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The How To Be Anything Show

The How To Be Anything Show

By James Walpole
On the How To Be Anything Show, I interview interesting folks to profile the skills, day to day work, and career paths of all the jobs I wish I had enough time to do.
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How To Be a Technical Salesperson | Episode 1: Clay Nelson
This first episode comes from an interview with my friend and one-time coworker Clay Nelson, a veteran of complex technology sales. When we recorded this interview in early 2016, Clay was just starting at GitHub. Now he heads up GitHub's sales for Canada, Latin America, and the Central US. This man is a national treasure with a deep understanding of innovation, the software industry, and the finer points of sales. Listen in to learn from his process, his story, and his principles.  Given that I recorded this interview almost four years ago, I'm going to ask your forgiveness for my general ignorance. Please pardon the sound quality as well - expect it to be improved on future recordings.  Follow Clay on Twitter:  Follow Clay on LinkedIn:  And of course, you can also find Clay on GitHub: 
November 9, 2019
Episode 0: How To Be Anything
On the How To Be Anything Show, I’m going to profile the lives and day to day work and career paths of all the people who do the work I wish I had enough time to do. But first, get to know the 1) why and 2) who of this program. 
October 11, 2019