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The World of Speech Pathology

The World of Speech Pathology

By Hubbard & Tennyson Speech Language Consultants
Speech Language Pathologists discuss what it is like to be a SLP. They will offer tips and share their experiences working in the world of Speech Pathology.
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Being Black & SLP
What does it mean to be a Black Speech/Language Pathologist? Listen as Gina Smith and Jackie Laster discuss their experiences and share what they have learned throughout the years as school based SLPs, They will also talk about what it means to return to schools during a pandemic.
July 25, 2020
Teletherapy- We're Here!
When the schools shut down due to the pandemic, the speech therapists of Hubbard & Tennyson Speech/Language Consultants had to find another way to continue providing speech and language services to their clients. Face to face services were no longer an option and the therapists, like many other speech/langauge pathologists, had to jump into the virtual therapy. Listen as Gina Smith and Sidney Morgan discuss the adventures of Teletherapy.
June 17, 2020
Speech Pathology & Early Intervention
Want to know what a Speech Language Pathologist does when working in the Early Intervention setting? Listen to Gina Smith & Sidney Morgan discuss experience in working with ages 0-3 years. 
May 28, 2020