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Real Talk! w/ Marc-Anthony

Real Talk! w/ Marc-Anthony

By Marc-Anthony
Lifestyle, Community, Entertainment, Perspective
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BYOT (Bring Your Own Tots)
On this episode: 1). Ever thought about becoming an ordained minister? Miller High Life is fixin' to hook you up! 2). Beavis & Butthead movie dropping this month…whaaat?! 3). This cruise line is GIVING AWAY 1,000 free sailings - I’ll tell you how to enter. 4). The VANS collaboration y’all need in your life! 5). The cast of Napoleon Dynamite is holding a screening and conversation that you’re not going to want to miss! Link with me on social: IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @RealMarcAnthony Tap into #RealTalk the Podcast Playlist, here’s the link: Those of you who reach out and say hello, thank you so so much! It literally means everything! Sending love, peace & music... > Marc-Anthony
June 05, 2022
The 411
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk The Podcast, I'm your host, Marc-Anthony (IG:iammarcanthony) On this episode: Selena Gomez launches a mental health campaign with @RareBeauty. Live Nation announces $25 “ALL IN” tickets (a must if you love live music). Post Malone new album alert!!! (finally?) Bad Bunny’s major movie announcement (Latino takeover). Vinyl Me Please is opening an “audiophile-grade” vinyl record pressing plant (Vinyl headz unite!) Mathematicians suggest the 37% rule for the biggest decisions in life (ya'll think this is a legit way to move?) Brands that will no longer work with influencers who digitally alter their images (UK leading the way, per usual). Thank you so much for hanging out today on #RealTalk The Podcast - I love you all! Your support means so much! Please like/subscribe/share!! It would mean the world to me! You can find all of the music in this episode on my Spotify Playlist (#RealTalk The Podcast Playlist), here (Link): Connect with me on social: IG: @iammarcanthony Twitter: @RealMarcAnthony Link to Apple Podcasts:
May 02, 2022
Midnight Train from Denver to Moab.
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk the Podcast, I’m your host (Marc-Anthony) - thank you so much for tuning in and hanging out for today’s show. Coming up: 1). Miley Cyrus announces first-ever album. 2). A glass-domed train car that will take you from Denver to Moab. 3). Love 420? New dating app that allows you to seek out your weed soul-mate. 4). ASAP Rocky announces his new whisky. ____________________ Closing Statement: New You, New Wardrobe Don't forget to listen to/add #RealTalk the Podcast Playlist on #Spotify - with tracks featured from this episode. Here's the link: Link with me on social: IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @RealMarcAnthony Love all ya'll for the support!!
March 29, 2022
Pacific Northwest Kickoff
🚨 Welcome to another episode of Real Talk The Podcast, I’m your host - Marc-Anthony, thank you so much for tuning-in. Broadcasting from the show's new home, in the Pacific Northwest.  👀 Be on the lookout for the updated Real Talk The Podcast Playlist on Spotify, where you’ll find songs featured on today’s episode, and so much more. On today’s episode:  1). Cognac vs. Brandy (what’s the difference?) 2). POV: Why brain training games don’t work (according to a behavioral scientist). 3). MGM officially belongs to Amazon.  4). Unreleased Prince album release is in the works. Closing Statement! Cheers, Love, Respect! Thank you so much for tapping in to #RealTalk - please subscribe/like/share and don’t forget to add #RealTalk The Podcast Playlist to your Spotify Playlist. Here’s the link: Connect with me on social: IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @RealMarcAnthony
March 20, 2022
What you're passionate about is a forever game.
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk The Podcast, I’m your host, Marc-Anthony - thank you for tuning in & welcome! On today’s episode: 1). An indie rock band has come up with a (potentially genius) an unique hack to maximize their money per listen on spotify. 2). Snoop Dog purchases the legendary Death Row Records 3). You can now pay to join the “mile high club” in Las Vegas $$$ 4). Dolly Parton’s major announcement for employees of ‘Dollywood’ 5). Amazon Prime prices will be taking a hike in a few days, here’s how you can avoid it (temporarily). Closing Statement:  A lesson in finding your "passion" #RealTalk The Podcast Playlist available on Spotify  Please like/subscribe/share I love you all, thank you so much for the support!! Connect with me on social: IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @RealMarcAnthony
February 12, 2022
Ozark Vibes, No Sleep
Welcome to another episode of #REALTALK the Podcast, I’m your host, Marc-Anthony (running on fumes, 2 hours of sleep and major caffeine) - thanks to the new season of Ozark dropping yesterday. Annnd OMG - this show doesn’t miss, EVER! GO, WATCH IT…NOW! Thank y’all for tuning in!! 1). When We Were Young Festival, Lineup + a second day has been added 2). J. Balvin to lead a docuseries on mental health 3). Selena Gomez drops a new ice cream flavor, yummmm 4). AirBnB restored an abandoned house and you can move-in for the summer rent free 5). Bruno Mars and Anderson .PAAK announce Vegas Residency 6). Mark Cuban (Shark Tank, Dallas Mavs) launches a pharmacy that sells affordable, generic drugs. Don’t forget to tap in to this weeks update #REALTALK The Podcast Playlist on Spotify (which I update every week). The playlist includes all the tracks you hear in the podcast and more! Here’s the link: Connect with me on social: IG: iammarcanthony  Twitter: @REALmarcanthony
January 22, 2022
New Year’s “Restitution”
🚨 1st Episode of Season 2! #RealTalk The Podcast, I’m your host Marc-Anthony, welcome to the show, take 1! Let’s goooo…. On Today’s episode: 1). News for Fraggle Rock Fans>>> 2). Update on Coachella>>> 3). If you’re a hip-hop fan, you’re a NAS fan & I’ve got some major news for you.>>> 4). Corona debuts a new drink for “Dry January.”>>> 5). A Lil’ touch up on the mind of Doja Cat.>>> 🙌🏼Closing Statement: New Year's "Restitution" 🎶 Listen to the weekly, updated #RealTalk The Podcast Playlist here: Catch up with me on social: IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALMarcAnthony So much love to you all; your support means everything. Let's stay driven and take it to the top this year! XO
January 07, 2022
Loving People, But From “Across The Street.”
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk The Podcast, I'm your host Marc-Anthony! On today’s episode: >Megan Thee Stallion inks a major deal with Netflix;>> >Rihanna’s SavageXFenty line has some new drip available;>> >Tik-Tok kitchen “delivery only” service? I'd try it.>> >My girl “Baby Girl” better known as Aaliyah - drops a new single and new album slated to arrive (very soon).>> >New Oreo flavors, fixin’ to hit shelves in 2022. ____________ Closing Statement: Loving people where they are, but from across the street. _____________ Be sure to tap into the updated #RealTalk The Podcast Playlist that I’ve created on Spotify; Here's the link: Find Me & Follow on social: IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @RealMarcAnthony Happy Holidays, FAM! I love y'all, thank you so much for the support - WORLDWIDE!!
December 20, 2021
Reframing Rejection
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk The Podcast, I’m your host, Marc-Anthony.  On this week's episode: 1). Jodeci (the R&B group) is set for a comeback to the music scene, nearly 30 years after their first album dropped. 2). Who’s performing and headlining the Rockville Festival in Daytona Beach in May (the lineup is insane, for every show! 3). A newly FDA approved procedure that people that wear glasses or contacts are gonna want to hear! 4). How to stop past thoughts from lingering, as told by a neuroscientist. Closing statement: Reframing Rejection! Don’t forget to check out my weekly Spotify Playlist (Real Talk The Podcast Playlist), which I update weekly (here’s the link): Catch me on on social: IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @RealMarcAnthony Sending y’all love, good energy, life, light & music. XOXO Marc-Anthony
December 12, 2021
The Hitlist
Hey Y'all, Welcome to another episode of Real Talk, I'm your host Marc-Anthony!  On today's episode: Cardi B releases a new vodka infused whipped cream (limited amounts available) - I'll let you know how you can get your hands on some. ** The iconic house from 'Home Alone' has partnered with Airbnb for an exclusive stay, to celebrate the Disney + release of Home Sweet Home Alone (wanna go?) ** I've got an exclusive mocktail list menu for all you non-drinkers to celebrate with your drinking friends. ** Hitting you with this gem of a list for best laundry detergents to get your gym/workout clothes smelling fresh (because, real talk, some of you extra need it). ** I'll explain why couples use "baby talk" with one another (backed by science).  Closing Thoughts:  YOU get to decide who/what is family, not the other way around - tap in for some motivation. IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony Real Talk The Podcast Playlist Link:  Thank you all so much for the love and support - I cherish every single one of you. Love, Peace & Music XO, Marc-Anthony
December 06, 2021
Back Again For The Very First Time
Welcome to another episode of >>> #RealTalk with Marc-Anthony. >> 1). Maxwell returns with a new single/big news and a 2022 tour. 2). The Harry Potter film franchise turns 20 this year, and fans just received the best birthday gift ever! >> 3). Big Boi teases a new single with English singer/songwriter Kate Bush (if you don’t know Kate Bush, Maxwell did a remake of her song called ‘This Woman’s Work’) >>> 4). How to file a claim, to grab a piece of TikTok’s 92 million dollar, class action lawsuit. >> 5). Mental Health Awareness: Why the phrase “We need to talk” (WTF!!) causes so much anxiety and what to say instead. 😍 RealTalk The Podcast Playlist on Spotify - My music picks for this week >>> Here’s the link:  >>>On Twitter: @RealMarcAnthony >>> IG: iammarcanthony  Give me a follow and see what I’ve been up to. As always, sending y'all love & light; I appreciate every single one of you. ✌🏼
November 16, 2021
Millennium Things
Welcome to this week's episode! #RealTalk the #Podcast with Marc-Anthony...  Coming up: Bow Wow & Omarion announce 2021 millennium tour! Killer Mike joins season 4 of this major netflix show. I’ll hit you with all the details about a luxury train ride through the american west! GruHub and Resorts World link on this major announcement. Marley One psychedelics (tinctures) to hit the market soon. TLC announces a Crazy Sexy Cool Tour with Bone Thugs and an A&E 2 hour documentary, drops in 2022. #RealTalk the Podcast Playlist on Spotify, showing early 2000’s some love; Updated by yours truly - weekly. Here's the link: Subscribe/Like/Share Love y'all and sending you peace & clarity! Catch up with me on social: Twitter: @REALmarcanthony IG: iammarcanthony
June 27, 2021
Life, Faith & Coaching with Transformational Mindset Coach (Piper Dominguez).
Fresh & insightful conversation with amazing Transformational Mindset Coach and friend, Piper Dominguez. Learn to live your own magic and step into success. (
June 23, 2021
Get Rid Of Your “PR” People
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk The Podcast with Marc-Anthony! 4th of July plans - it’s going down in Vegas! I’ll hit you with the details!; Big announcement from summerfest, regarding Dave Chappelle!; New EP from Juice Wrld & an HBO documentary, on the way; Posty drops an insane amount of cash on his new grill!; DayNVegas lineup announced - who's going?; #RealTalk The Podcast Playlist on Spotify - shout out to the dirty south, reppin’ those tracks - here's the link: Closing Statements: Stop being the PR person for your friends & family! Connect with me on social! IG: @iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony Please like/subscribe/share! Love you all for the support!! Thank you so much for the love!!
June 16, 2021
Finding Favor In ‘L’ Seasons
Welcome to another episode of Real Talk the Podcast, w/ Marc-Anthony! Juice Wrld & Nipsey featured on the new Maroon 5 Album; Austin City Limits drops the lineup: Zilker Park/ 3-Day passes start mid $500’s for General Admission; Wu-Tang Clan will performing with an orchestra this summer, find out where!; Billie Eilish announces city line-up for 2022 tour, did your city make the list?; Universal Hip-Hop Museum in the Bronx!!; Please enjoy snippets from this week’s #RealTalk the Podcast playlist, that I update weekly with variety of music - this week, an ode to old school hip-hop. Love the music you hear on today’s episode? I always include a link to the Spotify Playlist I have created, so that you can follow & enjoy the playlist I create, each week. Closing Statements: How will you act in the waiting room of life? Link to #RealTalk the Podcast Playlist on (SPOTIFY)! I update this playlist weekly - follow/subscribe! Social Media (let's connect!):  IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: REALmarcanthony Please share, like, subscribe! Thank you all so much for your love & support! Peace!!
May 26, 2021
Passion, For The Win
#RealTalk The Podcast w/ Marc-Anthony. Harry Potter Butter Beer Bar (NYC); National Masturbation Month (May) - a business woman is offering her employees this unique perk; Louder Than Life Tour INFO!; Cardi B drops her new footwear collection with Reebok; Lil Jon (Lil Jon Eastside Boyz) hits us with an HGTV Show that looks very interesting! Spotify Playlist (#RealTalk Podcast Soundtrack) - look for the link. Stop chasing the ‘dream’ that really isn’t even your dream. Success means doing, being, creating things & ideas that you’re passionate about. Your original thoughts, passions, creative flow & love for the thing that you are super excited about - is also the thing that I will gladly support. Like, Subscribe & Share! Thank y'all sooooo much for the support and love! XOXO Don't forget to follow me on Spotify for the new Playlist I've created (follow this link): IG: @iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony
May 19, 2021
Protect Your Energy
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk the #Podcast with Marc-Anthony Quick Look: Nipsey’s Marathon clothing links with Puma for a collaboration; Miller High Life finna pay someone 20k to be their ambassador; Kat Von D drops her new single from her forthcoming album; 21 days to form a habit is a myth? Let’s explore!; Clubhouse (the app)TOP clubs to join. ALSO... My closing thought on Protecting Your Energy! Spotify Podcast Playlist for the week: Please like/subscribe/share Love y'all so much for the support! Let's link on social: IG: @iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony
May 09, 2021
Trust The Process
Real Talk the #Podcast w/Marc-Anthony John Mayer signs-on for his own talk show (sounds extra fly!!); Details on the new Billie Eilish Album + preview; Kanye and WalMart in a beef over what?; Outside Lands announces the Halloween line-up and tix release info; Another major milestone for Posty; Making decisions surrounding uncertainty. IG: @iammarcanthony Twitter: REALmarcanthony **PS: I created a playlist on my Spotify that will have the songs from this episode (Podcast Power Hits) - give me a follow and follow the music. Here's the Spotify Playlist: It would mean the world to me, if you subscribe/like/share - tell a friend about the podcast. Love you all, XO! Marc-Anthony
April 30, 2021
The Phoenix
#RealTalk with Marc-Anthony #Podcast First podcast in the new city, just touched down… DMX public announcement details in NYC; Eazy E’s Daughter says this very important rapper is refusing to appear in her Dad’s documentary; Peloton links up with this powerhouse to hype your new workouts. Lot's of #RealTalk on the episode. Love Y'all - Peace & Light! IG: @iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony
April 17, 2021
BoxNBurn Official!
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk w/ Marc-Anthony! Just fresh off the block in Santa Monica (BoxNBurn Academy) where I completed my level 1&2 certifications. Shout out Tony & Glen!! I'll be taking my talents to a new city/state - I'll be announcing the new location soon!! Ariana Grande announces she will be the new Coach on this show; Burritos or Bitcoin? Details on how you can win from Chipotle and; UFC legend signs a boxing contract to fight in Mexico against this fighter... Love Y'all!! Please like, subscribe, share! IG: iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony
March 30, 2021
St. Paddy’s Day ☘️
#RealTalk w/ Marc-Anthony WRLTK Radio Quick & cool history on St. Paddy's Day (Cheers)!; Evanescence = new graphic novel series; Triller acquires Verzuz; Janet Jackson Documentary; When does Disneyland open?  Thank you for the support! Love & Light! Drink a green drink for me... Like, Subscribe & Share IG: @iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony
March 17, 2021
The Drop!
Welcome to another episode of #RealTalk the Podcast w/ Marc-Anthony WRLTK Radio! Letssss GOOOOO (Da Baby Voice) "We locked in" Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak link up to form a new group!!; The return of YO! MTV Raps on Paramount +??;  Win $50, courtesy of Jameson Whiskey for SPTO!; LMVH and Jay-Z = Champaign with the Campaign; Wednesday Addams get a Netflix show produced by Tim Burton; Rugrats hits (Paramount +) after 30 years with the original voice cast;  Wanna make $500,000?  And OF Course New Music Friday Drops!!! Thank y'all for the support - I see you and acknowledge every single of you! Link with me on social: Twitter - @REALmarcanthony >> IG - @iammarcanthony Last weekend of Feb... what the?!?! Like, Subscribe, Share
February 26, 2021
#RealTalk #Podcast with Marc-Anthony -- @radiokdawg -Lauryn Hill certified DIAMOND!! -Karate Kid creator talks “Karate Kid” the Broadway musical and “More than Miyagi” a documentary on the actor that played Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). -Demi Lovato reveals she can no longer drive: partially blind (new documentary Demi Lovato: dancing with the devil) drops on March 23rd. 8 dating slang words to add to your vocabulary (millennial version) How often is it acceptable to wash your clothes & mask? I deleted tiktok (simply because, like so many people, it’s extremely easy to find yourself needlessly scrolling out of boredom). I want & need to be more intentional with my time… So RIP my tiktok account. Why I officially no longer support the Raiders & never will again. Ending note: Stop glorifying the “busy effect” - be intentional with your your time, effort, people & boundaries. Thank y'all for the love & support - I see you! Connect with us on social: Twitter: @REALmarcanthony @radiokdawg
February 18, 2021
The Spontaneous Express
Sabbatical over! Hope y'all are doing well - let's get right into it >>> New resort in Las Vegas slated for 2024 (although this is what makes it different than the rest); Quick Spotify hack for you & your friends; You've heard about being verified on social media, but how about verified in your neighborhood - there a way but it'll cost 3k; Universal Music group links with TikTok; Dallas Mavericks pave the way for no National Anthem before home games; Aunt Jemima announces the new name (for its syrup); Rihanna puts the pause on this FENTY line; New single/drop from Nipsey Hussle/Jay-Z; New true-crime show on Netflix (are you gonna watch?) US/Worldwide - I see y'all listening & subscribed -- I appreciate you more than you know.  Welp, back into 2021, lessss goooo! Want to follow my playlists on Spotify? DM for the link Vibe with me: @REALmarcanthony (twitter)
February 18, 2021
13 till 2021
This week's episode of #RealTalk: Eminem drops a new album, listen to a snippet of the new single!; Travis Scott announces the official release of his new alcohol; Tik-Tok terminating accounts of users that simultaneously have Only Fans accounts?; WTF is wearable Ketamine?; Oh & here's the link to the recipe for Eggnog Rice Krispy Treats: Sending love, light and energy to you all... Thank you so much for the support, let's stay connected!! Twitter: @REALmarcanthony Peace, Marc-Anthony 
December 18, 2020
Space Owl Vibes!!
...On #RealTalk this week we (co-host: Sarah B.) discuss: Cardi B in legal trouble, in what could be a landmark case!; Megan Thee Stallion links with Tinder, to give away 1MIL #PYOTChallenge; Netflix & Meditation in 2021!?; New Apple Drop!!; Meow Wolf in a copyright lawsuit; The return of Ed Hardy; Kanye is trash - per usual, I'll explain why; FKA Twigs taking Shia L. to court for this reason and; Jay-Z is putting the cannabis game on NOTICE!!  I'm thankful for each person who supports what I do; thank you so so much, it means more than you know! Twitter: @REALmarcanthony TikTok: iammarcanthony IG: iammarcanthony Reach out, let's connect!!!
December 12, 2020
Hot Topics
Friend/Social Worker/Mom/Fighter for Justice (Sarah B!) joins me on this week's episode as we talk: social media/relationship #RealTalk; When is it ever ok to switch sports teams (bandwagon fans); how to score a free flight to Hawai'i & work remotely; thoughts on COVID vaccine; Stricter guidelines for emotional support animals on airplanes. Twitter: @REALmarcanthony - let's link. Thank you so much for listening and your support, it absolutely means the world to me. Please like, subscribe & share.
December 04, 2020
In The Thrill of Winter
WRLTK Podcast Radio: Whole Foods offering insurance for your botched Thanksgiving meal (Details); Could memory be told through the eyes?; Erykah Badu wants to have a versus battle (left vs. right nostril) - I'll tell you why; FDA approved this groundbreaking concepts as a legal prescription; A device that helps you sober up by hyperventilating?; A woman on Reddit cancels Thanksgiving for this reason; AMA's - who's performing; Waiting for my Gym Shark joggers 30% off (on their website). Twitter: @REALmarcanthony Thank you for all of your support (world-wide), it means the world to me! Sending peace, energy & songz - forever! Let's connect! -MA
November 18, 2020
The Aftermath
Quick check in this week: Want to calm your anxiety in 8 minutes (I'll show you how); Everything she does is her last name! Ariana Grande has a historic week; On this day (GZA); 7-day mini-series brought to by Gucci, who's on the list & how you can watch; RIP Jonny Depp from this franchise & why; AND some of my favorite quotes from Henry David Thoreau.  Love all y'all for the support, worldwide!! #RealTalk w/ Marc-Anthony (Twitter: @REALmarcanthony) (IG: iammarcanthony) (TikTok: iammarcanthony). Let's connect!!
November 07, 2020
Big Changes!!
@REAlmarcanthony @radiokdawg talk: Big life changes; (would you date?) new episode; Pepsi & Biggie Smalls; What does it even mean when people say they "date to marry."; Ever had that "friend" who tries to one-up your whole existence? LOL; People's social media handles (for the most part) are trash, here's why; Animaniacs back after 22 years (nostalgia AF); How your behavior in childhood predicts whether or not you'll be single in adulthood; Hocus Pocus Reunion Special!!  Sending love to all who support this podcast, you mean the world to me - - I love y'all!! Oh, & if you haven't already... GO VOTE! 
October 22, 2020
Spooky SZN
First episode of Spooky SZN #RealTalk #Podcast Cardi B files for trademark that will be a gold mine; Lauryn Hill Legend?; Beard Baiting is a toxic dating trend; Amazon storing your palm print where?; Banksy drama; Tim Allen & Richard Karn (Home Improvement) hosting a new show!!; exposing your cheater after a breakup (classy or not?);  New Music Friday and more!! IG/TikTok: iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony >>>>> @radiokdawg 
October 02, 2020
Almost Fall: @REALmarcanthony & @radiokdawg
...#RealTalk W/Marc-Anthony @REALmarcanthony IG: iammarcanthony & @radiokdawg First a huge shout out to not only our fans in the U.S. but also to those checking in & listening in: Spain, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Dominican Republic, Malaysia and, Argentina!!! · Do Women leave personal items/things purposely in guys cars & houses – to “mark their territory?” · Mask Mouth is a real thing, how you can prevent it.  · Six Zero-Proof Liquors that almost taste like the real thing, for all you mocktail artists. · Is Casual Sex OVER, due to COVID? · Would you DATE: Someone with an ugly name? · Why do people wait until after the break-up to ACTUALLY GLOW-UP? · Why is it so hard to find good fitting men's clothing?! · How to Blur your residence on Google Street View
September 17, 2020
Labor Day Weekend Edition.
· Who should text who first & why is there an unspoken waiting period? · If you had unlimited amount of money for a week, what would you/spend it on? · Cultural appropriation alert!! The Adele controversy  · Bow-Wow roasted for this ridiculous reason... · Women hyping beards & Dad bods on TikTok? Hear our take on this... · WOULD YOU DATE....??? This week's edition is definitely a deal breaker for Marc-Anthony but not so much for K-Dawg · Why do people feel like they need to make their engagement proposals a public display? · New Music Friday: Gems of the week include (SZA feat. TY Dolla $ign – Hit Different);(Ozuna, Doja Cat, Sia – Del Mar); (Big Sean, Detroit 2, feat. Travis Scott – Lithuania AND NEED to listen to Big Sean feat. Nipsey – Deep Reverance); (Bryson Tiller – Inhale); (6ix9ine feat. Akon – Locked Up 2); (Lost Kings feat. DeathbyRomy – Hurt); (Phora – Destiny’s Song); · Mulan officially out on Disney + · Carol Baskin, AJ (Backstreet Boys), Nelly on Dancing With The Stars · The cast of 'Fresh Prince' will reunite to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary in September, in an unscripted reunion special for HBO Max. · Dr. Dre’s ex-Wife is asking for 2 MIL in spousal support... We both think it is very much deserved. · New LV residency with this artist!!! Insane!! We are looking for a female to join the podcast, if you are interested - DM us! IG: iammarcanthony TikTok: iammarcanthony Twitter: @REALmarcanthony /// @radiokdawg  Peace, Love & Success #RealTalk
September 04, 2020
Episode #22 DJ Kane (Kumbia Kings)
Checking in with my Brutha, DJ Kane (Kumbia Kings)!! New Single from DJ Kane & Baby Bash - Con Limon, about to hit radio soon & DJ Kane with his upcoming solo project (VIP preview of the new track!!), new record label & MORE!! Do yourself a favor & press ▶!!
August 27, 2020
Episode #21 Tino Cochino Radio
Chopping it up with long time friend & radio kingpin (Tino Cochino), as we talk about radio, his upcoming music drops, potential Roc Nation deal, 60+ radio markets, syndication, and so much more. Press ▶, follow, like & share. IG:iammarcanthony IG:tinocochinoradio
August 27, 2020
Episode #20
@iammarcanthony  Real Talk w/Marc-Anthony: Vanessa Bryant unveils Kobe merch  Toxic positivity is a failing trend  Why are people afraid to tell someone when they are failing?  7 things about hangovers that people think are true, which actually are not.  Would YOU date: Somebody who wanted to dress you only in the style they wanted to dress you in? Latest in the Tiger King saga  Ben Affleck’s new movie role  Highest paid musicians of 2019!  Justice for Jam Master Jay
August 20, 2020
Episode #19 💎
@radiokdawg & I talk: New Movies; Music Industry News (Drake & Taylor Swift make major moves); Rihanna & Fenty; Would You Date...? 👀; Why it's so hard for people to keep their word... & so much more! Subscribe, Share & Like!! Twitter: @REALmarcanthony
July 31, 2020
Episode 18
@radiokdawg & I chop it up on: Brain chip implants by Elon Musk; Mike Tyson fight news; Kanye threatens Kim K!; Best songs/Albums/Sneakers/TV shows of 2020 (so far) & so much more! Share, Subscribe & like! @REALmarcanthony 🐦 Love y'all!!
July 23, 2020
Episode #16
Episode 16
July 17, 2020
Episode #17
A drop for sneaker headz, Stranger Things creators getting sued, Absentia Season 3 tingz, Rapper Logic makes a huge 📢, Megan Thee Stallion update, Chipotle new menu item, What is "clean wine" exactly, New Drake music & MORE!! 🐦 @REALmarcanthony
July 17, 2020
Episode #15
Ozark Season 4 details; Sarah Jessica Parker coming out with with something with a new dating show; COVID parties for money? 👀; Personality tests junk science? LYFT makes a big announcement 📢 & more... press ▶ Follow me on Twitter @REALmarcanthony
July 02, 2020
Episode #14
Unsolved Mysteries coming to Netflix; New way to make money on IG; Walmart selling these knockoffs; Herd Immunity Festival!? I've got the details; J.Balvin & D. Chopra connect for the release of their meditation app. @iammarcanthony IG
June 24, 2020
Episode #13: A little bit on a lot...
I talk about a psychic artist who will offer you a game changing gift for a small price, 2 Chainz beef with the Escobar Family, Eminem lists his top 9 rappers of all time, the possibility of changing your personality in 2 weeks, the effect of Ketamine on the brain & more.
June 17, 2020
#12: SUMMER of COVID. Gear up & let's go!
I talk Goonies 2 rumors, best summer road trips, my relationship with Intermittent Fasting, Why now might be the best time to switch careers, how to get free Popeye's chicken tenders & the inside scoop on a necessary app for your iPhone. Press play & let the games begin! Please subscribe & share, I wish y'all love & success! IG: iammarcanthony
June 13, 2020
#11: Radio Remix, behind the scenes revealed with @badboycarlosd & @iammarcanthony.
@badboycarlosd joins me on this week's episode to talk about myths vs. reality when it comes to behind the scenes in radio; answering some of your questions. Catch up with us on the on the website (933 the Q)
June 03, 2020
#10: Escape from Reality with @iammarcanthony and @radiokdawg
@radiokdawg kicks it in this episode and we talk all things to give your mind a much needed break from the routine mental stress. Press play ▶ and vibe with us. It would mean the world to me, if you Subscribe and Share. Love y'all! you can also find the link to my podcast on the radio station (933 the Q) page, here:
May 28, 2020
#9: Memorial Weekend Check-In
Just a quick listen & check-in heading into the long weekend. I touch a little on the vivid dreams we're having during quarantine; best American made Whiskeys per several Bartenders across the nation; the first social distancing club and; the art of saying "no" and setting boundaries.
May 22, 2020
#8: Chop Shop w/ Radio Legend @BadBoyCarlosD (933 the Q). 🎧 🎙️
The Big Homie Carlos D joins me on the podcast, we talk entertainment, life, content, & lots of laughs. Subscribe & Share & I'll love you forever. Let's goooo!
May 14, 2020
#7: Coach D. Carpenter's take on NM Sports affairs, coaching, local talent & pitfalls of culture.
First, a huge shout out to one of our local women & military ⚔ members (listen to find out) for major honor! Dewayne stops by the podcast today to give some very interesting insight on coaching, playing, (the good, the bad), local talent and his expert takes on basketball 🏀 in NM. Good Stuff! Subscribe & Share, much love to you all!
May 13, 2020
Episode 6: Quarantine Talk
The homie @radiokdawg joins me today as we ear hustle during quarantine. Sending positivity, light & vibes - I hope you're staying safe & healthy. I would love, if you subscribe and share with a friend. ✌🏽 & ❤️ IG: iammarcanthony
May 01, 2020
Episode 4: Happy Hour series with (Jaxon) & (Jak) of Soul Divine.
I talk shop with the boys (Jaxon) & (Jak) of Soul Divine for the Happy Hour series. Music, life, relationships & business.... We go waaaay back! Add this to your faves, subscribe & share with your friends. Love, Peace & Health!
April 14, 2020
Episode 3 - Clinical advice during COVID-19 (IG: iammarcanthony) (Twitter: @REALmarcanthony)
I chop it up with co-worker & friend Jonny Sparks (Licensed Master Level Social Worker). Jonny gives us his clinical diagnosis of 5 characters in The Tiger 🐯 King (His new fave show); We talk balancing mental health and physical health during quarantine; The dynamics of parenting, home-schooling, maintaining a marriage - all while being stuck at home and; How to talk to your children about COVID-19 in an insightful and therapeutic way. Lots on the show today, please subscribe and share with your friends.
April 09, 2020
Episode #2 of Real Talk w/ Marc-Anthony (IG: iammarcanthony)
Cariño Padilla, friend & owner of Stretch Strength and Fitness in the International District, joins me on the cast today. We talk his roots, family, bieng and entrepreneur in the current climate, how he became a business owner & his vision for Albuquerque.
March 31, 2020
Episode 1
@RadioKDawg joins in the podcast to discuss life during COVID-19, music & life. Welcome to the kickoff show.
March 30, 2020