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I Am Necessary

I Am Necessary

By Marcel Johnson
What makes you necessary? The "I Am Necessary" podcast invites listeners to explore that question. Listen as our guests share what makes them necessary. Join our host Marcel Johnson (entrepreneur, former pro-athlete, motivator) as he shares this movement and talks to unique people about thought-provoking topics.
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A Woman's Perspective- My conversation with three strong and supreme women!

I Am Necessary

A Woman's Perspective- My conversation with three strong and supreme women!

I Am Necessary

Guy Code From our Perspectives (Ft: Serm and Rico)
What an opener for Season #7. Marcel and two of his childhood friends (Rico Coleman and Dwayne Jones) share their thoughts on a few Guy Codes. As you dig in and listen, you will begin to feel their nostalgic connection as this topic takes them down memory lane of growing up in Vallejo California. This one is really raw, honest, and something you need to hear. Their laughter will capture you and become contagious. Some of their language, slang and explicit stories will hit you right in the face. This episode was really important for Marcel to record because it took him back home to his beginnings and allowed him to reflect on his growth and how his community played a big role in that. These 3 fellas talk about the codes when it comes to: Dating your friend's sister / Getting with your boy's ex / Dealing with a friend who has a controlling woman / Do you get with your boy's crush / When your boy's significant other begins questioning you about him / Wingman duties and a lot more. Find a quiet space and enjoy. As always, thanks for listening and don't be afraid to donate to the platform. 
June 24, 2022
Self Worth: Do You Know Yours?
Marcel takes the booth with a repeat appearance from Juanita Owens and the two have an open dialogue about self worth. They discuss the meaning, the struggle to find it, advice for the listeners and much more. This was a fun topic for both of them but especially Marcel who loves the opportunity to inspire and uplift. As you will find in this episode, this is his Jam. Thanks again for tuning in. If your listening platform allows for comment or the ability to leave a rating, please do so. Marcel truly appreciates the support. Donate to this platform at:
March 18, 2022
Benavieri Counseling: Saving our children one session at a time
Teens today are dealing with way more stuff than we have ever seen before: trauma, stress, social challenges, and self-image to name a few. Young adults have a lot to process, it's not easy to drop the baggage of their childhood & begin to build a life of their own. They are “adults” , but might not feel like one all the time. In this episode, Marcel chats with Founder, Owner and creator of Benavieri Counseling, Laura Wood, to discuss signs, symptoms and potential solutions to help our most precious commodity redirect back to a thriving pathway.
February 01, 2022
Characteristics Of A Good Woman: From a man's perspective
Well ladies...Marcel had you in mind with this episode. This is the counter to his last show in which he had a fun conversation with 3 woman surrounding the characteristics of a good man. Marcel and his guests Kwame Crooks, DJ Jones and Antonio Jordan...go all in with a conversation that addresses topics related to women such as: How they feel about Yoga Pants Dating women with children Turn offs about women Why man ghost or go dark on women Features that are attractive about women Independent woman Insecure woman Rating the most important characteristics about a woman And lots more This is an episode that you may enjoy in seclusion or potentially hosting a wine influenced listening party. These gentleman really covered a lot of conversational ground within this episode and it's definitely something that you want to tune in for. To make a financial donation, please visit:  The proceeds from all donations received from this episode will go towards providing Christmas Gifts for families in need. As always, we thank your for listening and all of your support to this powerful platform. 
November 29, 2021
Today's Man: (From a woman's perspective)
Have you ever wondered what women consider to be good qualities in today's man? What are the cost of admission characteristics? If so, this is your episode. Listen in as Marcel solicits the input from (3) women (Juanita, Brayonna and Stephanie) in regards to their perspectives about the traits of a good man. They explore expectation opinions on: Skinny Jeans, ability to communicate, manners, performance in bed, faith/religion, ability to protect and much more. This episod
November 06, 2021
Listen To These 4 Minutes Daily
Bonus episode to reset your gratitude and humility.
October 31, 2021
The Barbershop Experience: Shop talk at Nu Look Barbershop
The experience of a barbershop is unlike any other. Barbershops in the African-American community, in particular, have served as a cultural staple dating back to the 19th century when most black-owned shops serviced white men. But, it was one of the founding industries that boosted the African-American economy after slavery was abolished and truly helped get some families on their feet. It was one of the first industries that allowed black men to become entrepreneurs and that all communities could support. Things may have changed here and there, in order to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of America, but the foundation for the barbershop has remained the same. Listen in as Marcel has a free form conversation with his boys from Nu Look Barbershop, located in Mesa, AZ. Kez, Twoin and Marc (Barbers at Nu Look...where Marcel gets his cuts) join Marcel in a freestyle conversation about all things Barbershop. If you currently frequent a Barbershop, you will be able to relate. If you haven't and have always you'll know.
October 13, 2021
Vallejo: When We Reminisce Over You
This is the episode! Marcel dedicates this show to his birth town on Vallejo. If you’re from Vallejo, this episode is for you. Marcel, his childhood boys (Dwayne “Serm” Jones and Tyrone Taylor) along with Katrina Rice talk about the Vallejo they grew up in. They also reflect on today’s Vallejo and brainstorm on ways to bring their city back to prominence! If you would like to show some love and support Marcel’s platform, you can donate by visiting:
October 02, 2021
The Rekindled Joy of Deep Talk With The Fellas
Marcel and his special guests (Kwame Crooks and Kenny Sylvester) allow his listeners to eavesdrop on a random and raw session in which the fellas share their perspectives and opinions on topics such as: +Purpose in life +Is blood truly thicker than water +The definition of a friend +What they get insecure about +The unforgivable and much more! Put your favorite cup to the door and listen through the wall.
September 28, 2021
Saluting The Single Mother
Single mothers please stand up and be recognized for the strength, love, sacrifices, joys and pain of single motherhood. Marcel spends time with and enjoys the company of two single mothers (Jennifer Vincent & Juanita Owens) that are making it through life with power and pride. They answer some tough questions regarding what life is like in their world and how they are doing their absolute best to navigate without the luxury of a compass. They discuss their guilt, consequences of choice, dating, how they go here and much more. They are indeed necessary.
September 22, 2021
Relating About Relationships With 2 Men & 2 Women
Tune in as Marcel and his panel of guests have an organic conversation from their “common folk” perspectives. They tackle questions from the must haves in a relationship, how often should you have sex, down to infidelity. This is a must listen!!
September 10, 2021
Step Into Your Power
Listen in as Marcel pours from his mind into your ear. Impromptu bonus episode in which he literally walked into the studio empty handed, turned the system on, recorded one time and walked out. We love when he gets into a mood like this. Enjoy!
August 31, 2021
Raising Bi-Racial Children In Today's Society
Tune in as Marcel and 3 of his friends (Jerry Evans, Keenan Bosworth and Dr. William Bottomley) have an open and organic conversation about raising bi-racial children and being in bi-relationships in America today. 
May 12, 2021
Surviving Domestic Abuse: Jessy's journey towards strength & freedom
Women experience 4.8 million intimate partner related assaults and rape in America, yearly. Tune in and meet Jessy Correa as she finds her voice to speak out about her experience. Marcel allows Jessy to flow with whatever entered her heart and mind during this session. Jessy opens up about what she endured, her blindness, submissiveness and ultimately finding the strength to stand in her power and leave. From surviving to thriving, guided by her faith. Support this platform by visiting: and clicking the support button. It all makes a difference.
May 06, 2021
Bipolar Disorder: Hear my heart! Preston Cannon's journey
With awareness comes responsibility. Listen in as Marcel shares his space with his family member to educate us on the Mental Illness known as Bipolar Disorder. These two relatives put it all on the table as Marcel gathers insight from Preston about his fight. The two talk about topics such as; the stigma associated with this Mental Illness / The symptoms / Bouts with mania / The differences between Bipolar 1 and 2 / How the illness affects his day to day life / Treatment / Prejudices / etc. If you or someone you know are in the fight, please tune in and have them tune in as well.
February 21, 2021
Fatherhood: The impact of your curriculum!
In this episode, Marcel and his special guests (Mike Pendergast & Montrey Everett) discuss fatherhood from 3 different perspectives. These gentlemen cover an array of topics from what they learned from their fathers, what we can do to prevent the breakdown of the family from a father's perspective, the consequences of an absent father and a whole lot more. This is an episode that you will most definitely enjoy. Throw your headphones on or get cozy in your car and take a good listen.
January 20, 2021
Michael Knoll’s Addiction Perspective: Planted but not buried in it!
Listen in as Marcel allows Mike to tell the story of his deep addiction journey. This episode is completely raw and un-edited. Mike talks about how it all began with an “innocent” underaged taste of a daiquiri in the land of Madi Gras and progressed to weed, pills, steroids and Cocaine! If you or someone you know, needs to talk about something you’re going through, visit:
January 09, 2021
Happiness Requires Courage
The question is: Do you have the courage to be happy? Let's talk about it.  Also, the service that Marcel offers and made mention to in the beginning of this episode can be found at: 
January 05, 2021
Storytime: A couple of short inspirational stories
Marcel shares two of his favorite inspirational stories. This bonus episode is sponsored by: The Trusting Ear ( - If you need someone to talk to...The Trusting Ear is 'hear' to listen.
December 24, 2020
Keep The Faith!
Bonus clip to help you get through these current times. If you're feeling like you need an objective ear to talk to about anything for any reason, check out: Confidential Ear ( )
December 18, 2020
Excuse me Black Man: May I ask you a question?
In this fun, serious and insightful episode, Marcel and his guests (Brian Randle and Kwame Crooks)…grants you access to their raw and unapologetic responses to questions that some people outside of the Black Culture have secretly wanted to ask a Black Man but have not been able to, for whatever reason. These Black Men have fun with questions such as: Why do Black Men always acknowledge each other with the 'nod'? What is the Black Barbershop experience really like? Why are Black Men so protective over their mothers? Why do Black Men always appear to be angry? What do Black Men prefer to be called...Black, African American, etc? Kick back and enjoy their conversation that will leave you smiling, laughing, enlightened and perplexed.
November 24, 2020
A Tribute To Vallejo Baseball
Take a walk down the memory lane of Vallejo baseball with a few legends: Eric Booker, Marcel, Tony Longmire and Kevin Dean. The guys cover everything from the major influences on their baseball lives to who they hated and loved to hit off of. For Vallejo natives, this is a real treat!
November 10, 2020
The Chiropractic Lifestyle: With Tom Paige, DC
Adjust your mind and volume as Marcel discusses back and neck care with his longtime friend and Chiropractor, Tom Paige. The two discuss topics like: The most common types of back and neck pain /Text neck / Posture / Adjustment cadence / Why your back hurts / Adjusting pregnant women / Toddler spine care / Recognizing a good Chiropractor / Preventative back care / Chiropractic misconceptions/ and much more. 
October 27, 2020
Being Buried vs Being Planted
Bonus episode! Marcel gives a few words of inspiration and ends with the story of the retiring carpenter.
October 12, 2020
Stay at Home Moms (SAHMs)
Have you ever wondered about the life of a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)? Listen in as Marcel explores with Julie Lesko, Chelsie Wollschlager and Mary Molly Campbell. They cover topics such as: Finding Fulfillment/ Socializing Children / Input Towards Family Finances / Feelings of Resentment and much, much more!
October 03, 2020
Dialogue: Four 'Brothers' And A Platform
Once again, Marcel allows you to eavesdrop on his enlightening conversation with three of his friends that he’s met along his journey through life ( Carlos Morris, Kwame Crooks and Eric Booker). These four Black Men talk about and share their experiences and opinions on an array of relevant topics. Ranging from the intercultural and out of culture use of the “N” word, breaking down myths pertaining to Black Men, fatherhood, firearms, when should men cry and so on.
September 14, 2020
Sickle Cell Anemia's Toughest Opponent: Tyra Watkins
What do you know about Sickle Cell Anemia? Well, with this being...National Sickle Cell Awareness Month, Marcel gets an education from his 21 year old niece about Sickle Cell and the lifelong battles that she and other Sickle Cell Warriors are facing, right now.
September 05, 2020
Department of Corrections: A retired Officer’s story (Keena Demery)
Listen in as Marcel speaks with his childhood friend that has recently retired from the California Department of Corrections. They talk about the life and times of an officer behind the gates. They explore everything from violence, systematic issues, mental health, training, mindset, misconceptions and a whole lot more. Cozy up with your headphones or earbuds or enjoy this conversation as you travel along in your car.
August 08, 2020
A Woman's Perspective- My conversation with three strong and supreme women!
Put on your headphones or earbuds and eavesdrop on Marcel's conversation with Dahlak Aderob, Brooke Blacksher and Laura they discuss topics such as: What makes a good man / The sacrifices of a single mother / Cultural differences between women / Gender wage gaps / Discrimination / Sexual harassment / The Declaration of Independence verbiage / Abortion / much more!
August 02, 2020
Behind The Walls Of My Mind: Gifting you a peak into my thought journal
Marcel keeps a weekly 'Thought Journal' of insights that jump into his mind, daily. He captures those thoughts inside of his journal. That's where the foundation of his inspirational videos are born. This clip takes you back into that realm as he shares the current accumulations of his thoughts for this week in this bonus podcast. 
July 30, 2020
The Man Behind The TeeWhy Ent Brand (The journey of Tyrone Taylor)
Eaves drop in on this incredible conversation between Tyrone and Marcel as they discuss and reminisce about: How TeeWhy came to be / Tyrone journey which included an 8 year stint in prison / Their tight circle of childhood friends/ Advice on coping with quarantine / Police harassment/ The influence of E40 and B-Legit / How missing a funeral changed Tyrone’s life and helped him come to grips with non-drug related addiction/ The love and admiration of true friends / And a whole lot more!
July 25, 2020
Yoga Instructor -Kathryn ‘Kedsie’ Johnson: The truth about Yoga
Take a few deep breaths and enjoy Marcel’s Q&A with his wife as they break down all things Yoga. Explaining the (8) limbs / Helping the novice to understand the basics / Myths and misconceptions/ The different types of Yoga practices/ How to stay on your mat / What makes a good studio for you / Impacts and benefits of Yoga / Much more
July 22, 2020
Sleep Apnea: CEO Of Taylor Made Sleep Services (Robert Taylor)
Whatever you do...don't sleep on this episode. If you snore or know someone who snores, please tune in. With this episode, Marcel asks Robert all about Sleep Apnea. They cover the causes, how to recognize the symptoms, the dangers of going untreated, how Robert's company can help you and much more. 
July 18, 2020
Puff Puff Pass: Cannabis Growing 101 With Shelby & Devin Proud (Owners of Proud Family Farms)
Roll one up and listen in as Marcel and his wife (Kathryn 'Keds' Johnson) have a conversation with the owners of Proud Family Farms. In this down to earth casual chat, they explore the ins and outs of cannabis farming. They also hit on topics about how long does weed stay potent, the time-energy and effort it takes to be a successful grower and much more. Shelby and Devin are close personal friends of Marcel and we hope you enjoy this trip.
July 15, 2020
1993 MLB Pennant Winner- Tony Longmire (The biggest off - field game of his life )
Find a quiet place to tune in and listen as Marcel and Tony dive into:  How he got started in the game/ How much he hated to lose / The personal vendetta that showcased his talent/ Tony talking about a trip to a local bar that changed his young life / Tony sharing his early battles with addiction/ Marcel and Tony paying homage to Fay Thompson/ Racism he experienced in the MLB/ What it felt like to be in the World Series/ His current day to day fight with MS / What got him into coaching youth
July 11, 2020
Josiah Turner: Blurred 2020 Vision (America through the lens of an 18-yr-old young man)
In this episode, Marcel chats with 18-year-old; Josiah Turner as they talk about what it’s like to navigate through America in the year 2020. Josiah shares his thoughts on the current climate, heading to Western New Mexico University to play basketball with only taking a virtual tour of the campus…and not the customary…in-person tour. He expresses how fortunate he is to have the parents that he does. Josiah and Marcel exchange experiences with getting pulled over by the police. He also shares with us his challenges, outlook on the future, his role models and what makes him necessary.
July 05, 2020
Rest & Reload Your Mind
A bonus episode in which Marcel reveals and shares his late night conversation with himself. A conversation that allowed him to awaken with a sense of rejuvenation.
July 04, 2020
Executive Chef Keenan Bosworth: Recipe for change!
Listen in as the former owner and Executive Chef of the Pig & Pickle restaurant and Marcel walk through this menu: What happened with the Pig & Pickle  /  Where Keenan learned about cooking  /  He shares his early days "go to" dish  /  What it takes to open and run your own restaurant  /  Keenan explains what went behind "Cannafeast"  /  The controversial picture of Keenan that surfaced at a Trump rally  /  The two men slip into a conversation about Black Lives Matter /  The gentleman also share how their past trauma with racism and police brutality has begun to surface recently /  Raising mixed  children in 2020
June 28, 2020
The Doctor Will See You Now: Questions & answers with Dr. William Bottomly
Listen in and gain insight into some of the things that you may have been wondering about the Medical Profession. Dr. Bottomly takes the time to answer a few questions for us, such as: What does the training and education for becoming a doctor consist of / What makes one doctor better than others / Things to consider when looking for a doctor / How doctors choose a doctor / What it's like when friends and family ask for help / How doctors are incentivized / One question that you should always ask a doctor...and much more!
June 24, 2020
LGBTQ: Beyond The Letters With Karine (A Thriving - Japanese - Lesbian - Married - Mother of 3 Boys)
In this episode, Karine and I discuss: **How she met her lovely wife  **When she knew she was gay  **What it was like to "come out" to her family  **How her lifestyle is perceived within the Japanese Culture  **Getting married in Arizona  **The joys of being a mother  **How she responds to difficult questions about raising boys  **Her determination to break the cycle  **Racism and discrimination
June 20, 2020
Law Enforcement (Behind the badge with Metal of Valor recipient - Gary Clark)
In this episode, Gary and Marcel dive into:  What got him started in Law Enforcement / The definition of a "Bad Cop" / The "Code of Silence" within the force / Gary walks us through the event in which he was awarded with the Metal of Valor / Law Enforcement's desperation and frustration with finding qualified candidates / Advice for future candidates / The challenges of being a Black Officer / Gary shares his thoughts regarding de-funding Law Enforcement and lots more.
June 16, 2020
Khalid Elahi: How A "Hood Virus" and San Quentin Prison Changed His Life
Listen in as Marcel and Khalid have a conversation about the unspoken "Hood Virus" that infects inner city children on a daily basis. Khalid also talks about the impacts of unprotected social relationships. Marcel listens as his guest walks him through the first four steps into San Quentin State Prison. The two men share what it was like to grow up in their families, their mutual respect for their fathers and for one another. Khalid reveals what it means for him to be a: Master Motivator.
June 11, 2020
The Motivation Gas Station (Fuel Up on This)
Make the time to listen - as Marcel gives you a motivational nugget to get you through...whatever you're going through.
June 09, 2020
A Conversation About Our Culture with CEO: LaMarr Blackmon
Listen in as Marcel and LaMarr, the CEO of B.E.  Advertising and Promotions have an in depth conversation about politics, finance and economics within the Black Culture. These gentleman discuss what it looks like, feels like and actually is be black in America in 2020. They also cover:  *The concept of being a CEO  *The importance of obtaining a trade vs degree   *The impact of the Welfare system on the black family   *Marcel shares his experiences with law enforcement and racism while in college at the University of Nebraska  *The subtle hypnosis with Hip-Hop Music   *Solutions for Law Enforcement accountability   *LaMarr spends time weighing in on the role of the Black Church, throughout history.*
June 06, 2020
Black Life Shattered
In this episode, Marcel shares his experience with law enforcement as a black man. He also expresses his pain, disappointment and anger with what is happening to black men in America at the hands of the assassins with badges. He has advice for non blacks, shares clips from Trevor Noah and Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Marcel also expresses his concerns with raising another black man in today's America.
June 02, 2020
Addiction: Losing to Win- (Joe Mullins)
In this episode, Marcel facilitates a conversation with Joe in which they touch upon: Joe's former vices Recovery and second chances Advice for families of addicts Re-gaining control Coping with recovery during a pandemic How creating a schedule and or routine can keep you focused Action vs words What keeps him locked in  The impact of and on family during his journey What makes him necessary
June 01, 2020
Watch Your Step
In this bonus introductory episode, Marcel touches on: Thoughts about upcoming guests You are always being watched The need to watch your step Directing the movie about your life Being mindful as a parent An alcoholic attorney Showing support by subscribing
May 28, 2020
May 27, 2020
May 27, 2020