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The Huston Music Podcast

The Huston Music Podcast

By Huston Singletary
Join veteran sound designer & musician Huston Singletary as he joins up with the audio industry's leading sound designers, synthesists, beatmakers, musicians, engineers and manufacturers to discuss the art of sound design, creating music and what really happens behind the creation process involved. More information on future episodes and guests can be found at IG, huston.singletary
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The immensely talented and equally as vibrant Lisa Bella Donna. A true musicologist, player, performer, composer and a complete hard study of the craft. Our conversation interweaves through the layers of her musicality, early career, recording techniques and synth gear stories playing alongside her wonderful human spirit. It resonates as she goes all in about her musical journey leading up to where she is today.
April 04, 2021
Based in Los Angeles California, Joseph Holiday (aka) SNAKES OF RUSSIA composes and performs dark, dystopian musical works brooding with dystopian imagery and tones. On this episode we look back on his vibrant career… it began, evolved and discover what ultimately got him to where he is today as a multi seasoned composer  and arranger for film and multimedia. As well as a musician, he is also accomplished as an engineer and producer. Joseph has a lot of studio tricks up his sleeve and I try to uncover a few of them in our conversation.
May 31, 2020
Maike Watson is a multi-dimensional journey-woman. Raised and residing in Cape Town, South Africa her experience currently ebbs across the social channels as a Lo-Fi Hip Hop producer and instructor. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find an extravagant and mind blowing biography of ancient music studies, diligent practice across dozens of instruments, maths and computer science, music performance, author and so much more. Along the way she decided that becoming an Ableton Certified Trainer just might work out as well for her extensive playbook as well. Join my conversation with this extraordinary artist. Lots to discuss in this TWO PART series.
April 21, 2020
Julie Kathryn is a seasoned performer, vocalist and songwriter based in NYC with a strong hand in the world of synthesis and sound design. She also had a big role in initial preset design for Ableton Live 10 as a member of the Ableton freelancer sound team and has dozens of presets in Live 10 and Suite 10. Her sound can predominantly be described as DreamPop but her sound layering and beautiful textures lean towards experimental, ambient/evolving and triphop. Join me for a great conversation with a wonderfully talented artist with a strong desire to explore the boundaries of sound.
March 26, 2020
Michele Darling has quite the storied career in the audio production world. Her current role has her seated firmly in the position of the first-ever assistant chair of the Electronic Production and Design Department at Berklee College of Music. Her journey began with a stringent and full time career as a classical flute player with a strong symphony resume but eventually she found herself following her true calling in sound design, synthesis and audio production. From her solitary audio related early days deep within the television and broadcast industry, planting the seeds in the underground Chicago house music scene to making the jump over to Sesame Street as a principle sound designer, audio director and composer. Managing one of the largest music tech education schools on the planet introduced her amazing work as a freelance contributing sound designer for Ableton's Live 10 release. Her presets can be played and heard throughout Live 10. Join us as Michele takes us all on a deep dive through a marvelous, vibrant and often times hilarious career in the world audio and sound design.
March 18, 2020
Join my conversation with sound designer, sample pack creator and beatmaker Sound Oracle. We discuss the process of staying creative in the sample pack game, keeping current with placement trends, working alongside producer Timbaland and much more.
January 08, 2020