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Human Pod

Human Pod

By Rahmat Hidayat
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The Oriental versus Occidental of UX
Don Norman said that two of the most important characteristics of good design are discoverability and understanding, but the way people perceive their environment is different, depending on their knowledge, capabilities, or per our current topic cultural influences.  Today we have invited two superstar UX experts from both sides of the culture, Sonya Seddarasan, the Principle Product Design for Tokopedia, all the way from Indonesia and  Jessica Shen. The Experience Design Director for R/GA New York to talk about it.
February 21, 2021
Nature Conscious Branding: An Analysis
We are in a period of environmental crisis. Changing the way we live and consume it's important for the future of the Earth, and brands everywhere have been turning their focus toward this. But how to achieve this? In this episode, we're going to talk to Iben Yuzenho the CEO of Sebumi on how a brand can achieve success without damaging the earth.
February 3, 2021
Big data, Google, and Entrepreneurship
Adi Wijaya has a quite prolific career in data, he has founded a successful startup, started a prominent data community in Indonesia, and now working as a Strategic Cloud Data Engineer at Google. In this episode, we will talk all about Google, his entrepreneurial challenges, his love for data, and, of course, Technology.
November 28, 2020
The Importance of Real Estate Education with Raden Aswin Rahadi
How important Real Estate Education is for the economy and will it survive in the growth of automation and AI? We're going to explore that with Raden Aswin Rahadi, Assistant Professor, School of Business and Management, Institut Technology Bandung.
September 25, 2020
The world of Creativepreuner; How to survive and thrive with Upie Guava
Gua yang kebetulan yang dekat dengan dunia kreatif tahulah bagaimana keluhan-keluhan teman-teman sekitar gara-gara Covid 19, seperti event di cancel, spending berkurang, dsb. Tapi masa serba sulit seperti ini justru engga berpengaruh buat seorang Upie Guava, dia tidak hanya bisa surviving tapi bisa thriving, bagaimana caranya? Langsung dengerin di Humanpod.
July 22, 2020
Female leadership in the Middle East with Sara Anani
How hard is it to become a female leadership in the Middle East? Today we're going to talk about it with Sara Anani, the Director of innovation and experience strategy at McCann
July 22, 2020
The struggle of living in Japan as foreigners
Japan albeit its natural beauty and profound culture, has a few components that make living less fulfilling as a foreigner, such as the language barrier or the tough working culture, but is this true for all foreigners? Today we're going explore different perspective and perhaps discover new insights along the way
July 10, 2020
East meets West! A cultural dialogue from the Technology perspective with Martin Heidegger and Aska Uda
In its development, technology and culture seems to coincide with each other, but to what extent and is it unique per region? Today we're joined by Martin Heidegger from Austria he dubbed himself as the Main Brain! and Aska Uda a UI/UX designer from Japan.
July 7, 2020
Survival of the Fittest in the world of Advertising with Sebastian Puhze and Satyen Adhikari
Advertising is constantly evolving but until when? Creativity is not the main focus anymore, everything has gradually shifted towards big-data and hyper-personalization and perhaps this is not the end, because new competitors that didn’t exist during the time Lee Clow and Craig Tanimoto made that legendary slogan are appearing, even creativity is gradually being replaced by AI.
May 25, 2020
The talk of UI/UX with Amit Kulkarni and Florian Fournier
UI/UX is the buzzword that has been thrown recently, but what it is exactly? Today I've invited 2 experts from Dubai, Amit Kulkarni, and Florian Fournier and take a deep dive into what UI/UX is.
May 16, 2020
The Human Pod - Intro
Life started back when I was in Indonesia, I remember the alleys, the hawkers, and the people, growing up I was amazed by how heterogeneous the country is, over 300 different native languages are spoken in Indonesia and live in across 17,508 islands. I remember when I was young walking in downtown Jakarta and was called by a man who completely looks out of place, he barely spoke Bahasa was carrying a dagger on his hip, and trying to cajole me with his story of black magic. And he was not the only one, there were so many occurrences that I had, and each of these people has different stories and after I turned 40 I’ve realized that I was fortunate enough to encounter people not only from Indonesia anymore but all over the world. People that had experienced the Bosnian war in 1992 or planted the bomb to fend off Americans tank at the shore of Okinawa when he was young. So amidst this new historical moment the virus apocalypse, I have decided to reconnect with these people and listen to their life stories, learn from their passion, and of course share with the world. Hi, my name is Rahmat Hidayat I’m a 40-year-old man from Bandung, Indonesia, who somehow ended up in Tokyo. And this is the Human Pod.
May 16, 2020