HR Is Dead... Long Live HR (part 2)

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Create the future you want to live in: behind the scenes
Welcome to the third season of HR Matters! This season, Lisa Dempsey and Marjolijn Vlug will be your hosts and Shea Harty will reappear as a guest on our podcast. We are starting off the season with a glance behind the scenes into why, and how, we make this podcast for you. Making these episodes is an active decision with a clear purpose: to talk about how the human way of interacting at work, and intentions that may fall by the wayside when you’re wrapped up in your busy workdays. The big picture ideas that resonate – we make those accessible, practical and human. The things that you feel are important, but that you may not be talking about much yet, and you’re not sure how to implement when you get back to your desk and your inbox. We make HR Matters for you. So you can create the future you want to live in, and the future workplace you want to create for others. You’re not in this alone, we’re in this together. Don’t be a stranger: you’re welcome to share, like, comment and send us a message. In this episode I mention an article by Gary Vaynerchuk that’s worth a read: Kindness is the ultimate strength in both business and life.
October 15, 2019
Helping Organizations Become More Human with Ronald Meijers
This episode with Ronald Meijers is a real goldmine. Ronald is a Partner at Deloitte and Leads the Transformation, Leadership & Governance as well as the Financial Services verticals. We could have spent hours discussing work, leadership and organizations with him.  Lisa connected with Ronald during the Deloitte BOLD Leaders program and was delighted to find genuinely refreshing views inside a large management consultancy, and you'll see why during this episode.  If you've ever wondered what purpose has to do with business, how leadership and authority differ, or why the group of people who must lead shifts toward the future are the least likely to be good at it and why scalable efficiency is being replaced with scalable learning THIS is the episode to listen to.  *Side note: anchor is experiencing technical difficulties, alternative recording method was used which resulted in a few sound impurities. Happily the golden content makes it more that worthwhile to give this a listen!
October 2, 2019
Understanding the big picture of Employee Experience, with guest Heleen Mes
Our newest podcast guest literally wrote the book on Employee Experience in the Netherlands. She collected best practices, insights, research and shares her best advice with us. Heleen Mes and her co-author Gea Peper are the biggest EX experts we know. In this episode, Heleen shares her insights and gets you up to speed on this innovation in HR. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to upgrading the employee experience in your organisation. The definition of what EX is and can be is quite wide. But it is energising to hear where you can start and what it will bring you.
September 16, 2019
Summer Blast From the Past No. 2
During this summer we're resharing some of our favourite episodes. This favourite is about the future of HR. In the following episode, recorded in January 2019, we talk about the skills that HR professionals and recruiters will need to be able to deal with the rapidly changing world around us. From data to values and all that's needed to help people work together successfully.  We'll be back with a brand new episode in September!
August 20, 2019
Summer Blast From the Past No. 1
We're taking a quick summer break and wanted to share some our favorite episodes from the past two seasons with you. We hope you enjoy these blasts from the past and look forward to sharing our new material with you in September!  In this episode recorded on 11 September 2018, we explore an interview with Elon Musk, which was followed up by an open letter from Arianna Huffington. We discuss if working 120+ hours a week, followed by days and nights in the office without taking a break to go home is brilliance/burnout, or hero/anti-hero behavior. How does this translate to you and your organization?  The New York Times source article:  Arianna Huffington's letter: 
July 30, 2019
New Managers Thrown Into the Deep End
Most managers are promoted based on their how well they performed. Some are promoted without any training or support. We took a look at becoming a manager, what does it take? How to managers become leaders? What scares people away from being managers? And does a person need to be a manager? We discussed the importance of having a mentor when you are just starting out as a manager.  We also took a look at the company, Honey and their promotion process with their managers. Their approach laid out in Thrive Global, inspired this podcast. Follow our podcast. Follow us on Facebook. Let us know what you think, and give us suggestions about topics you would like to hear discussed. 
July 16, 2019
Secrets to getting the best out of people
It’s a loss to the business when talented people go – and a boost when they’re in the spot where they can bring their best.  We had a good conversation with a talented senior marketing director at a large corporate. By playing what she calls an extended game of chess, she made her team members work faster, easier and better in their new roles, more pro-actively and energetic – improving kpi’s for the department, results for the organisation, and trust levels in the team.  From inexperienced manager through a good learning curve in ‘the company chess game’ to powerful success in talent management, she brought her organisation what it needed, before they even asked for it.  How she did this and what made her succeed is what we found out in this podcast episode. “Start with listening to your team. But not just listening; really, really listening. And finding out what they mean.” 
July 3, 2019
How dare they have a child?
On the back of Father's Day and with the expansion of parental leave in the European Union and the Netherlands, HR Matters is tackling the sometimes sensitive topic of having children. What happens at home affects life at work. When employees make the decision to have a child they expect a reasonable amount of time to take care  of the new addition to the family. Managers have to find a way to accept this change and make accommodations. There are companies that have policies in place that support these natural changes in the employee life cycle and there are some that do not. Listen as we give our relative perspectives and some tips on how managers can adjust to the changes in their team.  And if you know a company whose policies support parental leave over and beyond what the law requires, let us know in the comments! We want to know about who is doing it right so others can learn from their example.
June 20, 2019
It’s funny because it’s true - with guests Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss
Michael Voss and Jennifer Rock write books about the corporate workplace. Not management books, but a darkly funny and all too recognisable novel about universal truths, from the agonies of working under a bad boss to the joy of finding free food in the break room.  Their latest, 'Operation Clusterpuck', is newly available. We read it and wanted to hear more, in this podcast episode. So... did this stuff really happen to them? And why did they exchange their corporate jobs for making an impact by writing books, and co-founding their own communications agency?  They get personal about their own stories, and inspiring about their views on transparent and honest internal communications. Referenced in this episode:  A great taste of the Rock/Voss sense of humour, and choice of topic (video) Where to order ‘Operation Clusterpuck’ and ‘B.S. Incorporated’:
May 29, 2019
Hey Millennials, we’ve been talking about you
So Millennials, we’ve been talking about you.  When you’re asking, ‘Why do you tolerate low performance?’ We agree that when poor performers go unmanaged, and managers lack the ability to address their impact, that spreads like a virus.. When you say, ‘ROI is not enough for me, I want a job with purpose,’ we see that the hierarchy of what you find important has shifted from previous generations. And the outspokenness. We see that you do care, and you’re willing to walk away because of it. Because these things matter. And in this day and age, organisations are just not going to get away with it anymore – and they shouldn’t. So thank you, Millennials. You and the other new generations in the workplace are not enabling poorly performing employers anymore. And the things they've previously been using as band-aids. The fruit baskets and the foosball tables. Do understand that it is a hard transformation for organisations to undergo – although so worth it. What we look forward to is that you bring that passion and outspokenness to more places, to the organisations that haven’t put on the shiny purpose marketing beacons yet. We’re happy to have you join in.  There’s a growing expectation and need of real authenticity. For people to be able to show up as individuals. As humans. Because people matter. Referenced in this episode and interesting further info:  Why Millennials Keep Dumping You: An Open Letter to Management Ania Sullivan: From the Cube of a Millennial Everybody Matters Podcast: Millennials and Leadership
May 14, 2019
Recruitment: Right People, Right Fit - the good, bad & ugly
How can an organization recruit the right people for the right position? And what are some of the things that get in the way?  Is there a role for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to play in recruitment?  This week we ponder all this and more on the topic of recruitment…together with something a little different: Lisa is sick, Shea’s microphone is a little off and Marjolijn, well she’s doing well - thank goodness!  Tune in and find out how you can improve your recruitment process and experience today! Resources:  Link to the Heineken Candidate Experience:
May 3, 2019
What YOU, yes you, can do to improve your work culture - with guest Bruce Daisley
Want to improve your work experience and company culture? There’s a brand new book that writes about the best things that anyone can do, in any job, to work on improving your workdays. In this episode, we get to find out how the author, Bruce Daisley (who is VP of Twitter EMEA as well), found this out and why it works so well.  Turns out it is no wonder we’re increasingly feeling stuck, our neverending work days filled with meetings and emails  and open plan offices. What Bruce discovered is that actually most of the stuff we do at work is actually against all of the research, all of the evidence. And the best part is, he also found practical, real things you can do to make changes in your work environment. From the bottom-up. And wait for it... starting with how to find time and energy to actually do this.  To rediscover the joy of work. Have a listen and join in, it'll be worth it. Referenced:  The Joy of Work by Bruce Daisley  Plezier in je werk (Dutch edition) door Bruce Daisley  Eat Sleep Work Repeat, podcast with Bruce Daisley and guest Zeynep Ton 
April 17, 2019
Can We Really Measure Happiness at Work?
We spoke with People Scientist, Jessica Brook from CultureAmp! She gave us her insights and expertise on when measuring engagement works and when it doesn't. Listen to our lively conversation as we discuss how companies can move the needle forward with their employees. What are the higher drives for employee engagement? And what the heck is Collective Intelligence? And soooo much more!
April 3, 2019
Looking for Authenticity in a Job Interview
What are the cornerstones of successful job interviews – for both sides of the table? We read an article on what 7 CEOs notice the most in job interviews, and add our own insights in this new podcast episode. About the journey between how you go into and come out of an interview. Bringing your whole self to the table. How to prevent falling for windbags. The importance of how people talk about you when you leave the room.  And about the one question that everybody who has ever read anything about preparing for an interview secretly loathes – plus how to deal with it. Referenced:  '7 CEOs on What They Notice the Most on Job Interviews'
March 19, 2019
HR Is Dead... Long Live HR (part 2)
The word on the street is that HR has a terrible reputation. How do we get out of that situation? We talked about this topic earlier and found there’s a deeper conversation to be had here. We investigate how HR professionals can show others that what they’re bringing to the table has real value – essential to running a business.  It is up to HR to step up and lead this shift, by upping their skill set.  To a different way of working. Because life has changed. The business landscape has changed. Dramatically. There is a whole new field to explore. What makes people work, what helps them thrive? Because that’s the win-win situation for businesses and employees.  HR unlocks the people potential. Look us up on Facebook and tell us what's on your mind: thoughts, ideas, questions or topics? We'd love to hear from you. Referenced:  'HR Is Not Your Friend. Here’s Why' (Fortune)  'HR has lost the trust of employees. Here's who has it now' (TechCrunch) Daniel H. Pink's book To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others  
March 5, 2019
The Joy of Working with Guest Max Hunter Chief Joy Officer
Join our conversation with Max Hunter, Chief Joy Officer and champion for Monday mornings. We had a great chat with Max about the importance of having joy at work and how companies can improve work culture. Max also shared his journey to Chief Joy Officer and how he convinces CEOs that happiness at work is good for the bottom line.  Referenced:  The Chief Joy Officer and the Eastern Princess - Max Hunter's talk at the 2018 HR Congress in Brussels What the hell does a Chief Joy Officer actually do?
February 19, 2019
HR Is Dead (part 1)
In this episode we explore the paradox of the role HR plays in many businesses and what the role of HR should or could even be. Is HR Dead?  In our VUCA world what is the role of HR? What should a line manager be doing and should HR be doing? Is HR here for the employees or the business?  Tune in, listen, and we’d love to hear from you! What do you think? Are HR the administrators, the policy makers, the place to build and grow talent, the place to empower people, or something else? Articles referenced:
February 8, 2019
Future Skills for HR Professionals
Yes, you read that right....we have entered season 2. (Exciting!!!) Join us as we continue to delve into business topics that involve Human Resources. In this episode, we discuss what we think future HR professionals need in their training. Marjolijn Vlug brought us this topic after giving her friend advice on a new HR curriculum. Naturally, Lisa Dempsey and Shea Harty wanted to share their opinion as well. We share our views on what skills are needed to navigate human connections in an employment situation? As well as, what is the role of HR professionals when the world is moving more toward machine learning and data science?  Give us your feedback! What do YOU think needs to be added to Human Resources training?  And if you like this podcast, and we think you will, then share it!  Sharing is Caring! And follow us on our Facebook: HR Matters!!! We want to know what you think!!
January 8, 2019
Invite Them to Dance
This episode is about bringing diversity into the workplace. Or is it really diversity that we need? We talk about the value and benefits of consciously working at inviting, and welcoming, any viewpoint and voice to the table that is different from the standard perspective. But how, and why, do you do that? When the context you are in is different from the examples you've seen? And when it’s plain uncomfortable? Because you miss out on so much when you don’t. Referenced: Namely Releases First Workplace Diversity Report 2018, Uncovering Inequalities in the Modern Workplace and Empowering HR to Make a Difference Women still hold tiny minority of senior roles in financial services
December 19, 2018
End the Year-End Madness
Looking towards the end of the year, in this episode we talk about navigating the mad dash of the fourth quarter. When you're surfing that tidal wave of all of the stuff that needs to be done, how do you also get clear and intentional about what you want next year to look like? And how can you find allies and budget for what you really want and need? Listen in, choose ways to get proactive and join us in saying: it's going to be a good year ahead.
December 5, 2018
Google's Grass isn't Really Greener
Partially recorded in a cafe (a bit of background noise only at the start), this episode has us slowing down after a conference-heavy couple of weeks. We reflect on the news about the big walkout at Google on November 1st. Not everything about Google turns out to be aspirational for others: in a self-organized protest, 20.000 of their employees across the globe requested more transparency and an end to harassment and inequality. A grassroots protest to Google's global company culture. Which insights does this bring for our own workplaces and, even, for how we individually behave at work?  Referenced:  "We’re the Organizers of the Google Walkout. Here Are Our Demands"  Preceding NYTimes article  New York Times follow-up report on the walkout  Employee Experience, a Dutch book mentioned in the podcast
November 20, 2018
Dumb Rules
Recorded on October 11, 2018, this episode’s topic was suggested to us by a listener: Dumb Rules That Make Your Best People Want to Quit. This really resonated with us. People get frustrated with certain types of rules set by HR and managers and those rules become counter-productive. We talk about alternative approaches, a shift in mindset, and how to bring about change. What are some of the dumb rules you’ve seen? And what are the tips and tricks you’ve encountered to change them? Share your stories and ideas with us, we’d love to hear from you. The article, a Medium Feature Story: Also mentioned in the recording: Google’s toothbrush test Manoush Zomorodi’s 2017 TedTalk: ‘How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas’ Lisette Sutherland’s book ‘Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely — Successfully — for Individuals, Teams, and Managers’
October 30, 2018
Brilliance or Burn-out
In this episode recorded on 11 September 2018, we explore an interview with Elon Musk, which was followed up by an open letter from Arianna Huffington. We discuss if working 120+ hours a week, followed by days and nights in the office without taking a break to go home is brilliance/burnout, or hero/anti-hero behavior. How does this translate to you and your organization?  The New York Times source article:  Arianna Huffington's letter:  We'd love to hear your insights, questions and feedback in the comments here:  Footnote: Since the recording of this podcast, Elon Musk has stepped down as chairman of the board of Tesla but is still fulfilling the role of CEO.
October 16, 2018
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