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5th July 2013

An episode of Iain Lee on BBC 3CR Best Of Podcasts

By The Iain Lee Vault
Every best of podcast from Iain Lee's time at BBC Three Counties Radio from 2013 to 2015,

Listen to Iain Lee & Katherine Boyle's current show on talkradio.co.uk every weeknight at 10pm!
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Every best of podcast from Iain Lee's time at BBC Three Counties Radio from 2013 to 2015,

Listen to Iain Lee & Katherine Boyle's current show on talkradio.co.uk every weeknight at 10pm!

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13th November 2015
The last ever BBC Three Counties Best Of podcast - There's a competition over who can do the best Wogan. Meanwhile Simon cries after not being offered a sausage roll and Justin is angered by the streets
March 1, 2019
6th November 2015
Iain and team tackle the big questions: Is Disney any good? Where's Wally? What did Dave want?
March 1, 2019
30th October 2015
Tony Blackburn co-hosts the podcast. That's really all you need to know
March 1, 2019
23rd October 2015
Ugly Pop Stars, songs with 'ah ha' in and lots of other rubbish
March 1, 2019
16th October 2015
Short stories, lyrics you've passed off as your own & radio auditions
March 1, 2019
9th October 2015
Are eggs haunted? What can we do to help our elderly callers? Who won Bake Off? This week Iain and team solve all these mysteries and more in a pursuit of the truth
March 1, 2019
2nd October 2015
Some sound advice, silly calls and Barenaked Ladies (the band)
March 1, 2019
25th September 2015
The inventions of jogging and pockets... and lots of karaoke
March 1, 2019
18th September 2015
More callers, more bants and more fesity bits
March 1, 2019
11th September 2015
Why is the Queen better than you? What pop-culture impacted your bath time?
March 1, 2019
4th September 2015
It's a feisty one this week! Also features Squeeze and The Hollies
March 1, 2019
28th August 2015
Iain is back, Robo-Dave is back & it turns out Sammy Travel will believe anything you say
March 1, 2019
14th August 2015
This was recorded in case Iain died potholing. Spoiler alert: He didn't. But if he did...
March 1, 2019
7th August 2015
Iain decides to celebrate the legends before they die, he starts with Gerry Marsden
March 1, 2019
31st July 2015
Great bants, great calls, great vibe
March 1, 2019
24th July 2015
Eastenders Reggae, new radio games and magic from Pete Heat
March 1, 2019
17th July 2015
Parents are trying to save Penn School, a special school in Buckinghamshire from closing
March 1, 2019
10th July 2015
Iain Lee celebrates the birthday of Ringo Starr & pensioners call in to make BBC adverts
March 1, 2019
7th July 2015
Iain Lee marks the 10th anniversary of the 7th July London Bombings with exclusive stories from two survivors
March 1, 2019
3rd July 2015
Iain talks to Peter Tork from The Monkees & there's a new kind of poker - Berry Poker!
March 1, 2019
26th June 2015
We're 30 years old, insults by kids & Owen Elliot-Kugell, daughter of Mama Cass
March 1, 2019
19th June 2015
More fun and games from Iain and team, plus a special appearance from a long-lost celeb!
March 1, 2019
12th June 2015
A brand new game called Lock Poker was invented & Pete Heat created radio magic
March 1, 2019
5th June 2015
Magic tricks, prank calls and plenty of Mr. T
March 1, 2019
29th May 2015
Where's your nan? Did you cut the cheese? All the important questions are answered
March 1, 2019
22nd May 2015
Waffles, Eurovision and complaints from children
March 1, 2019
15th May 2015
Welcome to another episode of The Pod Show! Hear what happens down The Rabbit Hole & a tribute to BB King
March 1, 2019
8th May 2015
Bobby Hart joins Iain Lee and we celebrate National Paul Scoins Day #NPSD
March 1, 2019
1st May 2015
The Rabbit Hole is officially open! Find out how you can be a member
March 1, 2019
24th April 2015
There's a lot of exclusive content within this Podcast, only a certain amount of people will know about it. SShhhh
February 28, 2019
17th April 2015
Iain Lee reads Nickelback lyrics, Justin Dealey sings Percy Sledge and 9-year-old Mia has something very odd in common with 69-year-old Horace
February 28, 2019
10th April 2015
Iain tests out a new radio feature and a 3-year-old interviews (and pwns) our Political Reporter
February 28, 2019
3rd April 2015
Toilet Beatles songs, haunted slippers and David calls in to list the names of his cats
February 28, 2019
27th March 2015
A mouthful of goodness
February 28, 2019
20th March 2015
Innuendo Heaven
February 28, 2019
13th March 2015
Iain compiles a list of arrogant animals & cities, plus a listener remixes the show
February 28, 2019
6th March 2015
We hear a little bit too much from some of the callers and Iain argues with a ten-year-old
February 28, 2019
3rd March 2015
A Tony Blackburn special
February 28, 2019
27th February 2015
Iain takes listeners to see Fifty Shades of Grey and reporter Justin Dealey falls on some ice
February 28, 2019
20th February 2015
Tony Blackburn steals the show. Timber! And we get closer to Fifty Shades of Mayhem
February 28, 2019
13th February 2015
Iain tries to arrange a jolly boy's outing... however there appears to be an intruder. Will Producer Kath get her way? Find out in this episode of "50 Shades of Mayhem"
February 28, 2019
6th February 2015
Very dodgy
February 28, 2019
30th January 2015
You've got your hang ups
February 28, 2019
23rd January 2015
The Ladies Perspective
February 28, 2019
16th January 2015
Howard Kaylan from The Turtles spoke to Iain Lee... And Justin has some competition from the ladies
February 28, 2019
9th January 2015
Mr T (look-a-like) turned up and we paid a spontaneous tribute to Dave Dee
February 28, 2019
2nd January 2015
Dave Davies from The Kinks spoke to Iain Lee... But other than that the podcast is "a hodge-podge of a mess"
February 28, 2019
23rd December 2014
It's a Reggae Christmas Special with an open door policy! Listeners were welcome to pop in on the show this week... and they did
February 28, 2019
19th December 2014
Christmas lies are told this week, and the Podcast is voiced by a little Angel, aged three
February 28, 2019
12th December 2014
Dirty sport and cheeky weather
February 28, 2019
5th December 2014
Missing Extremities
February 28, 2019
28th November 2014
Educational: In this podcast you'll learn some life lessons. You'll also learn the words to Reggae Christmas
February 28, 2019
21st November 2014
Big Daddy Splash
February 28, 2019
14th November 2014
Chris Packham, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, The Archers and Dutch Ovens
February 28, 2019
7th November 2014
This pod is dedicated to Frank Sidebottom and Iain Lee's fragile throat
February 28, 2019
31st October 2014
Hear the moment Iain loses his voice on-air. Sadly, it means this is a pocket-sized pod this week
February 28, 2019
24th October 2014
UB40, Neil Diamond and Fanny are some of the house hold names that feature in this podcast.(There are other things too. And some of it is good. Some)
February 28, 2019
17th October 2014
NO public kissing, NO paternity leave and NOnsense. Plus Iain talks to a father who has sent his daughter to school in a mask because he's scared she'll catch Ebola
February 28, 2019
10th October 2014
We find out about how intense plumbing really is, and Billy who told us about The Mystery of the Abbots Langley Fire Brigade helps Iain present the show on Friday morning. Also, the Boa constrictor song is remixed by some rock stars/kids
February 28, 2019
3rd October 2014
We dedicate this podcast to Eileen off of the Dexy's Midnight Runners hit. There's also something very special in here for the lads
February 28, 2019
26th September 2014
A market trader in St Albans pulls his tooth out. There are other bits in this podcast but that's the main thing worth mentioning
February 28, 2019
19th September 2014
Stories of pulling out your own teeth and getting your finger stuck take over the podcast this week
February 28, 2019
12th September 2014
Serious bits, funny bits, more mind reading ev (evidence) from Justin Dealey and maybe a bit too much Matt Lockwood
February 28, 2019
5th September 2014
It's a celeb special! Matt Allwright hangs up on Dave Luton and Elvis Presley calls in
February 28, 2019
29th August 2014
Classic bants with the team and a whole lot of Dave Luton. It's so weird that he's from Luton and his last name is Luton
February 28, 2019
15th August 2014
Iain has his regular beef with his regular callers. And find out if they finally solve the mystery of the Abbots Langley fire brigade
February 28, 2019
8th August 2014
Featuring an in depth report on deadly spiders (an earwig, Daddy Longlegs and house spiders) and Iain tells you why he thinks the moon is arrogant!!
February 28, 2019
1st August 2014
The show has a brand new catchphrase: 'If you hear a whisper give us a shout 'Producer Paul Scoins created (stole) the new catchphrase (from an old lady) and Justin takes it to the streets
February 28, 2019
25th July 2014
This podcast involves THAT incident. You know the one. The one that involves Kath. Yes, that one. Oh and Iain plays radio chicken with his team
February 28, 2019
18th July 2014
Iain plays the new song from Elton John, Dave in Luton records the podcast links, he also announces his love for Mark Whats? And there's a nice dose of Je' T'aime
February 28, 2019
11th July 2014
Duncan Bannintine? Who? And more wise words from Matt Lockwood. There's also two very feisty interviews inside this podcast. You've been warned
February 28, 2019
4th July 2014
Iain asked some cracking questions this week including 'what's your favourite motorway', Reporter Matt Lockwood was still banging on about that heron and Iain did not speak to Mark Bego about Glen Campbell
February 28, 2019
27th June 2014
The 'getting stuck in a lift' phone-in went where we didn't expect. And reporter Matt's concerned a giant heron might be about to get ridden in Watford
February 28, 2019
20th June 2014
If Iain's not arguing with the callers this week then he's singing along with them
February 28, 2019
13th June 2014
Iain Lee was accused of starting anarchy in graveyards and caller Ken cuts the cheese live on air
February 28, 2019
6th June 2014
Matt Allwright calls Iain and was left in silence.Iain plays a very special request and reporter Matt sings the Northern Kokomo
February 28, 2019
30th May 2014
Bank holiday B-team banter, callers record the links to the podcast and we find out if Geoff drives
February 28, 2019
23rd May 2014
Iain has a feisty call from Darren about child support maintenance. He argues with his callers, then argues with his team. Then he argues with his callers some more and then argues with his team
February 28, 2019
16th May 2014
Darcus Howe, cats, snakes and gay penguins. Iain calls this "the best podcast he's ever done"(we're not so sure)
February 28, 2019
9th May 2014
Mystery bangs, ghosts and a burst stomach
February 28, 2019
2nd May 2014
Another random mix of calls and banter with Iain Lee. Plus a caller who says the fire service are scum
February 28, 2019
25th April 2014
Warning! This Podcast contains no real content. Iain puts Mrs Mills head to head with Mrs Miller and talks brown sauce and Reggae
February 28, 2019
11th April 2014
Iain tries to convert a caller in to liking The Beatles. He brings you the latest on Yarl's Wood immigration centre and the granddaughter of the man who invented Ribena calls in
February 28, 2019
4th April 2014
The team discover they have special powers. Iain offers dating advice to tall Sophie who went on a date with a small man and he invents a brand new song. Before you ask, yes, it is just as annoying as 'Christmas time lalalala'
February 28, 2019
21st March 2014
Which weighs more a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks? It was a debate that took over the show. Also hear the call from "Steve", the P.E teacher in Luton
February 28, 2019
14th March 2014
Busway bother and toilet talk
February 28, 2019
7th March 2014
Homesexual parents are encoraged to adopt children but callers to Iain Lee say it's wrong. There's a serious battle over George Harrison and the team try to clear up the dirty verges in the three counties with a very catchy song
February 28, 2019
28th February 2014
We discuss some of the rudest place names in the UK. Plus Tina Beloveth Powerful returns to the show and we receive a very sad phone call from long time listener Helen
February 28, 2019
21st February 2014
Iain tries to bring back the balaclava, he attempts some awful accents and meets two Erics. It doesn't sound exciting, but it actually is
February 28, 2019
14th February 2014
Homosexuality abortions Godlessness are to blame for the bad weather
February 28, 2019
7th February 2014
CBB's Andy Day was interviewed by children, East 17's Tony Mortimer was interviewed by Iain and bald men are unhappy people. Fact
February 28, 2019
31st January 2014
It was a tough week, Iain cried on air over Matt in Lutons story and there was an argument over smoking in parks. Plus reporter Justin Dealey's mind was boggled by a magic trick
February 28, 2019
24th January 2014
Iain reminds the three counties of the 1963 hit 'The Singing Nun' and the team start up a swear box for charity
February 28, 2019
17th January 2014
The uncomfortable interviews with the PCC Olly Martins
February 28, 2019
10th January 2014
Tears, laughter and looking for sugar man
February 28, 2019
20th December 2013
Iain opened the doors to Three Counties Radio and invited you all in
February 28, 2019
13th December 2013
The earworm that keeps on giving, the almighty power cut, MP's pay rise and a caller who claims Jesus was gay
February 28, 2019
6th December 2013
Your Mandela memories, a really boring story about Karen Brady, plus the regular calls and banter
February 28, 2019
29th November 2013
Iain selects ambassadors for the three counties, Melvyn (not the real one) Bragg stops by and there's confusion over a track by The Beatles. Oh and due to technical problems Iain had to record the links down the intercom
February 28, 2019
22nd November 2013
Doctor Who celebrations with Mitch Benn, Steve Berry and a David Tennant. Iain also looks in to the origin of the word 'grotty'
February 28, 2019
15th November 2013
Tony Robinson's knighthood, what third party really means and Producer Kath's "phone-in" Car Confusion Call Me Now
February 28, 2019
8th November 2013
Chas n Dave were the hot topics once again, we were on the hunt for the best loo and Iain discovered twerking
February 28, 2019
1st November 2013
Meet the man who can prove aliens exist, Iain discusses 1960's suburbia and he talks to Dennis Locorriere from Dr Hook
February 28, 2019
25th October 2013
Joe Brown and Dennis in Dunstable were the hot topics this week and Iain had a feisty interview with Stephen Hall from The Barnfield Federation after complaints with the way it's being run
February 28, 2019
18th October 2013
Cilla Black impressions, the panda debate and Iain hears from a woman who is repulsed by "enormously fat people"
February 28, 2019
11th October 2013
Havardor Harvard
February 28, 2019
27th September 2013
Iain is sent the new single by Chas n Dave... but does he get to speak to them about it?
February 28, 2019
20th September 2013
GTA V causes a heavy debate and Iain gets the best call he's ever had on radio... ever
February 28, 2019
13th September 2013
WARNING: There's a lot of singing and whistling in this podcast... Oh and some other stuff too
February 28, 2019
6th September 2013
Cliff Richard releases his 100th album and it's all you wanted to talk about. Iain reunites two sisters-in-law live on air and finds out how you like your bananas
February 28, 2019
30th August 2013
Things you like and Jason Bourne
February 28, 2019
23rd August 2013
Justin Dealey Hijacks Iain's podcast this week. In it you'll find GCSE results, Ugly Hemel, bad jokes and what Iain thinks about Justin doing his job!
February 28, 2019
9th August 2013
Eyesight competitions with Tony Blackburn and Doctor Who, no seriously, who?
February 28, 2019
2nd August 2013
Iain rants about topless people in parks, finds out whether you have to be a deviant to try online dating and reporter Justin Dealey suffers a serious injury from his letterbox
February 28, 2019
26th July 2013
Celebrations for the Royal baby, Iain asks should you have to speak English to live in the UK and there is a double on-air apology
February 28, 2019
19th July 2013
Childrens services to close at Bedford Hospital, top tips on keeping cool and Iain admits to never hearing Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven'
February 28, 2019
12th July 2013
Paul Gascoigne, Sir Elton Johns appendix and confusing cricket scores
February 28, 2019
5th July 2013
Hanson, Margaret Thatcher Day and impressions of Andy Murray
February 28, 2019
28th June 2013
Iain rants about Wimbledon, offends caravanners and threatens to borrow reporter Justin's shirt
February 28, 2019
21st June 2013
Iain delivers a very sophisticated podcast this week, he'll be talking about his lallies', finding out why women don't like short men but do like SheWee's and he'll also share his experiences with UFO's
February 28, 2019
14th June 2013
Iain admits to cheating on The Weakest Link and has a bit of a break down on air with JVS
February 28, 2019
7th June 2013
Iain rants about Dr Who for two whole days and asks would you rather give your money to a beggar or a busker?
February 28, 2019
31st May 2013
Iain plays Paul's Coins with reporter Paul Scoins (see what they did there?), he sings along to the first ever Now! compilation and has a go at the big phone-in, asking the very important question 'What have you left on the roof of your car?' And Barry from Watford
February 28, 2019
24th May 2013
Is old people snogging in public wrong? Iain Lee wants to know what you think. We also find out what George Michael was doing lying on the M1, and what does Iain's perfect evening involve?
February 28, 2019
17th May 2013
Welcome to the Iain Lee BBC 3CR Best Of Podcasts
February 28, 2019
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