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What On Earth: The Sustainable Podcast

What On Earth: The Sustainable Podcast

By Hubbub
What On Earth: The Sustainable Podcast sees Sarah discusses the issues affecting our planet with a different topic each week. It's a lighthearted, chatty and informative look at climate change, backed up by the experts at environmental charity, Hubbub.

Created by Hubbub
Presented by Sarah Divall
Produced by Ross Buchanan
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Do we need to change the way we eat?
This week we try to get to grips with the complexities and divisions in our food systems which have been thrown into sharp focus during the pandemic. In the episode Sarah chats to fellow Hubbuber and food aficionado Aoife and gets top tips from chefs on how they stay sustainable in the kitchen. 
August 5, 2020
Are more of us getting into gardening?
Lockdown has meant lots of us are spending more time outside and our feeds are full of people's homegrown efforts. Are more of us trying to get into gardening and how could it help the environment? Find out in the latest ep of What On Earth? where we travel back in time to Dig For Britain and catch up with gardening expert Jane Perrone. 
July 29, 2020
What Has Coronavirus Got To Do With The Environment?
In this episode, Sarah and Ross connect digitally to discuss how lockdown has changed the conversation about the environment. What has changed exactly? Well, listen and you'll find out!
April 29, 2020
Where did we go wrong with rubbish?
In the final episode of the series, Sarah goes back to Ancient Greece to look at how they dealt with rubbish in the past. Sarah and Ross discuss the current issues with disposal in the early 21st century with Hubbuber Kana and the team look at the potential for a trash-free society with Dr Adam Reed. This podcast is brought to you by Hubbub!
December 25, 2019
Can you do a sustainable Christmas?
In this festive special of What On Earth?, Sarah and Ross look at how to have a Christmas that's better for the planet, without scrimping on the fun.
December 18, 2019
How can jeans be better for the planet?
In this episode all about denim, Sarah heads back to the wild, wild west in search of the origins of denim. Sarah and Ross also chat to Hubbuber and all-round legend, Kirstie Brittain about the issues with jeans, and blogger Jil Carrara on how to find the perfect pair. This episode was brought to you by Hubbub!
December 11, 2019
Where are all the bees?
In this episode, Sarah and Ross look at the past, present and future of bees, heading back to the Cretaceous period, head over to Queen Mary's university to meet some bees and meet Craig Bennett the CEO of Friends of the Earth. This episode was brought to you by Hubbub! 
December 5, 2019
What's up with milk?
In an episode all about dairy, Sarah jets back on a magic cow to 8,000BC, has a chat with Producer Ross about the issues with milk in the present day and they head to Horsham House Farm to look at the future of dairy and how it can be done in a sustainable way. This podcast is brought to you by Hubbub!
November 27, 2019
Do we need to stop flying?
In this episode, Sarah and Producer Ross look at the past, present and future of flying by speaking to Leo from environmental charity Possible about flight levying, looking at who invented it in the first place and recommending some rather lovely places to visit in the UK. This podcast was brought to you by Hubbub.
November 20, 2019
What On Earth: Trailer
This season, we're looking at the past, present and future of planes, dairy, bees, jeans, rubbish and Christmas! Get involved every Thursday for your audio fix of sustainability!
November 18, 2019
What’s climate change again?
In the final episode of the first season of What On Earth?, Sarah breaks down climate change in the simplest possible way, myth-busts three climate change denier-isms and speaks to the presenter of BBC 3's 'Me VS Climate Change', Swarzy Macaly. This episode was brought to you by Hubbub!
September 25, 2019
Should we stop buying fast fashion?
In episode five, Sarah takes a trip to the V&A to chat to one of their fashion curators, she also gets the scoop from Hubbuber Lottie who gives her top tips on buying quality clothes that last, and finally takes out her crystal ball to look into future of sustainability in fashion. This podcast is brought to you by Hubbub.
August 29, 2019
Is there a problem with cotton?
In the fourth episode of What On Earth? Sarah speaks to Amber Butchart about the dark history of cotton, looks the issues with cotton at the moment and finds out what innovations are happening in fabric from dresses made of bacteria to mushroom roots. This episode is brought to you by Hubbub.
August 22, 2019
What do periods have to do with the environment?
In the third episode of What On Earth?, Sarah gets to grips with sustainable periods, goes back in time to ancient Egypt to learn about the history of applicators and speaks to some of the brands who are leading the charge to change the period industry for the better.  This episode is brought to you by Hubbub. 
August 15, 2019
How do we eat sustainably?
In the second edition of What On Earth?, Sarah speaks to our resident offal anorak Tessa, about the history of food in England, visits an underground farm built in WW2 tunnels and gets your top tips on how to eat more sustainably. This episode is bought to you by Hubbub. To find out more about what we do and get more info on sustainable living visit
August 8, 2019
What’s the problem with air Pollution?
For our first episode, Sarah takes us back to the Horse Manure Crisis of 1894, speaks to Client Earth who SUED THE GOVERNMENT, and gets top tips on how to limit your exposure to air pollution and cut your emissions. This podcast is bought to you by Hubbub, to find out more and get top tips for sustainable living visit
August 1, 2019