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Howefeelin Podcast

Howefeelin Podcast

By Howefeelin
Real conversations about mental wellness and the journey for happiness by millennials, for everyone. The founders of Howefeelin, a brand and app break down the mental and emotional journeys of individuals from all walks of life in order to help and enlighten listeners.
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018: Howefeelin, Bailey?
In this episode, Scott speaks with Bailey Clark. Bailey shares moments from her early childhood, as she explains how her parent’s ability to maintain a positive, dynamic relationship despite separating served as a positive catalyst for growth within her life. She speaks on how her parent’s decision to enroll her in therapy following their split provided her with an outlet that improved her confidence growing up and allowed her to freely express herself.  She speaks on leaving her hometown of Reno, Nevada after graduating college to pursue her dream career, and touches on how moments of adversity provided her with the mindset shift needed to remain stable when certain aspects of life felt like they were not going her way.
February 11, 2021
017: Howefeelin, Clara?
In this episode, Parshawn speaks with Clara Erickson. Clara first touches on several of the initial stages of her college experience at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. She shares how a number of these early moments within her life created the foundation for her desire to challenge herself to grow as an individual, no matter how scary it may have seemed to her at the time.  She dives into her experience of studying abroad for four months in South Africa, as she expresses how this trip challenged her to step outside of her comfort zone and immerse herself within a culture that she viewed as extremely unfamiliar. She explains how commonalities between individuals from all walks of life can be found on the simplest of terms if we are willing to keep our eyes and arms open. Clara points out that we as people can all find ways to communicate, express ourselves, and understand one another despite any barriers that may seem like they are in place.
February 2, 2021
016: Howefeelin, Grace-Maya?
In this episode, Scott speaks with Grace-Maya Silver. From dealing with the divorce of her parents at an early age, to enduring a sexually and emotionally abusive relationship at the age of 17, the large sum of Grace-Maya's personal trials and tribulations have provided her with the challenge of recovering the voice that she felt had been stripped away from her at the hands of others.  She provides an in-depth look into her battles with anxiety and PTSD following her relationship. She details how sharing her experiences with friends and family allowed her to process the series of events that had taken place, ultimately leading her though a rebuilding process which allowed her to take back the power that she felt had been lost. Grace-Maya attributes her healing to her willingness to be open and vocal about her story, and she hopes to increase awareness surrounding the topic of sexual assault while providing support for those who have experienced similar circumstances.
January 21, 2021
015: Howefeelin, Kris?
In this episode, Miles speaks with long-time friend and current pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, Kris Bubic. Kris shares his story as he details his journey through life and speaks on the important role that his family has played throughout his life. He shares several of the most prominent moments of both his personal and athletic career over the years, which have provided him with the wisdom and the tools necessary to achieve his dream of playing professional baseball in the MLB. He speaks to the impact that confidence, preparation, and discipline can have within your life when in pursuit of achieving a goal, despite the thoughts of those around you. He also shares how important it is to focus wholeheartedly on the things that you can control within your life.
December 30, 2020
014: Howefeelin, Kyle?
In this episode, Miles speaks with long-time friend, Kyle Mora. Kyle shares his story, as he explores the relationships and experiences present within his life that reenforced the importance of intention, mindfulness, and preparation. As a result of the shifts made within Kyle's mindset given his newfound perspective on both sports and life, his increased ability to fully tap into the potential present within him allowed him to receive a baseball scholarship to the University of California- San Diego and fulfill his goal of playing baseball at the collegiate level. Kyle details his initial experience as a key contributor on the pitching staff at UCSD, and speaks on how the departure of his pitching coach and mentor marked the beginning of a period that would prove to be difficult for him. Kyle explains how injuries and strained relationships within the program affected his ability to contribute to the team, leaving him stuck and confused in regards to fulfilling what felt like his true purpose between the lines. Periods of self-doubt and a number of moments filled with angst followed, forcing Kyle to realize that he needed to bet on himself and continue to carve his own path if baseball would be something that would remain within his future. Kyle speaks on the series of events which led to him graduating college early in order to leave UCSD and continue his collegiate baseball career. Through displaying grit and an expanded mindset, Kyle was able to receive an offer to play baseball at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, where he would go on to be a key asset to the LMU Lions who would qualify and play in the NCAA D1 Baseball Regional in 2019. Kyle shares the lessons that he has learned up to this point within his journey, and outlines how having a strong community behind him allowed him to regain the infectious confidence that he is known for.
December 8, 2020
013: Howefeelin, Mitch?
In this episode, Miles speaks with long-time friend Mitch Newman as Mitch shares his story. Mitch’s desire to become an advocate for mental wellness began early on as he watched his father battle with his own bouts of clinical depression. Much of Mitch’s early childhood was characterized by dealing with loss and growing up earlier than expected, as Mitch and his family endured the untimely passings of his father, his cousin, and his uncle from 2008-2010. Mitch speaks on the lessons that he’s learned as a result of reflecting upon the impact of his father’s life. He details the outlets and personal relationships that he has cultivated over the years which have allowed him to remain supported. He also speaks on how his involvement within the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has motivated him to serve as an advocate for suicide awareness for his peers and others within his own age group. Mitch's passion for journaling and writing have also fueled him to begin writing a book detailing his story, in hopes that it will serve as a guide and a resource to others who are dealing with, or have dealt with the loss of a loved one.
December 1, 2020
012: Howefeelin, Scott?
In this episode, Miles speaks with Howefeelin co-founder Scott Shaffer. Scott discusses some of the earliest experiences that have shaped him including making several cross country moves with his family before finally settling in Reno, Nevada, as well as enduring and dealing with the divorce of his parents. Scott then dives into how being around a supportive group of friends during his first year of college allowed him to unpack and confront the behaviors and inner troubles that he experienced while dealing with the hardships that had occurred within his life. He discusses how this practice allowed him to shift his perspective on life, ultimately providing him the tools needed to impart these lessons and share what he has learned to help others find their way. 
November 24, 2020
011: Howefeelin, Kyle and Jaryle?
In this episode, Miles speaks with Kyle Francis Ordona Dacallos and Jaryle Zamora, President and Assistant Treasurer of the San Jose NAACP Youth Chapter. Kyle and Jaryle take Miles through their respective journeys as they detail their personal experiences with battling anxiety and depression. The two speak about the importance of recognizing the impact that generational trauma plays within our individual lives in relation to both mental health and cultural relations. The two also speak on their involvement within the NAACP, and discuss how important it is for all individuals to band together in an effort to support and uplift each other as we witness social justice issues faced within the United States.
November 6, 2020
010: Howefeelin, Shaden?
In this episode, Shaden Qutmiera shares her journey with Parshawn as she details her experience of suffering from a stroke at the age of 16 as a result of the development of a cavernous malformation in her brain. Shaden explains the shift in perspective that she experienced after coming out of her coma following her stroke. She shares how being surrounded by the love of her family within the hospital played a pivotal part in her ability to come to terms with the reality of the recovery process ahead. Shaden relives her rehabilitation experience and shares how the constant desire to compare herself to her previous condition caused her to face a number of personal challenges along her road to recovery. Despite appearing incredibly strong while overcoming her struggles, on the inside Shaden was breaking as she was forced to push her limits in ways that began to affect her overall mental health. Tides shifted once she began to expose herself to a number of meditative practices that made her accept the fact that she was still the same person despite her inability to perform a number of the tasks that she had previously been able to perform.
November 2, 2020
009: Howefeelin, Milad?
In this episode, Parshawn speaks with Milad Bahai. Milad shares his story as he details how his personal relationship with anxiety over the years has shaped his life and molded him into the person that he is today. He explains his initial experiences with battling anxiety beginning at the age of 14, and shares the series of events that finally allowed him to come to terms with what he was feeling. Over time, his condition fueled the development of a mind-body disorder called Globus pharyngeus, which induces the sensation of constantly feeling as if something is stuck in your throat. Milad had been searching for help until the teachings of Echkart Tolle drew him towards understanding the importance of mindfulness. Milad shares how practicing mindfulness has transformed his outlook on life, and how it has renewed his passion for both therapy and creating music. He provides insight into his motivation to create music, and how his focus as an artist lies within giving listeners a transparent, unapologetic glimpse into his journey in an effort to help others realize how important it is to take care of their mental health. Check out Milad's music by searching "Sheik Milz" on all music streaming platforms.
October 27, 2020
008: Howefeelin, Avideh?
In this episode, Parshawn speaks with Avideh Saeed. Avideh takes Parshawn through her journey as she details her experience with battling anxiety and depression. She explains how taking on the role of being the shoulder to cry on for her friends pushed her away from taking accountability for her own trials and tribulations. As the weight of her own personal experiences weighed heavily on her at an increasing rate, she was pushed by one of her friends to speak up and find the help that she needed in the form of therapy Continually frequenting therapy sessions and actively speaking on the trials and tribulations that she had been experiencing had proved to be aiding her growth; however, she was forced to take an even deeper look at her life after suffering from an epileptic seizure one morning while at work. Now, Avideh is taking huge steps within her newly developed lifestyle in an effort to continually better herself. With newfound maturity and courage to grow, Avideh states that she enjoys the learning process of taking care of herself and is excited about what is to come for her in the future.
October 19, 2020
007: Howefeelin, Ish?
In this episode, Parshawn speaks with Ismail Seremba, former Cal Poly/University of Akron men's soccer standout, and current musical artist by the name of "Ish Soul". Ish dives deep as he takes Parshawn through the most notable aspects of his journey. Born and raised in London, England, Ish was fortunate enough to find a passion for the game of soccer like many kids in his area. His skill and love for the game at a young age would open the door to an incredible opportunity early on, as he was recruited by Chelsea F.C Academy, the youth academy for world-renowned English football club Chelsea F.C. Ish would play for Chelsea F.C Academy from 2007-2013 before being given the opportunity to move to the United States by way of a men's soccer scholarship opportunity at the University of Akron in Ohio. Such a meaningful opportunity for Ish did not come without difficulty, as he takes us through the grueling experience of recovering from two significant ACL injuries throughout his stay in Akron. Ish shares the struggles that ensued while overcoming these moments, as he speaks upon the experience of being pushed to keep his soccer career afloat while alone in a foreign country. He then takes us through his decision to transfer to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where he would be given a second chance to play collegiate soccer. Ish's new opportunity in SLO appeared to be fruitful; however, a third ACL injury would halt his career, forcing him to find meaning outside of the sport. Ish touches upon the hardships that he endured as a result of being forced to find meaning after the very game that had fueled his migration to the United States was taken away from him. Ish shares the mental trials and tribulations that he faced as he worked to address the aspects of his emotional well-being that had been pushed aside while dealing with his injuries. He shares how music had soon be the art form that would call his name, becoming the medium of expression that allowed him to free his mind and share his story. Ish touches on his current life, as he continues to work and perfect his craft as an artist in hopes of pursuing a career in music. Follow Ish on Instagram at @ish_soul , and listen to his latest EP, “The Love in the Pain Capsule”, available on all streaming platforms.    
October 13, 2020
006: Howefeelin, Tarrek?
In this episode, Parshawn speaks with Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, member of the Peach Tree Rascals. Tarrek takes us through his journey as he shares the inspirations and influences that helped him develop his passion for singing. He details some of the early moments that sparked, tore down, and ultimately rebuilt the confidence that he would need to pursue a career as a full-time artist.  Tarrek dives into the series of events that led to him and his closest friends forming the Peach Tree Rascals. He then highlights some of the most prominent moments that have taken place throughout their career as a group thus far, as they continue their push towards becoming one of the hottest collectives in the realm of music. With 6.78 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 1.5 million posts on Tik Tok using their hit song "Mariposa", and a record deal with independent record label 10K Projects, Tarrek and the boys are certainly on their way to doing so. Find Tarrek on Instagram at @tarrek. Find the Peach Tree Rascals on Instagram at @peachtreerascal, and listen to their music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and all other streaming platforms.
October 7, 2020
005: Howefeelin, John?
In this episode, Miles speaks with John Azevedo. John shares his story as he details his personal experiences with battling anxiety and overcoming the negative perceptions that others had projected towards him. John talks about the importance of being surrounded by quality people, as he shares personal anecdotes that demonstrate how having a solid community allowed him to overcome troubling times while attending school at the University of Oregon. John then details the series of events that took place which led him to transfer from his then dream school, to Butte College in Chico, California in search of a new beginning. John shares the key moments that altered his thinking and encouraged him to understand the value of hard work, ultimately leading him down a path where he now feels comfortable and excited about the future.
October 4, 2020
004: Howefeelin, Team?
In this episode, Howefeelin founders Scott Shaffer, Miles Brown, and Parshawn Beheshtian share the origins of the philosophy centered within Howefeelin. Listen as they share aspects of their own personal experiences and relationships that sparked their interest in learning more about the topic of mental wellness.  Hear them detail the vision that they see within the development of their social media platform, and learn more about their takes on topics such as the current landscape of social media, the importance of providing resources that allow people of all ages to acknowledge their own overall well-being, and how promoting the attitude of being vulnerable and all-accepting within our interactions can shift the current perspective surrounding societal views on mental wellness.
September 27, 2020
003: Howefeelin, Sahand?
In this episode, Parshawn and Miles speak with Sahand Fardi. Sahand recounts the series of health complications that began to take place when he was in the 5th grade, ultimately leading to him being diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a very rare autoimmune disease which effects roughly 1 in 500,000 people following the administration of a flu vaccine. Sahand gives us insight into the many questions, concerns, and trips to various doctors around the country that took place in order for him and his family to finally gain clarity in regards to his condition. Sahand discusses his road to recovery, and talks about how growing up with Guillain-Barré syndrome has impacted his mindset and outlook on life. We then discuss how his experience fueled his desire to study neuroscience, with the ultimate end goal of attending medical school and becoming a doctor himself in order to use his knowledge to help kids be kids, without having to experience the hardships that he experienced.  Sahand wraps up by telling us about his instagram page, For Your Tomorrow. For Your Tomorrow is a self-growth page which focuses on providing quick daily tips to help people not only appreciate life, but also to help build the best versions of themselves. Here, Sahand shares tips related to topics such as science, cosmetics, workforce, and many others. Follow For Your Tomorrow on instagram at @foryourtomorrow_official.
September 25, 2020
002: Howefeelin, Natalie?
In this episode, Parshawn talks with his friend Natalie Muñoz. Natalie speaks on her own personal relationship with mental health and wellness, as she details her journey of being forced to address her own mental wellness in order to arise from difficult situations that occurred within her life at a young age. She speaks on how these events have sparked her passion for providing awareness to the topic of mental health, with a specific emphasis on starting the discussion with individuals from a young age. We start by discussing the stigma placed on mental health currently within society, and work into how mental health should be viewed from a positive perspective that all individuals can identify with. We then move into the importance of the vocabulary used to address these ideas, and acknowledge how this is a crucial aspect of being able to better yourself. Natalie goes deep into the events that occurred within her past, and shares how working through these events has allowed her to grow tremendously, changing her life for good. We address how tough it can be to deal with the realities that life throws at us, but we acknowledge that there is always a way out in the form of facing your problems and being willing to accept them as an opportunity to begin helping yourself. The discussion comes full circle as Natalie provides uplifting messages for individuals working through their own troughs in life. She addresses how it is always okay to not be okay, no matter who you are.
September 20, 2020
001: Howefeelin, Kaleb?
In this episode, Miles talks with Kaleb Fossum, former University of Nevada, Reno football standout and a co-founder of The Uncommons. The foundation of a number of Kaleb’s achievements have been built upon preparing himself for opportunities before they present themselves, and this is reinforced as he takes us through the most notable moments of his life to date. He first shares the series of events that led to him landing a spot as a walk-on at Washington State University. We then discuss the thought behind his decision to transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno, where he would be placed on scholarship and prove to be a key contributor to the team. Kaleb details the highs and lows that took place throughout his time a member of the Wolf Pack, as we dig into two of the toughest moments of his life in dealing with two season-ending injuries throughout his three years in Reno. We talk about the importance of community, as Kaleb explains how the relationships that he formed with teammates and coaches allowed him to find the support and strength needed to battle back during his recovery periods. Through sheer resilience, Kaleb worked tirelessly in an effort to prepare for the 2020 NFL Draft following the injury that ended his senior season. We finish off by talking about how Kaleb has transferred his mindset and determination into a new passion. Kaleb takes us through the creation of The Uncommons, a community that he has started with one of his closest friends, Luke Bockenstette. At the Uncommons, Kaleb and Luke challenge common beliefs, introduce new perspectives, and inspire others to find their own calling through tools, tactics, and strategies that they can use every day. Find their page on Instagram at @theuncommons__, and listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts at The Uncommons Podcast.
September 20, 2020