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jimmy dellinger's tracks

jimmy dellinger's tracks

By Hustontown Church of God
Preaching the message of The Cross, proclaiming the power of Pentecost and preaching the soon return of Jesus Christ
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Shut up devil

jimmy dellinger's tracks

The Church needs that latter rain
The Church needs the latter rain to come down...
January 23, 2022
He that hath and ear let him hear
Jesus said these words to the seven churches he that hath an ear let him hear what the spirit says.. To often many do not have their ear inclined to hear the voice of God
January 20, 2022
Shut up devil
An older message I preached a few years back..Sometimes we just need to tell the devil to shut up
January 18, 2022
Seeking God's will or your will
To many are looking for Saul instead of David... Remember Saul was man's choice and David was God's choice. Today many are doing like Israel did seeking Saul instead of David
December 29, 2021
Assurance of the Shepard
Psalms 23 gives great promises to the believer... Jesus is the good shepherd who is there for his sheep, to protect, provide, guide and meet every need of the sheep. But the sheep must follow the shepherd
December 29, 2021
What you giving heed to
Who or what are you listening to? Do you know what you put in can effect what comes out of you.. Its time for the body of Christ to start heeding to the word of God.
November 03, 2021
But of Spirit and of power
Sept 26 2021 Am service
September 26, 2021
Speak the good not the truth
People want to hear what is pleasant to their ears.. Such as Ahab... Ahab wanted to hear what Ahab wanted and not the truth...
September 21, 2021
A mans own folly brings his own ruins
Some of the things that we go through are self inflicted.. In other words we bring it own ourselves as a result of ones own folly... Then man wants to blame someone else for it... Some will blame others, some try to blame God.. The reality is one cannot blame others ... Some need to take responsibility for their own actions....
September 20, 2021
A Stubborn hard headed hard hearted people
Some people will just not listen not matter what... We cause these people, stubborn, hard headed, and some case hard hearted like with Israel. Who would not listen to God.. And found themselves shut out of the rest of God..
September 19, 2021
Trouble not the master any more
No situation is beyond hope... And Jesus tells us to believe even in the face of death
September 14, 2021
Jesus the everpresent help
Feel like your alone?  Well your not for the believer there  everpresent help in the time of trouble.. Jesus is there
September 03, 2021
Revival in such a hour as this
Isaiah saw God high and lifted up... Today many need a fresh view of God, the holiness of God...  
June 26, 2021
Revelation Intro PT1
 Bible study, Rev intro, Topic Persecution, and How God will win
February 12, 2021
A right now Jesus
Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever... Many have forgotten that he is the same Jesus of today as well...
January 18, 2021
Devil I wont be silenced
The devil will try to silence the truth of Jesus Christ.. But as believers we got to keep preaching the truth of Gods word
January 14, 2021
A Church that has lost its fire
A Church that has lost its fire neglects the Spiritual...
January 11, 2021
Being the vessel God uses
God calls .. God choose Mary and Joseph , The call of God is not for show, or one to have a title or to feel important,,, Its about the task of bringing Jesus to a lost and dying world
December 21, 2020
The attempt to steal the Throne
Adonijah tried to steal the throne from David.. Which was going to be Solomons, But despite his early celebration the plot did not succeed
November 16, 2020
Time to see the physician
Jesus is the cure for the sin sick indivdual..
November 12, 2020
I am the Victor not the Victim
 There is enough of the Victim mindset that runs in the land today.. But the Child of God is not a victim but a Victor.... Christ has made us conquerors through him
September 21, 2020
When Revival Comes
Revival comes there will be biblical preaching and people heeding,  One will see that when Revival comes there will be some cleansing that takes place
September 21, 2020
Don't stop now
 One must keep pressing run and staying on the course.. One cannot stop now the finish line is just ahead.... 
September 14, 2020
Return to Jesus
Ephesus left the first love and was in need of revival and how many today find their self in the same situation 
September 14, 2020
satans chess game
 The playground of the devil is the mind
June 30, 2020
Finding the will of God pt 2
Doing the will of God means servanthood..
June 26, 2020
Finding the will of God for your life 1
Message is about finding the will of God for ones life part 1
June 19, 2020
Be not afraid of the words thy have heard
God told Hezekiah and Judah they did not  have to fear the words of the King of Assyria,  Today as a believer you do not have to fear the roar of the devil
June 15, 2020
Coming to end of self
Jacob had to come to end of self . When he got to end of self he experienced the blessings of God
May 15, 2020
Hindering Spirits
They are hindering spirits that try to slow down the work of God, But Hindered don't mean defeated
February 27, 2020
The enemy has been defeated
Jesus defeated satan at the cross, Yet today the battle is about faith.. Its time to start living a victorious life instead of a defeated life
February 25, 2020
When the comfort zone gets squeezed
They are times when the comfort zone is gone and one must step out into the unknown... What will one do then? Well as believers we have the help of the Holy Spirit
February 17, 2020
The posion of bitterness
How bitterness and unforgiveness is destructive to one both physically and spirutally
February 17, 2020
When the spirit becomes poisoned
A poisoned spirit of bitterness and unforgiveness will effect one spiritually as well as physically 
February 10, 2020
Dont allow your spirit to become poisioned
The message is about bitterness and unforgiveness and how its poison to the spirit
February 10, 2020
Is Jesus really in your life
 Paul in his second letter to the Corinthian church told them to examine themselves to see if Jesus was really inside them..
February 03, 2020
Dumber than a bag of rocks
If the believer does not praise, then Jesus said immediately the rocks will begin to praise him... Message is about the power of praise
January 13, 2020
empowerment for the last days
The Holy Ghost gives us power to be about proclaiming the word of God in the Last days
January 08, 2020
Spirits set against the body of Christ
This is the beginning of a series of messages spirits set against the body of Christ.. In this opening message we see how satan will use flattery to pull one away from the truth of Jesus Christ
January 02, 2020
The baby in the manger
How many today are telling the Son of God they have no room for him in their lifes 
December 16, 2019
The day the earths mouth opened
Korahs rebellion was not just against Moses and Aaron it was against God himself.. And the earth would open its mouth and consume Korah and his cohorts 
November 25, 2019
Let us alone PT2
Jesus power over evil spirits and how he went about casting them out and gives the church the same authority today
November 25, 2019
Let us alone
Upon seeing Jesus the unclean spirit said let us alone... Today the body of Christ must take a stand against the unclean spirits
November 21, 2019
God is going to turn it around
God is a God of turn around. Joseph had went through a lot but God turned it around.. Today your storm may look bad but God is going to turn it around
November 19, 2019
Gods going to turn it around
God is a God of turn around, we look at Joesph and how God turned his situation around
November 19, 2019
Empowered to impact
inflow and outflow, The Lord pours out his Spirit on his Church in order for us to make an impact
November 17, 2019
Its time to throw fuel on the fire
Instead of letting the fire burn down we must throw fuel on the fire for it to burn hotter and brighter than before
November 14, 2019
Dont let the devil steal your worship
The enemy wants to steal your worship, he will throw all types of darts to stop ones worship but one must say I am going to worship no matter what
November 14, 2019
For the cause of Christ
Those who truly serve Christ will suffer persecution, and affliction for the cause of Christ
November 03, 2019
Houston we have a problem
The disciples thought a big problem was arising with trying to feed the great multitude, They were guilty of looking of what they did not have instead of looking at the one that was with them Jesus.. Jesus showed them what was a big problem to them was not a problem to him
October 20, 2019
I Charge Thee
Jesus spoke this word to a foul spirit inside of  a young child and the foul spirit had to go.. This message is about the authority of the word of God when the Lord speaks things happen..
October 17, 2019
One must give an account
Everyone must stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and give and account for their lives
October 14, 2019
Pt2 My house shall be called and house of prayer
 A Church that prays is powerful, yet very little prayer goes on,, The Lord wants his church to be a house of prayer
October 02, 2019
Monday night revival service 9-30-2019 Evangelist Herold Peck
October 01, 2019
My house shall be called a house of prayer
The Lords purpose for his body is to be an house of prayer but sadly many have turned it in to a den of thieves... I believe today the church must go back to being the house of prayer
September 29, 2019
Partying in the wake of judgement
Instead of heeding the word of God and repenting in the face of Judgement,  the people of Judah decided to eat drink and be merry, Just like many today who make light of the word of God
September 19, 2019
Whats planted in your garden
What type of seeds do you plant in your life, The seeds you plant is that which one will reap
September 16, 2019
The message is about those who claim to know the Lord in public, but in private its different life just like Judah in Jeremiah 3 who pretended to know the Lord but were playing the role of the harlot, its the way many today are who claim to love the Lord, but are drawn to the world, they have not given the lord there whole heart.
September 16, 2019
Jesus Christ maketh thee whole
The Lord is still in the healing business,  What ever is you need, spiritual , mental, physical, Jesus Christ is the great physican
August 29, 2019
The great cedars of Lebanon
The great cedars of Lebanon are a picture of stability and the believer should be rooted and grounded deep in there walk with God
August 26, 2019
The miracle in the fishes mouth
Sometimes ones miracles come from places that are least expected in this case, God used the mouth of a fish to produce a temple tax..
August 26, 2019
The Hand of God is upon us
Ezra put his faith in God in his journey to Jerusalem to deliver the gold, silver and other resources to the temple..
August 22, 2019
Which road are you traveling down
There is two roads on the course of this life, and each one is traveling on one of these, the highway to heaven or one is traveling the highway to hell
August 18, 2019
Let your faith stand in the power of God
One must look toward the finished work of Christ and not toward human wisdom
August 15, 2019
There is no fear of God before their eyes
When man has no fear of God before their eyes, there is lawlessness, this society has a sin problem and people do not have the fear of God before them hence is the reason for all the violence, perversion and wickedness that fills our streets..
August 12, 2019
Until Jesus comes
The nobleman left ten servents with ten pounds and told them to make use of it, Well the nobleman came back and they had to give an account for what they did. In essence Jesus told us to be about his business, what will he find one doing when he comes for his church 
August 05, 2019
For we rest on thee
Asa said these words in his prayer on the battlefield, that we rest on thee, and face this great multitude in thy name... Today we must rest on the promises of God and face those battles, in the name of Jesus 
July 29, 2019
Yesterday is over
Yesterday, is past yesterday represents those hurts, failures, mistakes  and ones past that many are reaching back to.. But God tells us we must reach forth.. As long as we reach back one cannot reach forward
July 29, 2019
For all seek their own
To many today are seeking their own first, and neglecting the interest of Christ..
July 25, 2019
In search of some Holy Ghost filled people
The need of this hour is for believers to get hungry and start seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost, to be empowered to be a witness in these last days
July 22, 2019
Yet i will trust in him
Yet I will trust in him were echoed by Job during he trial, What will you say when trouble comes your way
July 22, 2019
The Cry of a desperate man
The crowd told him to hold his peace, But Bartimaeus would cry even louder,.. That crowd was trying to keep Bartimaeus from receiving from the Lord, and the crowd will try to stop you today from receiving from the Lord
July 18, 2019
Amaziah would not hear
Amaziah would not hear sound council, because of pride and idolatry today many will not hear the word of God for the same reason
July 15, 2019
The hindrances of the enemy
The enemy will try to hinder the work of God.. From Ezra chapter 4 we see how the enemy came against those in rebuilding the temple an is a picture of how that serpent will try to hinder one today
July 11, 2019
The hindrances of the enemy
The enemy wants to hinder the work of God, this message comes from Ezra 4 where hindrances came up in rebuilding the temple
July 11, 2019
Women thou art loosed
For 18 years this women was bound by a spirit of infirmity  But one day she encountered Jesus  and immediately she was made straight.. Today Jesus is stilling setting people free and bringing deliverance to those bound up
July 08, 2019
Standing for those inside of Sodom
Abraham stood before the Lord, when hearing the news that God was going to destroy those wicked cities,  Will the body of Christ stand before the Lord today for those who are racing toward eternal flames of hell 
July 01, 2019
His Spirit was stirred
Paul upon entering the city of Athens saw the idolatry that filled the city, and the bible says he was stirred,  How many in the body of Christ are stirred by the wickedness they are seeing in the world today
July 01, 2019
And some believed and some believed not
Paul preached Jesus,   And it is up to those who hear the message determine what one will do with it. .This message speaks of the great responsibility that as the body of Christ one has.. And how we must preach Jesus no matter what
June 27, 2019
Blessings or Curses, life or death which do you choose
They handled the ark of God wrong and it costs Uzzah his life, If David would have sought the Lord regarding touching the Holy Things in Which God  had already said if one touches the Holy things they would die. .The question for each one today what will one do with the word of God obey or disobey.. 
June 24, 2019
When he saw Jesus
The evil spirits in the man who was full of demons recognized Jesus.. Today there is only one solution to those bound by the devil and that is Jesus,  To the Church can those bound by satan see Jesus in you
June 24, 2019
The day of trouble is near
Israel had forsaken God and was worshipping idols. but little did they realize the day of trouble was upon them
June 20, 2019
Then he turned his face to the wall
Hezekiah was told by the prophet Isaiah to get his house in order, for he was going to die.. King Hezekiah set his face to the wall and begin to seek God
June 20, 2019
Then he turned his face to the wall
Hezekiah was told he was going to die, and he set himself out to seek the Lord
June 20, 2019
a lying spirit
Ahab hated the true word of God and wanted only to hear what he wanted.. Ahab would come under a lying Spirit that would result in his death
June 18, 2019
Pentecostal fire pt 2
That Pentecostal fire is needed in the body of Christ, part 2 of the message
June 18, 2019
That Pentecostal Fire pt 1
The need of the hour is for that Pentecostal fire to burn in the body of Christ again. Pt 1
June 18, 2019
The need for revival in the house
The greatest need of this hour is for the church to be awaking... Revival is needed in this last day, 
May 16, 2019
Rebellious hearts and attitudes
God commissioned Ezekiel to a rebellious house... Whether they would listen or not he had to proclaim the word of God This message is about people rebellious hearts and the spirit of rebellion that many have
May 16, 2019
01 The need for revival in the house
Revival must start in the house of God .. The greatest need of the hour is for revival in the house
May 14, 2019
You need to recieve the promise of the father
Jesus told the disciples that he would send the promise of the father, that they had to go to Jerusalem and wait, On the day of Pentecost the one Jesus promised came... Today each believer needs the power of the Holy Ghost
April 25, 2019
01 You need to recieve the promise o
Why the believer needs the promise of the father, speaking of the Holy Ghost
April 25, 2019
A fallen world but a living hope
This world is broken because of the fall, but yet despite the troubled trials, sickness we have a living hope in Jesus Christ
April 01, 2019
Stand Fast in the last days
The body of Christ must stand for the truth of Gods word and Jesus the way of salvation despite the culture of this world
April 01, 2019
Follow the cloud
About following the leading of the Holy Spirit
March 15, 2019
01 Follow the cloud
Following the direction of the Holy Spirit
March 08, 2019
The Precious Blood
The message is about the precious blood of Jesus and how God views blood
March 04, 2019
Will God see the blood on your house
God is looking for the blood, more specific the blood of Christ..  So what will God find on your house, will he see a blood free house or a house that has been covered by the blood
March 04, 2019
An antichrist mentalitiy
The spirit of antichrist in society today, in peoples thinking, words and actions
February 25, 2019
Of all that Jesus begin to do and teach
Acts 1:1 sets the stage for the book of Acts and the church...Jesus earthly ministry will continue through his body and with the power of the Holy Ghost
February 12, 2019
Of all that Jesus begin to do and teach
Acts 1:1 sets the stage for the church, it shows us that the earthly ministry will continue through the body of Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost
February 12, 2019
Exercise your authority over the devil
Christ has delegated the body of Christ authority over the powers of darkness.. The question is do we use the authority that the Lord has given us
February 12, 2019
Someone must help them find Jesus
Will you help those crying to find Jesus . Paul received the Macedonia call  and just like Paul each believer has that same call on their life 
February 11, 2019
And he desired to hear the Word of God
The deputy desired to hear the word of God, and called for Paul and Barnabas . But yet there was one there who tried to hinder the work of God  and was struck blind for a season
January 31, 2019
Arise and Go
Phillip left a revival to go down to Gaza for one.. How many of you today are willing to leave the crowd for the one
January 14, 2019
apostasy in the Church
Falling away from biblical truths... Message is not 1:43 but about 50 minutes 
January 12, 2019
Live or Die
Life or death which one do you choose... Sadly most choose death instead of Life through Christ
January 03, 2019
Keep rowing
Paul wanted to finish his course with joy.. But in order to finish the course  one must keep rowing forward despite the current
January 03, 2019
Dont laugh God does the impossible
Sarah laughed because of her unbelief in the promise of God.. How many today are laughing at the promises of God.. But one should not laught Because God does the impossible
December 27, 2018
The coming of Christ child
The first time he came as a baby the next time he will come as king of kings and lord of lords
December 19, 2018
Hold fast
Let on hold fast to the profession of ones faith, despite all that comes ones way
December 03, 2018
Hold Fast
One needs to hold fast to the profession of ones faith, despite everything that comes ones way
December 03, 2018
The deadlinest of sin
Sin destroys, sin wrecks havoc and sin will kill.. Acts 5 is an example of the wages of sin is death when Husband and wife lied and tempted the Holy Ghost
December 03, 2018
The deadlinest of sin
Sin is more deadly than any sickness or disease , Here in Acts 5, one sees the result of two who lied to the Holy Ghost. and a reminder to all that the wages of sin is death
December 03, 2018
This is Holy Ground
Two things missing among many today The fear of God, and respect for God... That's what the message is about
November 24, 2018
What wilt thou have me to do
These words were said by the Saul ( who became Paul) on his encounter with Jesus... The message is about submitting unto the Lord
November 24, 2018
In all things give thanks
In everything one should give thanks unto the Lord
November 24, 2018
What table are you eating from
The table of the Lord or the table of the devil, which one are you eating from. one cannot dine from both tables
November 19, 2018
Put the weapon of God in your hand
Just as Eleazor gripped his sword believers today need to grip the word of God and not let go
November 19, 2018
Dont let the enemy have your witness
The enemy wants to ruin your witness, the believer must be on guard not make covenant with the enemy..
November 04, 2018
Be not afraid for the Lord is with thee
Fear grips, it kills, and will paralyze one. But Jesus tells one we don't have to fear for we have his presence with us. he has given one power over the enemy..
October 25, 2018
Intoxicated on pleasures
Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, is a sign of the last days, today many have become intoxicated on pleasures, and have placed God on backburner
October 24, 2018
01 Intoxicated on pleasures
Many have become intoxicated on pleasures they have placed God in the backburner... Many are lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God
October 24, 2018
And he leaped and walked
One can find healing, freedom in Jesus Christ.. Just like the crippled man as he heard the gospel faith arose in him and he left walking and leaping
October 24, 2018
01 And he leaped and walked
The crippled man under hearing the preaching the preaching of the gospel received healing this day.. Today God wants one to rise, walk and leap from the problem that's been dragging you down
October 24, 2018
That we might be like other nations
Israel want a king they wanted to be like other nations, They rejected God and went their own ways
October 02, 2018
01 That we may be like all other nations
Israel wanted to be like other nations, They rejected God for a king
October 02, 2018
A shinning light or a hidden light
Can the world see the light of Jesus Christ shinning through you, or do you hide that light...
October 01, 2018
01 A shinning lightor a hidden light
Is your light shinning brightly or is it hidden, can the world tell your a child of God, or do they see one of there own
October 01, 2018
Devil i will not shut up
The enemy wants to silence the body of Christ.. Despite everything he throws at the body one must tell the devil to shut up and continue to preach Jesus
September 27, 2018
And the people were amazed
The world needs a church where the presence and power of the Lord is in not dried dead religion
September 26, 2018
And they laughed him to scorn
The mourners mocked Jesus when he said the girl was just sleeping... He removed all the mourners who were full of unbelief from the house.. What it saying one must remove all the doubt and unbelief and pay not attention to the nay sayers
September 20, 2018
The Pentecostal experience
Pentecost is real, the Outpouring of the Holy Ghost is real, some are in need of recapturing the flame of pentecost
September 11, 2018
The Rock in the Hard place
In the midst of the hard places one finds thereself in there is a rock that one must stand upon the rock of Christ
September 06, 2018
01 The Rock in the hard place
One can find their self in a hard place, but there is a rock in the midst of the hard place.. One should stand on the rock of ages Jesus Christ
September 06, 2018
All that touched him
They ran to Jesus where they heard he was carrying the sick on beds laying them in the streets... When they touched Jesus they were made whole
September 02, 2018
01 As many as touched him
The ran carrying the sick on the beds laying them in the streets, everyone that Jesus touched was made whole
September 02, 2018
Incline your ears unto the words of his mouth
What is your ears inclined to, most to things they should not be inclined to … What ones ears need to inclined to is to the Lord
August 27, 2018
Make an agreement with me
Rabshakeh the emissary of the Assyrian offered the people of Judah to make and agreement with the Assyrians or be reduced to utter famine
August 27, 2018
01 Incline your ears unto my words
Where does one have their ears inclined to, most to places it should not be.. But the word of God tells us to incline ones ears unto the word of God
August 27, 2018
01 Make an agreement with me
Rabshakeh the emissary of the Assryian army sent message to Hezekiah and Judah telling them to make and agreement with them.. If they didn't they would be left to utter extremity of famine when the siege begin
August 27, 2018
A bound man but a free gospel
Paul was bound But the gospel was not bound
August 23, 2018
A Loaded mouth and a two edge sword in my hand
Ones mouth should be filled with praise and in the believers hand should be a two edge sword the word of God..
August 19, 2018
01 A loaded mouth and a two edged sw
Ones mouth should be filled with praise and in ones hand should be a two edge sword
August 19, 2018
Entering into his gates
When one enters into his gates, one should enter in with thanksgiving and praise, for his benefits and what he has done for you.. One enters in thanksgiving and praise in expecting God to move.. And one should enter in with thanksgiving and praise for who he is
August 18, 2018
The battle for the soul
There is a war raging for the soul of mankind... satan will try to stop one from hearing the gospel to draw one away from the faith
August 12, 2018
None of things moved me
The apostle Paul stood firm in the faith despite suffering...Paul wanted to finish his course with joy
August 06, 2018
01 None of these things move me
Suffering, affliction and persecution could not move Paul away from the faith in the Lord.. He wanted to finish his course with Joy
August 06, 2018
01 Keep on shouting
Bartimaeus would not keep silence, Instead of shuting up one should keep shouting
August 02, 2018
An excursion through Hell
Some treat is a joke some use it as a by word, But hell is not joke it is the final residing place of those who reject Jesus Christ
August 01, 2018
Put on the garment of praise
There is a spirit of heaviness how does one combat that with putting on the garment of praise
August 01, 2018
Is this not he
The conversion of Saul who became Paul, The Jews noticed the change in his life
August 01, 2018
01 Is this not he
How an encounter with Jesus turns a life around.. Great example is Saul who had and encounter with Jesus ..
July 29, 2018
01 Put on the garment of praise
Gods answer for the spirit of heaviness is for one to put on the garment of praise
July 23, 2018
01 Whom do you seek
Some are looking at a Dead Jesus, Some are looking for what he can Do, But the Jesus one should seek is the risen savior
July 22, 2018
01 Belly worshippers
Belly worshippers are the enemy of the cross, there god is their belly, whose end is eternal damantion
July 16, 2018
01 What will the babbler say
Paul preached Jesus in the midst of Athens who were involved with idol worship. Does it stir you to see the people today bound..
July 08, 2018
01 And went their way
Instead of going the way of God, people are doing it their way, not expecting how close to eternity they are never crosses their mind
July 02, 2018
01 spoil won in the battle
spoils come through battles.. God gives us the spoil of the enemy
June 28, 2018
01 Faith to overcome
The believer is called to live by faith.. Faith in God his word will bring one through the storm..
June 25, 2018
01 An excursion through Hell
Used as a by word, but its a reality, many say its a party place, but its the opposite a place of torment , many deny it, but don't change the fact its real.. I am speaking of Hell
June 04, 2018
01 And Joshua spoke unto the Lord
Joshua spoke unto the Lord and the Sun stood still, and the moon stood in place.. When believers pray one can see the Hand of God move in their situations
June 04, 2018
01 The onslaught of satan
satans attack against believers..
May 31, 2018
01 Ive left my peapatch for last tim
Defending your ground, don't let the enemy have a single pea
May 29, 2018
01 He has come
The Holy Ghost has come....
May 21, 2018
01 Why have you done this
The question the Lord presented to the Israel in the book of judges when they did opposite of what he told them
May 06, 2018
01 Professor or Possesser
Is your commitment to Christ just with the lip or does he truly have you
April 29, 2018
Whats in Hell do you want PT2
What is in hell people want, is the fire, the torment , weeping, the outer darkness... Theres nothing there amusing
February 12, 2018
Whats is in Hell do you want PT1
Why most people say the do not want to go to hell, it seems many have an attraction theres something about that place that grabs their attention... Hell is no joke, Pt 1
February 11, 2018
01 Is it really worth it
Is gaining the world or the pleasures of sin really worthy it? No
January 28, 2018
01 Dont fall prey
The enemy is looking for one to devour, Don't fall prey to his trickery, lies , and deception
January 21, 2018
01 Now that he has Come. Now What
Now that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit has come, what shall we do now? Preach Jesus and him crucified
January 14, 2018
When God plows the ground pt 1
Ground has to be broken before seed can come in.... God uses the broken vessels to do his work..
November 26, 2017
Only one came back
10 leapers healed and only one came back to thank Jesus......
November 20, 2017
Give thanks for the unspeakable gift
Reasons to be thankful
November 20, 2017
Then the fire fell
Just like Elijahs day there is a need for the fire to fall, it must fall and will fall
November 09, 2017
This day and Noahs day
Jesus said it would be like Noah's day when he returned , Look around today the condition of Noah's day is here among us today
November 05, 2017
01 Reparing the Spiritual house
Hezekiah upon becoming King reopened and repaired the house of the Lord that was closed by his father.. How many today need to repair their spiritual house
November 02, 2017
Fear not only believe
Fear not only believe was the words of Jesus to Jarius after receiving news his daughter had died...
October 30, 2017
Living in a haunted house
Those that are not born again are living in darkness, there living in a haunted house no light, no hope, no joy.... They are living under the influence of satan..
October 30, 2017
Theres a healer in the house
Peters mother in law laid sick of fever and Jesus came in the house and touched her and made her whole
October 26, 2017
Set a blaze
Many believers are more accustom to ice rather than fire... But the answer to a world in chaos is a church that is set a blaze...
October 16, 2017
Swap and Shop
What will a man give in exchange for his soul? In the bible we see some who played swap and shop with the devil..
October 15, 2017
Get Revived and burn the garbage
It's time for repentance and time to burn the garbage that should not be in the believers life....
October 09, 2017
The master has need of you
Jesus commanded the disciples to loosen the colt and bring the colt to him... Today just like that colt many are bound to the hitching post not free, But Jesus is saying loose him and bring him to me I have need of him..
October 08, 2017
As that day approaches
What shall the believer do as the day of the Lord approaches how about (1) assembling together (2) Dwelling in the presence of the Lord and (3) occupying
October 05, 2017
Loosing Jesus
Joesph and Mary lost Jesus as a child, they thought he was with another group but instead was in the temple.. How can one loose Jesus today, through neglect of ones spiritual life
October 04, 2017
Rise up in resurection power
To many have the attitude of the gaderans by not wanting Jesus around. Its when one clings to Jesus can we see the miracle working power of the Lord in ones life
October 04, 2017
In all I do is for the Lord
If I Live or if I die I do for the Lord... In everything the believer does it should be for the Lord
September 21, 2017
01 The unfaithful servent
Are you a faithful or unfaithful servent of Christ
September 18, 2017
01 The cost of following Christ
Many want to follow Christ on Easy terms and have forgotten there is a cross to bear...
September 17, 2017
The Churchs mission
The Church is suppose to be on the mission field, but it seems many have forgotten the importance and urgency of the mission..
September 14, 2017
01 And the Lord stood with him
The Lord stood with Paul in Prison and reassured him that he would testify of him in Rome...
September 10, 2017
01 Sound the alarm
Message is to sound the alarm and warn the world what is coming.. How to preach the gospel
September 07, 2017
0 Robbed, Stripped, wounded and left for dead
Thieves are on the road to Jericho, When believers get of track and leave Jerusalem ( the things of God) then thieves are along the road of Jericho
September 04, 2017
We the people need to bring the oil
Message is by Evangelist Herold Peck
September 04, 2017
Step into your miracle_
Don't wait for the waters to part, its when you step into flooded waters the miracle will happen, taking from the book of Joshua when Isreal was at the Jordon..
August 24, 2017
Being Gods fig tree
Are you bearing Fruit, are you receiving water and fertilization...
August 24, 2017
Make and impact
Paul and Silas made an impact, so should the Church today make a impact on the world by preaching Jesus...
August 17, 2017
Keep on building
Don't quit but keep on building Just like Nehemiah did..... Don't allow the enemy to stop you from doing what God has called you
August 13, 2017
01 Your home security for the enemy
message is by evangelist Debbie Wright....
August 13, 2017
01 Build the house
Message is by evangelist Herold Peck
August 11, 2017
In whom shall you trust
Remove the idols and just simply trust God...... Idols are helpless worthless, But God is faithful
August 09, 2017
Be Strong and Courages
Message is by Evangelist Herold Peck-- Revival 8/7/2017
August 08, 2017
One second too late
Message is about Hell, how if you enter in there its one second to late.... People are playing around and heading straight to the awful place...
August 07, 2017
A powerful church
In order to have a powerful church one must have the presence of the Lord in the midst? Just like the apostles do you have the presence of the Lord in your life..
August 06, 2017
So be it
Esthers words were if I perish I perish , should not that be the words of believers today when spreading the gospel, no matter what I am going to speak up
July 30, 2017
When God walks with you
When knowing that the Lord is with you, you can have the peace of God that all is going to be alright... Paul was threaten but the Lord reminded him that no one would hurt him and he had much people in that city
July 16, 2017
By faith
By faith Abraham left his homeland, By faith of things not yet seen Noah built an ark... Hebrews 11 is about faith are you walking by faith
July 13, 2017
Remember Lots wife
Lessons to be learned from the wife of Lot, about looking back
July 10, 2017
Fools for Christs sake
Are you a fool for Christ's sake. Paul was so should one be today, no matter what we can rejoice in our afffirmites for his sake
July 09, 2017
Its time to pray for revival
Three reasons the church needs to pray for revival (1) The condition of the church (2) many have left the old paths (3) its a hell bound world
July 03, 2017
When Jesus comes to church
When Jesus comes to church he will bring (1) Purity (2) prayer and (3) power
June 29, 2017
The touch of Jesus
Just one touch can make a difference, from Jesus, healing, cleansing, lifegiving , and strength is found in his touch
June 25, 2017
In my distress
In my distress I called upon the Lord, that's what David did, when fleeing from Saul... Today we can call on the name of the Lord
June 22, 2017
Hell is defeated
Jesus Christ has given us the Victory, You can tread over the serpents and scorpins and over all power of the enemy
June 19, 2017
Giant battles=Giant Victories
The bigger the battle the greater the victories that come... Story of the relatives of Goliath that came Davids way
June 18, 2017
Consider Your Ways
Are you building a spiritual life or a physical life
June 17, 2017
Conformed or transformed
Are you conformed or transformed...
June 11, 2017
We want to be like others
Israel wanted to be like other nations and demanded a king... Its a picture of how many believers are today wanting to be like the world
June 08, 2017
Drive the stake in Sisera
Its time to drive the stake in the spiritual Sisera Just like in Judges 4, we don't have to fear, we should be walking in faith
June 01, 2017
Are you prepared for the coming of Jesus
People prepare for all things such as their wedding day, a coming storm but very few prepare for the coming of the Lord
May 28, 2017
Message is By Evangelist Debbie Wright
May 28, 2017
Revival or Bust
Its time to awaken, its Revival or bust, the modern church in general has left there first love... Its time to get serious about Christ
May 18, 2017
Reach out and take it
The story of the ax head that hit the bottom, God made rise to the top, the young prophet had to reach out and take it,. Its the same way in our life, they are things that we must reach out in faith and take...
May 11, 2017
Do you believe that i am able
The Question Jesus asked the two blind men, Do you believe that I am able to do this... Do you believe that he is able to meet your need, heal your body..
May 04, 2017
One More Time
The Cry of The Church should be one more time send revival, Just as Sampson cried.. We need a revival of Holiness, and a old fashion Holy Ghost revival
May 03, 2017
A place of victory
Do you reside in the place of defeat or the place of victory... Jehosphat faced a crisis, but found the place of victory in the Lord..
April 27, 2017
Source Of Spirtual Strength
The Joy of the Lord is my strength... Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God..
April 23, 2017
Be ye ready
Are you watching, looking for the coming of the Lord, Are you taking care of your spiritual life, Are you occupying till he comes..
April 10, 2017
Gods Willing if you believe
The Prophet Jeremiah thought God had Changed his mind, But soon would learn God had not forgotten, To many times believers question the willingness of God...
April 06, 2017
A remnant people
God still has those who have not bowed, those who are being a voice in the last days... God has always had a remnant, and will always...
March 30, 2017
Coming out of comfort zone
God wants one to come out of the comfort zone, Step out and believe him
March 27, 2017
Its a set up
What may seem like a impossible situation that you are facing may be a set up not for you but for the enemy that troubleth you...
March 20, 2017
Jesus in the storm with us
Have you learned to recognize that Jesus is in the Storm with you... Do you see Christ or the negatives
March 19, 2017
A flaming Church
A flaming Church is what is needed for the hour that we are in, a church burning with the presence of the Holy Spirit..
March 06, 2017
What is your treasure
Where is your heart drawn to, is it fixed on the things of this world or is it drawn to Jesus Christ..
March 05, 2017
High time to awaken
Its time to awaken to the signs of the times, and how close Jesus is to coming
February 26, 2017
A mighty God
Have you forgotten who is with you.... We serve a mighty God, who will work on the believers behalf
February 25, 2017
Abraham stood before the Lord
One mans burden lead to him standing before the Lord... Abraham stood before God before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah .. Are you concerned about those living in the world who is racing toward the judgement of God
February 22, 2017
Pentecostal Fire
What is needed in these lasts days and that is for an old fashion Holy Ghost revival to sweep the Church..
February 21, 2017
Revival begins in the house
Revival must begin in the house of God, it starts with getting the house in order, returning to the first love, and getting hungry for the Lord
February 19, 2017
Abraham Believed God
Do you Believe God? Abraham did... He did not stagger at the promises he was fully persuaded at promises of God...
February 18, 2017
For the Lord thy God is with thee
No doubt as believers we face battles, trials and situations beyond ones control, but we do not have to fear because God is with us
January 29, 2017
Strike back
What do you do when the enemy attacks? You strike back.. Using the name of Jesus, the word of God, and prayer and fasting we strike back at the enemy..
January 23, 2017
And they took it lightly
Just as in Matthew 22:5 we read that some who had originally accepted the invite to the marriage feast made light of it, and this message is about those who make light of their walk with God, who don't take his word serious
January 16, 2017
And there arose a great famine
The story of the prodigal son who left home soon found himself in a great famine, Just like the world that finds themselves in a great famine and the only answer for the world is Jesus Christ
January 05, 2017
Shut out of heaven
How many are unprepared for the soon coming of the Lord, will find themselves shut out of heaven as the 5 foolish virgins were when the bridegroom came
January 02, 2017
Jesus the light of the world
In the midst of a dark and sinful world there is still a light that shines and that light is Jesus Christ
December 31, 2016
America betrays Israel
Obama turns his back on the nation of Israel today
December 23, 2016
He that troubleth the world
No other one has troubled the earth like Jesus has, Even from his birth he troubled Herod and all Jerusalem .. Even today he troubles many by convicting them...
December 18, 2016
The greatest gift
The greatest gift ever received was for man kinds greatest need, that great gift was the one we call Jesus
December 15, 2016
Its time to pray
Much talked about very little practice and that is prayer, Its time to pray
December 11, 2016
By my Spirit
Just as Zerubbabel need the Spirit of the Lord in rebuilding the temple Believers today need the Spirit to accomplish the work before us
December 05, 2016
Purpose in Life-Jesus
What is the purpose you live for? It can be anything for many... But for Paul it was Jesus and it should be that way for the believer today also..
November 20, 2016
01 a lukewarm generation
message is about the condition of luke warmness , message cuts off early
November 17, 2016
01 walking the straight and narrow
Message is about walking the straight and narrow, and its the only path that leads to eternal life
November 14, 2016
My Help cometh from the Lord
As believers we have an assurance, of the presence of the Lord to help us, when we call he will answer
November 13, 2016
Its all or nothing
The Lord is looking for those who will give him all, and not just a little, the story of the rich young ruler who wanted to follow Jesus but yet did not want to lay a side his possessions..
November 03, 2016
The importance of the alter
Just as Abraham built alters where he went, the believer today should be doing the same....
November 01, 2016
The bigger the giant the greater the victory
Just a David stood up to Goliath and experienced a great victory, so can the believer stand up today and experience the victory
November 01, 2016
A Jesus Intervention
When Jesus steps into your situation, he going to leave you with a testimony
October 27, 2016
Noahs message for today
What would be the message of Noah for todays time, the same as it was in his day repent, be ready, and get on the ark
October 24, 2016
01 Keep the arms up (spirtual warfare)
Keep on the battle field, stay in word praying
October 20, 2016
Ready or not Jesus is coming
Signs of times with current events wars and rumors of them, how there is a political, moral and spiritual crisis now that pinpoint to the soon return of Jesus Christ
October 15, 2016
Perilious times prophecy update
current events happening at this hour
October 14, 2016
If you will reach up he will reach down
Message is about keeping focused on Christ, but if you start drowning or sinking just reach up and he will reach down
October 13, 2016
Satans 3 d's plan of destruction
Message is by Evangelist Debbie Wright, three things the enemy sends ones way (1) Doubt (2) discouragement (3) diverson
October 11, 2016
01 Shut up devil
Don't listen to the voice of the enemy stay in tuned with the voice of God
October 10, 2016
01 when God gets into the arrangements
When God gets into your situation He will make a way, take care of you
October 09, 2016
01 keep the fire burning
How one needs to keep the zeal, hunger and passion for Christ, A believer must maintain the fire, we feed the fire in the word, in prayer
October 03, 2016
01 He will make a way when there seems to be no way
God made a way for Israel at the red sea, He will make a way when there seems to be none...
October 02, 2016
01 staying the course
Don't let nothing take your eyes off serving the Lord.. (1) Layaside those weights and sins (2) stay focused (3) maintain your ways
September 29, 2016
01 He cometh unto them
How Jesus comes in the midst of the storm for the disciples, how the things that are over his head are under his feet
September 25, 2016
Getting closer to the Lords coming
End time events that are lining up, current events which are happening and the soon return of the Lord
September 23, 2016
01 Treasures of the heart
Where is your Treasure at? Well the heart will tell one where ones treasure is... Is it focused on things above or earthly things
September 22, 2016
Isreals land, signs of time,
The land of Isreal, will stand forever, wickedness of man, riots, the arch of baal
September 21, 2016
Jesus is the truth and Muhammad is a lie pt 1
The truth of Jesus, and the lie of Islam, the nation of islam is inspired by the pits of hell... And there is only one truth and his name is Jesus
September 20, 2016
01 Bring it hither
Message is about taking our problems, difficulties, and cares of life into the hand of Jesus
September 19, 2016
01 Purpose in your heart
message is about Daniel purposing in his heart not to defile himself , and how the church should purpose to serve the Lord
September 18, 2016
What shall i do
Message is about what to do in troubling times the three things to do are (1) look (2) faith (3) stand
September 15, 2016
Many voices but only one matters
Message is about the only voice that matters is that of Christ, why they may be other voices there only one that truly matters and thats Jesus
September 13, 2016
01 you might get what you want but loose what you had
Luke 15, the allurement of the world, is attractive, but if you gain the world one can loose what they had, The story of the prodigal who left home, he got his inheritance, but lost the benefits of the fathers house
September 12, 2016
01 But God was with him
Message is about Joesph and How God was with him, and How God will be with us, and Gods sees the end from the begining
September 08, 2016
Get your house in order
Getting your spirtual house in order to be the vessel that God wants
September 06, 2016
They shall take of the blood
The power of the blood, the blood is life, the blood is the way to eternal life and its the blood of Jesus
September 06, 2016
01 Holy Ghost shaking
How those empowered with the Spirit means trouble for the devil, even in persecution the devils kingdom is being shaken
September 05, 2016
01 A great awaking
Message is about revival, and having and awaking to Christ again
September 04, 2016
01 Whats in your hand
God is looking for what you have not what you don't have
August 25, 2016
Are we experiencing birth pains
End time events that are happening now
August 25, 2016
one breath to eternity
Preparing for eternity, being ready to meet the Lord
August 22, 2016
01 Track Blessed hunger
Message is about becoming hungry for God
August 21, 2016
01 Armed and dangerous
Being armed in the armour of God, and ready to fight the spiritual battle
August 18, 2016
01 When the impossible becomes possible
When Jesus gets into the midst, miracles take place
August 15, 2016