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Hunting Wildlife

Hunting Wildlife

By B.J Villines
combined information on the outdoors and the Gospel
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Public land talk love the outdoors
Talking the love of the outdoors and it's effects on you
March 11, 2021
Elk prep 2021
Let's talk elk hunting and it's preparation to he out in the elk woods. 
March 09, 2021
New Mexico hunting information for you the hunter
Join us as we talk New Mexico rules and changes to our hunting and deadline and donation of your tag.
February 17, 2021
Talking sb224 and the change in New Mexico hunting
Talk on the protection of our rights keep up the fight to protect. Flow here and on youtube.
February 11, 2021
Poached oryx in New Mexico
Join us as we look over poaching in New Mexico
August 31, 2020
3 Mountain lion,human remains droppings
follow us as we look in to the rains found in 3 mountain lions.
July 15, 2020
World record elk
Join us and talk about world record elk also get your fishing report.
June 17, 2020
Target panic
Let's talk target panic and it's effect on your shooting
June 16, 2020
New Mexico Outfitter found guilty. Covid19 and it's affect on small business. Fishing report
Join us as we look in to the case of a new mexico outfitter. And also what covid19 did to small business.
June 15, 2020
Who Got caught poaching?
Let's talk poachers and fishing report for local listeners
May 20, 2020
Covid19 and the outdoors
We talk covid19 and it's effect on hunting wildlife.
May 19, 2020
Kids charged in animal cruelty case
We talk animal cruelty and it's consequences and public land trapping in New Mexico and it's survival.
March 18, 2020
License fraud and fish hoarding
Talk out of state fraud on big game license and over fishing your limits.
March 12, 2020
Fishing report and wildlife information
Today let's talk fishing and what's going on with hunting wildlife in 2020
March 11, 2020
2020 update
Get up to date with the Hunting wildlife. Please join us and support.
March 09, 2020
Hunting Talk ( Hunter ED Dates and update)
Let's talk hunting and hunting education and it's location for you and your family. Let's get in to Hunting story and the love of the hunt.
December 26, 2019
Let's talk predetor control!
Let's talk the importance of predetor control and it's effectiveness on Nature.
October 22, 2019
do's and don'ts of Hunting
I need your help on the decision of do's and don'ts
October 15, 2019
Let's Talk Outdoors
Let's talk over hunted areas and miss management of Hunting unit's
October 10, 2019
Youth Hunting and it's importance
Join me as we talk youth Hunting and it's importance to the outdoors. Making the right choices for our youth and standing up for the outdoors. Follow us on Facebook: and also head to
October 03, 2019
Deer talk
Join us as we talk Deer talk and social media.
September 26, 2019
Deer Talk and social media.
Let's talk deer talk and social media and how social media affects Hunting
September 25, 2019
Book of Mathew 3
We continue our study's in the book of Mathew and learn more about John the Baptist.
September 25, 2019
Hunting Wildlife podcast
Join us as we look in to chapter 2 of Mathew and the coming of Jesus. Follow us on  Instagram: hunting_wild_life_ Facebook:  apparel at
September 08, 2019
The Book of Mathew chapter 1
today we start in the book of Mathew chptr 1 and learn the coming of Jesus
September 01, 2019
My testimony
a testimony of my life with and with out Yeshua and the change he has made on my life enjoy and Prayers to all that listen to this podcast
September 01, 2019