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EventTalks by Hubilo - An Event Experience Podcast

EventTalks by Hubilo - An Event Experience Podcast

By Hubilo
EventTalks is where we bring to you the best of industry experts and get their candid response about Event Industry - Ideas, Tech, trends, and practices
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[#EventTalks] Episode #7: Challenges faced by organizers during virtual events and the measures to overcome them with Ashanti Bentil-Dhue
The concept of brave new virtual world is what is keeping the events industry going in full swing. While virtual has garnered ample support from event profs across the globe, the dynamic nature of online events have posed many questions on the event organizers. In this episode we tried to answer the most commonly asked questions by event organizers to help them get through the struggles caused while planning virtual events - which otherwise seem simple.  It was an absolute pleasure to be joined by one of the most renowned and event profs Ashanti Bentil-Dhue for this episode of #Eventtalks. Ashanti is an Events Entrepreneur and Equity & Inclusion Expert Helping The Global Events Industry Become Diverse & Inclusive | Culture & People | Anti Racism & Allyship Training. She has been associated with EventMind, a virtual event production company based in London, UK. She’s also a Co-founder of the global network, Black In Events. She spearheaded the only research in the UK exclusively focused on how organizations can invest in black millennial and generation Z women within the corporate structure. In this episode we converse with Ashanti about - What are the things organizers should keep in mind while choosing the virtual event platform for the event? - What are the challenges that organizers face while planning the budget for the virtual events and what are the measures to be taken to overcome them? - Speaker etiquettes & attendee etiquettes for best experience at Virtual Events and how organizers can do that? - What are the ways for organizers to facilitate speakers for the virtual events? - What are the challenges organizers face in approaching sponsors and exhibitors and tips to overcome these challenges? - How can the organizers take assistance from CSM and technical staff to avoid any glitches during the virtual event? - As there is much more to virtual events than just webinars, how can organizers make virtual events an opportunity for ROI and lead generation?
September 30, 2020
[#EventTalks] Episode #6: How Virtual Events are Driving Digital Literacy Skills With Pauline Kwasniak
Since the events industry has seen a total shift to virtual, a lot has been spoken about how technology has helped millions of people connect through virtual events But do we really know what needs to be done for the people who want to attend virtual events and are not familiar with the technology? And how virtual events are driving digital literacy skills for people who are well versed with technology? We had a privilege to have an Internationally recognized public speaker - Pauline Kwansniak on #EventTalks podcast. As we moved forward, we got answers to the most commonly asked questions on virtual events, digital literacy skills and a lot more Pauline is an Internationally celebrated public speaker and an entrepreneur. She is also a digital marketing strategist and a content producer for the MICE industry. Having founded Female Event Planners Agency, Pauline has been putting a great emphasis on narrating the stories of female event planners in the industry. In this episode we converse with Pauline about - How have virtual events helped people become digitally smarter or skilled - How can event organizers make UI and UX user friendly and create an experience which is inclusive for all kinds of attendees. - How  will it take for people become totally tech savvy as far as virtual events are concerned - Hybrid events are said to be the next big thing 2021. For people who have finally become aware of the digital technology what will their transition to hybrid events be like - What will be the future of the events industry in terms of technology And a lot more! Hear till the end
August 26, 2020
[#EventTalks] Episode #5: Event Engagement, Experience Design & Integrity in Current times With Elizabeth Glau
How to keep your audience engaged for virtual conferences/events?  What are the key aspects of designing a compelling event experience?  We recently had the privilege to get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Event experience design for virtual and hybrid events from Elizabeth Glau.   Elizabeth Glau has been recognized as 40 under 40 in 2017 by Connect Association. Her work in the field of engagement technology has been featured in publications ranging from The Meeting Professional - to - The San Diego Union Tribune. She is also an advocate for integrity within the event industry and for the workforce across all industries. She is a regular speaker at PCMA, Convention Industry Council, ©-Systems.  In this episode, we converse with Elizabeth about   - Where should event profs use technology as a tool and where do they need to take an active role while planning for online event engagement and experience  - Event marketing strategies for 2021  - What is Event Integrity?  - How to improve the status quo of event coordination jobs  - Virtual Tech is a villain for the lovers of in-person events - Misconception or Reality?  And a lot more! Hear till the end
July 28, 2020
[#EventTalks] Episode #4: How to Get Started With B2B Influencer Marketing with Mariska Kesteloo
How to Get Started With B2B Influencer Marketing? Is the question that most of the enterprises & organizations want to get answers to. We recently had the privilege to get answers to the most commonly asked questions on B2B influencer marketing from Mariska Kesteloo Mariska Kesteloo is the Founder of the Word of MICE established the company in 2017. She is a renowned public speaker & also the president of (Meeting Professionals International), Belgium chapter. With more than 15 years of experience in the MICE industry, she is erudite and passionate about B2B influencer marketing. In this episode, we converse with Mariska about - What is B2B influencer marketing? How is B2B marketing different from B2C marketing How can event professionals & companies in the events Industry can extract the maximum potential from a B2B influencer marketing campaigns How to choose right influencers for your brand How do we measure the ROI when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns And a lot more! Hear till the end
June 29, 2020
[#EventTalks] Episode #3: Events Industry during & after the coronavirus pandemic by Will Curran
It’s all Virtual Now. Starting from planning to production to sessions as well as the event networking and event experience has shifted to Virtual Platforms. The wave of virtual is strong and all the event professionals are ready to withstand the pandemic together with the digital tools and technologies. While in the talks with one of the profound event influencers, Will Curran about the current situation of the industry, we got a chance to interview the Chief Einstein of the Endless Events. Are you also planning to take your event/conference virtual? Check out Hubilo's Virtual Event Software
May 6, 2020
[#EventTalks] Episode #2: The Power of Podcasting for Events and Events Business by Jason Allen Scott
Having a renowned podcast on your podcast show is a great honor and privilege. Yes, Hubilo is back with #EventTalks Podcast Episode 2 and this time the guest speaker was none other than Lord Jason Allan Scott; an international event specialist, Award-winning podcaster& best-selling author. And, we discussed on The Power of Podcasting for Events and Events Business. Working for a period of 2 decades as an event planner amidst the most influential and knowledgeable people in the industry, Jason Allan Scott managed to build the fastest growing aesthetic company with a global base of 29 locations in a short period of one year! He totally did justice to his title of the topmost event professional!
May 4, 2020
[#EventTalks] Episode 1: All about Event Tech, Event Design & Marketing with Dr. James Morgan
When you have a veteran industry expert visiting your country for the first time, you’d want to grab onto any opportunity to get to converse with him. Yes, Hubilo was lucky to get Mr. James Morgan, Founder of Event Tech Lab, to talk about event planning and communications strategies as he visited India for the first time ever at the MILT conference. Mr. Morgan, with his 30 years of experience as communications and design strategist now runs a non-profit virtual event tech start-up incubator, as likes to define it, Event Tech Lab. They support early-stage event tech startups with curating marketing and communications strategies and leverage PR through Event Tech’s strong market understandings and network. Check out our Website:
May 4, 2020