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Humans of Agriculture

Humans of Agriculture

By Humans of Agriculture
Welcome to Humans of Agriculture. This podcast series is dedicated to discovering more about our food system, from the people involved in it.

Along the journey we'll be meeting people from all walks of life from Australia and from afar. Join us as we find out how our communities and our culture shape what we eat, and ultimately who we are.
​More people, More often, Identifying with Agriculture
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72: HoA "A Diamond in the Dust" with Frauke Bolten-Boshammer

Humans of Agriculture

A Passion for Plants Brings Chris Full Circle with Chris Toohey
Chris Toohey spent his childhood growing up on the family's Riverina Property growing Rice, cattle, sheep and other dryland irrigated crops. With a love of plants and a recommendation from his parents to go and explore opportunities outside the farm gate, Chris begin his apprenticeship as a landscaper and worked his way up. Seeing the opportunity to take his skills on the road he took off on a road trip around Australia before a back injury led him to move away from the physicality of the job. Heading to university as a mature age student, Chris' career was set out for him, Agronomy was the obvious choice. Chris has never looked back. Chris is a 2020 Syngenta Growth Award Winner in the productivity category and this is his story. This episode has been sponsored by Syngenta, the team that has been bringing global agricultural innovation to Australia for more than 90 years. Their world-class seed varieties and crop protection productions help farmers overcome climatic challenges, and sustainably grow more food, feed and fibre for all of us.
December 3, 2021
That Cycle Stops With Me with Darrylin Gordon
Darrylin Gordon is a Jaru native woman and pastoralist currently managing 361,000 hectares of country at Lamboo Station in the East Kimberley region WA. She has been celebrated as the 2018 WA Rural Women of the Year Awards and was the runner up in the National Award, Darrylin is seen as a trailblazer not just for women but for agriculture more broadly. Her story converses a woman who has faced her fair share of challenges, tackling them head on and creating opportunity. Her grandfather has been a key influence in her life and the one who at times has given her the grounding she has needed to go on to have the impact she could have.
November 30, 2021
Australia's Agtech Boom with Sarah Nolet
From the Silicon Valley to South America, Sarah Nolet has never seen anything more exciting than the boom of the Australian agtech industry in the past half decade. She’s only been in the country for six years, but in that time Sarah Nolet has managed to transform Australia’s footing in the international ag-tech industry. Sarah has been recognised as a 2020 Syngenta Growth Award Winner in the Innovator Category. It's not surprising given the mark she's made on the industry in the past six years. We cannot wait to see where Sarah is headed and how Aussie AgTech is going to boom with her skills, passion and enthusiasm. This episode has been sponsored by Syngenta, the team that has been bringing global agricultural innovation to Australia for more than 90 years. Their world-class seed varieties and crop protection productions help farmers overcome climatic challenges, and sustainably grow more food, feed and fibre for all of us.
November 26, 2021
80: HoA "How agriculture has shaped me" with Dave O'Brien
Dave O'Brien has found himself at a crossroads several time during his life.  As he left high school Dave wasn't sure what he wanted to do, with an opportunity popping up to work alongside his sister in the TV industry, Dave jumped head first into it. However, it wasn't quite what he was looking for. During the chat Dave talks about finding his passion and how agriculture has really shaped who he is today. Dave also speaks to the importance of mens health and why he is involved in Movember this year. This episode has been sponsored by LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. To find out more, head to
November 23, 2021
79: HoA "Growing For The Future" with Simon Doolin
Simon Doolin’s Great Grandfather started farming around North Star in Northern NSW in 1924, almost 100 years ago. Today, everything Simon does is with this legacy in mind, with the aim of leaving the country and community better than he found it, ready for the next generation. Simon has been recognised as a 2020 Syngenta Growth Award Recipient in the Sustainability category. As this chat outlines, it really is no surprise. He constantly seeks for better ways to do things, more efficiently.  Over recent years, Simon has worked closely with bakers and other people along the supply chain. Today, he and his team work knowing that they have the relationship and knowledge of exactly where their grains are going. This episode has been sponsored by Syngenta, the team that has been bringing global agricultural innovation to Australia for more than 90 years. Their world-class seed varieties and crop protection productions help farmers overcome climatic challenges, and sustainably grow more food, feed and fibre for all of us.
November 19, 2021
78: HoA "Taking the leap at 28" with Ginnie Hope-Johnstone
For Ginnie Hope-Johnstone, success was to go to university, get a degree and get a good job in the city. So after school, that's exactly the path she took.  After successfully completing a dual degree in sports administration adn event management, she scored the corporate role she was after. But by the age of 28, Ginnie had longed for wide open spaces and had always wanted to be a jillaroo on a Northern Territory cattle station, so what else do you do than take the leap! After 'living the dream' for two years, Ginnie returned to Victoria however the urge to find a job that she wanted to do wasn't quite there, so she established her own business: VC Events Co! Ginnie's story traverses the years of building a career, pursuing a dream and then really finding what you're passionate about and building a career and business around it! Enjoy the chat! This episode is sponsored by LAWD the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more head to
November 16, 2021
77: HoA "Finding my feet in Texas (4385)" with Grace Cheatley
If you ever said to me when I was starting out I'd be having a chat with one of my greatest friends Grace on the podcast, I would've thought we'd it probably not suitable. However, fast forward a couple of years and Grace's story is so applicable and hopefully inspiring for those wondering what opportunities there are for young people in Rural Australia to go after. Grace hails from Geelong, down in Victoria but her journey to Texas and now living there was a matter of circumstance, as the optimist that she is, she saw being made redundant as part of the pandemic as an opportunity to use her skills and experience and hit the road. Enter Texas, that's Texas Qld not America!  This chat is full of a few laughs, understanding what it was like to be somewhere that nobody knows you and finding her place and unlocking opportunity to contribute to what is now her community!
November 9, 2021
76: HoA "Unlocking the opportunities in agriculture" with Sam Heagney
For those familiar with twitter, Sam Heagney is a household name. From his insights to his humourous and engaging videos that have captured the eyes of tens of thousands of people. His approach to celebrating agriculture has come from his background as a kid growing up on Melbourne's outer suburbs.  His time in agriculture has nearly gone full circle, not far from where it all began on his wife's family's property 'South Burnarba'. This episode has been sponsored by LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. To find out more head to  
November 2, 2021
75: HoA "Chasing dreams, space and cattle in the North" with Pat Barrett
As a boy from Western NSW, Pat Barrett stepped straight out of a Sydney private school into a role as a station hand - a ringer - in Australia’s top end and he hasn’t looked back. Pat Barrett was a difficult man to get hold of - a completely unsurprising fact considering he spends the majority of his time on stock camps across the Kimberly and the Pilbara, where reception and free time are both in short supply. When Oli did get a chance to catch up with him he was in Broome, preparing to leave early the next morning to drive a thousand kilometres to meet up with one of his four contracting teams.
October 26, 2021
74: HoA "Zara's Day" with Justin & Kate Boshammer
Content Warning: This episode talks about the loss of a child. Justin & Kate Boshammer's journey is unlike many. They met at the age of 18 through the Angus Youth Cattle program. Kate's path followed setting up multiple businesses and helping out where she could on the property. A decade on from the two stepping out on their own and establishing JK Cattle Company they have built an enviable business. Nothing could prepare them for what they would go through in 2020, their daughter Zara was bron in April of 2020 with a condition that doctors were unable to diagnose. Over the next few months, they would spend significant time travelling to specialist appointments and in hospital in Toowoomba and Brisbane. Sadly, Zara's condition Pallister Killian Syndrome is incurable and in October of 2020, Zara passed away aged just seven months. Since her passing, Kate & Justin have established Zara's Day.  The first Zara's Day was held last year and raised more than $150,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors Service (Qld Division) and the Steve Waugh Foundation. The second Zara's day is coming up and you can find out more here: Please visit for more information on how you can support Zara’s Day this year.
October 19, 2021
73: HoA "Awards, Expectations and Opportunities" with Sue Middleton and Jo Palmer
Ahead of the Agrifutures Rural Women's Award National Announcement, we sat down with two previous winners, Sue Middleton (2010) and Jo Palmer (2019) to find out about their stories on entering, winning and life after the Award. Both Sue and Jo have come at the award from two very different backgrounds, however the opportunities the Award has opened up for them is immense. For Sue it meant 18 months of presentations, meetings and advocating for Agriculture and rural Australia and for Jo, well she has hardly said no to any opportunity that has been put in front of her, all while managing it fairly remotely!  The Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award National Announcement is being held virtually next Wednesday the 20th of October at 12:30pm AEDT. To Register, go to
October 12, 2021
72: HoA "A Diamond in the Dust" with Frauke Bolten-Boshammer
Frauke Bolten-Boshammer is a pioneer, a woman filled with grit and determination that has seen her overcome a life full of obstacles, despite the setbacks Frauke perseveres and her story will connect on so many levels.  From her early days as a child in Germany, working hard for her father. To finding love and moving around the world looking for the big break. After settling in Kununurra in Northern Australia, tragedy strikes Frauke's like where she is left alone as a single mother to raise her kids. Frauke's story shows that life is full of obstacles but within that is opportunity. Frauke is an Antola Trading shirt ambassador, to shop the range head to
October 8, 2021
71: HoA "Dreaming Beyond the Mallee Sky" with Olivia Borden
From the moment we started talking I was engulfed in the stories of Liv Bordon. From humble beginnings in Victoria's Mallee on the family pig farm through to chasing the sunrises and sunsets of outback New South Wales. Liv shows that agriculture truly is full of opportunity, with a dream and a willingness to go after them the world truly is your oyster. Part of Liv's childhood was spent living in a house with no power, cooking over the open fire and to this day it's one of her true loves From outback shearing sheds where her body was left battered, bloodied and bruised Chasing the dream in the territory and beginning a career as an agronomist based out of Katherine This episode has been sponsored by LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. To view their current listings or find out more head to
October 5, 2021
70: HoA "Building on tradition, my way" with Corrina Wright
For 180 years Corrina Wright’s family have been growing grapes on their property at McLaren Vale, but when she took over she began to make some seismic changes. It was 1839, just years after the South Australian Colonisation Act had been passed and George Fife Angus had bought 13,000 acres of crown land for a mere 12 shillings an acre, when William and Elizabeth Oliver bought their farm from him and began planting grapevines. They were Corinna Wright’s great, great, great grandparents, and today Corinna makes wine from the grapevines they planted. To read more of the story head to: We'd like to thank this episodes sponsor, LAWD the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more head to To view the antola range and check out the latest shirts including their kids shirt which has $2 from every shirt going to the Ronald McDonald House then head over to
September 28, 2021
69: HoA "Finding the balance in change" with Emma Germano
Emma Germano is a household name in Australian agriculture. Her involvement in key industry groups and bodies has been instrumental in the corporate and policy arenas where she regularly goes in to bat for farmers. A little lesser known side of Emma is the journey and learnings along the way that have been instrumental in helping her navigate the field of agripolitics and key industry roles. From putting it all on the line in the pursuit of a small business in Melbourne to standing in the rain bidding to buy back the family farm, Emma's journey isn't straight forward and it has come with plenty of challenges. She truly is a trailblazer for what the next gen of ag leaders are bringing to the table and is a very, very worthy Antola ambassador! We'd like to thank this episodes sponsor, LAWD the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more head to To view the antola range and check out the latest shirts including their kids shirt which has $2 from every shirt going to the Ronald McDonald House then head over to
September 21, 2021
68: HoA "Championing women in the grain industry" with Randall Wilksch
Randall Wilksch is passionate about changing the narrative around the Australian grain industry, and a good way to do this, he thinks, is to get more women involved. Coming from a family of grain growers on South Australia’s lower peninsula, Randall Wilksh is the first to admit he fits neatly into the category of archetypal farmer. But he in no way sits idly in his stable position within the grains industry, instead, he questions the very nature of the industry itself. Are we as farmers doing enough to connect with our consumers? Are we doing enough to correct misinformation about our products? Are we doing enough to ensure our practices are sustainable? Are we doing enough to encourage more women into the industry? These are all questions Randall asks himself and the Australian farming community as a whole. Randall is one of the Antola Trading Shirt Ambassadors, celebrating incredible people from right across Australia who are having an impact within their industry or community. To check out the whole range go to
September 17, 2021
67: HoA "Agriculture beyond the farm gate" with Sam Johnston
Sam Johnston and his mate, Jim, created Thank a Farmer for your Next Meal in their free time while at university in the city, but that was seven years ago, now Sam leads a very different life. It was when he began to bring city friends home in the school holidays that he recognised just how interesting everyday country life can be for those who don’t get to experience it regularly. “I remember moving a mob of sheep with these friends - which for people who grew up on the land is an everyday thing - and they thought it was amazing, they had their phones out taking videos, taking photos.” It was later, while at university in Sydney, that Sam was approached by his mate Jim with the idea for Thank A Farmer. Thank you to this episodes sponsor, LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more and check out their latest listings head to
September 14, 2021
66: HoA "George the key to kids in Ag" with Simone Kain
Simone Kain is the first to admit that she’s reluctant to enter the political sphere, but, in the same breath, recognises the power and influence of the children’s books that she has created. Co-creator of the popular George the Farmer books that help educate children about the systems that work to get their food on the table and their clothes on their back, Simone Kain didn’t always see herself as connected to agriculture. While Kain spent plenty of time as a child with the animals around her parent’s farm, she always preferred to be drawing rather than doing hands-on jobs around the property. This preference for the creative arts meant that for years Simone felt that she wasn’t connected to agriculture. Simone is one of the Antola Trading Shirt Ambassadors, celebrating incredible people from right across Australia who are having an impact within their industry or community. To check out the whole range go to
September 10, 2021
65: HoA "Check on your Wild Mate" with Shanna Whan
Life for Shanna Whan was punctuated by her relationship with alcohol - she’s been the girl that was date raped, the winner of college drinking comps, the forty year old drunk and, now, the woman who started Sober in the Country. Shanna Whan’s story begins - like so many others belonging to country children - with a desperate desire to be free of boarding school. With her newfound liberation, she jumped at the chance to work with stock and to sit on a horse all day, and took a job as a Jillaroo. But life outside the school gates wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and, within a year, Shanna was a victim of date rape and three cases of sexual assault. You can check out the full write up on Shan at Content Warning: this post contains discussions of suicide and sexual assault. to Find out more about the crucial work Sober in the Country are doing visit Thank you to this episodes sponsor, LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more and check out their latest listings head to
September 8, 2021
64: HoA "The WOLF of Aussie Beef" with Amanda Moohen
When Amanda Moohen landed her first job in the beef industry, she was one of only five women working alongside 100 men, now, she’s pulling more women into the male-dominated sector by simply sitting down and having a drink with them. From an Albies college girl walking to morning classes in her pyjamas, to being scouted by the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) for a new managerial role, Amanda Moohen’s career is an impressive one. Growing up on a beef grazing property on Queensland’s Darling Downs, cattle have always been of interest for Amanda. But it wasn’t until studying Ag Science at university that she recognised that a career in agriculture can be quite difficult to get into, especially as a woman. Amanda is one of the Antola Trading Shirt Ambassadors, celebrating incredible people from right across Australia who are having an impact within their industry or community. To check out the whole range go to Thanks to this episodes sponsor, LAWD the specialists in Agribusiness valuations and transactions. Check out some of the properties currently advertised at
August 31, 2021
63: HoA "A Flexible Life on the Land" with Georgie Somerset
Country women are well known to be expert jugglers of all things farming and family, but Georgie Somerset might be one the best of all. Georgie is a rural leader who has developed an enviable CV through her broad experiences, for more than 30 years she has juggled being actively involved in the family beef business while working for some remarkable organisations.  Amongst her CV she is the President of AgForce Queensland Farmers, a Director of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Qld division) and a Board Director for the ABC. Georgie is an advocate for australian farming, regional communities and particularly supporting women in the industry. You can shop the Antola shirt range and make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Brisbane at  We'd like to thank this episodes sponsor LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. To find out more, head to
August 24, 2021
62: HoA "From Oyster Shuck'n to Global Tech CEO" with Ewan McAsh
With a degree in marine biology and a love of surfing the South Coast, Ewan McAsh is transforming the Australian oyster industry from product to plate. Ewan McAsh was 24 and fresh out of university when his Dad, previously a commercial fisherman and looking to leave his office job, proposed buying an oyster farm together. To Ewan, who recently graduated with a degree in marine biology, farming native oysters seemed simple enough. Fast forward fifteen years and Ewan has gone on to set up multiple businesses and now finds himself as the CEO of a Global Tech company solving problems in the aquaculture industry.  We'd like to thank this episodes sponsor LAWD, the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more head to To check out all the Antola Workshirts, head to
August 17, 2021
TIAA in conversation - The final few questions & wrap up
It's the final episode that wraps up the conversation between Tegan, TK and Kel. Although they all come from different backgrounds, the conversation really highlighted how much they all have in common. They all share a desire to ensure animals are cared for to the highest welfare standards and they all deeply care about the environment. We'd love to know what you thought of this short series!
August 15, 2021
TIAA In Conversation: How do we sort facts from our opinions? With TK, Teegs and Kel
The latest episode as part of the This is Aus Ag in conversation. Another short chat with TK, Tegan and Kel about how they sort the facts from their opinions.
August 12, 2021
61: HoA "Helping women shine with wine" with Jane Thomson
Welcome to Episode 61 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast. It's the beginning of our collaboration with Antola Trading, celebrating the diverse impact and discovering the stories of some remarkable Aussies who are the newest ambassadors for the Antola workwear range.  Jane Thomson is the founder and Managing Director of The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society, a wine community for women that connects people right across the supply chain from growers to consumers, She’s also the founder and Chair of the Australian Women in Wine Awards (AWIWA). The AWIWA is the world's first and only awards platform for women in wine. Starting off her career in psychology before moving into PR & communications where she has been recognised as an award winning Digital communicator.  On top of the accolades, Jane is also an author of ‘The Fabulous ladies guide to wine’. Jane works hard and passionately to both engage female wine consumers and to promote and highlight Australia's women in wine. To find out more about Jane check out the Fabulous Ladies Wine Society website,  Next week we'll sit down with Ewan McAsh, Smart Oyster farmer and entrepreneur.  Thank you to this episodes sponsors, LAWD the specialists in Agribusiness valuations and transactions. To find out more head to and Antola Trading, where every shirt has a story. You can check the shirts out at and make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charity with every purchase.
August 10, 2021
TIAA in conversation - "When it comes to environment, we're in the same boat" with TK, Teegs & Kel
A pig farmer, cattle grazier and consumer sit down to chat about their views and share insights into their pockets of the world.  In Australia, farmers are responsible for just over 51% of Australia's total land mass. When it comes to managing the environment, irrespective of food choices, the care for the environment is front of mind and we're all in the same boat in caring for it.
August 10, 2021
TIAA 'In conversation' - What are the flow on effects from the choices we make?
The next episode in the TIAA series with TK, Tegan and Kel chats through what are some of the flow on effects from the decisions we make.  These are incredibly honest and raw conversations as everyday people get to know each other and understand the differing perspectives that surround food. Kel talks through a moment in her childhood while she was fishing with her father that highlighted the realities of meat consumption.  Tegan gives her perspective on the Live Export ban from 2011 and the flow on effects within her community in Northern Australia.
August 5, 2021
60: HoA "Finding my Feet in the Northern Cattle Industry" with Hannah Murray
Welcome to Episode 60 of the HoA podcast, I’m excited to be sitting down with someone who I've had the chance to get to know as well as work alongside on some project work up in the Northern Cattle industry. Hannah Murray is currently the Business Development Officer with the Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association, I feel like Hannah is one of those gems of our industry that’s very much in touch at the grassroots and is one to watch for sure. Like many of our guests, her career hasn’t quite been linear, from working on northern cattle stations, a stint supporting school kids with their horses, A vet assistant, Back into the cattle and equine business, and now with the NTCA. Han is an incredible networker, a great asker of questions as we may go on to have a laugh about. I’d like to thank this episodes sponsor LAWD the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more you can go to
August 3, 2021
TIAA 'in conversation' - Why do you do what you do? with TK, Tegan & Kel
Episode 2 of the This Is Aus Ag series looked to understand a bit more about TK, Tegan and Kel.  This episode touches on soil sequestration in grazing operations, TK shares the insights and more about intensive pig farming as well as some of the animal welfare considerations when looking at different animal husbandry practices. Enjoy the chat!
July 29, 2021
59: HoA "Lens of Rosie" with Heidi Morris
Heidi Morris is a true advocate for the agriculture industry, at first, her name might not spring to mind but if we say Lens.Of.Rosie then maybe that will ring a few bells. Heidi has worked in the grains, cotton and beef industries in Australia as well as a stint in Canada. Her photos and the drive behind them to share more of the agriculture sector have captivated audiences. As Heidi talks about, sometimes it’s not all daisies and sunshine but her passion for sharing stories hasn’t faltered. Now, I’m not sure if she’s comfortable with being called a bit of a nomad but she certainly has seen more of Australia than many. During this episode we spoke about the trials and tribulations of life on social media, documenting the aspects of agriculture that many Australians aren’t used to seeing and the cultural history of this country that we should all be paying closer attention to. To check out more of Heidi's photos and to follow her travels follow @Lens.of.Rosie on instagram I’d like to thank this episodes sponsors, LAWD the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. To find out more you can head to their website
July 27, 2021
This Is Aus Ag - In Conversation podcast (Episode 1/6)
In 2018, I was very fortunate to be part of  leadership program with 7 other Extraordinary people from across Australia. As part of our course we launched the This is Aus Ag In conversation series. Episode One is dedicated to getting to know each of the guests: Nicole (Moderator, Social Science Researcher Cotton Industry) Tim (Pork producer) Tegan (Cattle grazier) Kel (Events organiser, musician, vegetarian/vegan) Enjoy the conversation!
July 25, 2021
58: HoA "Chasing the Dream - From Rugby to the Ranch" with Charlotte Caslick and Lewis Holland
If you're a fan of Rugby union these next two names should be fairly familiar for you. Lewis Holland and Charlotte Caslick are both primed for their second Olympic games, Charlotte is an Olympic gold medalist after winning gold with the Womens 7s team at Rio in 2016. What makes these two extra special is their affiliation to farming and the path that they have been on since they turned their dreams into a reality purchasing a property in 2016. Perspective is a beautiful thing, it allows you do empathise and understand someone else's situation or assess your life through a different lens. When it comes to achievements or disappointments it was the drought not long after Lewis and Charlotte purchased their farm that provided the reference point and perspective that they needed. I found this chat incredibly insightful, both Lewis and Charlotte are so down to earth, we talked about overcoming adversity, the lessons that farming has taught them and how its transferred into their sporting lives. I'd like to thank this episodes sponsor – LAWD, the specialists in Agribusiness valuations and transactions. To find out more head to
July 20, 2021
57: HoA "Meet Miss Vet" aka Jill Kelly
Today I'm excited to be welcoming Jill Kelly to the podcast. For more than a decade, Jill has been a district Vet with the Local Land Services in Western NSW supporting farmers with ruminant nutrition, welfare and sustainability on farm. When she's not up to her elbow dissecting a sheep carcase, Jill's creative side flares to life as a painter where she goes by the alias of Miss Vet. I love the saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" – During the recent drought there were a few shining beacons, one being the well-known #BuyFromTheBush Campaign, for Jill it turned her hobby into something more. For Jill, on the front line of supporting farmers it was a little initiative called the Drought Smoko, as she describes 'an idea born our of necessity', every Tuesday she'd bake a cake, and spend the morning chatting about a topic that would help the farmers in her community with their livestock in the midst of the drought. If you enjoyed this podcast, please rate & review it and recommend any guests or topics you'd love for us to cover. This episode is sponsored by LAWD, The specialists in Agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more head to
July 13, 2021
56: HoA "Flying off the goats back... no kidding" with Paddy Ward
This week I'm excited to welcome Paddy Ward to the Humans of Agriculture Podcast. Paddy is a country boy through and through, from a childhood living out at Mount Hope he took up a lease opportunity and begun mustering goats to make a quid and support his dream of flying. He may be the unofficial Mayor of Condoblin, a community man at his core and his list of involvements in the town are extensive - He's the President of the Aero Club, on the Condoblin Races Committee, Avid golfer, retired rugby player and mate to many.  Paddy gives us an insight into his life from a kid from Mount Hope commuting 3 hours a day to and from school to finding an alternative income at the midst of the 2019 drought. Enjoy the chat! The Humans of Agriculture podcast is proudly supported by LAWD the specialists in Agribusiness valuations and transactions, to find out more head to
July 6, 2021
1: HoA - 'The Chefs dilemma, thoughtful food' with Mark LaBrooy (3 Blue Ducks)
Mark LaBrooy is an author, a hunter, a chef and one of the founders of the well renowned Three Blue Ducks. He has worked across the world in fine dining, is incredibly passionate about the process in getting food onto your plate. Join us as we chat about animal welfare, consumer choice, the importance of community and the satisfaction and emotion involved in having a better connection to our food system.
June 30, 2021
55: HoA "I Want My Life to Be Extraordinary" with Jane Weir (part 2/2)
Welcome to Part 2 of these podcast with Jane Weir. Part One kicked off with Jane sharing a bit about her early life, her travels overseas and her return home to not just the family property but back into Agriculture. In Part two, Jane shares more about her recovery, she gives you an insight into her tenacity and her motivations as she went after discovering what she was truly capable of.  Enjoy!
June 24, 2021
55: HoA "I Want My Life to Be Extraordinary" with Jane Weir (part 1/2)
Todays guest is a captivating story teller, her journey has been anything but straight forward. I first met Jane at Beef Australia, she was part of the advancing beef leaders program and shared a piece she had written in front of the audience, speaking about the importance of representation she used 'The Hat' as a symbol that represents our industry, good bad or indifferent the people wearing that hat are symbolic of who we are as people. You can find it on our Instagram or facebook. From a young age, Jane Weir had seen through her parents what it was like to be a trailblazer. Daring to have a greater impact they left their relatively accomplished farming operation near Roma in Central Qld and headed north where they took on the next challenge at Amelia Downs, not too far from Charters Towers. In Part One you will hear about Jane's early life, from a kid working the land alongside he parents to trying to get as far away from agriculture as she could, ultimately pursuing a dream of riding horses internationally. Taking a few short cuts, Jane returned home in 2013, where she was training a young horse when the horse fell onto her, beginning the journey that would be three operations, a bone marrow transplant and years of recovery. Thank you to this episodes sponsor who really help me make it possible to bring these conversations to life. LAWD are the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
June 22, 2021
54: HoA "Opportunity knocks but once" with Munro Hardy
Welcome to the Humans of Agriculture podcast with Munro Hardy. Today we chat about Munro's extensive experience and journey into agriculture to where he is today as part of the team at Agriwebb.  He's a man of mystery who over the last decade has found his home in the air working in some of the most remote places in Australia. Determined to get his 'ticket' to fly, he dreamt of being a helicopter pilot and there wasn't much that could stop him from achieving it. He's spend the off-season or wet season collecting crocodile eggs and even spent a stint as an underground miner. If you aren't aware of Munro Hardy, by the end of the chat you'll have a bit of insight into what drew him from Western Victoria to the vast expanses of the north, he now finds himself working in AgTech with Agriwebb. Thank you to this episodes sponsor who really help me make it possible to bring these conversations to life. LAWD are the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
June 15, 2021
53: HoA "FYI if i'm unsuccessful, I'll apply again" with Nicole Mcdonald
G’day and welcome to episode 53 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast.  This week I’m very excited to welcome a friend and someone who I’ve got to know pretty well over the last few years as we worked together on a project and our own personal development through the NFF 2030 leaders program.  Nicole McDonald is a trained researcher in the field of vocational psychology who has put her skillset to use in a variety of settings, one of which being for over half a decade she has been looking to understand not just cotton farm workers’ job satisfaction with a research project looking at how they can adapt in regard to what the future skillsets may be for Cotton farmers. If you want to find out more about or get in touch with Nicole you can find her on twitter @Nic_career Thank you to this episodes sponsor who really help me make it possible to bring these conversations to life. LAWD are the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
June 8, 2021
52: HoA "It's dirty, it's dusty... but it's not cruel" with Dr Holly Ludemann
Dr Holly Ludemann is a vet as well as the Founder and Managing Director of the Livestock Collective. Like all our podcasts, I wanted to understand where her story starts and where the passion comes from, the experience of putting her head up and being a face of live export at a time when the industry was facing significant external negativity, this led her to taking a team of media on board and travelling from Australia to Kuwait to gather data and footage as to what happens on board. This chat is fascinating from someone on the ground and responsive for the overall health and wellbeing of livestock onboard As always, thank you to this episodes sponsor who really help me make it possible to bring these conversations to life. LAWD are the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
June 1, 2021
51: HoA "30 years working with small holder farmers" with Dr Robyn Alders
Dr Robyn Alders was born and raised on a grazing property on the Southern Tablelands of NSW and for more than the last 30 years, has worked closely with smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia as a veterinarian, researcher and colleague. She’s Honorary Professor with the Development Policy Centre within the Australian National University, a Senior Scientific Advisor with the Chatham House Centre on Global Health Security and is a mentor in Timor Leste with a program focused on improving nutrition. Her journey begins as a young girl, with a dream of becoming a drover. When her horse fell sick and she saw the incredible work that vets do. From that day, her life took a turn, it's left her with some incredible experiences and stories to share. Thank you to this episodes Sponsor, LAWD, specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
May 25, 2021
50: HoA "The endless opportunities in Ag" with Shannon Speight
Shannon Speight Shannon is the co-founder & CEO of Black Box Co. Shannon's career is anything but linear; born in Mount Isa she followed her parents across Australia for their work before beginning her studies with a focus on becoming a large animal vet. It was during her uni days that she stopped and reflected, and ultimately deciding to defer her studies saw Shannon heading to Northern Australia where her love for cattle and the northern pastoral industry really shone through. But it hasn't all be high tech for Shannon, as a qualified Vet, her work saw her playing an integral role in the Northern Genomics project where ultimately while on her mentoring trip as part of the Zanda Mcdonald Award saw her life changing opportunity really uncover itself. Shannon's accolades are plenty; the 2019 joint Zanda McDonald Award Winner, more recently being listed by Forbes as one of the 30 under 30 Asian region Entrepreneurs… mind blowing! Her story is one of tenacity, of rolling your sleeves up, of taking time to learn about others and what the problem is on hand, and what really makes Shannon so incredibly unique, on top of being able to fit in everything, is her willingness to give back. As always, thank you to this episodes sponsor who really help me make it possible to bring these conversations to life. LAWD are the specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
May 18, 2021
49: HoA "Belief and focus creates reality" with Al Mabin
She's the author and photographer of five books that has seen her traverse Australia from the back of horses to the cabins of trucks. She's seen more of this country that most Australians and more of this country's agricultural industry than the average cockie. It wasn't all smooth sailing but following a life changing accident in her mid teenage years, Al Mabin has had a self-belief and a can-do attitude that has seen her create opportunity in some of the most unlikely situations. Thank you to this episodes Sponsor, LAWD, specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at You can check out Al's website @
May 11, 2021
48: HoA "Finding my why" with Oli Le Lievre
This episode looks to do things slightly differently. After reaching the one year milestone of Humans of Agriculture and sharing more than 50 stories of people via the podcast, the opportunity presented for Oli to sit down with Jacqui Payne (JP) about some of the takeaways from these conversations, what led to the concept of Humans of Agriculture, and find out a bit more about Oli. This episode coincides with the announcement of the Australian Rural Leadership Program, in which, Oli is incredibly excited to have received the alumni scholarship. You can find out more about the program at - Cohort 28 of the program will see 25 people from right across Australia undertaking a 15 month leadership development program. Jacqui is currently part of Course 26 and so it provided a great opportunity to get JP out of her comfort zone and become an interviewer for the podcast.  As Oli mentions, he's looking for collaborators and people to come and 'give it a go' so if you are interested please get in touch at We'd like to thank LAWD the sponsors of this episode, specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions, you can find out more at
April 13, 2021
47: HoA "Forging a career in the top end" with Tracey Hayes
Tracey Hayes is a remarkable women, her accomplishments are extensive from on the ground and in the paddock of the northern pastoral industry through to the boardrooms. Despite many setbacks and challenges throughout her career, Tracey approaches her career and life with optimism and humility and her success is a result of this. Tracey's childhood was spent on the family station at Ooonandatta, South Australia where she also spent a bit of time being schooled at the local aboriginal school. She talks about her Global Executive Masters at Sydney University and the perspectives and insights she developed through the course. Approaching last years Northern Territory Election, Tracey talks through a few of the learnings and reflects on her team giving it the best shot they could. Thank you to this episodes Sponsor, LAWD, specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
April 6, 2021
46: HoA "The two goals driving me" with Stuart Austin
Stuart Austin is currently the General Manager of Wilmot Cattle Company where he has been for the last 4 and a half years. Stuart describes himself as being passionate about the beef industry and food production and presently managing a growing natural grassfed beef operation in Northern NSW. Stuart believes in farming within what you can control, within his business that's grass, money and livestock. , I’d love to know a bit more about your background and your current role with Wilmot Cattle Co. · This episode has a lot of golden nuggets, Stuart talks about finding his feet in his twenties, the importance of mentoring through setting up his business for young people in Canada. · Stuart talks about the role of mentors in his life as an aspiring manager and then in his business today. · Stuart shares a bit about a course he did with RCS which you may remember is Terry McCosker – giving him the opportunity to share information and have advisors from multiple farming businesses. · Two goals in life – 1 is to help people. The other is to make people laugh. Thank you to this episodes Sponsor, LAWD, specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at Find out more about Stuart and Wilmot Cattle Company at:
March 30, 2021
45: HoA "Cultivating Wellness" with Stacey Curcio
Happy birthday to us! It's 12 months since we released episode 1 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast and what a fun and exciting journey it has been chatting with so many incredible people in so many diverse areas of the agriculture industry. Welcome to episode 45, today's guest is Stacey Curcio. She is the founder and business owner of Cultivating Wellness. She grew up in Central Queensland and is the daughter of Terry McCosker who recently appeared on the podcast. Today I'm very interested to understand more about the holistic approach to health, where Stacey's interests came from and find out more about the relationship between our ecosystems and the flow on impacts that can have on Human health. As she describes her big picture is to improve the health and wellbeing of others, and demonstrate the value of lifestyle, nutrition and naturopathic medicine For our first family double up, it's nearly a 'meet the McCoskers'. You can find more about Stacey via her website Thank you to this episodes Sponsor, LAWD, specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
March 23, 2021
44: HoA "Learning from every person you meet" with Emma Black
Welcome to episode 44 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast Emma Black is one of the co-founders and current Chief Operating Officer for Black Box CO. Growing up in Western Qld she has a passion and a deep love for the northern livestock industry. Emma has worked right across the beef supply chain from nutrition, consulting, to meat processing and now working with producers across Northern Australia. Working in extension services taking a whole of business approach working directly with producers and industry to assist in livestock nutrition, pasture management, data analysis and general. She is the inaugural winner of the Zanda McDonald award taking home the prestigious title in 2015 and continues to be a judge, mentor and supporter of not only recipients but also the finalists and other applicants. You can find out more at Thank you to this episodes Sponsor, LAWD, specialists in agribusiness valuations and transactions. You can find out more at
March 16, 2021
43: HoA "Honesty, hard work and finding balance" with Dr Terry McCosker
It is a privilege to have Dr Terry McCosker on the Humans of Agriculture podcast this week. As I listened back to this episode I found myself madly scribbling notes and filled with a sense of optimism. There's one quote that sticks out from this episode: "I didn't try to convince anyone that didn't want to listen. I would only talk to people who wanted to listen and had an open mind. That took the pressure off" Terry McCosker has been involved in the agriculture industry for more than fifty years, he's been at the forefront of transformative change and world firsts. He has never been one to take the easy road, reverting to basic principles when faced with the unknown. His career has seen him working for the Department of Primary Industries, managing farm businesses and the past 25 years within his own organisation Resource Consulting Services. His story is incredible and one thing that really stands out is that in the face of uncertainty and criticism he has always fronted up with honesty and accountability.  As you will find out in today's chat, Terry was fundamental to working with farmers to assist them in balancing their ecosystem. His philosophy of land is that 'we don't own it, we are just custodians of it for a short period of time. Our role in life is to pass it on in better condition than we found it". Thank you to this episodes Sponsor, LAWD the real estate land specialists. You can find out more at
March 9, 2021
42: HoA "Two ExtraOrdinary Lucy's" with Lucy Samuels & Lucy Taylor
Welcome to episode 42 of the HOA podcast. This week I'm sitting down with two Extraordinary Lucy's. There's a double meaning there because these girls are the brains and brawn behind ExtraOrdinary Outback stories. As journalists, they knew the job prospects weren't available to them in Dubbo, so they set about sharing stories themselves. The girls have an incredible background that has shaped their perspectives. Whether that be the Mongol derby for Lucy T, or reporting on the drought in Western NSW. Nowadays with Lucy Samuels at the helm of her Cessna 182 the girls take to the airways and airwaves to share the stories of everyday people with incredible stories. This chat has plenty of laughs, a mix of seriousness and banter. What they didn't bring up is they are finalists in the NSW regional women of the year awards next week, these two truly are extraordinary. Welcome to the Humans of Agriculture podcast. You can find them on Instagram and facebook @extraordinaryoutbackstories Thank you to this episodes Sponsor, LAWD the real estate land specialists. You can find out more at
March 2, 2021
41: HoA "Communicating Ag's story, the Wright way" with Heidi Wright
Heidi Wright is the founder of Wright Social, supporting businesses to succeed in Australian Agri-Rural markets through smart social media strategy, brand positioning and lead generation tactics. She didn't grow up in Agriculture despite living in a farming community, her Dad, a dentist by trade was actually an entrepreneur and inventor as he brought Lightforce to life! Through a number of experiences and roles in industry, Heidi has found her niche and she is supporting businesses and people to better connect and share their story. Her work with young people is incredibly impressive and her approach in supporting them tell 'their story' and 'be authentic' is incredibly powerful. You can find more about Heidi and her work at
February 24, 2021
40: HoA "Young Leaders in Live Export" with Kari Moffat
Kari Moffat has worked in the live export industry for the past 7 years, with a focus on South-East Asian feeder and slaughter markets. Her current position is Animal Welfare Assurance Manager for AUSTREX, overseeing the Export Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS), which ensures animal welfare in overseas markets.  Kari is currently the Chair of the Young Live Exporters Committee, an executive with Queensland Livestock Exporters Association. Given the theme for this month is to understand more about the live export industry I took the chance to kick off some of those questions with Kari, however, I also was fascinated at how she fits it all in and how she continues to give back to industry. One thing I admire about Kari is that with all her work, it's about a bigger purpose for herself; whether that be supporting young people in industry, supporting people understand animal welfare in destination countries or her approach to leadership and community roles. Live Export. Animal Welfare. Career Progression. Agricultural Careers. Leadership. 
February 16, 2021
39: HoA "Life onboard" with Ollie Thorne
Welcome to episode 39 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast. It's our first discussion focussing on the Live Export Industry and one that i'm really interested to learn more about. Today i sit down with Ollie Thorne, A uni student who in 2020 took his remote learning to the high seas as he spent 9 months moving cattle across the world. Ollie gives an insight into what his life is like on board and how the study actually helped him while he was doing some 'soul searching' on board. We'd love to have questions, queries, comments - absolutely everything. What is it you want to know about the Live Export industry? Please rate, review, subscribe and come on this journey with us as we get More People. More Often. Identifying with Agriculture. Live Export. Livestock. Animal Welfare. International Trade. Food. Health. Mental Health.
February 9, 2021
38: HoA "It starts with one" with Catherine Marriott (Maz)
Over the last 15 years, Catherine Marriott has worked in management, strategic and leadership roles in the agricultural, research and regional development sectors, both in Australia and overseas. She is a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and was the 2012 WA Rural Women of the Year. It's fair to say that Maz's career has thrown its fair share of challenges yet with a dose of optimism and getting on with the job she lifts up and inspires those around her. 2020 gave her the opportunity to challenge the identity in which she has to understand what her contribution was and how she could be 'totally effective' from home. After losing a parent at a young age, Maz talks about trying to fit a lot into a short period of time and how she tried to make the most of every opportunity presented to her. Her work has seen her contributing in Australia and overseas and her work to empower women working in the rural sectors is inspiring. She was on the ground in Indonesia during the live export ban in 2011 and she around the 24 minute mark talks about her first hand recount and experience as she lived and breathed it. She's a true leader, someone who I find incredibly humble, inspiring and bloody lucky that I could sit down with her for a chat. I had so much fun recording this, I'm sure you can all hear that as we chat. If you like humans of ag, where we're going please rate, review and subscribe and most importantly, hit me up with any thing you want to talk about! Question - What's the difference between manipulate and influence? 
February 3, 2021
37: HoA "A career in Law & Farming" with Caitlin McConnel
Caitlin McConnell is an extremely high achieving young agriculturalist. With a corporate career in litigation law, she also sits on multiple organisations as the chair of the RNA Future Directions committee, non-executive director of the Future Farmers Network, Committee Member of the RNA and she still manages to find time to roll her sleeves up and help on the family grazing property. Caitlin's family property 'Cressbrook Station' is home to the oldest residence in Queensland and is also Queensland's oldest farming business. In today's chat, Caitlin talks candidly about her life experience from growing up in the midst of the Millenium drought and the effect this had on her father, her family and herself. She talks about her challenges with mental illness and how she has found a way to manage it, reconnect herself with farming, balance study and continue to give back to the community. If you or someone you know needs help you can get assistance from Lifeline on 13 11 14, via Beyond Blue or you can reach out to our friends at the This is a Conversations Starter (TIACS) hotline - on 0488 846 988.
January 26, 2021
36: HoA "I'm lucky" with Sam Fryer
Sam Fryer has an extraordinary story. Growing up in Hughenden in Far North Queensland he is a brother, a son, a father and his story of challenge and adversity is more than most of us will ever experience in a life time.  Sam has a unique outlook on life, it's his experiences that have shaped his perspective and his optimism is infectious and awe inspiring. Within this 50 minute episode are little pieces of life advice from someone who has seen a lot. Sam reached out during #Movember to join the Humans of Agriculture team, as we got chatting Sam's story absolutely blew me away. For a bloke who has faced more than his fair share of challenges it is Sam's optimism and zest for life that is so infectious. Sam is a true storyteller and if you're anything like me during this chat, he will have you captivated to his story with complete and undivided attention. As you join us for today's episode you can expect to hear a bit about; - The childhood of someone with a sister with special needs - The transition from a school of 5 students to a school of 1,500 thousands of kilometres from home - Sam's own personal stories of grief through losing a close mate and his sister Alex - His battle with mental illness, and; - How he is implementing good habits to better manage himself and support those around him  *If Today's episode raises any concerns with you or you need to talk to someone you can reach out to the TIACS foundation of 0488 846 988, lifeline on 13 11 44 or beyond blue 1300 22 4636  #MentalHealth #Agriculture #DisabilityintheBush #Disability #adversity #hope #motivation
January 19, 2021
35: HoA "Four blokes on a couch chatting about mental health"
Welcome back to the Humans of Agriculture podcast for 2021. We're kicking of the year with a few episodes talking about Mental Health with people sharing their own stories. It comes off the back of a successful Movember by the Humans of Agriculture team, but it also comes with the realities of friends struggling with their own mental health challenges. I took the chance late in 2020 to sit down down with Dan & Ed from Trademutt and Mark Ahmelman from 'TIACS foundation' to chat about Mental Health, check in on the year and just have a general catch up. - Both Dan and Ed talk about their own approaches to mental health management - Mark talks through his own experience with mental illness and ways he overcame it - The importance of supporting friends and family around you  TIACS foundation provide a free text, chat and call back service connecting individuals seeking counselling services with qualified professionals. You can find them at or 0488 846 988
January 12, 2021
34: HoA "Humanising work and leading with purpose" with Brianna Casey
Brianna Casey is a pretty incredible person, her list of accomplishments is extensive – a CEO at the age of 23, a passionate ‘agvocate’ and people person. Brianna has spent her fair share of time on ‘The Hill’ in Canberra where she has succeeded in lobbying government to increase their support of the Food relief organisations and in turn some of the most vulnerable people in society. For me, Brianna has been somewhat of an informal mentor – bouncing ideas off her and earlier this year we were chatting and I said ‘I really want to shift the narrative around agriculture and bring different groups into the conversation to try and make Agriculture more circular – I’m thinking of doing a podcast’ the response I go was “DO IT” – the initial shove was the catalyst for what has now been 41 episodes since the end of March; a very welcome distraction, challenge and opportunity to ask questions of people and get some insights on how the world has been changing before our eyes this year. I owe Brianna a big Thank you and a big welcome to the Humans of Agriculture podcast Brianna!! Today we have a bit of an all-round chat from food waste and food insecurity, leadership, being given a chance to prove yourself, rural mental health, and the importance of being human. This is also the last episode in what has been our first season. I’d like to thank everyone who’s tuned in, kept me motivated and kept me company over the last few months. Next year we’ll be back bigger and better and hopefully with a few new voices on the airwaves too as we look to diversify with new and interesting segments and series. Look after yourselves, stay safe and stay sane and I can’t wait to join you all in 2021. LinkedIn: Brianna Casey | Foodbank Facebook:  Foodbank Twitter: @briannacasey1​ | @FoodbankAus  Instagram: @briannacasey1 | @foodbankaus Hunger Report via
November 11, 2020
33: HoA "A quick lesson" with Rob Gell
He's probably best known for his decades of tv screens in Melbourne as the resident weather presenter across multiple networks. But behind that, Rob Gell is an incredibly innovative thinker and extremely entrepreneurial guy. He has always been incredibly passionate about the nature, science and he is very realistic with his outlook on how we can make progressive change for the better. He shows no signs of slowing down in what should be his 'semi-retirement'. He's founded one start up and working in another, while assisting a couple of other businesses all with a sustainability lens. As you'll find out behind Rob's energy and drive is an ambition for a better future particularly with his grand-daughter in mind. I'm calling this episode a lesson with Rob Gell because he is one knowledgeable man and he's giving me a heck of a lot of stuff to go and look at. Rob Gell: ReThink Sustainability: Attentis: Circular Things:
November 3, 2020
32: HoA "Wine - it's all about the dirt" with Steve Faulkner
Today we're chatting with Steve Faulkner who is a viticulturalist with Oakridge wines based in the Yarra Valley. They're the unsung heroes behind that beautiful glass of rose or the flavours that jump out at you in your shiraz. Today's chat with Steve covers some technical aspects of wine making which is really interesting. Steve mentions in 2009 there was a significant shift in practices and weather patterns and this has led to adjusting how they actually grow the wines in the vineyard. With harsher, hotter summers and springs like this year that are very wet – the flow on effects of climate change are seeing harvests and seasons change. I had this "A-ha" moment during this. A lot of what Steve talks about around plant health and soil health reminded me a lot of what both Amy Knight in Ep (24) and Steph Geddes Ep (13) were talking about relating to people. As Steve talks about the cross-over between soil management I'm really surprised that more farmers generally aren't talking. I would love to float the idea of bringing together a group of people – not just farmers but from different aspects of the food system to come and chat the translation of healthy soils to healthy people and amazing products. It's a great chance to plug the HoA Movember - The ripple effect, Mental Health for Rural Australia– Oakridge Wines - @viticulture_australia
October 27, 2020
31: HoA "Many hands make light work" with James Terry
Today we're venturing down to the asparagus marshlands of Koo Wee Rup to chat with James Terry. James is a grower, exporter, trader, people manager, logistics organizer – you name it and it could quite possibly be in his job description. I'm excited about this one, we're doing a bit of a pow wow as we chat all things asparagus and this year in particularly has been challenging from the aspect of weather, transport and logistics, access to labour and everything in between. So interesting facts: - The 24 hour supply chain sees product picked and marketed quite often within 24 hours. - Every single spear involves people and hands. - Robotic automation has proven to be too slow and human power is far more efficient -  Some of the pickers have been away from their families back home in Vanuatu for more than 12 months
October 20, 2020
30: HoA "The changing tide of agriculture business" with Justin Webb
Todays guest is Justin Webb a co-founder of AgriWebb a farm management software that is supporting farmers to digitise their paddock records replacing the old paper book. Justin's story spans many countries, many businesses including founding several of these himself in the financial space with successful exits. Justin speaks openly and candidly about not being a farming kid but needing to step in and run the family operation when his father fell ill. It was this moment where as a business man and a highly skilled mathematician he looked at the farming business at an analytical level, without pumping his tyres up but Justin and his co-founders have gone on to re-define farm management in Australian agriculture and are taking on the world. This is slightly different to other chats and I hope you learn a bit more about the world of AgTech, of AgriWebb, of the opportunities for the agriculture industry to and some more about the evolution of what is happening inside the farmgate. Instagram: @Agriwebb
October 13, 2020
29: HoA "Pointing to where you want to go" with Fiona Baird
G'day and welcome to episode 29 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast. I'm your host Oli Le Lievre and today we're sitting down with Fiona Baird. A few months ago Hugh Dawson said, 'Oli you've gotta chat to Fi'. Fi's an incredibly impressive person, I've never met her in person yet I feel like I already know her. Her journey potentially comes across as someone who was always destined for agriculture but jumping the Tasman she initially came to Australia as a make up artist before a life changing event led her to close her eyes, put her finger on a map and well… the rest is history. She's worked across the cape as a head stock women, across live export boats and in market and is now running her own clothing business Apple Tree flats supporting women in Indonesia. Enjoy the chat You can get in touch with Fi @appletreeflat_nz Instagram: @humansofagricutlure_
October 6, 2020
28: HoA "The K.I.S.S approach - family, farming and community" with Tim Kingma
Welcome to Episode 28! It's been a chaotic few weeks with getting the episodes recorded and live as part of the Royal Melbourne Show. So we're back to one a week now so it's practically a holiday! Today I wanted to sit down with a good mate and pig Farmer from Northern Victoria. Tim Kingma or TK as he is more commonly known is one of the most passionate blokes I've ever come across. His K.I.S.S approach (Keep is Simple Stupid) has kept me on the straight and narrow a few times. I wanted to share TK's story from volunteering in Africa and meeting his now wife, Mariah, to taking over and running the family pig farm. He's heavily involved in the community and is passionate about supporting Australian agriculture and in particu -lar the pork industry. We're going to chat about animal welfare, his community, consumer awareness and some of the opportunities in and around pork. I would absolutely love any questions you've got on this and we can follow them up with TK! Get in touch with us at Website: Instagram:
September 29, 2020
HoA: Royal Melbourne Show Episode 6 - Dr Jo Newton OAM
It's Episode 6 and our final episode as part of this collaboration with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria as we have been celebrating the Royal Melbourne Show Online. Today's guest is Dr Joanna Newton, she has an incredibly impressive resume that this year grew with the Medal of the Order of Australia for her contribution to agriculture through her advocacy and support of young people, volunteering and contribution to dairy science. Despite growing up in metro Melbourne it was an opportunity to get involved with Agriculture at Jo's school Tintern Grammar that instilled a love and desire for the industry. Jo headed off to the University of New England in Armidale, where a chance meeting with a farmer at a formal dinner led her to completing her work experience, implementing data recording for his merino flock and what has blossomed into an incredible friendship. Jo has accomplished so much already in her career, at the age of 16 Jo was not deterred by being told she was 'too smart for agriculture' and we are so thankful she is part of the industry today.
September 28, 2020
HoA: Royal Melbourne Show Episode 5 - Ed Gannon
Ed Gannon is the Editor at the Weekly times and is the Editor-in-Chief for NewsCorp Rural. He has been involved with the Royal Melbourne Show for many years, particularly as the MC and host of the Agribusiness Luncheon. Today we're finding out about Ed's story – From growing up on a dairy farm at Tinamba in Gippsland, he went off to Uni in Melbourne. By chance he was walking past the weekly times office and they had a job advert on the window – he walked in, interviewed and since 1990 he has progressed through the ranks at the Weekly Times. Without the chance to have the Agribusiness luncheon, I thought beyond just getting Ed's story I wanted to ask him some questions about Australian ag today; Took the chance to understand the - What 2020 has taught him about journalism - The Gathering of stories and best information has pushed home the fact you need to get face to face - Some of the 'significant moments'  and for ED it was seeing some of the evolution of stories into real change - Ed was the Deputy editor when Country of Origin labelling was subsequently implemented - Satisfaction in seeing young people chase an issue and make a difference - We touch on some issues like Climate change, Regenerative Ag, issue of labour & role of technology & people - Ed's comments about the role of the show and how it's changing with the times were incredibly insightful You can find out more about the show at or find us at Instagram @Humansofagriculture_
September 26, 2020
HoA: Royal Melbourne Show Episode 4 - Dion & Ray Brook
Today I'm sitting down with Father son duo – Ray and Dion Brook. Ray has been involved with the Royal Melbourne Show since his first visit as a young fella in 1959. I've found it incredibly interesting over these conversations that when we're chatting about what they'll miss it keeps coming back to missing seeing those friends and the chance to meet new ones. Before we jump right into it I'll quickly apologise – we had a few sound issues in the first couple of minutes but stick with us – this chat is incredibly insightful and a couple of great perspectives to hear! Today I wanted to find out a bit more about these two so where better than a quick update on what the local footy season has done. And then we'll get into finding out about Dion & Ray · Ray finished school and became a shearer to help support the farm · In 1974 he committed to two weeks of no work to exhibit for the first time at the Royal Melbourne Show. · Why they both have worked off farm to support their farming busineses · The success for the Brooks has gone three generations with Stanley Brook winning Supreme Short horn bull in 1974, Ray winning in 1996, Dion in 1998 · The extra involvement and opportunities with the RASV · And finally; some incredible wise words about the opportunities in agriculture You can find out more about the show at or find us at Instagram @Humansofagriculture_
September 24, 2020
HoA: Royal Melbourne Show Episode 3 - Aimee Bolton
Welcome to the Humans of Agriculture podcast in collaboration with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) has proudly presented the Royal Melbourne Show since 1855. The Show is Victoria’s largest and most iconic annual community event, attracting around 450,000 visitors over 11 days each year and annually contributes more than $244 million in value to Victoria’s economy. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, the Royal Melbourne Show was cancelled for only the third time in its 165 year history. Aimee has been involved with the Royal Melbourne Show her whole life with her dad first exhibiting back in 1997. She’s progressed through the ranks of exhibiting, judging and now has a critical role assisting the RASV in the facilitation of the Royal Melbourne Show Beef Cattle and Carcase Competitions. Currently working at NH Foods in Oakey, Queensland - Aimee was looking forward to the Royal Melbourne Show as a bit of a family reunion but unfortunately 2020 had other plans. Today I wanted to find out a bit more what drives Aimee and what has shaped her involved in agriculture and the Royal Melbourne show. She touches on the importance of local shows & how her love for them has been shaped by her dad The opportunity and importance of young people to get involved with show societies and the chance to join various committees and boards has helped her in her career She received the RASV Youth Travel Award and heading to the US where in true Aimee fashion she was looking at youth programs in Texas to bring back to Australia Touches on the importance of communication in how agriculture communicates with a broader audience Some of the skills she’s learnt through the Royal Melbourne Show and the various life skills that accompany it You can find out more about the show at or find us at Instagram @Humansofagriculture_
September 22, 2020
Hoa: Royal Melbourne Show Episode 2 - Doug & Lorelle Deppeler
Welcome to the Humans of Agriculture podcast in collaboration with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) has proudly presented the Royal Melbourne Show since 1855. The Show is Victoria’s largest and most iconic annual community event, attracting around 450,000 visitors over 11 days each year and annually contributes more than $244 million in value to Victoria’s economy. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, the Royal Melbourne Show was cancelled for only the third time in its 165 year history. Today we're chatting with Doug & Lorelle Deppeler to understand a bit about their story and affiliation to the Royal Melbourne Show. They're farmers from Derrinallum in South West Victoria. This year would have marked their 48th consecutive year of showing their Suffolk sheep at the show. Today we're finding out more about - How Suffolk sheep brought these two together. The rest is history… - This year they are celebrating 50 years of breeding stud sheep and so I wanted to know what it is that keeps Doug getting out of bed in the mornings to keep on going - We chat about the implementation of practices on their farm to work with nature to get the best outcomes in the environment they farm - The importance of being adaptable and being proactive in making decisions - Beyond the show ring I ask why the show is important to them and it came back to the community and seeing friends from all over Victoria - How they have had some highs and lows over the years but a really special moment for them was in 2010 winning the interbreed champion ram and ewe – no one had won the double before and it's only been done once since - The disappointment has definitely been felt this year with what would have been their 48th year attending and exhibiting at the show You can find out more about the show at or find us at Instagram @Humansofagriculture_
September 20, 2020
HoA: Royal Melbourne Show Episode 1 - Jason Ronald OAM
Welcome to the Humans of Agriculture podcast in collaboration with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) has proudly presented the Royal Melbourne Show since 1855. The Show is Victoria’s largest and most iconic annual community event, attracting around 450,000 visitors over 11 days each year and annually contributes more than $244 million in value to Victoria’s economy. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, the Royal Melbourne Show was cancelled for only the third time in its 165 year history. After what has been an incredibly testing year for many people we are VERY excited to be celebrating the Royal Melbourne Show online. Over the next 11 days we will be hearing stories from a range of people who are all actively involved in the Show and some of them for nearly fifty years! Today I'm chatting with Jason Ronald. Jason has an incredibly impressive CV and he wears many hats. He's a farmer from the Tallarook region in Central Victoria, President of the Seymour Agricultural and Pastoral Society, Director for the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria and most notably he received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his contribution and services to the community including social welfare, cultural, political and agricultural organisations! So who better to kickstart this celebration of the show. Today we're chatting about: - Jason's story and involvement in agriculture in agriculture from a young age - His grandmothers influence on being community minded and how this has continued through for him with his involvement in many organisations over many decades - His fathers involvement at the local and Royal Melbourne Show levels - As well as understanding a bit more about the significance of the show over the years - We touch on the RASV's various awards and support programs that see people undertake international learning and development opportunities - The role of the show and the responsibility of the various committees to ensure the issues of today are what is being reflected by the Royal Melbourne Show - Towards the end I love Jason starting to talk about the role and influence of young people within agriculture and the organisations he is apart of You can find out more about the show at or find us at Instagram @Humansofagriculture_
September 18, 2020
HoA: Royal Melbourne Show TEASER
G'day! We're incredibly excited to be doing a six part series #CelebratingtheShow online this year. For only the third time in its 165 year history the Royal Melbourne Show is not going ahead at the Show grounds in Melbourne.  From Saturday the 19th of September and for the next 11 days we will be chatting with some pretty incredible people involved with the show to find out a bit more about what it means to them, and for one of  our guests, what it means to not be exhibiting at the Royal Melbourne Show for the first time in 48 years! Follow us on instagram @HumansofAgriculture_ and reach out with any questions! Tune in on Saturday morning and check out:
September 17, 2020
27: HoA "The opportunities in just saying yes" with Mitch Highett
G'day and welcome to episode 27 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast. This week I'm sitting down with someone who has worked in a variety of roles in multiple countries and has been creating his own farm management business from the ground up. Mitch Highett, spent a lot of his early years growing up in Sydney but it was the love for agriculture that had him longing for chasing his dream. Not long after finishing exams he headed for America where he got his first taste of 'cowboy life' and ever since he's been building his experience in a variety of roles. As you'll pick up, Mitch's motto is "Just say yes" its led him to some amazing situations and also a precarious one on a TV dating show (not the one you're thinking) but it's all part of his story! We chat about: - The realisation early on that the family block wouldn't be enough to support him and he would need to set about going his own way - Heading to Canada and in his early 20's he was given an overseer role that saw him in charge of an incredibly diverse team including non-English speaking workers. - Returning to Australia, getting a degree and then moving into trying something different which saw him getting involved in Agriculture advisory for large organisations - Identifying his own gap in the market and developed something that could be easily understood for high net worth investors looking for an agriculture asset of their own - Mitch touches on the importance of trying things and also sometimes throwing your hat in the ring for things that may be a bit out there – as Mitch says it's about finding the thing that differentiates you from others!
September 15, 2020
26: HoA "Changing the narrative from Dulacca to Brissie" with Sammie O'Brien
Welcome to Episode 26 Today we're chatting with Sammie O'Brien – if you're a Queensland local you may recognise her from Queensland Weekender and Creek to Coast. Her work has seen her travel across the majority of Queensland, looking at everything from iconic getaways to iconic people. I can safely say it's the first time the town of Dulacca has been mentioned on the podcast but I hope it won't be the last! I found it really interesting when I asked Sammie if she actually saw herself in agriculture. Her answer was no, I don't feel like I'm doing enough. But it's exactly people like Sammie who are able to articulate the story and bring agriculture onto mobile phones and TV's across the country, for a consumer audience. Luckily, when I shared with her our definition of a human of agriculture – she actually does see herself in the industry. Today we're chatting about: - How Sammie's affinity with the country but agriculture more generally came to be - Taking some time off to and leaving the city behind to explore agriculture  with a stint as a drover and meeting friendly locals in pubs that saw her giving them a helping hand - Following her stint in the country she had a number of young girls in particular inquisitive and wanting to know more about agriculture and how it this 'trip' came about - The change of scenery and the sense of accomplishment from a 'day feeling like a day' - The perceptions from both consumers but also how industry see's the work Sammie is doing to promote the industry - Opportunities outside the farm gate for people to get involved with agriculture and she ties in the skill of storytelling with getting out there and experiencing it for herself. Make sure you head to our website www.humansofagriculture.comor to our Instagram @Humansofagriculture_ and make sure you have marked September 19 in your calendars! We're heading (virtually) to the Royal Melbourne show and celebrating the Show with 6 incredible people who have amazing stories about the importance of the Royal Melbourne Show to them and their communities. You can follow Sammie on Instagram @sammieobrien See you next week!
September 8, 2020
25: HoA "Why the bloody hell aren't we sharing this story?" with Hugh Dawson
You can find out more on our Instagram over the coming days. Today's guest is an incredible young bloke, he's been our eyes in the sky 800km from Darwin to give us a view from the cockpit of a mustering chopper. To be honest – since I spoke with Hugh earlier this year I knew he had something different about him. I don't think there's many people I've come across who have their shit together quite as well as Hugh, let alone at the age of 22. His involvement in the business, his involvement in industry and his desire to find out more so he can make his own judgements as well as promote agriculture more broadly is down right remarkable. We chat about the journey from school the need for a degree and his one gap year that's coming on five - A little bit about the family wine making business - Some footage he saw of the cattle live export industry in 2011 and being drawn to finding out more - The passion for livestock, animal welfare and understanding more about the Australian standards we export is absolutely contagious - The curiosity to continually learn and grow his understanding of practices and being involved in community groups so he can give back The Northern beef industry, but more importantly Australian agriculture is lucky to have the heart and mind of Hugh Dawson working in it. Check out more at our instagram @HumansofAgriculture_ On Instagram and twitter you can find Hugh at - @Hpjdawson  @thelivestockcollective @youngliveex To stay across what is happening at the Royal Melbourne Show check them out @Royalmelbshow
September 1, 2020
24: HoA "Balancing nutrition; Trends, information and myths " with Amy Knight
Today we have something a little bit different in store – We're chatting all things nutrition and as a bonus I've brought my sister Sass along because last time I spoke with Steph Geddes I got peppered with questions I should have asked. Amy Knight is a qualified nutritionist and Dietitian with Nutrition Australia. Their work has been changing lives of Australians for more than 40 years through education and information sharing, they are advocates for good nutrition and healthy eating and they are spreading messages far and wide to create healthier Australians. Today we're having a bit of a chat about:  - Amy's background  - Diving into some of the way health and nutrition messages are being spread  - Dispelling myths about frozen fruit and veges - Talking about supplements and I might make a comparison to sheep  - The importance of a healthy balanced diet; and  - Going beyond the farm gate and meeting with farmers to understand more about how nutritious food is produced and complimenting the full circle with others along the supply chain One thing that really surprised me was that only 7% of Australian adults and 5% of children meet the recommended daily guidelines for vegetable intake and if each of us ate just half a cup more of vege's a day we would save the government $100m a year on health expenditure, we'd put more money in farmers pockets and we'd be healthier. Instagram: @Nutritionaustralia You can join the conversation with Australian Almonds: From the Orchard to your Plate on Wednesday 2 September - check out Hort Innovation for details. 
August 25, 2020
23: HoA "How Agriculture found me" with Georgie Aley
Welcome to Episode 23!  We're getting a few loyal listeners so I'd love for you to jump over to our Instagram @HumansofAgriculture_ and  let us know if you've got a routine for when you tune in – is it while having a walk, zoning out and having a coffee. While you're there you can check out some of the photo blogs and our video with the team from Green Eggs last week!  Today I'm sitting down with someone who really helped me about 18 months ago and gave me the confidence to chase what I was after. It was a big piece of self discovery for me and her advice I have carried with me ever since. Georgie Aley is a household name within industry circles but for those outside of agriculture her story can resonate with absolutely anyone. She has received some of the highest accolades in industry -  being awarded the 2013 Rabobank Emerging leader award, recognised in 2014 as one of the 100 women in Australian Agribusiness and she went on to make the AFR's 100 women of influence! I've worked alongside GA and I can tell you she is an absolute gun! Today we're chatting about:  - How agriculture found Georgie - Understanding where she wanted to have impact and how she set off to begin that process  - Giving back and developing herself including the Youth Ag summit and her time at the Future Farmers network  - Setting goals and absolutely smashing them out of the park years ahead of schedule  - Creating options and being somewhat in control of your career  - Her journey so far in Agriculture and from her perspective some of the perceived challenges for Women in Agriculture  - What advice she would give to young people thinking about entering the agriculture industry
August 18, 2020
22: HoA "Have you tried Green Eggs (and Ham)?" with Kate and Ollie Warner
I couldn't help myself but throw in a Dr Seuss quote! Welcome to Episode 22 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast. I'm your host Oli Le Lievre to anyone new. We've got an exciting week ahead for you.  We’ve got today's podcast and later in the week you better jump on our Instagram @humansofagriculture_ to see us release our first feature video with today's guests. Since the beginning I've said I wanted to understand more about our food and fibre system from the people involved in it, each week we've featured people from all over and this week it's awesome to be chatting with Kate and Ollie Warner from Jaskro Park. They are two-fifths of the family business that runs cattle, sheep, cropping and 2 free range egg businesses – Caravan Eggs and Green Eggs Today we're finding out more about their businesses - How a family business like this operates - The importance of animal welfare to their business - The growth and understanding they get from engaging with consumers, chefs and the community - The goals of their business and highlight that not all goals are monetary - That as a society we are really losing connection to our food - And for those playing along at home we get the answer to that Age old question – What came first – The chicken or the egg. Find out more about Jaskro park @Greeneggsfreerange
August 11, 2020
21: HoA "Modernising agriculture from the Farm Table" with Airlie Landale
Welcome to Episode 21 – Today's guest is someone who is having an incredible and positive impact across agriculture and rural Australia. She's someone who is so honest and authentic and what you see is what you get. To me, Airlie Landale is one of the most humble and highly intelligent people I have come across and it's an absolute pleasure to speak with her today. In 2014, she created a database as she began to follow her dream of working hand in hand with her father to learn the ropes of the family business. Little did she know, what she was cultivating would go on to fill one of the biggest resource deficits and play a crucial role in the modernisation of farming businesses across the country – providing them with a single platform for information and connect them in a central place. Today we cover a bit of that story to date, and I feel we only just scraped the surface! - We talk about living the side hustle game & building a business on the side of your day job. - The 'paralysation with perfection' that our society creates with such a fear of failure - We talk about her recent appointment to the board of Rural Aid and the thought process, the moments of self doubt and realising what it is you bring to the table - We talk about the male vs female founders and how Airlie thinks she would've gone raising capital - Probably my favourite part of this chat is where I ask Airlie the advice she would give to young women in Year 10/11 at school about entering the agriculture industry but also life more generally. You find Airlie at or on all the socials at Farm Table Au or on LinkedIn as Airlie Landale More on Rural aid @ Follow us on instagram @HumansofAgriculture or reach out to me directly
August 4, 2020
20: HoA "Going full circle - being true to me" with Craig Heraghty
Craig Heraghty has spent much of his career at Global professional Services firm, Price Waterhouse Coopers. His work has taken him across the globe working with some of the largest businesses in Australian agri business. He's a country boy at heart raised in the regional NSW town of Parkes. His passion for rural Australia has been exemplified by his recent and fairly large decision to retire, in arguably the prime of his career and with extensive opportunities to pursue something for himself. A life as a grower, maker and creator – it all sounds pretty cryptic right, but I reckon we'll unpack it in here. It hasn't all been sunshine and daisies, it’s a story of perseverance, overcoming the adversities of mental health, resultant family losses, more notably this is the story of somehow who is true to who they are. The discovery and finding of purpose and meaning of true values in their life. We chat about: - The struggles and dislike for agriculture in his early days, the exposure to the millennium drought and wanting to 'get away from it' - Shifting the early perceptions of agriculture and finding commonalities beyond the farmgate - The surprise sense of belonging and how people rallied around and took pride in 'being from the bush' in the city office - The number of females entering the industry (and it's about time!) but more so the opportunity for females to see lights on the hill for where they can go. As Craig says "They're going to redefine what agriculture and the traditionally male dominated industry has been – it can only be a positive thing" - When suicide entered the family five years ago – Craig's entire family were taken aback. Asking questions and not adequately grieving and dealing with what had happened. - Giving up alcohol four or five years ago, getting help from a psychologist. One thing that changed Craig's perception was how much stronger he felt after actually reaching out for help - Green Light to talk is an initiative by PWC and you can find Craig on YouTube here: - The importance of people in business to show a bit of vulnerability and the humanness aspect means a lot to younger people in business - The importance of finding out who and what you care about and shedding yourself of those people that aren't necessarily important - Take notice of the behaviours of others and be the reflection of all the good interactions you've had over your time and don't repeat the ones that you don't want to carry forward - Be authentic, be genuine and be engaged Sober in the Country – Shanna Whan: Craig on instagram @Made_by_CMCH
July 28, 2020
19: HoA "In my Eloments...A cuppa for Fairtrade" with Julie Hirsch
G'day and welcome to episode 19 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast. You can stay up to date with what we're up to by following us on Instagram @humansofagriculture_. We've got a few video's coming out in the next few weeks. Today's guest is definitely an overachiever! Her list of accolades is extensive but features some of the following – 2019 Melbourne Young Entrepreneur of the year, 2020 Telstra Victorian business woman of the year, Forbes 30 under 30… With business partner Nicole Lamond launched a fair trade, ethical Vitamin tea called Eloments Tea. The belief that ethical and fair trade is a non-negotiable but in the tea business isn't always adhered to. Wanting to have impact at the farmer level came to Julie from not actually being among farms, that's where the fascination came from. She personally recognized the disconnect that she had to farming, and wanted to bring thought to the small scale family owned tea gardens that supply tea to businesses all over the world. Seeking to disrupt and improve at various pints within the supply chain, this is a business doing things differently. You can find Julie on LinkedIn under Julie Hirsch Website: If you're chasing a taster of their tea jump over to check it out! Find us on Instagram @humansofagriculture_ Cheers Oli
July 21, 2020
18: HoA "Leading for purpose " with Matt Linnegar
Welcome back to the Humans of Agriculture podcast - Episode 18 I’m your host Oli Le Lievre and thanks for joining me as I share these conversations during a pretty unique time in our lives. One thing I have loved in the last few weeks is people reach out from all walks of life asking more about agriculture and particularly those from city backgrounds that may not know a way in. It’s bloody cool, and if you do want to chat - please reach out! I thought I’d take the chance to jump back to a  chat I had for the Future Farmers network mentor of the month podcast with Matt Linnegar earlier this year - we chat about leadership, mentoring, purpose and just generally Matt’s journey. I really enjoyed listening back to this conversation with Matt, not only because he’s a ripping bloke but he offers some incredibly sound advice. The conversation highlights Matt’s passion for the industry and how understanding what impact he wanted to have – really drove his career forwards. Matt’s relationship based approach is very relatable, from the frontline of Issues as the CEO of the National Farmers Federation to now working with some of the most remote communities in Australia and overseas. Currently as the CEO of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation Matt is a strong supporter of leadership development as a critical factor to the success of rural, regional and remote Australia. This chat is a bit of fun and so I thought id start it a bit differently! Check out the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation - If you want to talk more reach out
July 14, 2020
17: HoA "Generation Ag" with Lavinia Wehr & Kayla Evans
G'day and welcome to Episode 17 of the Humans of Agriculture podcast! Welcome back to those of you loyal listeners and thanks for your support!  For those of you joining for the first time, Humans of Agriculture is dedicated to discovering more about our food system from the people involved in it – chatting with people from all walks of life. Today we're doing things slightly differently and this week is a bit of a collaboration with two superstars that are growing the conversations in Australian ag, allllll the way from the west coast – which now more than ever seems a bloody long way away! Similarly, but differently to us, Generation Ag is the masterpiece of two incredibly passionate and talented people that are building a community for anyone passionate about our primary industries. Their podcasts take a different tone and style to ours and if you're not familiar with their work, you better head on over and check out and they are well worth a listen. You can skip this weeks episode, or you can give it a listen but it’s a little bit about my story to date – which was fairly weird but I loved talking with them. Today's duo is Kayla and Lavinia from Generation Ag. Kayla grew up on the Darling Downs in Queensland before joining the navy after school. She now lands on her feet with the Grain Industry Association in WA as program manager for the Career's in Grains project! Lavinia is from a family farm North East of Esperance, she runs her own digital marketing business out of Perth and is secretary of AgConnectWA aiming to create more events for young people in ag and minimize the isolation for young farmers! You can find them both at: Instagram: @Generation.Ag Make sure you are following us @humansofagriculture_ or to keep up to date with what we're up to!
July 7, 2020
16: HoA "Growing a global community while staying humble" with Sharon Cittone
Today's guest has worked across Europe, America and has been instrumental in the growing of a global community of businesses, start ups, investors and governments to support a sustainable food system. Sharon Cittone has been listed by Forbes in 2018 as one of the "Powerful Women Shaping the Future of Food". She believes in the importance of collaboration and see's her role as being one of the connectors to create opportunities for others. One thing I love about Sharon is she is so incredibly humble, she's walked shoulder to shoulder with Former US President Barack Obama in Milan, Italy but when I asked her about some of her "wow" moments she actually mentioned the satisfaction that she gets through working with businesses and connecting the right people to get something done. As you'll find out: 1) She's surrounded herself with a group of amazing, young, thought provoking people and I was fortunate to spent about 6 months working alongside Sharon last year. 2) Sharon is very much a realist and she talks of the importance of getting the economics right in order to achieve the bigger picture. 3) We talk about some of the new innovations and the roles of innovators in the food system more broadly. 4) I know Sharon knows so much, so I thought I'd probe and see what her thoughts are with the improvements in online learning and what may be happening in the education space. 5) And we touch on tourism and the domestic travel prospects both in Italy and Australia. Her purpose is to improve the world we live in and she's going about achieving this through producing and promoting sustainable projects with her expertise. You can find Sharon on twitter:  @Sharibuu on LinkedIn at Sharon Cittone Follow us on instagram: @humansofagriculutre_ or get in touch with me directly: Thanks for listening and enjoy!
June 30, 2020
15: HoA "Big Ideas.. from fire escapes to entrepreneurs changing the world" with Andrew Ive
Andrew Ive is the founder of Big Idea Ventures, He scouts the world for businesses to support. Investing in entrepreneurs to change the world. At twelve years old he put together a sketch of a fire escape.. That sat in the back of a sketch book for years & opened this entrepreneurs ticket to the world. Andrew came across into the food scene about 7 years ago, with a wealth of knowledge as an entrepreneur he lives and breathes innovation. As you’ll find out there’s two stories of Andrew offering opportunities to two Australian start ups, giving them the opportunity to come to the US to grow their businesses. Within days they had both relocated to the states and Andrew provided the opportunity for their products to revolutionise the food scene. He’s a big believer in people and the opportunities for agriculture and food to provide solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. He believes it is possible to create the delicious foods we crave and love without having an impact. We chat about Andrews journey The opportunities that arise working with entrepreneurs in developing regions like India and Africa. Working with their people and cultures to create change. Will we see a whole bunch of plays at replicating chocolate in fun and funky ways?! Andrew Ive on Plant based/cell based - utilise the network or looking for funding. Get in touch! Revolution Gelato- Grounded Foods - Uplift Foods -
June 23, 2020
14: HoA - "'Changing the mental health conversation, One funky workshirt at a time" with Ed Ross
This week we're taking a slightly different turn but it's still along the lines of people and stories. This week is mens health week and from family scares to friends experiencing serious complications it's just an area that you can’t be too cautious. One area that hits closer to home than most and to be honest it feels a bit weird because I don't think I've ever said it aloud is Mental Health. I vividly remember at school, the area that would have the greatest impact on our lives in those early years post school would be car accidents. Fast forward and suicide was the number one reason I was attending funerals, and it was for men of all ages. Trade Mutt From stock camps to construction – Ed Ross has lived a lot of experiences. In 2018 he founded a business with his good mate Dan Allen called Trade Mutt. This story is one of a pretty cool journey and it has a long way to go, from a few funky work shirts to shifting the conversations around mental health from construction, to mining to farming. I tell you what these shirts are like nothing you have ever seen before! Mental health landscape has been segregated to be clouded in negativity, when in fact as Ed says – "we all have mental health and it’s a spectrum from happiness, love and joy through to mental illness with depression and anxiety". This is a conversation starter ( – text back service where you can get access to a psychologist. Available to anyone and everyone. Whether its financial troubles, personal struggles or you're needing to have a chat – absolutely reach out to them! Lifeline is available on 13 11 14 There are a few swear words but this conversation is a really tough one, but it’s the tough ones that are so incredibly important.
June 16, 2020
13: HoA - 'Healthy body, healthy mind... Trust your gut' with Steph Geddes
I am privileged to have Nutritionist Steph Geddes from Body Good Food on the podcast. In a little aside, Steph the superstar was 37 weeks pregnant when we recorded this and I wish her all the best as she welcomes a little one into the world very very soon! Today I had about half a dozen questions from friends, farmers, strangers and new mothers. Wanting to take the chance to understand more about some of the decisions they’re making around food today and what it could mean for them into the future. From testing intolerances in early childhood to a farmer asking if we should actually be eating dairy! Steph and I begin our chat talking about how dieting can be incredibly restrictive or obsessive and in fact it doesn’t need to be. Food shouldn’t create anxieties and it can be so exciting to discover the endless possibilities. We discuss the linkages between gut health and your overall health and wellbeing, your gut actually is the foundation and research is showing there’s a correlation between your gut health to things like your moods & mental health and your digestion. Recently, we have seen a rise in plant based diets (which in fact we all should be) BEFORE You jump down my throat - that’s the foundation should be plants. The importance of understanding seasonality through local farmers markets and the effects of food miles on nutritional value - i really enjoyed this chat and found it incredibly insightful to some of the questions we see pop up day-to-day. I don’t want to take over the chat for you but when you listen to the next 40 minutes you should jump over to Instagram and check our Humansofagriculture_ You can pop your questions in the comments or we can link you directly withSteph! Enjoy the chat and i’d love it if you took 30 seconds to rate and review & let me know what conversations you’d like to hear. You can find Steph on Instagram @nutritionist_stephgeddes
June 9, 2020
12: HoA - 'The Laneway to opportunity, self discovery & finding purpose' with Georgia Beattie
I wanted to release this episode AS SOON AS IT WAS RECORDED! Today's Guest is Georgia Beattie, CEO of Bulla Park - Australia's Largest Organic Mushroom Farm & traditionally you'd say she's fairly new to Agriculture but Agriculture touches every aspect of our lives & Georgia is no stranger to Food & Drink space.  At just the age of 20, Georgia Launched her first business - Lupe Wines. Inspired by the inability to get a glass of wine at a music festival- Her epiphany came a few years later, for every dollar she made she was putting a plastic cup into the world, in her own words "it was the dumbest business for someone my age, I knew better". Her resume includes CEO of's venture Spacely, CEO of Startup Victoria, Board member for Secondbite & Rowing Australia.  She's a women of influence and boy oh boy are we lucky to have her in Agriculture!  This chat is a cracker - it's a mix of life advice and a solid dose of reality. It's applicable to absolutely anyone, from talking about finding your purpose and where you want to have impact. "No one is you, and no one knows how to do something the way you do - use it!". One of my favourite parts of this chat is the reference to creating your own velocity, and using it to have a real impact with your purpose! I can't wait for you to hear this chat, The Humans of Agriculture have a voice and this one is an absolute rockstar! You can find Georgia on: Twitter (@Gbeattie), or Head over to our instagram @Humansofagriculture_ or our website See ya next week!
June 2, 2020
11: HoA - Mark Tanner delivers the Skinny on China
Today we're chatting Chinese consumers and who better to hear it from than Mark Tanner the managing Director of China Skinny. China Skinny are the worlds most read weekly newsletter about marketing to Chinese consumers. We chat about everything from the here and now, to some of the opportunities for Australian exporters. You'll be re-assured that Mark believes that the mid term looks positive for Australia. The way we've handled Covid actually reassures that our systems and processes work. Backing our 'clean green image' is one of trust & transparency. Covid has opened up some new habits, new markets with access to more regions of China with the increased use of e-commerce. Activities like cooking at home has risen so how can we accommodate these new behaviours with Australian food and beverage products? You can get in follow China Skinny and Mark Tanner  via his website ( & weekly newsletter. We'd love for you to submit any questions @Humansofagriculture_ or reach out to me @
May 26, 2020
10: HoA - 'Superfoods the Australian story' with Hayley Blieden
Hayley Blieden is the founder of the Australian Superfoods Co. With a background in sports nutrition, Hayley's first exposure to Australian native foods & their superfood status was while working at the North Melbourne Football Club. Discussing with players their diets during the off season, Hayley began investigating Australian native foods… Fruits like the Kakadu plum hosting 100x the vitamin C of an orange and 5 x the antioxidants of blueberries – these superfoods are possibly one of the biggest underdogs in the world of nutrition. This episode is slightly longer than most, but I just found this chat so intriguing that it deserves every minute. From the lack of awareness of superfoods in Australia, to some of the significant cultural aspects associated with native foods – this chat covers it all. With 18 products on the shelves, the Australian superfood co is harnessing the nutrition opportunities with the latest processes in food manufacturing to take Australian superfoods to the world… but before all that get's going, you better find out what they are! You can find out more on the Australian Food Co @AustSuperfoods on Facebook & Instagram
May 19, 2020
9: HOA - 'Changing the Climate Conversations' with Anika Molesworth
Welcome to Episode 9 – We're heading to outback NSW to chat with Anika Molesworth at her family's sheep station in Broken Hill in far west NSW. It's not so much what happens on the farm that defines Anika but her passion & determination to creating a better future through advocating for sustainable farming, environmental conservation & climate change action. Anika references the sense of responsibility she feels to not only protect her land, but the communities and industry that are so intertwined with it. She sees a significant role for farmers to connect people to climate through the food and through what may seem like small & meaningless roles.  Her work has seen her front and centre in national debates, on televisions but it’s her work in the fields of South East Asia that stands out to me. The snippet played earlier is one aspect that was really eye opening for me & how it's not always necessarily the facts that will have the most profound impact on a person. You can see more from us at @HumansofAgriculture_ Facebook:
May 12, 2020
8: HoA - 'Changing the beef process to improve Animal Welfare' with Chris & Gill
"We have a lot of people, the only meat they eat will be Provenir because the animals have not been through the undue stress of traditional systems" Welcome to our 'mini-panel' for Episode 8. We're bringing a consumer facing beef brand, on farm processor and farmer together! Chris Balazs is one of the founders and CEO of Provenir, a high welfare, premium beef brand that processes the animals on farm to reduce the stress in the final hours of the animals life. Gill Sanbrook, is a farmer from Holbrook in NSW, she talks about farming like an art – creating a landscape that is full of life, caring for her animals and how at first she struggled seeing the animals processed on her farm, but it was this that has given her a far greater appreciation for caring for the animals & her landscape. Gill talks about how special it is to work with a business like Provenir and also the ability to connect with the chefs. Closing the loop on food and giving the chefs the first hand experience and understanding through working hand in hand with farmers. More info on Provenir and where to find it @ @Provenirmeat Please reach out to us @HumansofAgriculture_ on Instagram or on Facebook @Humansofagricultureofficial. Alternatively you can leave us a voice mail on
May 5, 2020
7: HoA - 'Free From Opportunities sounds Cheesy?!' with Veronica Fil
If you were given an offer of $200,000 dollars to pack your life up and move to the USA to kickstart your business.. would you? Well that's the reality of today's guest. She packed up her life within 48 hours and committed everything, today we're jetting across to Los Angeles to chat with Veronica Fil the founder of Grounded Foods. Grounded are a plant based  'cheese business', Veronica is an economist who had a F&B marketing agency in Australia, her husband is a fine dining chef. Veronica knew 'plant based was not just a trend. She knows that there will always be consumers looking for 'free from' products and it's their mix of skillset that opened the opportunity. As dark as it may sound, Veronica realises the economic opportunity in this sector & is here to make money, while catering to what consumers are demanding. Her story is incredibly unique; facing death constantly with an auto-immune condition, Veronica see's business success as her ticket to better medical treatment. Thanks for your support, please reach out with any questions via our instagram @HumansofAgriculture_ or Facebook (@humansofagricultureofficial_). Veronica can be found @Grounded_foods
April 28, 2020
6: Humans of Agriculture - Sam & Steph Trethewey
Welcome to Episode 6 – Today I'm chatting with Sam and Steph Trethewey of the Tasmanian Agricultural company. Sam has been a strong advocate for the agriculture industry and the need for continual improvement, and has achieved this with various agribusiness roles & startups – he now has turned his hand to production Agriculture and with his partner Steph with a background of journalism and communications - they are a formidable force. They are building a business that relies on symbiotic relationship between nature, their animals and their management, this model of farming known as 'regen ag' is gaining traction. So is it the latest trend? By listening you'll find out how Tas Ag Co is building a style of farming & a brand that is bringing transparency. As a beef brand without a cow, it's an interesting business model that will be one to watch.
April 21, 2020
5: Humans of Agriculture - Michael Fox
Today's guest is Michael Fox from Fable Food Co. Fable are a relatively new entrant to the market, they are producing alternative proteins products including beef & pork from mushrooms. Michael has extensive global experience as an entrepreneur, he founded and led Shoes of Prey a women's fashion business for a number of years. Michael is passionate about the food he consumes and so founded Fable as he saw a market opportunity, he understands consumers, mass markets and how detrimental following a consumer trend can potentially be. I love getting different perspectives, for me, I'm excited by the emerging opportunities for all of agriculture and alternative proteins is one of those Follow us on instagram: @HumansofAgriculture_ Reach out with any questions and if you enjoyed the chat, Like, rate & share the podcast!
April 14, 2020
I said it - 10,000 conversations
Delusional, Crazy or naively optimistic? I want to have 10,000 conversations with people in different areas of our food system and share the conversations via our platforms.  12 months down the track of the initial thought process, it's taken a long time to get the wheels turning - but i finally feel like there's motion. A quick 10 minute glimpse into some of the things that have driven me to start Humans of Agriculture, where I want to take it & the desire for more people to share their story across the food system.
April 7, 2020
3: Humans of Agriculture - Giacomo Cavalli
"I Believe it Can Be" - Giacomo Cavalli is the Sustainability Manager at the Media Trade Company.  Giacomo's perspectives are drawn from his experiences dealing with people, institutions and governments across Europe. Our conversation covers some incredible start ups, the role of corporates and governments moving forward. He references a number of the Sustainable Development goals, in particular SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals, at all levels partnerships are critically important to achieve Social, Economic and Environmental outcomes. As this conversation highlights just some of the exorbitant numbers of people facing inequality around the world. It is Giacomo's approach with optimism and positivity for a better future that is infectious, in his words "I believe it can be". Enjoy the conversation. SDG's - UNESCO stats on students out of school - Giacomo Cavalli on LinkedIn Instagram: @HumansofAgriculture_
March 31, 2020
2: Humans of Agriculture - David Cornish
David Cornish an agribusiness lecturer takes the time to have a chat about some of the changes the students are going through with Covid-19 and how with the right mindset, there will be a lot to learn.
March 28, 2020