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From Rock Bottom to BADASS!

From Rock Bottom to BADASS!

By Rachel D. Greenwell
This podcast is a place to discuss all the things that go into a complete REBIRTH. It's about the journey of making over yourself and making over your life! It's about stepping onto the path of going from wherever you're at to the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE! Hosted by Life & Spiritual Coach, Author, Content Creator, and awesome life Manifester Rachel D. Greenwell...we will discuss solutions to all the things that help people rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. From the normal everyday life stuff to the super spiritual woo woo world of metaphysics you will always be enlightened and entertained.
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"I lost my light, my smile, and my hope" | Super Confident Coach, Martha Mok says "I was the one giving my power away"
Todays Guest is Martha Mok For More on Martha check out: Motivation & Inspiration for The Super Confident Woman ( @SuperConfidenceCoaching | Linktree For more on me check out
July 21, 2021
Shes the "Girl who Refused to Quit" | Author Cassandra Farren says "Do not allow the ghosts from your past to steal the happiness from your future"
Todays Guest: Author Cassandra Farren
July 14, 2021
You are not stuck | Entrepreneur Falon Williams says "I'm going to keep growing"
todays guest Falon Williams:
July 2, 2021
The gifts started demanding her attention | Spiritual Leader Theresa Vee says "I came back to who I truly was"
Our guest today is Theresa Vee
June 29, 2021
If you save the person you save the world | David Chametzky says “See things through a love filter”
Ted X speaker David Chametzky is today’s guest. Check out his work at
June 25, 2021
"Life happens for us... not to us" | MMA fighter and podcast show host Erik allen says "Don't let your past define your future"
Guest Erik Allen: Founder & Owner of:  The Erik Allen Show Top Rated MMA Show Find him here: Here are his social media pages: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Website - For more from me: and @iamrockl on social 
June 25, 2021
"I looked into myself" | Award Winning Author Dr. Dawn Menge says "If someone is doing something bad to's about them"
Guest today is Dr. Dawn Menge _____________________________________________________________ For more from me and @iamrockl on social 
June 25, 2021
"The best thing you can do is let go of the vision you had for yourself" | Trauma EMT and Home Organizer Maria Grove talks changing careers and religions mid life
Trauma EMT and Home Organizer Maria Grove talks becoming who you are.
June 22, 2021
"Be the Portal of Possibilities" | Spiritual Business and Life Coach Janessa Mackenzie says "your thoughts have the power to propel you into any one of your alternate realities"
Hi! I'm Jenessa MacKenzie I'm a spiritual business and mindset coach to inspired, success driven solopreneurs who are ready to show up unapologetically and stop hiding, settling, and half-assing their business and life so they can have the success they truly want. My approach to business is not what most would call normal (Thank God, because being weird and unapologetic about it is my jam!) And after 20+ years in the corporate world it was time for me to break free and be me and help other women, like you, do the same! web  Facebook  FB Group Intuitive Business & Soul Aligned Strategies for The Elevated Entrepreneur  Instagram
June 10, 2021
No Regerts: "Don't doubt yourself | Melissa Sample (Mimisue) shares about Law of Attraction and having faith in yourself
For more Guest Speaker: Melissa Sample (Mimisue)
May 3, 2021
You got this! "Even on the darkest days, there is light" | Domestic Abuser Survivor Billie Lynn Rae says "he was price first"
for more on me check out: Our guest being interviewed: Billie Lynn Rae  If you are struggling with domestic violence, please get help today:  National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233
April 22, 2021
Mental Illness and Chakra Healing: "whatever situation you're in there is help and support for you" | Interview with Chelsea West
 for me about me: Guest on today's show is Chelsea West from Divine Reiki  Priestess of the Cabot Tradition 2nd Degree Witch Reiki Master Psychic  link to page: Studies at Cabot Academy of Witchcraft
April 21, 2021
"Give yourself Grace!" Interview with Holly Hartman creator of the Solo Date Challenge
Find more from me at  Today's Guest: Holly Hartman Holly Hartman Bio    Holly Hartman is a Life Transformation Coach. She helps to empower women to date themselves through intentional solo dating, no matter their relationship status.  The Solo Date Challenge helps women to Live Well, Learn & Grow, Learn to Love Themselves and Heal. She takes women on a Self-Discovery Journey back to themselves. She is a public speaker and author for women’s empowerment, domestic violence and recovery. She offers educational courses, retreats, one on one client coaching and group mentoring in a private women’s community.   Holly is an author in an International Book Collaboration about recovery after narcissistic abuse. The book will be available April 21st.    Book: I AM: How to release the shame of narcissistic abuse & transform financial poverty to wealth beyond numbers.   The story of 14 Thrivers professionally serving people on their journeys out of financial abuse & into abundance.  Holly is the host of the new podcast  called Solo Date Challenge Podcast. Which she focuses on the three “S’s” SELF CARE, SELF LOVE & SOLO DATING. Holly will take you on a journey to learn to love yourself through intentional and unapologetic solo dating; no matter your relationship status. This is for all women of all ages.  We help you go from burnout and just surviving TO thriving and loving life again.
 Holly’s two boys and her faith have inspired her own intensive personal development journey over the past decade healing from CPTSD, Codependency, Toxic Relationships and Addictions. She is a Certified Life, Health and Addiction Recovery Coach and a faith based Domestic Violence Advocate. She is a collaborative author with new books coming out this April. She is the host of the Solo Date Challenge Podcast. She’s an active leader in Twelve Step Spiritual Recovery (TSSR). 
She is dedicated to break the toxic cycles of her past and help others do the same, so generations to come may be healed.  As an Empath and Enneagram 2, The Helper, Holly has a strong desire and innate skill to help others heal. This is her calling. This is her passion. In her free time, Holly loves to spend time outdoors in nature by hiking, canoeing or camping and also enjoys tapping into her creative outlets with painting, vinyl crafting, photography and digital art.    Business Name: Solo Date Challenge Podcast: The Solo Date Challenge  Podcast  Webstore:   Book:    Email:  Contact for free 30 min Explore Call    Join Our Free Women’s Solo Date Challenge Community on Facebook    Facebook:  Instagram:
April 14, 2021
PTSD: How to love your ptsd unconditionally
Today we are talking How to Wear a Crown with PTSD. We are talking about: What is PTSD in the brain? What is PTSD in the spirit? Loving our PTSD unconditionally Coping skills for PTSD related stress and anxiety XOXO, Rachel @iamrockl on all the stuff
February 7, 2021
Gotta have faith! Hearing the voice of God and trusting it @iamrockl on everything 😘
January 20, 2021
Spiritual journeys don’t mean perfect people @iamrockl on social Xoxo, Rachel
January 19, 2021
I don’t care vs I can’t care: creating and maintaining wellness @iamrockl on social 👑😘
January 18, 2021
Medication Management: Creating a new normal @iamrockl xoxo, Rachel 😘
January 13, 2021
Accept and surrender: maybe it’s not supposed to go your way @iamrockl on social Xoxo, Rachel
January 12, 2021
Personal power: accepting responsibility for your ripple effect @iamrockl on everything Xoxo, Rachel
January 8, 2021
Night Terrors and using dreams...subconscious messages? Wtf dude! @iamrockl on everything
January 3, 2021
Puzzle pieces of your journey: Seek out the positive feelings. @iamrockl on everything Xoxo, Rachel
January 1, 2021
It still feels like home
December 26, 2020
Let the petty shit go! They can have their power!
December 23, 2020
Changing vibes and changing your life
Hey yall! Check out my website at for info on all the stuff :)
December 12, 2020
Introduction to How to Wear A Crown: A Practical guide to knowing your worth
Get the full audiobook here: How to Wear A Crown Audiobook (
December 11, 2020
I used to hate myself.....
How to wear a Crown book Amazon add landing page (
December 11, 2020
The evolution of your Worthiness
December 11, 2020
E3: Interview with Lee & Sherry: Love, connection, relationship all of it. (AAAHHHH #fangirl)
We talk love, connection, and twinflames in this short but powerful session.    And sherry loves my book!!!??? WHATTTT!!!?? OMG this couldn't have been more awesome!  Lee & Sherry Contact Info :)
May 29, 2020
E2: Suffering is part of connection | Guest: Stacie Sylvester talks addiction recovery
Guest Stacie Sylvester Owner/Operator of REACH Program llc 841 Old Preston Hwy. South Shepherdsville, KY 40165 (502) 350-7368
October 16, 2019
E1: The FIRST EVER I am Rock L Podcast
I'm a freakin' podcaster NOW! yay
September 30, 2019