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Humanity Rising VOICES

By Humanity Rising
Humanity Rising is focused on inspiring the next generation of leaders and social innovators. Through our VOICES podcasts, we're able to provide young people with new perspectives on life and bring them inspiration to take action and bring positive impact to their communities.

We will feature new VOICES podcasts every week with a variety of topics, including bullying, mental health, personal empowerment, civic engagement, business leadership, philanthropy and spirituality.

You may also join us for the live sessions. You can register via our social media or at
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Anya & Kat - The Colorization Collective- Student Feature

Humanity Rising VOICES

Carmen Hernandez (Professional Perspectives Episode 21)
Episode 21 on Professional Perspectives; Carmen Hernandez, Family Counselor in the greater Chicago area. Hosted by Alisha Gupta.  Chicago native Carmen Hernandez graduated two years ago from UIC (University of Illinois Chicago) and works with Catholic Charities as a family counselor. She is passionate about social justice and helping the less fortunate, especially the youth.  The podcast is pre-recorded and will be published on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music under ‘Humanity Rising VOICES.’
September 15, 2021
Sasha Miller - The 50-Year Poverty Line - Student Feature
Sasha Miller is a 2021 graduating senior and a Boulder native! She has found her passion of poverty, conservation, and indigenous rights through travel, education, and personal experiences. She loves to talk to people and be involved within her community and she is currently working as an Americorps member with PeaceJam. However, outside of her work she can often be found outside hiking, backpacking, or surfing (if there is an ocean!).
August 25, 2021
Medha Kolhe - Professional Perspectives
Medha Kolhe is a Risk Management Analyst and the Co-founder and CEO of Inara. She recently graduated from Babson College (Class of '21) in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a Bay Area native. In college, she majored in finance, strategic management, and entrepreneurship, while also studying abroad opportunities in London, Dubai, Paris, and Singapore. At Babson, she was incredibly involved with her Women's Leadership Scholarship cohort, served in various leadership positions in Alpha Kappa Psi - a coed business fraternity, and was a part of the Honors Program, writing her own senior thesis on cross-border entrepreneurship. Aside from her college and career achievements, she is a huge tennis fan, loves traveling and learning about different cultures, experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, and listening to podcasts like this one! Social Media Links: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: Email Address:
August 25, 2021
Devin Moore & Alisha Gupta - Cyberbullying
Hi all! Today I will be podcasting with Devin Moore, founder of #RaceToSpeakUp on the subject of Cyber Bullying and how it affects people.
August 1, 2021
Ava Rai Ford-Professional Perspectives
Episode 14 on Professional Perspectives: Ava Raiford, USA National Miss DC Jr Teen 2020. Hosted by Alisha Gupta Ava Raiford is the reigning USA National Miss DC Jr Teen 2020. Ava is a shining example of someone who is passionate about helping others. Throughout her career in pageantry, she dedicated her time to volunteering local elementary schools by reading her anti-bullying book, "Ava Spreads Love Wherever She Goes". She even shares informative presentations about being respectable and kind within a classroom setting. One of Ava's most accomplished initiative was developing her own personal advocacy 'Ava's Toy Box', where she collects new toys all year and distributes them to local families in need. Ava will showcase all of her skills and accolades at the USA National Miss national pageant this Thanksgiving weekend. She will proudly represent the District of Columbia hoping to capture the prestigious Jr Teen title amongst all 50 states. You can contact her at @usanationalmissdcjrteen2020. The podcast is pre-recorded and will be published on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music under ‘Humanity Rising VOICES.’
July 29, 2021
Rebecca Ake - Disability Awareness
‘Howdy! My name is Rebecca Ake. I am 15 and live in Texas. I have an amazing family that includes my incredible sister who has a physical disability. She has inspired me to help other people like her in my community! Join me on the Humanity Rising Podcast to hear of ways you can help people with disabilities in your community.’
July 24, 2021
Professional Perspectives - Trisha Barta - South Asian Productions
Trisha Batra is Robotic Process Automation Analyst and the Founder/CEO of South Asian Productions. She graduated as a student athlete (on the college dance team) from the University of California Riverside and majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology. During University she won the title of Miss California Earth United States, and was able to participate in multiple modeling projects. In her spare time you can find Trisha taking a dance class, doing a photoshoot, or on a coffee date talking about brand/digital marketing strategies.
July 16, 2021
Devin Moore - Behind The Screen - The Harms of Cyberbullying
Devin Moore on "Behind The Screen - The Harms of Cyberbullying" Webinar.    Devin is a 17 year old senior in high school who is making impactful changes in this world. Devin is the Founder of #RaceToSpeakUp, an anti-bullying organization. He designed the #BehindTheScreen, anti-cyberbullying curriculum, in order to teach students about what cyberbullying is, cyberbullying prevention, and how to be upstanders.
July 9, 2021
Janani- Professional Perspectives
Episode 20 on Professional Perspectives: Janani, Founder of By Janani LLC & The Indian Standard. Hosted by Alisha Gupta “My name is Janani and I am a writer, content creator and mental health advocate. I started on social media to tell my story about how I was able to heal and understand the world from a personal perspective - I did not want any other person to go through college the way I did and I felt compelled to share. I feel it is my duty and responsibility to be as authentic about my mental health as possible since I believe understanding everyone’s vulnerability can open doors for so many things. The more we openly communicate, the more we can understand each other and as time progresses, hopefully conflict will subside.” The podcast is pre-recorded and will be published on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music under ‘Humanity Rising VOICES.’
July 7, 2021
Syda Taylor - Organic Oneness
Syda Taylor is the new founder and executive director of a nonprofit called Organic Oneness established in 2020. Together with her 9 board members, countless volunteers, and a multitude of community partners, they promote the interconnectedness of all people and the Earth through community training, programs, and events. Organic Oneness is also building structures to help social activists prevent illness, burn-out, and compassion fatigue.
May 9, 2021
Jiya Gupta - Personal Finance - Student Feature
WCIY 4/7- Episode 44: Jiya Gupta on #WhatCauseInspiresYou podcast series! Nitya will be on with them on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 at 7PM CST.  Jiya is currently a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School. During her free time, she loves playing badminton, researching, and watching movies. She is beyond excited to talk on the Humanity Rising podcast regarding her Personal Finance Classes for Students!
April 20, 2021
Ravi Sharma - OOTify - Professional Perspectives
Episode 18 on Professional Perspectives: Ravi Sharma. Hosted by Alisha Gupta   Ravi Sharma is a repeat founder as well as an early stage venture investor through iBOS and through TiE Angels. He also is currently an operator of a mental healthcare startup called OOTify and has had two successful exits as an entrepreneur in the past. Ravi cares deeply about the environment and health & wellness and is passionate about social impact ventures that have the potential to have a significant, positive impact on humanity. Most recently, Ravi was one of the youngest portfolio managers at the award-winning investment manager, Western Asset Management Co. (Western Asset) and was personally responsible for approximately $1.3 billion in assets on behalf of sovereign wealth and institutional clients. Prior to Western Asset, he worked at PNMAC Capital Management, Arch Bay Capital, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
April 8, 2021
Larry Stein - Disciplined Investment Mgmt. - Professional Perspectives
Episode 21 on Professional Perspectives: Larry Stein. Hosted by Alisha Gupta.   Larry Stein is the founder and CEO of Disciplined Investment Management in Chicago, Illinois. He is the author of two investment books and has been the Chicago Ambassador for the national CFP Board for several years. In his spare time, he is writing a book detailing his journey with stuttering and his eventual triumph. In addition, he mentors people who stutter all over the world.   You can contact Larry at
April 7, 2021
Steve Killelea - The Institute of Economics & Peace - Professional Perspectives
As a global philanthropist, Steve Killelea has laid the foundations to develop an entirely new understanding of peace. As a thought leader, he has reshaped the entire concept to recognize its integrity to the revival of our economic and political systems. Few have provoked global thought amongst both policymakers and members of the public quite to the extent of Steve. An international entrepreneur behind the global think tank, the Institute for Economics and Peace, he combines a highly successful career in technology with a philanthropic focus on peace and sustainable development to shed new light on issues, from terrorism and conflict to economics and prosperity.    The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) Ambassador Program provides peace builders from around the world with concrete knowledge and resources to help foster peace within their networks and communities. This program is a means through which IEP’s research is activated. Consisting of three webinars with research and figures from IEP, participants are required to utilise their learning from the program in a peace project or presentation. And we are excited to bring this program to Humanity Rising.
April 7, 2021
Angela Ma, Katie Sze, and April Wu - Budding Companions - Student Feature
Angela Ma, Katie Sze, and April Wu are high school seniors attending Fremd High School in Palatine, IL. In May 2020, they founded the volunteer organization Budding Companions with the goal of promoting optimism and providing companionship to senior citizens amid the coronavirus pandemic. Through virtual conversations, games, performances, and other interactive activities, they have been able to foster a special intergenerational connection between students and senior citizens. Budding Companions has currently reached over 30 nursing homes across America with a growing network of over 100 student volunteers.
April 5, 2021
Anouk Yeh - Celebrating Differences - Student Feature
Anouk is a 16 year old spoken word poet and organizer. She is the founding Executive Director of the Celebrating Differences Organization, an organization focused on promoting neurodivergent awareness, allyship and inclusivity. She has spoken after prominent figures such as Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, peace activist Ela Gandhi and San Juan, Puerto Rico mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, and her work has been recognized by the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Times Herald and more.
March 18, 2021
Pankti Mehta - Compassion During Corona - Student Feature
Pankti Mehta is a rising Junior at the North Royalton High School. Thoroughly passionate about making a positive impact, she is the founder and president of Compassion During Corona: a non-profit that aims to provide upliftment to the global community amidst these times of uncertainty. The website for this organization, with around 10,000 viewers and a 98% success rate in improving the mood of those who visited, has received attention from the Cleveland Clinic and the Dalai Lama. Mehta's favorite subjects are math and computer science. In her free time, she enjoys art, playing tennis, and (surprise!) typing tests.
March 15, 2021
Rhea & Ranya Sharma - Skulls & Drills - Student Feature
My name is Rhea Sharma, and I am currently a freshman at Northwestern University as a part of the Honors Program in Medical Education. I am proud to have co-founded Skulls and Drills with my sister 2 years ago, and I am excited to continue to expand our efforts.    My name is Ranya Sharma and I am currently a junior at Barrington High School in IL. I feel fortunate for the platform that Skulls and Drills has provided us to give back to the community. I am excited for all of our future endeavors!
March 3, 2021
Ria Sharma - Limitless Lacrosse - Student Feature
Ria Sharma is high school female athlete and president of a Non-Profit Organization called Limitless Lacrosse that provides opportunities and support to the future generation of female athletes through lacrosse mentorship and experiences. Girl's Lacrosse is a more recent uprising sport and girl's typically aren't introduced to it before 8th grade, where as sports such as soccer and gymnastics are introduced to kids as they begin to walk. Limitless Lacrosse allows the youth to learn from high school mentors, others to donate lacrosse equipment/funds, share lacrosse experiences on a blog portal, and inspire lacrosse interests.
March 2, 2021
Allen Ruppel - Unity in Motion
Allen Ruppel is the founder of Unity in Motion and served as the organization’s Executive Director for the first 20 years. He is currently serving as the organization’s Development Director. He is also the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Hope Christian Schools network and a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Urban Teaching. He is also the Founder of Unity in Hope elementary school in Islamabad, Pakistan which began operations in the year 2020.
February 26, 2021
Andrew Diep-Tran - operationEconomics - Student Feature
When things don't go his way, Mission Hills High School senior Andrew Diep-Tran merges economics and entrepreneurship to fight it. So, frustrated with the lack of economic classes and clubs in his community, he founded operationEconomics International (OEI), a nonprofit teaching it to 1,800+ students in 18 chapters across 7 countries and 5 U.S. states. Be it through running OEI, organizing his school district's first TEDx event, or advocating for pro-business policies, it's clear he loves nothing more than one thing: to clear and chart the terrain for others, so they don't have to.
February 26, 2021
Kevin Locke - How Music Unites the World
Kevin Locke (Lakota name: Tȟokéya Inážiŋ, meaning "The First to Arise"; born 1954) is Lakota (Hunkpapa band) and Anishinaabe. He is a preeminent player of the Native American flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist, fluent Lakota language and sign language speaker, and educator.   Mr. Locke uses folk arts to emphasize universal themes that are integral to all peoples. Universality of human spirit, its inclination towards peace, balance, harmony, and a longing that all human beings have for the Divine Springtime are a few central themes that he displays in his hoop dance, which is essentially a prayer for the unification of all mankind. Using his folk arts as a vehicle, Locke shares this prayer with children and adult in groups ranging from 50 to 55,000 people at a time. Even though he has performed in many prestigious venues to innumerable dignitaries such as Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama, his favorite audience continues to be children and youth.
February 24, 2021
Jeffrey Ramos - Becoming: The Podcast - Professional Perspectives
Jeffrey Ramos is the host of Becoming: The Podcast and is a freelance production member in the film industry. His film Heir was officially selected by the New York Latino Film Festival, Silicon Valley Asian Pacific film festival, and San Francisco Latino Film Festival. He currently works for Uptin Saiidi, a contributor to MSNBC and nonprofit healthcare clinics doing social impact work. He enjoys hobbies such as dance, reading, and drinking boba.
February 24, 2021
Joseph Kolapudi - Reach Across - Professional Perspectives
Joseph is a young professional who is passionate about social justice. He currently serves as the Project Director for ReachAcross, an international non-profit. He also is the Lead for an online response platform responding to COVID-19 challenges known as Solve Squad. Additionally, he is a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum.
February 24, 2021
Adarsh Gupta - Fit4Grit - Student Feature
Adarsh Gupta is a sophomore at Saint Francis High School. He is the CEO and founder of Fit4Grit Academy, a martial art and fitness non-profit for youth. He has had multiple experiences with entrepreneurship in the past, including co-founding an app called Guidey to help the homeless. He practices various martial arts as a 2nd degrees black belt and also plays competitive golf on his school team and practices and teaches dance in and out of Saint Francis.
February 23, 2021
Anika Shah - Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition - Student Feature
Anika Shah is a sophomore Government major on a Pre-Law track at the University of Texas at Austin. Anika’s passion for student-led activism first began in 2018 after witnessing the atrocities of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting which compelled her to act. More recently, she is a founding member of the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition (SARC), a coalition dedicated to creating tangible and sustainable anti-racist changes in her local community. She is hoping to inspire generations of change-makers!
February 23, 2021
Trisha Batra - South Asian Productions - Student Feature
Trisha Batra is Robotic Process Automation Analyst and the Founder/CEO of South Asian Productions. She graduated as a student athlete (on the college dance team) from the University of California Riverside and majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology. During University she won the title of Miss California Earth United States, and was able to participate in multiple modeling projects. In her spare time you can find Trisha taking a dance class, doing a photoshoot, or on a coffee date talking about brand/digital marketing strategies.
February 19, 2021
Saanya Gupta - Hunger - Student Feature
Saanya Gupta is a freshman at University of California-Davis majoring in food science. She loves to bake and uses it to combat issues such as food insecurity and hold classes to teach others some tips and tricks. Through this podcast, she will be explaining food insecurity, how we can help and a little about what she is doing currently.
February 19, 2021
Jacob Warman - Art Therapy - Student Feature
Jacob is a filmmaker who has used art therapy through illustration, animation, and filmmaking in order to process trauma. After this cathartic realization, he has set out to spread awareness on how art therapy can help youth process and ultimately confront trauma through a fun and non-invasive manner. He has given a speech at Viacom headquarters about this very topic and how it can help other youth struggling with trauma. Jacob is currently in the brainstorming process of forming an after school program that provides art therapy for K-12.
February 19, 2021
Dhruv Pai - Teens Helping Seniors - Student Feature
Dhruv Pai, a student in the STEM magnet program in Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, MD, is actively engaged in public service. He is the Co-founder and President of an international non profit organization 'Teens Helping Seniors' formed during COVID-19 crisis to provide delivery of groceries and medications to seniors and vulnerable populations. As the Brand Ambassador and CTO of the non-profit organization,‘Arts-n-STEM 4 Hearts’, he enjoys sharing arts, music and STEM concepts with kids, veterans, individuals at senior living homes, and hospice centers. He is actively involved in volunteering at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD through the Red Cross program where he serves the needs of the wounded warriors and veterans in the surgical and amputee clinic, children in the cancer unit and also helps elderly veterans suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. When Dhruv is not doing his homework or serving the community, you will find him either singing in his school and community choirs or playing with his two cats.
February 19, 2021
Sachi Bajaj - Me2U Foundation - Student Feature
Sachi Bajaj, the founder of Me2U Foundation (, is a senior at the Harker School in San Jose, California, and holds an avid passion for environmentalism. After being heavily involved with her school's Green Team, she desired to expand her community impact alongside other dedicated youth through creating Me2U, an organization with both environmental and humanitarian goals. Led by hundreds of environmentalists, Me2U has redistributed thousands of excess items and meals to underserved communities and is now operating in 27+ countries across 5 continents.
February 19, 2021
Julia Seay - The Brainy Bunch - Student Feature
Julia Seay is a freshman at Washington and Lee University, and is looking to use her education to help the environment and the mental wellness of people of color. After experiencing the side effects of the mental health stigma in her community, Julia has co-founded The Brainy Bunch as a way to bring awareness to mental health, but to also provide mental health resources and advice to her community in new and creative ways.
February 19, 2021
Kaitlyn Vail - Supporting Smiles - Student Feature
Kaitlyn Vail is a sophomore in high school in Ohio. She created her organization Supporting Smiles, a mental health organization based around the education and awareness of mental health. She hopes to spread awareness for mental health with her own experiences and knowledge and hopes to get people to understand the community.
February 14, 2021
Samantha Feinberg & Sydney Holubow - Balance Boxes - Student Feature
Samantha Feinberg and Sydney Holubow are the co-founders of Balance Boxes. Balance Boxes is a youth-led nonprofit that provides low income students with academic and enjoyable activities. Sydney Holubow is a senior at Deerfield High School who helped co-found Balance Boxes. She is passionate in giving back to her community and believes that everyone should have equal access to education.
February 14, 2021
Mohammed Al Samawi - Author, The Fox Hunt
Mohammed Al Samawi is an interfaith activist, a refugee from Yemen and the author of best-selling autobiography The Fox Hunt: A Refugee's Memoir of Coming To America. Mohammed’s personal journey led him from harboring a deep suspicion of other faiths to becoming a peace advocate. A critical, powerful encounter with a teacher challenged him to learn about the Bible and Judaism, rerouting him from a path of likely violence. Mohammed’s journey to interfaith commitment ultimately saved his life, when four years ago four American strangers helped rescue him from extremist groups in Yemen.   Mohammed remains committed to the exchange of core values that define our religious traditions and hopes to advance this work through his interfaith organization, the Abrahamic House, to build sustainable interfaith learning and action across Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Baha'i communities in order to foster an environment of learning, respect and social change.  Fox 2000 Pictures, La La Land producer Marc Platt and Josh Singer, Academy Award winner for best original screenplay for Spotlight, are developing the movie The Fox Hunt, based on Mohammed’s autobiography. Mohammed was covered by People Magazine, New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, C-SPAN among others.
February 1, 2021
Nahtahna Cabanes - LA Works - Professional Perspectives
Nahtahna Cabanes is the V.P. of Strategic Partnerships at L.A. Works, building partnerships with Los Angeles’ change makers to move forward the mission of L.A.’s largest volunteer network. A history teacher for 10 years, in 2011 she shifted careers to study macro social work at UCLA. While at UCLA she was a Bohnett Fellow in the Mayor’s Office of Education. Her lifelong nonprofit career has also included work with CASA of Los Angeles and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking. She is on the Board of the Ridley Foundation, which gives thousands of dollars away each year to education centers in Santa Barbara and is former Chair of the David Ryu’s Discretionary Fund Committee, making recommendations for the use of funds in City Council District 4. While she loves her work. she will always hold a place in her heart for medieval primary source documents.
December 15, 2020
Tina Dai - Silverton Partners - Professional Perspective
Tina is a Principal at Silverton Partners, the longest running and most active early-stage VC in Texas. In her role, she collaborates with founders to help shrink the distance between the drawing board and realizing their vision. Prior to Silverton, Tina worked in venture at First Round Capital, product at Intuit, and strategy at McKinsey & Company. Tina also cares deeply about elevating female investors and founders - she co-chairs the AllRaise Principal Cohort program to accelerate women's careers in venture capital, is a founding member of the Beam Angel Network, and angel invests with The Council. She also serve on the board of Jusoor, a nonprofit investing in educational programs for Syrian youth.
November 18, 2020
Will Gurley - You Matter Festival - Student Feature
Will Gurley is 17 years old from Leawood, Kansas. He is a senior at Kansas City Christian School and is an active participant in theatre and band. Will is the founder and president of the You Matter Festival, a music festival promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention. You can learn more about the You Matter Festival at 
November 18, 2020
Barbara Talley - Racial Unity - VOICES Podcast
Barbara Talley has been working in diversity, conflict resolution, effective communications, leadership, and race unity for over forty years and has continuously offered programs professionally and in her community.  She is building a virtual meeting space that is now focusing on the elimination of racism, building community and elevating the station of black people designated as pupil of the eye.
November 17, 2020
Dr. Bob Henderson - Community Neighborhood Technologies - VOICES Podcast
Dr. Bob Henderson currently serves as Board Chair of Community Neighborhood Technologies (CNT), a nonprofit organization focused on urban sustainability and social equity that received the MacArthur Foundation “Genius” award for organizations. CNT’s work focuses on research and development of tools to create equitable and sustainable communities in climate, housing, transportation, water, energy and employment.
November 16, 2020
Yona & Dishka - The DPM Journey - Professional Perspectives
Episode 13 on Professional Perspectives: Yona and Diksha of The DPM Journey Hosted by Alisha Gupta Yona is a 3rd-year podiatric medical student who dedicates time trying to educate students and individuals about the field of podiatry. There isn’t much awareness and information about what podiatry entails, but he hopes to keep shedding light about this health profession. If he isn’t focused on editing the next YouTube video and studying for classes, he loves hiking, watching movies, and exercising! Diksha is a 3rd-year podiatric medical student who hopes to fill the gap of information out there for premeds about podiatry. She knows how hard it is to find details about it and discover this alternative way to become a physician. If she’s not trying her best to brainstorm unique ways to spread the information and study, she’s dancing, cooking plant-based foods, and working on her fitness!
November 12, 2020
Nehal Banik - Empowering Through Dance - Student Feature
Episode 10 on Professional Perspectives: Nehal Banik, Undergraduate Research assistant at UCLA, Dancer, Actor, and more! Hosted by Alisha Gupta. Neil incorporates his experiences with filmmaking and his time spent in the dance community to produce short conceptual videos and music videos to better help creative artists in the South Asian community. By day Neil studies Psychobiology at UCLA and works as an undergraduate researcher in the department of Neurobiology and by night produces content with other creative artists and friends while hoping to apply to medical school. Neil dabbles in acting in short films, shows, and skits on YouTube and can be found in many popular Bollywood Fusion dance videos on YouTube such as BFunk. Neil hopes to be a beacon of inspiration and help others who share the same passions as him, to lead a professional life filled with creativity. Neil hopes to one day work as a doctor by day, and dance professionally during the night all while paving way for the members of the new generation to grow as artists.
November 12, 2020
Lauren & Abigail - Our Future of Change - Student Feature
Abigail Jones is a high school senior at Sturgis West Charter School. She learned how students can get involved in the fight against human trafficking by participating in her school's Her Future Coalition Club and hopes to inspire other students to do the same through Our Future of Change. Lauren Bridgwater is a high school senior at Sturgis West Charter School in Massachusetts. She became passionate about anti-trafficking activism when she joined the Her Future Coalition Club at her school and learned about the many ways to fight gender violence. Lauren hopes to provide youth with an opportunity to advocate for human rights as well as empower trafficking survivors through Our Future of Change.
November 11, 2020
Ashwin Rajkumar - Be W.I.S.E. Initiative - Student Feature
Ashwin Rajkumar is a 18 year old Freshman at The Ohio State University, he is majoring in Aerospace Engineering and double minoring in Business and Humanitarian Engineering. Ashwin was first introduced to the idea of entrepreneurial/Social Business at the age of 14 and immediately fell in love with the notion of community service and bringing about a better lifestyle to the people who need it most. In his free time he loves to play chess and guitar, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Ashwin hopes to have The Be W.I.S.E Initiative impact countless little girls and he also interested in giving back to all the people that supported him on his journey so far and looks forward to not only bring about a brighter future but also making sure he touches each and every person he meets on a personal level.
November 10, 2020
Monica Peraza - Entrepreneurship - Professional Perspective
Monica Peraza discusses with Alisha Gupta about entrepreneurship and how to make your first start-up a good one. Mindset is key!
November 9, 2020
Emmanuella Desruisseaux - GenZ Educates - Student Feature
Episode 21: Emmanuella Desruisseaux on #WhatCauseInspiresYou podcast series! Faith Wang will be on with her on Wednesday, October 21 at 7PM CST. You can contact her at and on our website: If you are interested in partnerships you can click on the team page and scroll down to the bottom and submit your work there! The Instagram account where we also post many interesting information is called @genzeducates.
November 9, 2020
Monica Manmadkar - FUSD Challenge Success - Student Feature
Monica Manmadkar is a senior at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California. In freshman year, she founded the organization FUSD Challenge Success to broaden her community's definition of success. She noticed that students would immediately engage in the rat race of success. Over the past few years, she has grown the team and the organization to encompass not only their annual documentary but their podcast and panels as well. In addition to her impact at FUSD Challenge Success, she is a part of her school's swim and water polo team, and she loves to hang out with her friends, cook, and write on her own blog in her free time.
November 9, 2020
Andrew Stroth - Truth, Hope, Justice Initiative - VOICES Podcast
Andrew Stroth is a civil rights lawyer who has helped bring justice to victims of police brutality and impact litigations.
November 9, 2020
Anya & Kat - The Colorization Collective- Student Feature
Anya is a senior at Lakeside School and has been an artist for as long as she can remember. A proponent of racial equity in the arts, she co-founded The Colorization Collective to create space for teen artists of color who, like her, may feel underrepresented in the art community.    Kathryn is a senior at Lakeside School who has spent more of her time on stage or in rehearsal than not. As a co-founder of The Collective, Kat wants to find a way to make the arts inclusive for all audiences regardless of race and strives to have equal, authentic representation in the arts community.
October 23, 2020
Matine Khalighi - Professional Perspectives
Matine Khalighi is an incoming first year at Harvard College. In addition to academics, Matine is passionate about helping those who are less fortunate. Inspired by his project in his “Building a Better Community Class” in eighth grade, Matine was motivated to do something more to help those in need. Matine is the founder of a 501(c)(3) youth-led nonprofit organization called EEqual. As the Executive Director, Matine helped the organization develop a teen-led board of directors which creates life changes for students in poverty and experiencing homelessness. Also, Matine is also involved in his Baha’i religious community, serving as a Children’s Class teacher, and also is an author for Matine is an Ashoka Young Changemaker, a  TEDx Speaker, a Prudential Spirit of Community Distinguished Finalist, and a three-time winner of the President’s Volunteer Service Award.
October 23, 2020
Hana O'Looney - Menstrual Health Equity - Student Feature
Hana O'Looney is a 16-year-old menstrual equity activist and the Co-Chair of the womxn's empowerment organization, MoCo EmpowHER, in Montgomery County, Maryland. MoCo EmpowHER is a womxn's empowerment and leadership development organization providing free career exploration opportunities, leadership development workshops, and mentorship programs for middle and high school girls. Hana has been a driving force in the movement to ensure that all secondary schools in her state of Maryland provide free menstrual hygiene products in all bathrooms since 2019.
October 13, 2020
Katie Makarska - NEW APP TeenEase - Student Feature
TeenEase App out NOW!!! I’m Katie Makarska, and I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I am 16, and extremely passionate about teen mental health, because I have seen far too many of my peers struggle through various mental health challenges; with nothing to really help them in the digital world. I knew there needed to be a change, so I started developing my app, TeenEase; which has various relaxation techniques that are clinically proven to be effective coping strategies for teens. My app is completely free, and approved by several mental health professionals.
October 13, 2020
Shamawn Wright - Bridge Builders - Professional Perspectives
Episode 7 on Professional Perspectives: Shamawn Wright of Bridge Builders. Hosted by Alisha Gupta. Shamawn turns his dreams into reality through real life experience and hardships that he had to endure as a kid living in poverty. He wants to supply resources that will allow kids to strive in education, their future careers, and as a citizen. Shamawn is a first-generation College student presently pursuing his masters in Higher Education and student affairs. Shamawn struggled to stay in school, as he went to an expulsion school. Shamawn turned it around, he graduated from Antioch High School in 2011 and received his B.S in 2015. Shamawn has first-hand experience with a lack of services and educational disadvantages facing our youth and is aware of the decreasing extracurricular activities that keep children engaged, motivated, and busy. You can contact him at
October 12, 2020
Arul Verma - United2Care - Student Feature
Arul Verma is a rising senior at The King’s Academy in Sunnyvale CA, and is the COO of United2Care: a high school public health nonprofit aimed to spreading the importance of hand sanitization. He was inspired to take part in this initiative to address a key underrepresented issue which is prominent in many rural parts of the world. His goal is to make sure everyone knows the importance of sanitation to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and save thousands of lives.
October 12, 2020
Ritu Anand - Creating Healing Collective - Professional Perspectives
Episode 8 on Professional Perspectives: Ritu Anand, LCSW, Hosted by Alisha Gupta. Ritu is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, and Founder of Creative Healing Collective, LLC. Ritu is still in the processing of launching her business and website and so for now, the best way to stay up to date on her work is Instagram until the website is launched @creative_healing_collective.
October 7, 2020
Pankti Mehta - Compassion During Corona - Student Feature
Episode 16: Pankti Mehta on #WhatCauseInspiresYou podcast series! Alisha Gupta will be live with them on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7PM CST. Pankti Mehta is a rising Junior at the North Royalton High School. Thoroughly passionate about making a positive impact, she is the founder and president of Compassion During Corona: a non-profit that aims to provide upliftment to the global community amidst these times of uncertainty. The website for this organization, with around 10,000 viewers and a 98% success rate in improving the mood of those who visited, has received attention from the Cleveland Clinic and the Dalai Lama. Mehta's favorite subjects are math and computer science. In her free time, she enjoys art, playing tennis, and (surprise!) typing tests.
September 30, 2020
Riya Patel - Vitiligo Pride - Student Feature
Episode #13: Riya Patel on #WhatCauseInspiresYou podcast series!    My name is Riya Patel, a rising senior at American High School, and I founded the Vitiligo Pride Community in the summer of 2019, as a way to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for the skin condition, Vitiligo. I was inspired to begin this community by my firsthand experience with this disease, and I want to help those who were not given the same opportunities as me. My goal is to break the perfect skin stigma in today's society and bring diversity in our everyday environments, while donating our profits to research foundations and organizations that devote their efforts to helping the Vitiligo community.
September 26, 2020
Seneca Dunmore - Powerhouse Professionals - Professional Perspectives
Seneca Dunmore is the founder of Powerhouse Professionals, an organization geared to empowering professionals and helping them to fulfill their true potential. Check out Seneca on Instagram @Seneca.Dunmore & @PowerhouseProfessional.
August 17, 2020
Natalie Salvatierra - Solely Sunshine - Student Feature   Overcoming anxiety is hard, but it can be a little easier with encouraging words. OCD is a condition very close to my heart. A few months ago, I posted on my Instagram about OCD and asked if people would be willing to send me a letter of encouragement that I would send to students at an OCD treatment center.   From a single Instagram post receiving only a couple letters, to a website receiving hundreds of letters, I hope to inspire thousands of people to encourage others through a simple letter.
August 1, 2020
Paul Schmitz - Shower Up Nashville - Professional Perspectives   Paul and his wife, Rhonda, launched ShowerUp in the fall of 2016.  When we first thought about a mobile shower unit for the homeless, we wondered if it was even possible. Our family has spent years working with the homeless (first in Wichita, KS and then in Nashville) mostly providing meals, clothing, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc. We have made some wonderful friendships and had the privilege of seeing lives transformed over the years. We always had the perspective that whatever we were providing was simply a "handshake" that would eventually lead to a relationship. The relationship is so important because without it there can be no potential for discipleship.    We always wondered, though, what need wasn't being met. What if we could start the relationship with a symbolic "hug"? If handing someone a meal is a "handshake", then providing them with a shower must certainly be a "hug"! That became part of our core values.
July 31, 2020
Anushka Noori - Gentle Generations - Student Feature
Anushka Noori is the Founder and President of Gentle Generations, a nonprofit organization fostering a connection between older and younger generations through creative and compassionate personal engagement programs. She was inspired to embark on her mission to bring smiles to seniors by the many years spent caring for her own grandmother, who passed away in 2019 after a long battle with neurodegeneration.
July 25, 2020
Mita Prakash - Empowering Women - Professional Perspectives
Mita Prakash is a Lawyer, Spiritual Empathy Life Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Activist, and Model. Mita is the Founder and CEO of Empower Empaths Now whose mission is to empower emotionally traumatized empathic women to awaken to their inner power of loving themselves and leading their lives with courage. Through self-loving practices, courage-building action steps, and self-awareness tools, Mita’s unique spiritual empathy coaching process blends eastern healing modalities with western-based positive self-worth communication tools.
July 25, 2020
Donna Hughes - Launch Negotiation - Professional Perspectives   Founded by award-winning negotiator Donna Hughes, Launch Negotiation delivers workshops across Europe and North America that engage, educate and empower you to harness your innate negotiation potential and drive business profitability and performance.
July 17, 2020
Crystal Chan - Space 4 Us - Student Feature Crystal Chan is an 18-year-old activist and writer who is passionate about advocating for social equity and leveling the playing field for underprivileged youth and families. Crystal is the Founder and Executive Director of SPACE 4 US, a community organization that empowers underserved students to explore and pursue meaningful career paths. Crystal represents District 7 on the San Francisco Youth Commission, a body of 17 young people that advises the San Francisco Mayor and Board of Supervisors on policies impacting San Francisco’s youth, and serves as the Director of Communications for Myrna Melgar’s campaign for District 7 Supervisor. Crystal is also an avid writer who strives to use storytelling as a vehicle for social change, and she reports for Channel Kindness, a digital platform created by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.
July 16, 2020
Kajal & Kanchan - Empowerment Through Dance
Kajal and Kanchan are both graduates and instructors of Aerodance Academy and have used their dance training to fundraise thousands of dollars for causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19 rehabilitation. Kajal graduated from UC Davis and was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award for her academic, professional, and leadership accomplishments. Through ASB's Community Committee, Relay for Life, and MSJ's Bollywood team Ishaara, Kanchan spent much of her high school career using the arts to make a difference in the causes she is passionate about.
July 11, 2020
Ishan Goyal - Essentials 4 Homeless - Student Feature  Email:   Ishan is the Founder and President of Essentials4Homeless, an international student-run not-for-profit organization that works to provide access to toiletry items for everyone.  As a Humanity Rising Ambassador, he is deeply passionate and hopeful about the power of people, especially youth, coming together to make unheard-of differences in their communities.
July 4, 2020
Rahul Kumar - Using Technology to Save Lives - Student Feature
Episode 6: Rahul Kumar on #rWhatCauseInspiresYou podcast series! Alisha Gupta will be live with the both of them on Wednesday, June 24th at 7PM CST. Rahul Kumar is the founder of, a non-profit that uses mobile technology to promote blood donations. He enjoys learning about integrating the healthcare and social service industry with emerging technologies to make global impacts. GoDonate available on the App Store and Google Play. Instagram: @humanity.rising  Tik Tok: @humanity.rising HumanityRising.Org
June 25, 2020
Smitty & David - Racial Unity
David McCullough founded a nonprofit that takes the model of a foreign exchange program and applies it to towns with different demographics across the United States—“study abroad in your own country,” he likes to say.  It’s called The American Exchange Project, and David now serves as its Executive Director.  He hopes the program will help American students from different backgrounds develop more empathy and respect for one another, and maybe even make a few friends. Smith is producer and co‐writer of the award winning documentary "Invisible Soldiers: Unheard Voices" which aired nationally on PBS. He is the concept creator and Co-Executive Producer and Senior Writer for the 2018 documentary, "An American Story: Race Amity" and "The Other Tradition" airing on public television ( Through Smith’s leadership, the NCRA organized the Metro Boston Race Amity Festival which has been held for the past seven years on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. It also hosts the annual National Race Amity Conference ( and organized the legislative initiative that culminated December 29, 2015 in Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signing into law Massachusetts Race Amity Day. The bill “Authorizes Race Amity Day To Be Celebrated Annually The Second Sunday in June ” and directs the sitting Governor to issue an annual proclamation to the 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  In June 2016 the US Senate passed a Resolution designating June 13, 2016 as National Race Amity Day.
June 19, 2020
Sydnee Floyd - Creating Dreams, Changing Lives - Student Feature
Episode 4: Sydnee Floyd on #WhatCauseInspiresYou podcast series! Alisha Gupta will be live with Sydnee on Wednesday, June 10th at 7PM CST. Sydnee is a 15 year old founder of nonprofit Jumbled Dreams Changing Lives , aiming to inspire and teach others on how to make a difference and inspire them to make a change in their own community. Her journey started by raising money for the American Cancer Society and then for underprivileged youth across the world. Since then, Sydnee has raised over 90,000 pounds of food, 30,000 toiletries, and she has partnered with over 15 organizations to make a change go further.
June 14, 2020
Michael Fine - Overcoming Obstacles
Michael’s life was tragically altered on the morning of April 14, 2010, when driving to work in his convertible; he was struck head on by a truck at approximately 50 MPH, the result of which was the traumatic amputation of his left arm at the shoulder. Michael lost both of his parents within 2 years of the accident. After months of dependence on narcotic drugs, antidepressants and other medications, his Mom’s illness, the attempted cancellation of his health insurance and more than $600,000 in medical bills, the insolvent truck driver having minimum auto insurance coverage, and little to no relief from the pain, Michael fell into a deep, dark depression and attempted suicide. He sought out untraditional, non pharmaceutical methods to help him deal with the pain, like acupuncture, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, sensory deprivation, floatation and the foundations of it all, Hatha Yoga – the Bikram method. Michael now realizes that there is no “magic-bullet” to pain relief but rather a regular regime of various modalities, all working in unison, to treat the entire person, body, mind and spirit. Through a resilient spirit Michael has battled his condition and created positivity, soulfulness and openness in his community. Participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with Michael during our Q&A session.  There will also be a call to action at the end of the podcast where you will have an opportunity to turn your passion into action and be eligible for scholarships and other awards! This is your world. Your community. Your city. Join us to build your leadership and life skills, and be inspired to change the world with us.
June 5, 2020
Jonathan Bell - What Cause Inspires You? - "On Stuttering"
Jonathan's "On Stuttering" Documentary Film: Jonathan's Website:  Jonathan Bell, a higher school junior from Louisville, KY, is an advocate for stuttering awareness and has created a Youtube documentary called On Stuttering to bring light to the issue. Jonathan is also a self-published author, a writer, an environmental activist, and a filmmaker. Organizations You Can Support National Stuttering Association: Stuttering Foundation: Stuttering Association for the Young:  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association:
June 4, 2020
Devin Moore - What Cause Inspires You? - Cyberbullying
Petition Link:  Devin is a 16-year-old sophomore in high school with plans to make impactful changes in this world. He is the founder of #RaceToSpeakUp, an anti-bullying organization and was inspired to create the #RaceToSpeakUp organization after being racially cyberbullied in middle school.
May 28, 2020
David Cherry - All-Stars Project, Chicago
For more than 25 years, David Cherry, a highly skilled and dedicated community organizer and activist, helped diverse communities develop around issues of democracy, social justice and inclusion. Today, David is City Leader of the ASP of Chicago and a member of the Senior Leadership Team of the All Stars Project. His extensive and first-hand knowledge of the social issues in poor African-American and Latino communities, particularly those confronting inner-city youth, has been invaluable in his work to replicate the All Stars Afterschool Development model in Chicago and to provide input and expertise in shaping the organization’s strategies nationally.
May 10, 2020
Alisha Gupta - What Cause Inspires You? - Cyberbullying
Entrepreneur and social justice activist, Alisha Gupta, will be starting off the podcast on May 6th with an episode called “Behind the Screen: The Harms of Cyber Bullying.” Alisha Gupta is the CEO of her expanding non-profit, Needed but Forgotten, that donates suitcases to foster children, as well as partners with international organizations such as Maitri to bring youth awareness to topics such as bullying, partner violence, and gender inequality.
May 8, 2020
Panache Desai - YOU ARE ENOUGH
A short message from Panache: As a young kid, my grandmother, or “Ba” as I called her, was a very important part of my life. She was a gentle woman, and the heart of that gentleness, and her home, was her meditation room. While other kids in London’s East End were busy watching cartoons and playing with their friends, I spent every moment I could with Ba, surrounded by soft lights and incense.It was there that I first experienced a sense of profound peace, connection, and unconditional love that came both from my grandmother, and from a sacred energy that beats at the heart of creation. It was then I realized I was here to share this positive energy. I was meant to be a messenger of more.Panache Desai has spoken to kids and adults all over the world to help them realize their full potential and learn that everything they could ever need could be found within themselves. He's been featured on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and has even had the chance to work with celebrities across the nation. Participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with Panache during our Q&A session. There will also be a call to action at the end of the podcast where you will have an opportunity to turn your passion into action, and be eligible for scholarships and other awards! This is your world. Your community. Your city. We're here to help you find your passion and make an incredible impact on your community.
May 5, 2020
Dr. Therese Rowley - Intuition
TOPIC: Using Intuition to Find Your Path & Purpose"Even at a young age, I knew I was an old soul. Born with the gift of high sensitivity, I could only navigate the unchartered territory of my extra perceptions by finding a Higher Compass – One that I learned lives within each of us." - Dr. RowleyBe inspired as Therese shows how we can harness the potential we have within ourselves to create a better world. Find your passion, become enlightened and learn that all that you need is yourself to become your greatest self. Participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with Therese during our Q&A session. There will also be a call to action at the end of the podcast where you will have an opportunity to turn your passion into action, and be eligible for scholarships and other awards! This is your world. Your community. Your city. We're here to help you find your way and make an incredible impact on your community.
May 5, 2020
Kirk Smalley - Bullying
Kirk was featured in the film "Bully" after losing his 11-year old son to suicide from bullying. Kirk has shared his moving story with over 1.5 million students across the globe, empowering students to help put an end to bullying.Be inspired as Kirk shares his passion of creating a world without bullying. Participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with Kirk during our Q&A session. There will also be a call to action at the end of the podcast where you will have an opportunity to turn your passion into action, and be eligible for scholarships and other awards!This is your world. Your community. Your city. What will you do to make a difference and change lives around you? World peace is not only possible but inevitable. It is the next stage in the evolution of this planet. Are you ready to take on the challenge?
May 5, 2020
Dr. Sundeep Randhawa - Anxiety
Be inspired as Dr. Randhawa shows how we can help to make our schools and communities safer and open to one another. We'll learn about different ways to stop bullying, including effective ways to address bullies and the steps you can take to practice compassion and understanding during adverse situations. Participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with Sundeep during our Q&A session. There will also be a call to action at the end of the podcast where you will have an opportunity to turn your passion into action, and be eligible for scholarships and other awards!This is your world. Your community. Your city. We're here to help you find your way and make an incredible impact on your community.
May 5, 2020