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Sandy Munro, Maxwell & Being A TeslaTuber w/ Sean Mitchell


Elon Buying Twitter Is Amazing, Don’t @ Me
Wow ... It looks like Elon Musk is set to buy Twitter for $44B. My predictions of what happens next for Twitter? Elon scales twitter to 1B+ users, launches a new version of Twitter Blue to verify humans product, open-sources the algorithm, and introduces a cryptocurrency payment layer. Overall I'm STOKED about the potential changes Elon will bring, and how that will make the platform more usable and fun for creatives all around the world! Go free speech!
April 28, 2022
The Limiting Factor HyperChat 🎙️⚡
🔋 Legendary podcast with the world's best battery YouTuber, The Limiting Factor, and the world's best battery cell!! I had to leave it unedited because of the energy/vibe. This was a special moment, as we've been speculating Tesla would create this next generation battery for years, and now I was holding it. INSANE. Huge props to Elon, Drew and Tesla's entire team for bringing this amazing tech into the world.
February 15, 2022
Dave Lee HyperChat 🎙️⚡
Interview with Dave Lee AKA Hey Dave & Dave Lee on Investing. We cover his X holding company/merger which was praised by Elon, Tesla's FSD Beta program, SpaceX, TeslaBots, and finally Neuralink!! We even ponder if Tesla should buy Neuralink ... which I'm a big fan of. Dave is an OG Tesla Bull, huge shoutout to him for coming on the show!!!   0:00 X Merger Idea 15:55 Tesla FSD Beta 35:27 Tesla Bot/Tesla the AI Company 50:08 Should Tesla Buy Neuralink?
February 12, 2022
🎙️🧠🤖🚘 Self-Driving Tesla Podcast w/ Whole Mars
“What is Tesla’s doing with FSD is they’re turning your reality into a video game then playing it.” - Omar. In this episode, we test Tesla's FSD Beta software (v10.9) by driving through downtown San Francisco. Omar was on the of the first people to get Tesla's FSD Beta and is renown for his testing and analysis of this cutting edge AI technology. It was a blast chatting to him and watching the Tesla drive itself through SF. Huge thanks to Omar for coming on the show, and Arash for helping us film and hanging!
February 08, 2022
Tesla Earnings Party With Ross & Meet Kevin
Going live with Ross Gerber and Meet Kevin to discuss Tesla's Q4 2021 results!!!  Model Y, 4680s, Cybertruck, factory expansion, Elon Musk, FSD Beta, we're covering everything about Tesla stock, join in!!!!
January 31, 2022
Tesla FSD & 4680s w/ Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily
Interview with Rob Maurer, friend & host of the popular Tesla Daily podcast. We discuss our first-hand experiences with FSD Beta, it's impact on the company's valuation, Tesla's transition to 4680 battery cells, Model Y sales, the Tesla Semi, Tesla's crypto moves, Tesla Bot, Rivian IPO, Starlink, SpaceX, and more!! Let me know what you think in the comments! Shoutout to Rob for coming onto the show!
January 31, 2022
Tesla Q4 2021 Earnings!!! 🥳
Going live for the release of Tesla's Q4 2021 shareholder letter. Filled with updates about the Model Y, financials, Cybertruck, Tesla Semi & more. This is a Superbowl for Tesla shareholders! Tune in and join in the fun :)   Tesla IR (where the letter drops):
January 26, 2022
Rainbow 🌈 The Hottest Startup In Crypto w/ Co-Founder Mike Demarais
Interview with my homie/Co-Founder of Rainbow Wallet, Mike Demarais. Rainbow is one of the fastest growth Ethereum wallets in the world, and has been praised for its industry leading design and open-source/own-your-keys attitude. I first met Mike/invested in Rainbow in 2019, (then I invested again in 2021), it's a top 5 position in my portfolio. I love the potential of Rainbow to build a UI for Ethereum/the metaverse. I think this is a tremendous business opportunity that will unlock the power of cryptography and put it in the hands of the masses. Go Rainbow! 🌈 Also huge shoutout to Mike for being awesome & coming on the show! Go follow him!
January 20, 2022
Tesla Funds SpaceX - X Merger Idea
Going live to riff on an idea that's been floating in the Tesla universe. Merge Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and the boring company into one entity, X. This corporate structure has numerous advantages for Elon Musk, and his team. Let's scheme on how to pay for Mars and build the future faster!
January 12, 2022
Tesla's Upcoming Q4 21 Financial Blowout 🤑
Tesla delivered a record 308,600 vehicles in Q4 2021, and this is setting the automaker up for record financial results. My Tesla Q4 2021 financial predictions are $18.2B in revenue and $2.8B in operating income (EBIT). We will discuss how I got to these numbers, and Tesla's delivery + financial outlook for 2022. Join in!
January 05, 2022
HyperChange 2022 Preview 🥳 Tesla, SpaceX, Crypto, Startups & More!!
The Roaring 20s have arrived!! My presentation on Tesla, SpaceX, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Coinbase, Rivian, hot startups & more! These are all my thoughts and predictions for the year 2022. Join in at 4:20 PM EST on New Years Eve for the show!  :)
December 31, 2021
Rivian Is Burning $1B+ Per Quarter 😬
Going live to discuss recent news surrounding Rivian. Starting with Q3 financial results (Rivian burned $1.1B+), deliveries of the R1T and R1S, as well as the Amazon Electric Delivery Van (EDV)! Tune in and ask a question!!
December 22, 2021
Dear Elon, Thank You For Hope 🙏
Elon Musk has won Person of the year from Time & The Financial Times! I'm so happy he's getting the recognition he deserves. We need the truth about Elon's accomplishments to go mainstream. Elon works tirelessly to make a brighter future for all of this. So thankful and inspired, go Elon, Tesla & SpaceX!!
December 16, 2021
Tesla Update: Cybertruck, FSD, Elon Selling & Tesla Energy
Going live to talk Tesla, from the new Cybertruck anouncements, to my thoughts on FSD Beta V10.5, and Elon selling a big chunk of Tesla stock. It's been a while, since we schemed let's do it!
December 05, 2021
The JOYWorld Mini-Documentary 😃🎨
This is a documentary/vlog about my roadtrip to Oregon to meet John Orion Young, the founder of JOYWorld and first artist to put 3D art on the blockchain in 2018. Since then, John has been building JOYWorld, a world inside of the metaverse, that is like a painting you can walk into, and own a piece of, all built on the Ethereum blockchain. He has now created 130 original JOYs (original 3D NFTs), and released a collection of 9 JOYToys, with lots more coming. Now his digital art pieces/NFTs go for $100,000s, and have become an iconic symbol for early web 3.0 entrepreneurship. Huge shoutout to JOY for letting me film this!!
December 02, 2021
Starlink: New Dish, Tesla Supercharger Partnership & India Expansion 📡
SpaceX's Starlink continues to make rapid progress. They company has just launched a new, smaller, lighter V3 satellite dish, surpassed the 140,000 user milestone, begun installing dishes at Tesla Supercharger locations, and setting up for a big India expansion next year. When do you think Starlink will hit 1M users??
November 19, 2021
Biden Ignoring Tesla Is A National Embarrassment
President Biden and the US government refuses to acknowledge Tesla for leading the electric revolution, and instead praises companies like GM because of their support of unions, and campaign donations. This blatant disregard for the truth is a national embarrassment. In my opinion, Elon Musk and Tesla are two of our greatest national treasures. Objectively the #1 selling EV company in the country and world, and singlehandedly sparking the revolution to get us off fossil fuels. GM and Mary Barra are should not be praised for accelerating the transition to EVs, they should be blamed for delaying it. I won't be getting political again. Please be nice to me in the comments, just had to get this off my chest :)
November 18, 2021
$100B IPO: What's Next For Rivian Stock? 📉
The day has arrived! Rivian's IPO priced at $78, and has exploded in its first day of trading to $100+, putting the valuation over $100B, for a startup that has barely delivered any vehicles! Crazy! we're Going live to talk about the valuation and what's next for Rivian stock.
November 10, 2021
Starlink Rumor: $70-80B IPO in 2022 📡💸
Rumor has it Starlink is planning to IPO in about 12 months, for a target valuation of $70-80B. The most recent subscriber update from Elon Musk in late August said Starlink had ~100,000 users ($119M revenue run-rate). My projection is for them to hit 1,000,000 users by the end of 2022, scaling to over a $1B revenue run-rate. Also it looks like Starlink is developing a next generation satellite dish/terminal, that is designed for cheaper shipping, improved performance, and mass production. Would you buy Starlink at $70-$80B when it IPOs?
November 04, 2021
Why I'm Not Selling Tesla Stock (yet)
Going live to talk about Tesla's valuation surging to well over $1T (almost $1.5T on a fully-diluted basis), and how I'm thinking about valuing the company. Also discussing if/when I'll start selling my shares.
November 01, 2021
How My VC Invested $17M This Year: HyperGuap 💸
Keynote presentation filmed in Seattle, for HyperGuap members. Updating the world on our first year disrupting VC, with 800+ members, 6 deals, and $17.7M+ invested. We are just getting started! Invest in the future you believe in :)
October 27, 2021
Tesla Hits $1,000!!! & $1T Market Cap!!
Tesla hits new all-time highs of more than $1,000 per share, and breaks the legendary $1T market cap barrier, we gotta celebrate!!
October 25, 2021
Juicy Dets From Tesla’s Q3 21 Call 🤓📞
Analyzing Tesla's Q3 2021 Earnings call. Going through the highlights about 4680 production, the $25K car, production capacity, the Cybertruck and Tesla insurance.
October 20, 2021
Tesla's Crazy New 3D/Flop Paint in Berlin 🎨✨
Exclusive footage from the Tesla Berlin factory showing the 'Easter Egg' of a slightly uncovered Crimson Model Y coming from the new paint shop. This new 3D/Flop paint technology will have Tesla launching crazy new colors, and could be a nice surprise for Gigafactory Berlin orders.
October 19, 2021
Coinbase To $1T (i bought shares)
Going live to discuss my bullish thesis on Coinbase stock and why I think the company could be worth $1T in the long-term, and has significant potential to reinven the global financial system. I bought some shares today (sold my Square stock). Going live to document the journey and explain my thinking. Remember, nothing in this show is financial advice.
October 18, 2021
Rivian Isn't Worth $80B 📉
Rivian has released its S-1 filing in preparation for one of the biggest IPOs of the year. I go step by step through the highlights of the filing to analyze Rivian's financials, business, valuation, and what I think will happen after the IPO. Overall, I think Rivian is a cool startup with a lot of potential but absurdly overvalued at $80B, and worth more like $5-10B at most. I'can't wait to see what happens when it starts trading.
October 08, 2021
Investing $250K Into SpaceX 🚀
I recently made (by far) my largest investment ever, into SpaceX. In this video I explain how I got the opportunity to invest, and my thought process behind pulling the trigger on this deal. I had to go into debt which I really don't recommend, and make the decision on the spot .. but investing in SpaceX was a dream come true, and I had to go for it. I also explain my though process behind SpaceX's valuation, how to value the company, and the potential of a Starlink IPO.
October 05, 2021
Tesla Will Be Bigger Than Apple w/ Mayur Thacker
If Tesla can sell 10M cars in 2030 at $35K, with a 40% ROIC, a 40X multiple on that would be $2.8T. Discounted back at 8%, Mayur comes up with a fair value of $1,167 per share for Tesla's vehicle business. Tesla already has a 23% ROIC today, despite numerous growth tailwinds. This puts them far above auto industry norms, and validates the companies valuation as a technology play/disrupter. Even at Mayur's $2.8T valuation, he is assuming minimal robotaxi revenue, and nothing from energy or Tesla Bots ... imagine if any of those moonshots work.
September 29, 2021
Tesla's Dojo AI Supercomputer w/ Anastasi in Tech
nterview with Anastasi in Tech about Tesla's AI Day, and ambitious new Dojo supercomputer project. We discuss why Tesla brought chip production in house, how the Dojo D1 chip compares to Nvidia, and Google's TPU, and the strategy behind it. Also how Tesla's FSD/Tesla Vision tech will translate into building a humanoid robot, the Teslabot. Thanks to Anastasi for coming on the show, follow her channel for more awesome Tesla Dojo/chip content
September 27, 2021
Does Tesla's Valuation Make Sense? 🤓 w/ Mayur Thacker
Deep dive on what is priced in to Tesla's current ~$850B fully-diluted valuation, featuring special guest Mayur Thacker. Starting with Tesla's financials today ($48B revenue & $5.2B EBIT run-rate) and going through the ROIC numbers compared to other automakers and big tech. We try and determine how much robotaxi business or revenue is priced into Tesla stock. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Was Elon right? Is the market giving Tesla a lot of credit for Robotaxi's already?
September 22, 2021
I Can't Wait For The Rivian IPO
Having a beer and gossiping about Rivian's planned ~$80B IPO. Does the valuation make sense? What is priced in? What about the Rivian rally car, Amazon Delivery Van and their autonomous strategy? Will they be able to compete with the Cybertruck? Let me know what you think!!
September 20, 2021
My NFT Portfolio: JOYToys & VeeFriends
NFTs on are taking off as a new asset class. Investable art, video games, event tickets, VR worlds, the potential is limitless for what can be created on the Ethereum blockchain as an NFT. In this episode I explain my philosophy for which NFTs I buy & how I pick a good project/artist to support. Shoutout to JOYWorld & VeeFriends!!
September 14, 2021
Starlink Update: New V3 Terminal, Gen2 Satellites & 100K Customers 📡
Starlink is reportedly getting ready to rollout a new version of its 'satellite dish' which will be more rectangular. This new V3 terminal will be much cheaper to ship, and is designed for automated mass production (at profitable margins). It's performance is reportedly improved as well. SpaceX has detailed plans to begin launching Gen2 satellites, eventually with Starship. Boosting its capacity for launch from 60 satellites to 400. Elon Musk has confirmed that more than 100K Starlink Terminals have been shipped, by my estimates this puts the company's recurring revenue run-rate at $119M+!
September 07, 2021
Tesla Bot = Trillions in Potential Market Cap
Tesla's new humanoid robot, the Tesla Bot, Optimus, represents a massive new growth opportunity for the company. We are on the cusp of automating many boring, dangerous and repetitive tasks in society, thanks to emerging technologies like this. As Tesla begins to ramp development efforts on its Robotics/AI division, I think this new growth opportunity should be slowly priced into the stock (as the execution progresses). If Tesla sold 100,000 humanoid robots in 2030 that could be $25B in revenue .. 1M robots = $250B ... you get the point. If this works, there are millions of robots to sell, and huge amounts of profit/cashflow to be made. This also ensures we have a safe/benevolent robot future .. as its built by Elon Musk/Tesla instead of an evil billionaire like Jeff Bezos.
September 05, 2021
Why Is Ethereum Soaring? NFTs, Cryptopunks, VeeFriends & More!
Ethereum is the world's 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency, with a network value of $442B. Et has recently been outperforming Bitcoin, and gaining major real world traction. From Cryptopunks taking off with Visa, Odell Beckham Jr and Jay Z .. to VeeFriends by Garyvee, to JOY's JOYWorld ... we are in the early innings of the metaverse being created and it is epic!
September 02, 2021
Tesla AI Day Roundtable 🤖🧠
Panel discussion with James Wang, Naveen Rao & Dylan Patel about Tesla's AI Day, Dojo chip ambitions and robotaxis. We start with an overview of neural nets, and Tesla's FSD program/approach vs other self-driving startups, then go into a deep discussion about Tesla's in-house Dojo chip program, and how it stacks up vs the industry leaders. Ending the discussion with Tesla Bots and Robotaxi predictions of course! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!
August 30, 2021
Tesla 4680 Update: Moving Through Production Hell
Update from Kato Road; Tesla is making huge progress on its 4680 battery cell line. Minor delays in turning the cathode powder into a sheet, mean that the Model Y in Berlin & Austin will launch with the 2170, before switching to the 4680. This is probably also the reason the Cybertruck won't begin deliveries until ~Q3 2022. Let me know what you've been hearing in the comments below! Overall I think this is good news, Tesla is 6-12 months from producing the 4680 at scale.
August 27, 2021
Tesla Is Building Humanoid Robots 🤯
The moonshot rumor was true, Tesla is building a humanoid robot (Tesla Bot), and unveiled it at AI Day. Based on the company's FSD Tesla Vision technology, this friendly robot is designed to automate boring, repetitive and dangerous tasks. The first version is expected to be completed next year. My guess is it could take 5-10 years before these are roaming the streets, but when they do, it will feel like we are living in a Black Mirror episode. This new humanoid robotics product line will unlock trillions in value for Tesla. In my opinion it will make them more money than EVs, energy storage, or solar ... it's a gamechanger for the trajectory of the company.
August 20, 2021
HyperChange 22⚡ Tesla Impact Report & Shanghai Export Hub
0:00 Tesla Impact Report  22:29 Shanghai, Tesla’s New Export Hub  24:56 $25K Tesla Made In China?  26:33 AirBnb Q2 analysis   32:32 Pipe: Nasdaq for revenue   37:09 Traeger Grills IPO  43:32 Tesla AI Vision Robots Moonshot
August 16, 2021
HyperChange 21⚡ Biden Snubs Tesla + Neuralink Disrupting Apple
Biden snubs Tesla at his White House Event, proving that lobbying is institutionalized bribery in the United States. Bitcoin and Ethereum's biggest threat is legislation from the US government as they threaten hegemony of the traditional banking system and hegemony of the US Dollar. Neuralink raises $205M to accelerate development of its brain machine interface technology. And more!
August 09, 2021
Tesla Humanoid Robot at AI Day? 🤖
Tesla AI day is on August 19th, and the rumors are swirling ... Dennis Hong is tweeting a storm, the invite says that Tesla will show what the AI can do beyond the car ... is Tesla getting ready to show us a humanoid robot, something like Ex-Machina?!?! Elon has something up his sleeve, what do you think it is!?
August 05, 2021
HyperChange 20⚡ Tesla AI Day
*SORRY FOR THE ROMAN CRICKETS IN THE BACKGROUND* Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla will be hosting AI day on August 19th! I cover what I'm expecting from the event, with FSD Beta rollout, Tesla Vision, Andrej Karpathy & the Dojo supercomputer! Also, Rivian IPO gossip, Redwood Materials capital raise, Lightship RV (a new startup I'm working with), and me begging to get Snap Spectacles again ...
July 30, 2021
HyperChange 19⚡ SpaceX Buys Bitcoin
The weekly HyperChange podcast! SpaceX buys Bitcoin, Bitcoin's energy usage, Rivian charging network and IPO gossip, Synthesis is disrupting education, Bitcoin and Ethereum versus other crypto, FSD causing deflation, and more!!
July 25, 2021
Nic Carter on Tesla & Elon's Role in Bitcoin
Interview with Nic Carter, Bitcoin thought leader, Twitter legend, and Partner at Castle Island Ventures. We discuss Bitcoin's energy usage, and the role Tesla could play in mining Bitcoin with renewable energy at the utility scale. We also discuss when/if Central Banks will start buying Bitcoin, and Jack Dorsey's manifestation of Bitcoin adoption through Square and Twitter. This was an honor, thank you Nic for coming on the show! :)
July 24, 2021
HyperScheme: Tesla FSD V9 Thoughts 🚘🧠
After spending a week driving Tesla's FSD V9 software all around Seattle, here are my thoughts. This is V1 of Tesla Vision (no radar), and it already preforms better than V8.2 (vision + radar), additionally, huge improvements have been made to the visualization, and 'Mind of Car' view. Although we are still 1-2 years away (at least, probably) from a truly self-driving car, Tesla's FSD software is already providing huge value, but driving well in most highway/urban situations.
July 18, 2021
Can Alex Mashinsky get me to join Celsius?
Interview with Celsius CEO/Founder Alex Mashinsky. We discuss how Celsius is building a new type of crypto bank, offering a suite of financial services for 14 different blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Celsius allows users to earn interest/income on their crypto, with rates as high as 8-9% annually. We dive into how this business model works, and whether or not I should start using Celsius to store my Bitcoin and earn some income. This was an EPIC interview, huge thanks for Alex Mashinsky for taking the time, I came away very impressed with what Celsius is doing (although I'm not a customer yet, I'm researching it actively, and will keep you posted ...).
July 16, 2021
HyperScheme: My Investment Portfolio
Showing you my stock/crypto/startup portfolio. We go through why I own Tesla, SpaceX, Bitcoin, Ethereum (and 23 more investments), as well as how I think about structuring my portfolio and balance conviction with upside potential. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!! I want to scheme on this! :) Also next week's podcast will include a lot more Patreon Qs, sorry I couldn't get to them in this one!! I was having too much fun lol
July 11, 2021
HyperScheme: Inflation, Robinhood IPO & TSLA Valuation
US inflation is rising rapidly, is this the new normal? Robinhood is set to IPO for a ~$50B market cap, do you think they will brush off all the SEC fines and controversy? The Boring Company is no longer just a tweet, it's got a fully functional Loop tunnel in Las Vegas! Tesla's near term stock movement will probably have a lot to do with FSD progress ... and more covered in this epic HyperScheme!
July 07, 2021
Tesla Production Surpasses 800K Cars Per Year 🎉
Tesla reports 201,250 deliveries for Q2 2021, an increase of more than 100% from last year. This puts Tesla on track for the magical 1M/car/yr run-rate by the end of 2021. These awesome delivery numbers imply ~$11.5B in revenue and huge profits/cashflow. That's great, but we are just getting started, Tesla is poised to post record deliveries again in Q3 and Q4, and probably for years to come as they scale to their eventual 20M+/cars/yr goal.
July 02, 2021
HyperCharts: First Principles of Stock Research 🤓📊 w/ Moe Salih
Interview with Moe Salih, Co-Founder of HyperCharts, about how he's using software to turn SEC filing data/complex financials into easy to read charts. One chart is worth 1,000 numbers! In just two years we've expanded HyperCharts from 5 companies (at launch) to 200+ and all the top cryptocurrencies. HyperCharts is my favorite tool for investment research, and it's the first thing I do to analyze a new stock/company/IPO someone tells me about! Huge shoutout to Moe for all the work he's done and being the CEO of HyperCharts!
June 29, 2021
Seattle Is Melting! Elon, we need Tesla AC! 🥵
Seattle is poised to hit a record 108 degrees this week! By far the hottest ever! You've never needed AC in Seattle before, but climate change is coming in hot, literally. The time is now for Tesla and Elon Musk to push their AC/smarthome HVAC product forward. We need an energy efficient way to heat and cool our homes, and Seattle is just the first city to encounter this problem. What are your thoughts? Would you buy an AC from Tesla?
June 28, 2021
Boxabl Founder Interview w/ Galiano Tiramani
June 24, 2021
Should Tesla Buy Boxabl?
We're schemin! Elon Musk is living in a Boxabl house in Starbase, Texas. Is this a fun fact, or clue about Tesla's next crazy product line/acquisition? Maybe a little of both. Boxabl's $50,000 Casita could be the future of housing on Earth and Mars ... combining it with Tesla engineers, smart HVAC, solarroof, Starlink and a battery = the future of carbon neutral living. What do you think? Is Tesla getting ready to acquire Boxabl? Would you buy Boxabl if you were Elon?
June 23, 2021
Tesla HVAC: The Gamechanger No One Expects 🏠
Elon Musk continues to hint about scaling up Tesla's HVAC technology into homes. I think this could be Tesla's next big unannounced product line. Between 40-50% of household energy consumption comes from heating and cooling. Tesla has the opportunity to install more energy efficient systems, combined with smart heating/cooling, and air filtration to hyperchange this industry. I think Tesla is working on an HVAC product, and maybe a full smarthome offering (where they build a house with a solar roof, powerwall, starlink and HVAC) ... What are your thoughts about this moonshot? Do you think Elon will put these Tesla HVAC ambitions into motion?
June 16, 2021
Unisocks: $60 to $91,777, My Best Investment Ever 🧦💸
The story of my craziest investment ever ... how Venmoing my friend Mike Demarais $60 in May 2019 for a pair of limited edition crypto socks (Unisocks) would turn into $91,777 today, a solid 152,691% return in about two years. Unisocks have turned into a piece of blockchain history! What are your thoughts on this ridiculousness?
June 04, 2021
Why I LOVE The Ford Lightning 😍
Ford's push to electrify its flagship F150 is admirable. The EV era is upon us. Seeing Tesla inspire legacy automotive to go all in on EVs, and electrify their best-selling most profitable product, is incredible! Elon's mission has been accomplished! Whether you think the Cybertruck is better or not, there's no denying that Ford's F150 Lightning is good for the planet. It pushes customers, suppliers and competition away from fossil fuels ... that is great. I've been critical of many legacy auto EVs in the past (like the Porsche Taycan, and Mach-E, and Ford Lightning), because I think they are very overpriced for their battery/drivetrain/software technology ... at least relative to Tesla. But for the auto industry? Compared to an ICE vehicle? There's no doubt this new EV push is a good thing. So I'm making this video to say props to Ford for making the bold move, and good luck! You're going to need it!!
June 02, 2021
Genies: Your Avatar For The Neuralink Matrix w/ Akash Nigam
Interview with Akash Nigam, CEO of Genies, the custom digital avatar startup. Initially for celebrities like Justin Beiber and Jared Goff, Genies has just raised $65M to bring its technology to the masses. When you think about where the world is going, Ready Player One, Neuralink, and our general shift towards deeper immersion in the metaverse ... Genies is at the forefront. Allowing customers to express themselves and connect in ways that we've never seen before. This is my newest startup investment (shoutout Niv!), and I can't wait to see what Genies does next!!
June 01, 2021
Cybertruck has 1M+ Preorders: RIP Ford F-150 Lightning
Tesla's Cybertruck has unofficially crossed 1M net reservations/pre-orders. This represents a ~$60B backlog. Tesla's Cybertruck reservations spiked after the Ford F-150 Lightning EV unveiling. In this video I break down how the electric pickup industry will unfold as the Cybertruck and Ford Lightning go head to head. Hint: I think Ford is going to have a very tough road ahead. With worse specs all around, no SuperCharging or FSD/Autopilot ... I know I'm sticking to my Cybertruck order lol.
May 25, 2021
Rally Makes Everything A Tradeable Asset w/ CEO George Leimer
nterview with Rally CEO George Leimer. Rally just raised a $30M Series B to  fulfill its mission of making everything in the world a tradeable asset. I've seen Rally scale from classic cars to a dozen categories, and think this company is poised to become a massive platform as it securitizes everything from sports cards, to art, to the declaration of independence to Boring Company Flamethrowers, or even Tesla Tequila!!
May 25, 2021
How much would SpaceX be worth if it did an IPO? 🚀
Let's say SpaceX broke the internet and announced they were doing an IPO. How much do you think they would be worth? In this moonshot, I breakdown SpaceX's business model, from government contracts and launches to Starlink's internet service. And show you how I arrive at a multi hundred billion valuation for Elon Musk's rocket company. Leave your guess on SpaceX's valuation in the comments below!
May 18, 2021
Elon/Tesla Ditching Bitcoin For Doge!? 🤔
Elon Musk has announced that Tesla has suspended vehicle purchases using Bitcoin due to the network's increasing energy consumption. Additionally, he just tweet that he's working with Dogecoin developers to make that network more efficient. Just two days ago, he put out a poll asking his followers whether or not Tesla should allow Doge as payment. The response was an overwhelming yes (78.2% on ~4M votes). Now it's anybody's guess what Elon Musk/Tesla's next crypto move will be .. what's you're take? Is Elon trying to ditch Bitcoin for Doge?
May 14, 2021
Elon on SNL: World's Biggest Influencer
Elon Musk is set to appear on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on May 8th!! Will he mention Dogecoin!? Seriously though, Elon Musk is the 23rd most followed Twitter account in the world, and gaining millions of followers per month. Additionally, on Google Trends he is more searched for than Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian!! This is a major X factor in Elon's empire, his brand/celeb status = free marketing dollars and exposure for his vision! It's so cool to watch the internet support Elon and his companies that are building a brighter future. When do you think Elon will hit 100M Twitter followers??
May 05, 2021
HyperScheme: Neuralink Monkey Mind Pong
Elon Musk's brain-chip company Neuralink doesn't get anywhere near the attention it should. This breakthrough in electronics, and biotechnology is opening up new possibilities for medical treatment, and may eventually make the smartphone obsolete. Is Neuralink the biggest threat to Apple? Will Neuralink become bigger than Tesla and SpaceX, and be the biggest companny in the world? Join me for this podast/scheme/update about Elon Musk's Neuralink.
May 04, 2021
Gali Gets Interviewed
My friend Aidan asked if he could interview me for HyperChange. At first I wasn't sure what to expect, but we had an epic conversation about my career pre-HyperChange, why I started the channel, my goals for the future, HyperGuap, startup investing and being a creator. This was a ton of fun and huge shoutout to Aidan for making it happen!
April 30, 2021
Tesla Getting Into Bitcoin Mining? 🤯
Tesla bought $1.5B of Bitcoin in early 2021, and accepts Bitcoin as payment. On the company's Q1 conference call, CFO Zach Kirkhorn hinted at future Bitcoin/crypto product announcements. My prediction/moonshot is that Tesla will launch crypto mining as part of its new solarroof + powerwall package. When Tesla's customer generate excess energy they will be able to monetize it via crypto networks. This will accelerate the ROI for all renewables, and offer Tesla Powerwall/solar owners a potential revenue stream. What are your thoughts? Am I crazy? Or is Tesla working on this? ;)
April 27, 2021
Tesla Q1 2021 Earnings Summary 🤓📊
Walkthrough of Tesla's key financial results & conference call highlights from Q1 2021. From Plaid Model S, Shanghai Model Y Ramp, Dojo supercomputer, Bitcoin mining, Tesla Energy, Giga Berlin, Giga Austin & more! Let me know your thoughts on Tesla's quarter in the comments below!
April 27, 2021
Tesla Q1 Blowout Coming? w/ Mayur Thacker
Tesla Q1 2021 earnings preview. I'm joined by Mayur Thacker to discuss Tesla's upcoming earnings. Can Shanghai's rapidly scaling deliveries offset weak Model S/X sales to lead Tesla to a record profit?! Will the Dojo AI supercomputer lead to an AWS like business for Tesla? We cover it all and more!
April 24, 2021
Tesla FSD Beta 1 Month Review 🚘🧠
What better way to talk about my first month using Tesla's FSD Beta (full self driving) software, then by doing a podcast while on FSD!? I cover how often I use FSD, frequency of interventions, whether I think FSD is fairly priced at $10K, financial implications, projections for true L5 autonomy and so much more ...
April 23, 2021
Talking Startup Investing on Tesla FSD w/ Niv Dror
In this FSD ride/podcast I interview Niv Dror, founder of Shrug Capital. We cover his firm Shrug, how he started, and what his investing philosophy is. Then go on to the state of the VC market, and how smaller/creator driven funds are changing the industry. This was so fun, Niv is a good friend and responsible for me getting so into startup/angel investing, huge thanks him for coming on the show!! 🙏
April 21, 2021
Major Tesla FSD Price Overhaul Coming!? 🤔
Tesla's new V9 FSD software rollout is right around the corner. Right now about ~2,000 people are testing the company's self-driving software, and they are about to roll it out to a bunch more people. As the FSD on city streets functionality goes mainstream, I think Tesla will be able to justify a huge increase in FSD pricing. Additionally, Elon Musk has said Tesla will introduce FSD subscriptions this quarter. After having the FSD Beta for a month, I think it's already worth $25,000 ... What are your thoughts? Do you think we are on the cusp of a major FSD price hike?
April 13, 2021
Moonshot: Tesla Develops Sustainable Tires
Tires are a huge source of pollution in both our oceans and the air we breath. As a leader in reducing the environmental footprint of our transportation industry, Tesla has the opportunity to disrupt the status quo. By leveraging the company's materials science team (collab with SpaceX), I believe Tesla could develop a sustainable, biodegradable, non-toxic tire product.
April 11, 2021
Tesla On Track For 1M Deliveries In 2021 🤯
Tesla posted Q1 2021 deliveries of 184,800, up more than 100% year over year. This blockbuster quarter (despite no Plaid Model S/X), shows how strong of a year Tesla is gearing up for. This quarter puts the company on track for almost 1M deliveries this year 🤯How many cars do you think Tesla will deliver in 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Also your guesses for Tesla's Q1 financials! :)
April 11, 2021
Building JOYWORLD ft John Orion Young 🎨
Interview with artist and digital creator, John Orion Young. Also known as JOY, he is building JOYWORLD, a happy metaverse of art on the Ethereum blockchain. We discuss how he started getting into crypto, making NFTs, and what the future holds for JOYWORLD. It was so much fun having John on the show, thank you!!!
April 05, 2021
Tesla Will Be The World's Biggest Company
My full bull thesis for Tesla, and why I'm holding all my shares. My forecast is for a $4T market cap/fair value to be achieved by ~2027, driven by a combination of a successful launch of the robotaxi business and Tesla Energy going all the way.
April 01, 2021
Starlink Launching SpaceX To $100B+ Valuation 🚀
As Starlink expand rapidly and preps for an IPO, SpaceX's valuation is set to rocket past $100B (if it hasn't already). This is amazing news, as Starlink's financial success will give SpaceX the resources it needs to colonize Mars, and fund the Starship program. I can't wait to see Starlink expand and IPO!
March 27, 2021
Tesla Insurance = Billions In Investable Cashflow
Tesla's in-house insurance business is on the cusp of expanding to new states. As this expands, Tesla will have a growing stream of investable cashflow from insurance premiums. How will Elon and Zach Kirkhorn invest this cash? Bitcoin? Megabatteries? New factories? Robotaxis? All of the above?
March 24, 2021
ARK's Tesla Price Target Is $3,000 In 2025 🤖🚖
ARK Invest's Tasha Keeney is out with a new report, valuing Tesla at $3,000 per share in 2025. This new price target relies on Tesla's successful execution of a robotaxi network, and bringing a truly autonomous vehicle to market. In it's bullcase scenario, ARK estimates Tesla could be selling 10M cars a year by 2025, be generating ~$700B in revenue, and worth $4T. Is ARK crazy with these targets, or just understanding of Elon Musk's disruptive potential?
March 22, 2021
NFTs & Art To $10T
NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are taking off. These 1 of 1 art pieces are stored and traded on the Ethereum blockchain, and are exploding in popularity. The NFT market has expanded ~10X in the past two years to $300M+, and continues to grow daily. I think in the long-run this is a digital part of the art market that will become a larger piece of our economy. Right now the world's art is valued at $1.7T, I believe that will scale rapidly to $10T+ and NFTs are a huge part of that.
March 20, 2021
What's It Like To Drive An Arcimoto w/ Ross Gerber & Mark Frohnmayer
Ross just spent the day with an Arcimoto, driving it around LA and Venice Beach. In this interview, I talk with Ross and Mark about his first ride in the FUV, and his takeaways from the test-drive. We also discuss Arcimoto's plan for mass production, and more! Thanks to Ross and Mark for joining the show!
March 20, 2021
Tesla FSD Beta Expanding!! w/ Omar Qazi
Tesla has just expanded its FSD Beta program to 2,000 participants, and is on the cusp of launching an 'FSD Beta Button' where users can request access to the program. This is a huge milestone for Tesla's self-driving ambitions and autonomous vehicle software. In this episode I speak with Omar Qazi (Whole Mars) about his experience with FSD Beta, Tesla's AI strategy. This was a blast! Thanks to Omar for coming on the show!
March 13, 2021
Tesla Will Fix The US Grid ⚡🔋
Bloomberg reports that Tesla is building a 100 megawatt battery 40 miles South of Houston. This megabattery project can power up to 20,000 homes on a hot day, and is rumored to be helping stablize the Texas grid. In this episode I explain why this is a preview for the future of Tesla's energy business, and how they will fix the US grid :) Let me know your thoughts below, and if you've heard anything about this project!!
March 08, 2021
Tesla Exporting $25K Car From China?
Going live to discuss Tesla's Shanghai factory and China business. We will dive into how much Tesla grew in China the past couple years, and what is next for the company in the region. From a Cybertruck launch, to the Tesla Semi to FSD, I think Tesla is just getting started in China. And the rumors are growing that they will unveil a new mass-market $25K built in China this year, and may even export it globally.
March 04, 2021
The Future of Bitcoin with Michael Saylor
I sat down w/ Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, to discuss Tesla's Bitcoin purchase, and the future of the cryptocurrency. He predicts, that in 5 years, more than 1 billion people will own Bitcoin. We cover who in big tech will move next, why inflation will continue, and the evolution of the monetary system as we leave the fiat standard. I had a blast, huge thanks to Michael for joining the show! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!
March 04, 2021
Public Hits 1M Users w/ Jannick Malling
Interview with Public Co-CEO Jannick Malling. Public is the social investing app, and one of the hottest companies in fintech. Public just completed a new $220M funding round at a $1B+ valuation, and now boasts 1M users on its platform. In this episode, I sit down with Public's Founder Jannick Malling to discuss his vision for Public, and the future of financial markets. I had a blast interviewing Jannick, huge thanks to him for taking the time to come on the show :) Full disclosure: I am an advisor to public and have some stock in the company.
March 02, 2021
Tesla Society of Columbia Q&A
Last week I was asked to present to the Tesla Society of Columbia University. Here is a recording of the club's meeting, where I answered questions on HyperChange, Tesla stock, meeting Elon, the Cybertruck and so much more. Thanks for having me!
March 01, 2021
Bitcoin's Energy Consumption
Bitcoin's energy consumption has stayed flat since mid 2018 (almost 3 years), despite huge growth in users, and dollars moved on the network. Many skeptics point to the irony of Tesla buying Bitcoin (because of its focus on renewable energy), but fail to understand this. The monetary system requires energy. Yes, Bitcoin consumes a lot, but it's not more than we can handle, especially if the trend of rising average transaction values continues. What are your thoughts on this? Was it hypocritical for Tesla to buy Bitcoin? Are you happy they did?
February 25, 2021
Warren Buffett Buys Chevron 🙈😭
We need our billionaires and investment idols to inspire us to live more sustainably, and invest in the future they believe in.   I'm ashamed as a Warren Buffett fan that he/his company Berkshire Hathaway bought Chevron. It shows they put profit over people and the planet. Lame. Going live to give my hot take on this. Nothing on the show is financial advice.
February 18, 2021
Clubhouse Is The Next Big Thing 👋
Drop-in audio chat app Clubhouse is booming. Despite being invite only. Clubhouse has accumulated 2M+ users, and a $1B+ valuation. The app allows you to listen and join various live conversations. It's a live audio-only social network. I'm obsessed with the creative potential this product has. I think this is the next big thing, and I'd buy stock hand over fist in Clubhouse at $1B if they let me. Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the call and joined the show!!
February 15, 2021
Why Tesla Bought Bitcoin
Moonshot confirmed! Tesla has purchased $1.5B worth of Bitcoin! Instead of hoarding the usual bonds and fiat as reserve assets, Tesla has decided to move ~7% of it's $19.4B in cash into Bitcoin. I think this is a genius move, and will set off a wave of rapid institutionalization of Bitcoin. Who will be the next big tech company to get in?? Are you worried about Bitcoin's energy consumption being counterproductive to Tesla's mission?
February 08, 2021
HyperChange 17⚡ The $25K Tesla In China?
Tesmanian reports that Tesla is moving forward with a Phase 2 of its Shanghai factory, and is expanding to build the production line of a new vehicle (not the Model 3/Y). Filings with the Chinese government appear to indicate the Model 2 is on track to begin production and deliveries as soon as 2022 (next year!). This seems wayyy ahead of schedule and almost too good to be true. But the breadcrumbs keep coming. Do you think Tesla is getting ready to announce a $25,000 mass market car made in China?
February 05, 2021
HyperChange 16⚡ Robinhood & Perceived Solvency
Perceived Solvency = to continue to operate (and stay solvent) a company must maintain the perception of solvency among all of its stakeholders. Startups that burn cash are reliant on this notion of perceived solvency. Robinhood was asked to put up $3B in capital suddenly, and this appears to have caused a liquidity crisis at the firm. In the last week, Robinhood has raised $3.4B of new funding. Did Robinhood almost go bankrupt? What are your thoughts on perceived solvency?
February 03, 2021
HyperChange 15⚡ Jeff Bezos Leaves Amazon
In a shocking move Jeff Bezos has announced he will be stepping down as Amazon CEO in Q3 2021. He will become Executive Chairman of the board, and be replaced by Andy Jassy, a 24 year Amazon veteran, the Founder and CEO of AWS (Amazon Web Services). Jeff Bezos claims Amazon is at peak inventiveness right now, do you think the company will continue innovating without its founder at the helm!? Let me know in the comments!
February 02, 2021
HyperChat 16🎙️ Ross Gerber & Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer
Interview with Ross Gerber and Mark Frohnmayer. In this podcast, we go deep on the background behind Arcimoto, and the vision for the company. My friend, and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki, Ross, asks Mark Frohnmayer detailed questions about the company, and we get to listen in! This was a total treat. Covering everything from Mark's background, to the production ramp, to the Deliverator, Arcimoto's financial strategy & more! Huge thanks to Mark and Ross for joining the show :)
February 02, 2021
HyperChange 14⚡ Tesla Q4 20 Earnings Analysis
Breakdown of Tesla's Q4 2020 financial results, shareholder letter and conference call. The big news was Plaid Model S! Tesla has officially announced it will begin deliveries of the Plaid Model S in ~1 month, and then begin delivering the Plaid Model X shortly thereafter. Tesla's interior refresh shows a focus on autonomy and in-car gaming. This is an epic preview of where the company is headed. Let me know all your thoughts below!!
January 28, 2021
HyperChange 13⚡ My Portfolio 🤑
Showing you my current investment portfolio. From Tesla, Bitcoin, SpaceX, UniSocks to all my startup investments. I'm taking y'all behind the scenes to scheme on my investment strategy and how I think about structuring my financial portfolio. I think I've got a basket of the coolest companies & assets HyperChanging our world.
January 27, 2021
HyperChange 12⚡ Tesla Q4 20 Earnings Preview
Tesla reports Q4 2020 financials on January 27th! Here are my projections/estimates for Tesla's Q4 & what I'm expecting to hear on the conference call. Plaid Model S?! 4680 cells ramping?! Berlin, Austin and Shanghai factories all expanding like crazy?! FSD beta rollout!? Tesla Energy update?! What are you most excited to hear about from Elon on the earnings call??
January 25, 2021
HyperChange 11⚡ Amazon's Autonomy Strategy
Amazon is building a self-driving car. From investments in Rivian and Aurora Innovations, to buying Zoox outright, Jeff Bezos is making a push towards autonomous EVs. With thousands of delivery vans and trucks driving around our cities, delivering packages, Amazon has a key asset in he self-driving race. An existing business to subsidize data collection. Tesla is years ahead in developing self-driving tech, and Amazon is desperate to catchup. What are your thoughts?
January 23, 2021
HyperChange 10⚡ HyperChanging HyperChange
Popping a bottle of Tesla Tequila & taking y'all behind the scenes of HyperChange?!!? Yes please! In this 'behind the scenes' of HyperChange episode I talk about strategy for the channel, how it started, my long-term vision, and what big projects I've been working on. It's been a wild ride over the past 3 years, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all my Patreons & subscribers. You are amazing! We are just getting started! Crack open the Tesla Tequila, and join me! :)
January 21, 2021
HyperChange 9⚡ Starlink Is Coming
SpaceX's Starlink, a low earth orbit satellite internet service, has successfully launched its beta test. What's next? An IPO and massive global expansion? I think so. In this episode I dive into the current state of Starlink, and why it makes sense for Elon Musk and SpaceX to spin it out, and have the highly anticipate 'Starlink IPO' sometime in the next 12-24 months. In the episode I walk through my projections for Starlink's user-growth and revenue through 2025. What would you value Starlink at?
January 17, 2021
Ethereum 2.0, Rainbow & Yeezy's on the blockchain w/ Mark Demarais
Interview with Rainbow Wallet co-founder Mike Demarais, about all things Ethereum. From the scaling of the network, to Uniswap and tokenizing Yeezy's, we cover the current state of the Ethereum ecosystem. Mike put me on to Unisocks at $60 per pair, and they are now trading for thousands. What are your thoughts on the future of Ethereum?
January 13, 2021
Plaid Model S Coming!? 😉 4680s Ramping!?
Elon Musk replied to my tweet about the Plaid Model S with a winky face ... #hmm. Tesla is on the cusp of launching the Plaid Model S variant, with 520+ miles of range, 200mph top speed, and sub 2 second 0-60 time. For just $139,990, it's yours! Could the Model S Plaid be coming even sooner than "late 2021" ... like in a few months? If so, it will be the first Tesla product with the new 4680 battery cells (unveiled at Battery Day). If Tesla can get the Plaid Model S with the new battery cells on the road in 2021, it will be a great sign for the company's battery skunkworks/in-house battery cell program. When do you think the first Model S Plaid delivery will be?
January 03, 2021
Tesla Q4 2020 Deliveries 🥳📊 ANOTHER record!
Tesla's Q4 2020 delivery report is hot off the press!!! It's ANOTHER record quarter, with deliveries of 180,570 and production of 179,757. This represents 29% sequential growth (from Q3's record), and 61% year over year growth. For the full year, Tesla delivered 499,550 cars, just a smidge shy of the company's original (pre-COVID) 2020 delivery guidance. WOW! What a year for Tesla ... and it looks like the fun is just getting started. In Q4 Tesla averaged an annual delivery rate of 722,000. Sometime this year (2021), we will pass the 1M vehicle production rate mark, an EPIC achievement that will officially cement Tesla as one of the world's largest automotive companies. What are your predictions for Tesla's deliveries in 2021!
January 03, 2021
Masterworks: The Startup IPOing Paintings 🎨 🤑 w/ Scott Lynn
Masterworks is democratizing fine art investing. The startup has created an online platform that allows consumers to invest in paintings for as little as $20. By securitizing multi-million dollar paintings and opening them up to the masses, Masterworks is disrupting the art collection & resale market. There are already 100,000 investors on the Masterworks platform. In this interview, I discuss art investing, Masterworks & more, with CEO/Founder Scott Lynn.
December 31, 2020
QuantumScape Deep-Dive w/ The Limiting Factor 🔋🤷‍♂️
nterview with Jordan Giesige from The Limiting Factor about QuantumScape, what to make of the latest investor day/battery data presentation. We discuss what it will take to scale QuantumScape's pouch cell into a full pack, and how they seemed to ignore the advances from Tesla's Battery Investor Day. I think QuantumScape's valuation of ~$26B ($73.73 per share), seems ridiculous based on what the company has achieved thus far. What are your thoughts on QuantumScape's technology and IPO?
December 21, 2020
Tesla 2021 Financial Projections 📊HyperCharts
Walkthrough of my open-source model for Tesla's 2021 financials. From vehicle deliveries, to revenue, gross profit, EBIT, to cashflow, I cover all my projections for Tesla's next 5 quarters. Between increasing FSD prices, and ramping production, Tesla's intrinsic earnings power appears to be compounding at 100%+.
December 19, 2020
Should Tesla Convert It's Cash To Bitcoin? w/ Michael Saylor
Interview with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. His company has an $800M Bitcoin position and is buying more. As Bitcoin becomes better understood as a store of value (digital gold 2.0), should more companies adopt MicroStrategy's approach and keep Bitcoin instead of cash/treasuries on the balance sheet?! My vote is yes.  As a Bitcoin investor and enthusiast since 2013, it's fascinating to see this news develop. What are your thoughts on Tesla holding some BTC on it's balance sheet instead of cash? Will Apple and Amazon be forced to do this, after Square & Paypal have moved?
December 16, 2020
HyperChat w/ Zachary, the 12 Year-old 'Young Investor'
I sat down with Zachary, a 12 year-old investor and financial YouTuber. We discuss how he picks stocks, what got him into the market, and what companies he's following. From Arcimoto, to Tesla, Square, Cash App, Bitcoin, Paypal, Paysafe, Roblox & more ... we cover it all. I had a blast talking to Zachary, the 'Young Investor', thanks for coming on the show!! :)
December 15, 2020
Who Will Be The First Social Media Billionaire? w/ Luke Pappas
The influencer business is booming. From Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, Jake Paul's boxing matches, Travis Scott's Fortnite concerts to Genies digital avatars. We are in the golden age of influencers, and it's just getting started. In this interview with my friend Luke Pappas, a Principal at the Silicon Valley VC firm NEA, we discuss the evolving social media landscape, and power of personal brands. Who do you think will be the first social media billionaire? Let me know in the comments below!!
December 10, 2020
Can Tesla Stock Keep Going Up Forever?
Tesla stock closed today at an all-time high of $642 per share, valuing the company at ~$650B. That values Tesla at 18.6X price/sales, 78X price/gross profit and 203X price/EBIT ... based on Q3 2020 financials. In this rant I breakdown why I'm still holding my shares despite this seemingly 'crazy' valuation, and how I philosophically think about valuing technology equities. Please leave your thoughts below! What's your intrinsic value for Tesla? Do you think Robotaxi's will happen and generate billions of free cash flow??
December 08, 2020
Tesla Schemin With Gali
Going live to talk to you about Tesla! I got a bunch of random schemes to share with you and ideas to bounce around!! I think I have 10 different ideas of $100B companies, Tesla could create, let's talk about em! :) Remember, nothing in the show is financial advice and I'm a biased Tesla shareholder!
December 03, 2020
Tesla S&P 500! Index Tracking Fund Squeeze? 📈 w/ James Stephenson
It's official, Tesla is joining the S&P 500 on December 21st, and it's not happening in tranches. Is this going to trigger panic buying, a potential Index Tracking Fund Squeeze? I call up my friend, and legendary Tesla Twitter member James Stephenson to get the inside scoop on what this news means for Tesla shareholders! Huge thanks to James for joining!
December 01, 2020
How Much Money Is Zoom Making!? 🤯🤑
This is one of the most fascinating business case studies in the world right now. Zoom has enabled the whole world to work from home! Going live to watch Zoom Q3 2020 earnings come out and analyze them on HyperCharts! Let's see how much money Zoom is making :)
December 01, 2020
Interview with Lynn Frohnmayer, Arcimoto's First Customer
I had the honor of sitting down with Arcimoto's first customer, Eugene-legend, Lynn Frohnmayer. We discuss what it was like getting used to owning an Arcimoto, how safe it is, if it will ever use Tesla batteries, and how it lives up to the name 'Fun Utility Vehicle.' Huge thank you to Mark for hosting me in Eugene, and Lynn for podcasting. This was so much fun!
November 29, 2020
Buffett Should've Watched HyperChange Tesla Videos
Rumors are that Warren Buffett has secretly taken a large stake in Tesla. This would be very uncharacteristic of Buffett to make a big bet on a bold CEO, leading a fast growing technology firm. But I think it's possible and makes total sense. We pitched a moonshot in 2017 that Warren Buffett should buy 5% of Tesla for $3B (which would now be worth more than $20B). It's ok, better late than never! What do you think ? Are the rumors true? Is Buffett buying Tesla?!?!
November 23, 2020
Tesla's Mining Strategy ⚒️ w/ Rodney Hooper
Interview with Rodney Hooper of RK Equity about Tesla's raw materials supply chain strategy. We cover Battery Day announcements, Tesla's plan to get into clay lithium mining, how the EV boom will impact raw material prices (lithium, nickel, graphite and more). I think Tesla's ability to source high quality battery materials is a key competitive advantage
November 17, 2020
Nosotros: The Startup Behind Tesla Tequila ⚡
An interview with Carlos Soto, the Founder of Nosotros Tequila, the startup behind the legendary Tesla Tequila product. We talk about the special 15 month aged Anejo that was developed especially for Tesla. Each bottle comes in a hyper-artisanal handblown glass lightning bolt bottle (eerily similar to the HyperChange logo ;). In the podcast we discuss how Carlos started Nosotros, what makes them different from 'big tequila', what type of Agave they use, and his plan to bring incredible, drinkable, high quality tequila (and now mezcal!) to the masses. Huge thanks to Carlos for joining the show! I can say after trying Nosotros two Tequilas, they are THE BOMB :)
November 10, 2020
Why Tesla Could Be Cheap At $400B 🤓 📊 w/ Mayur Thacker
Nerding out on Tesla's financials, revenue, gross profit, return on assets, unlevered free cash flow, FSD revenue, and so much more with Mayur Thacker. We come the conclusion that Tesla is one of the most fascinating business case studies to watch, defying almost all auto industry financial norms. Tesla's simultaneous growth and efficiency improvements are unheard of, and (in our opinion) justify this massive run up in valuation. What are your thoughts on how to value Tesla?
November 03, 2020
Tesla Battery Day Post-Mortem 🔋 w/ The Limiting Factor
I caught up with Jordan Giesige of The Limiting Factor, my favorite battery YouTuber. We analyzed all aspects of Tesla's battery investor day, from the new 4680's tabless design, to cell to structure manufacturing, the $25,000 Model 2, silicon anodes, cathode production, clay mining, tesla airplanes & even a Tesla cyber cargo ship!!! It was EPIC! thanks so much to Jordan for joining.
October 30, 2020
The Future of Social Media w/ Turner Novak
Interview with Turner Novak, partner & Chief Meme Officer at Gelt VC. Turner is an expert & thought leader on consumer social apps, especially Tik Tok, Snapchat & Instagram. In this episode we dive into the future of social media and why everybody is working on a smartphone (and why Tik Tok should launch one).
October 27, 2020
Tesla's Mind-blowing CAPEX Efficiency 👾⚙️💰
Tesla has increased it's CAPEX guidance, and plans to spend between $4.5-$6B on Capital Expenditures over each of the next two years. These investments are to ramp vehicle production, and build out new battery production lines for the 4680 cell (my guess). This is a super exciting development as Tesla invests like crazy to scale to millions of vehicles per year. These are the moves that will put them wayyyy ahead in 2025 ;)
October 26, 2020
Arcimoto Partners With DHL for FUV Deliveries
Arcimoto announced a partnership this morning with DHL, to deliver the Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) to the 48 continental United States. This is really exciting news, as Arcimoto ramps up production and gears up for its goal of producing (and delivering) 50,000 units per year. I'm joined by Mark Frohnmayer CEO & Founder of Arcimoto to discuss this news.
October 26, 2020
Tesla Q3 Earnings Review w/ Motley Fool
Going over Tesla's Q3 2020 earnings, shareholder letter & conference call wit Brian Feroldi of the Motley fool. We cover the blowout Q3 financial results, new FSD beta rollout, Tesla Berlin, Tesla Austin, the solarroof and more. This was recorded on Thursday, 10/22
October 26, 2020
Tesla Releases FSD beta!! 🧠🚘💸
Tesla's highly anticipated 'FSD beta' software update is now being set out to a handful of lucky customers. Although you have to oversee the vehicle, this new feature allows you to plug in a destination and the car to start driving there (all by itself). Wow. This is already going viral, and it should be. Tesla is leveraging the data from these early customers to improve the system, before a wide release later this year. I'm at the edge of my seat waiting for the update! Additionally, Tesla will be raising the price of FSD by $2K on Monday, making it a $10,000 package. This is the first time the price has gone up by more than $1,000 and is a strong signal that it will keep climbing rapidly. FSD will be a gamechanger for the planet and Tesla's business model, as it unfolds.
October 22, 2020
Will Tesla Deliver 1M Cars In 2021? 📊📞🤓
Analyzing Tesla's Q3 2020 Earnings & conference call!! Sharing my thoughts and analysis on Tesla's record breaking quarter after the conference call!
October 22, 2020
Tesla Q3 Earnings Preview 📊🤓
Tesla Q3 2020 earnings preview! I'm projecting Tesla will grow revenue by more than 30% to ~$8.3B, and produce about ~$500M in operating income (excluding any impact from Elon's stock compensation package). What I'm most curious about on the conference call is the production ramp of Tesla's new 4680 battery cell, and any details surrounding the plans announced at Battery Day! What are you expecting from Wednesday's shareholder letter & conference call?
October 20, 2020
Announcing HyperGuap ⚡💸
Announcing HyperGuap! I'm launching a syndicate group for accredited investors!   HyperGuap -   Music by Gali:
October 15, 2020
Tesla Battery Day Implications w/ Motley Fool
My interview with Brian Feroldi of the Motley Fool, covering Tesla's Battery Day, the new 4680 battery cell, the Plaid Model S, Cybertruck, Tesla Semi, solarroofs and more. This was recorded on Friday, 10/02/2020. Thanks to the Motley Fool for having me!
October 06, 2020
Tesla Q3 Deliveries Imply Record Profits 🤑
Tesla reports record Q3 deliveries of 139,300, up 43% year over year. These record breaking numbers (in delivery & production) imply a huge financial beat and profit coming. The best part is this is just the start of Tesla posting consecutive quarters, of record deliveries and revenue. I think the company could still hit its (pre-COVID) guidance of 500K deliveries this year. An EPIC achievement while the whole auto industry is in shambles.
October 03, 2020
Tesla's Battery Skunkworks Unlocks The Model 2
Full breakdown of Tesla's Battery investor day. From the new 4680 cell, to the tabless electrode,  to the potential of the Model 2 ... I try and summarize one of the most important days in Tesla history. The cat is out of the bag, Tesla is bringing cell production in house and scaling like crazy. They plan to hit 100GWh/yr by 2022 of this new cell. That's triple Tesla's 2020 battery consumption. This implies Tesla is getting ready to sell Ms of vehicles per year.
October 02, 2020
Reminiscing On The Tesla 10 Bagger w/ James Stephenson
Interview with James Stephenson, fellow Tesla shareholder, and prominent Tesla Twitter community member. James has been fighting the FUD with incredible analysis on Twitter for years, and has even been applauded by Elon Musk for his insight. In this podcast we discuss how Tesla has evolved in the two years since we were featured in a Wall Street Journal article about the company going private at $420 per share #funding secured
September 13, 2020
How I Value My Tesla Shares 🤓
Tesla now trades at a valuation of ~$400B, making it the world's largest automaker and one of the largest public companies in the world. Can the current financials justify this valuation? How far out, and what assumptions must you have for TSLA to make sense at these prices? In this video I walk through my thinking as a long-term investor, and why I'm still very bullish on Tesla and have never been more confident in the company. From robotaxis, to solarroofs, Tesla is much more than a car company. Eventually, I believe we are looking at multi-trillion dollar tech behemoth, that will have changed our energy and transportation systems forever.
September 10, 2020
GM & Nikola Partner... lol 😂🤣
GM is partnering with Nikola Motors to build its EV and FCEV pickups and semi trucks. As part of the deal, Nikola is issuing $2B in new stock to GM for "in-kind" services. It looks like both companies are super desperate. Nikola needed an OEM partner to build the Badger, and GM wanted good press for it's EV division (along with $2B in shares). What are your thoughts on this deal? Should Tesla be concerned (lol)?
September 09, 2020
HyperChange Is Getting A Tesla!!!! 🍾🥳
I can't even believe it! I'm getting a Model Y!!!!! Tesla stock has been going up so much, I just couldn't resist. We will be documenting the whole process of the HyperShip, from ordering to delivery, to epic roadtrips!! Huge thank you to all the HyperChangers & Patreons for making this possible. It's a dream come true :)
September 01, 2020
Projecting Tesla's 2020 Financial Results 🤓📈
Putting pen to paper and estimating Tesla's financials for Q3 and Q4 of 2020. As the stock price keeps soaring to new highs, I thought it was the perfect time to get back to fundamentals :) I'm expecting back to back record quarters of deliveries, revenue and profitability, starting this quarter. My biggest questions heading into the end of the year are ... how fast will China ramp? is Model Y cannabalizing Model 3 in the US/North America? Is the Plaid Model S/X launching at battery investor day?
August 27, 2020
Tesla + Amprius = VTOL Jet? 🔋⚡🛩️
Rumors are swirling. Tesla has sent out battery day invites with a teaser image that appears to show 'silicon nanowires' ... Amprius Technologies, a silicon anode/nanowire startup just relocated right next to Tesla's top secret Project Roadrunner Battery facility ... and Elon Musk is replying to Amprius tweets about reaching an energy density of 400Wh/kg, confirming it's only 3-4 years away from mass production. This is huge!!
August 25, 2020
Tesla Stock At $2,000: Are We Crazy?
Tesla stock is up 822% in the past year, to $2,000+. The market capitalization is almost $400. I'm holding all my shares. Are we crazy? Is this a ridiculous valuation? Or will Tesla's Autopilot self-driving software justify a market capitalization worth Trillions? How many factories are already price in? We cover everything. going through the mind of a long-term Tesla investor in this 'chill' style podcast.
August 24, 2020
Redwood Materials Partnership at Tesla Battery Investor Day?
There's no doubt Tesla will announce a battery recycling initiative at the upcoming battery investor day, but will it involve Redwood Materials? Tesla CTO/Co-Founder JB Straubel founded a battery/materials recycling company in 2017, and they are now scaling quickly. Is Redwood a part of Tesla's battery recycling plans, what's the relationship between the two companies?
August 22, 2020
Menē: Disrupting Jewelry & Gold Investing
HyperChange X Menē $50 discount code!!! ➡️
August 19, 2020
Spotify Will Disrupt Podcast Monetization & Discovery 🎙️
Spotify is on its way to disrupt and dominate the podcast industry. Recently, the company has signed exclusive deals with Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian, DC Comics and Michelle Obama for content. But that's only half the excitement, Spotify has also launched a new podcast advertising format: Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI). This will be a game-changer for podcast monetization, and makes me super pumped as a creator trying to monetize my own podcast. Additionally, Spotify is set to make podcasts discoverable (solving a huge problem for the industry). I think they should launch discover weekly playlists curated for content like Audiobooks and podcasts, expanding well beyond music.
August 17, 2020
Spotify Stock Analysis 🎧🤓 August 2020
Spotify grew its premium user-base 27% in Q2, to 138M subscribers. Overall Monthly Active Users (MAUs), were up 29% to 299M. Revenue increased 13%, to €1.889B. I'm more bullish on Spotify than ever as the company pushes into original podcasting content, signing deals with creators like Joe Rogan, Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian. My biggest insight from the Q2 conference call was that advertising revenue will grow dramatically with podcasting in the coming quarters.
August 17, 2020
NIO Stock Analysis 📊🤓 August 2020
NIO reports Q2 2020 revenue of $527M (+140%), with a positive gross margin of 8.4%. This was a huge sequential improvement across the board, and sets NIO up on the path towards profitability, with its upcoming EC6. NIO's newest EV, the EC6 is already accepting orders on the NIO app, and is set for customer deliveries in September. This should accelerate revenue and deliveries growth.
August 12, 2020
Tesla Announces 5 For 1 Stock Split 💰🤪
Tesla announces a 5 for 1 forward stock split. The deal will be completed in August, and means for every 1 share you have, you will now have 5. I love this move as it opens up Tesla stock to more investors by making it easier to buy a single share! Let me know what you think in the comments below!
August 11, 2020
How Tesla Will Scale Battery Production 🙊
*SPOILER ALERT* Do not watch this if you want to be surprised at Tesla Battery Investor Day. This video is my entire theory of how Tesla tested Maxwell's tech in 2017/18, bought the company in 2019, and has been scaling in house battery cell production with the DBE technology, ever since. Tesla's biggest constraint on growth is they don't have enough batteries. On Battery Investor Day they will announce they are bringing cell production in house and will bring a new battery cell to market to solve this problem IMO. It's going to be epic :) Plz comment your theories below. Remember this is all a guess!! I have no idea what Tesla will actually announce.
August 06, 2020
Augur: Decentralized Prediction Markets 🔮 w/ Tom Kysar
Interview with Tom Kysar, the head of Operations at Augur. Augur is a decentralized betting platform/prediction market that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It originally launched a V1 beta version a couple years ago that generated $25M in bets. Now they have relaunched Augur V2, and you can use it to place decentralized bets today! I think this is one of the most promising Dapp projects in Crypto and am excite to follow its progress. Shoutout to Tom from Augur for taking the time for this interview!
August 05, 2020
Will Tesla Launch An Electric Rickshaw for India?
If Tesla designed a vehicle from scratch for the Indian market, what would that look like? How about an electric rickshaw, the Cybershaw. This is a moonshot concept that I think has a lot of potential to move people & cargo around urban environments. Projections show Indian electric rickshaw sales could hit 20M units per year, at $2.5K per unit, that's a $50B market.
August 04, 2020
Tesla + Panasonic Upgrading 2170 🔋s at Nevada Gigafactory
The head of Panasonic's US EV business (and in charge of working with Tesla at the Nevada Gigafactory), has revealed details about the company's battery cell technology roadmap. Panasonic expects energy density to improve 20% in 5 years, and significant cobalt reductions even sooner. It's interesting to see Tesla continually upgrading its Panasonic lines, and continue building this relationship ... with rumors heating up about Tesla building its own battery cells in house. The Battery Investor Day speculation continues!
July 30, 2020
Rumor: SpaceX Raising $1B At $44B Valuation 🚀💸
Bloomberg reports SpaceX is raising $1B in new funding at a $44B valuation (its highest ever). I give my thoughts on SpaceX's funding strategy, why they will never IPO (or it will take forever), and the exciting potential of a Starlink spinout/IPO.
July 28, 2020
All-In: The World's Best Business Podcast 🃏🎙️🌟
The Silicon Valley investor GOATS 🐐Jason Calacanis, Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks and David Freiberg have turned their poker squad into the world's best new podcast. With under 5,000 subscribers and 68,000 total views, this is a total hidden gem. I expect this to blow up (rightfully so) as the world's leading business podcast and hit 1M subscribers. I'm so stoked these people I consider hero's of mine are taking the time to spread their knowledge! Go Subscribe!!
July 23, 2020
Tesla CONFIRMS Biggest Factory Ever In Austin, Texas
Analysis of Tesla's Q2 2020 shareholder letter, financial results and conference call. It was an EPIC call, with the Austin factory confirmed (on 2,000 acres), and Elon's excitement showing through. Tesla is doing better than ever! The company has reported 4 GAAP Net Income profits in a row, despite the COVID crisis, and is still on track to hit guidance of 500,000 deliveries in 2020. Congrats Tesla!!
July 23, 2020
Why Tesla Is Worth More Than Toyota
Interview with Yahoo! Finance on 07/22, pre-Tesla Q2 earnings, discussing what to expect in the upcoming report. I go into the solarroof opportunity, and why Tesla's 'Computers on Wheels' business model justifies a higher market capitalization than Toyota. Huge shoutout to Yahoo! for inviting me on, thank you!
July 22, 2020
Why NIO Stock Is Soaring 🇨🇳⚡📈
Chinese EV-maker NIO has seen its stock price soar 220% in the past year, to a valuation of ~$15B. Is the hype justified for the 'Tesla of China'? I think so. NIO just reported record Q2 deliveries of 10,000+ vehicles, and is set to introduce a lower cost coupe (EC6) later this year. What are your thoughts on NIO stock and it's valuation?
July 21, 2020
Will Tesla Report A Profit In Q2 2020? 🧐💲
My expectations for Tesla's financials in Q2, are $5.9B in revenue and $121M in GAAP operating income. If deliveries continue ramping, Tesla has a good shot of hitting its (pre-COVID) 2020 delivery guidance of 500,000+ units. Additionally, with deliveries beating production by about 8K units in the quarter, cash flow will likely be positive (around $1B). On the conference call I'll be looking for updates on Gigafactory Shanghai, the Tesla Semi and 2H 2020 deliveries. Overall, this was a SUPER impressive quarter. Tesla was able to grow deliveries by 2% despite the pandemic, and has a shot at another profitable quarter.
July 21, 2020
Tesla's India Opportunity 🇮🇳☀️🏠🔋🛵 w/ Vivas Kumar
A conversation with Vivas Kumar about potential strategies for Tesla to enter the India market. With only ~4M passenger vehicles sold in India each year, the addressable market for Tesla's 4-wheeled vehicles is small. On the other hand, the opportunity for Powerpack/Powerwall + Solarroof to fix the grid, is massive. Additionally, there could be a huge opportunity to leverage Tesla's battery technology to create a two-wheel or three-wheel EV product ... What are your thoughts on how Tesla should enter what is soon to be the world's most populous economy.
July 18, 2020
Quibi: $2B to $2M 📉
New reports indicate that just ~8% of Quibi's free trial users are converting to the service. My estimate is that Quibi has ~144K paying subscribers, generating about $12M in annual revenue. This is wayyyy below the company's targets, and is not a good sign for the future. Quibi is running out of money and will need to show massive user growth to convince investors to keep pouring in capital. Raising ~$2B before ever launching a consumer product (and finding product market fit) is looking more and more like a huge mistake. I think Quibi will be out of business, or sold at fire sale prices soon. What are your thoughts?
July 17, 2020
Transition Metal-Free Cathode Breakthrough? w/ Sean Mehta, Battery Scientist
A conversation with Sean Mehta, a battery scientist at Sila Nanotechnologies, about the potential of transition metal-free Cathodes & their potential to disrupt the battery materials supply chain. I learned a ton in this interview!! What are your thoughts about this exciting technology & lab results??
July 15, 2020
Starlink Emailed Me About Beta Testing 👀 🛰️
SpaceX's low earth orbit satellite project, Starlink, continues to progress at a rapid clip. I got an email last night, asking me to enter my exact address to see if I'm eligible for the beta testing.  Starlink is planning to begin delivering internet service THIS SUMMER. With 500+ satellite's already in orbit, and many launches planned in the near future, this seems like it's already a done deal. The potential for Starlink to become a massive, global, internet service provider is real. This won't be sci-fi for much longer folks ... 🛰️
July 15, 2020
HyperChange X Motley Fool Tesla Deep Dive
My interview from last month with the Motley Fool. We cover all things Tesla and my long-term investing thesis on the company. Huge shoutout to Buck Hartzell & The Motley Fool for inviting me!! This interview was recorded on June 11th, 2020.
July 10, 2020
Tesla Raises FSD to $8K, Will Be $20K+ Eventually 🧠🚘💸
Tesla has raised the price of it's Full-Self Driving (FSD) packaged yet again, from $7K to $8K. Elon Musk has hinted that the long-term value could be $100K+, once general autonomy and regulatory approval has been achieved. In the meantime, incremental gross margin expansion because of raising FSD prices will be a massive financial tailwind for the company. This will justify the 'Computers on Wheels' thesis and Tesla's significantly higher P/S, P/EBIT ratio than the rest of the auto industry. What are you predictions for the price of FSD???
July 09, 2020
Dadi is HyperChanging Male Fertility 🍆💦🥼🧪 w/ Tom Smith
Interview with Tom Smith, the CEO/Founder of Brooklyn-based male-fertility startup Dadi. Previously, Tom worked at Apple HQ and then founded Imoji, a sticker company that sold to GIPHY in 2017. His newest venture, Dadi, offers direct to consumer at-home sperm testing, and storage. He's bringing much needed disruption to the male fertility space, by leveraging the power of technology to help families get started. I'm a huge fan of Tom, Dadi and the company's mission, so I decide to invest in Dadi!
July 07, 2020
How Many Cybertrucks Will Tesla Sell In China?
Tesla has opened Cybertruck pre-orders in the world's 2nd largest pickup market, China! This is a huge clue that Tesla is moving forward with possible local Cybertruck production plans in China, and will be selling the truck there soon! What are your estimates for Chinese Cybertruck demand??
July 07, 2020
Tesla Drops Limited Edition S3XY Short Shorts 🤣
This is not a drill. Tesla has released official Short Shorts in its merch store for $69.420. These limited edition red & gold shorts wit 'S3XY' on the butt are an inside joke for Tesla shareholders. Tesla has been one of the most shorted & criticized stocks for years... with numerous billionaire short-sellers/skeptics. Now those haters have been proven wrong, as the stock is up 228% so far in 2020, and 415% in the past year. Tesla now trades at a market valuation of ~$250B, and may be on the cusp of reporting its 4th profitable quarter in a row!! Congrats Tesla & Elon! I hope you were able to snag a pair of Short Shorts, I know I got mine!
July 06, 2020