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How Long Gone

How Long Gone

By Chris Black & Jason Stewart
How Long Gone is a bi-coastal elite podcast from old friends and podcast professionals, Chris Black and Jason Stewart. CB and TJ deliver their takes on pop culture, fashion, music, and more. With three new episodes a week, you've got more than enough content to soak up.
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140. - Baauer

How Long Gone

140. - Baauer

How Long Gone

292. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today, Chris is in LA, and Jason is on holiday in Sea Ranch, CA. We chat about life in the woods, affordable flight upgrades, water bottle filling stations, the return of indie sleaze, Adele postponing her Vegas residency, how Oasis might be splitting their show money, NorCal stoners with guns, a dark tale of road rage, TJ made an airplane friend, an unhoused person with nicer clothes than TJ, country coffee, wake n’ bake lifestyle, using THC to improve your tennis game, and we end with some restaurant shit talking.
January 24, 2022
291. - Jo Ellison
Jo Ellison is the editor for The Financial Times' supplement How To Spend It, she was previously the features editor at British Vogue. We chat with her from her home in London about the shakeup at big M&M, Chris knowing about the Shakti Mat 8 years ago, how car insurance is like gofundme for car repair, common British slang, how Jo fancies herself a skilled golfer without having played the gentleman's game yet, how to deal with weight gain after quitting cigarettes, the male biological clock, And Just Like That, learning about the children of Euphoria, Miami swim week, the end of physical fashion show invites, and we give Jo some edits on her Twitter bio.
January 21, 2022
290. - Eugene Kotlyarenko
Eugene Kotlyarenko is a filmmaker from all over the world but currently living in Los Angeles. His most recent film Spree is available now on Hulu. We chat about a recent music festival lineup, life in Little Bangladesh, getting covid from a Russian bathhouse, if Jesus was such a good carpenter, then why didn’t he invent the standing desk, pumping and dumping his Dogecoin, procrastinating with iPhone apps during pivotal times in his professional life, we help him get his foot in the door of commercial directing, what not to do in the sauna, Drake investing in his film, how Eugene got his special sauce, his life partner Olive pops in, the risk vs. reward with his specific brand of art, and how movie buffs may have an unrealistic expectation with romance, and as a director himself, whether or not he may be directing his very own romance IRL.
January 19, 2022
289. - Chris & Jason
One on one today Chris is in snowy New York and TJ is back home in Glendale, we chat about chilly temperatures, a Le Pain Quotidien scene report, why Kanye and Pete need to physically fight, the Netflix Hype House program, we break down the mechanics of Drake using hot sauce to exterminate the sperm in his spent condom, disinfecting the airplane seat with the tiny wipe, Djokovic getting kicked out of Australia, what the fuck is Wordle, the scourge of Coachella lineup meme, Jeff Goldblum walking Prada, Billie Eilish's agent on the Lolita Express, and we complain about the word "Showrunner."
January 17, 2022
288. - Kacy Hill
Kacy Hill is a musician from Los Angeles. Her newest album Simple, Sweet, and Smiling is out now. We chat about Chris’ dangerous encounter last night, Kanye on the kibbles & bits, Harry at Coachella, The Goldenvoice vaccine, Chris seeking out dry skin as a kink, sharp cheddar cheese and the bean burritos they’re inside, two fridge households, the music scene in Phoenix, Sufjan Stevens, Iced almond matcha, how she got into weightlifting, how to keep people from talking to you on the plane, jack of all trades master of none, the only good thing in San Francisco, doing her homework before coming on the pod, her relationship with edibles, and the very nasty business of music.
January 14, 2022
287. - David Lovering (The Pixies)
David Lovering is the drummer for The Pixies, but we’re more interested in his true loves: metal detecting, and magic. We spoke with him from his home just north of Santa Barbara about our thoughts on tinned fish, a Black Rifle Coffee update, being pulled over while driving a car that smells like shit, getting pulled over in Texas with an ounce of grass on him, using the gift of magic to get himself out of a jam and into some pants, taking Siouxsie Sioux to play the ponies in that same stinky car, what treasures he’s pulled out of the sea with his metal detectors, life after Fight Club, why he has to travel under a pseudonym in Mexico, making the wise decision to not join The Foo Fighters, festival stories, and we end the episode with David going rapid-fire mode on tales involving Zeppelin, Bowie, and stealing HBO back in the ’70s.
January 12, 2022
286. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today recorded live and unedited from Glendale.  We chat about how nobody knows what Salesforce does, which shoes white people are not allowed to wear, the technology that Nike and the CIA are partnering on to keep white feet out of certain Jordans, TJ pulling up with the Uncle Paulie's cap, skater behavior, we explore the cross-section of skater bro and survivalist racist as it pertains to what type of truck they have, the throughline between Le Creuset and Sketchers, Chris went down to Orange County, why online shopping feels bad, we try to figure out how to complain about getting free stuff in the mail, axe throwing bars vs escape rooms vs the rooms where you break old fax machines, Chrisley Knows Best, why we're obsessed with what the new "city" is going to be, and how the future of Los Angeles hinges on solely on the weather.
January 10, 2022
285. - Shamir
Shamir is a musician from Las Vegas currently living in Philadelphia. His new album Heterosexuality is out next month. We chat about Julia Fox and Kanye West, the power of a thoroughbred, trouble at the Whole Foods smoothie bar, Miss Flurona, hating on Brooklyn and big upping Philly, playing country covers at open mics at 15, Jewish people being the most seasoned of the white people, Chris’ level of fruitiness, Shamir being loyal goner, overcoming introversion by disassociating, Shamir bravely reveals a gluten intolerance, what happens when he goes back to Las Vegas, what happens when Shamir eats 3 edibles, using Emily in Paris as a means of self-medicating, and we shine a light on TJ’s allyship.
January 07, 2022
284. - Dave Holmes
Dave Holmes is the Editor-at-Large at Esquire, a former host at MTV, and the current host of his new podcast Waiting For Impact. We chat about TJ's four-day hangover, The Weeknd's new album artwork, we ponder how we became union busters, watching the Oscars at the bar inside Whole Foods, sneaking into awards shows, how long one can maintain their encyclopedic knowledge of a subject, Jason explains what NFTs are again, 90's New York gay club life, Chris and Dave bond over their love of watching old shit on youtube, chiropractor vids, 120 minutes, what it was like reporting live from Woodstock 99, the nerdom of excessive easter egging, and what his podcast is all about.
January 05, 2022
283. - Chris & Jason
One on one pod today live and uncut from Glendale, Chris & Jason recap our NYE activities, indoor smoking, vial vs. baggie, who can pull off a suit with sneakers, Lykke Li I Follow Rivers The Magician Remix, the evolution of Rihanna, Roc Nation Brunch, Miranda getting shotgunned and blasted, Chris always gets DMs from strangers that he tweets about, a near moment of covid fisticuffs, Chris going rage mode and we unpack why he never wants people to talk to him under any circumstances, RIP Betty, running into Marc Maron on Fairfax, and we figure out why caviar had such a massive 2021.
January 03, 2022
282. - Matt Sweeney
Matt Sweeney is a musician from New York City. He’s worked with everyone from Rick Rubin to Tom Petty, Bonny Prince Billy, Cat Power, and Billy Corgan. We chat with him from his iPad about managing relationships, Adam McKay blowing it, Chris saw Licorice Pizza, physical music media, the evolution of Spotify, living in Malibu with Rick Rubin, drug ghosts haunting your home, having Tik Tok FOMO as an older person, the relationship between wrestling and hip hop, what to do to get in the room with the big dogs, his relationship with drugs and alcohol, going to jail for smoking a joint, being a spazz, and why he started running.
December 31, 2021
281. - Rax King
Rax King is a writer and podcast host from New York. Her new book Tacky is out now. We chat with her about the ups and downs of caviar, is there such a thing as sweatpants that are too thick, Chris’ lack of sound-absorbing furnishings, working at a Hasidic construction company, theme parties, 20 minutes on Creed, 20 minutes on Cheesecake Factory, micropenis as a measurement tool, working at restaurants and what actually happens when you ask your customers whether or not they’ve eaten there before, working at Starbucks and some of the more fucked up drink orders she’s made, and what else is in this book of hers.
December 29, 2021
280. - Chris and Jason
One on one pod live and unedited from Glendale, today we talk about creating new traditions with friends and family this holiday season, making Chris drive a far distance to wait 3 hours for Chinese food on Christmas Day, don’t look at Altadena, look around it, Emily in Paris vs. And Just Like That, TJ’s day after Christmas digital detox and why you shouldn’t do it, a deep dive exploration into the photos of Mini-Me dragging a turkey across his driveway, whether or not our neighbors listen to our podcast, Chris' hatered of P2P businesses, and TJ’s family and LP’s family spend their first holiday together.
December 27, 2021
279. - Ho Ho How Long Gone with Alison Roman
Ho Ho How Long Gone holiday pod we’ve got chef, author, and content creator Alison Roman back on the pod to talk about working right up until Christmas morning, Chris’ love of cinematic costuming, Emily in Paris, Alison in Brooklyn, getting covid, telling people about your dreams, visiting a psychic, some messages Alison received about us shaming her on stage, a troubling meal at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, cooking as an art form, music is the only thing that makes Chris feel something, Alison diagnosing Chris with a severe allergy to earnestness, Alison’s new cookbook, and when we’re giving gifts this holiday, who are they really for?
December 24, 2021
278. - Real Estate
Real Estate is a band from New Jersey. We speak with their singer and songwriter Martin Courtney from his home in upstate New York about Chris getting his booster, comparing influencers to supermodels, having to drive across state lines to buy groceries at Whole Foods, the literal real estate market, CSA boxes, we compare and contrast our very different tour lives, when your fans look exactly how they’re supposed to look, sync talk turns into score talk, we figure out who did all the turntablist “cuts” on their last record, having Red Bull pay to get Rivers Cuomo to play a song with them, managing band life while having three kids, and why sometimes you gotta give em the iPad when its time for daddy to podcast.
December 22, 2021
277. - Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham is an actress, filmmaker, and writer from New York currently living in England. We chat about end of the year lists, Covid taking back New York, country living, moving next door to her parents, omelette making, her husband not watching Girls, a walk down 2000’s nightclub memory lane, Adrian Brody having a creepy face, some of our favorite ladies, road trips gone wrong, guys buying her non alcoholic beverages, The Olsen Twins, shopping at the mall instead of SoHo, filling your day with unnecessary appointments, sobriety, when insults are also really good jokes, what Lena would do if she were a straight man, living at the intersection of chronic pain and addiction, opiates, and TJ’s favorite part about Girls.
December 20, 2021
276 - Sven Schumann
Sven Schumann is co-creator of The Talks, an interview series featuring everyone from Mick Jagger to Chloë Sevigny to Tom Ford. He spoke with us from his office in Berlin about loving and hating the food, music, and culture of Germany, wanting to see what it's like to be punched in the face, the pros and cons of interviewing IRL vs. remotely, how on earth he's able to speak with a more impressive list people than basically anywhere, learning to play tennis in the Alps, being married to a nutritionist, moving to New York at the age of 20, his new book, and a recent vacation in the Maldives.
December 17, 2021
275. - Mike Mills
Mike Mills is an artist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, his newest film C’mon Cmon on A24 starring Joaquin Phoenix is out now. We chat about the Olsens being the greatest twins of all time, some troubling zoom filters, buying his Silverlake home in 1999 and how much it changed since then, filming in New York vs Los Angeles, black & white is a choice, being jealous of other peoples childhoods, what Mike’s learned from his own child, time doesn’t exist in New Orleans, a critic calling Mike “sententious,” we ask if Joaquin plays a podcaster in his new film, what it’s like to have your kid hide from you in public, and how much Mike knows about Dimes Square.
December 15, 2021
274. - Chris & Jason
One on one podcast recorded live and unedited from Glendale, we chat about biodegradable coke straws that you can also plant in the ground, some intense workout form, flirtatious trainers at the gym, when a gym enemy sees your penis in the locker room, Chris watched the Larry Hoover concert, what fillers Kanye got, we complain about F1 racing, former throatus Nancy Reagan, Melania Trump's throativites, TJ cried watching Sex & The City, Peloton's stock taking a BIG dip, and some cool updates for the pod this week!
December 13, 2021
273. - Patrik Sandberg
*Quick Note: The last 15 minutes of the show Jason’s mic cut out, so his voice switches to our backup Zoom recording* Patrik Sandberg is a writer and creative director, he’s formerly the editorial director of VMAN, Dazed & Confused, CR Fashion Book, and CR MEN. We chat with him from his home in West Hollywood about growing up in Northern California, his early punk days, meth not being for us, Patrik has already seen the new Sex & The City and he’s described it as the pre-game for a funeral, the genre of music known as The Ladies of London, the future of watching movies in the theater, how to watch reality television when your partner doesn’t, being a deeply devoted fan of Madonna, movies have too many trailers, we pry Patrik for some exclusive details on Sky Ferreria’s new music, and Jussie Smollett has been found guilty.
December 10, 2021
272. - Lina Abascal
Lina Abascal is a writer from Los Angeles, her new book Never Be Alone Again: Bloghouse United The Internet and the Dancefloor is out now. We chat about our own personal Mount Blogmore, some negative podcast reviews, Chris decided to go ornament free on his holiday tree, pre-streaming music discovery, the evolution of Calvin Harris' body, The Killers, Bright Eyes, and Modest Mouse performing on The OC, pre-social media content creation, Tumblr life, the struggles of being mysterious as a modern-day it-girl, the death of the club as we know it, what went wrong with this era, door person discrepancy, and stick around for the ultimate blog house remix closing music.
December 08, 2021
271. - Chris & Jason
One on one pod today live and unedited from Glendale, we chat about holding the line on global warming, weddings in Austin are hot right now, always being cold, struggling to wear a formal winter coat in Los Angeles, snow in Hawaii, TJ’s pre-workout landslide, Equinox only validates for 2 hours, a breakdown of Tim Heidecker’s satirical Joe Rogan episode, The Beatles documentary on Disney +, TJ attending a Tom Ford party at The Saddle Ranch, Chris visiting the Parade Underwear store party, Kanye flying coach, a troubling trend in restaurant names, all the problems with brunch, and we role place some criminal activity inspired by the recent trend of smash and grab style robberies currently plaguing Los Angeles.
December 06, 2021
270. - Jeff Wright
Jeff Wright is a comedian who’s currently on the Late Night With Seth Meyers team, he’s originally from Orlando, but currently living in New York. We chat about NY being very Red (Taylor’s Version) right now, travel woes, Art Basel FOMO, subsisting mainly on Tyson chicken nuggets, cashless life, which Disneyworld rides to ride in certain situations, how to go viral on Tik Tok, when the chili check hit, why he’s so damn happy, Seth Meyers saying ideas are great or ass, Steve Harvey role play, no more free Jeff, how much money you can spend on cocaine, what it feels like to pay off your moms house, and why Jeff thinks running without headphones on is serial killer behavior.
December 03, 2021
269. - Marlowe Granados
Marlowe Granados is a writer from Toronto, her debut novel Happy Hour is out now. We chat about the intersection of covid vaccinations and nightclub bottle service, Lush Soap deleting their socials, the infamous Nando’s black card, being a front of house shawty in London, book advances, a recent dive bar birthday party, being a grudge lord, a full breakdown of her fly-in lifestyle, shark fishing in Scotland, mackerel patê, the failing stinky Cannes Film Festival, being a video vixen for her Grime Crew in London,, Marlowe’s early DJ career in Paris, and her very own podcast where she actively tries to lose money and listenership.
December 01, 2021
268. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one episode today, we chat about Chris getting a new strain of British food poisoning which found him face down in one of London’s most chic restaurant bathroom floors, Dua Lipa inventing a new thing called “newsletters” and what that might mean for the future of media, we break down career paths where being hot is actually a disadvantage and Larry David’s recent collaboration with Calabasas m3 driving sweatpants brand M*dHappy. This episode was recorded before we heard the unfortunate news about Virgil Abloh, may he Rest In Peace.
November 29, 2021
267. - Chris & Jason
A one-on-one episode today, we were supposed to have a guest but they rescheduled so he’ll be back soon. Today we chat about London real estate, what the Queens been up to, rolling calls, an upcoming Tom Ford event, holiday influencing, debunking nut allergies, who Pete should be dating next, some Grammy predictions, push presents, Kamala’s Le Creuset, what Obama ate in the White House, cashless Chris, the decline of Hollywood blvd, and TJ’s home studio remodeling plans.
November 26, 2021
266. - Camille Charriere
Camille Charriere has been a fashion content creator for some time now, after pivoting from her career as a lawyer. She was born in Paris but now calls London her home. We recorded this episode last week, so excuse some potentially outdated topics. We chat with her about what music she listens to when its time to concentrate, how to stay hydrated for a long weekend of clubbing, what not to say in line at Berghain, what to talk about instead of streaming television, her upcoming wedding, the importance of having one hot guy at your bachelorette party, 2004’s Shall We Dance starring Richard Gere and J Lo, her philosophy on new clothing, what we look at on our phones when we’re stressed out, and how her wedding is in three weeks and she doesn’t have a dress yet.
November 24, 2021
265. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today Chris is in New York and Jason is home in LA. We chat about making sounds when you’re old, having a dog is not sustainable, Chris whipping around Manhattan in a Bentley, getting turned away at multiple establishments, good help is hard to find, alcoholic coffee, a full breakdown of pre-workout supplements, the recently announced Kanye and Drake concert, janky covid tests, pissmaxxing, and a big breakdown on Chris’ favorite holiday: Friendsgiving.
November 22, 2021
264. - Jake Lacy
Jake Lacy is an actor from New York currently living in Connecticut. He’s most recently known for his role on White Lotus, as well as appearing on The Office, and HBO’s Girls. We chat about our debut album hitting the shelves in December, sounding old on the written word, snot crying, philosophy on watch buying, raising kids in New York, talking about Netflix at dinner parties, the future of movie studio franchises, what becoming a Marvel character does to your career, dressing down for movie premieres, staying in LA for pilot season, Staples Center’s recent rebrand, and some upcoming roles that Jake’s got cooking.
November 19, 2021
263. - Snail Mail
Snail Mail is a musician from Maryland currently living in New York. We’re big fans of hers, and her new record Valentine is out now on Matador. We chat about making money in the fall, resisting the double tap on IG, running into Jack Antinoff at LAX, getting treated like a big dog in Hollywood, buying things on the company card for attention, a lot of weed talk, hating on the Chateau Marmont, staying at sex hotels in Europe, peeing on your fans on stage, digging myself into a hole talking about her debut TV performance, going bleak mode, her current fashion style and what the plans are for her next look, getting existential off the gummies, how she met her girlfriend and who she looks like, we order some açaí delivery while recording, some of her favorite old heads, and who her musical mentors are.
November 17, 2021
262. - Chris & Jason
One on one today live and unedited from Glendale, Chris and Jason chat about Jesus szn approaching, how to get into Hollywood churches, covid in overage time, I try to get Chris into Succession, the metaverse destroying restaurants, Chris still hates NFTs and that's okay, digital red bottoms, some post-tour stories, we make some predictions on the future of legal drugs, and a recent fellas only dinner party we were invited to.
November 15, 2021
261. - Steven Hyden
Steven Hyden is a music writer from Minneapolis, he’s worked with Grantland, AV Club, Rolling Stone, and more. His most recent book The Isn’t Happening, about Radiohead’s Kid A is out now. We chat about our tour being done, supply chain issues, supporting local music, teaching the future generation about podcasting, his first writing job, The Grateful Dead, bleep-bloop vs jangly guitar, John Mayer, interviewing Lindsay Buckingham, all the best music was made on cocaine, Pearl Jam, Kanye West, artists benefiting from dying, why Antinoff keeps getting hired, Minnesota’s Lizzo, and of course Radiohead’s Kid A.
November 12, 2021
260. - Beach Fossils
Beach Fossils are a band from New York, we spoke with Tommy and Dustin about Miami massages, a recap of our show in San Fransisco, that thing where you lock eyes with an unenthused audience member, squirt vids, van life, water filtration, Pedialyte and vodka, befriending Post Malone, blog house deep V’s, Kaospads, Radiohead standing, a review of Licorice Pizza, wearing a mask in Butts, Georgia, we consider doing the same exact podcast on every single tour, who Banksy is, and a great blowjob joke.
November 10, 2021
259. - Chris & Jason
One on one podcast recorded live from our hotel room in San Francisco. We chat about Astroworld and collabs for one hour. TJ definitely recorded this episode while laying on the floor.
November 08, 2021
258. - Sam Evian
Sam Evian is a musician on Fat Possum Records, as well as an accomplished producer working with bands like Big Thief. We chat about some Joe Budden rumors, our live shows this weekend, life in Bushwick, living upstate, appearing on New York local news, The Great British Bakeoff, micro-dosing and a brush with deadly mushrooms, people miss the old drugs now, how to use speed when one needs to level out, touring in the Slavic nations, doing drugs with a guy named Bambi and listening to techno in a field, Julia Child and Jacques Pepin, drunk driving, and Tesla’s autopilot function.
November 05, 2021
257. - Penny Martin
Penny Martin is an editor and writer, as of 2009 she’s been the editor-in-chief of the magazine The Gentlewoman. We chat about the inbuilt obsolesce of her running shoes, the magic of sleeper train travel, why she’s looking to join a private gentlemen's club, being pleasantly surprised by the aesthetics of your fanbase, growing up in a house of music, gardening, we do 20 minutes on bar soap, the fragrance additive iso-e-super, and we close on what we love about a great interview.
November 03, 2021
256. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today and we're coming live from Glendale unedited and uncut. We chat about dog peeing on my bed, having an allergic reaction to the giant Reeces peanut butter cups, eyedrop addiction, Chris hating Halloween but hating Thanksgiving, even more, a legendary Uber we took in Denver, we went to a restaurant that TJ actually enjoyed, the filmography of Clint Eastwood, finally saw the Bourdain documentary, what the future holds for Alec Baldwin, and we try to figure out what exactly is the thing that Pete Davidson possesses that allows his impressive body count.
November 01, 2021
255. - Jacob Gallagher
Jacob Gallagher is the men’s fashion editor of Off Duty at The Wall Street Journal, his new book The Men’s Fashion Book is out soon through Phaidon. We start off insulting each other at length but make sure you stick around to the end, it gets good. We chat about a Denver scene report, mead sipping, Jacob’s choosey TV watching, a Dune debate, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, fashion suits vs regular suits, Justin Bieber’s inability to wear clothing of any sort, TJ learns about “tailoring,” activations, honeymooning in Tulum, Jacob’s gambling addiction, and we speak about his new book and the history of men’s fashion.
October 29, 2021
254. - Julia Sherman
Julia Sherman is a photographer, writer, cook, and author of Salad For President, her new book Arty Parties is out now. She lives in Pasadena but spoke with us from her parent's home in New York. We chat about our New York show, Chris beefing with weather and dogs, Chris bestows some sage book writing advice to Julia, the difficulties of baking versus cooking, different fast-casual salad restaurants, Julia’s pop-star nanny, some healthy Halloween treats instead of standard capitalist candy, us drawing a nude model at her last cookbook party, shutting down a New York supermarket, Julia’s brother being a member of the graff community, and what it takes to throw a good party…..with art.
October 27, 2021
253. - Live from New York … it’s How Long Gone
Chris said we weren’t going to upload any of our live shows because it robs the art of its purity but I think the New York live show was too special not to. The audio quality sounds live, it's unedited, and I get exponentially sloppy throughout the episode. Special thanks to our guests Mel Ottenberg, Lauren Servideo, and The Ion Pack. Special thanks to our sponsors; Anchor, Woolrich, and Timberland.
October 25, 2021
252. - Kelefa Sanneh
Kelefa Sanneh is a journalist and music critic from New York. From 2000 to 2008, he wrote for the New York Times, and he’s been on staff at The New Yorker since then. His new book Major Labels is out now. We had the pleasure of chatting with him about our show in Austin, some talent updates for our NY show, being an old fashioned author who doesn’t make bucket hats, Connecticut hardcore, his parents both teaching at Yale, when anarchy stops being fun, hip hop as a transgressive art form, tiny desk concerts, the evolution of dance music from the hated form of disco to the hated form of progressive house, the problem with being genre-less, music’s bygone rituals of scarcity, and why just being interesting isn’t enough.
October 22, 2021
251. - Leah Finnegan
Leah Finnegan is the editor in chief at Gawker, we spoke with her in New York while we’re on the road in Austin. We chat about Texas travels, Travis Barker popping the question, Scott Disick's income, RIP Colin Powell, why Leah doesn’t listen to podcasts, how editing a website is so much more than pressing the “publish” button, the devolution of Deux Moi, living with a height disorder, how she developed her leathery thick skin by constantly being fired, stay at home mom lifestyle, a rundown of our favorite sweets, Chrissy Teigen stuff, how websites work, and which member of the Succession cast Leah has a crush on.
October 20, 2021
250. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today, Chris is in Houston and Jason is back in LA for 24 hours. We chat about Chris’ spacious hotel suite, Mclaren automobiles, the Hermés Apple watch, a new offering from Barry’s Bootcamp, Houston’s premier gay sports bar, we ideate a Hodinkee name change protest, the “evil” meme format, Chris starring in a music video, smoothie prices, The Beach Boys song “Kokomo,” we get the stage set for tonight’s Succession premiere, cousin Greg’s arc, some airplane complaining, listening to an entire episode of Joe Rogan on a flight with no headphones on, mental illness, we workshop some ideas on how to navigate a wet bathroom, Dave Chappelle’s newfound blue lives matter audience, and some new tour and merch updates.
October 18, 2021
249. - Parquet Courts
Parquet Courts is an American rock band from New York City. Austin and Sean from the band zoomed-in from rural Pennsylvania and Brooklyn. We chat about the middle class to hard seltzer pipeline, Chris getting locked out of his house, us having to cancel our show in Nashville, the Wu-Tang Clan show on Hulu, the Jell-O shot guy, almost going to Bam Margera’s house, the 2011 Mac Book Air, restaurant gripes, we workshop some new email sign-offs, sports betting, the consequences of bad-mouthing Red Bull, crippling credit card debt thanks to Delta SkyMiles, sync talk, if our moms think we’re cool, Michael Jackson and being a witch, Alien Ant Farm, and we close out with a reading of some very stoned notes.
October 15, 2021
248. - Ian Schrager
Ian Schrager is a hotelier and master of hospitality from New York City. He’s known for starting the world-famous Studio 54 nightclub, as well as creating the modern boutique hotel. We chat about the evolution and devolution of nightclub life, how he ran Studio 54, why he can’t wind down, the unexplainable art of knowing who should and shouldn’t be, Times Square, the magic feeling of freedom, how to save Las Vegas, where he likes to hang out in Los Angles, how to work with a corporate overlord, the difference between an artist and a businessperson, social anxiety at dinner parties, how to live a long life through curiosity, and some of his favorite restaurants in New York City.
October 13, 2021
247. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today recorded live from Honolulu and Atlanta respectively. We chat about supporting local gas stations, doing business in the American south, TJ’s fishing trip, Chris eating two sweet potatoes for lunch in Alabama, Chris trying to get Squid Game and The Sopranos off the air, POG juice, Demi Lovato giving a voice to the traumatized extraterrestrial community, Chris standing Kim K on SNL, curfews at the mall, mesh tops, a recap of our first few tour dates, our mutual love of Philly, Charles Barkley on the plane, Hawaiian Whole Foods vibe report, places to vape on the island, TJ being a weak swimmer, Celsius caffeine beverage, and a new catchphrase is birthed.
October 11, 2021
246. - Nico Walker
Nico Walker is a writer currently living in Oxford, Mississippi. His debut novel Cherry was written on a typewriter from prison while serving time for bank robbery. We chat about small-town life, spiritual energy, reggae cover bands, getting released the day quarantine started, why you shouldn’t have a flip phone at the halfway house, what TV shows are popular in jail, why you shouldn’t cross someone named Bullet, becoming a reader, Russian humor, MP3 players, the process of writing his new book, and we put Nico on the spot for a good clean jail joke.
October 08, 2021
245. - Kevin Morby
Kevin Morby is a musician from Kansas City. We chat about our time off in New York and argue about what neighborhoods we’re in, we figure out exactly what torched means, cool guitars, coming up out of the mud in Texas, Kevin's time in LA, tertiary markets, how to build your own Sweetgreen store, a run in on the tennis courts, getting dimed out on an expensive jacket, Kevin’s quarantine body transformation, hitting the batting cages, we make fun of The Killers, how to navigate small tows with a fixer, Jazz and BBQ, sync talk, standing vs seated concerts, and how to deal with audience members that become an issue.
October 06, 2021
244. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one podcast recorded live from TJ's hotel room in Boston, unedited and absolutely raw. We chat about what direction the penises curve here in Boston, Pete Davidson being funny, we do a deep dive on the merch and Instagram videos from rapper Plies, visiting a fine dining restaurant in Atlanta's Buckhead, popping tags at Hermés, New Balance shoes, quality time with Chris' parents, we track down where the live laugh love style signs come from, Chris' dad sipping on that 818, healthy nachos, mini bottles of Coronas, and TJ being asked to leave a problematic bakery in Atlanta for his codeswitching. 
October 03, 2021
243. - Porches
Porches is a musician from New York City, his new album All Day Gentle Hold is out October 8th. We chat about Chris’ new desk, his Lasik surgery, Chinatown Market, growing up upstate New York, having a blessed metabolism, Pizza Hut Buffet, his relationship with cigs, childhood jobs, wanting to really shred when performing, being excited to turn 33, our astrological signs, anger issues, his nice manager, picking up tennis, tank tops, and his ska music past.
October 01, 2021
242. - Wyatt Williams
Wyatt Williams is a former restaurant critic whose writing can be found in NYT Magazine, Harper’s, and many more. His new book Springer Mountain is out now. We chat bout washing your hands before you use the restroom and not after, Chris on the Sunset Strip, Nicole Ritchie’s hair catching fire, quarantine in Bali, foraging for mushrooms in Mississippi, giant dinner parties getting old, we explain the joy of cooking to Chris, we breakdown chicken roasting, working on a chicken farm and a beef processing plant, the emotional relationship of killing and eating animals, our predictions on the future of restaurant dining, and the importance of smoking inside restaurants.
September 29, 2021
241. - Chris & Jason
One on one pod today Chris and Jason chat about skipping Apple products across the lake like a flat stone, Chris’ Palm Springs getaway, TJ’s test kitchen, our CD is finished and off to the presses, how chefs keep the pounds off, working out while high, why reading and film-watching is the best on airplanes now, Paul Thomas Anderson’s 35mm trailer, Oasis movie recap, Panda Express’ fine dining location, Altoids blowjobs, TJ’s Halloween vibe, our upcoming tour plans, and Chris TJ proofing his parent's house for his arrival.
September 27, 2021
240. - Charli XCX
Charli XCX is an English singer and songwriter currently living in Los Angeles. We chat about our NYT feature, going on a trip vs going on a vacation, shopping at Gelson’s, plant-based meal delivery, fantasizing about living in random cities, Charli being afraid of Chris, NYFW, social anxiety, hanging with the lads, putting a donk on it, TJ booking Charli for a show back in the day, big up Samsung, preferring to write songs alone, sync talk, Bob Dylan sucks, Donda, how we might fit into Charli’s audience, where Chris would live in London, and go listen to Charli’s new song Good Ones now.
September 24, 2021
239. - Alex Wong
Alex Wong is a writer from Toronto, his new book about basketball stories Cover Story is out soon. We chat about food poisoning, Billy Eilish’s new Jordans, The Fugees reunion tour, why Alex loves our podcast, Honda Civics, squirting hand sanitizer on his popcorn, NHL ’94 on Sega Genesis, hockey bullies, NBA fashion, Alex’s dad talking shit at restaurants, athletes talking to the media, eating gross foods, and Alex’s book.
September 22, 2021
238. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one today live and uncut from Glendale, Jason is still getting over a cold so please excuse any throat sounds. We chat about suburban life, ATM scamming, we expand on our Vegas live brunch podcast, seeing U2's Bono at Erewhon, the Edgar haircut, how to pull off a Caesar, are we drinking too much water, Larry David doing anything is funny now, CLB album art conspiracy theories, Nick Cannon's kid's names, Paris Hilton, a recap of what may have happened on our last episode, Liam falling out of a Helicopter, us going to the Oasis doc, how Hollywood Blvd is fucked up, The French Laundry, men's jewelry, and the word HODINKEE.
September 20, 2021
237. - Touré
Touré is a writer, journalist, cultural critic, TV host, and hosts the Toure Show podcast. We chat about swollen testicles, witchcraft, Din Tai Fung, why Toure believes he should be asking the questions and not answering them, what makes a good question asker, too many people getting podcasts, Toure shames us for not having college degrees, the stand-up comedy greats, Toure tells us multiple Borscht Belt style jokes, the US Open recap, keeping the calves loose, Fort Greene vs East Village, and we end on a rap battle.
September 17, 2021
236. - Annie Kreighbaum
Annie Kreighbaum is the cofounder of skincare brand Soft Services and hosts the podcast Eyewitness Beauty. She is from Texas and is currently living in New York. We chat about Met Gala hits and misses, Chris' celeb-packed afternoon, TJ hitting the Virgil x Carbone activation, gender-neutral branding, preferring your life partner to live thousands of miles away because you work a lot, adult body acne, how to get men to buy this shit, sorority life in Texas, the responsibilities of a founder's personal life, fungal issues, using Reddit as a focus group, we debate the bed's top sheet, Grime's sword, and why on earth she would start a podcast.
September 15, 2021
235. Chris & Jason
One-on-one today recorded live and uncut from NYC. Jason is proper hungover and we chat about muscle cramping, sliding on the floor back and forth between the sauna and handicapped shower, Fashion's Night Out, Anna Wintour allegedly looked at Chris' calves at Thom Browne, cardigan with no shirt under, Met Gala predictions, what we did for 9/11, what year humans started picking up dog shit, VMAs, Pitchfork fest fashion, Chris' birthday dinner at Mr. Chow, trouble with the credit card swiper at the movie theater, salad tossing issues, Donda catches a few more strays, and CB has a new holistic patch treatment.
September 13, 2021
234. - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Ruban Neilson aka Unknown Mortal Orchestra is a musician from New Zealand currently living in Portland. We chat about what we’ve been doing in New York, New Zealand covid stats, Spotify income looking nice, bonding with his mates on Call Of Duty, why he thinks Kanye is interesting, the goal of making music that takes a long time to grow on you, getting away in Palm Springs, whips, landlords, writing more upbeat songs in quarantine, his brother smoking weed, Belgian comics, tequila and cigs, who did 9/11, the pieces virgo relationship with his manager, why he stayed independent, and we’re label mates by some bizarre twist of fate.
September 10, 2021
233. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today recorded from New York and Italy, we made this episode longer and beefier to fill you up until Friday while I finish my summer in Amalfi. Chris and Jason chat about Nespresso, TJ’s weight gain, roman fashion reports, the pains of eating pasta for breakfast lunch and dinner for 2 weeks straight, hot waiters with black eyes hitting on my chick, the beach club, the male prostitute lifestyle in Italy, caesar mode activated, getting cat-called by teen boys, what black Air Force ones mean in Italy, vacation is trash, international covid regulations, cigarette updates, Xanax, and we spend the last 40 minutes talking about Certified Lover Boy.
September 06, 2021
232. - Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel is a singer and songwriter from New York, currently living in Los Angeles against her will. We chat about her parents' thoughts on moving to LA, teaching kids, her favorite pizza spot in NY, the top 5 Dominican restaurants in West Hollywood, Yankees, Mets, her wet jumper, the beautiful dance of jiu-jitsu, "white mess" as her favorite cinematic theme, a clarification of "homie height" for our shorter listeners, playing stadiums in Brazil, failing her driver's test, and what her tiny ear canals might mean for the future of her in-ear monitors.
September 03, 2021
231. - Kenny Beats
Kenny Beats is a music producer living in Los Angeles. We chat about MLK on Fortnite, the resurgence of the flat earth movement, peeing in bottles, Mark Ronson admiring a chair made by Vans shoes, how Kenny ended up in Burbank, taking over Ron Artest’s studio space, the future of recording music, Rick Rubin taking him under his wing, building an ecosystem during quarantine, moving from EDC to BET, Kenny meeting a fellow listener of the pod at Halsey’s victorian film premiere, and on the heels of Donda we get some legendary Mike Dean stories.
September 01, 2021
230. - Chris & Jason
Recorded live and uncut from Chris Black's apartment in New York, we chat about Donda, why Marilyn Manson? the importance of saying music sucks, Chris visiting a wedding in Brooklyn, TJ's NYC, stalking Emrata, TJ went to Dimes square to do some cocaine, brunch at Balthazar, some NYC street fashion, seeing Lil Uzi in Nolita, experimenting with alcoholism the way the Danish do, Chris' thoughts on Chaining Tate's System Of A Down Tee, and driving drunk in New York.
August 30, 2021
229. - Eric Wareheim
Eric Wareheim is a comedian, director, winemaker, gourmand, and most recently a cookbook author. We chat about TJ’s knee being electrocuted, the Nirvana kid not asking for enough money, Dave Matthews’ tour bus, travel tips in Italy for sweaty people, telling your doctor how much wine you drink, picking up golf in quarantine, Eric listening to jacked-up techno when he works out, what makes his cookbook unique, wine distribution woes, hitting Onyx with T-Pain, Eric’s new pizza oven, dealing with LA bartenders, how to criticize restaurants correctly, and Eric prescribes each of us a recipe from his cookbook.
August 27, 2021
228. - A.J. Daulerio
A.J. Daulerio is a writer and the former editor of Gawker and Deadspin. He now runs The Small Bow newsletter, and podcast “Really Good Shares,” both focused on recovery. We chat about our whole-milk agenda finally reaching the mainstream, both by its consumption by hot girls, as well as the stacking of their crates to be walked upon. Chris not being invited to Korean BBQ, AJ not loving our podcast music, furloughing prescription pills, the difficulty of breaking up with your dealer, even if they have a proprietary hash-and-moonrocks blend, passive audio listening, Air Mail, predictions on the future of print media, the cadence of our podcasting schedule, our thoughts on Marc Maron and Rick Rubin’s podcasting, abs being made in the kitchen, and AJ finding stoic solace at the House Of Pies on Vermont.
August 25, 2021
227. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today, Chris and Jason recorded live in Glendale before a trip down to the OC. We breakdown Drake and Kanye’s text messages, the carbon footprint of flying private, Fiji water being hard to recycle, the superfood probiotic healing powers of spinach artichoke dip, bad shellfish, Big Thief role play, Glendale street racers, Chris breaks down Subarus, coffee shop complaining, we brainstorm some new small business concepts, backflipping off the balcony at Dead & Co, and deep-dark Elliot Smith conspiracy theory.
August 23, 2021
226. - Will Welch
Will Welch is the global editorial director of GQ Magazine. We chat about Only Fans banning sexually explicit content, TJ’s dog eating his memory card, Will’s spatial audio headphones, Yeti cooler culture, creating robust ecosystems and communities, how things actually make it into a magazine, Johnny Knoxville allegories, how fan culture drives content more than we realize, keeping up with platforms, the teachings of Ram Dass, the GQ bar in Turkey, Chris banking on the return of office culture, what Will might be wearing to the Met Gala this year, and how all Will’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, are an offering to God.
August 20, 2021
225. - Zach Baron
Zach Baron is the senior staff writer at GQ. He’s originally from Philly and currently lives in Los Angeles. We chat about the new Lorde tune, gifting suites, Chris’ medical visit to Orange County, Zach’s wife’s podcast setup, basement shows, Hollywood screeners, the forbidden art of celebrity profiles, Eagle Rock threesomes, Zach’s aversion to stressful content, dislocating his shoulder while surfing, hitting Ibiza with Idris Elba, interviewing Beiber, listening to pods at the driving range, and how we’re all hoping for a firestorm to purify.
August 18, 2021
223. - Chris & Jason
One on one pod today Chris and Jason chat about giving people too much credit, Conde Nast's payment portal being down once again, photographers capitalizing off gods magic hour, kids and dogs should not be allowed at expensive hotels, the musical selection at the Four Seasons pool scene, problematic hoteliers, a deep dive into the alt-lite Salt Crew clothing company, Italian boat rentals, Chris loving Ted Lasso, rolling coal, TJ getting horny off of decadent duck fat, Joe Rogan's wife, Proud Boys stabbing some reporters, we challenge ?uestlove to a DJ, drum, and cooking battle in Philly, the Chinatown MegaBus, how Wavves navigates life from the laundry room twin mattress, John Mayer being forced to play his own songs for Victoria's Secret angels, and some tour updates.
August 16, 2021
223. - Jeff Weiss
Jeff Weiss is a writer from Los Angeles. He writes about culture and hip hop a lot, recently covering everything from Erewhon to Sublime so we had to have him on to chat about the Saweetie meal at McDonald's, Sprite’s relationship to the hip hop community, Jones Soda, cults, early DJ names that didn’t age well, Versuz, rapper The Game living in Glendale, Erewhon and Post Malone being the symptom of a larger problem, where is cool to live in Los Angeles, who killed 2pac and Mac Dre, Boosie Badass’ journey, documentary drama, the classic or trash mentality mutating into the erasure of healthy criticism, and getting death threats from incels.
August 13, 2021
222. - Wavves
Wavves is rock band from San Diego. We chat with Nate about sausage and peppers, Fat Bastard trending, MTN Dew alcohol, Nate moving back home with his parents in San Diego, investing all of his income and having zero money in the bank, major labels vs indie labels, video game soundtrack paper, learning about real estate from Gza and Killer Mike, having a fucked up back, Clippers box seats, remixing Sopranos episodes into Chicago House songs on Patreon, getting interviewed on acid at Lollapalooza, Opening for Daft Punk and Blink 182, and Nate gives us some tips on tour life as we embark on our maiden voyage.
August 11, 2021
221. - Chris & Jason
One on one pod today recorded live in Glendale uncut and raw we chat about ice baths, vinyl sounding bomb, Ja Rule Desert Island Discs, partying hard in Santa Barbara, Morrissey in Vegas, TJ DJing this week, Kiko party, Foamposite foam parties, TJ explains to Chris the art of ugly dressing, a piñata of DJ Marshmellow dabbing, buying meth at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, what's wrong with the Row DTLA, TJ rants about EDM drops ruining rap music for the 80th time, some special guests appearing on our tour dates, TJ visited our favorite masseuse Pickle Rick for an adjustment, and we argue the pros and cons of turning your phone off from 8 pm to 8 am every day.
August 09, 2021
220. - Rosecrans Baldwin
Rosecrans Baldwin is a writer born in Connecticut who's lived in Paris, Africa, and currently, Los Angeles. He’s a frequent contributor to GQ, and is the author of several books,  most recently “Everything Now,” which is available now. We chat about our exciting podcast news, typing, Evan Dando, some Hot Pod newsletters, scented soaps affecting the palate, the sea urchin of Hokkaido, writers not making a ton of money, La Guardia airport water feature, the celebrity tunnel at LAX, tennis talk, Tarheel hoops, mixing the espresso with the Diet Coke, a good honest ham sandwich, the finest bean and cheese burritos of LA, and what it was like to interview Roger Federer in Switzerland.
August 06, 2021
219. - Emma Hope Allwood
Emma Hope Allwood is a freelance consultant and writer, formerly at Dazed. We chat about Skoal, the kings of New York, DaBaby ruining his career, London weather, meditation, dealing with freelance life, going to school abroad in North Carolina, a full Love Island breakdown, British slang, bodycon fashion, current season Jacquemus, Chris not trying on shoes, interviewing Dua and Billie, feedback loops and algorithms, Chiropractor Tik Tok, ketamine therapy, and how many stone the weighted blanket is.
August 04, 2021
218. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today, TJ calls in from Las Vegas for a full scene report. We chat about an odd character on the flight over, Morrissey’s Encore Beach Party, traveling to Vegas in a cage, Chris hating “off the strip guy,” the adult pool, exploring some of Nevada’s natural wine, pregaming Red Bull and vodkas at the slots, visiting Diplo live at XS, what to say on the mic, Agenda trade show, Mark Ronson’s new show, Limp Bizkit vs Sublime, and what to expect at the Jabawockeez matinee.
August 02, 2021
217. - Jerry Hsu
Jerry Hsu is a professional skater, photographer, and person behind clothing and skate brand Sci-Fi Fantasy. We chat about the Gucci movie, setting fire to and placing bombs inside of restaurants, Atlanta tennis scene report, the cross streets that Jerry lives on, using the Citizen app to find different cars that are on fire, nightcrawler lifestyle, the old and new ways to run a skate brand, Jerry’s wife adjusting to the life of a coddled skater, meeting McConaughey on the set of Beach Bum, vacationing in Greece, life after Kim Kardashian wears your hat, skating in the Olympics, big pants little wheels, and Jerry’s favorite thing that has ever been throw at him from a moving vehicle.
July 30, 2021
216. - Jesse Pearson
Jesse Pearson was an editor at Index Magazine, EIC at Vice for 8 years, and is the founder and editor of Apology Magazine and Podcast. We chat with him about Chris being glued to the Olympic action, Michael Phelps’ kids names, Young Thugs not so tiny desk concert, Woodstock ’99, powerlifting with the ATL Twins, Vice’s infamous gross jar, what it takes to not lose your mind as a freelancer, a less than convenient way to buy heroin, getting a bunch of guns as a gift, how to turn someone who’s not a writer into a writer, the argument for giving media away for free, why musicians want to talk about themselves, barfing after cardio, and visiting his dad in prison on acid in ’93.
July 28, 2021
215. - Chris & Jason
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about wrapping Kanye's new album up, forming a Done To Death Union, Atlanta's puck-bunnies, exercising healthy communication about being in album mode, Chris visiting a southern barbershop, symptomatic in the sauna, Givenchy slides, Uber prices, a full Black Rifle Coffee review, and TJ finally got his hands on some Ketamine.
July 26, 2021
214. - Ben Detrick
Ben Detrick is a writer who’s been featured in NYT, Ringer, Grantland, Know Wave, Vice, and more. He’s also a host of the podcast Cookies Hoops. We chat about chopped cheese, Morrissey and Ryan Adams, Eric Clapton, what's gonna happen now that hoops are gone, NBA Draft looks, what to expect from the new Kanye, how to win your local run, what getting dunked on does to a man, what to do about the Olympic, Wendy’s Nuggets, why Chris hates diners, and emo plumbers.
July 23, 2021
213. - Adam Pally
Adam Pally is a very funny comedian and actor from New York but currently in Los Angeles. We chat about Houston’s restaurants, Chris in NY eating like Bugs Bunny, Adam’s Hotel vibe, Greek stuff, the art form of acting as well as DJing, Adam only doing positive Cameos from now on, the mistake of children, The Jewish Mount Rushmore, our minimal vibe, Adam swagger jacking Chris in 2012, the on-set Patagonia puffer, body-shaming at the editorial fitting, smoothie places in Atlanta, if Adam has what it takes to get Kumail level brolic, daddy’s special knife hit time, the positive repercussions of playing a gay character, How Long Gone Vegas Brunch activation, and who Adam wants for the NBA Finals.
July 21, 2021
212. - Chris & Jason
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about Chris experiencing the worst weather in his entire life, Chris had to take 3 showers in one day after nailing a Killers B-Side karaoke session, Chris’ preferred hot yoga space, Pride without abs, Notorious B.I.G.’s Budweiser collaboration, TJ’s luggage woes, the opioid crisis, Wardogs vs Whiplash movie battle, TJ in home alone mode, Bloomingdale's store credit reveal, the cookbook that everyone is talking about, summer hydration cocktail, and mask back on in LA.
July 19, 2021
211. - Matt McCormick
Matt McCormick is an artist currently living in Los Angeles. We chat about the oppressing heat, TJ calls out wheelchair tennis players for an exhibition match, removing the sins from our bodies, omakase strawberries, tattooing with iPads, how all three of us went to jail for graffiti, using a sandwich as a pillow in prison, Matt’s teenaged glam-rock phase, wearing basketball jerseys in Seattle, how his sense of style got destroyed by moving to LA, being a tour manager for Tyler The Creator, how Tyler pushed him into art, listening to music alone in his kitchen while smoking CBD cigarettes, his musical circadian rhythms, some indie movie picks, and some rules to follow for restaurant music.
July 16, 2021
210. - Kirsty Godso
Kirsty Godso is a Nike Master Trainer and our personal fitness instructor. She’s from New Zealand and currently lives in Los Angeles. We chat about Space Jam, player hating, truffle fries, Sugarfish mayonnaise, Chili dogs, body odor, getting our blood tested, why weighing yourself doesn’t matter, comparing vaping to alternative milk, versatile abs, being a mobility slut, breaking her leg ring dirt bikes, breakfast down under, cricket, rugby, sleep tips, and using THC work workouts.
July 14, 2021
209. - Chris & Jason
One on one pod today, unedited and IRL, Chris and Jason chat about strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, TJ's dry July update and his ability to resist the watermelon JAJA Fresca, UFC broken ankles and Chris' disdain for fighting, what Joe Rogan's head resembles, Guy Fieri's parenting, mystery beanies, fish roe gone wrong, how to do key bumps when your car is push-to-start, whining and complaining about stop-and-chats, why a $200 houseplant should just water itself, group travel sucking ass, Nalgene bottles covered in stickers from the Chucky franchise, eating the booty like groceries, what type of people are camping out overnight at marijuana dispensaries, and where to shop for luxury items now that Rodeo Dr has been overrun by common street trash.
July 12, 2021
208. - Tom Scharpling
Tom Scharpling is a comedian, writer, and radio host from New Jersey, currently living in Los Angeles. His new book IT NEVER ENDS is out now. We chat about increasing water intake, Bill Cosby out, Pearl Jam taking down Ticketmaster, Donald Trump being the only person other than Chris who hates his fans, Tom writing recaps for The Apprentice, the WeWork documentary, Tommy Lee putting a Starbucks in his house, recording his audiobook, Tom’s beef with LA diners, his unconventional workout routine, Zelle payments, Tom’s top 5 highways, his obsession with the street art scene, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
July 09, 2021
207. - Crissy MIlazzo
Crissy Milazzo is a writer and strategist originally from New Jersey and currently living in Philadelphia. We chat about not wanting to google things, Chris dining on the westside, new alternative mylks, having one's fill of stand up comedy, heading down to Orange County to get laid, Thought Catalog, dating skaters, thinking you’re a shitty person, tips for tall cooks, leaning into the tattoo lifestyle, what to wear to formal occasions when you only own Fenty slides, relapsing on Vicodin for dogs, and how Crissy’s life has changed after she deleted all of her social media, which is why there is no link below.
July 07, 2021
206. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today Chris and Jason chat about TJ’s Dry July, socializing at pool parties and BBQ scene reports, the loser who wrote an article about how grilling food is bad, how to fix clickbait articles, Demi Lovato and Noah Cyrus spotted at the Space Jam premier party, Chris being a freak for rollercoasters, TJ being afraid of them, paying money to skip the line at Disneyland, Drake not being a doctor, TJ suspects the OVO store hasn’t made a sale in 6 months, TJ going on a traditional dinner-and-a-movie style date, we compare the similarities between McDonald's and the Fast & Furious franchise, different ways to consume analog media, Chris makes a case against rescuing animals, Olympians smoking weed, and hog out at Wi Spa.
July 05, 2021
205. - Adam Wray
Adam Wray is a writer, editor, and fashionista from Montreal. We chat about serious citrus, Jacquemus swag surfing our brand identity for his Fall/Winter 2022 show, which clothing line would design the basketball uniforms for ISIS if they were accepted in the Olympic Games, why Canada Day is very bad, McAfee's special drugs, Adam’s parents being big fans of Brockhampton, Arby’s vs A&W, partying at a bathhouse in Pittsburg, DTC mushroom branding, making supplementary zine content for 032c, teaching kindergarten in Korea, Antwerp couture, and why learning how to serve a tennis ball could help with Chris’ mental health.
July 02, 2021
204. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about Hailey Beiber pics, Travis Barker’s diet plan, Forrest Lawn, EMTs surgically removing the Rhude jeans after a severe accident, seatbelts, Cartel’s Livestream, the Gavin McGinnes expose, Dutch Oven Divas, how hard it is to fire employees in 2021, lossless audio, why 'Call Her Daddy' and 'Smartless' got millions of dollars and we didn’t, if Maron gets laid, Rachel Ray looking like Joe Rogan with a wig on, Tarantino making the podcast rounds, The Delta Variant, sauna talks with a local, and an indecent proposal in the laundry room.
June 30, 2021
203. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about TJ doing a fashion pull at the mall, Chris going to all of the best malls, Bloomingdales, candle trauma, surrealist wedding photos, Chris driving down the freeway in pure silence, John McAfee's killswitch engage, John Mullaney’s workout plan, TJ dining out in West Hollywood, Nick Kroll wearing horizontal stripes, TJ’s love triangle, marijuana shrimp chips, cruelty-free ketchup, Lyft luxe, Forrest Lawn, building at the Gagosian house, Nautica shoes, and what if we kissed at the Equinox stretch area?
June 28, 2021
202. - Whembley Sewell
Whembley Sewell is the Editor In Chief at Them, a next-generation community platform through the lens of today’s LGBTQ community. We chat about Chris misplacing something important, drinkable THC, astrological charts, sipping cold ones and drumming like no one is watching, family boundaries, the evolution of Pride, Britney Spears' conservatorship, Avril making her gay, the Lady Gaga boat, and what Whembley's up to at Them.
June 25, 2021
201. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One-on-one pod today, TJ just flew back from Mexico straight to Chris's new pad to chat in person about their travels, Mexico scene report, food tours, nonstop drinking, farmers markets, Lorde's new record, eating sprouts, TJ being clowned by an actual clown, Chris's new neighbor, and TJ's new festival announcement.
June 23, 2021
200. - Claire Mazur
Claire Mazur is the co-creator and co-host of A Thing Or Two, a podcast and newsletter. We chat about TJ’s travel adventures, deep-fried shrimp heads, sprouted almonds, DTC VCs, decaf coffee, nonalcoholic wine, cheese, running, spinning, bleeding nipples, saunas, dogs, and why Claire’s listeners like them and why ours don’t.
June 21, 2021
199. - Faye Webster
Faye Webster is a musician from Atlanta, her new album ‘I Know I’m Funny haha’ comes out soon. We chat about TJ’s last day in NY, hating some restaurants, Faye’s new ping pong table, having her own pro model yo-yo, aversion to exercise, what her parents do in Athens, being competitive, playing Pokemon, grilling up, Rocket League being the only sport she plays, getting hype on the music of Slushii, and giving out her bands Venmo on stage.
June 18, 2021
198. - Twin Shadow
Twin Shadow is a musician living in Los Angeles, his new album is coming soon. We chat about masks being over, calling people “boss,” a Hollywood industry bombshell, tourists wandering into Twin’s house, motorcycles and shit, waiting for god to visit your Ableton session, songwriter camps, getting crossfaded on edibles and flower, Twin’s gym flow, getting covid from people on coke after being vaccinated, when fandom goes too far, being a fan of yourself, and why we shouldn’t meet our idols.
June 16, 2021
197. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about TJ in NY, all of the eating, Minetta Tavern, freaking out about how the city has changed, talking to fans who like to tell us that we aren’t their favorite, canceled pizza, the avocados of Times Square, the problem with short films, Chris’ brand activation at Sea Ranch, oceanside running, visiting the idyllic town of Marin, Chris meditating, renting a Jeep, Apple’s spacial audio, and we close with 15 minutes on Bluetooth speakers.
June 14, 2021
196. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about Kanye vs Bradley Cooper, dating billionaires, feeling bad for 16-year-olds who dance in their mansions, how to watch Tik Tok without going down the algo, the art of saying no unless it's enough money to ruin your life, Yashar Ali wanting everyone to know how much he cares about animals, cool sculpting, we rank religions, TJ touching down in New York, a workaround for Sean Glass’ "shoes in the house" conundrum, luggage choices, plane chips, how to make the babies stop crying, and taking prescription medication for dogs.
June 11, 2021
195. - Peter Rosenberg
Peter Rosenberg is a DJ, radio host, sports commentator, you can see and hear him on ESPN, Hot 97, and his new album Real Late is out now. We chat about feeling insane at the mall, Jimmy John's review, Wiz Khalifa's early work, where we all live in New York, joint custody of Peter's cool dog, DJ AM, what exactly Pete did on his album, Pete starting Joe Budden's pod, making a case for Patreon, why he can't wear chains, Jake Paul, white rappers, Pete taking a cold hard look at himself in the mirror, why everyone hates G-Eazy, a full white rapper rundown, yeah its basically all about white rappers.
June 09, 2021
194. - Max Collins of Eve 6
Max Collins is the singer and bass player for the band Eve 6. In recent months he’s taken to Twitter in a delightfully refreshing way. We chat about TJ buying weed, bad coffee shop names, Max not owning a computer, using social media to distract from our ancient dread, living in the valley, getting pelted with ice in Phoenix, the online stuff, Third Eye Blind stories, the death of the slacker, shitty A&R guys, The Barenaked Ladies, sync-talk, swimming, smoking, singing topline hooks on dubstep tracks, his sober journey, and the future of Max now that he’s more than just a musician.
June 07, 2021
193. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One-on-one podcast today, we were supposed to have Max from Eve 6 on but he rescheduled to Monday. We chat about bad stickers, making food your identity, TJ playing his first DJ gig out of retirement at Soho House, Chris’ hunger strike, the healing powers of magnesium, Kr3w denim, being sweet but psycho, Anthony Bourdain’s upcoming documentary, people who are into hot sauce, finding your tribe, Logan Paul and Mayweather boxing, breaking bones, true crime pods, and Chris makes some musical requests.
June 04, 2021
192. - Rory Satran
Rory Satran is the Fashion Director at The Wall Street Journal, and the creative consultant on the new season of Emily In Paris, she spoke with us from her home in New York. We chat about organizing bookshelves by color, Chris being a Hamptons guy, European EDM, self-editing, refusing gifts to maintain impartiality, the Concord Jet returning, working on ‘Emily, working at Self Service magazine in actual Paris, Juergen Teller, Chloe Sev, and Chris’ great taste in magazines.
June 02, 2021
191. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today Chris and Jason chat about Memorial Day, some new footwear styles at The Row, Chris cleaning out his closets, TJ’s Anniversary staycation, TJ’s new toy, Air Bnb getaways, dinner at Birdie G’s, TJ’s weight gain, Chris’ dessert deprivation continues, courting new podcast guests, 42 Dugg’s height, dog walking, working out without workout shoes, new hats coming, the Friends reunion, and polo shirts on the horizon.
May 31, 2021
190. - Paul Cupo
Paul Cupo is the cohost of Not Really, a podcast he does with friend of the show Patrick Sandberg. He’s a fashion icon, a New York legend, and we had a blast chatting with him about vaping, fashion buyers, Barneys, mesh tank tops, figuring out what his summer fashion story is, trouble at Sean Glass’ SNL party, unsolicited nudity on the subway, yellow cab drivers being horny, being the President of Pride Week, dating cops, Chris being a fake top, straight guys getting too fluid, 11-year-old bullies, his older brother’s taste in older women, growing up in the NYC hardcore scene, whether or not podcasting is cool, and we compare our body parts.
May 28, 2021
189. - Dean Kissick
Dean Kissick is the New York Editor of Spike Magazine. His monthly column Downward Spiral is great, and we’re both big fans of his. We chat about our new hats, writing in the park at Union Square, English summers, high-end window-shopping, croissants, the Red Scare effect, Dean’s calming tone, algorithms killing innovation, learning how to walk around without your phone from Arca, dressing slightly silly, indoor parties, reimagining himself in Los Angeles, the dark side of the wellness community, nude meditation, and the beauty of a good coffee shop.
May 26, 2021
188. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One-on-one pod today Chris and Jason chat about car mods, Lebron James not being that impressive, the pre-workout drama we've walked ourselves into, having a nice sweaty run, Taylor Swift ghostwriting for Olivia Rodrigo, Arby's own Rita Ora entangled in a salt & pepper love triangle, planning TJ's upcoming inaugural DJ set, Sour Patch promotional items, Neal Brennan's ice cream ritual, the Counting Crows guy, Scottsdale lifestyle, the Tik Tok party down in Huntingtown Beach, checking out the classic car show at Bob's Big Boy, what our very first Starbucks orders were, and tips on how to steal from Barnes & Noble.
May 24, 2021
187. Mikey Alfred
Mikey Alfred is the founder of Illegal Civ, a skateboarding company and movie studio. His new film North Hollywood is out now. We chat about the 818, hot SoulCycle, working with Pharrell, The Olympics, pitching his movie to the Hollywood studios, directing Vince Vaughn, training vs style, how Mikey became such a swinging 60’s cat, talking all through Ladybird at Telluride, polo shirts, writing his next movie, and what to order at Bob’s Big Boy.
May 21, 2021
187. - Japanese Breakfast
Japanese Breakfast aka Michelle Zauner is a musician and author whose new book Crying In H Mart is available now. We chat about Jason falling out of a tree, hot tub installation, hating hiking, Michelle’s team warning her about us being bro-y, what kinds of music we like to listen to, writing songs about taking mushrooms, Tame Impala, the word “anthemic,” literary criticism vs music criticism, building with H Mart directly, what sandwiches are good, the difficulty of acquiring abs, Michelle’s disdain of the club.
May 19, 2021
185. - Chris Black and Jason Stewart
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about rationing sauce, boba, Chris’ searing hate of cherry tomatoes, Ksubi jeans, workshopping TJ’s sandwich concept, an in-depth breakdown of an involved veggie burger recipe, Olivia Rodrigo on SNL, Chris Black finally visits Pickle Rick for a marathon bodywork session, the healing properties of Sweetgreen’s miso dressing, and in maybe our worst bit to date, we develop the next DTC product under the Gone by How Long Gone umbrella.
May 16, 2021
184. - Our NFT Winner Justin Staple
Justin Staple is the guy who won our NFT and got to be a guest on today’s episode. He’s a director, documentarian, and crypto lord. He spoke with us from his safe house in Palm Springs. We chat about Copenhagen, his documentary on Soundcloud rappers, DJing Bhabie’s sweet 16, Matt Ox, the pains of being wrung through the music industry machine, valuing social media presence over artistic output, Tenants Of The Trees, how he acquired out NFT, the future of rapper 6ix 9ine, shooting the video for Chet Haze's White Boy Summer, making a documentary about Cap’n Jazz, and we make a tennis wager.
May 14, 2021
183. - Emily Sundberg
Emily Sundberg is a writer, creative strategist, illustrator, and social media consultant from New York. We chat about chlorophyll soda, Mother’s Day, Emily growing up with a sober parent, space exploration, social media algorithms, Emily’s very cool boyfriend Eric who works in Esports and went to Harvard, Emily’s podcast about gambling and dip, things that we might be bad at, all of her jobs, converting to Judaism, why Lil Peep keeps putting out new music, and our gaming careers.
May 12, 2021
182. - Chris Black and Jason Stewart
One on one pod today Chris and Jason chat about our Mother’s Day activities, Chris’ inability to chill, the majority of the episode is Jason talking about how his knee has been healed miraculously by a bodywork expert named Ricky, Chris’s SNL viewing party the night before where Azalea Banks made vegan kimchi quesadillas, Elon on SNL, Jason making monochromatic cupcakes for an orange themed dinner party, NYC deli sandwiches, and the beauty of crowdsourcing advice from our beautiful listeners.
May 10, 2021
181. - David Coggins
Fan-favorite David Coggins returns to the pod today to talk about his new book The Optimist, a practical guide to the art, philosophy, and rituals of fly fishing. He’s a wonderful friend and great sport, we chat about a Balthazar lunch, the guitar player from System Of A Down returning to TJ’s gym, customized tote bags, Chris’ love of procedural legal and political dramas, what CD’s to bring on a fishing trip, a recent and relevant Supreme drop, advice on picking out who’s going to read your audiobook, Patagonia the place, not the clothing company, our different definitions of a crisp white shirt, and we get to the bottom of all these celebs wearing The Cure shirts.
May 07, 2021
180. - Lauren Servideo
Lauren Servideo is a content creator known for her infamous characters on Instagram, she’s currently in New York. We chat about Drake’s Chrome Hearts Rolls Royce, Eleven Madison Park going vegan, meeting with Hollywood execs, gaybaiting, lying for sport, her dad being 90lbs, her beefcake life partner, David Spade, having large burrito making hands, emo karaoke, her 4chan career, negging, People’s Revolution, and why she hates stand up comedy premises.
May 05, 2021
179. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today Chris and Jason chat about foodfluencing, Billie Eilish photoshoots, Chris’ hot LA culinary adventures, rapper The Game, hating cursed comedian Russel Peters, restaurants that cater to millionaires with the palate of children, restaurants that have good food, and are actually cool, visiting West Hollywood for sport, being bullied and harassed for driving a Tesla in Orange County, and a young Tj being street team influenced by the Bad Boys Club.
May 03, 2021
178. - Charles Bethea
Charles Bethea is a staff writer on the Southern desk for The New Yorker. We chat about Chris getting vaccinated, Billie Eilish’s hair, hiking up a 21,000-foot volcano in Chile, eating cocaine, walking the Appalachian trail for 4 months, mingling with the local townspeople, understanding chewing tobacco, the color purple, conjugal visits with lasagna, sour beers, tennis elbow, trekking poles, full-contact basketball, long torso short leg vs long leg short torso Twitter, and our favorite cities in the American South.
April 30, 2021
177. - Caroline Calloway
Caroline Calloway is an artist and scammer currently living in New York City. We chat about her brand new jardin, inheriting one of our Nalgene bottles from a stranger, swimming against the current, our mutual love of Brynn Wallner, her time in Florida, how she spent 3 days at Berghain, why her mom subscribes to her OnlyFans, her newfound life as a stuff seller, reaching the absolute bottom of what trolls can do to you, therapy, why we are cool, and Caroline asks us a few questions.
April 28, 2021
176. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about our night on the town and a fine family dinner at The Bungalows, buffalo cauliflower, building with local restauranteurs, a new type of LA guy, the benefits of hiring a bartender for your house party, using edibles for sprinting, Nomadland, why Elon Musk is hosting SNL, why podcasting while hungover is very advanced, Marvin’s Squat, Chris’ planetary ignorance, and John Waters smoking 5 packs a day.
April 26, 2021
175. - Yasi Salek
Yasi Salek is the host of Bandsplain, a music & talk show about cult artists and why people love them, she called in from her home in Los Angeles. We chat about Pete Wentz playing tennis, The Circle, podcast commenters, Korean cars, Persian restaurants, malt liquor, John Mayer, Phish, the problems with dating Gen-X men, therapy, what’s more, embarrassing DJ or podcaster, fighting in the club, coming to terms with our checkered pasts, and why it’s almost impossible to be a celebrity without losing your mind.
April 23, 2021
174. - The Drunken Canal
Gutes and Claire run the popular New York newspaper The Drunken Canal. We chat about losing your smell from covid, brunch, your voice changing when you get sick, going grey, managing the friendship/business partner relationship, being canceled for being annoying, their New York Times article, we see who the Jason and Chris of them are, New Year's day, and our mutual love of HBO’s Entourage.
April 21, 2021
173. - Benji B
Benji B is one of the world’s most respected DJs. He’s the host of his renowned BBC Radio 1 show, supervised music and soundscapes for Louis Vuitton and Celine, and spoke to us from his studio in London. We chat about UK lockdowns, dressing for the countryside, his love affair with New York, a masterclass on LA festival fashion, why everything is like DJing, knowing when a tune has been rinsed, abusing the cue button, his whip game, Erewhon, and his stance on Oasis vs Blur.
April 20, 2021
172. - Chris Black & Jason Stewart
One-on-one pod today, recorded live from a hotel room in the middle of America. Chris and Jason chat about how to pronounce “shallot,” dive bar lifestyle, Asian fusion dining, airport scene report, Chris becoming points pilled, giant hotel hallways, them jeans remixes, coffee cupping, tactical bros, Apple Watch shame, identifying the slatty slime demographic, and TJ is hungover.
April 19, 2021
171. - Dan Allegretto
Dan Allegretto is the host of Dial #Dan, a podcast that he hosts from rural New York. We chat about Dan’s attitude, how to get better at podcasting, talking shit on us, Patreon vs Raytheon, smoking, Lana Del Rey’s perfect poetry, tips on how to take pills, milk, Dan not believing in dinosaurs, sedative television, we help Dan out with his dating life and Dan's phat ass.
April 16, 2021
170. - Connie Wang
Connie Wang is the Executive Editor of Refinery29. She’s lived all over the place but is currently in Los Angeles. We chat about real estate woes, maternity leave, a beauty hack on how to freeze your hair dry, our collective need to leave smalltown life, Justin Bieber and Jesus, traveling to China 2 weeks before covid hit, having an online boyfriend at the age of 10, Anthony Bourdain’s final book, why we don’t have a favorite anything, raising a himbo child, boomerangs, air fryers, hand-me-down BMWs, Kumon, and her new gre