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Optimal Health

Optimal Health

By Hudson Physicians
Optimal Health Podcast by Hudson Physicians will discuss topics to get you back to optimal health when you are feeling sick, stressed, overwhelmed, or run down.
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Optimal Health

Living with Diabetes: Tips for Optimal Health with Sara Harris
In this short yet information-packed episode, host Pete Waggoner interviews Sara Harris about her profession as a registered dietician and a specialist in diabetes care. Sara shares her firsthand experience managing diabetes and provides helpful tips on maintaining optimal health while living with this chronic condition. She puts emphasis on how small lifestyle and diet changes can significantly impact one's health for the better. This episode is sure to leave listeners feeling inspired and motivated to make positive changes in their lives amidst the challenges posed by diabetes. Takeaways: Small changes in lifestyle and diet can have a big impact on health. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing diabetes. Working with a healthcare provider and creating a personalized plan is key. In this episode: [1:18] Sara Harris talks about how she became interested in the field of dietetics and diabetes care. She mentions how she grew up on a farm and got diagnosed with diabetes later on when she was already working as a dietician. [6:04] Pete asks Sara to explain the key differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Sara talks about how these two are often confused and how each type requires a different approach when it comes to management. [8:40] Sarah gives a glimpse of what patients can expect when they go to the Hudson Medical Center for diabetes care. She talks about how they begin with a comprehensive assessment and then develops an individualized care plan based on the patient's needs. [11:11] Pete and Sara discuss the importance of making lifestyle changes when living with diabetes. Sara shares some personal insights on how to make small yet impactful changes in diet and physical activity. [14:45] Sara shares some takeaways and final tips for listeners. She emphasizes the importance of working with a healthcare provider and discussing one's specific goals in managing diabetes. Resources Hudson Physicians Sara Harris Read Show Transcript Quotes "This diabetes business doesn't have to be so challenging. Let's make this doable where people do not feel frustrated, they don't feel like failures, and they don't judge themselves. We got this, we can do this. And I'm gonna help you." - Dr. Sara Harris
September 30, 2022
A Glimpse Into Hudson Imaging and the World of Radiology With Dr. David Wicklund
In this short yet insightful episode, Dr. David Wicklund of Minneapolis Radiology sits with Pete Waggoner to talk about radiology, specifically how it works and what goes on behind the scenes of the newly formed Hudson Imaging. They discuss how radiologists keep tabs on the rapidly changing technology and how this helps them in diagnosing and treating more patients quickly. Dr. Wicklund also shares his own experience in radiology and how he got interested in the field. Plus, he talks about how their team, along with the Hudson Physicians, have started working together with the goal of providing better access to care in the community through Hudson Imaging. Takeaways: With the power of technology and experienced healthcare providers, radiology is able to help diagnose and treat patients quickly and effectively. Radiologists need to be experienced and up-to-date with the latest technology in order to provide accurate diagnoses. In this episode: [1:41] Dr. Wicklund shares his path toward radiology and the things that made him interested in the field. He also tells a bit about his background as a healthcare provider and his father's expertise which he was exposed to from a young age. [3:26] Pete asks Dr. Wicklund how their team stays updated with the latest technology that they use in the field. Dr. Wicklund provides an overview of what they do to further improve the quality of their services and how their work differs from other medical imaging providers. [8:37] Pete and Dr. Wicklund talk about how technology can help in diagnosing and treating patients more quickly. Dr. Wicklund also shares the story behind Hudson Imaging and how they started working with the Hudson Physicians to possibly provide better access to care in the community. [11:33] Dr. Wicklund talks about how their team will fulfill their commitment to providing personalized care to the new business that's about to open. He shares about the efforts and initiatives they have in place to ensure that each patient receives the best possible care. [14:05] Dr. Wicklund looks back on his career thus far and shares how his over 17 years of experience have been. He also leaves a message for the listeners about Hudson imaging and what they can look forward to in the near future. Resources: Hudson Physicians Dr. David Wicklund Read Show Transcript Quotes: "...Your ability to actually get scanned and diagnosed more quickly (hopefully) will get you on the road to improvement more quickly." -Dr. David Wicklund "The patients can feel very comfortable and that they're in good hands with us." -Dr. David Wicklund on what people can look forward to from their team
September 09, 2022
A Look Into Preventive Care, Obesity, and Medical Marijuana With Dr. Stephen Harrold
In this episode, Pete Waggoner and Dr. Stephen Harrold of the Hudson Physicians delve deeper into routine patient visits and preventive care. They talk about the importance of screenings in diagnosing and preventing severe health concerns including cancers, heart attacks, and strokes. They also discuss obesity and how one's diet can be one of the most important preventive measures against developing chronic diseases. Towards the end of the episode, they chat about medical marijuana and its potential drawbacks such as physical addiction and withdrawal, especially for those who start using it at a young age. Dr. Harrold also provides more updates on the New Richmond Medical Center that is set to open in February 2023. Takeaways: Preventive care offers many benefits in diagnosing and preventing diseases. A person's diet and lifestyle choices are some of the most important preventive measures against developing chronic diseases. In this episode: [1:15] Host Pete Waggoner welcomes Dr. Stephen Harrold to the show by asking him about how he got interested in family medicine and why he decided to pursue a career in the field. The two transition the conversation shortly after to talking about preventive care and its importance in early detection and treatment of various health conditions. [8:22] Pete shares about his personal experience with obesity and asks Dr. Harrold to provide more information on the topic, including its link to severe health concerns including the risks of heart attack and multiple cancers. Dr. Harrold also talks about the Mediterranean diet and why it is proven to be one of the most effective in maintaining a healthy weight and preventing chronic diseases. [16:16] The two discuss strength training and whether it can help in lowering cholesterol levels. They then shift the conversation to the benefits of working at a physician-owned medical facility and how it can provide more comprehensive care for patients. [22:49] Pete and Dr. Harrold talk about medical marijuana and the danger of physical addiction and withdrawal, especially for those who are in their late teens and late 20's. Dr. Harrold also mentions cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), a condition that is associated with excessive vomiting due to regular or long-term marijuana use. [30:13] Dr. Harrold gives a glimpse into the New Richmond Medical Center and provides more specifics such as their target opening date, the specialties that will be offered, and the hours of operation. Resources Hudson Physicians Stephen Harrold, MD Hudson Medical Center New Richmond Medical Center Read Show Transcript Quotes "It's not as glamorous as some other professions or other specialties, but I felt like I could save the most lives by working in family medicine." - Dr. Stephen Harrold
August 16, 2022
Staying Fit & Healthy with Hudson Physicians' Self-Paced Challenges
In this quick episode, Pete Waggoner gets us up to speed on the latest updates on Hudson Physicians' self-paced health challenges. He talks about how these challenges are the perfect way to foster and experience a sense of community while also maintaining optimal health. He also gives some insight on the benefits of joining these challenges, including the incentives provided by the Hudson Physicians through the program. Takeaways: Keeping track of our health goals doesn't have to be boring. Joining challenges can help us become grittier and better understand other people's motivations. In this episode: [0:40] Host Pete Waggoner gets right into it and talks about what Hudson Physicians' health challenges are. He touches on the two types of challenges that they offer namely, the quarterly and self-paced challenges. [2:32] Pete explains how joining health challenges can help in nurturing one's gratitude and compassion, as well as sharpening grit. He goes on to talk about how grit can be beneficial in other aspects of our lives and why we should strive to further develop it. [3:24] Pete mentions the different health challenges launched by the Hudson Physicians in the past two years including the 5-Day New Year Challenge, Women's Health 6-Day Challenge, and so on. He also discusses how joining such challenges brings the community together and allows people to better understand what each other is going through. [5:07] Pete shares about the page on the Hudson Physicians' website where people can register for the different challenges. He talks about the incentives program wherein one participant gets chosen every month to win a KwikTrip gas gift card. Resources: Hudson Physicians Hudson Physician's Self-Paced Challenges Help with Headaches with Dr. D'Souza Podcast KwikTrip Read Show Transcript Quotes "There are plenty of benefits to the challenges and what we do know about them is that you're stronger and more capable than maybe you give yourself credit for."- Pete Waggoner
July 11, 2022
Hudson Medical Center: A Look at the New Hudson's Anticipated Ambulatory Surgery Center
In this episode, host Pete Waggoner is joined by Hudson Physicians' CEO Matt Brandt, Dr. Jonathan Susa, Dan Zismer, and Dr. Gary Schwartz of Associated Eye to discuss Hudson Medical Center's new ambulatory surgery center that is set to open in April of 2023. They get into what the center will offer patients and how it will benefit the community through providing greater access to surgical care. They also provide a  glimpse into the design process of the center and what unique features this new facility will have for the people of Hudson. This episode is both an insightful and exciting look at what the new center has to offer and why it matters for the future of healthcare in Hudson. Takeaways: Having the physicians directly involved in the decision-making process when it comes to the construction of healthcare facilities can help to ensure that the end product meets the needs of both the patients and the community with efficiency. Healthcare facilities like hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers can play a pivotal role in improving the health of a community by increasing access to affordable and quality care. In this episode: [1:19] Host Pete Waggoner begins the discussion by asking about the progress of the New Hudson Medical Center. CEO Matt Brandt provides some updates on the construction process and shares that the project is right on schedule. [5:08] The group talks about how communities have particular staples such as schools and churches, and how this new ambulatory surgery center can be the next big step for Hudson in terms of providing quality care for its citizens. The guests also give a more vivid description of the center's facilities such as its operating and procedure rooms. [6:54] Pete continues the conversation by asking about the specific surgeries that will be available in the center. Dr. Susa and Dr. Schwartz share how the ambulatory surgery center will provide a broad range of services and allow a 23-hour stay for patients who will need more time to recover post-surgery. [10:07] Dan Zismer explains what the word 'ambulatory' means and how ambulatory surgery centers differ from actual hospitals. Pete asks the physicians how the recovery times for surgeries have reduced over the years and if there are any new technologies that have contributed to this. [19:55] Dan Zismer shares the group's target dates for the opening of the center and their marketing efforts to get the word out about this new facility. Resources: Hudson Physicians Hudson Medical Center CEO Matt Brandt Dr. Jonathan Susa Associated Eye Care Dan Zismer Dr. Gary Schwartz Read Show Transcript Quotes "With everybody involved cooperatively in the design, we believe that we can provide a superior patient experience, cost-effectively for everybody involved." - Dan Zismer, President of the Surgery Center
May 30, 2022
Help with Headaches with Dr. D'Souza
Summary In this episode, Dr. Jacqueline D’Souza joins host Pete Waggoner to talk about headaches. They discuss the difference between simple and complex headaches, what causes them, and how they are diagnosed. Dr. D’Souza also details how she develops her patients' treatment plan and the major role that lifestyle plays in managing headaches. This episode will be helpful for anyone who suffers from occasional or chronic headaches and is looking for more information on how to manage them. Takeaways: Listen to your body and trust your gut--if you think your headache may be more than just a simple tension headache, see a doctor. An open communication between the patient and the physician is key in developing an effective treatment plan. In this episode: [1:16] Dr. D'Souza shares how growing up with her grandfather who was a physician inspired her to become a doctor herself. She talks about how even in his retirement, her grandfather would still see patients to help them with their concerns and how this influenced her desire to be a physician who makes a difference in her patients' lives. [10:13] Host Pete Waggoner asks about the difference between migraine headaches vs. those that are caused by sinusitis. Dr. D'Souza shares how 90% of what patients believed to be sinus headaches actually meet the criteria of migraine headaches. [12:58] Dr. D'Souza gets into detail about how she develops her patients' treatment plan. She puts emphasis on the importance of working hand in hand with her patients and having an open communication in order to find the root cause of their headaches and develop an effective plan that fits their lifestyle. [20:36] Dr. D'Souza shares a real-life story of one of her patients who had experienced severe, recurring headaches despite being young and otherwise healthy. She talks about how this patient's story is not uncommon and how people should trust their gut and not wait until their headache is unbearable to see a doctor. [26:13] Host Pete Waggoner begins to wrap the episode up by asking Dr. D'Souza how Botox treatment works for chronic migraines. Dr. D'Souza explains the details of the process and how they determine if a patient is a candidate for this treatment. Resources: Hudson Physicians Dr. Jacqueline D’Souza International Headache Society Quotes "It came out of love, it came out of kindness, and it came out of a deep understanding of how to care." -Dr. Jacqueline D’Souza on her decision to become a physician as influenced by her grandfather. "Trust your gut. If you think something is off, get medical treatment." - Dr. Jacqueline D’Souza "Live your best life now." - Dr. Jacqueline D’Souza
April 19, 2022
Getting To Know Sports Medicine with Dr. Jason Lee
In this Optimal Health episode, Dr. Jason Lee, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, sits down with host Pete Waggoner to discuss all things sports medicine. Dr. Lee offers an in-depth explanation of what sports medicine is, how physicians like him work with the local athletic community, and the kinds of injuries they encounter through their work. He also gets candid about how working in the field allows him to stay connected to the world of sports he has always been passionate about. The episode provides an all-encompassing overview of sports medicine and how it impacts athletes, families, and the community. Takeaways: Every person working in the field of sports medicine has their own unique set of skills and experiences that they bring to the table. No two sports injuries are exactly alike, so it is essential to scrutinize every injury and have a variety of specialists working together to treat an athlete properly. In This Episode: [2:50] Dr. Jason Lee defines what sports medicine is and illustrates their usual clinic setting and operations. He also stresses that sports medicine is a broad field encompassing many different aspects of care apart from treating joint and tendon injuries. [9:33] Host Pete Waggoner asks about how sports medicine can be utilized in a preventative fashion and how athletes can benefit from it. Dr. Lee then discusses the importance of understanding an athlete's injury history and taking a holistic approach to help them avoid future problems and come up with long-term solutions. [10:14] Dr. Lee talks about the anticipation of the new Hudson Medical Center that's about to open and how its facilities can benefit their team and the whole community. [14:23] Dr. Lee emphasizes the importance of team trainers and how they are often the first line of defense for athlete health. He shares some of his own experiences and how he's come to appreciate the trainers' vital role in the sports medicine field. [18:35] Host Pete Waggoner concludes the episode by asking Dr. Jason Lee about the highlights or the best parts of his job in the field of sports medicine. Dr. Lee talks about the sense of gratification he gets from being able to help athletes and see them return to the playing field to continue doing what they love. Resources: Hudson Physicians Hudson Medical Center  Dr. Jason Lee
March 31, 2022
Managing Sports Concussion with Dr. Likness
In this episode, host Pete Waggoner interviews Dr. Lincoln Likness, the pioneer of Hudson Physicians' sports concussion program. They discuss how the sports medicine team of the Hudson Physicians works with the schools, parents, and coaches to prevent and manage sport-related injuries, especially concussions. Dr. Likness also recounts his personal experiences as a physician specializing in the said field and shares how his passion serves as a driving force in his work. The episode provides an insightful overview of the complex world of sports concussion management, and offers an enlightening perspective on the role of both the schools and the physicians in preventing and managing such injuries. Takeaways: Preventing and treating sports injuries entail a multidisciplinary effort that includes close collaboration between medical professionals, coaches, and parents. A patient's recovery journey must be a collaborative effort with an honest, open dialogue between the patient and their care team. In This Episode: [03:15] Dr. Lincoln Likness talks about how the Hudson Physicians' sports medicine team coordinates with the local schools, coaches, and parents in developing programs that aim to prevent sports injuries and make the healing journey of the young athletes easier. [05:52] Host Pete Waggoner asks Dr. Likness about how the technology and practices utilized by their team have evolved over the years into a "state-of-the-art" sports concussion program that's been helping young athletes for 11 years. [13:00] Dr. Likness goes into detail about how their team performs baseline testing in coordination with the schools, and how they use the data to help manage injuries and concussions. [29:23] Dr. Likness shares how the whole process of sports concussion treatment goes—from diagnosis to rehabilitation and post-treatment tests. He also stresses the importance of an open communication between the patient, their parents, and their care team to speed up the healing process. [31:43] Pete Waggoner and Dr. Lincoln Likness wrap up the episode by discussing what's new on the horizon for the Hudson Medical Center's sports concussion program and how the developments they've been working on will make their services much more accessible in the near future. Resources: Hudson Physicians Hudson Medical Center  Dr. Lincoln Likness Healthy Roster
March 01, 2022
Concrete Evidence: The Sturdy Construction of the Hudson Medical Center
When a prominent new building is being constructed, it is the end result that catches the attention of neighbors and patrons. They might notice progress along the way, but rarely give thought to what is happening step-by-step. For those passing by the new Hudson Medical Center location, there is now a very large crane on-site. This means a highly efficient and important segment of the project is happening. The crane belongs to Wells, one of the largest precasters in the United States, who have paired with Hudson Physicians leadership and other designers/craftsmen to create an attractive, extremely safe, and immensely functional clinic to benefit Western Wisconsin’s medical needs. Jace and Nathan from Wells explain about precasting and prefab concrete, and how it is helping to significantly speed up the building process of the Medical Center. They also delve into metal-looking concrete, the unimaginable logistics of using a crane (even indoors!), and how there is a good chance you’ve already hunkered down on their work (think football…).  Take a listen to the Wells Optimal Health podcast episode and see how Wells’ involvement with the construction of the Hudson Medical Center will provide the community with craftsmanship of the highest and sturdiest quality. Episode Links: Follow the progress of the building:
March 01, 2022
New Richmond Medical Center
In this episode, Hudson Physicians CEO, Matt Brandt sits with our host, Pete Waggoner, to share the exciting news about Hudson's new medical center in New Richmond. Matt gets candid about the design and scope of services that will be offered, as well as where they plan to find providers to help staff it. Plus, they touch on Associated Eye's continued partnership with Hudson Physicians, and their expanding presence in the area powered by their goal to fill the void in primary health care services. Takeaways: CEO Matt Brandt's commitment to making primary health care services more accessible shows how the overall wellness of a community can be boosted through constant medical center expansions and updates. The goal of filling the void in health care is only possible by building relationships amongst different physician groups in the area, which is something Hudson strives to do. In This Episode: [01:15] Hudson Physicians CEO Matt Brandt shares the big announcement of the brand new medical clinic in New Richmond and talks about the specifics of the facilities and the number of physicians who will be on site. [04:57] Brandt talks about the "next few big things" they plan to build in order to fill the gap in health care needs. He discusses future plans with other physician groups and how they plan to keep an open mind to what is good for the community. [06:03] Host Pete Wagner asks Matt Brandt about the possibility of Hudson not going beyond their current scope if they had not made their expansion, and what it would have meant for the community. [08:08] Brandt talks about their continued partnership with Associated Eye and how they plan to bring more primary care services to the area. [12:22] Matt Brandt gives a summary of what the community of New Richmond can expect from their new medical center come February 15, 2023. Resources: Hudson Physicians Matt Brandt Associated Eye
February 22, 2022
Twin Cities Orthopedics
Discover how the new Twin Cities Orthopedics location in the Hudson Medical Center can help the community get a leg up on their musculoskeletal health. Podcast with Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Andrew C. Ockuly, D.O. One of Hudson’s very own has come home to provide the community with top-notch sports medicine care and expertise. Dr. Andrew C. Ockuly, D.O., born and raised in Hudson, is thrilled to find himself back on familiar ground with his return to the area. And the best part is he truly knows his patients – they are his former classmates, their kids, and sometimes even their grandparents! That personal connection makes this reunion even more valuable. Dr. Ockuly, of Twin Cities Orthopedics, is a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon specializing in open and arthroscopic treatment of joints. He will be practicing out of TCO’s most recent location in the new Hudson Medical Center (opening January 2023), where he is eager for in-person, cross-collaborations between doctors – a benefit that he believes will bring a better level of care to patients. The convenient, new location will also enable him to handle more specialized situations, provide additional services, and allow for growth. In his podcast, Dr. Ockuly discusses how the growing community led him back home and how he will be able to assist with their musculoskeletal health. He also touches upon weekend warrior injuries, the health of young athletes, advancements in surgeries and physical therapy, the UW-River Falls Falcons, and pirouetting senior citizens (really!). Learn more about the Hudson Medical Center, opening in January 2023. 
February 04, 2022
Foot Health & Podiatry
Your feet take the weight of your whole body It's easy to see how painful feet can quickly lead to discomfort and cause health problems. If you have heel pain, dry skin, discolored toenails, cracked skin, cuts, redness, or swelling, you should consult with a specialist as soon as possible. A variety of diseases can present themselves peripherally in the lower extremities. Dry skin that is cracked or flaking near the heel or ball of the foot can be a sign of thyroid issues. The characteristic “pins and needles” sensation in the feet can lead to the discovery of undiagnosed diabetes. In today’s podcast with Dr. Melanie Berg, she discusses misconceptions about foot care, how stretching plays a part in your foot health, and warning signs you can look for. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Foot health & podiatry with Dr. Melanie Berg.  Podiatry focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions related to the feet and lower legs.
January 06, 2022
Associated Eye Care
Learn how the new Western Wisconsin Eye Center of Excellence can assist the community with cradle-to-grave medical and surgical eye care.  Podcast with Associated Eye Care ophthalmologist, Dr. Gary S. Schwartz. Annual medical exam?  Check.  Bi-annual dental appointment?  Scheduled.  Yearly eye exam?  No?  You don’t need glasses?  The clinics are all too far away?  There is an ophthalmologist you need to meet – Dr. Gary Schwartz from Associated Eye Care. Dr. Schwartz explains how Associated Eye Care will be relocating from a small, one-doctor office on the Hudson Hospital campus to a large 4-doctor office in the new Hudson Medical Center in early 2023.  He calls this new location their Western Wisconsin hub, where they will provide local communities with more convenient, comprehensive vision and eye care services. In this podcast, Dr. Schwartz discusses how their move will positively affect Western Wisconsin and what is new in eye care.  He tackles topics such as being a cradle-to-grave practice, why perfect vision isn’t necessarily the same thing as perfectly healthy eyes, “not-your-parents” eye care, the impact COVID-19 has had on children’s vision, and more!
January 01, 2022
The Use of Emerging Technology to Streamline Healthcare Design
Using Technology to Streamline Healthcare Design How do you imagine the construction of a 50 million dollar project? Do you use cardboard boxes to build a mock exam room? Do you pull all your providers off site to view it? Hudson Physicians decided to use virtual reality to leverage technology to visualize what the workstations and exam rooms would look like for the development of the Hudson Medical Center set to be completed in January, 2023. Virtual Reality (VR) is often just thought of for playing video games, but the team at Hudson Physicians, in association with Cresa, decided to use it to reduce problems, reduce the timeline, and reduce cost. Bringing Virtual Reality to Life With the use of VR goggles, the providers and staff were able to go through an experience that was memorable, and will get them closer to what they are looking for, as well as pass on the benefits of an overall better patient experience. Join our speakers, listed below, in today’s podcast, to learn more about virtual reality and its role in healthcare design as it relates to the Hudson Medical Center. Matt Brandt CEO, Hudson Physicians Brandon Bogdalek Vice President, Corporate Solutions - Cresa
December 21, 2021
Hearing Loss & Early Prevention
Meet our Audiology provider, Kirsten Daniels, AuD, in today’s podcast about health and your hearing. She discusses hearing loss & early prevention and primarily works with adults. In this episode you'll discover:  What age you should get a baseline and screening. What are signs & symptoms that you might need a screening. Strategies for hearing difficulties while wearing a mask. What a comprehensive evaluation entails. Easy ways to tell if your AirPods are too loud. Learn more on our audiology page. 
December 14, 2021
Hudson Medical Center
See how we are expanding to serve our community better. Hudson Physicians is building a 3-story multi-tenant facility, Hudson Medical Center, with medical offices and outpatient services. 
November 16, 2021
How To Pick the Appropriate Therapist for Your Child
Children have ongoing changes based on their age and development. Here are some things to consider when reaching out for your child regarding mental health services. What you’ll learn: • Who are mental health providers and what do they do. • Who’s trained and what skills do they provide. • How much training is required for certain providers. • Questions you should be asking, when looking for a mental health provider for your child.
September 24, 2021
Returning to the Classroom
Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp discuss going back to school and the feelings you and your kids may be having. What you can expect, things you can do, and what signals you can look for in kids at different ages. 
August 09, 2021
More than Vericose Veins
Dr. Schneider discusses when veins have trouble sending blood from your limbs back to the heart, which is known as venous insufficiency. Listen to the podcast to learn about signs and symptoms to look for, as well as treatment options.
July 22, 2021
Electronics - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
In the 3rd episode in our Mental Health podcast series, we discuss the wide range of effects that electronics have on our lives, particularly our children. We discuss the advantages of using electronics, but also the negative effects they can have in the social, cognitive and emotional development of our children, teen and young adults.  Listen as Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp discuss this important topic, and learn the best parenting approaches regarding the use of electronics. Learn more about our Behavioral and Mental Health Program here.
June 25, 2021
Anxiety in Childhood (Mental Health series)
Did you know that, at any point in time, 10 to 20% of kids and teens suffer from a diagnosable anxiety disorder? In the 2nd episode in our Mental Health podcast series, we discuss the important topic of childhood anxiety and how it affects our children. We talk about the difference between feeling anxious and actually suffering from an anxiety disorder, the difference between biological anxiety, and anxiety that is triggered by environmental factors (such as a pandemic), the role of social media in the increase of anxiety, etc. Listen as Dr. Delahunty, Dr. Concepcion, and Lauren Knapp discuss this important topic, and learn the best approaches and treatment options that we can use to deal with these types of conditions. Learn more about our Behavioral and Mental Health Program here.
May 25, 2021
Behavioral & Mental Health Program Introduction
Get to know our newest Behavioral and Mental Health Program, developed and carried out by our team of mental health providers, Dr. Delahunty, Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp.
April 08, 2021
Feb 19, COVID-19 Vaccine Update
COVID-19 Vaccine Update with CEO, Matt Brandt. Recorded on February 19, 2021.  We are keeping risks low while continuing to treat medical issues via telemedicine. Telemedicine - 715-531-6800 (option #1) It’s best to start with a telemedicine appointment and then determine if it should be converted into an in office visit. We keep our website updated with COVID-19 resources, as well as information about telemedicine visits.
February 19, 2021
Dr. Ryan McFarland and Hudson Physician's CEO Matt Brandt discuss frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19.
July 09, 2020
Colon Cancer
Dr. Druffner discusses symptoms, screening methods, treatment, surgery, and genetic risk relating to colon cancer. Dr. Ade specializes in GI services.
July 03, 2020
April 28, COVID-19 & Community Outreach
COVID-19 & Community Outreach with CEO, Matt Brandt, Dr. Ryan McFarland, and city of Hudson District 2 Alderperson, Bill Alms.  Hudson CCR COVID-19 resources from Hudson Physicians
April 28, 2020
April 3, COVID-19 Update
COVID-19 podcast update with CEO, Matt Brandt, and Dr. Ryan McFarland. Recorded on April 3, 2020. It’s important to stay on top of your routine appointments. We are keeping risks low while continuing to treat medical issues via Telemedicine. Telemedicine - 715-531-6800 (option #1) It’s best to start with a telemedicine appointment and then determine if it should be converted into an in office visit. We keep our website updated with COVID-19 resources, as well as information about telemedicine visits.  
April 03, 2020
COVID-19 and Virtual Telemedicine Appointments
New COVID-19 podcast with CEO, Matt Brandt and Dr. Keith Bratulich. Recorded on March 19.  Learn more about Virtual Telemedicine Appointments as well. 
March 19, 2020
Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Support with Dr. Barnum
If you've ever been afraid to exercise, cough, or laugh because of urinary leakage, you'll want to tune into this podcast with Dr. Barnum.
March 13, 2020
Heart Health & Cardiovascular Disease with Dr. Young
Dr. Young will discuss Heart Health & Cardiovascular Disease. Check your BMI score. 
February 28, 2020
What you can expect from Hudson Physicians in 2020.
CEO, Matt Brandt, talks about what you can expect from Hudson Physicians in 2020.
February 14, 2020