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✪ Samuel Kwame Boadu (SamBoad™)

✪ Samuel Kwame Boadu (SamBoad™)

By Samuel Kwame Boadu
The Official Podcast of ✪ Samuel Kwame Boadu (SamBoad™), Founding CEO of SamBoad Business Group Limited. He shares his journey of Entrepreneurship , his failures and his success through interviews etc on this Podcast. This Podcast is all about how to excel as an Entrepreneur in Africa especially Ghana.
How I started small in business and Increased Gradually
This episode(Video on Youtube) highlight how i started small and increased gradually in business by adding other services. 
February 01, 2022
How Sarkodie's Brand helped my Business (Akan & English Language)
On this Episode(Video on Youtube) i explained how Sarkodie's(Best Musician in Africa) Brand helped my business (SamBoad Business Group Limited).
February 01, 2022
How i started my business with my National Service Allowance(Akan & English Language)
This is a short interview( Video on my Youtube) conducted by TV XYZ  on how i was able to start my business (SamBoad Business Group Limited) with my National Service Allowance. This interview granted will give you the step by step process.
February 01, 2022