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By Mark Kelly

Welcome to Hyperlinks - the podcast where we try to connect Biblical truths to a troubled world.

The Hyperlinks podcast is hosted by Mark Kelly and David Lavery. In each episode, they grab a coffee, sit down and have a good ol’ chinwag about the issues of the day, trying to find how Scripture might help them through it.
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The ‘T’ Word
The ‘T’ Word
Yep, we went there! In this episode Mark and David talk about tithing. What is tithing? Do we have to tithe and is it a Biblical principle still relevant today? How are we to handle money and who do we trust more, the government or God? Mark and David explore these questions and many more while connecting some Biblical Truths to a troubled world.  We hope you enjoy the episode. Why not let us know what you think?. Email us at Find Mark at: and David at:
November 30, 2022
The “P” Word
The “P” Word
In this episode Mark & David take some tentative steps into the world of what is commonly known as the Prosperity Gospel and ask some questions of it. Does it mean what some people think it means? Is ‘The Prosperity Gospel’ a bit of a misnomer?  What does the Bible have to say about prosperity? And, finally, what do you think about private jets? We hope you enjoy the episode and let us know what you think about it all. Email us at Find Mark at: and David at:
November 16, 2022
A Conspiracy Theory!
A Conspiracy Theory!
In this second episode of Hyperlinks, Mark and David chat about a certain conspiracy theory and a gentleman called Tomas Schuman! Links to information mentioned in the show: Who is Madalyn Murray O'Hair? -'Hair That atheist bus campaign - Yuri Bezmenov AKA Tomas David Schuman - “Love Letter to America“ - Find Mark Kelly online:
November 02, 2022
The Overton Window
The Overton Window
In this, our first episode of Hyperlinks, Mark and David chat about the Overton Window, what it is and how it applies to our present age.  Links to information mentioned in the show:  The Overton Window on Wikipedia - “Christians are dangerous“ - Tim Farron - Scottish gender reform bill - Attacks in jail by trans-women - BBC changed victim’s quotes - Follow Mark on Instagram at:
October 20, 2022