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How Long Gone

How Long Gone

By Chris Black & Jason Stewart
How Long Gone is a bi-coastal elite podcast from old friends and podcast professionals, Chris Black and Jason Stewart. CB and TJ deliver their takes on pop culture, fashion, music, and more. With three new episodes a week, you've got more than enough content to soak up.
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093. - Whitney Port

How Long Gone

093. - Whitney Port

How Long Gone

095. - How To Dress Well
Tom Krell aka HTDW is a musician living in Los Angeles, currently stationed in Boulder, Colorado. We chat about cococinos, AOC playing video games, Boulder scene report, living in Germany, McDonald's, Walmart, gatekeepers, patronage, Tom’s new internet programme, and some new music that we’re listening to.
October 21, 2020
094. - Trevor McFedries
Trevor McFedries is the founder of Brud, a technology & music company most notably known for creating Lil Miquela. Trevor also happens to be old friends of ours, and we chat about our previous milestone episode, caffeine intakes and how it affects our sleep, Trevor working for Kanye, digital currency, the salad days of Silverlake, media training, moving to Oklahoma, and we get some tips on investing in our future.
October 19, 2020
093. - Whitney Port
Whitney Port is most known for her role on MTV’s The Hills & The City, she has her own podcast With Whit, and has been living rent-free in Jason’s heart for over a decade. We chat about potentially moving out of Los Angeles, a complete run-through of Whitney’s childlike eating habits, Whole Foods chicken tendies, all three of us being Straight Edge and having a fat phase, the exact height of Whitney’s husband, how hot her tennis instructor is, how she likes to free her mind at night, what she's watching on reality TV, and we have a rundown of peak 2008 LA nightclubs.
October 16, 2020
092. - Sean Fennessey
Sean Fennessey is the Head of Content at The Ringer, and host of the podcast The Big Picture. We chat about Emily In Paris, how to flex on Letterboxd, 1996's Black Comedy The Cable Guy, zoom backgrounds, Sean still using Netflix for physical DVDs, the NBA bubble, the over-saturation of media platforms, John Mayer's hair wax, and we rate a few Los Angeles coffee shops.
October 14, 2020
091. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
This week Chris and Jason chat about our spreader date at Hollywood hotspot Delilah featuring a breakdown of their clientele, menu, and user journey. We consider a pivot to Cameo after receiving multiple requests, Bill Burr hosting SNL, we compare ourselves to horses, the troubling shape of Pete Davidson’s skull, and how a certain bar from rapper YG became a Gen Z mantra.
October 12, 2020
090. - David Coggins
David Coggins is an NYT bestselling author and style god living in New York. He’s equally a man of nature and the city, and his new book The Optimist comes out early next year. We chat about Presidential merch, CB being stressed out by corniness, the ins, and outs of fly fishing fashion, wading in the waters of Patagonia, the importance of a tailor, pajamas, NYC power lunches, and some Chateau Marmont hacks.
October 9, 2020
089. - Ana Andjelic
Ana Andjelic is an executive strategist specializing in brand-driven businesses, and she’s also a real straight shooter. She’s from Serbia, living in New York, but currently on vacation in Mexico City. Any technical difficulties will be forgiven when you hear us chat about puffer coats, COPS, growing our hair back, Serbian cuisine, Mexico City scene report, hot guys selling burrata, the erasure of icons, why Ikea is cool, Bushwick Birkins, fake Cartier, and how we can be better storytellers (for brands.)
October 7, 2020
088. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
This week Chris and Jason chat about Jason’s new substack post about smoking, restricted eating habits, the new SNL episode, and Chris’ lifelong refusal to enjoy the comedy of Jim Carrey, Trump getting COVID, how cool people are cool, what makes Red Scare work, and a recent adornment to our social media profiles.
October 5, 2020
087. - Matthew Schneier
Matthew Schneier is the features writer at New York Magazine and The Cut, formerly The New York Times. We chat about our twitch show, the Presidential debates, growing up as an NYC punk, Yale life, covering Ghislane Maxwell, selling ads for The New Yorker, the corrections department at the failing New York Times, the eternal death of criticism, learning how to drive, and Matthew's menu for the holy day of Yom Kippur.
October 2, 2020
086. - Jonah Weiner
Jonah Weiner is a writer from New York currently living in Oakland. He’s written for Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, NYT and more. He’s also known for penning the infamous newsletter Blackbird Spyplane, which delivers unbeatable fashion recon, and interviews everyone from Chris Black to Andre 3000. We discuss what the EDM equivalent to Trump and Biden are, Bay Area founder fashion, almost getting in a car accident with Travis Scott at the wheel, why Drake picked out his Calabasas mansion, the pros and cons of newsletter writing vs traditional media, and a peek behind the scenes of Blackbird Spyplane.
September 30, 2020
085. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
Chris and Jason talk about shoplifting, Marc Maron living in Jason’s neighborhood, podcasting your way through a drug relapse, our attempt to bring back appointment television, Chris’ upcoming plant-based meal plan, why being a DJ is better than being a writer, and Chris makes the argument that Hole is a better band than Nirvana.
September 28, 2020
084. - Nate Freeman
Nate Freeman is the Senior Art Business Reporter for currently living in the heart of Dimes Square, New York City. He’s well known for running the infamous gossip column of the art world Wet Paint. We chat about Jason’s substack, unmasking Banksy, the failing Art Basel fair, Bad Basquiats, the glory days of New York nightlife, and we run down some of our least favorite successful artists.
September 25, 2020
083. - Sam Hockley-Smith
Sam Hockley-Smith is a writer currently living in Los Angeles. He spent years at The Fader, wrote for Vulture, and does a newsletter in addition to his fruitful work with brands. We chat about Jason’s eye for real estate, starter pack false flags, failing rap act Run The Jewels, the evolution of pop music, the artists careers that Sam made and killed, and we run through the newly released Rolling Stone Magazine top records of all time.
September 23, 2020
082. - Chris & Jason + Legal advice with Mike McKoy
Chris and Jason chat about masks, #Ruthkanda and our celebrity death virtue signaling, CB’s Drake merch haul, parking lot bootcamp, and we call Chris’ entertainment lawyer Mike McKoy to get an official breakdown of Kanye’s record deal drama, and the future of the making money in music. Michael Mckoy
September 21, 2020
081. - Ryan Duffy
Ryan Duffy is a journalist who worked with Vice for many years, most notably accompanying Dennis Rodman on his visit to North Korea in 2013. He’s the host of Nat Geo Explorer, and his new Netflix series “Home Game” is currently available, and truly wild. Jason was off the grid for this episode, but checks in for a Sedona mushroom scene report. Chris and Ryan chat about corporations, accepting your screen time, the early Vice days, figuring out Los Angeles, the future of watching sports, and Chris’ runners high.
September 18, 2020
080. - Tim Heidecker
Tim Heidecker is known for being one half of the Tim & Eric Show, his podcast Office Hours, and his new record Tim Heidecker’s Fear Of Death is out soon. We chat about tabi loafers, Emrata’s essays, escaping LA, Tim’s record, music to turn up to, Tim’s new Showtime series  Moonbase 8 with Fred Armisen and John C. Reilly, finding creativity on walks, feeling bad for Quibi, and missing when people were more angry.
September 16, 2020
079. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about nature, Netflix’s Social Dilemma, big data, algorithms, YBN Courtside, fleeing California, nomad life, stolen gorp valor, and Jacob Elordi’s sick body.
September 14, 2020
078. - Brynn Wallner
Brynn Wallner is a dear friend of ours living in New York City. She’s a strategist, copywriter and one of our favorite twitter personalities. We chat about wildfires, Soho House, tortilla chips, Lucien, how Chris & Jason met, social media addiction,  NYT The Daily, instagram loosies vs dumps, and why someone might remove one of their own ribs.
September 11, 2020
077. - Liana Satenstein
Liana Satenstein is a writer for Vogue, and has her own closet consultancy Shmatta Shrink. We chat about Travis Scott McDonald’s merch, being a Boston Bully, Liana’s love of bald men, Law & Order fashion, the Algerian mafia, and some tips on how we can clean the 2008 streetwear from our closets.
September 9, 2020
076. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
Chris and Jason chat about birthdays, Drake's new video, Scooter Braun,  88 Rising, 6ix9ine, Diplo, No Ceilings,  we dissect a Neptunes beat, piercings,  Trump boats, and some twitter questions get answered.
September 7, 2020
075. Justin Gage
For our 75th episode Chris got a brand new mic setup so future pods will be crispy. Justin Gage is the founder of Aquarium Drunkard, an online destination for music heads. He hosts their Sirius Radio show, does music supervision for shows like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, and is an avid runner. We close the book on Chris’ doppelgänger, Harry Styles, the evolution of AD, playing music by cancelled artists, the Georgia music scene, the ins and outs of music licensing, how to make money in music right now, book recommendations, running shorts, and some new music to check out.
September 4, 2020
074. - Lesley Arfin
Lesley Arfin is a writer living in Los Angeles. She’s known for creating and writing the Netflix show Love with her husband, as well as season 1 of HBO’s Betty. She was previously a columnist for VICE, was a writer for GIRLS, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and hosts her own podcast Filling the Void. We share some updates about Chris’ Dutch doppelgänger, Lesley’s podcast career, vaping, our case against lunch, how Love came together, Lesley’s top 5 grocery stores in LA, tattoos, her childbirth experience, and the food at Cedars-Sinai.
September 2, 2020
Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod with Chris and Jason. They discuss meditation, Drake’s Nike merch, postmates vs reality meals, unlocking creativity with codeine, Chris’ European doppelgänger, onlyfans, traveling with candles, boaters for Trump, Dri Fit drama, and the VMAs.
August 31, 2020
072. - Michael Williams
Michael Williams is the Founder of A Continuous Lean, a seminal men's style blog turned newsletter. We discuss edibles, the NBA, golf, blogs, newsletters, forming communities, Brentwood preschool fashion, magazines, content cadence, LA vs NY, the big green egg, the future of menswear, and Lil Baby vs Da Baby.
August 28, 2020
071. - Lane Florsheim
Lane Florsheim is a Staff writer at The Wall Street Journal Magazine. She’s known for her column featuring the Monday morning routines of interesting people, most recently Patti Smith's. We chat about weekend getaways, people walking around barefoot, WFH camping, what vitamins we take, the glow of celebrities, and the booming DTC air conditioner marketplace.
August 26, 2020
Chris Black & Jason Stewart visit BOA Steakhouse
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason have a mental health check-in, why someone might shoot someone twice in the feet, the future of a DJ’s life post covid, the post office, our recent trip to BOA Steakhouse, Americans wearing masks, and Virgo season approaching us.
August 24, 2020
069. - Brandon Wardell
For our 69th episode we enlisted none other than Brandon Wardell, a stand up comedian from Los Angeles. He’s the cohost of Yeah, But Still, a show with some of the most odd and interesting guests in podcasting today. We chat about our new merch, the current state of stand up comedy, adjusting to Brandon’s new life as a full-time podcaster, the existential awakening of his late 20’s, managing success, and the evolution of Brandon’s fits.
August 21, 2020
068. - Alicia Kennedy
Alicia Kennedy is a food writer from New York, currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She’s known for her popular newsletter From The Desk Of which covers veganism, capitalism, and deeper conversations about the world of food. We chat about Obama’s 2020 Summer Playlist, living in Puerto Rico, veganism, her recent article On Luxury, how we all hate having to still talk about Bon Appetit, her newsletter business model, and soy milk.
August 19, 2020
067. - Dan Frommer
Dan Frommer is a journalist currently known for his newsletter The New Consumer. He’s worked for countless publications over the years, and was previously the editor for recode. We chat about Drake’s new video, essential oils, Chief Keef, bagels, Ali G, Japan, weed, why Substack is ugly, the future of newsletters, and what happened after he interviewed Alison Roman.
August 17, 2020
066. - Kyle Chayka
Kyle Chayka is a writer currently living in DC. He’s known for his study of minimalism, notably in his new book The Longing For Less, or his recent analysis on Gigi and Drake’s interior design choices for The New Yorker. We chat about steamed vegetables, DC fashion, Kyle’s book, Tumblr, Marfa, newsletters, social media apologies, and we wager how much Gigi’s pasta artist charged her.
August 14, 2020
065. - Chris Black and Jason Stewart
A one on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about polo shirts, the Clubhouse app, non alcoholic beverages, inheritance, Jason’s blank mind, a recent trip to Erewhon, The Sopranos, Peloton, and TSA pre-check.
August 12, 2020
064. - Irina Aleksander
Irina Aleksander is a writer from New York, currently living in Los Angeles. She just wrote the wildly popular NYT piece Sweatpants Forever amongst many others. We chat about WAP, a deep-dive into writing Sweatpants Forever, The Hills and her night out with Brody and Spencer at Mr Chow, and zooming with Anna Wintour.
August 10, 2020
063. - Caitlin Thompson
Caitlin Thompson is the publisher of Racquet Magazine, the prestige quarterly devoted to tennis culture. We chat about Jake Paul, green cards, Monocle Magazine, the rise of tennis in quarantine, the spectrum of professional sports, tennis hotties, gear, revenue streams for magazines in 2020, SoulCycle, and Caitlin guesses what racquets we play with.
August 7, 2020
062. - James Harris
James Harris is the cohost of the podcast Throwing Fits. We chat about Chris’ uniform dressing, backpack rap, shorts, underwear, sports, the evolution of our podcasts, reddit trolls, and Jonah Hill.
August 5, 2020
061. - Millie De Chirico
Millie De Chirico is the programmer for the legacy cable network TCM. We chat about our pain, Gatorade, Florida, Millie’s job, Chris’ Atlanta origin story, Erewhon, her stay and the cookies at Cedars Sinai, having a hard time asking for help, dive bar DJ nights, and where in Los Angeles she should move to next.
August 3, 2020
060. - Pia Baroncini
Pia Baroncini runs the clothing line LPA and hosts the podcast Everything Is The Best. We chat about glizzies, Cost Plus World Market, intermittent fasting, hormones, fertility, children, dogs, NY in the mid 2000’s, and dating sober people.
July 31, 2020
059. - Leon Neyfakh
Leon Neyfakh is the co-creator and former host of the podcast Slow Burn, and currently hosts the show FIASCO on Luminary. We chat about The Chainsmokers, performance enhancing drugs, extreme fandom, Leon’s podcasting process, ska music, Luminary, true crime, celebrity podcasters, and the art of ad reads.
July 29, 2020
058. - Whitmer Thomas
Whitmer Thomas is a comedian and musician from Alabama currently living in Los Angeles. His HBO special “The Golden One” is out now, and highly recommended. We chat about growing up in the south, his musical influences, skating, Tik Tok haters, some YouTube impressions, and the bittersweet experience releasing his first special right before covid hit.
July 27, 2020
057. - Bowen Yang
Bowen Yang an SNL cast member and cohost of the podcast Las Culturistas. We chat about his journey to joining SNL, the new Taylor Swift record, relocating to LA, Harry Styles, dating as a comedian, searching your name on twitter, Ziwe, and a peek into his screenplay idea.
July 24, 2020
056. - Evan Ross Katz
Evan Ross Katz is a writer, TV lover, Netflix employee, and host of his own podcast Shut Up Evan. We chat about smoothies, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, The Real World, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Zac Efron, Netflix’s algorithm and fascinating database, befriending celebrities, selling drugs at NYU, and how to survive a Ziwe livestream.
July 22, 2020
055. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
Chris and Jason solo pod... We talk about Sqirl, Tesla, interviewing, procrastination, Detroit style pizza, Sweetgreen, dining al fresco, Vampire Weekend, cancellation, we answer your twitter questions, and discuss the marijuana strain "Cheetah Piss."
July 20, 2020
054. - Alex Frank
Alex Frank is a writer who's interviewed such legends as Mariah Carey, Lana, and CB’s dreamgirl Sienna Miller. We chat about Brittney Spears, John Mayer, Church, Tory Lanez’ height, LCD Soundsystem, Beyonce, and what it takes to survive as a celebrity.
July 17, 2020
053. - Phillip Picardi
Phillip Picardi is the former editor in chief of Out Magazine, CCO of Teen Vogue, founder of Them Magazine, and currently hosts his new podcast Unholier Than Thou, and is a contributor for GQ. We chat about moving to LA, apple watches, the Kardashians, loving ourselves, body dysmorphia, Pride, Adrian Brody, our love of Charlize Theron, masturbation, Phil’s podcast, The Apocalypse, Phil’s father, coming out, plus how and why we need to help Black trans people now more than ever.
July 15, 2020
052. - Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin is a musician most known for fronting the 90’s alternative band Better Than Ezra, as well as writing songs behind the scenes for countless artists over the years. We chat about the glory days, LA in the 90s, some big commercial syncs, music streaming, Elliot Smith, Oasis, Blur, The Lemonheads, Sugar Ray, bro-country, sobriety, and being sampled by Lil Peep.
July 13, 2020
051. - Andrew Kuo
Andrew Kuo aka @earlboykins is a fellow podcaster, artist, and meme man from New York City. We chat about tennis yet again, Malibu, 90s hip hop, shorts, salads, tattoos, fake meat, music videos, Chris’ piercing fetish, Morrissey, RISD, Pop Smoke, and deep dish pizza.
July 10, 2020
050. - Willy Staley
Willy Staley is the story editor for The New York Times Magazine. We chat with him about Chris in Weho, glizzies, chopped salads, camping, owning a car in NY, Willy’s dramedy pitch, and lots of skateboarding. Thanks to all our listeners for getting us to 50 episodes, wouldn't have done it without you.
July 8, 2020
049. - Michael Cuby
Michael Cuby is the editor at large for Them Magazine, and an entertainment writer for Nylon. We chat about our 4th of July, our cuck-decathlon, mourning the loss of China Chalet, Pride 2020, Conde Nast, Hamilton, dating apps, Kanye 2020, must-watch TV, the musical tastes of Michael’s mother, and Sugarfish stanning.
July 5, 2020
048, - Chris Black and Jason Stewart
One on one episode with Chris and Jason today, we chat about Chris’ journey to Los Angeles, the vehicle for his stay, livestream tips, the new Kanye, Ghislaine Maxwell, international travel, business, cooking, the LA river, the art of podcast advertising, and tennis.
July 3, 2020
047. - Hannah Goldfield
Hannah Goldfield is the food critic for The New Yorker. We chat about Chris coming to LA, fighting people, mommy bloggers, frozen foods, the end of holidays, Nascar, the future of restaurants, her process of criticism, meat substitutes, emerging non-alcoholic spirits, and sobriety.
July 1, 2020
046. - Matthew Schnipper
Matthew Schnipper is the former executive editor of Pitchfork, former editor-in-chief of The FADER, and a former editor at The Verge and GQ. He’s currently freelance, and living in New York. We chat about international travel, Henry Rollins, newfound parenthood, our collective straight edge upbringing, the early FADER days, clothes for shorter folks, oversized boxer shorts, Kanye and The Gap, and the inner workings of the Pitchfork review process.
June 29, 2020
045. - Fadia Kader
Fadia Kader is strategic partnerships lead of music at Instagram, and knows CB from back in the day in ATL. We chat about celebrity consumer products, The Dixie Chicks, Jenny Slate, Fadia’s career in the music business, all the bad music from 2008, growing up as an Arab American, the importance of dabbling, early Drake shows, what exactly she does at instagram, beat battles, the explore page, and the future of social media.
June 26, 2020
044. - Chrissy Rutherford
Chrissy Rutherford is a former editor at Harper’s Bazaar, and is currently a brand consultant and mental health advocate. She moved back to NY, and then moved back in with her parents, we chat all about that, and Barry’s Bootcamp, wearing masks, parents, fireworks, ig live, screen time, and we get our birth charts read live by Chrissy and they’re somehow spot on, listen now!
June 24, 2020
043. - Chris Black and Jason Stewart
One on one father’s day pod with Chris and Jason today. We chat about cancelled comedians and podcasters, K-Pop stans sabotaging the Trump rally, the future of society, Joe Rogan saying masks are for bitches, J Cole, Live Nation, Chris moving to LA, and the revisionist history of bad music.
June 22, 2020
042. - Gideon Yago
Gideon Yago is a writer currently living in Los Angeles. He got his start as a reporter for MTV, and has always been an advocate for uniting people through stories and conversations. We chat about reporting on 9/11, fatherhood, the dream of gen x, user generated content, interviewing Muhammed Ali, the privatization of America, Trump, early 2000s NY, and more reasons to dislike Jared Leto.
June 19, 2020
040. - Joe Coscarelli
Joe Coscarelli is the pop music reporter for The New York Times, and regularly appears on HLG fav web series “Diary Of A Song.” We chat about him writing a book. what’s happening right now in Atlanta, removing social media from your phone, pop music, cancellations, hate listening, Ryan Adams, The Breakfast Club, and new music to listen to.
June 15, 2020
039. - Patia Borja
Patia Borja is the founder of the infamous instagram page @patiasfantasyworld. She’s also risen become an outspoken leader in the movement for dismantling systemic racism online, and her database has become a popular home for resources and information on the matter. We talk about her rise to fame, finstas, her database, applesauce, America’s Next Top Ally, the police, Nature Valley Oats & Honey, selling shirts instead of donating money, Virgil, cancellations, and blowing 100k at Moon Juice.
June 12, 2020
038. - Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner is a director, internet man, and cohost of the podcast Yeah But Still with comedian Brandon Wardell. We chat about our roles as podcasters, instagram algorithms, Antifa, Trump’s racist jazz, Biden, Jacob Wohl, Trapt, and being responsible for your audience. *Please note there are a few short FaceTime dropouts, and Jason had background noise from construction, we apologize in advance!*
June 10, 2020
037. - Gabriella Karefa-Johnson
Gabriella Karefa-Johnson is the fashion director of Garage Magazine, a stylist, and someone who loves to talk almost as much as we do. We chat about scammers versus opportunists, celebrity donations, influencer cancellation, the fashion world's responsibility, restructuring our leadership, the All Karens Matter movement, and more.
June 7, 2020
036. - Jeff Ihaza
Jeff Ihaza is the culture editor at, and has his own magazine called Secret. We chat about the south, celebrities donating money, talking to our parents, dismantling the police, Obama, grocery shopping, media outlets now having a clean slate, Virgil, dating apps, sympathy for rollerbladers, covid’s cancellation, and more.
June 5, 2020
035. - Elise Loehnen
After taking a few days off from releasing episodes, we’re back to hopefully use our platform to share helpful conversations. Today we welcome Elise Loehnen, the chief content officer at Goop, and the cohost of their podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow. We chat about what is happening in America, how the definition of wellness has changed, how we can educate ourselves, and how brands and media outlets can use their platforms to the best of their ability right now.
June 3, 2020
034. - Wesley Eisold
Wesley Eisold is a musician currently living in LA. He’s known for fronting the seminal hardcore band American Nightmare, and currently,  Cold Cave. Chris and Jason open the show with some thoughts on current events, and then speak to Wes about habitual moving, drug use, fighting, scamming, the importance of controlling your own supply chain, Rick Owens, and raising his child “unschooled."
May 30, 2020
033. - Hamilton Leithauser
Hamilton Leithauser is a musician who just released a his new record “The Loves Of Your Life,” he's also known as the front man for HLG favs The Walkmen. We chat about thermometer lasers, quar in Virginia, recording a record completely by yourself, dressing as a tall man, how to navigate movie and commercial syncs, teaching his kids the 1st grade, and more.
May 29, 2020
032. - Jesse David Fox
Jesse David Fox is a writer for Vulture, and host of the podcast “Good One,” a show where comedians pick one of their jokes and dissect it. We chat about his most recent episode with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, success and being an asshole, tips on how to get famous people on our show, Pete Davidson, Padma Lakshmi, The Office, comedians that we hate, Patreon, and more.
May 27, 2020
031. - Sam Hine
Sam Hine is the senior associate editor of GQ magazine. He lives in New York, but recorded today from his backyard on Shelter Island. We chat about twins, road trips, how to pronounce “Bode,” how to make a magazine remotely, his favorite stores in LA, appointment television, what cars to drive if you want to get laid, haircuts, curbside botox, hype houses, and more.
May 24, 2020
030. - Bryanboy
Bryanboy is one of the most well known and established fashion bloggers in the world. He’s known for his outspoken opinions on the world of fashion and we chat with him about living in Sweden, shifting over to Tik Tok, the future of fashion, dressing up as a woman to catfish people, not using a computer for anything, having kids, terrible EDM, cancel culture, and a member of Swedish House Mafia’s wife rescuing his Bottega Veneta coat from a nightclub.
May 22, 2020
029. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
Starting today, we’re doing one episode a week just Chris and Jason. Today we talk about gun control, death in the time of content, Chris Brown, Diplo, sobriety, Chris released another pod where he sings a song,  manrepeller, documentaries, smoking cigars,   poppers and cheesecake, smoking opium, why we might hate Hamilton, 69, listener questions, tennis, and more.
May 20, 2020
028. - Darcie Wilder
Darcie Wilder is writer and internet user from NYC. She’s currently quarantining at home with her boyfriend and spoke with us about Red Bull, Animal Crossing,, legacy emo music, Barstool, Ryan Adams, Bezos, underground covid parties, and more.
May 18, 2020
027. - Yassir Lester
Yassir Lester is a comedian, writer, and producer from shows like #BlackAF, Black Monday, Girls, and more. We chat about his new Netflix show, growing up in Georgia, what we learned in New York, Mountain Valley Spring Water, sneakers, Eddie Bauer, SNL, woke black twitter, short podcasters, and more.
May 15, 2020
026. - Hannah Berner
Hannah Berner is a comedian and ex-professional tennis player who is known for being on Bravo’s Summer House, and her podcast “Berning In Hell.” We talk about Quibi, Endeavor, quarantining with your family, tennis, Y7, Summer House tea, the DMs, dating, Katt Williams, Watch What Happens Live, Lil Dicky, and more.
May 13, 2020
025. - Natasha Stagg
Natasha Stagg is a writer living in New York City, she’s the author of the very popular books “Sleeveless,”and “Surveys.” We talk about copywriting, teen jobs, not paying rent, reply guy replies, cohabitating in a studio apartment, Chris attempts to sign Natasha to a 360 deal, and we discuss whether or not the covid virus was created by the government, plus The Real Housewives of New York and Beverly Hills.
May 11, 2020
024. - Joel Golby
Joel Golby is a writer living in London. His critically acclaimed book “Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant" is currently available everywhere. Today we chat about Chris’ love of skate videos, James Blake’s problematic partner, Joel’s Android phone , the word “baddie,” smashing Regina Spektor, and lastly, we fix the housing crisis.
May 8, 2020
023. - Rachel Seville Tashjian
Rachel Seville Tashjian is the style writer for GQ Magazine, former deputy editor of Garage Magazine, and writer for Vanity Fair. Chris and Jason chat about new designers to look out for, Billy Bob Thornton’s sexual appeal, Brooklyn stuff, Chrome Hearts, the importance of proper grammar in texting,  an emoji check in, Bode Baskets, Terry Richardson doing Soulcycle, Grimes' baby, and stick around to the end for “One-Take Rachel’s” bonus ad read.
May 6, 2020
022. - Lawrence Schlossman
Lawrence Schlossman is the brand director at Grailed, and cohost of the podcast Throwing Fits. Chris and Jason basically spend an hour making fun of him, and being made fun of, by him. We love to roast each other to no end, and Lawrence sometimes talks so quickly that our FaceTime connection can’t keep up. He’s the Alex Jones of Streetwear, and a great sport.
May 4, 2020
021. - Tavi Gevinson
Tavi Gevinson is a writer and actor living in New York. We chat with Tavi about her apartment that she got paid to live in, her inability to cook, the inside of SNL cast members’ homes, even more theater talk, Chris’ reply guys are back and they don’t deserve the smoke, 90’s stuff, Hulu’s Normal People, running your own business, our lack of college, Tao Beach Club, and the first thing we’re all going to do once the quar gates are unlocked.
May 1, 2020
020. - Scott Sternberg
Today, we welcome Scott Sternberg to the pod. He’s the man behind the clothing line "Band Of Outsiders," and currently runs the line “Entireworld.” We chat with him about the fact that he is the most quarantined guest we’ve had on the show yet, clocking in at almost 7 weeks without leaving the crib! Also, Blue Apron cookery, his wine drinking philosophies, changes he’s had to make in his business, his love of Polaroid photography, Ellen DeGeneres, user generated content™, and more.
April 29, 2020
019. - Jeremy O. Harris
Today, we welcome Jeremy O. Harris to the pod. He’s a critically acclaimed actor and playwright known for his plays “Daddy” and “Slave Play.” We chat with him about his love of sci-fi and anime, how to actually make money in theater, his predictions on how shows will have to evolve digitally, and shows off his uncanny ability to be a straight-guy whisperer. He’s currently on quar in London,  but lives in New York.
April 27, 2020
018. - Brendon Babenzien
Today, we welcome Brendon Babenzien to the pod. He was the creative director at Supreme for many years before founding his brand, Noah. We spoke with him about how the quar has affected his business and plans to open new stores in Los Angeles and Osaka, his philosophies on running, Thin Lizzy, raising a daughter while managing a clothing business from home, the future of how we are going to get out of this, and the importance of brick and mortar retail.
April 24, 2020
017. Molly Young
Today we welcome our friend and literary critic from New York Magazine, Molly Young. She gives us a Cape Cod scene report, we chat about surfing, having abs that you’re able to feel from the back, cooking, how all three of our names are painfully normal, cocaine, cobra snake pics, venmo, community college, and we end on helping Molly out with solutions for a particularly delinquent invoice.
April 22, 2020
016. - Jon Caramanica
Today we welcome Jon Caramanica on the pod. In addition to being the pop music critic for The New York Times, he's also the host of their excellent podcast about the same. Chris and Jason open with some quar tales from suburbia, then straight into more beat battles from instagram, some actually insightful takes on Tiger King, and then Chris and Jon have a hearty debate about Fiona Apple’s new mixtape, sweatpants, tracksuits, and the cursed intersection of country and rap music.
April 20, 2020
015. - Raven Smith
Today we welcome Raven Smith on the pod., best selling author, and Sunday Times Style columnist. In addition to being one of the best people on instagram, he’s just a true pleasure to chat with. We check in on life across the pond, and even his home renovation sounds interesting in the quar. Make sure you check out his brand new book, out now.
April 17, 2020
014. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
Today we've got a one-on-one pod with Chris and Jason. We discuss our artwork change and progress towards becoming a legitimate podcast, some political correctness, the SNL from home episode, the future of content, boomerangs, and some stories from both of our early careers as club thots. Sorry about the issues with apple, we're waiting to come back online after some minor setbacks. If you already subscribe on apple, you should be fine.
April 15, 2020
013. - Naomi Fry
Today we welcome longtime friend, podder, New Yorker writer, and twitter royalty: Naomi Fry. Chris and Jason inquire about life in the quar with a child, and we all discuss The Red Hot Chili Peppers a bit longer than I realized we would. FX’s Dave, and Steve-O’s memoir is brought up, plus Chris and Jason debate the FX Network demographic’s median income level versus that of the Bravo Network. We round the finish line with John Mayers hair, sativa hybrid strains, and Zoom Seders.
April 14, 2020
012. - Karley Sciortino
Our guest this week is Karley Sciortino. Author of Vogue's Breathless column, and host & EP of Slutever on Viceland. Chris and Jason chat with Karley about her moving to Los Angeles mid quar, sex drives, cooking, education, watching football in slow motion, Louis CK, Vice, Netflix’s Easy, Marc Maron, early squatter blogging, and Karley’s new podcast.
April 10, 2020
011. - Rio Viera-Newton
Our guest this week is Rio Viera-Newton, skincare enthusiast and columnist for NyMag’s The Strategist. Chris and Jason chat with Rio about installing a hammock inside her apartment, explore-page fitness, how the quar is effecting our skincare and wellness routines, a little Dua Lipa gushing, and some tips on how to stay moist and healthy.
April 8, 2020
010. - Cat Marnell
Jason is up at the lake house and Chris is still running around around Canada thinking about cinnamon rolls. We spent some time finally getting Cat Marnell’s iPhone 6 on the group chat, but once we did, she shared her recent corona travel stories, Air BnB woes, and updates on her current career situation, her very cool daily routine, some light Epstein chatter, and a dash of Caroline Calloway.
April 6, 2020
009. - Flynn McGarry
Flynn McGarry is our young chef friend from New York. He’s the owner of Gem, an amazing restaurant in New York, had a documentary made about him a couple years ago that you may have seen on a Delta flight, and also happens to be our son. We chat with him about the future of restaurants, whats working, what isn’t, as well as the benefits of getting away from home if you can, hair maintenance, 4th wave coffee deprivation, Cha Cha Matcha, Nine Inch Nails, and so much more.
April 3, 2020
008. - Alison Roman
Author and columnist for NYT Alison Roman is our guest today! Her newest book, “Nothing Fancy” is absolutely unavoidable if you even know what a kitchen is. Chris and Jason chat with Roman about her emo upbringing, drugs, Aussie brekkie, online fitness, Dua Lipa, and so much more. Follow us on instagram:
April 1, 2020
007. - Ryan O'Connell
Our beloved friend and podcast alumni Ryan O’Connell joins us for a much needed dose of his pod perfection. We talk Jessica Simpson, John Mayer, Tiger Kings, Netflix deals, Fairfax Blvd, drugs, Chris’ hate of comedy, horniness in the quar, and so much more!
March 30, 2020
006. - Joe Holder
This week we’re chatting fitness, health, and nutrition with Nike master trainer to the stars and creator of the Ocho System, Joe Holder. Chris and Jason talk to him about plant based lifestyles, ways to achieve a six pack in the quar, and even a recipe for Joe’s own immunity boosting Resilience Potion™
March 27, 2020
005. - Rachel Sennott
This week we welcome comedian and actress Rachel Sennott. We’re fans of hers on the internet and she was nice enough to call in from her parents house while standing on some chairs to get better reception.
March 25, 2020
004. Jacob Gallagher
This week we had a guest, and then we didn't, and then we called our friend Jacob Gallagher, men's fashion editor at Wall Street Journal for a check in on how he's talking about things like fashion in our current quar, but most we're just talking about the tiger show on Netflix and Chris wanting to shave his head.
March 23, 2020
003. - Hari Nef
Episode three we have a 3-way FT with none other than actress, model, shit-poster Hari Nef! She's our first official guest and we couldn't be happier to have her quarantine journey on the pod.  Follow  Hari @Harinef  Chris @donetodeath  Jason @themjeans
March 20, 2020
002. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
Chris Black and Jason Stewart have made another episode.
March 18, 2020
001. -Chris Black & Jason Stewart
Hello this is episode 1 of the pod. We'll see what happens :) Follow Chris at @donetodeath on twitter & @donetodeathprojects on ig Follow Jason at @themjeans on twitter & ig
March 16, 2020