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Between the Lines

Between the Lines

By Haefele Software
Our podcast of software industry conversations
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Let's Talk About Career Progression
In this episode of Between The Lines, we round of some of the gang at Haefele Software for a candid discussion around progression within our industry.  We chat about our own personal experiences with progression, how we've seen other companies approach this topic and some of the problems that we've seen arise as a result of progression.
July 27, 2020
Brent Alexander (Co-Founder of 3DPSA) - Talking COVID-19 and the Maker Community's Response
While we are on lock-down we need to get creative with our facilities, so please excuse the screaming toddlers. Today we chatted to Brent Alexander a Co-Founder of 3DPSA which is a movement that has managed to mobilize hundreds of 3D printers across the country to print personal protective gear for our front-line workers. We also chat to Christy Haefele the Founder of Beating Heart, a charity organisation in the Western Cape that is fulfilling a crucial role in this movement. She has set up a collection hub and a sanitisation and distribution center to get this gear to those that need it in the Cape Town area. 
April 20, 2020
Alan Haefele - The journey so far
Alan Haefele, founder and managing director of Haefele Software shares his journey to build a software consultancy of 50+ people. He offers a personal account of the victories and challenges faced along the way and shares some insights and advice for those hoping to follow a similar path.
March 20, 2020