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Hustle Up Podcast: Marketing Advice That Works For Couples

Hustle Up Podcast: Marketing Advice That Works For Couples

By Marie Torres
We give great marketing advice and strategies that are simple to implement and use. We love marketing on Pinterest, and YouTube. And we love free tools and resources. Plus, we have interviews with entrepreneurs. Come for the fun, stay for the feeling! Let's get your Hustle Up going on! Hosted by Andrew Murray & Marie Torres Get your new subscriber bonuses at:
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Hustle Up Podcast: All About You - Creating The Perfect About Page + Common Mistakes
All about your About Me page. How to do it right and how to do it wrong? An "About Page" is one of the most pivotal pages because until somebody knows you... you're unknown.  And your About Page is the place to position yourself as an expert and build a connection to your potential new customer. Want to learn how to do it right? Check out this podcast episode on how to build the perfect About Page. Don't have a blog yet?  Take our free course on how to setup a blog:
November 25, 2020
Hustle Up Podcast: Email Listbuilding
Is it too late to start building an email list?  What's the best way to start building a list. It's time to learn how to build a list the right way,  Here in our first podcast episode we break down the how's and why's of building an email list in 2020 and looking into the future at your #1 asset. We also compare listbuilding to audience-building on social media. Discover what kind of entrepreneur you are with our unique quiz: Get a free professional grade fully-functional autoresponder here:
November 11, 2020