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Human Nature

Human Nature

By Human Nature
A podcast that explores the nature of our human experience. What drives us to do what we do. What gravitates us towards our passions?
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Mia Hagerty - Missing In Action Productions
Mia Hagerty is the videographer behind Missing In Action Productions. She was born in China, raised in Michigan, and lives as a traveling filmmaker. Mia believes that film is the most impactful media form of our time, and that a great story can move the world. That’s why she makes short-form video content for brands, artists, and entrepreneurs. Connect with Mia on her Website Watch the video with Taylor Cramer which we talk about on this episode
February 17, 2020
Myla Ivers - Master Your Magic
With over 10,000 hours of yoga teaching experience, Myla brings the magic to the rapidly growing yoga and healing industry. Her unique approach to healing is both practical and spiritual. Her goal is to teach others the tools to heal themselves so they don’t have to look outside themselves for results. Myla believes issues that arise in our physical life all stem from an imbalance in energy. Myla gets to the heart of the problem, creating a safe space for shadow work so that her clients can recognize what caused the issue and heal from it once and for all. Myla hosts international yoga retreats that create community, adventure and a safe space to heal. She is a advanced certified akashic records practitioner with Dr. Linda Howe and a certified reiki master. Myla founded Master Your Magic in 2018 to teach men and women the tools to be their OWN healer so they can manifest their true destiny and a life full of magic.
February 10, 2020
Maria Verdeschi - There Is No Death, Only Life
Today we sit down with Maria Verdeschi who is a truly remarkable psychic medium. Her ability to connect with teachers, guides and departed loved ones is nothing short of astonishing. Her compassion and genuine interest in each client provides for a relaxed, revealing and down-to-earth reading. The quality and amount of information Maria receives from the Inner Side has led many to simply state, “She is the Real Deal!” Maria is not only a highly regarded psychic/medium but also a Master Reiki Practitioner and is proficient in Pranic Healing. Most important to Maria is that people understand the simple truth that "there is no death - only life."
February 6, 2020
goodvibezforthesoul - Finding Your Source
Want to start your own podcast? Use code HUMANNATURE at check out for $100 off the course! Learn more about Annie 963HZ Audio for Meditation
January 8, 2020
Bryan Hardy - Digestion and Recovery Coach
Bryan Hardy is a Holistic Nutritionist & Integrative Health Coach. In this episode Bryan and I explore what it means to thrive. We talk about the pillars of health especially when it comes to cultivating and creating a space of calmness and peace. Sit back relax and learn about how YOU can optimize your health with information that is easy to understand and digest (no pun intended). LINKS: Listen to his Podcast Redefining Reality with Bryan Hardy Read his Blog
October 30, 2019
B&G Sweet Treats [Part 2] Bea and Gretta Putman - The Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in Town
A new business venture involving two Petoskey-area sisters is serving up some cool treats this summer. B&G Sweet Treats, owned by teenage sisters Bea and Greta Putman, recently has been working to offer frozen novelties to help Petoskey locals and visitors beat the summer heat. “We serve specialty and gourmet ice cream sandwiches made here in Michigan,” said Bea. “the whole idea started when we saw the truck on Facebook Marketplace. We thought about what we could do with it.” The sisters, with the help of some family members, purchased the truck, coined a name and started serving. “It all started when we saw the truck on Facebook Marketplace and through we could do something with it,” said Bea. “We have done a few other businesses together and are used with working together and knew we could make this work.” The sisters bought the truck — a 1987 Cushman Truckster — in April and had it ready to go to start selling ice cream on Memorial Day. The truck had to obtain permits and an inspection in order to serve but the sisters “passed everything easily.” “The truck is too small to do the traditional scooped ice cream so we decided to do ice cream sandwiches as they are pre-packaged and easy to hand out,” said Greta. In all, B&G Sweet Treats offers 10 different sandwiches from Michigan-based company Cool Jacks: Michigan Homemade Cookies and Ice Cream. Each treat is only $5 and their top selling item is what’s called “The Kickstand.” “It’s Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream with a chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cookie,” said Greta. B&G Sweet Treats has regular hours of 6 p.m. until sunset near the Petoskey breakwater behind the public safety station every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. B&G’s operators are considering the addition of Wednesday hours, potentially at the Petoskey District Library. “We would really like to start offering more but also catering to special events like weddings, birthday parties and things like that,” said Bea. B&G Sweet Treats can also be found online, with an Instagram page at bg_sweet_treats, and can be reached at or (231) 881-5828. This article was Written by Sean Miller
October 30, 2019
B&G Sweet Treats [Part 1] Kevin Putman - Parenting entrepreneurs in the 21st Century
Welcome to the Solgood Media podcast. A podcast that explores the nature of our human experience. Each week we have a new guest on the show and we talk to people about what it is that drives each of us to do what we do. What is it that gravitates each of us towards our passions? It can be quite a process figuring out what drives each of us as human beings. Is it the desire growth, understanding? A search for purpose? Financial freedom? Or maybe just the desire to create? Whatever is at the heart of what is driving us it is going to gradually pull us through each moment and get us closer to what it is that we desire. When I was growing up I had a lot of ambitious dreams and a strong desire to learn new things. I would spend hours and hours perfecting my craft whether it be a guitar chord or a half court shot with a basketball. I still have a strong desire to learn and grow and I always get excited when I meet people who are doers, people that get stuff done, and not only have ideas but act upon them and lead other people by example of what is possible. Over the next two weeks on the Solgood Media Podcast you’ll be learning more about the stories behind these two girls and the journey that they have been on. We’ll talk about their different businesses and how they got started in the first place. Bea (age 16) and Gretta (age 13) are sisters and they have completely blown me away with the amount of entrepreneurial endeavors they have taken on at such young ages. They’ve seen success and have already faced some challenges that lead them to shutting down one of their business’s that was just starting to take off. I wanted to tell this story from a few different perspectives and that’s why I decided to break this story into two different episodes. The first one, which you are currently listening, to is with Kevin who is Bea and Gretta’s father. I called Kevin up the night before my podcast with Bea and Gretta we talked about what it has been like navigating the waters of being a parent in the 21st century. I just want to say that I had loving and supportive parents growing up who really supported and challenged me to do what I was called to do (shout out to Nancy and LeRoy you guys continue to inspire me) . Even though I was never specifically told what I should be doing, I was supported in whatever I decided to work towards. And here I am running a podcast which is a media channel that I never would have expected I’d be interested in. Yet as I’ve allowed the desires to manifest and realized my inherent gifts of genuine interest in growth and understanding I’ve had over 60+ intentional conversations about what drives people to do what they do. If you are listening to this podcast It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your backstory is. When you decide you want something and you believe you can do it. Anything is possible.
October 30, 2019
Solomon Harvey - Channeling Music
This week on the Solgood Media podcast we go behind the scenes and listen to some of the music that I've been writing recently. I've never shared these songs publicly before and I would love your feedback on which ones you enjoy listening to.
October 30, 2019
63: Amalia Harvey - What Has Value?
In this wide ranging conversation we catch up with my sister Amalia and talk about what she has been up to lately. We also get into a myriad of thought provoking ideas about how to live an empowered life. We talk about gratitude, value, and explore some of the ways we can begin to become aware of the stories we are telling ourselves about our lives.
October 30, 2019
62: Reid Johnson - Cultivate Understanding
When Reid was 20 years old he decided to leave home with nothing on his back, no ID and bike from Minnesota to Seattle and find work as a migrant worker. His desire to learn about the lifestyle of others hasn't slowed down and Reid continues to travel to new environments and learn the from the people he encounters. I was very humbled that Reid was interested in sharing his story with us and talking about the drive behind his desire to explore. Connect with Reid on Facebook
October 30, 2019
61: Jennifer Shorter - Grandpa Shorter's Gifts
Today on the show we have Jennifer Shorter, who is the current owner and operator of Grandpa Shorter's Gifts, The Katydid, J.W. Shorter's & Son Mercantile in downtown Petoskey. Jennifer has continued the tradition of operating the family business which has been around for 73 years at the time of recording this podcast. Today we’ll be getting into the story of how the businesses have evolved over the years and what it takes to run a retail store like Grandpa Shorter's Gifts in 2019. Grandpa Shorter's Gifts Katydid
October 30, 2019
60: Housekeeping with Solomon - New Project In The Works
Check out my new video series Episode with Lisa Fortin
October 30, 2019
59: Dr. Garrett Kuhlman - Elite Movement Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Kuhlman came to chiropractic in a different fashion than most. Because of his love of sports, health, and fitness, his original plan was to become a Strength and Conditioning coach. Following this path, he spent a summer internship with the athletics program at Ohio State University. Over the course of the internship, he had the opportunity to work with the team chiropractor and became captivated by the profession. After this introduction to chiropractic, he was fully determined to make it his future. Connect with Dr. Kuhlman
October 28, 2019
58: Eliza Thorp - Queen of the Sea
Joined with us today is Eliza Thorp who is a Singer/Songwriter from Northern Michigan and with her vocals and piano she crafts stories of the hometown and the places she has been. Today we’ll be talking about her recent experience on tour and diving into the inspiration behind her work. Connect with Eliza Facebook Indie on the move
October 28, 2019
57: Alicia Nowell - Polyamory
In this episode Alicia Nowell and I explore the different aspects and elements of polyamory. We explore some of the misconceptions people have and uncover what it takes to be in a successful relationship regardless of if you choose monogamy or polyamory. Alicia is such a kind loving person with an open heart and so I thought who better than her to explore and dive deep into a topic that I really know nothing about. Connect with Alicia @polyosophy on Instagram
October 28, 2019
56: Diane & Peter - Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau
This week I am excited to introduce Diane and Peter from the Petoskey Area Visitor Bureau. The reason I was so interested in having these two on the show today is because throughout my time podcasting over the last year and half I’ve only started to scratch the surface of what Petoskey and surrounding cities have to offer and so who better to dive deeper then with the visitors bureau which does and incredible job highlighting all that Petoskey has to offer.
October 28, 2019
55: Lindsey Walker - Happy Earth Day
If Earth Day had a face, I'm pretty sure it would look something like Lindsey Walker. She's a living breathing recycling rockstar, earth warrior, composting superhero! She's not afraid to dig through your trash, sort through your recyclables or challenge single-use plastics to a total smack down. She's all that and a bag of compost! She's also a key team member at Emmet County Recycling here in Petoskey and I sat down with her for this week's episode to talk about some of the things you can do to help ensure the longevity of Mother Earth. Connect with Emmet County Recycling Connect with Lindsey Walker
October 28, 2019
54: Cold Shower Podcast - Taylor & Solomon
This past week I was featured on my friend Taylor's podcast which is called the Cold Shower Podcast. In this episode, Taylor and I explore how our podcasts have evolved and what some of our hopes and dreams are for the coming years. Check out his website Listen to Cold Shower Podcast iTunes Spotify
October 28, 2019
53: Premabai Ribeiro - Unconditional Love
In this episode we talk with Pramabai (Elizabeth) Ribeiro and explore a wide range of topics including Yoga, Youtube, Unconditional Love and variety of other topics. Connect with Premabai on YouTube
October 28, 2019
52: Solomon Harvey - A Bit About Me
I recently did some introspective work about myself, the podcast, and my life in general.
October 28, 2019
51: Lisa Fortin, M.D. - ReYouvenate
Lisa Fortin, M.D. is a regenerative medicine specialist and the founder of ReYouvenate, a clinic in Petoskey Michigan that specializes in treating a variety of health conditions. In this episode, we'll explore Lisa's story and how it ultimately led her to open up her own clinic. Connect with Lisa Fortin PEMF resources: Search for specific conditions or browse PEMF studies on this educational site. Interest in purchasing a home mat: iMRS contact _ Greg Larsen (415) 209-9320 Colostrum Supplement Dr. Zach Bush 4 minute NO/BDNF workout Check the age of your telomeres
October 28, 2019
50: Marie Kondo - Tidying Up
This week we explore Marie Kondo's method and dive into some of the steps you can use to declutter your life. Check out Marie's Books The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Spark Joy Resources Checklist for Decluttering
October 28, 2019
49: Create A Morning Routine - Hal Elrod (S.A.V.E.R.S method)
S.A.V.E.R.S Silence Affirmations Visualization Exercise Reading Scribing (journaling /writing) Check out Hal's Book The Miracle Morning
October 28, 2019
48: Keara Palmay - Life Coaching
Today I’m so excited to introduce Keara Palmay who has designed a purpose driven business that is in alignment with her passion. Keara is an author, a coach, and in my eyes a huge inspiration of what is possible when you clarify your intentions and serve your community. Keara’s videos and resources are densely packed with valuable information teaching and encouraging others to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Support Future Episodes of Sol Good Media
October 28, 2019
47: Jeremy Reisig - Brotha James
Brotha James a performer who does live looping: layering sounds through the magic of technology to create a full band effect. He isn’t the only performer out there doing this, but he has taken the technique and made it his own. His positive energy is contagious and his enthusiasm for creating, playing and performing helps him engage audiences of all ages. His lyrics speak to being a dreamer, following the passion for what makes one happy, showing gratitude for simple things, and holding on to the moments that are filled with joy. Whether performing at a small club, entertaining at a private party, or taking the stage in a stadium, playing music for brotha James is not just a job; it is his passion, his calling, his reason for being. Connect with Brotha James Facebook YouTube
October 28, 2019
46: Blake Bowman - GuerrillaZen Fitness
Today we're joined with Blake Bowman who is the founder of GuerrillaZen Fitness. Through GuerrillaZen Fitness Blake produces a myriad of educational content that takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. He teaches corrective exercises that help work through muscle imbalances and correct bad posture, Bio optimization which utilizes herbs and other natural remedies to reduce stress and anxiety, and the benefits of breathing, hydration, the list goes on and on. Blake also runs the GuerrillaZen podcast where he talks with the world's top researchers, doctor, and experimenters as they share their health secrets with you.  GuerrillaZen YouTube, Instagram and Facebook page have collectively amassed over 200,000 subscribers at the point of recording this podcast which makes sense because his videos are densely packed with valuable information and are easy to digest. Blake hasn’t always run his business online and in this conversation, we’ll go back to when he first opened his own practice at a physical location. We’ll explore some of the benefits and limitations of working from a physical location and how he eventually transitioned to run his business 100% online. Having said that, Blake has mentioned an interest in working with a select few clients in person again to switch it up so if you live in Northern Michigan this could be an incredible opportunity to work with Blake in person. Regardless of if you live in the area or not be sure to connect with Blake through the links in the show notes if you want to learn more about his work and the incredible products and services he has to offer. Guerrillazen Fitness Self Journal (affiliate link) Brain FM App Voxer Voice App Google Drive Four Sigmatic
October 28, 2019
45: Montessori Students - Podcasting With Kids
In this conversation, I talk with 3 upper elementary students from Montessori where I went to school back in the day. They are preparing for a podcasting competition for NPR so I joined them to talk to them about what a podcast is and answer any questions they had. Needless to say, this was a fun opportunity and I feel really inspired talking to a younger generation that really has a great outlook on our future. Thanks to all the students, their teacher Ms. Mandi, and to the parents of the kids for making the podcast possible for listeners like you! Enjoy :)
October 28, 2019
44: Lance Fortin - Question Everything
Today I’m excited to introduce Lance Fortin. Lance and his wife Lisa are the owners of  ReYouvenate. ReYouvenate is a medical practice in Northern Michigan that explores alternative approaches to pain and other chronic conditions. For those of you interested in learning more about ReYouventate I plan to have Dr. Lisa Fortin on the show in the near future to talk more about the cutting edge technology that they are bringing to Michigan. In this episode, Lance and I explore some of his early experiences that led him to question mainstream approaches to education, health, media and pretty much everything. In a day and age when we’re bombarded by information at lightning speeds, it can be difficult to decipher fact from fiction. This makes it increasingly important for us to question what is presented to us whether it be through news, social media, podcasts, etc.. Keep listening to find out how questioning everything has helped lead to Lance’s success as an entrepreneur, husband, father, musician, podcaster and more! Check out Lance's Podcast Plagiarized From The Infinite
October 28, 2019
43: Robert & Lori Jeffries - Petra House
Robert and his wife Lori are the founders of Petra House based in Atlanta, Georgia which provides a safe place for traveling bands to rest and recuperate when they're on the road. In this episode, we’ll explore what led Robert and Lori to open up their home to strangers and how it has had a deep and lasting impact on the musicians.
October 28, 2019
42: Kurtis Damerow - Emmet Drones
Today I’m excited to introduce Kurtis Damerow who is the founder of Emmet Drones, a company dedicated to providing professional high-quality aerial services to all of Northern Michigan. Today on the show Kurtis and I talk about some of his business ventures over the years that have ultimately led him to his current Venture Emmet Drones inspired by his childhood passion of flight. In this episode, we’ll explore some of the ways Kurtis has been successful over the years and how he was able to claim the 1st place at the Emmet Entrepreneur pitch night put on by Northern Lakes Economic Alliance in October of 2018. He then went on to win 2nd place at the Grand event in November where the top winners from each country competed in another Business model pitch night hosted by the Great Lakes Center for the Arts.
October 28, 2019
41: Claire Fleming - Intrepreneurship
Today I’m excited to introduce Claire Fleming who grew up here in Northern Michigan. And for those of you who have listened to previous episodes, you may have heard my conversation with her dad Keiran Fleming who is the executive director of Little Traverse Conservancy. Claire and I met while she was back in town for the holidays and I was really interested in having her on the show because of her recent experiences at the Watson Institue in Boulder Colorado.
October 28, 2019
40: Jakey & Tai - Distant Stars
LINKS: Video of "The Alchemist" Jakey Thomas Tai Drury Distant Stars
October 28, 2019
39: Kendall Francis - Tattoos & Kindness
LINKS: Facebook Instagram
October 28, 2019
38: Scott and Steph Castelein - Living Intentionally
LINKS: Blog Steph Castelein Scott Castelein Trucker Hat
October 28, 2019
37: Scott Cook - Singer-Songwriter
LINKS: Website Music Facebook
October 28, 2019
36: Katie Marchbanks - Vipassana
LINKS: Facebook Waves Of Grace Yoga Roots Petoskey Have you ever wondered what it might be like to sit in silence for 10 days? In this conversation, Katie and I talk about her recent experience at a 10 Vipassana Retreat. We'll also explore some of the challenges and major takeaways from her experience.
October 28, 2019
35: Mary Bea Art - Light & Color
LINKS: Mary Bea Art Facebook Instagram "You are a Badass" By Jen Sincero
October 28, 2019
34: Deepak Chopra - Seven Spiritual Laws
LINKS: Deepak Chopra Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Insight Timer App
October 28, 2019
33: The Accidentals - Meet the Band
LINKS: Website Facebook Instagram
October 28, 2019
32: Virginia Speed - Jin Shin Jyutsu
LINKS: Facebook
October 28, 2019
31: Derek Shiels - City Council
LINKS: Facebook
October 28, 2019
30: James Peery - Pierce The Veil
LINKS: Website
October 28, 2019
29: Kieran Fleming - Little Traverse Conservancy
LINKS: Little Traverse Conservancy
October 28, 2019
28: Sabrina Pinero - Story Vs. Legend
Student loans, Religion, Cuisine, Story vs. Legend LINKS: Facebook
October 28, 2019
27: LeRoy Harvey - Follow Your Interests
LINKS: Website Facebook Abraham Hicks
October 28, 2019
26: Solomon Harvey - Housekeeping
LINKS: How I Built This Podcast Ted Radio Hour Podcast
October 28, 2019
25: Amalia Harvey - Filling The Void
Connect with Molly Facebook Instagram
October 28, 2019
24: Taylor Cramer - Starting A Podcast
LINKS: Website @_taylorcramer @coldshowergoods iTunes Wim Hof Yeti Microphone
October 28, 2019
23: Joanne Galloway - Your Vote Matters
Today I’m excited to introduce Joanne Galloway who I ironically overheard when she was explaining her campaign to my neighbors. I recently heard Joanne talk at The Water is Life Festival which is a festival geared towards making water issues a priority in the upcoming elections this November. Having recognized Joannes' voice I invited her into the studio to say a few words and encourage listeners to get out and vote. Check if you are registered Absentee Voting Unbiased Information on Candidates Connect with Joanne Galloway Facebook Twitter @joanne107th Lou, the campaign dog @107dog
October 28, 2019
22: Tiffany Lenau - Talking To Spirit
Today I’m excited to introduce Tiffany Lenau who is the founder of Yoga Roots, which is a yoga and healing arts studio based out of Petoskey Michigan. In this episode, Tiffany and I dive into her past and connect the dots that ultimately let her into opening up her own studio. We talk about the challenges and also some of the most amazing people that showed up in her life at the right times. We talk about some of the misconceptions new people may have around yoga and shine some light on the community that has come together to practice. I learned a lot through this conversation and encourage all you to stick around because there are a lot of gems here. Connect with Tiffany Facebook YouTube Connect with Yoga Roots Facebook
October 28, 2019
21: Tyler Murray - Skyline Hammock Co.
Support Harper Today I’m excited to introduce Tyler Murray who I met at Bliss Fest this year. Blissfest is a music festival held in northern Michigan and Tyler was vending his handmade nylon rip-stop hammocks when I wandered into his booth. We started talking about what it’s like being an entrepreneur and the ups and downs of being your own boss. Tyler’s business is called Skyline Hammock Company and given the fact that it is based in Michigan where the seasons change and surprisingly people don’t want to buy hammocks in the winter time. Tyler explained to me how he makes a living on the offseason. Connect with Tyler Facebook Instagram Skyline Hammock Co. Video of Tyler gifting one of his hammocks
October 28, 2019
20: Jeremy Cramer - Homeless by choice
In this episode, we’ll be diving into Jeremy’s past and talk about some of the moments that have cultivated the way he lives his life. Videos of Jeremy's dare devil days Front Flip Mad Balance
October 28, 2019
19: Joshua Stoddard - Sound Bath
Today we are joined with Joshua Stoddard who I met at one of his sound baths at Yoga Roots here in Petoskey Michigan. Joshua is currently on a permanent tour spreading his healing energy through sound. I was super excited to get Joshua on the show today because he has a lot to offer. His experience in the music industry has allowed him to work with a variety of bands in a number of different formats. Some of which you may know with bands like The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Sun Kill Moon and Fountains of Wayne. And while Joshua was working in Artist Relations for Gibson in Manhattan he found himself with this dream job, but that he was still living for the weekends. Still driving for something more fulfilling. In this episode, we talk about how it feels to hit rock bottom. We explore his healing journey and talk about one of Joshua’s first experiences with sound baths which reconnected with his mother that had previously passed away. There are a lot of gems throughout this conversation and so stick around and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. Connect with Joshua Website Facebook Instagram Yoga Nidra
October 28, 2019
18: Aleece Balchik - What is BUTI yoga?
After going to her Buti yoga class I had to have my friend Aleece Balchik on the show to introduce the world to Buti Yoga. Aleece has dedicated herself to doing yoga every single day and hopes to eventually see it though as her full-time career. In this episode, we dive into what Buti yoga is and talk about how Aleece became one of the first instructors to teach Buti in the northern part of the 45th parallel! Learn more about Buti Yoga Join the Community Connect with Aleece Facebook Instagram
October 28, 2019
17: Connor Kroswek - Creative Outlets
Today we are joined with Connor Kroswek. Connor and I met a few years ago when I first moved to Petoskey and have kept in touch because of similar interests. In this episode, Connor shares how he recently got into real estate and shares some of the tactics he used to be successful as a realtor. Connor and I cover a lot of stuff in this episode and uncover what it is that makes each of us happy. As fun as it can be making money, we both know that it isn’t a means to lasting happiness and we both want to give back to our communities. Connect with Connor Facebook Instagram Resources we talked about throughout this conversation Gary Vaynerchuk Ice Poseidon - Live Streamer Vegan Gains Jim Rohn
October 28, 2019
16: Natasha Lantz - Plant Centered Living
In this episode, Natasha and I explore why Plant Centered Living is so important. We talk about the many misconceptions that people have about what it means to be vegan. Plant Centered Living is far from a simple change in diet, It is a lifestyle that takes dedication and focus and Natasha has made it her mission to help as many people as she can make the transition. Connect with Plant Centered Living Facebook Website Resources Food Revolution - John Robbins The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Forks Over Knives Dr. McDougal Dr. Neal Bernard What The Health How Not to Die - Dr. Gregor
October 28, 2019
15: Sabrina Pinero - Our Human Narrative
Sabrina and I used to work together at the local food coop here in town and while we were working we would get into these deep conversations about story. We would talk about different story arcs and the infinite ways in which stories can be told. Sabrina and I recently met up at the local library and I mentioned to her that I was really interested in starting a podcast with her specifically geared towards stories. I have a strong desire to learn more about storytelling and Sabrina brings a lot of experience to the table because she has read and studied a wide variety of literature. So to give ourselves a starting point, Sabrina and I decided to give ourselves the challenge of each writing a short story with no limitations. So we’re going to start out the episode with the short that I wrote, we're going to talk about it and then we’ll listen to Sabrina tell hers. To connect with Sabrina Facebook
October 28, 2019
14: Phillip Allore - The Gift Economy
In this episode, Phillip and I talk about his recent decision to go back to school for Architecture. We explore Spiral Dynamics and talk about how society has transitioned out of the gift economy. I always enjoy my conversations with Phil and was so excited when he accepted my invitation to be on the Podcast. Find Phillip on Social Media Facebook Instagram To learn more about solgoodmedia check out Facebook Instagram
October 28, 2019
13: Seth Bernard - Earthwork Music
Today I am so excited to introduce Seth Bernard who is a musician, a teacher, a father and among many other things an advocate for social and environmental justice. Seth translates his ideas and feelings into music that echo across Michigan and beyond. In this conversation, Seth talks about how he was originally introduced to music, he shines a light on the earthwork music collective and talks about how the Earthwork Harvest Gathering started in the first place. Find Seth Bernard on social media Facebook Instagram Twitter Bandcamp Michigan Clean Water Campaign resources Website Podcast Facebook Instagram
October 28, 2019
12: Danielle Charles - Dripworks Coffee
Dripworks Coffee is one of my favorite destinations for quality coffee. Today we talk with one of the owners Danielle Charles and dive into the story behind how Dripworks came to be. Danielle and I cover a lot of ground in this conversation and talk about what it is like to own a business. What are some of the challenges starting out and how to use social media to engage and educate customers.
October 28, 2019
11: Kerri Finlayson - Skiing to the North Pole
Today is a Story-Trade episode I did with Kerri Finlayson who is a Professor of Anthropology, Sociology and Environmental Studies at North Central Michigan College. She is truly an inspiration and just left me interested in learning more about different cultures and school in general. In this episode, she explains what initially inspired her to study Anthropology. She talks about how she continues to live up to her 5th-grade dream of becoming a teacher. And reveals a hidden talent that not many people know about her. Kerri has plenty of outdoor adventure stories and in this episode, she takes us on a ski trip from Russia to the North Pole.
October 28, 2019
10: Ben Cheney - Life Art
Today we’re joined by Ben Cheney who is a professional researcher of movement. In this episode, we will talk about dance and the many varieties that Ben has explored. I really love Ben’s perspective of movement and how he has cultivated a mind-body relationship that allows him to express himself through dance. In this episode, Ben and I dive into the concept of Life Art and how we can bring awareness to our body through movement. Note from Ben Cheney: I often forget to mention names when talking about ideas. I wanted to make sure that the names that I didn’t formally mention were recognized here as they are all very important in the story of my moving life. The gifts that they gave me are what has allowed for me to grow and find the window within myself that I may share with others. The founders of Concord Academy Petoskey were Kim and Steve Overton. My dance teacher while i attended school there were: Jodi Adgate, Sylvia Jania, and Gary Schulz. My ballet teacher and the director of the Crooked Tree Dance Department is Heather Raue. The male teacher, whom is mention, is the Artistic Director of Deeply Rooted in Chicago, is Iega. The founder of BMC is Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. The teacher that facillitated the sphenoid/occipital relationship in my BMC module was Janet Amato. Links mentioned in the episode.. Buoyant Feet Video Sphenoid Bone Contact Ben Facebook Instagram Email After recording this episode Ben and I danced in the park. Check out the video HERE
October 28, 2019
09: Caroline Barlow - Professional Folky
Today I am joined by Caroline Barlow who is an active member of the music community here in northern Michigan. I am excited to have Caroline on the show because she has worked with hundreds of bands over the years. Helping them to book gigs, making sure that music festivals run smoothly, really a jane of all traits when it comes to anything relating to community and music. In this episode, Caroline and I talk about her upbringing in North Carolina and her move to Michigan. We talk about the work that she’s currently doing with the Bliss Organization and her band The North Carolines. Connect with Caroline  Facebook  EPK (Electronic Press Kit)   SoundCloud Instagram @mscarolineb Music playlists on Spotify search Caroline Barlow Check out Bliss Organization Earthwork
October 28, 2019
08: Joshua Snider - Endangered Language
Today I am joined by my friend Josh Snider who is a dedicated linguist who has studied language for the majority of his life. In this episode, Josh and I talk about the various resources he has tapped into over the years to hone his ability to translate language. We talk about why language is important and why we should preserve it so that we don’t lose windows into other perspectives. Exploration Press
October 28, 2019
07: Rob Reider - Coach Presence
Since 1970, Rob Reider has actively engaged in many holistic health modalities - as a student, teacher, guide, and practitioner. He now coaches, inspires, and mentors others to awaken from dogma and programming to an unlimited possibility of living! The essence of these ideas is express in his book “Life Is Not What You Think - Permission To Go Out Of Your Mind” I’ve personally read the book and it has really transformed the way that I think about things. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Rob and do a coaching session with him and I can speak from experience that I have truly felt the transformation. That is why I am so excited to introduce Rob, who has graciously offered his time to share his story and dive into some of the lessons that he uncovers in his book. In this episode, Rob takes us on his journey through life and talks about the various teachers and mentors that he’s worked with along the way. Rob's Website The Book - Life is Not What you Think 
October 28, 2019
06: Elise Harvey (Grandmother) - What is Important to You?
I’m really excited to introduce a very special person in my life (My grandmother Elise) who is also known by many other names but I’ve always called her Gami. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with her this past valentine's day and we talked about living in the now. We also talk about peace cranes, and talk about a question that is pretty broad but thought provoking.. What is important to you?
October 28, 2019
05: Nathan Towne
What is life like as a full-time musician? Where can we find the motivation to practice? In this episode, Nathan and I talk about the fun parts and also some of the challenges that come along with being performing musician. Nathan is a jack of all traits when it comes to music, he plays guitar, piano, drums, bass, you name it. He's performed in a variety of different bands over the years and is currently playing bass for Blind Melon. For listeners that are interested in learning music theory and/or guitar be sure to contact Nathan for a Skype lesson. Use the promo code SOLGOOD when you contact Nathan and get $10 off your first lesson. Check out Nathan's Website YouTube Instagram Facebook If you'd like to support the solgoodmedia Podcast check out our Pateron page. The Final Cut (movie mentioned at the beginning of the episode) Links mentioned in episode All music in this episode was performed by Nathan Towne
October 28, 2019
04: Solomon Harvey
It's been quite a process to figure out a theme for solgoodmedia. When I sat down today to try and uncover what the podcast is really about I found myself ranting about unconditional love and saving the environment. The real goal of this podcast is to create media that uplifts and inspires people. I hope you find some value in these 10 minutes! When I listened back to the first recording I swear it sounded like I was talking in slow motion and I think I may have overcompensated on the second take. It's a lot of information packed into a short episode so get ready.
October 28, 2019
03: Dan Beaulieu - App Devoloper
I am thrilled to have Dan Beaulieu on the show! Dan is a seasoned app developer who has several apps available on the app store. BaristaTimer Web App Browser Stacks :  Smarter Flash Cards In this episode, we're going to dive into how Dan was first introduced to programming and how it has become a lifelong journey. To keep up to date on what Dan is up to check out his blog HERE If you want to read the blog post he wrote about his experience being on the podcast check it out  HERE Links Khan Academy Code Academy Udemy Plural Sight Git Hub
October 28, 2019
02: Ren E.T. - Astro Yoga
Tonight I’m joined with my good friend Ren who is the founder of Astro Yoga. Astro Yoga is an original fusion of yoga, meditation, breath-work and cosmological insight which is designed as a mind-body journey through the zodiac realm. Get $10 off your first birth chart reading if you use the code SOLGOOD when contacting Ren. Links Planet Watcher
October 27, 2019
Amalia Harvey - My First Podcast Ever
I’m very excited that my sister Amalia was able to join us for the first episode of the solgoodmedia podcast! In this episode we dive into a wide range of different topics and uncover what it means to live authentically and with purpose. We start out the conversation with a few new years resolutions and we discuss what it means to actually create lasting change.
October 27, 2019