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Human Meets Being: One Voice Of Love, Activating Your Genesis

Human Meets Being: One Voice Of Love, Activating Your Genesis

By Sarah Elkins, Human Meets Being, Genesis Rose 🌹
My name is Sarah Elkins, NOW let me introduce my true self, the SOUL within this skin, LOVE’s Light. You might call me, "Iris" a Cosmic Mother, Creatrix of bliss in this matrix.

My identity is not what you see, or words you read, grasping a fraction of my BEing. I am not my age, sex or body. I am not my past, any of the tasks, or roles I’ve played. I am not my personality, or anything that has happened to me. This life journey is just one story, one of many lifetimes; each intertwined, available to me now.

I am ONE, one spectral fragment of Divine, birthed from Source Mother/Father Love C
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Light Language, Rose Order, Divine Mother Sacred Heart Light Activation, short meditation
Light language, Light codes through Source Love and Angelic realms, contains also essence flowing from Atlantis, Lemurian & Ancient Water Priestess, Aphrodite, Hathor, Bastet, Isis energy and others through Diamond Rainbow Rays of Light. If you'd like your very own custom creation let me know! I connect with you and bring in Light codes specific to your frequency for healing, upgrades, and activations within your Divine Blueprint for the highest and best good of all. Xoxo Sarah Elkins Creatrix, Genesis Rose 🌹 / VENMO @humanmeetsbeing / CASH APP $humanmeetsbeing #lightlanguage #christconsciousness #ascendedmasters #lightcodes #dnaactivation #ascension #newearth #creatrix #sacredheart #GenesisRose #Hathor #priestess
December 20, 2021
Access Revoked Light Invoked, clearing toxic energies from your life force energy
If you've ever been in a toxic narcissistic or abusive relationship you may be able to relate to this and receive healing as well. You may affirm and command this release for your own freedom. I've dealt with many toxic abusive narcissistic energies in my past. I experienced lower vibrations trying to feed off my light and instead of raising their own vibration. This taught me to claim my energy as my own and find and use my voice, Just stop allowing distractions and others to get me off my path. I hope this helps someone else out there. Thank you.
December 16, 2021
Reveal yourself
It's so important now more than ever to stay true to your Soul and speak your truth. Remembering it's your truth, I'm careful to remain aware and my intention is everyone's best interest at heart with no persuasion just simple truths that have transformed my life and the lives of many others I've assisted along the journey. It's good to reveal yourself by shining your light of your YOUniqueness!
December 03, 2021
Comfortably uncomfortable yet also uncomfortably comfortable, sharing insights and ramblings as love
Gaining perspective through much reflection of my life experiences. I love sharing these ramblings with you all!
October 06, 2021
Starseed confessions; Certainty, surrending the need to know
✨The one thing I know for sure is to keep surrending the need for certainty ✨ (Lol , love it ... little paradoxical statement) I hear myself saying...' I just want to make sure'.... "make sure"...sure, Ha! One thing is for sure, with life comes change, constant transformation feels strange ... new inFORMation, light animation, shaping shifting infinitely infinite certainty 😆 Silly Human! I love her! She's mine, always there... I see her reflection in the mirror.. she looks closer, staring back at me… She see's me too…. knows I'm there and well aware of her pure intention, together unlimited co-creation. She's my shadow and I'm her light, together we know we will be alright, of that I'm certain! I am certainly certain that I know for sure, I've been here before! Cycles, patterns repeating.... My heart is still beating, Soul still traveling, sharing, living, learning, teaching, shining Certain in trusting divine timing, synchronicities aligning The true magic is in the unlimited potentiality of all realities, expectations are nothing but limitations. Divine intervention, God's protection. No one truth per se... What is a fact anyway, Does that apply to every dimension, every perception is unique for a reason... Certain in myself, My knowledge now WISDOM, embodiment, my true wealth, my iwn enLIGHTenment ... my Higher Soul, spark of Source LOVElight guiding the to trust and allow it all to unfold. No longer needing to know, trusting our intuition, submerging in feelings, the Human meeting my BEing in the middle, balanced and centered. Exploring the ocean of my emotions, the depths of my Soul I dive, feeling alive! Now is time to thrive! Certain I am already home everywhere I go, never alone, no longer needing to it all on my own. Unity, collaboration, highest manifestations, Secure in my ability. Certainly free to cocreate my reality as part of team, within me first, and then on New Earth. It's already here, It's already now, step into your power and let love shower you with a new certainty that you too can be free! You set yourself free, Be certain that you already know, allow your higher soul angels and guides to go along for the ride! Have fun! Create and play, it's the fastest most rewarding way to achieve all that you deserve. It takes owning your own worth. Blending, merging your Human with your BEing, your own king and queen, balanced and centered through love your higher soul. You are home. Awake in the dream, join the team!
June 12, 2021
Lovelight it's sunlight sparkling bright, rainbow rays Glowing flowing dancing weaving dreams into reality Clairty seeing i am my own free sovereign being Divinity within me, the very breath that is me I am love, worthy and deserving I am a King, a Queen, a Human and BEing.
May 23, 2021
Midnight messages from Love to Humanity, messages of Truths, reflection, introspection, co-creation
Laying down asleep at night and midnight messages of truth s keep streaming in so I decided to start recording them and share with you. These are my truths for a my experiences my reflections my perceptions You get to choose your own truth. Finding stillness and listening to others is where we truly learn who we are. Listen in and I'll explain more.
May 13, 2021
Empowering yourself, embodiment of light.
Speaking from soul truth to help provide activational healing to empower yourself and embody your light.
April 30, 2021
Equinox Light language transmission & Activational light codes for New Earth Crystalline Grid
Light Code key activation & healing to unlocking the Sacred Heart, opening a doorway to begin exploring New Earth.✨ There is no waiting, start LivINg. 5D New Earth is here NOW. YOU are it! Anchor the light, no fear in sight. The veil reveals more that has been concealed. BE prepared. Surrender and let go. Shift and Flow. Allow the emotions and memories to come and go. Witness, observe, learn, respond, cause no harm. You are the Light. You are protected, Believe✨The Elohim ✨
March 21, 2021
Light language transmissions
Light code activations and transmissions through pure Source Love frequency. Listen with the heart and Soul, the energy knows. Remember who you are.
December 04, 2020
Creating your own reality: set yourself FREE
Reality: You have the ability, co-create, shift and transform life as we know it. Now own it!!
December 03, 2020
Your vessel & the Lighthouse
Our mind & body are like the ship out in sea. Our heart like the lighthouse, our Soul the guiding LIGHT.
December 02, 2020
Snake medicine, ancient benevolent beings "Daemons" speak to me
A transmission from the Daemons, members of the Faye and Inner Earth Alliance. Well hiking and fake canyon Arizona I met a new snake guide. From this moment I was deeply activated and a healing took place....
December 01, 2020
Empowerments, Enlightenment, I AM Heaven sent
Just sharing a few words of wisdoms with you.
June 20, 2020
Whispering Like The Wind
Xoxo. By Sarah Elkins, Sparkles Blue Ray of Light Starseed ✨💎💙🔮🌀🌞🌈🌍🦋🐳🐬🎶🎤🙌✨ If you enjoyed this meditation with light codes activations and healing energy to clear, balance, and restore the Chakra systems please feel free to share. I dedicate my entire Being to serving the highest and best good of all and Mother Earth, through only love donations and sliding scale. If you feel inspired to gift an energy exchange in form of love donation it would be a great blessing. Thank you, please reference the details below. I accept payment via : Venmo: @Sarah-Marie-711
June 15, 2020
Work in progress
This episode is a teaser, a sample of what is yet to come, a work in progress 😁 Just like each day as we learn and grow together.
May 19, 2020