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How Long Gone

How Long Gone

By Chris Black & Jason Stewart
How Long Gone is a bi-coastal elite podcast from old friends and podcast professionals, Chris Black and Jason Stewart. CB and TJ deliver their takes on pop culture, fashion, music, and more. With three new episodes a week, you've got more than enough content to soak up.
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152. - Phoebe Bridgers

How Long Gone

152. - Phoebe Bridgers

How Long Gone

363. - John Early
John Early is a comedian, actor, and writer, currently living in Los Angeles. His new show “Would It Kill You To Laugh” with Kate Berlant is out now on Peacock. We chat about a Tom Of Finland activation we attended, valet at the gym, it's a trance music summer, Barbie movie tea, bartending at Cafe Gitane, John’s youth pastor vibe, nobody is actually interested in storytelling, Vita Coco shaming, having back surgery twice this year, Orville Peck scene report, his mom listens to every interview he’s ever done, John saw the Elvis movie, we’re doing smash burgers for the 4th, chilled reds have replaced oranges, when menus say “all the root vegetables,” the Mediterranean restaurant vibe shift of 2012, and some fitness tips for John’s back recovery. Donate to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund
July 01, 2022
362. - Brynn Wallner
Brynn Wallner needs no introduction if you’re a fan of the show, this marks her third appearance on How Long Gone. We chat about Ghislaine’s sentence, Alec and Woody Versuz, we get gifted a new gym membership, an upcoming Tom Of Finland dinner to celebrate the end of Pride, Chris tried the Hailey Bieber smoothie, Brynn left her boyfriend at home to go goblin mode in Cape Cod, her sorority was a hotbed for cocaine use, the fans demanded Brynn returned, how to make “niche” work for you, why TJ should not West Coast Custom a Rolex, Brynn’s brother’s Bay Area lifestyle, she’ll be in LA next month to hang out with Ryan Gossling, how to avoid Lana Del Rey, both Brynn and my gf are horny for Jeremy Allen White, a guy got killed for putting too much mayonnaise on a sandwich, and keep your eyes peeled for Brynn's new podcast Killing Time. Donate to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund
June 29, 2022
361 . - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod today recorded live and uncut from Glendale CA. Chris and Jason chat about what happens when your car costs more than your house, essential shopping items, never buy the kitchen a round of beers, finishing up FX’s The Bear, bonding with the cleaning person, we workshop some decorative ideas for what hotels can do when you accidentally leave your drugs out, Chris is laptop shopping, an odd DeuxMoi Sunday spotted, we went to A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies, we’re Lee Pace pilled, Chris got paid $500 to bleach his eyebrows for an Aveda hair show at 19, assisted suicide, sprinkler watering drama in Glendale, we rank artists who’s work suffered after weight loss, Invisalign as an appetite suppressant, how to properly gorge at the movie theater, and the mail needs to stop being delivered on Sundays. Donate to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund
June 27, 2022
360. - Hovvdy
Hovvdy (pronounced Howdy) is a band from Texas. We chat with Charlie and Will about Twitter becoming more of a blog, Netflix’s Snowflake Mountain, TJ’s new workout plan, a Waco TX scene report, sneaky pancakes, why they moved out of Austin, taking too much Adderall at a young age, popping an oxy and watching Transformers in the theater, Chris may be pleasuring himself to our Shopify push notifications, back when bedroom pop was a novel idea, why sold-out concerts are still severely unattended, we say a few words on the passing of Juul, Charlie says don’t come for Maron, the in-house products at H-E-B are fire, one of the Property Brothers drives a Honda Accord, and we found out the only way to actually enjoy listening to the new Drake record.
June 24, 2022
359. - Gert Jonkers
Gert Jonkers is the editor of Fantastic Man, and co-founder of The Gentlewoman, and Butt. We chat about hitting the premiere for FX’s The Bear, new Beyoncë dropped, pagan rituals in The Netherlands, Americans are loud, how we all think an EIC should be dressing, in defense of tank tops, its okay that LA is so casual, the lifespan of a magazine cover, not diluting the brand, his journalistic rules for interviewing someone, we’re fine with media training as long as its great, sync talk but for magazines, Gert loves politics but doesn’t watch tv shows, and podcasting, just like magazine making, looks a lot easier than it is.
June 22, 2022
358. - Perry Farrell
Perry Farrell is a lifelong musician most notably from Jane’s Addiction, Porno For Pyro’s, and the founder of Lollapalooza. We chat about the new Drake album, Chris is on holiday in Palm Springs, TJ went to Benny Blanco’s for dinner, getting a nice tomahawk for father’s day, sleeping pills, set up a garden on the roof, we brainstorm ideas for his funky man cave, Perry has a Christmas tree in his living room so he can have a place to put all his wife’s packages, he doesn’t strike us as a “dairy” guy, running into Chris Cornell at Kid’s R’ Us in Culver City, we explore the Jah-like characteristics of vinyl, I just find it funny when people are driving around blasting techno, his relationship with Billy Corgan, giving WWE a makeover, and what it’s like going on Stern.
June 20, 2022
357. - Bob Lefsetz
Bob Lefsetz is a music-biz veteran and the undisputed king of email newsletters. We chat about Joe Budden mispronouncing the word “ableist,” we got Biologique facials, building a fanbase the old-fashioned way, the benefits of being a one-man-band, starting his newsletter in 1986 as snail mail, when Politics and streaming TV replaced music, Chris and Bob argue about whether or not to call people on the phone, MTV was his vibe shift, big muckety-mucks, if the money is right and you hate your family then the music business is for you, his LA haunts, the karmic load of favor-doing, and some of Bob’s favorite podcasters.
June 18, 2022
356. - Kurt Vile
Kurt Vile is a musician from Philadelphia, his new record Watch My Moves is out now. We chat about beard without the mustache, the yassification of Nascar, the Barbie movie, Hollywood Handbook being mean to Kurt, when it comes to airplane food you can do a lot worse than almonds, being a real analog guy, how to be grateful but also not care about anyone, a Zoom studio session with pop music’s Kesha, he loves Charli XCX and got into her because a guy from Negative Approach does too, they play Michael Jackson on the radio again, what he does when he’s home alone, Kurt drops the hair routine and it’s shocking, getting his backpack stolen from SXSW in 2011, and playing with Pavement.
June 17, 2022
355. - Julia Hobbs
Julia Hobbs is a fashion editor from London. We chat about Chris seeing the guy from Alkaline Trio at the gym, a simmering cauldron, do we give Lizzo a pass? London is a great driving town, Julia loves Oxnard, CA, Majorcan hotel buffets, what to wear in Ibiza, hiring a car vs. renting one, killing bugs with your Top Shop shoes, where we’ll take her out in LA, when a car sounds like a horse, famous musicians from Cornwall, who she’s wearing for today’s recording, kick-flair pants are trending, what to do about a feral cat, a troublesome whippet, calling people "matey," Julia loves mayonnaise and other sauces, and everything you wanted to know about the 1997 Tom Ford for Gucci G-String.
June 15, 2022
354. - Chris & Jason
One-on-one pod recorded live and uncut from New York City just hours before our show at Tribeca Festival. We chat about when we used to like being hungover, a Manhattan walk of shame, making a res at Sadelle’s 6 months in advance, the harvest will be harmed, Equinox scene report in NY, Puma ankle socks, hitting BJ Novak’s afterparty, explosive walking, a dinner in LA with Andy Baraghani, and TJ has a special run in on his flight to JFK.
June 13, 2022
353. - Alexander Shulan
Alexander Shulan runs the fine art gallery LOMEX in New York City. We chat about Chris seeing a person shower with a mask on, The Chrisley’s caught a case, what we think a bottom should be ordering on Uber Eats, the art business is notoriously dirty, people are trying to make actual art non-fungible, what factors go into pricing a work of art, questions you might ask someone to find out if they come from generational wealth, what makes a perfect gallery opening party, getting into some trouble down in Switzerland, Alex’s mom was a restaurant critic and would take him with her as a child, the archetypal gallerists wardrobe, and Alex’s Diet Coke and Frappuccino habit.
June 10, 2022
352. - Otegha Uwagba
Otegha Uwagba is writer from London. Her newest book We Need To Talk About Money is a Sunday Times bestseller and an Observer book of the year. We chat about TJ’s Ionpack DJ set, computers and phones don’t work in Florida, writers have unemployed vibes, Dixie Cups are racist, Chris has a tough time keeping his towel on, an article about how writers shouldn’t talk, women’s shoe sizes oscillate wildly, petty British gossip, rappers getting plastic surgery, fancying The Rock, getting verified on wiki feet, why Chris was cut from an article that Otegha wrote, and a Jubilee scene report.
June 08, 2022
351. - Chris & Jason
We talk about our elaborate Pride plans, Chris hates Lyft, buffalo cauliflower hangover, Chris made me feel like I was on Hulu’s Fire Island, Balenciaga plain lays, Bitchin’ Sauce, candles that smell like the female orgasm, Gwen and Kourt’s noses have been broken so many times they have superhuman smelling, they know Chris down at Spencer Gifts, talking Top Gun with Bret Ellis, performative crying and performative thrifting, its time to put DaBaby back on Levitating, old head talk, Chris hates the guy who talked to him at Sweetgreen, and TJ figured out exactly why we can’t listen to Kendrick Lamar.
June 06, 2022