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By Hypnogoria
Welcome to the the Great Library of Dreams Podcast, where we present readings of classic tales of the weird and the wonderful! Here you will find stories of the magical, the mysterious, the marvelous, and the macabre!
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008 - Teacups by Thom Burgess


058 - For the Blood is the Life by F Marion Crawford
Concluding our summer season of vampiric tales, in this show Mr Jim Moon reads classic chiller For the Blood is the Life by F Marion Crawford, the story of a curious vision revealed by moonlight and its dark history...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
July 26, 2022
057 - And No Bird Sings by EF Benson
In this show, we return to the chilling tales of EF Benson. In this particular story we discover that even the English countryside at the height of a glorious summer can be home to dark and dreadful things...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
July 03, 2022
056 - The Vampire Maid by Hume Nisbet
In this podcast, we have a reading of an eerie tale by Hume Nisbet, in which a summer holiday goes terribly wrong when our narrator encounters The Vampire Maid... DIRECT DOWNLOAD
June 18, 2022
055 - The Vampire of Croglin Grange by Augustus Hare
In this show we have a reading of an allegedly true account of the undead stalking the English countryside, the tale of the vampire of Croglin Grange! 
May 31, 2022
054 - The Story of the Grey House by E and H Heron
Another adventure for famed occult detective Mr Flaxman Low, who is called to investigate a curious and often lethal menace haunting an overgrown country house..  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
May 12, 2022
053 - The Demon Lover by Elizabeth Bowen
In this tale of creeping terror from Elizabeth Bowen, we visit a quiet corner of war-time London where a sinister rendezvous is about to occur...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
March 29, 2022
052 - The Underbody by Allison V Harding
From the pages of Weird Tales, a very dark and disturbing tale from Allison V Harding. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
February 26, 2022
051 - Out of the Earth by Flavia Richardson
A classic tale of ghostly terror and proto-folk horror by Flavia Richardson AKA Christine Campbell Thomson, the pioneering editor of the legendary Not At Night horror anthology series. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
February 19, 2022
050 - John Charrington's Wedding by E Nesbit
In this show we start a series of readings for Women in Horror month, beginning with a very dark tale from E Nesbit, who was just as adept at crafting grim horrors for grown-ups as she as conjuring enchanting adventures for children. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
February 12, 2022
049 - The Story of Yand Manor House by E and H Heron
Another curious case for occult detective Mr Flaxman Low! A dining room is haunted by a perplexing and highly perilous paranormal phenomena!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
February 01, 2022
048 - And To All A Good Night by Jim Moon
For our final Yuletide ghost story, Mr Jim Moon relates a tale he heard many years ago in a pub just before Christmas...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
December 23, 2021
047 - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
In a very special festive edition, Mr Jim reads for you all A Christmas Carol - the complete and unabridged original text by Charles Dickens,  first published 148 years ago today on 19th December 1843!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
December 19, 2021
046 - The Treasure of Abbot Thomas by MR James
No Christmas is complete without a tale from the master of ghost stories, M. R. James. And tonight we discover why some things should stay buried in The Treasure of Abbot Thomas, first published back in 1906 in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
December 12, 2021
045 - The Snow by Hugh Walpole
In the first of our ghost stories for Christmas this year, we have a little story set in the depths of winter and in the shadow of an ancient cathedral. It's Christmas Eve, it's snowing, and this is a truly chilling tale from Hugh Walpole! DIRECT DOWNLOAD
December 08, 2021
044 - The Story of the Moor Road by E and H Heron
Another tale from the casebook of Mr Flaxman Low, the original occult detective! In this story Mr Low encounters a highly dangerous apparition that haunts a lonely road, something that's far more sinister than your usual ghost... DIRECT DOWNLOAD
November 16, 2021
043 - The Vow on Halloween by Lyllian Huntley Harris
A tale of terror for Hallowe'en night, first published in the pages of Weird Tales magazine back in 1924! DIRECT DOWNLOAD
October 30, 2021
042 - Room for One by Frederick Cowles
In this show we have a little story from Mr Frederick Cowles from his 1936 collection The Horror of Abbot's Grange and Other Stories, a suitably seasonal tale of terror set in the month of October! DIRECT DOWNLOAD
October 13, 2021
041 - A Vignette by MR James
Our final reading in our MR James mini season is coincidentally the final ghost story the good doctor ever wrote, a short piece entitled A Vignette, which many suspect may be not be a story at all but a memoir of an eerie event... DIRECT DOWNLOAD
October 02, 2021
040 - Living Night by MR James
Continuing our season of MR James readings, things take an eerie turn with some verses penned about what goes on at Great Livermore in the dead of night... DIRECT DOWNLOAD
September 30, 2021
039 - A Night in the King's College Chapel by MR James
Continuing our season of readings exploring places important to MR James, and showing a lighter side to the master of ghost stories, in this show we have a reading of the earliest surviving supernatural tale he ever wrote - a whimsical nocturnal adventure set in King's College, Cambridge. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
September 07, 2021
038 - After Dark in the Playing Fields by MR James
A strange tale of a walk upon a summer's night from MR James. Set at Eton College, this little yarn shows a more whimsical side to the  master of ghost stories... well, at first at least. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
August 30, 2021
037 - Sounds of the Wood by MR James
Beginning a little summer season of readings from MR James, we start with something of a rarity - an atmospheric poem from the master of ghost stories!   DIRECT DOWNLOAD
August 24, 2021
036 - August Heat by WF Harvey
From his 1910 collection Midnight House & Other Tales,  we bring you a story of sunlit horror by WF Harvey - August Heat! DIRECT DOWNLOAD
August 01, 2021
035 - The Red Brain by Donald Wandrei
A classic tale of cosmic horror from Donald Wandrei, the cofounder of legendary weird fiction publisher Arkham House. Take a trip to the end of time and witness the final end of the universe itself...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
June 18, 2021
034 - The Story of Baelbrow by E and H Heron
We return to the casebook of Mr Flaxman Low, the original occult detective. In this third case, we encounter a very unusual haunting which proves to be horribly physical and highly dangerous!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
May 22, 2021
033 - The Graveyard Rats by Henry Kuttner
First published in Weird Tales in March 1936, The Graveyard Rats by Henry Kuttner is one of my all-time favourite tales of terror, a story of escalating subterranean horror!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
May 01, 2021
032 - The Story of Medhans Lea by E and H Heron
In this episode we delve into the casebook of Mr Flaxman Low, fiction's first occult detective. In this tale Mr Low investigates a most troubling haunting involving a sinister figure in black. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 10, 2021
031 - Piper in the Woods by Philip K Dick
A vintage tale from the great Philip K Dick, first published in Imagination magazine in 1953.  On a quiet asteroid, an unusual threat is waiting in the forests... DIRECT DOWNLOAD
March 20, 2021
030 - The Story of the Spaniards, Hammersmith by E Heron & H Heron
Meet Mr Flaxman Low - athlete, scholar, scientist and ghost hunter! Join the the original occult detective on his first case - investigating a highly violent haunting in Hammersmith in old London town!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
February 26, 2021
029 - Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe
Just in time for Valentine's Day, a reading of a celebrated love poem by the great Edgar Allan Poe, the exquisite gothic tale in miniature that is Annabel Lee!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
February 13, 2021
028 - Jack the Giant Killer
Hear the saga of a mighty hero from the days of Arthurian legend - the farm boy turned monster slayer, Jack the Giant Killer! As retold by folklorist Joseph Jacobs in his classic volume English Fairy Tales (1890). DIRECT DOWNLOAD
January 16, 2021
027 - The Vale of Shadows translated by Sabine Baring Gould
For our final festive tale this year, we have one of the oldest Christmas ghost stories. Taken from Grettis saga Ásmundarsonar, an Icelandic saga from the late 13th century, and translated by Sabine Baring-Gould, this tale of terror tells of the horrors that haunt a lonely farm far to the north in the Vale of Shadows in Iceland. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
December 21, 2020
026 - Lost Hearts by MR James
No Christmas is complete without a ghost story from MR James, and so here we have a reading of one of his best loved tales - Lost Hearts. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
December 13, 2020
025 - Christmas Wine by Matt Cowan
In this podcast we have a festive tale of terror from Mr Matt Cowan, curator of the excellent Horror Delve. In this snowy story, first published in the charity anthology O Little Town of Deathlehem, we encounter the spirit of the season in more ways than one... DIRECT DOWNLOAD
December 08, 2020
024 - Passenger From Crewe by Frederick Cowles
In this show, we are hoping to bring a chill to your Yuletide this year with a special series of ghost stories for Christmas. And we are starting out with the tale of a curious train journey that took place, not so long ago, on a dark and damp December night - Passenger From Crewe by Frederick Cowles. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
November 30, 2020
023 - Silent Snow Secret Snow by Conrad Aiken
As winter approaches and nights grow long and frosty, Mr Jim Moon has an eerie tale of whispering snow and icy secrets that's guaranteed to bring you a chill! DIRECT DOWNLOAD
November 21, 2020
022 - Mother Carey by John Masefield
An eerie poem by John Masefield, drawn from authentic maritime folklore, concerning the dark forces that await sailors on the high seas! DIRECT DOWNLOAD
November 12, 2020
021 - The Sweeper by AM Burrage
In this episode we have a suitably autumnal tale, chosen by Mr Matt Cowan of - a classic ghostly tale for Halloween - The Sweeper by AM Burrage DIRECT DOWNLOAD
October 29, 2020
020 - The Horror Under Penmire by Adrian Cole
In this episode we are very proud to present a classic modern tale of the Cthulhu Mythos - The Horror Under Penmire by Adrian Cole, a story of Lovecraftian dread and ancient secrets lurking in mist-shrouded Cornwall!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD 
October 18, 2020
019 - The City in the Sea by Edgar Allan Poe
In this show we return to the weird verse of Mr Edgar Allan Poe to hear the seminal poem The City in the Sea first published in 1845. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
September 11, 2020
018 - A Troublesome History by Jim Moon
In this episode we have a ghostly tale from Mr Moon himself - a curious account of a very troubled house. This tale can be found in the new anthology Before You Blow Out The Candle Volume One edited by Marc Damian Lawler,  which has just been published in a third edition.  A second volume has just been published too which also features another story from Mr Moon.  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
August 27, 2020
017 - Wailing Well by MR James
"Tomorrow it is proposed that the Lower Master takes me by car to Worbarrow Bay in Dorset where the Scouts are in camp—it is further proposed that by the camp fire I should read them a story of a terrible nature, which I have made—contrary to my expectation." So wrote MR James in a letter dated 26th July 1927. And so, in this podcast, Mr Jim Moon invites you to take a place by the campfire to hear that ghost story from MR James, which was first told at a boy scouts camp on 27th July 1927. Gather round folks, for the dark tale of Wailing Well...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
July 27, 2020
016 - The Night Wire by HF Arnold
In this podcast we present a reading of one of the most celebrated tales ever published in Weird Tales. An eerie story of mysterious transmissions and a strange, menacing fog - The Night Wire by HF Arnold. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
July 18, 2020
015 - What the Scarecrow Said by Vachel Lindsay
A little chill for a summer night, a weird verse from poet Vachel Lindsay that may make you think twice before wandering by cornfields after sunset...
July 03, 2020
014 - The Man Who Went Too Far by EF Benson
As it is midsummer - a time of magic and mystery - we have a tale of sunlit horror from the great EF Benson. In The Man Who Went Too Far we discover ancient and terrifying powers are very much alive and well in the heart of the English countryside. DIRECT DOWNLOAD
June 20, 2020
013 - The Moor Ghost by Robert E Howard
In this little show we have an eerie poem from Robert E Howard. While he is best known as the creator of Conan the Barbarian and other two-fisted heroes, Howard also wrote a great deal of verse, much of it on weird and fantastic themes. The poem in this podcast takes us back England in years gone by, the days when gibbets still stood at crossroads...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
June 12, 2020
012 - The Colour Out of Space by HP Lovecraft
Something strange falls from the skies, and a creeping terror comes to earth. Considered to be one of his best stories, here is The Colour Out of Space by HP Lovecraft, a masterful and far-sighted fusion of science fiction and horror, complete and unabridged!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD FOR THIS EPISODE
June 05, 2020
011 - Far Below by Robert Barbour Johnson
What secrets lurk in the subway system? What horrors dwell deep in the bowels of the earth beneath our cities? Far Below by Robert Barbour Johnson has the answers!  A tale of subterranean terror which was voted by readers to be the best story ever to be published in Weird Tales ! 
May 28, 2020
010 - He by Guy de Maupassant
A tale of terror from one of literature's greatest writers. Guy de maupassant wrote many novels and hundreds of short stories, and is recognised as a giant of French literature. However he also penned a series of haunting tales about the strange and the macabre. The story Lui? known either He? or sometimes The Terror asks us if we are ever truly alone, or is there an unseen other haunting us...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
May 19, 2020
009 - The Brass Murders
This week Mr Jim Moon delves into local history and folklore to unearth a true tale of crime, madness and the Devil - the strange case of the Brass Murders! DIRECT DOWNLOAD 
May 06, 2020
008 - Teacups by Thom Burgess
In this show we have a tale from a modern master, Mr Thom Burgess, who has created a string of highly acclaimed ghostly graphic novels.  His latest opus, a collection of short tales entitled Nyctophobias which delivers twenty very good reasons to be scared of the dark. One story you will find in this gorgeous illustrated anthology is a deceptively innocent sounding tale called Teacups...   Get your own copy of Nyctophobias here All profits from the book go to the Australia Zoo for the care of animals affected by the Australian wildfires DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 25, 2020
007 - From Beyond by HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft is regarded of the one of the masters of the 20th century horror story, but a good many of his tales also contain a great deal of science fiction. And this early short tale is a prime example of how Lovecraft fused science and terror...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 08, 2020
006 - Dreamland by Edgar Allan Poe
Mr Edgar Allan Poe surely needs no introduction, but as well as writing a legion of classic horror tales, his poetry often went to dark and strange places too...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 08, 2020
005 - The Open Window by Saki
Mr HH Munro forged as successful career as a writer under his pen name Saki, and is now hailed as one of the masters of the short story.  Many of his tales contain a dark humour, and a good few ventured into the realm of the weird and the macabre. Here is a short classic by Saki detailing a most unusual haunting...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 08, 2020
004 - Seaton's Aunt by Walter de la Mare
While Walter de la Mare is usually best remembered as a highly respectable poet, he also wrote a good deal of fiction, and in particular, several highly individual tales of the macabre. . One such story is Seaton's Aunt, which in a  visit to a friend's quiet country house leads to some strange and haunting experiences...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 08, 2020
003 - Rats by MR James
When we talk of ghost stories, there is one man who is reckoned to the master of all - the great Mr James. And tonight we present one of his finest little creepy stories, a cautionary tale about prying into rooms that stay locked for good reason...   DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 08, 2020
002 - The Red Room by HG Wells
While the great HG Wells is best known for his pioneering science fiction, he also wrote come cracking tales of terror too. Indeed this story The Red Room is reckoned by many to be one of the most terrifying ghost stories ever written...  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 08, 2020
001 - An Introduction
Welcome to the the Great Library of Dreams Podcast, where we present readings of classic tales of the weird and the wonderful! Here you will find stories of the magical, the mysterious, the marvelous, and the macabre!  DIRECT DOWNLOAD
April 08, 2020