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Sandy Munro, Maxwell & Being A TeslaTuber w/ Sean Mitchell


Major Tesla FSD Price Overhaul Coming!? 🤔
Tesla's new V9 FSD software rollout is right around the corner. Right now about ~2,000 people are testing the company's self-driving software, and they are about to roll it out to a bunch more people. As the FSD on city streets functionality goes mainstream, I think Tesla will be able to justify a huge increase in FSD pricing. Additionally, Elon Musk has said Tesla will introduce FSD subscriptions this quarter. After having the FSD Beta for a month, I think it's already worth $25,000 ... What are your thoughts? Do you think we are on the cusp of a major FSD price hike?
April 13, 2021
Moonshot: Tesla Develops Sustainable Tires
Tires are a huge source of pollution in both our oceans and the air we breath. As a leader in reducing the environmental footprint of our transportation industry, Tesla has the opportunity to disrupt the status quo. By leveraging the company's materials science team (collab with SpaceX), I believe Tesla could develop a sustainable, biodegradable, non-toxic tire product.
April 11, 2021
Tesla On Track For 1M Deliveries In 2021 🤯
Tesla posted Q1 2021 deliveries of 184,800, up more than 100% year over year. This blockbuster quarter (despite no Plaid Model S/X), shows how strong of a year Tesla is gearing up for. This quarter puts the company on track for almost 1M deliveries this year 🤯How many cars do you think Tesla will deliver in 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Also your guesses for Tesla's Q1 financials! :)
April 11, 2021
Building JOYWORLD ft John Orion Young 🎨
Interview with artist and digital creator, John Orion Young. Also known as JOY, he is building JOYWORLD, a happy metaverse of art on the Ethereum blockchain. We discuss how he started getting into crypto, making NFTs, and what the future holds for JOYWORLD. It was so much fun having John on the show, thank you!!!
April 5, 2021
Tesla Will Be The World's Biggest Company
My full bull thesis for Tesla, and why I'm holding all my shares. My forecast is for a $4T market cap/fair value to be achieved by ~2027, driven by a combination of a successful launch of the robotaxi business and Tesla Energy going all the way.
April 1, 2021
Starlink Launching SpaceX To $100B+ Valuation 🚀
As Starlink expand rapidly and preps for an IPO, SpaceX's valuation is set to rocket past $100B (if it hasn't already). This is amazing news, as Starlink's financial success will give SpaceX the resources it needs to colonize Mars, and fund the Starship program. I can't wait to see Starlink expand and IPO!
March 27, 2021
Tesla Insurance = Billions In Investable Cashflow
Tesla's in-house insurance business is on the cusp of expanding to new states. As this expands, Tesla will have a growing stream of investable cashflow from insurance premiums. How will Elon and Zach Kirkhorn invest this cash? Bitcoin? Megabatteries? New factories? Robotaxis? All of the above?
March 24, 2021
ARK's Tesla Price Target Is $3,000 In 2025 🤖🚖
ARK Invest's Tasha Keeney is out with a new report, valuing Tesla at $3,000 per share in 2025. This new price target relies on Tesla's successful execution of a robotaxi network, and bringing a truly autonomous vehicle to market. In it's bullcase scenario, ARK estimates Tesla could be selling 10M cars a year by 2025, be generating ~$700B in revenue, and worth $4T. Is ARK crazy with these targets, or just understanding of Elon Musk's disruptive potential?
March 22, 2021
NFTs & Art To $10T
NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are taking off. These 1 of 1 art pieces are stored and traded on the Ethereum blockchain, and are exploding in popularity. The NFT market has expanded ~10X in the past two years to $300M+, and continues to grow daily. I think in the long-run this is a digital part of the art market that will become a larger piece of our economy. Right now the world's art is valued at $1.7T, I believe that will scale rapidly to $10T+ and NFTs are a huge part of that.
March 20, 2021
What's It Like To Drive An Arcimoto w/ Ross Gerber & Mark Frohnmayer
Ross just spent the day with an Arcimoto, driving it around LA and Venice Beach. In this interview, I talk with Ross and Mark about his first ride in the FUV, and his takeaways from the test-drive. We also discuss Arcimoto's plan for mass production, and more! Thanks to Ross and Mark for joining the show!
March 20, 2021
Tesla FSD Beta Expanding!! w/ Omar Qazi
Tesla has just expanded its FSD Beta program to 2,000 participants, and is on the cusp of launching an 'FSD Beta Button' where users can request access to the program. This is a huge milestone for Tesla's self-driving ambitions and autonomous vehicle software. In this episode I speak with Omar Qazi (Whole Mars) about his experience with FSD Beta, Tesla's AI strategy. This was a blast! Thanks to Omar for coming on the show!
March 13, 2021
Tesla Will Fix The US Grid ⚡🔋
Bloomberg reports that Tesla is building a 100 megawatt battery 40 miles South of Houston. This megabattery project can power up to 20,000 homes on a hot day, and is rumored to be helping stablize the Texas grid. In this episode I explain why this is a preview for the future of Tesla's energy business, and how they will fix the US grid :) Let me know your thoughts below, and if you've heard anything about this project!!
March 8, 2021
Tesla Exporting $25K Car From China?
Going live to discuss Tesla's Shanghai factory and China business. We will dive into how much Tesla grew in China the past couple years, and what is next for the company in the region. From a Cybertruck launch, to the Tesla Semi to FSD, I think Tesla is just getting started in China. And the rumors are growing that they will unveil a new mass-market $25K built in China this year, and may even export it globally.
March 4, 2021
The Future of Bitcoin with Michael Saylor
I sat down w/ Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, to discuss Tesla's Bitcoin purchase, and the future of the cryptocurrency. He predicts, that in 5 years, more than 1 billion people will own Bitcoin. We cover who in big tech will move next, why inflation will continue, and the evolution of the monetary system as we leave the fiat standard. I had a blast, huge thanks to Michael for joining the show! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!
March 4, 2021
Public Hits 1M Users w/ Jannick Malling
Interview with Public Co-CEO Jannick Malling. Public is the social investing app, and one of the hottest companies in fintech. Public just completed a new $220M funding round at a $1B+ valuation, and now boasts 1M users on its platform. In this episode, I sit down with Public's Founder Jannick Malling to discuss his vision for Public, and the future of financial markets. I had a blast interviewing Jannick, huge thanks to him for taking the time to come on the show :) Full disclosure: I am an advisor to public and have some stock in the company.
March 2, 2021
Tesla Society of Columbia Q&A
Last week I was asked to present to the Tesla Society of Columbia University. Here is a recording of the club's meeting, where I answered questions on HyperChange, Tesla stock, meeting Elon, the Cybertruck and so much more. Thanks for having me!
March 1, 2021
Bitcoin's Energy Consumption
Bitcoin's energy consumption has stayed flat since mid 2018 (almost 3 years), despite huge growth in users, and dollars moved on the network. Many skeptics point to the irony of Tesla buying Bitcoin (because of its focus on renewable energy), but fail to understand this. The monetary system requires energy. Yes, Bitcoin consumes a lot, but it's not more than we can handle, especially if the trend of rising average transaction values continues. What are your thoughts on this? Was it hypocritical for Tesla to buy Bitcoin? Are you happy they did?
February 25, 2021
Warren Buffett Buys Chevron 🙈😭
We need our billionaires and investment idols to inspire us to live more sustainably, and invest in the future they believe in.   I'm ashamed as a Warren Buffett fan that he/his company Berkshire Hathaway bought Chevron. It shows they put profit over people and the planet. Lame. Going live to give my hot take on this. Nothing on the show is financial advice.
February 18, 2021
Clubhouse Is The Next Big Thing 👋
Drop-in audio chat app Clubhouse is booming. Despite being invite only. Clubhouse has accumulated 2M+ users, and a $1B+ valuation. The app allows you to listen and join various live conversations. It's a live audio-only social network. I'm obsessed with the creative potential this product has. I think this is the next big thing, and I'd buy stock hand over fist in Clubhouse at $1B if they let me. Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the call and joined the show!!
February 15, 2021
Why Tesla Bought Bitcoin
Moonshot confirmed! Tesla has purchased $1.5B worth of Bitcoin! Instead of hoarding the usual bonds and fiat as reserve assets, Tesla has decided to move ~7% of it's $19.4B in cash into Bitcoin. I think this is a genius move, and will set off a wave of rapid institutionalization of Bitcoin. Who will be the next big tech company to get in?? Are you worried about Bitcoin's energy consumption being counterproductive to Tesla's mission?
February 8, 2021
HyperChange 17⚡ The $25K Tesla In China?
Tesmanian reports that Tesla is moving forward with a Phase 2 of its Shanghai factory, and is expanding to build the production line of a new vehicle (not the Model 3/Y). Filings with the Chinese government appear to indicate the Model 2 is on track to begin production and deliveries as soon as 2022 (next year!). This seems wayyy ahead of schedule and almost too good to be true. But the breadcrumbs keep coming. Do you think Tesla is getting ready to announce a $25,000 mass market car made in China?
February 5, 2021
HyperChange 16⚡ Robinhood & Perceived Solvency
Perceived Solvency = to continue to operate (and stay solvent) a company must maintain the perception of solvency among all of its stakeholders. Startups that burn cash are reliant on this notion of perceived solvency. Robinhood was asked to put up $3B in capital suddenly, and this appears to have caused a liquidity crisis at the firm. In the last week, Robinhood has raised $3.4B of new funding. Did Robinhood almost go bankrupt? What are your thoughts on perceived solvency?
February 3, 2021
HyperChange 15⚡ Jeff Bezos Leaves Amazon
In a shocking move Jeff Bezos has announced he will be stepping down as Amazon CEO in Q3 2021. He will become Executive Chairman of the board, and be replaced by Andy Jassy, a 24 year Amazon veteran, the Founder and CEO of AWS (Amazon Web Services). Jeff Bezos claims Amazon is at peak inventiveness right now, do you think the company will continue innovating without its founder at the helm!? Let me know in the comments!
February 2, 2021
HyperChat 16🎙️ Ross Gerber & Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer
Interview with Ross Gerber and Mark Frohnmayer. In this podcast, we go deep on the background behind Arcimoto, and the vision for the company. My friend, and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki, Ross, asks Mark Frohnmayer detailed questions about the company, and we get to listen in! This was a total treat. Covering everything from Mark's background, to the production ramp, to the Deliverator, Arcimoto's financial strategy & more! Huge thanks to Mark and Ross for joining the show :)
February 2, 2021
HyperChange 14⚡ Tesla Q4 20 Earnings Analysis
Breakdown of Tesla's Q4 2020 financial results, shareholder letter and conference call. The big news was Plaid Model S! Tesla has officially announced it will begin deliveries of the Plaid Model S in ~1 month, and then begin delivering the Plaid Model X shortly thereafter. Tesla's interior refresh shows a focus on autonomy and in-car gaming. This is an epic preview of where the company is headed. Let me know all your thoughts below!!
January 28, 2021
HyperChange 13⚡ My Portfolio 🤑
Showing you my current investment portfolio. From Tesla, Bitcoin, SpaceX, UniSocks to all my startup investments. I'm taking y'all behind the scenes to scheme on my investment strategy and how I think about structuring my financial portfolio. I think I've got a basket of the coolest companies & assets HyperChanging our world.
January 27, 2021
HyperChange 12⚡ Tesla Q4 20 Earnings Preview
Tesla reports Q4 2020 financials on January 27th! Here are my projections/estimates for Tesla's Q4 & what I'm expecting to hear on the conference call. Plaid Model S?! 4680 cells ramping?! Berlin, Austin and Shanghai factories all expanding like crazy?! FSD beta rollout!? Tesla Energy update?! What are you most excited to hear about from Elon on the earnings call??
January 25, 2021
HyperChange 11⚡ Amazon's Autonomy Strategy
Amazon is building a self-driving car. From investments in Rivian and Aurora Innovations, to buying Zoox outright, Jeff Bezos is making a push towards autonomous EVs. With thousands of delivery vans and trucks driving around our cities, delivering packages, Amazon has a key asset in he self-driving race. An existing business to subsidize data collection. Tesla is years ahead in developing self-driving tech, and Amazon is desperate to catchup. What are your thoughts?
January 23, 2021
HyperChange 10⚡ HyperChanging HyperChange
Popping a bottle of Tesla Tequila & taking y'all behind the scenes of HyperChange?!!? Yes please! In this 'behind the scenes' of HyperChange episode I talk about strategy for the channel, how it started, my long-term vision, and what big projects I've been working on. It's been a wild ride over the past 3 years, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all my Patreons & subscribers. You are amazing! We are just getting started! Crack open the Tesla Tequila, and join me! :)
January 21, 2021
HyperChange 9⚡ Starlink Is Coming
SpaceX's Starlink, a low earth orbit satellite internet service, has successfully launched its beta test. What's next? An IPO and massive global expansion? I think so. In this episode I dive into the current state of Starlink, and why it makes sense for Elon Musk and SpaceX to spin it out, and have the highly anticipate 'Starlink IPO' sometime in the next 12-24 months. In the episode I walk through my projections for Starlink's user-growth and revenue through 2025. What would you value Starlink at?
January 17, 2021
Ethereum 2.0, Rainbow & Yeezy's on the blockchain w/ Mark Demarais
Interview with Rainbow Wallet co-founder Mike Demarais, about all things Ethereum. From the scaling of the network, to Uniswap and tokenizing Yeezy's, we cover the current state of the Ethereum ecosystem. Mike put me on to Unisocks at $60 per pair, and they are now trading for thousands. What are your thoughts on the future of Ethereum?
January 13, 2021
Plaid Model S Coming!? 😉 4680s Ramping!?
Elon Musk replied to my tweet about the Plaid Model S with a winky face ... #hmm. Tesla is on the cusp of launching the Plaid Model S variant, with 520+ miles of range, 200mph top speed, and sub 2 second 0-60 time. For just $139,990, it's yours! Could the Model S Plaid be coming even sooner than "late 2021" ... like in a few months? If so, it will be the first Tesla product with the new 4680 battery cells (unveiled at Battery Day). If Tesla can get the Plaid Model S with the new battery cells on the road in 2021, it will be a great sign for the company's battery skunkworks/in-house battery cell program. When do you think the first Model S Plaid delivery will be?
January 3, 2021
Tesla Q4 2020 Deliveries 🥳📊 ANOTHER record!
Tesla's Q4 2020 delivery report is hot off the press!!! It's ANOTHER record quarter, with deliveries of 180,570 and production of 179,757. This represents 29% sequential growth (from Q3's record), and 61% year over year growth. For the full year, Tesla delivered 499,550 cars, just a smidge shy of the company's original (pre-COVID) 2020 delivery guidance. WOW! What a year for Tesla ... and it looks like the fun is just getting started. In Q4 Tesla averaged an annual delivery rate of 722,000. Sometime this year (2021), we will pass the 1M vehicle production rate mark, an EPIC achievement that will officially cement Tesla as one of the world's largest automotive companies. What are your predictions for Tesla's deliveries in 2021!
January 3, 2021
Masterworks: The Startup IPOing Paintings 🎨 🤑 w/ Scott Lynn
Masterworks is democratizing fine art investing. The startup has created an online platform that allows consumers to invest in paintings for as little as $20. By securitizing multi-million dollar paintings and opening them up to the masses, Masterworks is disrupting the art collection & resale market. There are already 100,000 investors on the Masterworks platform. In this interview, I discuss art investing, Masterworks & more, with CEO/Founder Scott Lynn.
December 31, 2020
QuantumScape Deep-Dive w/ The Limiting Factor 🔋🤷‍♂️
nterview with Jordan Giesige from The Limiting Factor about QuantumScape, what to make of the latest investor day/battery data presentation. We discuss what it will take to scale QuantumScape's pouch cell into a full pack, and how they seemed to ignore the advances from Tesla's Battery Investor Day. I think QuantumScape's valuation of ~$26B ($73.73 per share), seems ridiculous based on what the company has achieved thus far. What are your thoughts on QuantumScape's technology and IPO?
December 21, 2020
Tesla 2021 Financial Projections 📊HyperCharts
Walkthrough of my open-source model for Tesla's 2021 financials. From vehicle deliveries, to revenue, gross profit, EBIT, to cashflow, I cover all my projections for Tesla's next 5 quarters. Between increasing FSD prices, and ramping production, Tesla's intrinsic earnings power appears to be compounding at 100%+.
December 19, 2020
Should Tesla Convert It's Cash To Bitcoin? w/ Michael Saylor
Interview with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. His company has an $800M Bitcoin position and is buying more. As Bitcoin becomes better understood as a store of value (digital gold 2.0), should more companies adopt MicroStrategy's approach and keep Bitcoin instead of cash/treasuries on the balance sheet?! My vote is yes.  As a Bitcoin investor and enthusiast since 2013, it's fascinating to see this news develop. What are your thoughts on Tesla holding some BTC on it's balance sheet instead of cash? Will Apple and Amazon be forced to do this, after Square & Paypal have moved?
December 16, 2020
HyperChat w/ Zachary, the 12 Year-old 'Young Investor'
I sat down with Zachary, a 12 year-old investor and financial YouTuber. We discuss how he picks stocks, what got him into the market, and what companies he's following. From Arcimoto, to Tesla, Square, Cash App, Bitcoin, Paypal, Paysafe, Roblox & more ... we cover it all. I had a blast talking to Zachary, the 'Young Investor', thanks for coming on the show!! :)
December 15, 2020
Who Will Be The First Social Media Billionaire? w/ Luke Pappas
The influencer business is booming. From Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, Jake Paul's boxing matches, Travis Scott's Fortnite concerts to Genies digital avatars. We are in the golden age of influencers, and it's just getting started. In this interview with my friend Luke Pappas, a Principal at the Silicon Valley VC firm NEA, we discuss the evolving social media landscape, and power of personal brands. Who do you think will be the first social media billionaire? Let me know in the comments below!!
December 10, 2020
Can Tesla Stock Keep Going Up Forever?
Tesla stock closed today at an all-time high of $642 per share, valuing the company at ~$650B. That values Tesla at 18.6X price/sales, 78X price/gross profit and 203X price/EBIT ... based on Q3 2020 financials. In this rant I breakdown why I'm still holding my shares despite this seemingly 'crazy' valuation, and how I philosophically think about valuing technology equities. Please leave your thoughts below! What's your intrinsic value for Tesla? Do you think Robotaxi's will happen and generate billions of free cash flow??
December 8, 2020
Tesla Schemin With Gali
Going live to talk to you about Tesla! I got a bunch of random schemes to share with you and ideas to bounce around!! I think I have 10 different ideas of $100B companies, Tesla could create, let's talk about em! :) Remember, nothing in the show is financial advice and I'm a biased Tesla shareholder!
December 3, 2020
Tesla S&P 500! Index Tracking Fund Squeeze? 📈 w/ James Stephenson
It's official, Tesla is joining the S&P 500 on December 21st, and it's not happening in tranches. Is this going to trigger panic buying, a potential Index Tracking Fund Squeeze? I call up my friend, and legendary Tesla Twitter member James Stephenson to get the inside scoop on what this news means for Tesla shareholders! Huge thanks to James for joining!
December 1, 2020
How Much Money Is Zoom Making!? 🤯🤑
This is one of the most fascinating business case studies in the world right now. Zoom has enabled the whole world to work from home! Going live to watch Zoom Q3 2020 earnings come out and analyze them on HyperCharts! Let's see how much money Zoom is making :)
December 1, 2020
Interview with Lynn Frohnmayer, Arcimoto's First Customer
I had the honor of sitting down with Arcimoto's first customer, Eugene-legend, Lynn Frohnmayer. We discuss what it was like getting used to owning an Arcimoto, how safe it is, if it will ever use Tesla batteries, and how it lives up to the name 'Fun Utility Vehicle.' Huge thank you to Mark for hosting me in Eugene, and Lynn for podcasting. This was so much fun!
November 29, 2020
Buffett Should've Watched HyperChange Tesla Videos
Rumors are that Warren Buffett has secretly taken a large stake in Tesla. This would be very uncharacteristic of Buffett to make a big bet on a bold CEO, leading a fast growing technology firm. But I think it's possible and makes total sense. We pitched a moonshot in 2017 that Warren Buffett should buy 5% of Tesla for $3B (which would now be worth more than $20B). It's ok, better late than never! What do you think ? Are the rumors true? Is Buffett buying Tesla?!?!
November 23, 2020
Tesla's Mining Strategy ⚒️ w/ Rodney Hooper
Interview with Rodney Hooper of RK Equity about Tesla's raw materials supply chain strategy. We cover Battery Day announcements, Tesla's plan to get into clay lithium mining, how the EV boom will impact raw material prices (lithium, nickel, graphite and more). I think Tesla's ability to source high quality battery materials is a key competitive advantage
November 17, 2020
Nosotros: The Startup Behind Tesla Tequila ⚡
An interview with Carlos Soto, the Founder of Nosotros Tequila, the startup behind the legendary Tesla Tequila product. We talk about the special 15 month aged Anejo that was developed especially for Tesla. Each bottle comes in a hyper-artisanal handblown glass lightning bolt bottle (eerily similar to the HyperChange logo ;). In the podcast we discuss how Carlos started Nosotros, what makes them different from 'big tequila', what type of Agave they use, and his plan to bring incredible, drinkable, high quality tequila (and now mezcal!) to the masses. Huge thanks to Carlos for joining the show! I can say after trying Nosotros two Tequilas, they are THE BOMB :)
November 10, 2020
Why Tesla Could Be Cheap At $400B 🤓 📊 w/ Mayur Thacker
Nerding out on Tesla's financials, revenue, gross profit, return on assets, unlevered free cash flow, FSD revenue, and so much more with Mayur Thacker. We come the conclusion that Tesla is one of the most fascinating business case studies to watch, defying almost all auto industry financial norms. Tesla's simultaneous growth and efficiency improvements are unheard of, and (in our opinion) justify this massive run up in valuation. What are your thoughts on how to value Tesla?
November 3, 2020
Tesla Battery Day Post-Mortem 🔋 w/ The Limiting Factor
I caught up with Jordan Giesige of The Limiting Factor, my favorite battery YouTuber. We analyzed all aspects of Tesla's battery investor day, from the new 4680's tabless design, to cell to structure manufacturing, the $25,000 Model 2, silicon anodes, cathode production, clay mining, tesla airplanes & even a Tesla cyber cargo ship!!! It was EPIC! thanks so much to Jordan for joining.
October 30, 2020
The Future of Social Media w/ Turner Novak
Interview with Turner Novak, partner & Chief Meme Officer at Gelt VC. Turner is an expert & thought leader on consumer social apps, especially Tik Tok, Snapchat & Instagram. In this episode we dive into the future of social media and why everybody is working on a smartphone (and why Tik Tok should launch one).
October 27, 2020
Tesla's Mind-blowing CAPEX Efficiency 👾⚙️💰
Tesla has increased it's CAPEX guidance, and plans to spend between $4.5-$6B on Capital Expenditures over each of the next two years. These investments are to ramp vehicle production, and build out new battery production lines for the 4680 cell (my guess). This is a super exciting development as Tesla invests like crazy to scale to millions of vehicles per year. These are the moves that will put them wayyyy ahead in 2025 ;)
October 26, 2020
Arcimoto Partners With DHL for FUV Deliveries
Arcimoto announced a partnership this morning with DHL, to deliver the Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) to the 48 continental United States. This is really exciting news, as Arcimoto ramps up production and gears up for its goal of producing (and delivering) 50,000 units per year. I'm joined by Mark Frohnmayer CEO & Founder of Arcimoto to discuss this news.
October 26, 2020
Tesla Q3 Earnings Review w/ Motley Fool
Going over Tesla's Q3 2020 earnings, shareholder letter & conference call wit Brian Feroldi of the Motley fool. We cover the blowout Q3 financial results, new FSD beta rollout, Tesla Berlin, Tesla Austin, the solarroof and more. This was recorded on Thursday, 10/22
October 26, 2020
Tesla Releases FSD beta!! 🧠🚘💸
Tesla's highly anticipated 'FSD beta' software update is now being set out to a handful of lucky customers. Although you have to oversee the vehicle, this new feature allows you to plug in a destination and the car to start driving there (all by itself). Wow. This is already going viral, and it should be. Tesla is leveraging the data from these early customers to improve the system, before a wide release later this year. I'm at the edge of my seat waiting for the update! Additionally, Tesla will be raising the price of FSD by $2K on Monday, making it a $10,000 package. This is the first time the price has gone up by more than $1,000 and is a strong signal that it will keep climbing rapidly. FSD will be a gamechanger for the planet and Tesla's business model, as it unfolds.
October 22, 2020
Will Tesla Deliver 1M Cars In 2021? 📊📞🤓
Analyzing Tesla's Q3 2020 Earnings & conference call!! Sharing my thoughts and analysis on Tesla's record breaking quarter after the conference call!
October 22, 2020
Tesla Q3 Earnings Preview 📊🤓
Tesla Q3 2020 earnings preview! I'm projecting Tesla will grow revenue by more than 30% to ~$8.3B, and produce about ~$500M in operating income (excluding any impact from Elon's stock compensation package). What I'm most curious about on the conference call is the production ramp of Tesla's new 4680 battery cell, and any details surrounding the plans announced at Battery Day! What are you expecting from Wednesday's shareholder letter & conference call?
October 20, 2020
Announcing HyperGuap ⚡💸
Announcing HyperGuap! I'm launching a syndicate group for accredited investors!   HyperGuap -   Music by Gali:
October 15, 2020
Tesla Battery Day Implications w/ Motley Fool
My interview with Brian Feroldi of the Motley Fool, covering Tesla's Battery Day, the new 4680 battery cell, the Plaid Model S, Cybertruck, Tesla Semi, solarroofs and more. This was recorded on Friday, 10/02/2020. Thanks to the Motley Fool for having me!
October 6, 2020
Tesla Q3 Deliveries Imply Record Profits 🤑
Tesla reports record Q3 deliveries of 139,300, up 43% year over year. These record breaking numbers (in delivery & production) imply a huge financial beat and profit coming. The best part is this is just the start of Tesla posting consecutive quarters, of record deliveries and revenue. I think the company could still hit its (pre-COVID) guidance of 500K deliveries this year. An EPIC achievement while the whole auto industry is in shambles.
October 3, 2020
Tesla's Battery Skunkworks Unlocks The Model 2
Full breakdown of Tesla's Battery investor day. From the new 4680 cell, to the tabless electrode,  to the potential of the Model 2 ... I try and summarize one of the most important days in Tesla history. The cat is out of the bag, Tesla is bringing cell production in house and scaling like crazy. They plan to hit 100GWh/yr by 2022 of this new cell. That's triple Tesla's 2020 battery consumption. This implies Tesla is getting ready to sell Ms of vehicles per year.
October 2, 2020
Reminiscing On The Tesla 10 Bagger w/ James Stephenson
Interview with James Stephenson, fellow Tesla shareholder, and prominent Tesla Twitter community member. James has been fighting the FUD with incredible analysis on Twitter for years, and has even been applauded by Elon Musk for his insight. In this podcast we discuss how Tesla has evolved in the two years since we were featured in a Wall Street Journal article about the company going private at $420 per share #funding secured
September 13, 2020
How I Value My Tesla Shares 🤓
Tesla now trades at a valuation of ~$400B, making it the world's largest automaker and one of the largest public companies in the world. Can the current financials justify this valuation? How far out, and what assumptions must you have for TSLA to make sense at these prices? In this video I walk through my thinking as a long-term investor, and why I'm still very bullish on Tesla and have never been more confident in the company. From robotaxis, to solarroofs, Tesla is much more than a car company. Eventually, I believe we are looking at multi-trillion dollar tech behemoth, that will have changed our energy and transportation systems forever.
September 10, 2020
GM & Nikola Partner... lol 😂🤣
GM is partnering with Nikola Motors to build its EV and FCEV pickups and semi trucks. As part of the deal, Nikola is issuing $2B in new stock to GM for "in-kind" services. It looks like both companies are super desperate. Nikola needed an OEM partner to build the Badger, and GM wanted good press for it's EV division (along with $2B in shares). What are your thoughts on this deal? Should Tesla be concerned (lol)?
September 9, 2020
HyperChange Is Getting A Tesla!!!! 🍾🥳
I can't even believe it! I'm getting a Model Y!!!!! Tesla stock has been going up so much, I just couldn't resist. We will be documenting the whole process of the HyperShip, from ordering to delivery, to epic roadtrips!! Huge thank you to all the HyperChangers & Patreons for making this possible. It's a dream come true :)
September 1, 2020
Projecting Tesla's 2020 Financial Results 🤓📈
Putting pen to paper and estimating Tesla's financials for Q3 and Q4 of 2020. As the stock price keeps soaring to new highs, I thought it was the perfect time to get back to fundamentals :) I'm expecting back to back record quarters of deliveries, revenue and profitability, starting this quarter. My biggest questions heading into the end of the year are ... how fast will China ramp? is Model Y cannabalizing Model 3 in the US/North America? Is the Plaid Model S/X launching at battery investor day?
August 27, 2020
Tesla + Amprius = VTOL Jet? 🔋⚡🛩️
Rumors are swirling. Tesla has sent out battery day invites with a teaser image that appears to show 'silicon nanowires' ... Amprius Technologies, a silicon anode/nanowire startup just relocated right next to Tesla's top secret Project Roadrunner Battery facility ... and Elon Musk is replying to Amprius tweets about reaching an energy density of 400Wh/kg, confirming it's only 3-4 years away from mass production. This is huge!!
August 25, 2020
Tesla Stock At $2,000: Are We Crazy?
Tesla stock is up 822% in the past year, to $2,000+. The market capitalization is almost $400. I'm holding all my shares. Are we crazy? Is this a ridiculous valuation? Or will Tesla's Autopilot self-driving software justify a market capitalization worth Trillions? How many factories are already price in? We cover everything. going through the mind of a long-term Tesla investor in this 'chill' style podcast.
August 24, 2020
Redwood Materials Partnership at Tesla Battery Investor Day?
There's no doubt Tesla will announce a battery recycling initiative at the upcoming battery investor day, but will it involve Redwood Materials? Tesla CTO/Co-Founder JB Straubel founded a battery/materials recycling company in 2017, and they are now scaling quickly. Is Redwood a part of Tesla's battery recycling plans, what's the relationship between the two companies?
August 22, 2020
Menē: Disrupting Jewelry & Gold Investing
HyperChange X Menē $50 discount code!!! ➡️
August 19, 2020
Spotify Will Disrupt Podcast Monetization & Discovery 🎙️
Spotify is on its way to disrupt and dominate the podcast industry. Recently, the company has signed exclusive deals with Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian, DC Comics and Michelle Obama for content. But that's only half the excitement, Spotify has also launched a new podcast advertising format: Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI). This will be a game-changer for podcast monetization, and makes me super pumped as a creator trying to monetize my own podcast. Additionally, Spotify is set to make podcasts discoverable (solving a huge problem for the industry). I think they should launch discover weekly playlists curated for content like Audiobooks and podcasts, expanding well beyond music.
August 17, 2020
Spotify Stock Analysis 🎧🤓 August 2020
Spotify grew its premium user-base 27% in Q2, to 138M subscribers. Overall Monthly Active Users (MAUs), were up 29% to 299M. Revenue increased 13%, to €1.889B. I'm more bullish on Spotify than ever as the company pushes into original podcasting content, signing deals with creators like Joe Rogan, Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian. My biggest insight from the Q2 conference call was that advertising revenue will grow dramatically with podcasting in the coming quarters.
August 17, 2020
NIO Stock Analysis 📊🤓 August 2020
NIO reports Q2 2020 revenue of $527M (+140%), with a positive gross margin of 8.4%. This was a huge sequential improvement across the board, and sets NIO up on the path towards profitability, with its upcoming EC6. NIO's newest EV, the EC6 is already accepting orders on the NIO app, and is set for customer deliveries in September. This should accelerate revenue and deliveries growth.
August 12, 2020
Tesla Announces 5 For 1 Stock Split 💰🤪
Tesla announces a 5 for 1 forward stock split. The deal will be completed in August, and means for every 1 share you have, you will now have 5. I love this move as it opens up Tesla stock to more investors by making it easier to buy a single share! Let me know what you think in the comments below!
August 11, 2020
How Tesla Will Scale Battery Production 🙊
*SPOILER ALERT* Do not watch this if you want to be surprised at Tesla Battery Investor Day. This video is my entire theory of how Tesla tested Maxwell's tech in 2017/18, bought the company in 2019, and has been scaling in house battery cell production with the DBE technology, ever since. Tesla's biggest constraint on growth is they don't have enough batteries. On Battery Investor Day they will announce they are bringing cell production in house and will bring a new battery cell to market to solve this problem IMO. It's going to be epic :) Plz comment your theories below. Remember this is all a guess!! I have no idea what Tesla will actually announce.
August 6, 2020
Augur: Decentralized Prediction Markets 🔮 w/ Tom Kysar
Interview with Tom Kysar, the head of Operations at Augur. Augur is a decentralized betting platform/prediction market that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It originally launched a V1 beta version a couple years ago that generated $25M in bets. Now they have relaunched Augur V2, and you can use it to place decentralized bets today! I think this is one of the most promising Dapp projects in Crypto and am excite to follow its progress. Shoutout to Tom from Augur for taking the time for this interview!
August 5, 2020
Will Tesla Launch An Electric Rickshaw for India?
If Tesla designed a vehicle from scratch for the Indian market, what would that look like? How about an electric rickshaw, the Cybershaw. This is a moonshot concept that I think has a lot of potential to move people & cargo around urban environments. Projections show Indian electric rickshaw sales could hit 20M units per year, at $2.5K per unit, that's a $50B market.
August 4, 2020
Tesla + Panasonic Upgrading 2170 🔋s at Nevada Gigafactory
The head of Panasonic's US EV business (and in charge of working with Tesla at the Nevada Gigafactory), has revealed details about the company's battery cell technology roadmap. Panasonic expects energy density to improve 20% in 5 years, and significant cobalt reductions even sooner. It's interesting to see Tesla continually upgrading its Panasonic lines, and continue building this relationship ... with rumors heating up about Tesla building its own battery cells in house. The Battery Investor Day speculation continues!
July 30, 2020
Rumor: SpaceX Raising $1B At $44B Valuation 🚀💸
Bloomberg reports SpaceX is raising $1B in new funding at a $44B valuation (its highest ever). I give my thoughts on SpaceX's funding strategy, why they will never IPO (or it will take forever), and the exciting potential of a Starlink spinout/IPO.
July 28, 2020
All-In: The World's Best Business Podcast 🃏🎙️🌟
The Silicon Valley investor GOATS 🐐Jason Calacanis, Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks and David Freiberg have turned their poker squad into the world's best new podcast. With under 5,000 subscribers and 68,000 total views, this is a total hidden gem. I expect this to blow up (rightfully so) as the world's leading business podcast and hit 1M subscribers. I'm so stoked these people I consider hero's of mine are taking the time to spread their knowledge! Go Subscribe!!
July 23, 2020
Tesla CONFIRMS Biggest Factory Ever In Austin, Texas
Analysis of Tesla's Q2 2020 shareholder letter, financial results and conference call. It was an EPIC call, with the Austin factory confirmed (on 2,000 acres), and Elon's excitement showing through. Tesla is doing better than ever! The company has reported 4 GAAP Net Income profits in a row, despite the COVID crisis, and is still on track to hit guidance of 500,000 deliveries in 2020. Congrats Tesla!!
July 23, 2020
Why Tesla Is Worth More Than Toyota
Interview with Yahoo! Finance on 07/22, pre-Tesla Q2 earnings, discussing what to expect in the upcoming report. I go into the solarroof opportunity, and why Tesla's 'Computers on Wheels' business model justifies a higher market capitalization than Toyota. Huge shoutout to Yahoo! for inviting me on, thank you!
July 22, 2020
Why NIO Stock Is Soaring 🇨🇳⚡📈
Chinese EV-maker NIO has seen its stock price soar 220% in the past year, to a valuation of ~$15B. Is the hype justified for the 'Tesla of China'? I think so. NIO just reported record Q2 deliveries of 10,000+ vehicles, and is set to introduce a lower cost coupe (EC6) later this year. What are your thoughts on NIO stock and it's valuation?
July 21, 2020
Will Tesla Report A Profit In Q2 2020? 🧐💲
My expectations for Tesla's financials in Q2, are $5.9B in revenue and $121M in GAAP operating income. If deliveries continue ramping, Tesla has a good shot of hitting its (pre-COVID) 2020 delivery guidance of 500,000+ units. Additionally, with deliveries beating production by about 8K units in the quarter, cash flow will likely be positive (around $1B). On the conference call I'll be looking for updates on Gigafactory Shanghai, the Tesla Semi and 2H 2020 deliveries. Overall, this was a SUPER impressive quarter. Tesla was able to grow deliveries by 2% despite the pandemic, and has a shot at another profitable quarter.
July 21, 2020
Tesla's India Opportunity 🇮🇳☀️🏠🔋🛵 w/ Vivas Kumar
A conversation with Vivas Kumar about potential strategies for Tesla to enter the India market. With only ~4M passenger vehicles sold in India each year, the addressable market for Tesla's 4-wheeled vehicles is small. On the other hand, the opportunity for Powerpack/Powerwall + Solarroof to fix the grid, is massive. Additionally, there could be a huge opportunity to leverage Tesla's battery technology to create a two-wheel or three-wheel EV product ... What are your thoughts on how Tesla should enter what is soon to be the world's most populous economy.
July 18, 2020
Quibi: $2B to $2M 📉
New reports indicate that just ~8% of Quibi's free trial users are converting to the service. My estimate is that Quibi has ~144K paying subscribers, generating about $12M in annual revenue. This is wayyyy below the company's targets, and is not a good sign for the future. Quibi is running out of money and will need to show massive user growth to convince investors to keep pouring in capital. Raising ~$2B before ever launching a consumer product (and finding product market fit) is looking more and more like a huge mistake. I think Quibi will be out of business, or sold at fire sale prices soon. What are your thoughts?
July 17, 2020
Transition Metal-Free Cathode Breakthrough? w/ Sean Mehta, Battery Scientist
A conversation with Sean Mehta, a battery scientist at Sila Nanotechnologies, about the potential of transition metal-free Cathodes & their potential to disrupt the battery materials supply chain. I learned a ton in this interview!! What are your thoughts about this exciting technology & lab results??
July 15, 2020
Starlink Emailed Me About Beta Testing 👀 🛰️
SpaceX's low earth orbit satellite project, Starlink, continues to progress at a rapid clip. I got an email last night, asking me to enter my exact address to see if I'm eligible for the beta testing.  Starlink is planning to begin delivering internet service THIS SUMMER. With 500+ satellite's already in orbit, and many launches planned in the near future, this seems like it's already a done deal. The potential for Starlink to become a massive, global, internet service provider is real. This won't be sci-fi for much longer folks ... 🛰️
July 15, 2020
HyperChange X Motley Fool Tesla Deep Dive
My interview from last month with the Motley Fool. We cover all things Tesla and my long-term investing thesis on the company. Huge shoutout to Buck Hartzell & The Motley Fool for inviting me!! This interview was recorded on June 11th, 2020.
July 10, 2020
Tesla Raises FSD to $8K, Will Be $20K+ Eventually 🧠🚘💸
Tesla has raised the price of it's Full-Self Driving (FSD) packaged yet again, from $7K to $8K. Elon Musk has hinted that the long-term value could be $100K+, once general autonomy and regulatory approval has been achieved. In the meantime, incremental gross margin expansion because of raising FSD prices will be a massive financial tailwind for the company. This will justify the 'Computers on Wheels' thesis and Tesla's significantly higher P/S, P/EBIT ratio than the rest of the auto industry. What are you predictions for the price of FSD???
July 9, 2020
Dadi is HyperChanging Male Fertility 🍆💦🥼🧪 w/ Tom Smith
Interview with Tom Smith, the CEO/Founder of Brooklyn-based male-fertility startup Dadi. Previously, Tom worked at Apple HQ and then founded Imoji, a sticker company that sold to GIPHY in 2017. His newest venture, Dadi, offers direct to consumer at-home sperm testing, and storage. He's bringing much needed disruption to the male fertility space, by leveraging the power of technology to help families get started. I'm a huge fan of Tom, Dadi and the company's mission, so I decide to invest in Dadi!
July 7, 2020
How Many Cybertrucks Will Tesla Sell In China?
Tesla has opened Cybertruck pre-orders in the world's 2nd largest pickup market, China! This is a huge clue that Tesla is moving forward with possible local Cybertruck production plans in China, and will be selling the truck there soon! What are your estimates for Chinese Cybertruck demand??
July 7, 2020
Tesla Drops Limited Edition S3XY Short Shorts 🤣
This is not a drill. Tesla has released official Short Shorts in its merch store for $69.420. These limited edition red & gold shorts wit 'S3XY' on the butt are an inside joke for Tesla shareholders. Tesla has been one of the most shorted & criticized stocks for years... with numerous billionaire short-sellers/skeptics. Now those haters have been proven wrong, as the stock is up 228% so far in 2020, and 415% in the past year. Tesla now trades at a market valuation of ~$250B, and may be on the cusp of reporting its 4th profitable quarter in a row!! Congrats Tesla & Elon! I hope you were able to snag a pair of Short Shorts, I know I got mine!
July 6, 2020
Why Did Amazon Buy Zoox? 🤖🚖📦
Amazon has purchased Zoox for $1.2B. The San Francisco based startup is developing autonomous vehicle technology. Zoox has raised more than $1B in funding, and was valued at over $3B in 2018. The question is why did Amazon get the on the cheap and what technology was so valuable? What we do know, is that Amazon continues to vertically integrate its logistics network, and is constantly testing new way to get us packages faster ;)
July 5, 2020
Arcimoto Raises ~$17M, Stock Soaring w/ Mark Frohnmayer
Arcimoto stock has soared more than 450% in the past 3 months, on the back of ramping deliveries and new financing. In June, the company raised $17M, giving them enough funding to put the pedal to the metal. I caught up with CEO/Founder Mark Frohnmayer, to get his take on the recent Hyrecar partnership & funding news.
July 4, 2020
Tesla Q2 2020 Production & Deliveries 🚘📊
Tesla beats everyone's estimates and reports deliveries of 90,650 for Q2 2020. Despite over a month of the Fremont factory being shutdown and a global pandemic, Tesla was able to grow its deliveries by 2% sequentially. My projections indicate the company is still on track to hits its annual 2020 delivery guidance of 500,000+ vehicles. This would be 36% growth from 2019, despite the world falling apart. Tesla was able to report a profit last quarter with deliveries of 88,000... the chance of them reporting another GAAP profit is looking good. What are your thoughts on the quarter?
July 2, 2020
How Many Cars Will Tesla Deliver In Q2 2020?
Tesla Q2 2020 Deliveries & Production Preview. A strong quarter from Gigafactory Shanghai and Model Y could push Tesla deliveries to 90,000+ (my estimate) for the quarter. This is wayyyy higher than any of us were thinking at the end of Q1, and puts profitability for the quarter within reach!
June 29, 2020
Will Tesla Cause A Lithium Shortage? 🔋⚒️ w/ Vivas Kumar
Interview with Vivas Kumar, ex Battery Supply Chain Manager for Tesla, now a Principal at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence. Vivas prepared a 34 slide presentation about the state of the Lithium industry, and battery materials supply chain. As EV sales climb from 1M/year to 50M/year over the next decade or two, massive investments need to be made in the raw materials supply chain. This is an in depth look at the mining & lithium industry from now, until 2030.
June 28, 2020
Tesla's Roadrunner Battery Cells Are Ramping 🤫🔋
New documents confirm Tesla is expanding battery manufacturing and R&D operations in Palo Alto. This essentially confirms Tesla's 'Project Roadrunner', a top secret initiative with the goal of producing battery cells in house (with a cost below $100kWh). With up to 100 people working in 4 shifts 24/7, it seems like Tesla is truly ramping capacity of these new cells. But many questions remain ... Do these cells use the Maxwell Dry Battery Electrode (DBE) tech? Are these cells going into the new Plaid Model S? How many battery packs can Tesla produce in Palo Alto/Fremont?
June 25, 2020
Closing Out My Spotify Options Trade 📈
Update on my Spotify options trade from 3/4 weeks ago. I decided to close out my position with a 110% profit & return to my option retirement! I'm still holding all my Spotify shares and am very pumped about the future they are building. Remember nothing on HyperChange is financial advice!!
June 22, 2020
Tesla Impact Report Sets A New Standard ♼🌎
Tesla has posted it's most in-depth corporate sustainability report yet. This analysis of the company's ever improving carbon emissions per vehicle, shows why Tesla is way ahead of the pack. From tailpipe emissions, to battery efficiency, to water usage, Tesla continues to push the envelope on becoming as sustainable as possible! This makes me so proud to be a shareholder :)
June 18, 2020
Model Y production is booming! 🎙
Doing a live radio broadcast about Tesla’s ramping Model Y deliveries! I just saw my first two in the wild! This was my first time trying this content format & having people call in, it was so fun, thanks for joining!
June 16, 2020
Arcimoto Announces Sandy Munro Partnership, Exclusive Mark Frohnmayer Interview
I caught up with Arcimoto CEO/Founder Mark Frohnmayer to discuss his new partnership with Sandy Munro, to help bring the FUV into mass production. These are two of my favorite people in the EV/transportation world, and I think Sandy Munro will add a lot of value to Arcimoto's production ramp. His industry expertise can cut costs, improve ramp speed, and bring decades of Detroit experience to Arcimoto's team.
June 10, 2020
Nikola’s $12B Valuation Makes No Sense w/ Matt Joyce
Deep dive into Nikola Motors, the hydrogen/electric truck startup that recently completed a reverse merger to list on the NASDAQ, and trades for a valuation of ~$12B ($35.97 per share). I'm joined by Matt Joyce to break down the company's strategy & CEO Trevor Milton's ambitious vision. The company's claims to have breakthrough battery and hydrogen fuel cell technology, seem too good to be true. And a valuation of ~$12B+ for a company with less than $1M in revenue last year and an operating loss of $88M? Only time will tell if Nikola is the real deal. For now, I'm very skeptical.
June 8, 2020
Can Zoom become a $100B company?
Zoom reports Q1 FY21 revenue of $328M, up 169%. The company reported record EBIT of $23M, and $251M of free cash flow in the quarter. Revenue guidance for the full year has increased to $1.775-$1.8B, implying 187% growth from last year. With a market capitalization of $60B, this implies a 34X forward price/sales ratio. Will Zoom's fundamentals be able to grow fast enough to justify a $200/share price? I'm torn. On one hand, I see huge potential for Zoom to be a digital communication layer connecting our global economy ... on the other hand I see a company that needs to double revenue for the next 2 years (after FY21) to justify its sky high valuation ... what are your thoughts?
June 3, 2020
Synthetic Graphite For Next Generation EV Batteries w/ Dr. Chris Burns
Interview with Novonix COO and Co-Founder, Dr. Chris Burns. The former Jeff Dahn researcher turned advanced battery materials entrepreneur, is on the cusp of commercializing a new synthetic graphite called PureGraphite. Tesla battery researcher Jeff Dahn has been touting Novonix's new dry particle microgranulation (DPMG) breakthrough as having huge potential. Panasonic/Sanyo (who supplies Tesla's batteries) and Samsung are already partnered with Novonix and working to commercialize the PureGraphite. Could there be a Tesla/Novonix partnership announced at Battery Investor Day?
June 1, 2020
What’s Tesla/Maxwell’s Relationship with the Battery 500 Consortium?
Could a Department of Energy project known as the Battery 500 Consortium be working with Tesla to commercialize next generation lithium ion batteries? On May 19th, the Battery 500 Consortium released an update about its project, saying they've achieved an energy density of 350 Wh/kg., that can last for 350 charge cycles. This is a huge improvement from a couple years ago, and signals the technology is on the path towards commercialization. Shirley Meng is one of the leading researchers in the group, and has worked with Maxwell Technologies extensively in the past (before Tesla acquired them). Maxwell is also an electrode supplier for the Battery 500 Consortium's project. What do all these clues mean? Is this breakthrough in academia tied to what Tesla will announce at its upcoming battery investor day??
May 29, 2020
Breaking Down My Spotify Options Trade 🎧💹
Ever since the Joe Rogan news, I've been thinking more and more about Spotify's push into video content later this year. Not only did I buy stock, but. also bought some long-term call options (which I almost never do). In this video I break down the structure of my trade and thoughts behind it! More Spotify videos soon about the valuation!
May 28, 2020
Tesla Cuts Prices Across The Board (Except Model Y)
Tesla has dropped the prices of the US made Model 3 by $2,000 and the Model S and X by $5,000. Does this signal that the Model Y is cannibalizing sales of Tesla's other vehicles? Is the global recession finally catching up to Tesla? Or is this just Tesla passing along manufacturing efficiencies to its customers? I think it's a combination of all 3 factors ... and possibly to clear out inventory for a new Plaid Model S coming later this year ;)
May 27, 2020
Tesla Preparing V2G Virtual Power Plant Feature? ↔️⚡
Electrek, Sandy Munro and Jeff Dahn are all hinting at Tesla's having the capability for bi-directional charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) features. Is Tesla getting ready to announce a new software feature that will allow its vehicles to put energy back on the grid? V2G has long been touted in academic circles as having the potential to stabilize the grid, and solve the expense (and very pollutive) dispatch curve problem. If Tesla succeeds with massive batteries and virtual power plants, peaker plants could be a thing of the past. ARK Invest pegs this as an ~$800B global market opportunity.
May 25, 2020
Disrupting Financial Media w/ Jeremy of Financial Education Channel
An interview with Jeremy, the creator of the Financial Education Youtube channel. He is a pioneer of being an independent video creator in the financial space, and inspired me to start HyperChange. Today Jeremy has almost 500,000 subscribers on his main channel, and makes videos about the stocks market and personal finance.
May 21, 2020
Why I'm Not Buying The Nikola Motors IPO
Nikola Motors, a battery/fuel-cell startup is getting ready to list on the NASDAQ via a IPO/reverse merger with VectoIQ. While I'm a fan of the company's ambitious vision, after analyzing the business strategy and Founder Trevor Milton's track record, I'm skeptical. What's your take on this IPO? Would you buy in at a $6B+ valuation?
May 19, 2020
Vehicle-To-Grid + Autobidder = Gamechanger for Teslas
Leaked slides from a recent Jeff Dahn presentation imply that Tesla's new 1M mile battery cells, will be capable of vehicle to grid charging. This hardware capability combined with Tesla's new Autobidder software, could generate major revenue from utilities, for Tesla owners. Renewables are causing increasing strain to the grid without storage, and Tesla's vehicles could be the perfect buffer to store this intermittent power. Do you think Tesla will announce V2G at Battery Investor Day??
May 18, 2020
Spotify Should Let Us Invest In Artists 💰🎨
Spotify's new partnership with Cash App, Fundraising for Artists, has got me scheming! This payment layer within the Spotify App could be the future of democratizing/digitizing the record label model, and letting us invest in our favorite musicians & podcasters! I would love to be able to invest in my favorite musician's next big project.
May 12, 2020
Sandy Munro Is Long Tesla Stock
Interview with Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates about his Model Y teardown!! We cover the Octovalve, new stamping machine, Cybertruck, Sandy's work on a VTOL jet and his thoughts on Elon Musk's idea for a home HVAC system. Sandy is a Detroit/auto industry legend, it was a pleasure having him on the show and hearing how excited he is about Tesla's technology.
May 7, 2020
Speculating on Tesla’s DBE Maxwell Cell w/ The Limiting Factor
An interview with The Limiting Factor about Tesla's upcoming Battery Investor Day. We analyze the potential for Tesla to bring battery cell production in house, with Maxwell's Dry Battery Electrode technology. These new battery cells can be produced cheaper and faster, while being more efficient, lasting longer and maintaining very little (or no) cobalt. If Tesla announces this it is poised to be a gamechanger for the EV & transportation industry.
May 6, 2020
Tesla Q1 2020 📊 Texas Cybertruck Terafactory, Elon Rant & Robotaxis
Full analysis of Tesla's Q1 2020 financial results & conference all. Elon musk hints at a new Gigafactory for the Cybertruck, and says battery investor day will be in late May, in either California or Texas. Overall, Tesla continues to invest rapidly in new growth initiatives as demand is strong, and cashflow improves. Despite a depressing macro situation, the future has never looked brighter for Tesla!
April 30, 2020
Tesla Q1 2020 Earnings Preview 🔮
Preview of what I'm expecting Tesla to report as part of its Q1 2020 earnings on Wednesday. My estimates are for $5.7B in revenue, and an operating loss of $270M. I also think there is a good chance that Tesla confirms (or at least doesn't drop) its guidance for deliveries of 500,000+ cars in 2020.
April 27, 2020
Investing Long-term in Bitcoin w/ Pomp
A conversation with Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano about Bitcoin. We cover how he got involved with cyrpto, why he is long Bitcoin, whether recent stimulus will lead to inflation, Jack Dorsey + Square's involvement in Bitcoin, how sustainable Bitcoin's energy usage is, whether small countries are getting into Bitcoin mining & so much more! Pomp is one of my favorite crypto content creators and I recommend you follow all his stuff!!
April 24, 2020
Starlink Launching Private Beta In ~3 Months
SpaceX has successfully completed its 6th Starlink launch. This means they have deployed over 420 low earth orbit satellites. On Twitter, Elon Musk confirmed that Starlink would be launching in a private beta in 3 months, and a public beta in 6 months. I can't believe how fast this is happening! This is a huge inflection in SpaceX's business, as they become their own launch customer (by launching their own satellites). Long-term this has the potential to add $Bs of revenue, and fund SpaceX/Elon Musk's Mars ambitions.
April 23, 2020
Why Snap Is Crushing It w/ Turner Novak
A conversation with Turner Novak about Snaps Q1 2020 earnings results, and the company's long term business model. A growing user base combined with increasing ARPU, has the potential to drive revenue growth and improving margins for years to come. Snap's AR features like Lenses and Bitmoji are gaining major traction, and driving engagement. I think Snap's long-term potential remains severely misunderstood, and this was a great quarter.
April 23, 2020
Is Netflix Overvalued At $185B?
Netflix reported blowout Q1 2020 financials, with subscribers increasing by 15.7M, and positive free cash flow. Although management was very cautious about guidance, and said this bump is temporary, there is a lot to be optimistic about. This quarter proved that Netflix has reached enough scale to be a profitable business. After years of increasingly negative cashflow, many (including myself) were skeptical this would ever happen.
April 22, 2020
The Oil Market Is Imploding 📉🛢️
Oil futures went negative for the first time in history yesterday, hitting -$37 per barrel. What does this tell us about the state of over supply in the oil industry, and how difficult it will be for companies (like Exxon and Chevron) to compete with nation states (like Russia & Saudi Arabia) in the current price war. Things are so bad Trump is considering a bailout for oil & gas companies.
April 22, 2020
Arcimoto FUV Production Update w/ Mark Frohnmayer
A conversation with Arcimoto CEO/Founder Mark Frohnmayer. Arcimoto just reported it's full year 2019 financials, and provided us with a business update. The company is launching its first Deliverator pilot program in Q2 with a major national grocery chain, and has delivered its first Rapid Responder to the Eugene-Springfield fire department. Let me know what you think in the comments below! This interview was recorded on 4/17/2020.
April 19, 2020
The Trifecta of Financial Tailwinds Driving Tesla Stock w/ Mayur Thaker
A conversation with Mayur Thaker (@freshjiva) about Tesla's financial transformation since the launch of the Model 3. Tesla's business model has been significantly de-risked, as cashflow improves, net debt is reduced, and revenue continues to grow. The future has never looked brighter. This deep dive into Tesla's evolving financial picture shows why the stock has outperformed so dramatically over the past year. Huge thanks to Mayur for joining!
April 17, 2020
Amazon Is A COVID Economy Winner 📦📈
Amazon shares are out-preforming as the company hires 175,000 additional employees, to handle overwhelming demand. The company is also putting aside $500M to increase employee wages. Jeff Bezos' empire could be a structural winner from this macroeconomic crisis. The transition from brick and mortar to ecommerce is poised to accelerate, given the new normal. What are your thoughts?
April 14, 2020
Tesla Q1 2020 US Marketshare 📊🚘🇺🇸
The Model 3 sold ~44,500 units in the US in Q1, making it BY FAR the best-selling EV, and best-selling small/mid-size luxury vehicle in the United States. On a revenue adjusted basis, The Model 3 was neck and neck with the Toyota Camry, and by my estimates was the #1 selling passenger car in the US by revenue in Q1. This marketshare dominance implies huge sales for the Model Y as production ramps later this year. What are your thoughts on Tesla's US marketshare dominance??
April 13, 2020
Giga Shanghai Production Could Be 200K+ In 2020
Official Q1 2020 sales data from China has been released from the CPCA. Tesla delivered ~16,700 Model 3's in China in March, with ~10K coming just in March. This implies that Gigafactory Shanghai is at a 150K/yr Model 3 production rate TODAY. The Shanghai ramp is progressing way faster than expected. I think this is a an epic storyline that will come to light on Tesla's Q1 earnings call.
April 10, 2020
Casper Stock Trading At 0.4X Price/Sales
Just a year ago, Casper was flying high at a private market valuation of $1.1B, hitting unicorn status. Today, after a broken IPO and the economic criss, Casper trades at a market capitalization of just $180M. Can this mattress startup complete its transformation into an encompassing sleep/wellness brand? If CEO Philip Krim is successful, I think the equity price has a lot of upside.
April 8, 2020
RANT Quibi is going to be a major flop
Quibi is a mobile-only short form video app that launched yesterday. It's founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg, and run by Meg Whitman. In total, Quibi has raise $1.75B and recruited top Hollywood talent for its content. The problem? Nobody needs what they are building. IMO this is setting up to be one of the biggest tech fails of 2020. What's your take on Quibi?
April 7, 2020
Tesla replaces Superbottle with …. OCTOVALVE 🐙
Sandy Munro's Model Y teardown has revealed a new easter egg: The Octovalve. This steampunk-esque Octopus with a snowflake on its forehead, is the new mascot of Tesla's breakthrough thermal management/heat pump in the Model Y. This appears to be the replacement of the Superbottle, that was used for heating/cooling in the Model 3. Could this be a sneak preview of Tesla's ambitions to build a smart home HVAC / AC system? I think this is one of the nerdiest/most exciting Tesla quirks we've seen in 2020!
April 6, 2020
Longterm Square & Cash App Bullcase w/ ARK Invest
A conversation with George Whitridge & Max Friedrich of ARK Invest's Fintech team. We discuss Square stock, and the company's long-term potential to merge its seller (Square retail POS)  and consumer (Cash App) businesses to become a digital bank. The interview was recorded on 03/30/2020.
April 5, 2020
Tesla Shanghai Production Hitting Record Highs 📈
Tesmanian reports that Tesla delivered 9,367 Model 3's in Q1 2020 in China (according to the China Passenger Car Association), with 3,900 alone being delivered in March. This shows that Tesla Shanghai production is hitting record highs. My guess is Tesla could deliver 15-20K 'Made In China' Model 3's in Q2, helping to offset declines in the US and European markets. I think this is a silver lining to the Tesla story right now that not enough people appreciate. Revenue, profits and cashflow from Tesla Shanghai are growing by the day.
April 2, 2020
Tesla Q1 2020 Production & Deliveries 🚘📊
Tesla reports record Q1 production of 103K vehicles, and record Q1 deliveries of 88K. Model Y production is scaling, and Shanghai Gigafactory output keeps climbing. These numbers were far better than my estimates, and signal Tesla's business was thriving before the economic shutdown. Here's my take on the delivery & production report.
April 2, 2020
How Many Cars Will Tesla Deliver In Q1 2020?
I'm conservatively expecting Tesla will deliver ~65,000 cars in Q1, growing about 5% year over year. This factors in the factory shutdown at the end of March, and the macro economic crisis that has been unfolding. I've updated my full year delivery estimates to just 350,000. I hope I'm being too negative, but am preparing for the worst. In this video I show how this level of deliveries will impact Tesla's financials.
March 31, 2020
Peloton: The Apple Of Fitness? 🚲
Is Peloton selling a $2,245 exercise bike? Or democratizing home fitness? A little bit of both. This dynamic business model combination of luxury hardware and premium software streaming classes, is disrupting the fitness industry. I'm a new Peloton shareholder, and think the company has huge potential to expand into new products (like the Tread and rowing machine), lower prices, and expand into digital content (Peloton App).
March 31, 2020
Are GM And Ford Going Bankrupt?
GM and Ford reported huge (and growing) losses in Q4 2019, before the economic crisis began. Both companies have suspended 2020 guidance and have drawn down $15B+ on credit lines. Are we witnessing a slow motion implosion/bankruptcy for America's two largest automakers? It looks like it. Reuters reports, both companies are planning to make 320,000 EVs for North America in 2026 (combined!) ... that would be less than Tesla did in 2019. This is super disappointing, and makes their chance of a turnaround look even lower.
March 26, 2020
Why I’m Buying Bitcoin #NIRP
I've been adding to my Bitcoin position in the past week. The cryptocurrency currently trades at a network value of $120B, or just about 4.5% of the $2.7T it moves annually. This compares to fintech companies like Paypal, that trade at ~14% of annualized money moved. I think the long-term thesis for Bitcoin to become digital gold, and be worth several $T in network value is more intact than ever. Governmental policies reacting to this economic crisis will fuel more fiat currency printing, and potentially negative interest rates ... these macroeconomic conditions are making more more bullish on the need for Bitcoin than ever. The only way to get out of this crisis will be to print absurd amounts of capital (for both the US and Europe). What are your thoughts about Bitcoin's potential and valuation??
March 24, 2020
How Much Further Could The S&P Fall? 📉
S&P 500 earnings estimates for 2020 are dropping rapidly, as analysts price in the impact of this unprecedented economic crisis. Estimates have fallen more than 4% in just the past month, and I think they will fall another 10% (at least) next month. Right now, my rough guesstimate for 2020 S&P 500 EBIT per share is $100 ... about 39% lower than they were in 2019 (~$163). What is your guess? Do you think markets will fall lower?
March 23, 2020
Trump Encourages Tesla, GM & Ford To Make Ventilators
Today on Twitter Donald Trump gave the go ahead to Tesla, GM and Ford to begin manufacturing ventilators, to deal with a potential shortage. Tesla has significant experience building HVAC systems in house, since the days of its original roadster (2008), as well as 'BioWeapon Defense Mode' for the Model X. I think this is an awesome story, and is a reason I'm proud to own Tesla stock!
March 22, 2020
Tesla Shutting Down Fremont Factory
Tesla has released an official 'Operational Update' about dealing with the current economic crisis. The company is shutting down both its Fremont, CA and Buffalo, NY factories for an indefinite period of time (my guess is at least two weeks). Tesla says it has plenty of cash on hand to "successfully navigate an extended period of uncertainty." I think the silver lining to all of this Tesla news is Shanghai's Gigafactory. It appears to be up and running and producing vehicles at record levels. This should help offset losses from Fremont going forward. At this time, Gigafactory Nevada will remain open.
March 20, 2020
Zoom Stock Zooming: Is The Hype Real?
Zoom stock is up 82% in 2020, outperforming nearly every asset in the world. Can this recent video conference IPO live up to the hype of its $40B valuation? In this video, I analyze Zoom's financials, growth rate, and what the long-term potential will be if Eric Yuan's vision is realized. What are your thoughts on Zoom?
March 20, 2020
Tesla To Make Emergency Medical Supplies? 🏥
Elon Musk offered to help make medical supplies for US hospitals (like ventilators, masks, etc) and Mayor de Blasio is taking him up on the offer. After a long twitter exchange (prompted by Nate Silver), it appears as if Tesla/SpaceX are reaching out to the New York City government and may supply them with direly needed medical equipment. I think this is an awesome initiative by Elon, and could be a win/win. NYC gets help, and Tesla's factory employees have something to do.
March 19, 2020
Should We Bailout The Airlines? ✈️ 💲
The WSJ reports that US airlines are looking for a ~$50B bailout/stimulus package in this midst of this economic turmoil. This has become a hot topic, as airlines spent tens of billions buying back their own stock during the past decade. Now they are turning to taxpayers to get them out of this rut .. when they should have been fortifying their balance sheets. What do you think? Is this fair? Should we bail them out? I think this is just the beginning of a lot of government stimulus ...
March 17, 2020
Will Tesla Survive A Global Depression?
The market continues to free-fall as concerns mount about how a prolonged shutdown will impact the global economy. In this video I explore what will happen to Tesla's financials if a multi-quarter slowdown in the global economy unfolds. Will Tesla need more capital? Will they be able to survive?
March 16, 2020
Tesla Solarglass Roof: $1B+ Revenue Runrate
Tesla has reach a production run-rate of 1,000 roofs/week (4MW), for its highly anticipated solarglass roof product. At $30K/roof, this implies a revenue run-rate of $1.5B+, and is likely growing rapidly. This milestone should accelerate energy generation (solar) deployment growth for Tesla in the coming quarters.
March 15, 2020
Waymo Is Failing
Waymo has partnered with Transdev to hire a fleet of drivers for its 'robotaxi' network. This deal, potentially in the hundreds of millions, signals Waymo is falling behind on its ambitious plans for Waymo One, its self-driving service. Waymo just raised $2.25B from outside investors at a $30B valuation, another sign Alphabet is distancing itself from the project. I still think Tesla is winning the self-driving race.
March 15, 2020
Allowing Rivian & Tesla To Sell Direct In Colorado w/ Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell has been on the ground working to pass bill 167, which would allow electric vehicle makers to sell direct to consumers in the state of Colorado. This has gained major traction, and will make it easier for startups like Tesla & Rivian to compete in the state. If this is successful, this could cause a domino effect and allow Tesla to sell direct in other states where its been previously banned (Texas, Connecticut, etc).Thanks to Sean for coming on the show, and props for all of the work on this!
March 13, 2020
CyberGigafactory USA? 🇺🇸 Texas, Nashville?
Elon Musk has confirmed via Tweet that Tesla is scouting locations for a "central US" gigafactory to build the Cybertruck & Model Y (for the east coast). Initially rumored to be in Texas, reports also indicate Nashville is in the running for this new location. My personal guess is the Austin, TX area will be selected ...
March 11, 2020
Jack Dorsey To Remain Twitter CEO 🎉
Twitter has come to an agreement with activist funds Elliott Management and Silver Lake Partners, that will keep Jack Dorsey on as CEO. Twitter is also issuing 2020 guidance for 20% mDAU growth, and accelerating revenue growth. Additionally, the company is launching a $2B share buyback. What are your thoughts on these changes??
March 10, 2020
Cash App is Worth $10-15B & Growing💲
Cash App posted Q4 2019 revenue of $361M (+147%) year, and is on pace to post more than $1.5B+ in 2020 revenue. Recent launches of stock investing (with no minimums) and international payments show a rapid pace of innovation & represent exciting new revenue opportunities. Cash App is quietly becoming a digital bank. With 24M MAU's (growing 60%), this is poised to be a growth driver for Square for years to come.
March 9, 2020
GM EV Day 😬 .... #nodetails
Today GM held an 'EV Day' to announce its plans for electrifying it's vehicle lineup. I commend the effort ... but the presentation was full of boring/meaningless business lingo and very short on any details about pricing, timing, specifications or profitability.  I'm eagerly awaiting details on the Bolt EUV, Cadillac Lyric & Hummer EV that should be released in the coming months ...
March 5, 2020
Plaid Model S = Big Profits For Tesla
According to tweets by Elon Musk, Tesla is poised to release a new 'Plaid' Model S sometime later this year. This new tri-motor powertrain/battery design will improve performance and be the 'next generation' of Tesla's technology. I think there is a huge pent of demand for 'Plaid' and Tesla has an opportunity to make billions in incremental gross profit if they price it accordingly.
March 4, 2020
Billionaire Wants Jack Dorsey Out of Twitter
Elliott Management/Billionaire Paul Singer have reportedly taken a stake in Twitter, and are pushing for Jack Dorsey to be removed as CEO. This is BS. Elliott Management doesn't even use Twitter, and they are completely ignoring the progress Jack has made since returning to Twitter in late 2015. In this video I break down the metrics justifying Dorsey's success and my argument for why he should remain on as CEO.
March 3, 2020
Patreon: Empowering The Next Generation of Creatives w/ Jack Conte
Interview with Jack Conte, about his journey from creative to CEO/Co-Founder of Patreon. By allowing artists to monetize their work, and build relationships with their closest fans, Patreon is empowering a new generation of creatives. I think the world desperately needs this artistic and creative energy, and Patreon has huge potential to build an incredible business around it. Kevin & I have been huge fans of Jack for years, and we were so thankful for this opportunity to hangout with one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs & creators in the world. Thank you Jack!!
March 2, 2020
Will Lyft Survive As A Standalone Company?
Lyft shares are down ~37% from their IPO, as losses keep mounting and competitive pressure increases. Revenue growth has slowed dramatically from 100%+ a year ago, to 54% in Q4, to guidance for just 28% in 2020. Will the company survive and be able to fend off Uber? Or is Lyft a sweet acquisition candidate for Google/Waymo ... or even Amazon?
February 25, 2020
Tesla: Cell To Pack Battery Technology Coming?
Elon Musk claims Tesla's battery modules are no longer necessary, and hints that cell to pack technology could be the future of batteries. This lines up with an October 2019 "aggregated battery system" patent filed by Tesla Cell Engineer Kevin Matthews. Additionally, Tesla is rumored to be working with CATL on a new battery supply agreement. In late 2019, CATL announced new cell to pack technology that greatly reduced the cost, complexity and increased the energy efficiency of its batteries. My guess is, Tesla will announce a redesigned battery pack without modules at April's Battery & Powertrain investor day.
February 21, 2020
Snap Grows 45% In 2019 📈
Snap grew its userbase 17% in 2019 to 218M DAUs, revenue hit $1.7B (+45%), and profitability improved. What's next for 2020? If Snap can continue to grow its engagement, it will get very close to profitability. I'm waiting for a new version of Spectacles to be released, with more AR features. Do you think Evan Spiegel can compete with Instagram and TikTok?
February 21, 2020
Tesla + CATL = LFP, Cobalt-free, Prismatic Batteries?!
Reuters is reporting that Tesla is partnering with Chinese battery supplier CATL, to build Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), Cobalt-free, Prismatic battery cells for the Made In China Model 3. WHAT!? This is huge/totally unexpected news about Tesla's battery supply chains, and brings up far more questions than answers. Why is Tesla using less energy dense cells? Are they that much cheaper? Is Maxwell's DBE tech involved?!
February 19, 2020
Tesla Announces $2B+ Capital Raise
Tesla surprises the market and announces a $2B+ capital raise. This will give the company capital to accelerate new Gigafactory plans (Texas?), and ramp battery production (Maxwell?), while only diluting by 1.5%. In its newly release 10K, Tesla has upped its CAPEX guidance to $2.5-$3.5B annually, for the next 2-3 years. Additionally, this raise will give the company a bigger cash cushion if a recession were to hit.
February 14, 2020
Did Tesla Acquihire A Colorado Battery Startup?
Louisville Colorado (just 20 minutes north of Denver), has become a hotbed for next generation EV batteries. Now Tesla is hiring for a 'Cell Technician' in the area to "assist anode development and optimization R&D." Additionally, the candidate is required to understand "electrode fabrication, delicate assembly of coin cells, cell dissection, running cell tests and data analysis & lab-scale electrode slurry mixing and electrode coating" .... Interesting! Could Tesla be partnering with one of these startups, Solid Power, Forge Nano or SilLion?
February 12, 2020
How & Why SpaceX Should IPO 🚀🔔
SpaceX COO Gwynne Shotwell hinted at a potential IPO/spinout of SpaceX's internet satellite project, Starlink, at a recent investor conference. This is incredibly exciting for all Elon Musk supporters, but begs the question ... why not just IPO SpaceX? In this off the cuff podcast, I discuss a potential strategy SpaceX could use to direct list its shares on a new private exchange like Carta, to make its equity accessible to its biggest supporters.
February 11, 2020
Rivian's Self-Driving Strategy
A breakdown of Rivian's self-driving hardware, and how the company plans to rollout autonomy features for its customers. With 10 cameras, 4 radars, 2 lidars, ultrasonic sensors and high-precision GPS, each Rivian is equipped with more tech than a Tesla! But does that mean they will be able to compete on true general autonomy???
February 8, 2020
Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets & Tesla 😷🤔
The coronavirus originating in Wuhan China has infected 24,000+ people in 24 countries. If it keeps spreading, this could be a near-term headwind for the macro growth environment. Is this a threat to global financial markets? Will this significantly delay the growth of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory?
February 6, 2020
Tesla Q4 2019: $1B In Free Cash Flow 📊📞
Analysis of Tesla's Q4 2019 financials, shareholder letter and conference call. Revenue hit a record high of $$7.4B, EBIT was $359M and Free Cash Flow came in at $1B. Model Y deliveries start in Q1, Demand for the Cybertruck and Made in China Model 3's is overwhelming. Battery investor day will likely be in April, and will have some huge announcements about scaling battery production and Tesla's next generation Plaid powertrain
January 30, 2020
Will Netflix Be Able To Reverse Its Cashflow Trend?
Netflix reported record revenue ($20B) and record earnings ($2.6B) in 2019 ... but also record negative operating cashflow of $2.9B. The company claims cashflow will improve from here as subscriber growth and revenue outpace original content spending. Will this be possible in the wake of massive competition from Disney, Comcast and others ... ?
January 29, 2020
Tesla Q4 2019 Earnings Preview 👀
Tesla will report its earnings after the bell on Wednesday. I'm estimating revenue of ~$7B, and EBIT of ~$400M, with exceptionally strong free cash flow ($700M!?). Additionally, I'll be looking for an update on Model Y deliveries, Gigafactory Shanghai production ramp and 2020 delivery guidance. What are your expectations for Tesla's report later this week??
January 27, 2020
Tesla CyberJet 🛸How Elon's Electric VTOL Jet Will Change Flying w/ Matt Joyce
An interview with Matt Joyce about Elon Musk's VTOL Electric Jet idea & how it could revolutionize the flying experience. Assuming ~5% annual improvements in battery energy density, this technology could be ready as soon as 2028.
January 19, 2020
Tesla Designing New EV In China For Export?! 🤯
At the Model 3 delivery event in Shanghai, Elon Musk hinted at Tesla's future plans in China. The company will set up a new design and engineering center, where they are planning to design a new EV from scratch, for "worldwide consumption." Does this imply Tesla is working on a smaller car/new EV form factor that they will build in China and export around the world? It sounds like it!
January 8, 2020
Tesla: The Computer On Wheels Company 📱🍏🚘
Apple changed the way we think about phones, and Tesla is going to change the way we think about cars. Software is eating the world, and the automotive market is no exception. Tesla's software-first approach to building EVs & the collection of billions of miles of Autopilot data, is ushering in the future of the transportation industry. This isn't a car company, it's a computer on wheels on company :)
January 8, 2020
Tesla Starts Delivering 'Made In China' Model 3s! 🥂
Tomorrow (December 30th), Tesla will deliver its first 15 'Made In China' Model 3s! This marks a huge milestone for Gigafactory 3 Shanghai, which began construction in 2019, and has vehicles rolling off the line just 11 months later ... This may be the fastest a factory has been built in the history of the automotive industry. Now the question is how fast will these sales ramp? I'm estimating Tesla will deliver ~80,000 Model 3's in China in 2020, and end the year at a ~150,000 cars/yr production rate.
December 29, 2019
The Future Of Gaming In Your Tesla 🎮
Is your Model 3 a $40,000 electric vehicle, or a $40,000 video game console? Both!! In the past year Tesla has began to launch video games you can play in your car. I think this is a sneak preview of entertainment in a self-driving/autonomous future & an amazing example of the possibilities that over the air software updates enable. In the long-term, Tesla's active user/driver/rider-base will be in the Ms (~800K today)  and offer a compelling opportunity for 3rd party app & game developers ... I think video games alone could be a $1B+ business for the company in the long-run ... Am I crazy?
December 21, 2019
Tesla On Track To Deliver 600,000+ Cars In 2020 📈
Tesla stock hits all-time highs as the market begins to look towards 2020, and the company's growth potential with Gigafactory 3 Shanghai and the Model Y. Per my estimates, Tesla could deliver 615,000 cars in 2020, produce $36B in revenue and be significantly profitable. What are your projections for next year??
December 19, 2019
Tesla Enabling New Mobility Platforms w/ Rahul Sonnad
Exclusive interview with Rahul Sonnad, the CEO/Co-Founder of Tesloop, a Tesla rental service. Tesloop has operated a fleet of 8 Tesla's (and growing) and driven them millions of miles offering rides & rentals to its customers. Through this process, they have incredible data proving the service & maintenance savings of operating an EV versus an ICE car. This conversation is a sneak peak at how Tesla's ride-sharing ambitions will expand, and how the transportation industry will change as a result of self-driving (or even partially self-driving) vehicles.
December 17, 2019
Scaling Arcimoto's FUV Production w/ Mark Frohnmayer
An interview with Arcimoto CEO/Founder Mark Frohnmayer in LA at the LD Micro conference. Arcimoto is currently ramping production & deliveries of its Fun Utility Vehicle, a 3-wheel, all-electric two-seater that can go 100 miles per charge. In this video we also discuss the company's latest funding round, and the potential for partnerships with bigger companies like Uber & Tesla.
December 16, 2019
AR Smartglasses & Becoming Cyborgs w/ Alex Heath
A conversation with Alex Heath, reporter with The Information. Alex is a thought leader in the world of augmented reality smartglasses, reporting on Snap Spectacles, Apple's rumored smartglasses, Facebook's mind control device project & more.
December 8, 2019
CyberTruck Could Add $50B+ To Tesla's Valuation
Tesla has launched the Cybertruck. Available for delivery in late 2021, starting at $39,900, and made out of a steel alloy exoskeleton. This Bladerunner-looking vehicle has taken over the internet and generated 250,000 pre-orders in just 5 days. Are we looking at the future of trucks, or has Elon Musk lost his mind? I think demand will be at least 350,000 units per year, and drive significant shareholder value. If the Cybertruck sells 1M units per year (as much as the Ford F-series), it could generate $50B of incremental revenue & $5B in incremental profit for Tesla.
November 28, 2019
Tesla Working On Goodenough's Glass/Solid-State Battery?
This episode is brought to you by FOUR Organic Lip Balm, use the code 'hyperchange' for 10% off :) My moonshot/conspiracy theory that Tesla has been secretly working with John Goodenough, to commercialize his next generation solid-state lithium-ion glass electrolyte battery. The timeline of the research paper, clues about Tesla testing solid state batteries, and the move into cell production make me think something is up. Am I crazy?
November 9, 2019
Tesla Partnering With CATL For Batteries?
This episode is brought to you by FOUR Organic Lip Balm, use the code 'hyperchange' for 10% off :) Bloomberg reports that Tesla has signed a preliminary partnership with Chinese battery maker CATL, to supply battery cells for the Model 3 at Gigafactory Shanghai. What does this mean for Tesla's relationship with Panasonic, and the company's potential to build there own battery cells??
November 8, 2019
What Stocks I Own & Why (11/05/2019)
This episode is brought to you by FOUR Organic Lip Balm, use the code 'hyperchange' for 10% off :) An inside look at my (Galileo Russell's) personal investment portfolio. From Tesla, Bitcoin, Maker, Arcimoto to Snap, I walk step-by-step through each of my stocks/cryptoassets and explain my investment thesis.
November 6, 2019
Truman's, Cleaning & Concentrates w/ Alex Reed
HyperChat #15 - A sit down with Truman's CMO/Co-Founder Alex Reed to talk about disrupting the cleaning market, and entrepreneurship in 'boring' industries. Truman's DTC concentrate products, promise a simpler and more sustainable solution to household cleaning.
October 30, 2019
Tesla Launches V3 Solar Glass Roof ☀️🏠
Tesla's solar roof is ready for primetime. The company has announced the launch of a V3 solar tiles, greatly reducing costs and installation time. Elon Musk claims the company is planning to ramp to installing 1,000 roofs/week in the next few months, and 10-20,000 per week in the long-term. This could be a multi-billion dollar revenue stream for Tesla in the coming years.
October 27, 2019
Tesla Q3 2019 Earnings & CC Analysis 📊📞
Full analysis and recap of Tesla's Q3 '19 financial results and conference call. So much news! Model Y is confirmed to arrive early (Summer 2020), Gigafactory 3 Shanghai is already building prototype Model 3s, and there will be a solar roof announcement tomorrow!  Financially, the results were also impressive. A strong sequential improvement in gross margin, and tight cost control led to positive operating income of $261M, and free cash flow of $371M. With more cash than ever, and an epic product pipeline, Tesla's future has never been brighter.
October 24, 2019
The Future of Personal Mobility w/ Mark Frohnmayer
HyperChat #14 - Arcimoto has began production of its 3-wheel EV, the Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV). This marks a major milestone for the Eugene, Oregon based startup, that has been developing this technology/product for over a decade now. In this episode I talk with CEO/Founder Mark Frohnmayer about Arcimoto's vision for the future or personal mobility.
October 6, 2019
Cathodes & Building 1M Mile Batteries w/ Dan Blondal
HyperChat #13 🎙️- An interview with Dan Blondal, the CEO of Nano One Materials, a battery manufacturing technology company. The company's patented process allows for faster, cheaper and more efficient production of cathodes (22% of lithium-ion batteries). Will this Canadian startup have success with some of its big name partners like Volkswagen & Pulead in bringing this tech to market?
September 30, 2019
AirBnB Worth ~$100B, IPO In 2020 🏠
AirBnb has anounced its plans to IPO in 2020. By my estimates the travel startup is on track to hit $10B in revenue in 2021, and could justify a valuation of $100B at the time of IPO. This is one of my favorite companies (and services) in the entire world. AirBnb is democratizing travel, making the world more accessible and empowering underserved communities ... I love it!
September 26, 2019
Giga 3 Update: Production Around The Corner 😁
Tesla's Gigafactory 3 Shanghai continues to make rapid progress. With substation activation on track for the end of September, is the start of production right around the corner? It looks like it. A succesful Gigafactory 3 means Tesla will substantially grow its revenue, profits and cashflow. I think major catalyst is being overlooked by Wall Street & the financial media.
September 19, 2019
WeWork & Adam Neumann, Bubble or Visionary? #IPO
WeWork's S-1 IPO filing has been met with huge skepticism. From rapidly growing losses and weak gross margins, to self-dealing real-estate & IP deals with CEO/Founder Adam Neumann, The We Company is a fascinating case study. The company is rumored to be cutting its valuation in half (or more) after tepid demand from Wall Street. What are your thoughts on the IPO? Are we at peak startup bubble, or is this a disrupter??
September 9, 2019
Tesla Is Winning The US/China Trade War
Tesla's rapidly progressing Shanghai Gigafactory couldn't have better timing. As US/China trade war tensions ramp, a 25% automotive import tariff is set to take effect on December 15th. This is right when Tesla's 'Made In China' Model 3 is set to launch. What do you think about Tesla's prospects in China after Giga 3 has been completed? 
September 8, 2019
Sandy Munro, Maxwell & Being A TeslaTuber w/ Sean Mitchell
HyperChat #12. I bring on Sean Mitchell, Denver real-estate agent/TeslaTuber to discuss his recent Sandy Munro interview, Tesla's acquisition of Maxwell Technologies, and his life creating EV content for YouTube.
September 1, 2019
Tesla Insurance Launches! w/ Sean Mitchell
Tesla insurance has finally launched! Starting in California and expanding soon to other states, customers have been able to see 20-30% savings over their legacy providers. In this episode I discuss the implications of Tesla's Insurance program, and how it lays a key foundation for the future of autonomy.
August 30, 2019
The Snap Bull Thesis w/ Turner Novak
HyperChat #11. Turner Novak, expert Snap analyst, breaks down the company's future potential and augmented reality vision. From Spectacles 3, to AR Lenses, to Discover, Snapchat is quietly building a camera operating system for Gen Z. Do you think the company will be succesful in competing against the Zuck empire (Instagram & Facebook)? Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!
August 27, 2019
Model Y Manufacturing & CAPEX Revolution?
New patents show the potential for a manufacturing revolution with the Model Y. First, there is a breakthrough new wiring harness, that reduces the amount of wiring from 1.5KMs (in a M3) to just 100M (in a MY). Additionally, Tesla has patented a massive new casting machine that could be utilized for Model Y body assembly. These innovations at the manufacturing level, show Tesla's industry leading pace of innovation. Both the new wiring, and casting device could lead to increased automation & substantially lower CAPEX.  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!  LINK - Sean Mitchell's new Sandy Munro video: LINK - Tesla Wiring Architecture patent: LINK - Tesla Structural Cable patents: LINK - Tesla Casting Machine patent: LINK - Electrek Casting machine article: LINK - Electrek wiring article: LINK - Elon Musk quote about wire length of 100M in MY: LINK - Tesla Q2 2019 shareholder letter:
August 26, 2019
The Superbottle: A Microcosm of Tesla's Disruption
Tesla's Model 3's heating & cooling system is controlled by a single hub, the Superbottle. This innovate design is miles ahead of the competition, and shows the disruptive nature of Tesla's vertically integrated manufacturing approach. Is this tiny little super hero easter egg a clue at a major future Tesla product line? A smart home AC system?  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!  LINK - Sean Mitchell's new Sandy Munro interview: LINK - Jalopnik Superbottle episode: LINK - OG Tesla AC Moonshot vid:
August 22, 2019
Will Disney+ Crush Netflix?
Disney is set to launch its new streaming service (Disney+) in the US on November 12th. Stacked with new original content, and combined with Hulu & ESPN+ for just $12.99/month, will this impact Netflix's streaming dominance?  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!  LINK - Disney's financial data on HyperCharts: LINK - Disney+ website: LINK - Disney bundling streaming services:
August 21, 2019
Tesla Launches Solar Panels As A Service ☀️
Tesla re-launches its residential solar service with revamped panels, and simplified pricing. Consumers can choose a Small, Medium or Large system depending on home size. Prices start at $50/month with service, installation & maintenance included. Will this reverse the trend of Tesla's falling solar deployments? LINK - Get Tesla solar panels:  LINK - Electrek article about launch:  LINK - SolarCity S-1:  LINK - NREL residential solar report:  LINK - SEIA residential solar report:
August 19, 2019
The Snapchat Turnaround Is Happening 🚀
Snap shares are soaring on the back of a blowout Q2. User growth has returned, with the company adding 13M DAUs sequentially (most since Q2 '16), and accelerating revenue growth to 48%. Has Evan Spiegel officially defeated Instagram's copycat attempts? Or is this quarter a fluke? Personally, I've never been more bullish on Snap. Users, revenue, gross margins, cash flow and product innovation are all gaining momentum. Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Snap on HyperCharts:  LINK - Snap IR website:  LINK - Snap Q2 2019 Earnings Slides:  LINK - Snap Lense Studio:
August 1, 2019
Tesla Megapack: Utility-Scale Energy Storage 🔋
Tesla launches the Megapack, a utility-scale battery product, born out of the company's wildly succesful Hornsdale battery project (in Australia). Tesla's energy storage deployments have been growing rapidly, and are on pace to hit 2GWh in 2019. This overlooked piece of the company's business could be a huge growth driver in 2020 and beyond. Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Tesla Megapack blog post:  LINK - ARK invest research about Peaker Plants/Mega-Batteries:  LINK - Tesla Megapack website:  LINK - Electrek, V3 solar roof:  LINK - NREL Q3/Q4 residential solar market analysis:
July 30, 2019
Bubble: Building Software Without Code w/ Emmanuel Straschnov
HyperChat #10. I sat down with Bubble Co-CEO/Founder Emmanuel Straschnov to discuss how his company is accelerating the trend of 'Software Eating The World'. Bubble allows users to build custom (and scalable) apps in just weeks, with no coding required.  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Bubble's website:  LINK - Emmanuel's twitter:  LINK - Bubble's Twitter:  LINK - Bubble blog about funding round:
July 29, 2019
Tesla Q2 2019 Earnings & CC Analysis 📊📞
Analysis and recap of Tesla's Q2 2019 shareholder letter & conference call. With $5B in cash, and a rapidly growing business, Tesla's financial health has never been stronger. The company reported revenue of $6.3B (+59%), with an operating loss of $167, and free cash flow of $614B. Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Tesla Q2 2019 Shareholder Letter:  LINK - Tesla on HyperCharts:
July 25, 2019
Milfoil & Restoring Freshwater Ecosystems w/ Joe Markman, The Milfoil King
HyperChat #9. From repopulating endangered turtle species, to removing algae and milfoil, the Milfoil King is an untold entrepreneurial success story. Joe Markman, my good friend & CEO/Founder of The Milfoil King comes on the podcast to discuss his freshwater ecosystem management business, which I think is on the front lines of fighting climate change. LINK - Original HyperChange documentary on Joe/The Milfoil King startup:  LINK - Milfoil King website (and how to contact Joe):  LINK - Blue-Green algae blooms:  LINK - Effects of Aquatic Invasive Species on Home Prices study: LINK - Woodland Park Zoo Turtle initiative:
July 19, 2019
Neuralink: A Hyperloop For The Mind 🧠🚆
Analysis of Neuralink's first public event in San Francisco, where they unveiled the N1 chip, and brain machine interface technology. Are we witnessing the birth of the next great computing platform? Will BMIs like Neuralink's N1 disrupt the smartphone? Do you think Elon Musk can pull this off? LINK - Neuralink website (w/ job postings):  LINK - Neuralink launch event livestream:
July 18, 2019
Tesla Shareholder Roundtable w/ Rob Maurer & Matt Joyce
HyperChat #8, with Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily & Matt Joyce of Toom Dips. This hour conversation with two of the smartest bulls I know, covers everything from Tesla's valuation, electric airplanes/VTOL jets, Maxwell Technology/battery cell production, to the FUD & so much more!! Filmed 07/07/2019 Somewhere In Wisconsin. TIMESTAMPS 1:12 Tesla Q2 Production & Deliveries Report & Potential S&P 500 inclusion  4:20 Short Position In Tesla/Short-Squeeze Theory  6:30 How to value Tesla, P/E, P/S? 9:37 Tesla’s Rapidly Improving FCF  12:34 What happens when Autonomy/Tesla Network hits  15:02 Why did Matty Mogul by FSD?  18:16 Model S/X Refresh 21:52 The Core Efficiency Table  25:50 ICE is Tesla’s Real Competition  26:47 Maxwell & Tesla’s Battery Cell Scaling Solution  31:58 Elon's Electric VTOL jet  32:55 The Cheaper the Battery Tech, The More Industries Tesla Will Disrupt  36:56  Will Tesla launch a commercial electric plane?/Master Plan Part Trois  38:59 Tesla Insurance  43:44 Valuation of Cruise Automation Vs Tesla 45:02 Media, FUD & TSLAQ  51:30 Gigafactory 3 Shanghai/Tesla’s China Opportunity  59:54 Closing Comments, Big Picture Summary
July 16, 2019
Tesla & The REVolution w/ Sam Korus
I sat down with Sam Korus, analyst at ARK Invest, to discuss all things EV and Tesla. From vertical integration into battery cell production, to China's goal to become an EV exporter, this is a deep dive into the REVolution! **All statements made by Sam Korus regarding companies or securities are strictly beliefs and points of view held by ARK and are not endorsements or recommendations by ARK to buy, sell or hold any security**   Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Sam Korus' research for ARK:  LINK - Sam Korus on Twitter:
July 3, 2019
Amazon Should Buy Rivian
Amazon continues to vertically integrate in the shipping/logistics space, but has yet to make a hardware play. Is a February, ~$700M investment into Rivian a pre-cursor of what is to come? My Moonshot is that Amazon fully acquires Rivian (for $5-10B) and begins building on top of the company's electric skateboard technology (launching electric trucks, cars & delivery vehicles). Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - OG Moonshot Monday, 'Ford Needs To Buy Rivian':  LINK - Rivian/Amazon PR:  LINK - Rivian/Ford PR:  LINK - Rivian website:
July 2, 2019
Made In China Model 3 Coming in ~6 Months
Tesla's Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai continues to make rapid progress. Now the shell is complete, and production/tooling has begun. The facility is on track to produce cars in late 2019, and begin customer deliveries in December of this year. My estimates show China could be a $10B business for Tesla in 2021, if things go well. Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!
June 25, 2019
Analysis of Tesla's 2019 Shareholder Meeting
Full recap of Tesla's 2019 shareholder meeting. Elon Musk updates us on demand, Model Y ramp, Cyberpunk Pickup truck and drops key hints about an upcoming battery investor day. Huge shoutout to all the Tesla fans/shareholders I met at the event!  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Full video of Tesla Shareholder meeting:
June 14, 2019
Investing In A Bright Future & Tesla w/ Ross Gerber
I sat down with Ross Gerber, the Co-Founder of Gerber Kawasaki to discuss investing & Tesla. From social media, to climate change, to self-driving cars, we discuss how new technologies are changing the world around us. Interview was recorder on June 5th 2019, in Los Angeles. Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Follow Ross on Twitter:  LINK - Gerber Kawasaki's website:
June 8, 2019
Starlink 🛰️ SpaceX Is Becoming An ISP
SpaceX has successfully launched its first 60 satellites for project Starlink. This marks the begining of SpaceX's journey to offer low-orbit (high-bandwidth, low latency) satellite internet service has begun! According to leaked documents found by the WSJ, SpaceX believes Starlink will be its major revenue (and earnings) driver, long-term. This makes it a key piece of Mars puzzle piece. What do you think about Starlink's potential? Will this moonshot become a reality?  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Starlink website:  LINK - SpaceX worth $30B:  LINK - SpaceX revenue estimated at $2B for 2018:  LINK - WSJ leaks SpaceX's internal projections:  LINK - Amazon's low-orbit satellite plans:
May 24, 2019
Tesla's Autonomy Thesis w/ Tasha Keeney
HyperChat with ARK Invest analyst Tasha Keeney. We discuss Tesla's self-driving strategy, and how its unique vertically integrated approach could lead to significant advantages. From its custom FSD chip, to a fleet of ~500K vehicles training its neural net, Tesla technology is improving rapidly. Will Elon Musk succeed in being a first-mover in the robotaxi race?   *correction* - Tasha refers to the NHTSA as a company,  when it is government agency.   Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Tasha Keeney's research:
May 21, 2019
Maxwell Could Be Worth BILLIONS To Tesla 🔋💸
Tesla has completed its ~$240M all-stock acquisition of Maxwell Technologies! This could have huge implications for the company's battery technology roadmap. Maxwell's Dry Battery Electrodes offer a cheaper, more efficient and more sustainable way to produce lithium-ion cells. This means cheaper EVs, with more range! According to my research, this will put Tesla EVEN FURTHER ahead in battery technology, compared to legacy OEMs. Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Latest MXWL presentation w/ DBE slide:  LINK - HyperCharts battery forecast:  LINK - My last video on MXWL:
May 16, 2019
Tesla's Vertical Autonomy Stack
Deep-dive analysis on Tesla's autonomous strategy, from the self-driving chip, to the neural network. Tesla's vertically integrated, vision-based approach continues to prove itself in the real-world, and be validated by industry academics. When will Wall St wake up and realize the value what Tesla has been developing?   Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Full Tesla Autonomy Investor Day video:  LINK - Anthony Levandowski says Elon is right:
May 16, 2019
Dyson: From Vacuums to EVs!?
The famous vacuum-innovator has been planning a major push into Electric Vehicles. With decades of expertise in electric motors, batteries, aerodynamics and luxury consumer products, this may not be as crazy as it seems. Dyson posted $5.7B in revenue & $1.4B in profit in 2018. The company has plenty of capital and is investing at least $2.7B to bring its EV to market. The car will be build in Singapore, and is planning to launch in 2021.  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - picture in thumbnail video is from GQ: LINK - CNBC report on Dyson EV plans:  LINK - Dyson Website:
May 13, 2019
Is Beyond Meat Really Worth $4.2B? 🌿🍔
The plant-based burger startup rose more than 150% on its first day of trading, and hasn't looked back since. Today, Beyond Meat is worth $4.2B, and on track for ~$175M in revenue in 2019 (my estimates). Would you pay 24X sales for Beyond Meat?  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Beyond Meat HyperCharts:  LINK - Beyond Meat investor relations:  LINK - Beyond Meat S-1 filing:  LINK - HSI report on climate impact of animal agriculture:
May 9, 2019
Carta: Software is Eating Wall St 🦄
Carta, the Silicon Valley-based equity management platform has just raised $300M (at a $1.7B valuation), from Andreessen-Horowitz, Goldman Sachs & Lightspeed Ventures. This is one of my favorite new startups & a company I see digitizing the shareholder experience and completely disrupting Wall Street as we know it. Let me know what you think in the comments below!! (FYI this episode was not sponsored by Carta in any way, I just love their product/company).   LINK - Carta: LINK - Carta Series E blog post:  LINK - Carta Series D blog post:   Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!
May 8, 2019
Amazon's Profits Keep Soaring & Berkshire Is Buying
Amazon's operating income rose more than 100% in Q1 to $4.4B! The company famous for never making money, is quietly becoming a profit machine. Even Warren Buffett/Berkshire Hathaway are buying shares. Does this mean Amazon's days as a growth high-flyer are over? Or will the market continue to give Amazon a huge P/E multiple, despite slowing growth??   Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Amazon on HyperCharts:  LINK - Amazon Q1 2019 earnings PR:
May 7, 2019
Tesla Raising ~$2B In Equity/Debt 💰
Finally! Tesla has anounced that it's raising $2B in a combination of equity & a convertible note. I've been hoping for this for almost a year! Now Tesla can accelerate its growth plans (Model Y + Semi), while having a much bigger cash cushion in the bank. I think this is a very positive development, even though the price is lower than some of us would have hoped for. What do you think?!  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Tesla PR about capital raise:  LINK - My podcast from July 2018 saying Tesla WILL raise cash in 2019:  LINK - Tesla HyperCharts:
May 2, 2019
How Oscar Is HyperChanging Healthcare w/ Nikita Singareddy
My latest HyperChat with Nikita Singareddy, a population health analyst for Oscar (NYC healthcare startup) and the founder of Negotiating The Terms. We discuss how Oscar is reimagining the US healthcare system with a software/data first approach that aligns incentives.  TIMESTAMPS :)   2:10  What's the Problem w/ US Healthcare?/History of US Healthcare  5:54  Aligning Incentives in Healthcare 23:40  Business Model + Vision of Oscar 40:20  Negotiating The Terms  44:29  IPOs & S-1 filings  45:55  Slack S-1 Analysis  51:41  Tesla Insurance Product  54:52  Thoughts on Elon's Empire?  57:13  Augmented Reality + The Future of the Internet   1:01:28  Wearable Technology   1:03:40  Uber/Lyft IPOs + Robotaxi's  1:07:22  Podcast + Blog recommendations  1:12:00  Why You Should Read Sci-Fi   Follow Nikita on Twitter!
May 1, 2019
Sempo: Disaster Response 2.0 & Colonizing Space w/ Tristan Cole
Sempo is a startup providing disaster response 2.0, by digitizing aid payments for NGOs. I sat down with the Co-Founder Tristan Cole, to discuss the company's overall vision, to bank the unbanked and democratize access to mobile payment wallets. At the end of the discussion we talk about SpaceX's mission to make reusable rockets, and how that could be a major catalyst for the space industry. Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!! LINK - Sempo website: LINK - Sempo Twitter: LINK - Tristan Cole Twitter:
April 26, 2019
Tesla Q1 2019 Earnings & CC Analysis 📊📞
Tesla reports Q1 '19 revenue of $4.5B (+33%), with an operating loss of $521M. The company is still on track to deliver between 360-400K cars in 2019 (guiding for 90-100K deliveries in Q2). Earnings outlook is for a loss in Q2 (although much smaller) and profitability in Q3. Tesla's cash position ended the quarter at $2.2B, and should climb every quarter sequentially from here. This was a tough quarter, but I'm as optimistic as ever about the long-term thesis. LINK - Tesla financials on HyperCharts:  LINK - Tesla Q1 2019 shareholder letter:   Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!
April 25, 2019
IMO Uber Is Only Worth $50B 📉
Uber's S-1 is finally public! The company reported revenue of $11.3B in 2018, with an operating loss of $3B. Growth was 42% for the full year, but slowed to just 22% in Q4 2018. Uber Eats is a bright spot, with Gross Bookings of $2.6B in Q4 2018 (+129%). But overall, I'm extremely skeptical of Uber's IPO prospects at a $100B+ valuation. The company is nowhere near making money, and growth is already slowing down. This business is worth closer to 4X price/sales Vs the 8X management is going for, IMO. What are your thoughts? Is the Lyft IPO hurting/rushing Uber?   Sign up for The Water Coolest & win a chance to get  FREE AirPods!  Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Uber on HyperCharts:  LINK - Uber S-1 filing:
April 16, 2019
Tesla Autonomy Investor Day Preview 🤖🚕
On April 22nd, Tesla will be hosting an Autonomy Investor Day at its HQ in Palo Alto. This showcase of the company's self-driving technology, could be a game changer for the market's perception of Tesla. Here's my analysis of what to expect from the event, and why it's of importance to Elon Musk. Let me know what you think in the comments below!!   Sign up for The Water Coolest & win a chance to get FREE AirPods!   Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!  L INK - Lex Fridman's interview with Musk:  LINK - Blog post from Tesla about recent pricing changes/leasing:  LINK - Tesla Master Plan Part Duex:  LINK - Lex Fridman on Twitter:
April 15, 2019
Dandelion's Geothermal Systems Electrify Heating & Cooling w/ Kathy Hannun
Google X moonshot Dandelion, is electrifying residential heating & cooling with geothermal heat pumps. I sat down with CEO/Founder Kathy Hannun to discuss the companies ambitious plans to reduce fossil fuel consumption & bring geothermal into the mainstream. Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!!   LINK - Dandelion's website:  LINK - CNBC article about Dandelion spinout from Google X:  LINK - Google X/Dandelion site:
April 14, 2019
Facebook Stablecoin Backed By Foreign Currencies!? 🤯
NY Times reporter Nathaniel Popper reports that Facebook is looking to raise $1B from outside investors for its stablecoin/cryptocurrency. This would make the token appear less centralized, and it will be backed by a basket of foreign currencies. If succesful, a Facebook Stablecoin could be a huge new revenue growth driver & way to increase engagement across the platform. Let me know what you think in the comments! Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!! LINK - Facebook on HyperCharts: LINK - Nathaniel Popper Tweetstorm on FB's stablecoin: LINK - Bloomberg, Facebook developing Stablecoin to launch in WhatsApp: LINK - a16z buys 6% of MKR:
April 11, 2019
Lyft Should Buy A Fleet of Teslas
Moonshot! Lyft should partner with Tesla & purchase a fleet of Model 3's to expand both its Green Mode & Driver Express (leasing) offering. This is a way for Tesla to get exposure to the exploding ride-sharing market before the Tesla Network launches. Do you think this will ever happen!? Signup for The Water Coolest newsletter & win a chance to get FREE AirPods! Design shoutout to Chanan from CleanTechnica! Design shoutout to Geniuzavp! LINK - Lyft Investor Relations website: LINK - Tesla Master Plan, Part Deux: LINK - Lyft Blog, all rides now Carbon Neutral: LINK - Express Drive from Lyft: LINK - ARK Research, Tesla Autonomy thesis: LINK - ARK Research, cost of Model 3 vs Camry: LINK - Verge, Lyft hires COO from Tesla: LINK - YouTuber Andy Slye surprises Uber customers in a Model 3:
April 9, 2019
Tesla Q1 '19 Deliveries, How Bad Is It?
Tesla reports deliveries of 63,000 units in Q1 2019 (+110%), consisting of 50,900 Model 3's & 12,100 Model S/X. This was below my expectations & shows that EV demand may not be as strong as Tesla/Elon originally anticipated. This hasn't changed my long-term belief in the story, but is undoubtably a near term setback. Watch until the end to hear my rant about why I think Tesla should raise capital. Tesla Q1 2019 Deliveries & Production PR:
April 5, 2019
Tesla's Efficiency Edge & Electric Jet w/ Matt Joyce
HyperChange sits down with Loup Ventures Contributor & Toom Dips founder Matt Joyce, to talk Tesla. From his coined 'Efficiency Ratio' to electric airplanes, Matt is a long-term growth investor focused on consumer facing technology companies. This interview took place 03/29/2019 at Betaworks Studios in NYC ( Become a #HyperChanger & support us on Patreon to receive the exclusive weekly HyperChange Newsletter!! LINK - Toom Dips: LINK - CNBC article on Toom Dips: LINK - Loup Ventures: LINK - Elon Musk referencing electric VTOL jet idea: LINK - Tesla/Maxwell delaying acquisition: LINK - Maxwell Technologies investor presentation: LINK - Tesla Daily podcast: Disclaimer: This podcast is purely my opinion and should not be regarded as factual information. I am not a financial advisor. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Do not assume any facts and numbers in this video are accurate. Always do your own due diligence. As of 03/31/2019 HyperChange host (Galileo Russell) is invested in shares of Tesla (TSLA), Arcimoto (FUV) and long Maker & Bitcoin. The guest on this episode, Matt Joyce, is long Tesla January 2021 calls.
April 1, 2019
Lyft IPO Analysis / S-1 Walkthrough
Full analysis of Lyft's upcoming IPO. The ride-sharing startup is rumored to list at a valuation of ~$25B. Revenue in 2018 was $2.2B (+103%), with an operating loss of $978M. Do you think this is a fair valuation? What are your thoughts on Lyft's financials & future?
March 27, 2019