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Hypnotic Healers

Hypnotic Healers

By Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
Join award winning hypnotist, author and speaker Anthony Gitch along with co-host hypnotist and confidence expert Nicole Mazzucato for a fun, inspirational and informative conversation.

We are dedicated to hypnosis and hypnotic change workers. We intend to educate the public in the variety of techniques that are used in the world of hypnosis and we want to allow them to get to know the people who work in the field.

We release a new and exciting episode every Wednesday with phenomenal guests and a message of hope, inspiration and motivation.

Let's have fun!

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Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E17 Collaboration

Hypnotic Healers

Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E21 Gratitude for Change
In this week's episode of Hypnotic healers, Nicole and Anthony have a really good discussion around being kind to yourself and thanking your subconscious for making changes. Consciously thanking your subconscious or unconscious for playing ball and making the changes you've asked for is an important part of the change work; it's the part of the process where you acknowledge and show gratitude to yourself, thus improving the most important relationship you will ever have, and inviting your crew to continue making positive changes. Join the conversation!  Hypnotic Healers is brought to you by Nicole Mazzucato: Anthony Gitch:
September 28, 2022
Hypnotic Healers S2E20 Homework
In this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers, Nicole and Anthony discuss an array of things surrounding client responsibility. As a hypnotherapist and /or hypnocoach, we all know that the client needs to be willing to responsibility for their choices and the change work they are going to embark on with us; part of this includes taking action on anything they agree to do between sessions. Some hypnotists like to give 'homework' or things for people to listen to or work on, and there can be huge value in these tasks. Join the conversation as we dive into our own ideas around responsibility and homework. Hypnotic Healers is brought to you by Nicole Mazzucato: Anthony Gitch:
September 21, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E19 Be Bouncy
Join Nicole & Anthony in this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers as we discuss resilience, being more bouncy and learning to be humble through your own self-awareness. We really enjoyed this free flowing conversation here we have a deep dive reflection into emotional intelligence, emotional awareness and navigating the choppy waters of taking things personally vs being able to recognise that other people's responses are not about us. Join the conversation! Hypnotic Healers s brought to you by Nicole Mazzucato: Anthony Gitch:
September 14, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E18 Teaching
In this week's episode Nicole and Anthony discuss teaching. Both teachers in our own right, this healthy discussion looks at the importance of understanding different learning styles when teaching and training, why a variety of interactions types are important and why students may disengage and how to get them to reengage. Join the conversation! Hypnotic Healers is brought to you by: Nicole Mazzucato Anthony Gitch
September 07, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E17 Collaboration
In this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers, Nicole & Anthony talk about the first Annual CONTROL System Colloquium which took place in the UK on 26th August 2022. Through collaboration and teamwork, we have been working closely with our friend Tim Box to put together this event for the community of CONTROL practitioners. Join us as we talk about all the work that went into this event behind the scenes, what worked well, what we learnt and what we will do differently next year. We really zoom in on the benefits of collaborating with people on projects, and we discuss how our dynamic works between the three of us despite how different we all are and our varying opinions on things.  Join the conversation! Hypnotic Healers is brought to you by: Nicole Mazzucato Anthony Gitch
August 31, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E16 Travel
In this episode of Hypnotic Healers, Nicole & Anthony go a bit around the houses as we discuss the stresses and joys of travelling.  For some people travelling is the source of a lot of strain and even fear, while for others it is the source of relaxation, joy and excitement. We discuss the difference aspects of travel and how we approach it from booking through to the experiences we have had on our trips. We also discuss ways of making the entire experience a pleasant and joyful one from a place of calm and gratitude.  Join the conversation!  Hypnotic Healers is brought to you by:  Nicole Mazzucato  Anthony Gitch
August 25, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E15 The Blame Game
In this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers Podcast, Nicole & Anthony discuss blame and guilt. Blame and guilt can lead to unhelpful resentment and anger, self-sabotage and self-deprecation, none of which will lead to healthy happiness. But how do we let these things go if someone has done us wrong? We dive into this topic and give some insight into how to let go of these patterns, we share some of our own experiences and we look into why these feelings can be damaging.  Join the conversation! Hypnotic Healers is brought to you by: Nicole Mazzucato Anthony Gitch
August 17, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E14 HypnoThoughts Ten Review
In this week's episode Nicole & Anthony catch up on Anthony's experience at the HypnoThoughts Live 10 Year anniversary event in Las Vegas. HypnoThoughts is one of the leading networking and learning events in the Hypnosis industry, bringing together hypnotists from all over the globe to share their wisdom, teach each other what they know and introduce people. Anthony has been going to this event for a number of years and once again, delivered some excellent presentations which got great feedback from his audiences - get ready for some snippets ;) Join the conversation! Hypnotic Healers is brought to you by: Nicole Mazzucato Anthony Gitch
August 10, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E13 Impromptu Hypnosis
Join Nicole & Anthony in this weeks' episode of Hypnotic Healers as we discuss the importance of impromptu hypnosis. So many hypnotherapists shy away from doing any kind of public demonstration as they lack the confidence, have the idea that it will be terrible if it 'doesn't work' or they don't know how to do demos. Being able to do impromptu hypnosis is not about embarrassing people, rather about showing people something amazing; something they didn't know they could do. This is a great introduction into what you can help them achieve through the therapeutic side of hypnosis. Join the conversation! Hypnotic Healers is brought to you by: Nicole Mazzucato Anthony Gitch
July 27, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E12 Fluidity And Flexibilty
In this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers, Nicole & Anthony discuss how fluidity and flexibility in your thinking helps you grow and evolve.  When we find ourselves begin too attached to our ideas and beliefs, we shut out a whole world of possibilities and opportunities, often because we are afraid of what is unfamiliar. By flexing your thinking and opening yourself up to different ideas, you can connect with a wider range of people and ultimately be more successful in life. Join the conversation!
July 20, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E11 To Trance or Not To Trance
In this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers, Nicole & Anthony discuss all things trance. Having both been trained in modalities that formally induce trance as well as modalities and methods that use trance in various ways, we do a deep dive into the benefits of trance, some of the drawbacks and reflect upon our own experiences of being in trance. This is a huge topic and every single hypnotist will have their own ideas and opinions on this, we're just happy to talk about it and share our conversation with you. What's your experience of trance?  Let us know and join the conversation!
July 13, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E10 Jamie Vasilyan
This week we are honored to talk with Jamie Vasilyan.   Based in the UK, Jamie is a specialist in working with ADD/ADHD and has had great success working with this misunderstood group of people and helping them see their differences as a superpower rather than a hinderance.  He has a fantasitc website:   Check him out and enjoy the conversation.
July 06, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E9 Working With Teenagers
In this episode of Hypnotic Healers, Nicole & Anthony talk about a specialist topic and passion subject of Nicole's - working with teenagers and young people. While many steer well clear of working with the somewhat complex minds of our younger counterparts, both Nicole and Anthony have experience in working with this age group. In this discussion, we share some of our own experiences and insights into what's special, what's different and what's more challenging about this kind of work. Join the conversation!
June 29, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E8 Wins!
In this episode of Hypnotic Healers, Nicole & Anthony discuss the importance of celebrating your wins both in your practice and in life! We are normally quite good at pointing out when things don't go so well or thinking about how we could do things better, but part of a healthy and sustainable practice to to recognise and celebrate things that go well and the results you help your clients get. At the end of the day, you have to be your own cheerleader with in business and in life! Join the conversation!
June 22, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E7 The Great James Brown
In this conversation we go all over the place as we engage in fascinating discussion about all sorts of things, rooted in the idea of playfulness, with the brilliant James Brown.    James is a delight to talk to; he's fun, interesting and really knowledgable... we could have gone on for hours but we had to stop somewhere! Join the conversation!
June 15, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E6 Boundaries and Responsibility
In this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers Podcast, Nicole and Anthony discuss the important of setting boundaries with clients and making sure that both client and practitioner are fully aware of their responsibilities in the process of working together. The most common problem amongst newly qualified practitioners is taking on the wrong client and not setting appropriate boundaries. While we all want to help our clients and we'd like to be able to help everybody, the reality is that we can't and we need to be able to select the right clients for us - there is a practitioner for every type of client in the world, we can't be right for all of them. Part of building of sustainable practice is making sure you know what your boundaries are with clients and being very clear on who is responsible for what in the relationship of practitioner / client.  We give some insights and tips on how to do this in a healthy way. Join the conversation! 
June 08, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E5 Dr. Kate Beaven
Join Nicole & Anthony as we talk to Dr Kate Beaven-Marks in this truly fascinating discussion. Kate holds a educational Doctorate in how hypnosis is taught and learnt, making her a true expert in passing on knowledge and helping people absorb that knowledge.  Kate's experience, fun demeanour, openness and incredibly impressive resume made this a really insightful and fun discussion which allowed for a lot of learning and growth. Don't miss out!
June 01, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E4 Christina Woods
In this episode of Hypnotic healers, Nicole & Anthony welcome Christina Woods, an RTT therapist from California.  Christina found us through a company called interview connections who approached us about having her on the show. Although sceptical at first, we are glad we agreed to have her on as she is an absolute delight. Christina started her hypnotic journey a year or so ago, changing careers from the education sector. She has since been putting herself out there connecting with people, talking on podcasts and getting her message out.  We really enjoyed talking to her and we're sure you will too!
May 25, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E3 Barb Davies
In this week's episode Nicole and Anthony welcome Barb Davies from Thunder Bay, Onterio Canada. Barb is a very calming soothing presence who has a background in social work and counselling. Working in an extremely stressful environment Barb came across NLP and hypnosis and started using her new skills with people around her until she became so busy doing what she truly loves that she was able to give up her job and set up her full time practice as a change worker.  Join the conversation as we hear Barb's fascinating journey through the healing arts.
May 18, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast - S2E2 Nicole and Anthony
In episode 2 of season 2 Nicole & Anthony discuss our journey so far with Hypnotic Healers and how much e have achieved as well as reflecting on the wonderful people we have interviewed over course of the past year. We also discuss dealing with what emerges in ourselves as we are working with clients and being able to notice these things and channeling them in a way that doesn't project our own stuff onto our clients - an important skill!! Join the conversation!!
May 11, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast S2E1 Challenging Clients
In this episode of Hypnotic healers, Anthony and Nicole discuss dealing with challenging clients. We all have them, no matter how long we've been in this profession, so we put it out there and have an open discussion about how we've dealt with them, get advice from each other and give some tips on what to do when you're faced with a challenging client. Challenging can mean all sorts of different things from resistant, to all over the place to us as the practitioner not seeing the wood for the trees! Tune in and join the conversation!
May 04, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #50 Philippa Gray, Bertie Ekperigin - The Rise and Shine Academy
This week we have the absolute pleasure of talking to 2 fabulous women, Philippa Gray & Bertie Ekperigin. These two women share their real selves in this 4 way conversation as they tell us about the trials and challenges they have been through to get to where they are now, and how working from the heart has guided them to their success. As the co-founders of The Rise & Shine Academy, Philippa & Bertie help newly qualified hypnotherapists become their best selves by getting out of their own way and helping them build the confidence and their businesses.  We LOVED talking to this wonderful partnership!
April 27, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #49 Glenn Jones - Creator of HypnoSummit
In this episode Nicole (especially) and Anthony are super excited to talk to Glenn Jones. Glenn is the creator and founder of the very successful online conference: HypnoSummit. Glenn tells us about how he got into hypnosis and the complementary healing arts, what inspired him to create something as wonderful as the HypnoSummit, his plans for developing things further and how this will connect people and help the hypnotic arts and much more. We are super grateful to Glenn for being the thread that brought us together to create Hypnotic Healers.  Glenn is super smart, interesting, insightful and great fun to talk to.
April 20, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #48 Debbie Allen
In this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers , Nicole & Anthony welcome our friend and fellow CONTROL Practitioner, Debbie Allen. Debbie is an inspiration in so many ways. She has had a thriving business teaching and training people to become massage therapists and complementary therapists for a number of years. Having met on the CONTROL training, Debbie explains her initial 'fear' of being put in a group with Anthony or Nicole due to their more extensive experience with hypnosis, only to find out that we are both supportive, kind, lovely and human!  Our friendship has only grown over the past couple years as we continue to support each other in many different ways.  Debbie is a true female powerhouse.  Join the conversation!
April 13, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #47 Beryl Comar
We are delighted to welcome Beryl Comar as our guest on Hypnotic Healers this week. Beryl was based in Dubai for many years and for a time was the only hypnotist in the area. She has done and continues to do great work in our field and industry, very much continuing the work of Dave Elman by educating doctors and dentists on how to use hypnosis in their practices.  Beryl is now based in Spain where she continues to train and teach people online.  This is one powerful woman!  Join the conversation!
April 06, 2022
Hypnotich Healers Podcast #46 Bob Martel
Join Nicole and Anthony in this week's episode of Hypnotic Healers as we talk to the super interesting Bob Martel. Bob has a very unique hobby of hot air ballooning and tells us how he plans to incorporate this into his very successful hypnosis practice. We also discuss marketing techniques as Bob was in sales and marketing for many years and has published a book on marketing to build your practice.  We hear Bob's story and journey as a hypnotist, talk about his book on Sleep and we have a laugh and learn some great insights from him. Join the conversation!
March 29, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #45 John Edgette
This week Nicole & Anthony have the pleasure of speaking to Dr John Edgette. John is a clinical Doctor of psychology who early on knew there was more to the eye than what he was being taught at college. He tells us of how he had to study hypnosis in clandestine manner while doing his doctorate so as not to jeopardise his qualifications. John has written 6 books, all of which can be found on Amazon.  He has travelled the world teaching people how to help others using the power of hypnosis.
March 23, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #44 Farida Gipson
This week Nicole & Anthony welcome Farida Gipson Burtt from the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, California.  Farida tells us about her journey through the healing modalities and how she has combined all her skills and abilities to become the wonderful practitioner she is. Recently graduated as a hypnotist and in the beginning stages of building her business, Farida has a wealth of elements that make her uniquely special. Farida is also a published author. You can find her book on Amazon: Messages from the Spirit Within. Join the conversation!
March 16, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #43 Mike Brana
Join Nicole & Anthony as we speak to Mike Branca all the way from Australia!  We were one 3 very different time zones for this conversation! Mike tells us his personal story of some struggles he has overcome, we discuss how he got into hypnotherapy, specialising in smoking cessation and training with Scott Jansen (see earlier episode to hear from Scott himself). We go deep with Mike and have great fun at the same time. Don't miss out!
March 09, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #42 Stephanie Skiba
In the Hypnosis world there is a very spectacular lady who is known to many in our industry but not for her skills as a hypnotist.... She is Stephanie Skiba! Much more than 'just the admin', Stephanie is one of the driving forces behind the ICBCH and HypnoThoughts. She knows everyone (and everything), she's on the other end of the phone for chat, a catch up, to sort you out and put things in their places. She has a front row seat to what goes on behind the scenes in the world of hypnosis - she can tell you about different trainings and which one might suit you best, who to go to for specific issues, who's up and coming and a whole lot more. Today she joins Nicole & Anthony to share her words of wisdom, her kindness and her reality from her side of the screen. We loved talking to Stephanie and you'll love listening to her! 
March 02, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #41 Mariana Matthews
You're in for a real treat with Episode 41! This week Nicole & Anthony speak to Mariana Matthews, a charismatic, successful, loving, joyful stage hypnotist that goes by the reference That Lady Hypnotist. Mariana shares her story with us of how she did a complete 360 after many many years to end up becoming a stage hypnotist later on in her life. She shares some struggles she went through and inspires us with her courage to pick herself up and become the best she could be in spite of other people trying to hold her back.  This is one fabulous female and we loved talking to her and hearing her stories and wisdom.
February 23, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #40 Dr. Chris Black - Lead In Love
Dr Chris Back is our guest this week and boy oh boy is he a fascinating person to talk to. Chris shares his story of a devastating illness which he went on to overcome against all logic and odds. His willingness to be open with us about his journey and how he has come to be a leading specialist in helping people with MS is vulnerable, beautiful and has something magical about it. Join Nicole & Anthony as we have this important discussion with the author of Achieve a Winning Mindset: A Journey of Healing and Truimph
February 16, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #39 Donna Bloom
Hypnotic Healers are really happy to talk with Donna Thaler Bloom from Long Island, NY. Donna is the fabulous founder of Wise Mind Hypnosis.  Originally trained as a 5 Path practitioner, Donna is very much an active part of the community.  She has a unique approach on how she works with clients and is very passionate about Ho'opnopono - a gentle method that moves mountains!  We loved talking to Donna and getting to hear her story and her progression as a hypnotist. She tells us more about how she helps people and we even got a taster of her favourite technique 💜  Join the conversation! Donna's website: Direct link to Donna's Ho'oponopono Handout:
February 09, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #38 Rory Z
Rory Z is a British hypnotist who now spends most of his time training people both as hypnotherapists and in street and stage hypnosis.  We hear about the very complete training he and his business partner have put together for their diploma course which brings together lots of different elements for a well rounded learning experience for trainee hypnotherapists. Rory brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him and is a great guy to talk to.
February 02, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #37 Daniel Ghanimé - Hypnosis around the world.
We are excited to be introducing hypnotists from around the world and this week we have with us Daniel who joins us from the Beirut, Lebanon. He is multi-lingual in French, English and Arabic and can even get by with his Swedish and Spanish.   Daniel shares his story of how he got into hypnosis and how living in a country with serious economic issues impacts his practice and the services he offers to local people. He has been supported on his journey by some great people in the industry who root for his success.  Daniel has a host of qualifications and affiliations as well as a wealth of experience.  While his business is called The Control Alternative, it has nothing to with the CONTROL System that we often to refer to on this podcast.
January 26, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #36 Willie Piggee - Kids Like Shoes
This week Hypnotic Healers is happy to introduce Mr. Willie Piggee. Willie has been in the industry for around a decade, starting out as a 5 Path practitioner, later furthering his education and incorporating new techniques and ways of working to get the best results for his clients. Like both Anthony & Nicole, Willie is a qualified massage therapist.  He has been running group stress reduction sessions throughout the pandemic which you can find on his Facebook page. What a lovely guy and great conversation! Don't miss out!
January 19, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #35 Steve Roehm - Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass
In this episode we are joined by Steve Roehm from Nashville.  Steve has been in practice for more than 20 years and is a renowned conversational hypnotist who helps his clients create change with mind bending language and by taking responsibility for where they want to be. His straight-talking, no BS approach is all about helping people 'get their head out of their ass!' - a phrase we know well on this show! Join the conversation...What have you got to lose?
January 12, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #34 Freddy Jacquin
Join Nicole & Anthony as we talk to Freddy Jacquin, the man Mike Mandel has referred to as the greatest hypnotist alive! Freddy is extremely experienced, knowledgable, fun, kind and wise, and we had a blast getting to know him. His humility is truly grounding and a great reference point for practitioners to take note from.  Don't miss out on this fun and enlightening conversation with the creator of the well known 'Arrow Technique' and the co founder of the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy.
January 05, 2022
Hypnotic Healers Podcast #33 Nicole and Anthony review 2021 and look forward to whats next
Join Nicole Mazzucato & Anthony Gitch as we take the time to hang out just the two of us to reflect on 2021 both professionally and personally and talk about some of the exciting things we've got coming up in 2022.  Hypnotic Healers continues to grow and we look forward to having you join us as we move into the new year with more exciting guests lined up. Wishing you all an awesome transition into 2022! To your success! 
December 29, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #32 - Ophelia Wang, Doing it her way.
What can we say about Ophelia except that this is one ambitious, inspiring and empowered women.  We learn how Ophelia works and how she is bucking the trend and doing it her way.   Currently based in Indonesia, Ophelia is a hypnosis instructor, audiobook author, and self-hypnosis teacher who integrates various techniques and styles into her practices, from mind coaching to Ericksonian hypnosis and from Yoga to EMDR, in both English and her mother tongue Mandarin Chinese.
December 22, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #31 - Mel Lopez - Spreadsheets and Spirituality
We love this women!  We love it when people are open and Mel is a open book.  Refreshing, funny and oh my what a talented women. Join us as we laugh and learn with Mel.  She specialized in eating disorders and tells us how she is able to help so many people. Find daily tips and inspiration to stop destructive eating behaviours on Facebook Or her website:
December 15, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #30 - Michael DeSchalit - Magically Hypnotic
This week we talk with stage and clinical hypnotist Michael DeSchalit.  We find out how he started in the business and how he has been able to make it through the lockdown in Vegas and the loss of a season of performing.  Come and get some great insights and learn about a really wonderful and caring human being.
December 08, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #29 - Christopher Holman: Lessons, Blessing and Understandings
Meet Christopher Holman.   Christopher is retired Air Force and a life-long student of anything he feels will add to his experience including multiple degrees and a masters. He is also one of the few black hypnotists that we have come across.   Nicole and Anthony wanted to understand why we do not see more black hypnotists or mental health professionals and although he can't speak for an entire people, Christopher did provide insight and understanding in this conversation.  We touch on white privilege, real walls vs. imaginary walls and we even touch on the idea of how epigenetics may play a role in the community as a whole. This was a great conversation and we hope you get as much from it as we did.  
December 01, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #28 - Paulette Deckers
In this week's episode Nicole 6 Anthony talk to Paulette Deckers from Everette, WA.  Paulette is a certified 5-PATH hypnotist and is also trained in Past Life Regression and Life Between Life work.   This conversation covers a lot of ground and we even learned some stuff about Paulette that we didn't know.
November 24, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #27 - Victoria Gallagher
We don't miss anything in this episode with the dynamic Victoria Gallagher.  We discuss what is happening in society today with negative thinking, being human, lazy thinking, her numerous books and mostly her specialty The Practical Law Of Attraction.  Join us and learn about her journey and her plans.
November 17, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #26 - Dr. Richard Nongard
This week we get to hang out with my friend and mentor Dr. Richard Nongard.   He is a leader in field of change work, training, book wrinting and event creation.  Nicole, Richard and I discuss his 12 week book writing course: , being present, the value of hypnosis and coaching, the ICBCH Winter Conference: , the fear of ferris wheels and so much more. Join us and see what golden nuggets you might find. 
November 10, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #25 - Dan Candell
We are happy to welcome Dan Candell to the show.  He is an accomplished author, speaker, performer, teacher and healer. Dan can be found at almost all the hypnosis conventions teaching others how to do everything from stage hypnosis to change work.
November 03, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #24 - Dawn Smith
What an awesome conversation we had with Dawn.  She is a women who was raised in a hypnotic household and has a passion for teaching people how to use their minds.
October 27, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #23 - Olga Tarrant
Olga is a hypnotist a BA student applying for her MSW and specializing in human trafficking and sexual trauma. She is a fascinating person to speak to and learn from and we both highly enjoyed talking to her. Don't miss out on the incredibly valuable insights and information Olga has to offer.
October 20, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #22 - Craig McKay
This week we have a conversation with our Scottish friend Craig McKay.  We learn how Craig went from a Merchant Marine to a successful hypnosis professional first in NYC and more recently in Nashville. He has a great gift for observation and insight.  Come take a listen and learn more about this amazing change artist.
October 13, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #21 - Ken Guzzo
We are so honored to have with us Mr. Ken Guzzo.  He is the creator of the "Guzzo Protocol" for smoking cessation as well as the creator of several other approaches to change work including his most recent E.I. or Evolution Intervention.   He is a regular presenter at HypnoThoughts and throws a great pool party every year at the start for all the attendees.   You can find out more about Ken below:
October 06, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #20 - Getting Things Done With Vicky Martin
We talk with Vicky about the Vicky Martin Method and how she got started with her campaign to create change in the Facebook world and how she helps create change in the lives of her clients.   Check out her amazing work on her site.  She has helped thousands of women across the globe through training, conferences, protest and general all around awesomeness.  We love Vicky and all she does to empower other women.
September 30, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #19 - Joseph Onesta on Reversing Diabetes and Religious Trauma.
Joseph spends some time with us discussing his most current book about reversing diabetes and we also talk about religious trauma with this amazing man, Minister and Hypnotist.
September 22, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #18 - Talking business and success with Jason Linett
Nicole and I have a fun conversation with Jason Linett.  A leader in the world of hypnosis and hypnotic business systems teaching others how to be successful and create multiple stream of revenue.   
September 15, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #17 - Cut The Crap with Karen Hand
Anthony has known Karen for years and it was a real joy to have her on as a guest.   Karen is experienced, fun, insightful and a great guest. She shares her story and a lot of great ideas. She also talks about her latest book release Trance Dance - make sure you go and get it, it's a great read!
September 08, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #16 - Having Fun With Hypnotic Mentalist Tracy Gray
What a fun guest. Tracy tells us how she got into the world of hypnosis and about her background and work in the field of science and research.  She has some fun with Nicole and we get to learn about her live class in Denver this November.  To learn more about Tracy and all she has to offer visit her web site:
September 01, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #15 - Going Deeper With Nickolas Ely
What a great guy Nickolas Ely is. We really enjoyed our conversation that explored many of Nik's talents and offerings.    Referenced material: Like Stories Of Old - LSOO - Dan Millman - The Way of The Peaceful Warrior -
August 25, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #14 -Getting To Know Sarah Pacaro
Sarah Pacaro is an RTT specialist in Gilbert, AZ. Sarah helps people overcome narcissistic abuse and become the best, strongest version of themselves. Her story is a true inspiration and certainly leaves hairs standing on end at points. We really loved having Sarah on the show - join in the conversation! Referenced material: Robin Norwood - Women Who Love Too Much Pia Melody - Facing Love Addiction - Melody Beattie - CODA -
August 18, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #13 - A Better Version Of Me with Tim Box
We are excited about this episode for lots of reasons.   1. Tim Box is our guest today.   2.  New recording equipment, so better sound!  Ok, maybe not lots but still great stuff.  A fun time is had by all in this laid back conversation with the UK's top anti-anxiety specialist and creator of the CONTROL System, Tim Box.  We talk about the CONTROL System, why it came about and what Tim envisions for the future.  We also talk about hypnosis and change in general so join us for a laid back visit our friend Tim.  Here is a link to Tims page and his TedTalk. Youtube Channel: Website: Tedtalk:
August 11, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #12 - HypnoThoughts21
I tell Nicole about my experience at HypnoThoughts this year.  And Yes, it was a blast. - check it out and get registered for next year.  Come have a good time, see old friends and meet new ones. 
August 04, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #11 - Howard Cooper and Rapid Change
We talk with Howard Cooper about building a social media audience on TikTok, we talk about his children's book "The Rustle Of Leaves", his work with children and change in work in general. The Rustle Of Leaves: Howard Cooper's - Rapid ChangeWorks YouTube Channel: His website: Check out all his amazing content.
July 28, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #10 - To niche or not to niche.
We discus the important topic of niching.  Should you niche and if yes, why? Lot's of ground is covered in this episode, please enjoy.
July 21, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #9 - Working hard with Scott Jansen
We talk to Scott Jansen, one of the industry leaders when it come to teaching others how to be successful with their coaching, hypnosis and NLP businesses.  Nicole is a long time student of Scott and she is apparently a BIG fan, lol.  Anthony had heard of Scott through some of Australian friends and most recently seeing his classes on UDemy as well but it was really nice to get to meet him and find out who he is and how he operates.  Like always Nicole and Anthony have fun and it was great to have Scott join in.
July 14, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #8 - Building Community
Nicole and I talk about our experience with the local and global hypnosis community.
July 07, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #7 - The CONTROL Workshop
Nicole and I talk about the CONTROL workshop we presented on the previous Saturday.   We announce that Scott Jansen will be out first guest on the show in just a few weeks.   
June 30, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #6 - Trauma
Nicole and I discuss trauma and how we work with it. Referenced in the talk is:   The Body Keeps The Score written by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. Autogenic training and a great beginner book for how to work with autogenic training is: Autogenic Training written by Micah R Sadigh The Wisdom of Trauma film and Gabor Mate :
June 23, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #5 - Imposter Syndrome
Nicole and I discuss Imposter Syndrome and well a lot of things that help to create the feeling of imposter syndrome. It's a fun conversation.
June 16, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #4 - Dealing with Anxiety
This is a fun discussion about anxiety and stress.   Here are a couple of links to some of the resources we talk about.  Tim Box's TedTalk - Tara Brach: RAIN:
June 09, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #3 - Tackling sleep issues
This is another great episode but there was a audio issue that was not discovered until editing so it is a bit short and chopped in a few places. Non the less and as I said it is still a great episode.  
June 02, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #2 - Gauging Success
In our second episode Nicole and I talk about gauging success.  How our clients gauge it and how we can help them see their success in real time. We talk a little about the reticular activating system and how that can sometimes hinder the recognition of the success we experience. 
May 19, 2021
Hypnotic Healers Episode #1 - Get to know your hosts Nicole and Anthony
In this episode you get to know a bit about who we are and why we decided to join forces and create the Hypnotic Healers podcast. 
May 08, 2021