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Human Blacks

Human Blacks

By Human Blacks
We are all just human, but some lucky ones get to be black, so lets talk about it with the two fliest nerds you'll ever meet.
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til the next episode...
Well people, the season end came a bit quicker than expected because these two Human Blacks got some major human things to do in the next few months. But dont fret, we dropped a bomb episode for this last hurray of 2021 and you can take your time and really enjoy it. Peace our fellow human blacks, til next time...
October 14, 2021
We tiied tiied
Man are these human blacks tired! Guess being out in the streets all summer took a toll. Listen up as we talk the current state of the world and how we all are gonna have to put in work to finish this year off on a good note
September 23, 2021
Detroit Black Restaurant Week
Join us live from East Eats as we enjoy the kick off of Detroit black restaurant 
August 27, 2021
apply the notes
Yall still having bad sex in 2021? Man you better make them step up or stop! Anybody else feel the same way the Nerd does with getting vs giving head? Let's pull out our handbooks and talk some basics and learn some new terms like edging Mood Music: Now what x Lebra Jolie Beat down yo block x Monaleo
August 19, 2021
what if I got pulled over by a cop
Nerds took a week off on the podcast but not in life. Hidden joints, turn up moves, asnd mandarin oranges on salad. Catch up with the nerds as they catch up with the world
August 05, 2021
imma hot girl, I don't chill
Because that what being a hot girl means, duh! Tune in as we rap everything creative with someone who be creating! Gems got dropped so feel free to pick them up, and of course the mood music is right on point. Mood music:  Everythang x Jeezy Magic x Rico Nasty
July 22, 2021
No limits, no boundaries, just nasty
Bring on the vacations and baecations with all the in between. The nerds and the producer talk about upcoming trips and trips already enjoyed this year! That vacation sex just hit different! Mood Music: Throw that back x DijahSB Passport x Masego
July 15, 2021
Women on Women be marathons
Let's talk about sex and flooding, but neither have to do with each other! Join the nerds as the recap the current disaster in Detroit as well as admit that straight niggas just cant fuck *shrugs* . Shoutout to the producer for hoping in and adding to the vibes and conversation.  Mood Music: All time high x YRN Lingo Fresh Azimiz x Bow Wow
July 01, 2021
Got whitey on the moon
JUNETEENTH!! Do we really need to say much more? Well we will anyways. Got to chat with CidneySays and see what Cidney, well, has to say about the state of Detroit and what racism looks like. Mood Music: Out the mud x Kaleb Mitchell Thot Shit x Megan Thee Stallion
June 24, 2021
Shut it Down!
Outside is open all the way and we done already spent more money than all of rona time last year...can someone please shut it down! We tired! But its Pride month so we gonna let it rock Mood Music: Hats off x lil baby, lil durk, Travis Scott Transparency - Willow Smith
June 10, 2021
google is your bestfriend
Connecting with a Boss ass Bitch Human Black on this episode. We may hate the word influencer but we cant deny that some of us are really putting in the work for it. tryna check hot spots in Detroit? Listen up! Mood Music: Every chance I get x Lil baby & lil durk On my shit x Lightskin Keisha
May 20, 2021
thank you juicy j
It got brought to the red table so we figured we would bring it on the podcast. The nerds dive into their why and other things for poly life as they discuss the recent red table talk with Willow. Mood Music: I got the sace x Denny Strickland ft Juicy J dick x Starboi3 & Doja Cat
May 06, 2021
But also, what you got?
The Nerds are back from vacation or should we say baecations. Catch up with us and see why you should befriend that white person at the resort and all things Cabo and Denver. Mood Music: Love you x Sir Beating Down ya Block x Monaleo
April 29, 2021
It's not race, its racism
Vaccination talk as been THE talk so why not bring you the Human Black perspective and a Human Black doctor to deliver it. Join us as Dr. Liz talks about how she is dismantling racism in medicine one day at a time and whats the quickest way we can get back to shaking dat ass! Mood Music: Life x Lute It's not my fauly x Princess Nokia
April 15, 2021
I'm the bbq sauce
When the creatives in the stu, aint no telling where the convo might go. Listen up as we chat with Visual Nik and talk being a creative, how to stay creative, and all the other creative shit happening right now in the culture...and some not so great shit..yeah Mood Music: Wants & needs x Drake & lil Baby Black Ice x Hamlimah Consuelo
April 01, 2021
this is the sneaker episode
While one nerd is out, the other will talk about her favorite topic: Sneakers! Had to bring in the homie SoleBruthaKickz to hip other fellow human blacks to the resell game and some gems about hos to get  piece of the sneaker industry for yourself. Mood music: Steppin on Niggas x 21 Savage
March 18, 2021
This is not the sneaker episode
So a nerd misspoke and this is not the sneaker episode. Yall know we still gonna rock though and what better thing to talk about is how we rock with music. Tune in and dont be afraid to hit us up with your favorite tunes and how they make you feel! Mood Music: Star x Machine Drum ft Asap Ferg Best Friend x Saweetie & Doja Cat
March 11, 2021
Shamu Pussy
Time to catch up on what the Nerds have been up to. No guests today so you get just us! Sorry, not sorry.  Mood  Music: Into the Darkness x Sir Powered Up x Earthgang
March 04, 2021
Definitions cuz yall gonna learn something today! Our guest, the BlkQueerScholar demands it so get your notebook and pencil out and learn you something about what queer means. Guest: Tie B. From @BiQueer Mood Music: Antidote x Nao & Adekunle Gold Access Denied x Lucky Daye
February 25, 2021
niceness is gonna make a comeback
told ya we were going to bring some fabulous human blacks! this week, nerdia gets some gems from @astroreadybybri ! we talking spirituality & minding the business that pays you this week Mood Music: Nerdia Nadia - Willing x Jill Scott
February 18, 2021
oui'd & blacks & womxn & yeah. First guests for the year! Tap in as we chat cannabis from the womxn perspective and the other dope businesses that Jess Human and Heather have in store for us.  Mood music: Uncle Iroh x Tobi Lou Options x Earthgang & Wale
February 11, 2021
Do you categorize your nuts?
Its black history month. We black black every other month but this month we black black black. Oh, real quick, whats the last category of nut you had? Mood Music: Black 2 x Buddy pick up yo feelings x jasmine sullivan
February 04, 2021
where's my stimmy, joe?
Did yall miss us? Join the Nerds as they bring in a new year and a new president. 2021 is looking up already! Thats Madame Vice President Harris to you btw Mood Music:  Nerdia - Flo Milli x Roaring 20s Nerd W - Pharaohs x Dom Kennedy
January 28, 2021
Our place in all of this
The last one! Well, at least for 2020. Done from the crib again cuz you know, Rona. Dont forget to get some self care in as we transition to a new season! Mood Music: Let it out x Rico Nasty Life is good x Drake & Future
December 10, 2020
So you gon do crack?
It's been a min since we just kicked it. Listen up as we just laugh it up with different stories Mood Music: 12.38 x Childish Gambino f2020 x Avenue Beat
November 19, 2020
Cocktales with Cocktails
Two podcasts collide as the human blacks decide to visit Cocktales with Cocktails. What comes next... well, listen up 🤣🤣🤣🤣
November 12, 2020
What the title said cuz there is nothing else to say Mood Music: Pussycat Doll x Flo Milli FDT x YG
November 05, 2020
everybody has titties
Y'all know we care about our fellow Human Blacks right?!  Regardless of the craziness that is happening right now, it is still October and that means its Breast Cancer Awareness month. We brought in a guest to give you the real on whast you need to know to proect yourselves and loved ones. Remember, early detection is key! Mood Music: Boo x Championxii Dennis Rodman x ASAP Ferg ft Tyga
October 22, 2020
Its the Hypocrisy for me
We hate to do it but we had to do it, lets talk this ghetto ass US and the politics that be right now. Yall its stressful! Shoutout to Booface Babyyyyy! Mood Music: Own It x Rico Nasty On God x Mulatto
October 15, 2020
The Episode About Nothing
Word to Wale!  Join us as we have a general Human Blacks ladies chat. With the host from the Wine about it podcast and another special guest, we dive into those things that truly matter like best weed strains and best songs to twerk to. Come thru twerk team! Mood Music: Don't Stop x Megan Thee Stallion
October 08, 2020
?s for Nerd Wonder
Nerdia did it so its only right we put Nerd Wonder to the live ringer too huh? Get to know one of the Nerds a little bit more Mood Music: Pull up x Mulatto ft 21 Savage
September 28, 2020
Get That Bread, Get that Head
We love to talk about it, so we hope yall like to listen. That favorite taboo topic is back: the black bisexual man and of course we had to chime in on our favorite topic. Pat.Simo blesses us with his vibes and his thoughts. Mood Music: hypergamy x melD then leave x BeatKing, Queendom Come
September 17, 2020
winter blues
Let the nerds help you prep for those winter blues! The weather is changing and that means seasonal depression is back on the move. We give tips on prepping correctly while giving you some of our copping mechanisms. Mood Music: Woman x Nao
September 10, 2020
??s for nerdia
while nerdwonder is away, nerdia basically gives all the tea by answering some really great questions submitted by listeners! mood music: flo milli shit
September 05, 2020
we all fckd up
It is time to protect black women! Join us as the human blacks bring a special guest to really talk the problems within ourselves. Its ok to check ourselves, if we dont who will?!? We also chat major moves happening around Detroit and of course, some check wins. Mood music: Binz x Solange Yank Riddim (remix) x Snowsa & Young Ma
August 27, 2020
Boomed & Busy
Marijuaaannnaaa! I love you my brother!! Come with the nerds as we eaze on down the green road and talk Marijuana with our friend and tribe expert, Tony Dark aka madgrass. One of the Nerds is indeed Boomed & Busy, and its a lotta check wins! Mood Music: little women x camilla covington high right now - tyleh Yahweh ft Wiz Khalifa
August 20, 2020
Fried Bologna
Would you like to play a game?!?! Well we wanna, so we shall! The Nerds got some major wins in and are up in spirit so why not  have a little fun? Mood music: use me, lose me x dacia monet G.E.D x Lute
August 13, 2020
i should be able to opt out
Check win with the Human Blacks as they talk whats really our job as Human Blacks in this world. Of course we talked Black if King cuz it is as well as sports being back and making sure you include women in your co-ed games. Mood music: Top Down x Earthgang Said Sum x Moneybag Yo
August 06, 2020
What a concept!!
Had a week off but we back recapping all that the world has given us the past few weeks. Join the nerds as they talk the passing of icons, mental health, protecting black women, and of course, telling yall where you can DO BETTER! Mood Music: May I - Flo Milli ATL Freestyle x 6lack
July 30, 2020
Definitions with Dr. makelove
Whoo! Jada & Will set us up for an interesting conversation that we already had planned anyways! Time to learn about different typesof relationships across this beautiful black spectrum. Mood Music: Swing x Quavo & Normandi Look Easy x Katrynada
July 16, 2020
ASMR on Sexuality
Its still pride month (Barely! literally the last day as we record) and we felt the need to tell yall a little more about the Nerds Human and Black selves. Open your mind and enjoy the ride! Mood music: @theestallion x Girlz in the Hood
July 02, 2020
What is Blackness?
Hang with the nerds as they uhh..well lets just say they got lit. But this is just the beginning of something great! Da producer stepping in and talking all things black with us. We also discuss what every girl would do if they had a penis, well at least one nerd. Mood Music: movin different x Wale no one knows x Brent Faiyaz
June 25, 2020
do better
Things are changing out here and the human blacks are just trying to keep up. Corporations actions crazy, wypipo acting crazy and of course, Juneteenth is coming! Shoutout to our quick guests da producer and Big Daddy Shaun
June 18, 2020
Know Ya Role
Whew! To be Human during this time! But to be Human & Black... The nerds dive into whats going on in the country and finding your personal way to help. Shoutout to da producer! He hopped on with us for this one. Mood Music: proud of you x earthgange, solitaries x future & la flame
June 11, 2020
just hella ghetto
let's just review all the mess that's going on in the world. a big part of being human and black is acknowledging all the craziness and then figuring our way through it. mood music: traphouse 3 - gucci mane win - jay rock
May 28, 2020
struggling, but winning
life continues to be upside down for the nerds (& the world because covid-19). this episode the nerds get into some stressors surrounding keeping in touch with the fam that's in the country, whether it's road tripping home or just making facetime calls. also, shoutout to bug gretch!  mood music: do it - chloe x halle  smile - dj snake ft. bryson tiller 
May 21, 2020
Thats why we sisters, duh!
The nerds are back! 
May 14, 2020
well shit, just mind your business
we're back & virtual. this whole rona thing is getting out of hand! *insert hella clapping emojis* listen to the nerds try to cope with the stay indoors thing going on.  mood music: side pony tail - lightskin keisha after party - don toliver
April 11, 2020
Live-ish Show cuz...Corona
@nerdia.nadia & @nerdstar_101 have just had it with this corona talk! So we figured, lets talk to the people!
April 02, 2020
Quarantine Sushi
alright, now y'all know we had to attempt to get serious about the rona. we also have our very first guest!! the amazing bella (@bella_donna_vita) stopped by to educate us on what's really going on with this virus & the nerds give some wfh & self-care tips!  mood music:  desires x faygogotcash  corona virus x cardi b mix  & corona virus x yofrangel
March 19, 2020
wutang name generator!
Envy dont look good on you, shawty gotta fix that shit, but first we have to be honest about it. this week, we're letting it all out about being jealous of our loved ones because we see the great in them easier than we see it ourselves. mood music: savage x megan thee stallion fkn around x phony ppl & megan thee stallion
March 12, 2020
Shout-out to our producer!
priorities, priorities, man these priorities. How do you stay focused while you going to get multiple bags? Join the nerds as we talk about our struggles to stay on top of it all country grammer - nelly been away - Brent faiyaz
March 05, 2020
the whole 8
grief and motivation collide, unfortunately. in this episode we get really real with yall about the side effects and coping mechanisms with grief. Mood Music: you're not alone- emeli sande Roll dice - Roddy Ricch
February 06, 2020
you gone learn something
this is a (white) mans world and the nerds are tryna survive. get to know the nerds behind the Human Blacks podcast and how they deal with being engineers in a world that doesnt look like them. but never forget our favorite segments: ghetto excellence & positive slice, which you'll have to listen to figure those out! mood music: juicy booty; doja cat golden; le mav
January 22, 2020