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How to English: Teach and Learn with Gav & Em

How to English: Teach and Learn with Gav & Em

By Gav & Em
Welcome to a podcast about English as a foreign language. Listen to two experienced teachers discussing the most important topics for both teachers and students. Each week they'll cover teaching techniques and learning tips. Whether you're up at the board, or behind the desk, you'll get something from Gav and Em's: How To English Podcast. Find them on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube #howtoenglishpod Show your support here:
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47. It's The Business (captioned)
Are you a business person? Do you teach business English? What's the difference between general and business English? Find the answer to these and many more fascinating questions on this week's How to English with Gav & Em. Running transcript and audio: References: Market Leader, third edition, Upper-Intermediate, Longman New Cutting Edge, Upper-Intermediate, Pearson
December 4, 2020
46. Topics (captioned)
This week Gav & Em mull over the topic of topics. Hear about their lesson ideas and their students' favourite themes. Join them on this week's How to English: Teach and Learn with Gav & Em!  Captions and audio: References: BBC Recipes: Food, Unit 1, English File, 3rd Edition, Intermediate, Oxford Festivals in Germany: Absolute Legal English, Delta Publishing: Stella Liebeck Case: Cutting Edge, Advanced, Longman David Hockney Painting: English File, 3rd Edition, Pre-Intermediate, Oxford Cultural rules and laws: Are they true? New English File, 2rd Edition, Intermediate, p.179, Oxford Douglas Adams' story:'t%20look%20like,very%20bad%20at%20dealing%20with. UK The Eat Well Guide: Inchoative verbs: British idioms: English superstitions:
November 27, 2020
45. Teaching Kids (captioned)
Are you teaching kids at the moment? Are your kids learning another language? How can you make learning more fun for young learners? Listen to Gav & Em reminisce on their kids' classes. Hear them share teaching and learning tips that you can apply to your classes.  YouTube with Closed Captions: References: Best books for kids: Oxford Picture Dictionary: Let’s Go Series: Song: We're going on a bear hunt: Kids peer teaching: Useful Tips for Teaching ESL To Children:
November 20, 2020
44. Pressure (captioned)
Do you feel under pressure as a learner or teacher? Is it pressure from your students, teacher, other teachers, company, or even the pressure you put on yourself? See if you can relate to Gav & Em as they discuss the pressure they experience, in this week's How to English. Need a transcription or subtitles? Check out their website: or visit #howtoenglishpod on Youtube.  References:  Synonyms: Dictionary: Mice on wheels: Dan Rather: The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.,a%20sharp%20stick%20called%20truth.%E2%80%9D
November 13, 2020
43. Organising Stuff (captioned)
Welcome everybody! In this week's episode, Gav and Em are trying to get their stuff in order. Are you looking for ways to organise your teaching or learning files? Do you need some tips on how to structure your class materials? Well, look no further, because Gav and Em have got exactly what you're looking for. Transcription with audio:
November 6, 2020
42. Exam Skills (captioned)
Are you taking an English exam? Do you need some tips on passing it? Have you taught TOEFL, IELTS, or the Cambridge exams? Have a listen to Gav & Em break down, and sum up the ins and outs of these exams. Featuring Dino (Koaching) from Udemy - an exam essay writing expert. Dino Koaching on Instagram:  Dino's Udemy Cambridge Exams – Essay Writing Course: Transcription with Audio: References: Difference between TOEFL and IELTS:  Cambridge exams information:  TOEFL exam information: Barron's TOEFL exam book:  Best books for the IELTS exam:  Macmillan Ready for series: Cambridge Proficiency exam and other books:
October 30, 2020
41. What I Got from the CELTA (captioned)
Are you a teacher with a CELTA qualification? Are you thinking about taking the CELTA training course? Does your teacher have a CELTA or another teaching qualification? Whatever your certificate, listen to Gav and Em discuss their experiences of studying in another country to become teachers. Transcription with audio: References: IH Budapest, teacher training: Details of the course: Pass rates of the CELTA internationally:,candidates%20get%20a%20pass%20grade Amazing task based learning book: CELTA preparation book:
October 23, 2020
40. It's All About the Students (captioned)
Where would we be without students? Where would we be without teachers? Why are you learning English, and do you have any learning or teaching tips? Gav and Em, along with their amazing students, do their best to answer these and many other questions in this week's How to English - Teach and Learn with Gav & Em.  Transcription with audio: References:  "I am still learning," quote: Statistics on language learners:,entertainment%20as%20well%20as%20work!  Why are students learning English:  The world languages: 2 Billion  English learners:  How many people speak English?:'s%20approximately,English%20as%20their%20first%20language.  Positive adjectives (PDF):  Negative adjectives:
October 16, 2020
39. The Environment
How can you save the planet? What are your teaching tips on environmental topics? Have you studied and learnt about how to reduce your carbon footprint? This week, Gav and Em share their knowledge on this subject, reflecting on the spaces we work in and the ways we can learn about the effects we're having on the Earth.  References: Background ideas for online teachers: TED Talk by  David Barnum Rethinking Learning Environments: Community as Classroom: Joe Wicks PE classes: How To Cultivate Environmental Awareness In Schools: English File, Unit 4A, Eco-Guilt, Upper-Intermediate, 3rd edition, Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig, Oxford. + future perfect/future continuous topic E-books or paper books: What's one tonne of C02: What's the cost of watching videos online? A carbon footprint quiz for kids:
October 9, 2020
38. This Week Online
How was your week? There were plenty of ups and downs for Gav and Em. To find out the details, check out their show. Plus, you're in store for a quickfire Q&A and a language quiz for everyone to take part in. Good luck! References: Our YouTube channel: This week's quiz: Chunky book:
October 2, 2020
37. Money Matters
What springs to mind when you think of money when learning or teaching English? In this week's show, Gav and Em reflect on how they present money in their lessons and the topic of money disparities within the TEFL industry. If you'd like to voice your opinion, visit our Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube channel to leave a comment.  Reference:  Zdenek's English Podcast: English online as a non-native speaker: TEFL Equity: Money, p. 216, 3C, English File, Advanced, 3rd Edition, 2010, Teacher's Book Market Leader, Unit 6, p. 54, Intermediate, 3rd Edition, 2010, Student's Book Equity and Inclusion in Pronunciation teaching online conference on the 4th October: It's illegal to advertise native only jobs:,any%20circumstance%2C%20under%20community%20law.
September 25, 2020
36. Wording
Welcome back to How to English with Gav & Em. In this episode, you'll hear all about new words, word forms, and where words fit into sentences. Plus plenty of ways to practice in the classroom for both teachers and students. Headphones on, sit back, and enjoy! References: Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Waterson: Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo: Word forms grids: (Old) English File, Unit 5 B, Intermediate, Bleep Game,  OUP Oxford, 1999 New Cutting Edge, Intermediate, Unit 2, Study Practice, p134, Pearson, 2007 Inside Out, 9C, "Dominoes", Intermediate, Macmillan Education, 2000 Podcast about words: The word werewolf: 
September 18, 2020
35. Evergreen
Welcome Everybody! This week, Gav and Em pick apart the timeless theme of evergreen teaching and learning. Just what does it mean to have evergreen topics, techniques and issues? Join them for a teaching and learning adventure on How to English with Gav & Em. Pop Idol winner Will Young: Evergreen topics for students: Non-standardized tests in Scandinavian schools:
September 11, 2020
34. Keeping it Fresh
How do you keep your English lessons fresh, fun and up-to-date? Delve into the world of language acquisition with Gav and Em. This week they'll give their take on how to keep your classes and lessons fresh and avoid stagnation. Take a seat and enjoy!  References:  How air quality affects students' ability: Why you should provide learning objectives:
September 4, 2020
33. How Em Teaches
Are you ready for a teaching and learning experience? After years of practicing her skills, Em is going to demonstrate one of her many techniques for teaching. Listen, laugh and learn along with this week's episode of How to English with Gav & Em. References: In Company , Intermediate, Teacher's Book, 2nd Edition, page T161. Macmillan (2002).
August 28, 2020
32. How Gav Teaches
Welcome everybody! After requests from their listeners, Gav has prepared a demo of a couple of his teaching techniques. You'll find out for yourself what it's like to be on the other end of the teaching and learning experience with this week's episode of How to English with Gav & Em.   References: Online thesaurus: The Direct Method: Andy the English teacher: English File, Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden, Paul Seligson, Oxford University Press.
August 21, 2020
31. Conflict
Have you had to deal with conflict in your classroom? Have you had difficulties with your students or your teacher? Put your headphones on, press play and listen to Gav and Em talk about conflict from an educational point of view. Don't forget we'd like to hear about your experiences, too. Finally, remember to share our podcast with your fellow teachers or classmates! References: Unit 11 Conflict, New Market Leader, Pre-intermediate, 3rd Edition, Pearson Taboos and Issues, Richard MacAndrew and Ron Martínez, Thomson, Heinle
August 14, 2020
30. Teaching and Learning in Another Country
Hi listeners! Have you ever taught or learnt English abroad? What are your experiences? Take a listen to Gav and Em as they chat about their own experiences and share a few tips along the way. Hope you enjoy this week's episode.
August 7, 2020
29. Q&A with G&E
Hey listeners! Happy Friday or whichever day it is with you. This week Gav and Em will answer your questions on learning and teaching English. From how often you should study, to where you can find some good resources, they've got you covered. Get your pens ready because this week you might like to make some notes. References: ELT Journal from Oxford Academic, Useful online resources from International House, Teacher podcasts, ELT Chile: The TEFLology Podcast:  How many hours does it take to learn a level in English? Learning English podcasts and Youtube, Speak English with Tiffani: Wanda's #saywhat Podcast, Zdenek's English Podcast: English Journey Podcast: Books from Oxford University Press on English for Specific Purposes, Pronunciation of specific words, Bic pens,
July 31, 2020
28. Self-Care
Happy International Self-Care Day listeners! This week Gav and Em talk about how we can look after ourselves both physically and mentally. They give tips on how to navigate our stressful lives and encourage us to value some 'you' time. Why not take a moment and give yourself a chance to relax to Gav & Em's How to English?
July 24, 2020
27. Politically Correct Language
What is politically correct language? How should we teach and learn it? The topic this week for Gav & Em is words and expressions that could be offensive. When you're done listening we'd love to hear your ideas on the topic. You can find us at #HowToEnglishPod on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube  References: Ableist language and alternatives: Appropriate terms for people with disabilities: Offensive language to avoid: Varieties of English, Cutting Edge, New Edition, Advanced, Pearson, Unit 1, page 15
July 17, 2020
26. Time and Timing
Tick-tock, tick-tock, how's your timing? This week Gav & Em examine the essential theme of time. Organising your time, arriving on time, and when you just don't have enough time. Tune in to this week's How to English and have a great time!  References:
July 10, 2020
25. Things I Wish I'd Known
What would you tell your trainee-self if you had the chance? Is there something you wish you'd started earlier? Let's take a journey back in time with Gav & Em as they discuss the things they wish they'd known. Listen to them reminisce on their experiences which have become part of their classroom and planning routine. Plus plenty of tips for learners from How To English . Gav & Em's Top tips: 6 Minute English: Learn/Practice Movies With English:  Magoosh: Quizlet: How I Met Your Mother, TV Series Friends, TV Series The Office (UK/USA), TV Series The Big Bang Theory, TV Series
July 3, 2020
24. Getting Stuck
Do you feel you've hit a learning wall? Is your level of English stagnating? What do you do if your students just don't get it? And do you encounter problems when you're speaking English outside the classroom? Lock into Gav & Em in this week's How To English for their insights and observations on these issues and more. References: How English Works, Michael Swan, Catherine Walter, Oxford University Press, 1997  Intermediate Language Practice, Michael Vince, Paul Emmerson, Macmillan, 2003 English Grammar in Use, Raymond Murphy, Cambridge, 2019
June 26, 2020
23. Different Levels
Welcome listeners. This week Gav & Em discuss the topic of learner levels. From beginners to proficiency, what are the differences, challenges and rewards of both teaching and learning at these levels? Have fun and don't forget to share your own experiences via our Facebook and Instagram: References: CEFR table and "can do" statements:
June 19, 2020
Extra Episode - Racism in ELT
Hi Everyone, here's a mid-week episode from Gav & Em in which they show their support for anti-racism, equality, and fairness in ELT.
June 16, 2020
22. Our Favourite Activities
I guess you were wondering what Gav & Em actually do in their classrooms. Well, here's your chance to find out. This week in How To Teach and Learn they talk about their favourite activities and games they like to practice both online and face-to-face. (You can find them on Instagram/Facebook: howtoenglishpod). References: Choose the Best Candidate, Market Leader, Pearson Longman, 2nd Edition, pre-intermediate, unit 1 Choose the Best Location, Business Results, Oxford, elementary, unit 3 Auxiliary game, Three-Person Snap, Cutting Edge, Pearson, 3rd Edition, unit 1B Escape from the Moonlight Cottage, Email Style, Life and Death Decisions, In Company, McMillan, upper-intermediate, 2002, unit 10 Maze of Terror, New Cutting Edge, Pearson, upper-intermediate, 1999, pp,143-145 Call Me On My Mobile, In Company, McMillan, elementary, 2002 Intonation Directions/ Contradict Me, Pronunciation Games, Cambridge, 1995
June 12, 2020
21. How to Teach and Learn
Welcome, everyone! This week Gav & Em get deeper into the art of teaching and learning English. As they reveal the ingredients that make a good lesson and find out when learning really happens. Follow their journey of discovery on the path to enlightenment. References: Memory Palace - The Art of Memory, Frances Yates, Random House UK Stirrers and Settlers, British Council: Feats of Memory: Effectiveness of Information exchange:'_Oral_Fluency The Protégé Effect: How You Can Learn by Teaching Others:
June 5, 2020
20. The Positives of Teaching and Learning
What are the good sides of teaching and learning English? How do the students and teachers benefit from sharing their time together? Hear Gav & Em piece together the positives of this experience in this week's episode of How To English. References:  Benefits of learning languages later in life  Pass the parcel (variation)
May 29, 2020
19. Teach and Learn One-To-One
Ever considered teaching or taking a one-to-one English lesson or course? Maybe you have plenty of experience with one-to-one classes. Come and listen to this week's episode of How to English with Gav & Em to learn what needs to be taken into account. References:  Business One:One, Oxford University Press (2008)
May 22, 2020
18. Teach and Learn in Groups
Gav & Em are back with another exciting and educational chat on the topic of teaching and learning in groups. Sit back and enjoy their discussion on the finer details from both the students' and teacher's point of view. 
May 15, 2020
17. How to Speaking
Welcome back to our regular listeners and thanks for joining us if you're new to the podcast. This week, Gav & Em speak about... speaking! What makes speaking difficult? Are there any games we can play in the classroom? Find out the answer to these and more questions in this week's episode of How to English: Teach and Learn with Gav & Em.  References: Taboos and Issues, Richard MacAndrew and Ron Martínez, Thomson, Heinle. Role Plays for Today: Photocopiable Activities to Get Students Speaking, Jason Anderson, Delta Publishing. Find a speaking partner: Voice recording online app.: Just a Minute Game: Taboo Game:
May 8, 2020
16. How to Listening
Welcome, everybody.  Here is the new episode of How to English with Gav & Em. This week, the two experienced teachers tackle the topic of listening. Whether it's via music, movies, podcasts, the news, or in real conversation, let yourself be guided towards a deeper knowledge of learning and teaching of this essential skill.  References:
May 1, 2020
15. How to Writing
Welcome to the new episode of How to English: Teach and Learn with Gav and Em. This time, Gav and Em talk about the most common types of writing. Style, form, and technique as well as new and traditional ways of writing come up during their chat. Enjoy yourselves listening and learning wherever you are around the world.
April 24, 2020
14. How to Reading
Books, articles, Instagram quotes, what do you read? In this episode, Gav & Em delve into the world of words. Hear them discuss a wide range of materials and suggest ways both the student and the teacher can approach reading in and outside the classroom. Enjoy this week's episode of How to English: Teach and Learn with Gav & Em.
April 17, 2020
13. How to Pronunciation
Having trouble saying th/w/sh? Need some tips on how to teach or learn pronunciation? Listen to Gav & Em as they discuss the challenges of speaking English clearly in this week's How to English: Teach and Learn. Still got questions? Find them on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube: #howtoenglishpod. References: English File IPA pronunciation chart: Using a dictionary for pronunciation: Minimal Pairs (activity): Strong or Weak? (to/for/the): Cambridge Business English Activities, Cambridge, 2000 How to Pronounce th, mmmEnglish: Amidst the Mists tongue twister: 18 Tongue Twisters from around the World, Easy Languages:
April 10, 2020
12. How to Vocabulary
Words? Vocabulary? Phrases? Just what does it all mean? You know you can rely on Gav & Em to guide you to a better understanding of everything English. Take a journey with two knowledgeable educators as they spell out how to teach and learn words in this week's episode of How to English: Teach and learn with Gav & Em. 
April 3, 2020
11. How to Grammar
Need some tips on teaching or learning grammar? Look no further, they've got just what you've been looking for. In this episode of How to English with Gav and Em, you'll hear two experienced teachers reveal the secrets of what makes a good teacher or learner where grammar is concerned. Saddle up and hold on tight for another episode of How to English! References: Parts of speech: English Grammar in Use, Raymond Murphy and Surai Pongtongcharoen, Cambridge. Using timelines: Differences between British and American English with present perfect: Intermediate Language Practice, Michael Vince, Macmillan.  How English Works: A Grammar Practice Book ; with Answers, Catherine Walter, Michael Swan, Oxford.
March 27, 2020
10. Teach and Learn at Home
Stuck at home? Here's an episode of How to English: Teach and Learn with Gav & Em that you really need to hear. If you're pacing the living room worrying about how to continue your English lessons, don't fear. Gav & Em will share their knowledge of communication apps, strategies and what to keep in mind during these challenging times.
March 20, 2020
9. Lesson Structure
Welcome World! To you, wherever you are, whether you're a language teacher or learner, listen to Gav & Em discuss their take on lesson structure. From the point of view of a student or as the trainer, hear about expectations, preparations, materials, and implementation in this episode of How To English. 
March 13, 2020
8. Lessons Outside the Classroom
Wondering if there's another place to teach or learn English than simply the classroom? Well, this is the episode for you! Hear Gav & Em explore the possibilities of learning in a new and inspiring setting in this episode of How to English. References: Classroom management:
March 6, 2020
7. Correcting (and avoiding) Mistakes
In this new episode of How to English Gav & Em explore methods of dealing with those errors that cause the student and the teacher no end of problems. Hear strategies and approaches to boost your learning and teaching and guide you to better English lessons. References: BBC 6 minute English:
February 28, 2020
6. Making Mistakes (part 2)
Here's the second part of Making Mistakes for both students and teachers. Gav & Em review last week's episode then go on to discuss student's errors. Listen out for tips and tricks to improve your teaching or learning skills in the classroom with How to English.
February 21, 2020
5. Making Mistakes (part 1)
Have you ever wondered if teachers make mistakes? What errors should you expect from your students? In this episode, Gav & Em explore the world of making mistakes from both the teacher's and the student's point of view. Enjoy anecdotes and gaffes from How to English this week.
February 14, 2020
4. Technology in the Classroom
This week Gav and Em, two experiences TEFL teachers, talk about technology in the classroom. From pens and pencils to mobiles, tablets, and the Internet. Learn how stepping into the digital world can benefit both the learner and the teacher. Join Gav and Em as they discuss "How to English!" References: WhatsApp Messenger Quizlet Duolingo Grammarly Magoosh Google Classroom Skype WebEx
February 7, 2020
3. Lesson and Course Planning
For their third episode, Gav & Em explore the subject of lesson and course planning. As a teacher, what do you need to take into account before stepping into the classroom? As a learner, do you know what the best way to improve your English is? Join them in their conversation as Gav & Em discuss key aspects of teaching and learning. References: English File, Third Edition, Oxford University Press, (2013) Cutting Edge, Pearson Education Limited, (2014) Dogme,  Scott Thornbury: Royal Family picture:
January 31, 2020
2. Types of Lessons
In their second episode, Gav & Em talk about different types of lessons. Follow two experienced English teachers as they discuss general, business, exam and ESP English, covering both the teacher's approach and the learner's expectations. References: New Market Leader, Pearson. In Company, Macmillan.
January 26, 2020
1. First Lesson
For their first episode, Gav & Em thought it would be logical to start at the beginning - the first lesson. Follow two experienced teachers as they recall some of their most memorable first lessons and share their tips and tricks on how to approach that nerve-wracking first class. (find them on Instagram/Facebook: howtoenglishpod). References: Learner Questionnaire: Cutting Edge, Advanced, (p.12-13) Pearson (2006) Giving Tips on Learning a Language Well: Cutting Edge 3rd Edition, Advanced, (p.12-13) Pearson (2014) Question Game: Keep Talking, (p.53) Cambridge University Press (1984)
January 18, 2020