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By Sabrina Greene
We are Aysha and Mena! This is a personal development cheat sheet podcast where we talk openly and candidly about failures, mistakes, hard times.. you name it! We also talk about how we turned those experiences into wins and break-throughs. We invite guests to share their stories as well. Our hope is that our audience can take these nuggets and apply them to their own lives.
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F2W Meets Ashari Wallace
Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker, Advocate, Mentor, and Author of From the Dark Shadows to a Vibrant Light: Poems for the Victims and Survivors and Perpetual Radiance-31 Day Devotional, Ashari Wallace, specializes in specialties from child/adolescent and life transitions. Believing that representation matters in the therapeutic field she diligently worked through her personal trials to building communities of support and foundations of safe, creative spaces, and techniques for each of her clients. We sat down to talk about the many roles she engages in and the ability to identify when it is time to practice what we preach. Long-awaited is the transparency most may need when thinking of the role mental health plays in every individual's life. Whether you are in the field or a human being experiencing day-to-day resilience this podcast is a must-listen.🎧 Follow Ashari Wallace 👉🏽INSTAGRAM                                    👉🏽 WEBSITE Follow Fails2Wins       👉🏽 INSTAGRAM I2heal                         👉🏽 INSTAGRAM  Just for listening get a free one on one session with Intent2Heal at 
August 13, 2021
F2W Meets Michael Muriett From Be Better Today
Our guest Michael has experienced a great tragedy that no parent should have to face. The loss of a child. In this interview, he gives deep insight into how this affected his family and his faith. He is tireless in his efforts of educating others dealing with loss and grief of all kinds. He is a motivational speaker, teacher and up and coming author.  Instagram Linkedin
March 22, 2021
F2W Meets Ashley DeLuca Marketing Expert
In this episode we have the wonderful pleasure of speaking with Ashley DeLuca founder of Ashley K DeLuca marketing. She shares a profound story of finding your own strength and having amazing success helping others. We learned so much from this interview! I would replay it if I were you! Website Podcast
March 15, 2021
F2W Meets Tondalia CEO Clarity and Confidence Coach
Tondalia Shaw is a self-made life coach and spiritual wavemaker. She is a Clarity and Confidence coach who also founded her own clothing line on Instagram called the CEOSHOP. She specializes in helping multi-passionate women gain clarity and the confidence they need to crush their goals and take action! She shares her beautiful life story with us, and we promise you will learn a lot from the golden nuggets that she shares. 
March 08, 2021
F2W Meets Jordanne Pallesen CEO and Founder of Julep Marketing
In this episode, we get to meet Jordanne Pallesen who is the founder and Ceo of Julep Marketing! Her goal is to help entrepreneurs and businesses into the press! She shares with us amazing media tips and of course how she turned a business fail into a win. Her story of how she overcame failure is absolutely candid and eye-opening. We can learn a lot from Jordanne. Do not miss these delightful life lessons she shares with us.  Linkedin Twitter Instagram Don't forget to support our podcast by following us on Instagram and visiting our coaching services website! (psst. the first session is ALWAYS free!) You can also throw us some cash and help us keep the show going by visiting the Support page and clicking the shiny money sign in the middle!
February 15, 2021
How to Communicate with Undermining People
How to Communicate with Undermining People:  You’ve probably been there. Dealing with someone who doesn't take you seriously Maybe it’s your career. Maybe you want to eat healthier. Or maybe you’re making more frugal choices to get your finances in order. Whatever the impetus, most of us have dealt with a friend or family member who seems to enjoy knocking you down a peg. It may seem harmless enough, but it can take an emotional toll. You start to doubt yourself, you feel a lack of support, and you become resentful. Being undermined is not fun to deal with, especially if you hate confrontation. But it’s best to nip an undermining friend in the bud before you reach a boiling point. Here’s how to go about it. Tip: Find the right place, time, and emotion to express your needs. FREE Content: Visit Check out our ebooks:  Make Your Life Amazing- During a Crisis The Bday Book: A Short Birthday Themed Bible Devotional 2021 // F O L L O W.   Website |  Instagram | @i2heal Facebook |  i2heal Twitter | —  //AYSHA B
February 04, 2021
Season 3 Special Edition Episode With Dr. Malika Grayson
It is our first and very special edition Season 3 Fails2Wins episode with Dr. Malika Grayson. She is the author of the book "Hooded" based on her journey getting her PhD in mechanical engineering. She is also the founder of STEMinist Empowered LLC, where she educates and guides women of color on going after their advanced degrees.  Dr. Grayson has been featured in the press by Cornell University, ADELPHI University, and Loop just to name a few. As an engaging keynote speaker, she uses her platform to inspire and educate others.  She was a wonderful guest with so many resilient nuggets to share with us, especially bringing in the new year! You can find her:
January 18, 2021
2021 Fails2Wins Cool Podcast Updates
Welcome to the beginning of season 3! This season we will be starting off with an unaired special episode! Our focus will be resilience this season, and our first episode will focus on exactly that! We will also include fewer interviews and more convo with just the two of us surrounding mental health and family topics. We will also be doing giveaways and all sorts of freebies this season! Give us a listen so you do not miss out! Find Us! IG@Fails2Wins Anchor.Fm/Fails2wins 
January 13, 2021
F2W Meets Richard Matthews the HERO Maker
We sat down with Richard Matthews (akathealchemist) host of the HERO show. Husband, father, business coach and owner of  who travels full time with his team creating HEROic Brands! He talks about how he embraced his "Fails" from the age of 9 years old after reading the book  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and starting his first business at the age of 13 through some experiences in his successes. He aids others in creating 6 Figure income from all that he has learned and "Failing Forward". He now travels with his family and team helping clients generate the legacies and freedom of their dreams! Learn more: Website: Podcast: Facebook: Instagram:
October 19, 2020
F2W Meets Tina Hicks CEO and Founder of "Jolt Of Energy"
Hello everyone! In this episode, we had the wonderful pleasure of meeting with Tina Hicks the CEO and Founder of "Jolt of Energy". Tina is an accomplished health and wellness coach who shares wonderful life nuggets about resilience and happiness. This interview is very upbeat and high powered. Tina shares a wonderful testimony on how she got where she is today. If you would like to find Ms Tina she is available on 
October 13, 2020
F2W Meets Natajia of Mindfrotravel
All the way from the Bahamas and after traveling to so many diverse places Natajia was inspired to  create an Antiracism Coaching Company called, Mind Fro Travel. Promoting humanity through cultural awareness is a great passion of hers. You can hear it in her voice!! One of our favorite conversations has been a gift to us during this sensitive time! Listen now, and share with someone you know! Facebook: Instagram: Youtube:
October 05, 2020
F2W Meets Janis Isaman Founder of Body Couture
We interviewed the Owner of My Body Couture! She is a mother, speaker, facilitator, instructor and business owner who has had to make life changing decisions, and adjustments in the face of her "fails"  to become the role model that she is today. Janis Isaman's experiences make it easy for her clients to open up to her about, not just their physical problems, but their lives as her approach of one-on-one, "discipline-agnostic" coaching, targets the very things that holds us back from seeing progress. She shares her story, advice about community living, as well as her tips on different ways ask for help when you need it! Check her out on her Website: Instagram:  @mybodycouture
September 28, 2020
F2W Meets: Roman Propkopchuk
In this Fails2Wins episode, we interview Roman Propkpchuk CEO and Founder of Nova Zora Digital. In this episode he drop some awesome life nuggests on us that we can all share! He manages to balance self-care along with marriage and taking care of their beautiful foster family. Roman leverages his past life experiences and turns them into wins time and time again! You can find him @ & Instagram @ romanprokopchuk 
September 22, 2020
Season 2 Episode 2: Fails2Wins With Margo!
This week we are talking with Margo Helman! She is an accomplished Clinical Social Worker and Therapist! She specializes in "Mindful Listening" and dealing with difficult relationships. She will share some awesome nuggets with us about how to navigate through relationship fails and how to turn them into wins! You can find Margo @ListeningMargoHelman on Facebook!
September 14, 2020
The Hard Talks: Voting in The African American Community #GoodTrouble
This episode kicks off our season 2 of Fails2Wins. We are getting into the #Goodtrouble by opening up the dialogue about voting in the African American community. We discuss some of the issues we have dealt with when bringing up the issue of voting with our family and loved ones. 
September 07, 2020
I burned the pizza...soo I made fish sticks instead!
This episode highlights expectations and what it means to have them, even during dinner time! But obviously yes I totally botched dinner!
July 24, 2020
Inspiring Guest: Meriwether Ball CEO & Founder of
Our very FIRST guest on our bouncing baby show! Meriwether Ball is an amazing Navy Veteran who has a passion for helping Marines and their supporters. She shares with us how she survived through life and her passion for helping the military community. This has been a very humbling and insightful conversation. I PRAY that all of you glean lasting lessons from this conversation
July 18, 2020
"Grandma's Hands" Lessons Gleaned From the Past
In this episode we shed some light on the importance of the lessons our grandmothers have taught us. There are so many things going on in the world that is hard for us to process. Therefore we must look to our past wisdom and learn from it so we can get through. In this episode coach Barber talks about the OG.. GRANNY COACH BARBER! She will share with us some of the wisdom Granny Coach Barber has taught her. We hope this enriches your life as well. 
June 27, 2020
Mommas and the fam
Me and Aysha finally hop on and talk a little bit about our family lives and how family and relationship roles have developed in American history
June 19, 2020
PT 1: Is there a Jesus for black people? Medium article discussion
In this weeks segment we will be discussing some of the history involved in America's race relations and how it is entwined in American Christianity.
June 16, 2020
Housekeeping! January 11th Webinar Support Systems and Systems of Thinking
This is our first webinar of the year available in our podcast. We do various themes each month to supplement our regular weekly posts. This months theme is housekeeping! In this episode we talk about support systems and systems of thinking to get you ready for the rest of the year. 
January 12, 2020