Website - Twitter - @DrAndyMayers Instagram - @drandymayers  
June 30, 2021
Paternal Mental Health Alliance
We can achieve more by working together! In September, 2020 a group of Paternal Mental Health Advocates delivered a groundbreaking report to Westminster. The report delivers key recommendations to improve the current support new Dad's receive for their mental health. It was also a day that the Paternal Mental Health Alliance (PMHA) was formed. Joining Dan & Mark, we welcome 3 key members of the group in Scott, Helen & Ash. Hear their personal experiences and why making a difference is driving their dedication. You can follow the PMHA on twitter @MentalPmha
June 30, 2021
Series 1 Trailer
Welcome to the How are you Dad podcast! Presenter Dan Rowe is joined by leading campaigner, Mark Williams to discuss the importance of Father's Mental Health. During this series you will hear from experts around the world discussing topics from Birth Trauma, Relationships and how to better support the family unit by supporting the dad.  You can can email the guys at or on twitter at @danrowe28 / @MarkWilliamsFMH  We would like to thank our sponsors HiPP Organic. To find out more about them, visit their website or find them on Instagram and Facebook The How Are You Dad? podcast Is a MIC media production.
June 21, 2021